Olympic Qualifications Subdivision 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for qualifications at the 2016 Olympic Games!

While Lauren is rocking her position at NBC, I (Joe) will be posting all updates as they happen during today’s competition. Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes and the most recent rotation will appear on the top. Have a question? Tweet us @thegymterdotnet and we’ll try to get to you.


  1. CHN – 175.279
  2. RUS – 174.620
  3. ITA – 169.396
  4. BEL – 167.838

AA Top 10:

  1. Seda Tutkhalyan – 58.207
  2. Aliya Mustafina – 58.098
  3. Wang Yan – 57.599
  4. Giulia Steingruber – 56.899
  5. Shang Chunsong – 56.532
  6. Nina Derwael – 56.532
  7. Carlotta Ferlito – 55.599
  8. Vanessa Ferrari – 55.265
  9. Zsofia Kovacs – 54.598
  10. Rune Hermans – 54.508
  • Angelina Melnikova – 56.499

Rotation 4

Vault – MG 5:

Farah Boufadene – ALG – 12.533

Houry Gebeshian – ARM – Nice high collegiate FTY! 13.916

Kylie Dickson – BLR – FTY with a step back. 13.866

Ailen Valente – ARG – 13.666

Uneven Bars – RUS – 46.649:

Angelina Melnikova – only saw a few glimpses of the routine. Great piked jaeger but rough form elsewhere. 15.100

Daria Spiridonova – inbar full to toe on shap. nice piked jaeger. toe full to full in. 15.683

Aliya Mustafina – inbar full to komova II. pak salto to chow half. nice piked jaeger. toe full to her signature dismount. 15.833

Seda Tutkhalyan – toe on pike tkatchev to pak. shaposh to iffy bhardwaj. toe full to straddle tkatchev. giant half to giant to double front tuck. 15.133!

Balance Beam – MG 6:

Zsofia Kovacs – HUN – Front aerial to sissone to side somi, solid. RO layout and is off the beam. Switch leap to switch half, wobble. Side aerial, wobbles. wolf to split jump. Dismounts with a double tuck, step back. 12.333

Ana Perez – ESP – 13.633

Catalina Ponor – ROU – Switch ring. onodi to front aerial to bhs layout. swich half with wobble. switch leap to 1/4 handstand. full turn. double pike dismount. This will be her best shot at a final. 14.900

Lisa Ecker – AUT – 13.400

Giulia Steingruber – SUI – Punch front pike. BHS LOSO. Punch front tuck. Switch half and is off the beam. Full turn. Gainer layout full for her dismount. Shame about the fall. 12.733

Floor Exercise – ITA – 43.432:

Elisa Meneghini – starts off with a DLO, near stuck! Gorgeous. Full in, near stuck again. Great looking tumbles! whip whip to double tuck! Ends with a double pike, another near stuck landing! 14.233

Vanessa Ferrari – 14.866! 

Erika Fasana – 14.333

Carlotta Ferlito – split 1.5. Stuck pike full in. Near stuck tuck full in. near triple turn. switch ring to ring leap. Ends with a double pike. 14.033

Rotation 3

Vault – RUS – 44.832:

Angelina Melnikova – very nice DTY! 14.933

Aliya Mustafina – STUCK DTY with some leg issues. 15.166

Seda Tutkhalyan*- 1. Decent DTY, hop back 14.733 2. Lopez, decent but large hop back. 14.733. 14.733 total

Maria Paseka* 1. very messy cheng, lands while still twisting. Very, very rough. 14.733. 2. Amanar much better, small hop back. Messy legs on take off. 15.366. 15.049 total

Uneven Bars – MG 6:

Giulia Steingruber – SUI – toe on shap. pak. shap 1/2. Huuuge gienger. toe circle, giant half to double front. Kind of a rough routine for her. 13.900

Zsofia Kovacs – HUN – 14.733! wish I saw.

Ana Perez – ESP – 13.633

Lisa Ecker – AUT – 12.200

Balance Beam – ITA – 40.332:

Erika Fasana – Ahh! missed most of her routine. Back tuck. Full turn to Y turn. Switch half. Side somi. Front aerial, missed her dismount. 12.933 must’ve fallen.

Vanessa Ferrari – BHS BHS tuck full and she’s completely off, might not get credit. Switch half, not hitting splits. front aerial to sheep. Double pike dismount. 12.000

Carlotta Ferlito – front aerial to sheep. bhs bhs to layout and she’s off the beam. Back tuck. Side somi. Switch ring. Dismounts with a double pike. Locked knees and stumbles back but stays up. Aside from that fall it was a decent routine. 13.233

Elisa Meneghini – Italy needs this routine. BHS layout stuck. double turn with wobble. switch side. Side somi. Very nice presence.  switch leap to back tuck, wobble. Front aerial. Dismounts with a nice double pike. 14.166

Floor Exercise – MG 5:

Ailen Valente – ARG – 12.000

Farah Boufadene – ALG – 11.100

Houry Gebeshian – ARM – 12.800

Catalina Escobar – COL – Crashes her DLO. Hurt her ankles and cannot go on. Poor thing. 3.700

Kylie Dickson – BLR – double tuck and falls back and OOB. Missed a pass. Double turn. Ends with only a full twist. 10.766 

Rotation 2

Vault – MG 6:

Lisa Ecker – AUT – Nice high FTY. 14.100

Giulia Steingruber – SUI* – 1. Great handspring Rudi. Just as we expect from her. 15.600 2. DTY. piked down and a hop back. 14.933. 15.266 total

Zsofia Kovacs – HUN* – 1. Very nice DTY, low landing. 14.866. 2. tsuk full. 14.158. 14.512 total

Ana Perez – ESP – Nice FTY.  13.933

Uneven Bars – ITA – 42.266:

Martina Rizzelli – 14.033

Vanessa Ferrari – 13.866

Carlotta Ferlito – shaposh to bail. straddle full to ray. Nice straddle jaeger. Dismounts with a full in. Nicely done. 14.033

Erika Fasana – toe full to shaposh. giant full. toe on tkatchev piked, toe on tkatchev straddle. Missed her dismount. 14.200

Balance Beam – MG 5:

Kylie Dickson – BLR – 10.333

Ailen Valente – ARG – BHS LOSO and falls off. Switch leap. Switch half with wobble. Full turn with wobble. Side aerial. Sissone wobbles. Split jump to wolf jump. Dismounts with a gainer layout – 11.366

Farah Boufadene – ALG – RO layout and is off. front aerial and has a big wobble.Side aerial and small wobble. Split jump to wolf jump. Side somi, big wobble. L turn, small adjustment. Dismounts with a double pike, large step back. 10.600

Houry Gebeshian – ARM – Let’s go Houry! Gorgeous leo.Straddle to wolf. side aerial. BHS LOSO. Full turn. Switch leap. Big smile. Wolf 1/1. Dismounts with a near stuck double tuck! You go, Houry! 13.266

Catalina Escobar – COL – switch leap to switch half. Back tuck, big wobble but holds on. BHS LOSO and falls off. Side somi and off again 😦 Back pike. switch side, wobbles. front full as a dismount. 10.200

Floor Exercise – RUS – 41.141:

Seda Tutkhalyan – DLO and hops OOB. Whip whip to double pike. 1.5 to front full to stag. Wolf double turn to full turn. Ends with a double tuck. 13.875

Angelina Melnikova – Missed the first two passes. Oh hey, Kalinka. Double wolf to double turn.  Whip whip to double tuck. Ring leap through to wolf jump. Ends with a double pike and stumbles and puts a hand down. 13.200

Aliya Mustafina – Full in. Memmel to double turn. 1.5 front full tucked. triple turn to full turn. Ends with a double tuck. step back. 14.066

Daria Spiridonova – switch leap full. 2.5 punch front oob and puts a hand down. Double twist. Memmel. switch jump full. Ends with a near stuck double tuck. 12.033

Rotation 1:

Vault – Italy – 43.366:

Elisa Meneghini – 14.166

Vanessa Ferrari – 14.533

Martina Rizzelli – 14.533

Carlotta Ferlito – 14.300

Uneven Bars – Mixed Group 5:

Catalina Escobar – COL – 13.058

Kylie Dickson – BLR – toe circle, straddle tkatchev. dismounts with a full in. Looked nice from what I saw! 12.833

Ailen Valente – ARG – giant full, giant half to straddle jaeger. Pak salto. toe on shaposh.giant half to double front. 13.033

Farah Boufadene – ALG – 12.200

Houry Gebeshian – ARM – 13.666

Balance Beam – Russia – 41.998:

Angelina Melnikova – 13.266

Seda Tutkhalyan – Looks like she has a hit routine!? I am having some stream troubles. – 14.466

Aliya Mustafina – Double turn. Side somi. switch half to onodi, beautiful. Side aerial. front aerial and falls off. BHS. What will she do for a flight series? Switch leap. Dismounts with a double tuck. No flight series and a fall. 13.033

Daria Spiridonova – BHS LOSO. Switch leap. Onodi. Side aerial. Y turn. Is Daria going to save Russia? Full twisting bhs.switch ring, a bit off. Dismounts with a STUCK double tuck! GOOD FOR HER! 14.266

Floor Exercise – Mixed Group 6:

Catalina Ponor – ROU – Great DLO. Pike full in with some bent knees. Mess triple but lands well. Ends with a double pike. 14.200

Lisa Ecker – AUT – 13.266

Giulia Steingruber – SUI – Nice silivas, just a step. DLO 1/1, gorgeous!. Full in. 14.666

Zsofia Kovacs – HUN – DLO almost stuck .Beautiful. Full in, small shuffle back. Love this girl. Very nice 2.5. I missed her dismount. 12.766

Ana Perez – ESP – Whip whip to full in. Double pike. I missed the rest of the routine. 13.133