Olympic Qualifications Subdivision 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for qualifications at the 2016 Olympic Games!

While Lauren is rocking her position at NBC, I (Joe) will be posting all updates as they happen during today’s competition. Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes and the most recent rotation will appear on the top. Have a question? Tweet us @thegymterdotnet and we’ll try to get to you.


  • CHN – 175.279
  • BEL – 167.838

AA Top 5:

  • Wang Yan – 57.599
  • Shang Chunsong – 56.532
  • Nina Derwael – 56.532
  • Rune Hermans – 54.508
  • Tutya Yilmaz – 53.132

Rotation 4:

Vault – BEL – 42.033:

Gaelle Mys

Nina Derwael – 13.900

Senna Deriks – HIGH FTY! Huge bounce back.

Rune Hermans – 1.5 yurchenko and puts her hands back. 13.133

Uneven Bars – CHN – 45.166:

Wang Yan – ends with a great double layout. I missed the rest of the routine but she looks happy! 13.900. Good for her.

Shang Chunsong – a Shang to pak salto. Shaposh to gienger. Ono to healy to straddle jaeger. Dismounts a full in with a small hop. 15.300!

Fan Yilin – inbar full to stalder to chow. Ugh… internet. shaposh to Gienger…. ono and healy combo. Double layout. She hit, but my internet disappoints me. 15.266

Tan Jiaxin – Shang. Pak. toe on shaposh to gienger. ono to 1.5 (may have supposed to be a healy) straddle tkatchev. Double layout. 14.600

Balance Beam – MG 1:

Ellis O’Reilly – IRL – 10.700

Toni-Ann Williams – JAM – 12.133

Isabella Amado – PAN – BHS BHS LO. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. Sheep jump. Switch leap to back tuck. Switch side. Punch front. Dismounts with a double pike. 13.333

Lee Eun Ju – KOR – 12.533

Floor Exercise – MG 7:

Larrissa Miller – AUS – whip to front double tuck, low landing. front full to front double to stag, beautiful. Double arabian, step forward. Memmel. Ends with a 2.5 punch front and falls, sadly. This will probably be Larrissa’s final routine at these Olympics. 12.733

Simona Castro – CHI – 11.833

Tutya Yilmaz – TUR – 12.733

Ana Derek – CRO – Full in. Sky high double tuck. Memmel. Ends with a 2.5. 13.200

Rotation 3:

Vault – CHN – 44.515:

Mao Yi – DTY legs a bit crossed, lands well.

Wang Yan* – 1. tsuk 1 1/2, nicely done. 14.933 2.handspring rudi, low landing but does very well. 14.966. 14.949 total.

Tan Jiaxin – DTY 14.766

Shang Chunsong -FTY to her knees 😦 12.766

Uneven Bars – MG 1:

Lee Eun Ju – KOR – 13.500

Ellis O’Reilly – IRL – 12.300

Toni-Ann Williams – JAM – shaposh, overshoot, giant full, very crooked has to take extra swings. ends with a full in. 11.533

Isabella Amado – PAN – 12.733

Balance Beam – MG 7:

Ana Derek – CRO – 11.433

Oksana Chusovitina – UZB – front pike, very nice! switch leap to split jump. bhs pike, solid. punch front tuck. wolf turn. Finishes with a double tuck! You go, Chuso. 13.300

Simona Castro – CHI – 13.000

Tutya Yilmaz – TUR – All eyes on her. She’s had to wait FOREVER. BHS tuck full  STUCK! Switch leap to LOSO. Front aerial. switch half. switch side. Split leap to side aerial. This is great!! Dismounts a double pike step back!!! 14.500!!!

Floor Exercise – BEL – 40.999:

Laura Waem – Double L to full turn. Straddle 1/1. Double twist. Fun music! Double tuck. I must have missed a pass? 13.366

Nina Derwael – sky high double tuck! something to front full. Memmel. Missed the rest, unfortunately. 13.533

Rune Hermans – 13.900

Gaelle Mys – front double full to punch front. double tuck. ends with a stuck double pike. – 13.566

Rotation 2:

Vault – MG 1:

Isabella Amado – PAN – 13.900

Lee Eun Ju – KOR – Yurchenko layout, a bit piked 12.800

Ellis O’Reilly – IRL – front handspring half out 13.266

Hong Un Jong – PRK* – 1. great amanar! near stuck. 15.766 2. Cheng, a little piked down but very nice. 15.600. 15.683 total.

Toni-Ann Williams – JAM – 14.100

Uneven Bars – MG 7:

Tutya Yilmaz – TUR – nice straddle jaeger. toe full. bail to ray. ends with a double pike. 12.166

Larrissa Miller – AUS – ricna to gienger, in bar to inbar half to piked jaeger. Bail to ray. Finishes with a full in. 14.533

Simona Castro – CHI – 12.833

Balance Beam – BEL – 41.765:

Nina Derwael – nice ring leap. front aerial to sissone. sheep jump.  bhs bhs loso big wobble but holds up. full turn. Side aerial. Great flexibility. Gainer layout. 13.966

Rune Hermans – 13.700

Laura Waem – 13.966

Gaelle Mys – 13.833

Floor Exercise – CHN – 42.266:

Fan Yilin – 13.500

Wang Yan – double double, great! 1.5 to triple twist punch front, beautiful. 2.5 to front half. switch leap, switch full. Ends with a double pike, near stuck. Great routine for Wang! 14.666

Mao Yi – 3.5 punch front pike but lands OOB completely. 1.5 to 2.5 (supposed to be triple) and falls. oh no 😦 2.5 to punch half. triple turn, short. Ends with a double tuck, step back. 11.700

Shang Chunsong – 3.5 (really 3.25) to punch front, a little short on twisting though. 1.5 to triple front pike. 2.5 punch front half. very nice so far aside from the first pass. Double pike, a little low, but holds on! 14.100

Aww, He Kexin is in the crowd showing China some love!

Rotation 1:

Vault – Mixed Group 7:

Simona Castro – CHI – 13.733

Tutya Yilmaz – TUR – FTY a bit piked and a hop back. 13.733

Oksana Chusovitina – UZB* – 1. Front handspring rudi. Hope she can qualify with this vault! 15.166 2. Tsuk double. Very nice execution. 14.833. 14.999 total.

Uneven Bars – Belgium – 43.041:

Rune Hermans – 13.775

Senna Deriks – 13.533

Nina Derwael – nice bhardwaj! nice straddle jaeger. Maloney. Dismounts with a full in. 15.133!

Laura Waem – 14.133

Balance Beam – China – 43.332:

Wang Yan – RO layout and she wobbles but doesnt fall off. Punch pike. Ring leap, bit short of leap. Punch tuck. Front aerial. switch leap. RO triple twist. Not too shabby! 14.100

Shang Chunsong – bhs bhs LO, super good. BHS LOSO. Double spin. She’s so on! What flu? Front aerial to jump. RO Triple twist! She hits!!! 14.366

Fan Yilin – RO LO to wolf to split. split ring a little wobble.Sissone to front aerial, another wobble.  Full turn. split leap to side somi, i think? Dismounts with a nice RO triple full. 14.866!!

Floor Exercise – Mixed Group 1:

Toni-Ann Williams – JAM – 13.200

Isabella Amado – PAN – So glad she’s here! DLO hops forward. Straddle 1/1. Switch half. Switch ring. 1.5 to front full. Double L. Double pike. Very nice. 12.866

Lee Eun Ju – KOR – 12.566

Ellis O’Reilly – IRL – full turn. And begins with a double pike, hop forward. great height. 1.5 to front tuck. Double tuck lands outside. 11.666

Hong Un Jong – PRK – 1.5 to triple twist with a step back. whip whip to layout. Double tuck step back. 2.5 to end. 12.533

Ready?… No? Same. Let’s do it.

I’ll be doing things a little differently than Lauren. I’ll have the start lists up for each rotation and as each routine I see, I will blog behind their name and try to include their scores! Don’t yell at me, I’m doing the best I can.

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE. Anyone else feel like they want to throw up already? See you in about 15!