The NCAA Week 5 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the fourth week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


10:48 pm. Gardiner’s score was a 9.95 on beam! Oregon State gets a 196.200 and Arizona State goes 195.375.

10:46 pm. Schneider, Arizona, FX- Double pike, front layout to front pike, double tuck to finish. Excellent routine!

10:43 pm. Gardiner, OSU, BB- Wolf turn right into a split, YAAAAS. Front aerial, beautiful bhs loso, and a lovely gainer full dismount.

10:41 pm. Howard, Arizona, FX- I missed her first two passes, but she hit a solid double pike to finish.

10:40 pm. UGH it was McMillan’s routine I missed and she got a 9.875!

Dessaints, OSU, BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso, front toss to beat jump, hit the gainer full dismount.

10:39 pm. Okay Sheppard’s heel totally went over the line on the landing mat but the judges probably didn’t see it.

10:37 pm. I missed the last OSU beam due to a frozen feed…

Sheppard, Arizona, FX- Big triple full with a step back, looked like her heel went OOB but they don’t think a flag went up. Double full to punch front to finish.

10:33 pm. Laub, Arizona, FX- Front through to 2.5, slipped OOB and kind of down to her knee a little. I think her hands touched the floor as well. Awesome double full to punch front tuck.

10:31 pm. S. Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Hit jump combo, solid bhs loso, side aerial to layout full with a good landing.

10:29 pm. Swanson, Arizona, FX- Rudi with a step back, whip to back layout full, and a solid 2.5 to finish, just helicopter ankles. Just realized these girls have mesh going ALL THE WAY DOWN THEIR SIDES. But at least it’s not like, super see through?!

10:27 pm. Gill, OSU, BB- Wobble on her jump series, front aerial with a wobble, which prob broke her flight series. Bhs loso with a break at the hips. Gorgeous switch half to beat jump. Gainer full with a small step.

10:23 pm. Mattson, Arizona, FX- Double pike overrotates a little but she covers it up. 1.5 to front layout, and a solid double tuck.

10:22 pm. Jimenez, OSU, BB- Never mind, I’m here! Front toss to beat jump is great, bhs loso with a little bobble but she holds on, clean full turn, switch to straddle side, gainer pike with a step, and then steps her other foot in to join the front foot. Some little mistakes but great coverups.

10:21 pm. Okay, I might miss the first couple of routines because my doorbell just rang so let’s see who it is and hope it’s not a serial killer.

10:16 pm. Oregon State is leading 147.075 to 196.400. Arizona really had a chance for an upset here, but too bad that beam rotation hurt them! Would’ve at least made it interesting going into the final rotation.

10:11 pm. McMillan, OSU, FX- Front double full is great in the air and in general, 1.5 to front layout is beautiful, great Rudi to finish.

10:09 pm. Sheppard, Arizona, BB- Lovely leaps, bhs loso with her leg up and a break at the hips but she fights and holds it. Cat leap to switch side, side aerial with a break at the hips and she falls, so Arizona will count a fall! 😦  Hit her dismount.

10:06 pm. Gardiner, OSU, FX- 2.5 with a step forward, very nice. She’s hit 146 out of 149 routines…insane! 1.5 to front layout half, a little short going into the second skill but she corrects herself in the air. Lovely double pike to finish.

10:05 pm. Spencer, Arizona, VT- Beat jump to split 3/4, bhs loso with a little bobble backwards, switch to split side with low amplitude on the second skill, has to fight a little to hold it. Good side aerial, and a solid gainer full to finish.

10:02 pm. Jimenez, OSU, FX- Big beautiful double tuck! 2.5 is huge, just steps over to control the landing. 1.5 to front layout half is solid. Great work!

10:01 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso, way off, and falls. Full turn, switch to beat jump to stag jump, side aerial to stuck layout full with feet apart.

9:58 pm. Lowery, OSU, FX- Big double pike, Rudi, the worm, stuck front layout to front full. Great routine!


9:56 pm. Howard, Arizona, BB- Tick tock, love those, bhs loso with slightly flexed feet and she’s leaning a little to the side but holds on. Pike jump to back tuck. Full turn. Switch to straddle side, stuck gainer tuck full off the end.

9:53 pm. Ricci, OSU, FX- Punch into her Rudi right into a loso, VERY NICE! #Borat 1.5 to front layout half. Great double pike to finish. Jim just said “Represent!” at the end hahahaha BLESS.

9:52 pm. Cowles, OSU, BB- Full turn, front aerial to bhs with flexed feet but otherwise a smooth connection. Good jumps. Standing loso. Cool front gainer full off the end!

9:50 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, FX- Double pike, her music reminds me of a “buy diamonds from Zales” commercial. Until the middle part where it’s like da club. 1.5 to front layout with a little bobble. Rudi to finish.

9:48 pm. Schneider, Arizona, BB- Full turn, front toss to bhs, good work. Split jump to sissone, stuck front full!

9:45 pm. 49.275 for Arizona on bars!! Amazing!! They’re leading 98.15 to Oregon State’s 98.025.

9:41 pm. Okay so I actually did some googling and can’t even FIND the results so that was a waste of my life!! We’ll see when they come back from break who’s leading.

9:40 pm. Spencer, Arizona, UB- Huge beautiful Gienger!! So clean!! Toe-on to clean bail, clean stuck double layout. That would be a 10 in the SEC or at OU.

9:39 pm. Dessaints, OSU, UB- This hair hahahaha bless. I can feel Marta Karolyi having a stroke. Huge Yurchenko 1.5! Excellent block and great landing.

9:38 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, UB- Big Tkachev to overshoot, giant full to double tuck sunk right into the mat for a stick.

9:37 pm. McMillan, OSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 a little messy with her legs, and she has to hop to the side off the mat.

9:36 pm. Berg, Arizona, UB- Piked Jaeger from an archy forward giant, leg sep on the bail, good landing on her full-in.

9:35 pm. Gill, OSU, BB- FTY with a little wild bounce on the landing.

9:34 pm. Laub, Arizona, UB- Great first handstand, clear hip to Tkachev, another good handstand, legs go a bit back on her bail, big stuck double layout. That was beautiful!

9:33 pm. Aufiero, OSU, VT- Clean FTY, tried to stick it with her feet apart but she loses her balance a bit. Would’ve been better to take a little hop I’d think because that was quite the fight.

9:32 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, UB- Jaeger to overshoot with great form, clean handstand, double layout a little wonky with her feet in the air, step back.

9:31 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, VT- Tsuk full, not bad!

9:30 pm. Howard, Arizona State, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail, giant full to double tuck has a great landing.

9:29 pm. Ricci, OSU, VT- FTY, a little piked and off to the side with a hop.

9:28 pm. 48.950 for Oregon State on bars by the way. #Professional

9:25 pm. So Maddi Leydin had a calf injury in warmups at Stanford, and Madison Cindric has a broken toe and is in a boot.

9:24 pm. So Oregon State is leading by about three tenths, 48.975 or something to 48.6 something? REALLY PROFESSIONAL OF ME. But I missed the scores and am too tired/lazy to open up the stats. It means googling Arizona gymnastics schedule, and clicking live stats!!!! I don’t want to!!!

9:19 pm. Aufiero, OSU, UB- Huge Tkachev, bail, super clean stuck double layout. Lovely work from her.

I think Arizona only put up five gymnasts…they were saying the girl who normally anchors, Swanson, went 5th so I’m guessing they put her there to anchor those five and then had a 6th just in case someone fell but decided not to use her once they got through a solid rotation.

9:18 pm. McMillan, OSU, UB- 100th career routine! Jaeger to overshoot, beautiful handstand before the giants into her excellent double layout, just a tiny shuffle.

9:17 pm. Swanson, Arizona, VT- The mesh parts of these leos look baggy on everyone?! FTY is lovely.

9:16 pm. Singley, OSU, UB- Giant full is lovely into a big Tkachev, that already looks better than everything thus far. Great handstands…double layout with a hop forward.

9:15 pm. Leung, Arizona, VT- FTY a little short with a hop.

9:14 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, UB- Tkachev to overshoot, a little wonky, double front with a cowboyed second flip and a big step forward. This feels like a weird UB rotation for them??

9:13 pm. Sheppard, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half, BEAUTIFUL, and with a great landing!!

9:12 pm. Khamedoost, OSU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail, some leg sep through it all. Double layout with leg sep, and her feet looked weird?? Like flexed out to the side? Good landing though.

9:11 pm. Watson, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a step back.

9:09 pm. M. Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Bent her knees on her Jaeger which she caught WAY too close, practically at her elbows, and fell hard onto her knee. Bail with ankle sep, double layout with a decent landing.

9:08 pm. Laub, Arizona, VT- FTY with a bounce back. These leos are basically Russian Olympic leos.

9:06 pm. Shannon Miller just posted a vid of her Saturday night watching NCAA gym and then accidentally cut to her dog licking its balls and I laughed so hard, Shannon Miller is a gift to us all.

9:02 pm. Yay, it’s Jim and Amanda! Who called ASU and UCLA earlier, those who listened?

9:01 pm. Oregon State vs Arizona starting any second now!

5:21 pm. UCLA got a 197.150 even with a mistake on pretty much every event so good fight back from that! ASU goes 194.600.

5:20 pm. Christopherson, ASU, FX- Hit first two passes. 1.5 to front layout to finish.


5:16 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB- Fall on her series but SHE’S ALLOWED TO. Switch to split jump to beat jump. Hit the series into her layout full dismount.

One judge gave Peng a 9.5 and the other gave her a 9.8 lmao.

5:13 pm. Lentz, ASU, FX- Big double pike. Double tuck looks a little low but she handles the landing no problem.

Utah wins with a fall, 196.45 to Cal’s 195.725.

5:11 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB- Nails the homma flares. Hit leap. Bhs layout. Double turn to beat jump WHAAAAAT. That was WHAT. 10 for that. Punch front lands super low, her foot skids back and she sits it on the beam. Call it a new skill! It’s basically what Kaytianna McMillan does. Hit the 1.5 dismount.

Skinner, Utah, FX- Double double, into a controlled lunge. 1.5 through to double full is great. Excellent tucked full-in to finish.

5:09 pm. Callis, ASU, FX- 2.5 with a big step. Illusion turn. Hit a pass that ended with a front layout. Hit routine.

Gallarzo, Cal, BB- Bhs loso with a slight wobble. Front aerial, does it again, front aerial to bhs with two steps back. Switch to split jump. Great 1.5, jumps feet together.

5:07 pm. Ross, UCLA, BB- Bhs loso, lovely full turn, front aerial with a little check. Side aerial to layout full with a great landing. Very happy with that after her two falls earlier today.

Rowe, Utah, FX- Double pike is great. Double full to loso. Great finish.

5:06 pm. Belkoff, ASU, FX- Double pike, hit routine, I GOT DISTRACTED FROM A DUMBASS VERIZON SALESMAN AT MY DOOR.

Richardson, Cal, BB- I missed all of this, BLAME VERIZON.

5:03 pm. Kocian, UCLA, BB- Front aerial to sheep jump is lovely. Before I said she’s the only elite whose form gets weaker in NCAA, I meant that only on bars. Elsewhere she’s to die for. Lovely bhs loso, switch to split jump with great amplitude, double full with a couple of steps.

Reinstadtler, Utah, FX- Full-in is too big and goes OOB. 1.5 to front layout. Good double pike to finish.

5:01 pm. Jones, ASU, FX- First pass was good but maybe a little too powerful. 1.5 to punch front.

Draghi, Cal, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso is okay, a little shaky, gainer full to finish with a good landing.

4:59 pm. Mossett, UCLA, BB- Omg she also does “a Moceanu” mount so YAS. Bhs loso. Ooh, that was a weird dismount…side somi to a layout full off the side, throwing it back to Nush kinda but not really. Knees are a little bent on the full.

Merrell, Utah, FX- Front double full with a step, so she can’t go into her punch front. Rudi to straddle is good.

4:57 pm. Brook, ASU, FX- Rudi is a little messy. Front lay front lay. Last pass leg form is a little loose.

Palomares, Cal, BB- Love her mount which I still think of as “a Moceanu” because why not. Hitting everything, bhs gainer full is a little low but hit to finish.

4:55 pm. Gerber, UCLA, BB- She looked like she said “I love you” to Miss Val right before she went up LOL I would too. Wolf turn, front aerial to split jump, slight check on bhs loso, excellent dismount.

Lewis, Utah, FX- Double pike is solid. Front lay front full. Omg the way her music transitions into Rama Lama is amazing. Great double back to finish.

4:54 pm. Ho, Utah, BB- Front aerial to bhs. Broken connection on her jumps. Stuck the gainer full.

4:51 pm. Roberts, Utah, FX- Double pike with a bounce back. Rudi. 1.5 to front half to stag, very nice.

Ohio State is beating Rutgers 97.8 to 96.775.

4:50 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, BB- Full turn, nice bhs loso with good amplitude, this was the routine last week that went like 9.7 and should’ve been 9.9 and I yelled a lot. Switch to switch leap, love it. Side aerial to stuck layout full. SO good.

4:49 pm. Penn State is beating Michigan State 97.95 to 96.875. Great UB for Penn State.

4:46 pm. UCLA leads 147.9 to Arizona State’s 145.65.

4:42 pm. Udowitch is giving everyone the saddest high fives right now. She looks super bummed.

9.95 for Kocian on floor! Worth it for that double pike alone.

Mossett, UCLA, FX- Whip to stuck double tuck. Great! Double pike is a little low with a step forward.

4:41 pm. Udowitch, ASU, BB- Front aerial, wobble, and she’s off. They’ll count a fall. 😦 Does it again, front aerial with a big pause to back tuck. Switch to split jump. Front toss. Side aerial to stuck layout full.

Utah’s at 146.975 to Cal at 146.6.

4:40 pm. Palomares, Cal, FX- Great double pike, chest just slightly down, angled forward. Good double tuck. Good front layout front full.

4:39 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX- Front double full right? I kinda missed the entry but it had a good landing. 1.5 to Rudi to a jump. Beautiful double pike stuck cold.

4:38 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Switch to straddle side. Bhs bhs loso is good, just a slight check. 1.5 with a hop.

4:37 pm. Szafranski, ASU, BB- My obsesson. Front aerial to Korbut, so nice. Little bobble on side aerial. Switch to beat jump. Rufolva, YAS. A littttttle off balance but I love it so shhhhh. Great landing on the gainer full.

4:36 pm. Robinson, Cal, FX- Strong double arabian. 1.5 to front layout is good. Double pike.

4:35 pm. Ross, UCLA, FX- Double tuck is good but double pike has a stumble backwards. Is this her first time doing floor? I feel like I haven’t seen UCLA in like three weeks. 1.5 to front layout, second guessed the landing and sat it. Still smiling like “yeah I’m Kyla get over it.”

4:33 pm. Lentz, ASU, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Wobble on her standing loso. Good dismount.

Lee, Utah, BB- Bhs loso is wobbly, leg up on the landing. Good leap series. Double full is nice.

4:32 pm. Draghi, Cal, FX- I love this routine so much. Double tuck. Front lay front full to arabesque. Good Rudi to finish.

4:31 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, FX- Double tuck. 1.5 to front half to split jump to punch front. Great double pike to finish.

4:29 pm. Belkoff, ASU, BB- Bhs bhs loso you can tell is off from the start, and she falls.Switch to straddle side. Front aerial to Korbut. 1.5 with a great landing.

Skinner, Utah, BB- Omg her beam music is The Climb LMAO that is so MyKayla. Bhs loso with some crunchy legs. Side aerial, switch to split jump, she’s SO aggressive in literally everything she does. Full L turn, straddle jump to back tuck, double tuck with a small bounce.

4:26 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, FX- She saluted too early, I don’t have sound on so maybe a music issue? Omg her toe flick in her choreo?! YAS?! 2.5 with a big step forward. 1.5 to front layout is good. Good double pike.

Peterson, Cal, FX- Double pike. Hit her Rudi. 1.5 to front layout, a little stumble.

4:24 pm. Conrad, ASU, BB- Bhs loso with a check at the hips. Switch to back tuck. Full turn. Big amplitude on leaps. Stuck dismount.

Reinstadtler, Utah, BB- Front aerial to bhs. She sat in front of me at the Taylor Swift concert at the MetLife Stadium in 2015. Is that fun for you to know??? Gainer full with a step.

4:22 pm. Hall, UCLA, FX- Wink before she goes up. 1.5 to double tuck, nice controlled lunge. Good second pass. Double pike with a little bounce back.

Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, FX- Double tuck bounced way back OOB. Has to catch up to her music. Lovely double pike. 1.5 to front layout.

4:21 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Switch to split jump. Bhs bhs loso. Front aerial, full turn, good double full.

Callis, ASU, BB- Slow and steady bhs bhs loso. Switch to split jump. Literally the opposite of what Merrell at Utah just did for her first two haha. Beat jump to stag jump, slight wobble. Side aerial to layout full with a small hop.

4:19 pm. Owens, Cal, FX- Front double full, 1.5 to front layout is lovely. The commentator is like obsessed with the fact that her parents are named Tammy and Buzz. Rudi with a bounce back to finish.

4:17 pm. Stover, Utah, BB- Full turn, front aerial, misses connection to bhs. Switch leap to straddle jump, ring jump, little stumble, punch front with a check, front aerial to bhs is a little slow but fine, gainer full is fine.

4:14 pm. Kyla almost got a perfect 9.95 for her FTY! One judge gave it to her.

4:13 pm. UCLA has a 98.6 and ASU has a 97.325.

4:12 pm. Utah and Cal are tied at 97.7!! Utah will still win though, tbh.

4:11 pm. Christopherson, ASU, UB- Big task on her shoulders to bring ASU to the end without counting a fall. She anchors everything because she’s a badass though. Toe on to Ray, going slow and steady, catches bail in a major arch but uses her core to swing it back the other way around probably getting more momentum into her toe shoot tbh. Hit the dismount with a step. Will be a low score but not a fall at least.

4:10 pm. Ross, UCLA, VT- Beautiful stuck FTY! Sailed right down, like her DTYs used to before she grew 17 feet.

4:09 pm. Rowe, Utah, UB- Giant full right on the bar to Tkachev, bail is caught sideways and she tries to hold it but falls right onto her butt so Utah will count a fall, really opening the doors for Cal. Finished with a step on her double layout dismount.

Imbus, ASU, UB- OMG SZAFRANSKI GOT A 9.875 YAS. Maloney to bail, crashes the bail onto her chest which looked painful, but she looks okay. Stalder to double tuck a little cowboyed but stuck.

This was a great minute for crazy bail falls.

4:08 pm. Robinson, Cal, VT- Tsuk full, very nice, hop back.

Hall, UCLA, VT- FTY with a deep landing.

4:07 pm. Szafranski, ASU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney (ankle sep) to pak (leg sep), I can never get over her lines. Double layout practically stuck. That was her best routine yet I think.

Lewis, Utah, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, double layout nearly stuck.

4:06 pm. Robinson, Cal, VT- Front handspring onto the springboard front pike with a step.

Cipra, UCLA, VT- FTY, not bad. Oh, she’s back!

4:05 pm. Lee, Utah, UB- Over arched a handstand, regroups, Jaeger to overshot, full-in is short and she basically had to be spotted so she didn’t die.

Wilson, ASU, UB- Missed the beginning but I saw her bail and a solid dismount. Three hit UBs for them!

4:04 pm. Peterson, Cal, VT- FTY with a big hop back.

Kocian, UCLA, VT- FTY a little off center but a good block and mostly clean in the air.

4:03 pm. Skinner, Utah, UB- I missed most of this aside from her toe-on to full-in with a hop.

Lentz, ASU, UB- I missed this but it was a hit routine. Their second gymnast up.

4:02 pm. Kramer, UCLA, VT- FTY, good landing. Mostly clean in the air.

Palomares, Cal, VT- Not a huge block, slight leg sep on the entry, chest a little down and a tiny bounce back.

4:01 pm. Rushton, ASU, UB- Huge Tkachev, slightly bent knees, short handstand before clear hip, clean almost stuck double layout.

Reinstadtler, Utah, UB- Jaeger, messy full-twisting double tuck dismount in the air, and she’s short on the landing as well, step out.

4:00 pm. Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, VT- FTY, a little short.

Honest, UCLA, VT- FTY, form is a little loose.

Here’s the Utah leo:

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.59.20 PM.png

3:59 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB- Toe-on to Deltchev! YAS. Why have I never seen that before in her routine? FUN. Lovely stalder to double tuck, step back.

3:58 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, VT- Yurchenko layout half, not bad. Clean in the air.

3:57 pm. Someone asked for a pic of the Utah leo so I’m gonna try to get one eventually. When they’re on bars. I didn’t even notice it earlier, is it crazy?

3:54 pm. A couple of Big Ten meets starting in a few minutes but they’re all pay streams soooo no. I’ll check in with scores though.

3:52 pm. UCLA leads Arizona State 49.3 to 48.675, and Utah leads Cal 49.275 to 48.875. No surprises so far in terms of scores. AND KYLA GOT A 10 LAST WEEK so she’s allowed to get a 9.375 this week. Enjoy it Kyla.

3:50 pm. Lee, UCLA, UB- Lovely first handstand before her big Ray, another perf handstand before her huge Bhardwaj, I don’t think anyone could do that skill more perfectly. Beautiful van Leeuwen, short last handstand, beautiful stuck double layout. Aside from that last handstand that was a literally perfect routine, like as perfect as a routine could be.

3:49 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, UB- Big Jaeger but falls. Tries it again but falls again. Double layout to finish.

Christopherson, ASU, VT- Yurchenko layout, mostly clean. Little bounce.

3:48 pm. Skinner, Utah, VT- DTY, clean in the air with a great landing, just a small hop back.

Ross, UCLA, UB- Whenever UCLA and Utah are on at the same time at different meets I’m always simultaneously watching Kyla and MyKayla. Maloney to bail arches over and tucks her legs, tries to get it under control but ends up hopping off. Redoing her grips so maybe an issue. Double layout is lovely but maybe a little short, chest angled forward and a small hop back.

3:47 pm. Ginn, ASU, VT- FTY a little loose with a step back.

Richardson, Cal, UB- Good handstand, toe-on to huge Tkachev to overshoot, double layout with a small hop forward.

3:46 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, UB- Arches over first handstand but controls it, giant half with ankle sep to big piked Jaeger, good handstand before bail, good last handstand, giant full to double tuck a little cowboyed with her chest down and she fights to keep it up on her toes.

Lewis, Utah, VT- FTY a little piked right before she lands.

3:45 pm. Wilson, ASU, VT- FTY, opens up early and is able to flare it a little, good landing!

Ho, Cal, UB- Toe-on to Gienger to overshoot, slight leg sep when she catches the Gienger. Good handstand before giants into the full-in dismount with a step.

3:44 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB- Great first handstand, Tkachev with some slight leg bend when she releases from the bar, straddle back, full-in with a step back.

Merrell, Utah, VT- Clean stuck Yurchenko 1.5! Very nice…tucks her knees right before the landing though.

3:43 pm. Lentz, ASU, VT- FTY with some messy legs but a decent landing.

Takara, Cal, UB- Clear hip to huge Gienger to overshoot, some form breaks. Short handstand before full-in with a step.

3:42 pm. Meraz, UCLA, UB- Ray, good bail, double layout piked in the first flip and underrotated, hop forward.

Reinstadtler, Utah, VT- Clean FTY with a big bounce back. Lots of power.

3:41 pm. Belkoff, ASU, VT- Decent FTY, a little short.

Shu, Cal, UB- Ray to bail/overshoot, I’d say it’s more overshoot but it was close to handstand. Short handstand before giants into full-in dismount with a hop.

3:40 pm. Kocian, UCLA, UB- Omg she curled her ponytail, GET IT MADISON. Chow to pak (leg sep), muscled handstand before her Chow half, but her form is better there. Stalder to full-in with some messy legs and a step. Idk how her form has DECREASED with fewer skills?? She’s legit the opposite of every other elite to NCAA gymnast in history.

Roberts, Utah, VT- FTY with a big step back.

3:39 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail, after watching little junior elites fall all over their heads all day this is so soothing. Front layout 1.5 dismount with a step.

Rushton, ASU, VT- Hit vault, I didn’t really see specifics.

3:38 pm. Rowe, Utah, VT- FTY with loose legs, but a great landing.

3:35 pm. Kent State vs West Virginia is just finishing up and it looks like WVU had a fabulous meet! Waiting for one more hit beam to come back from a fall earlier in the rotation on that event but they could break 196.

3:34 pm. Also watching UCLA at Arizona State right now. Swimming is still finishing up on that stream.

3:32 pm. Starting the PAC 12 meets now!! Sad news to report…Toni Ann Williams has torn her Achilles and is out for the season. 😦 Gonna be an interesting meet for Cal against Utah today.


10:59 pm. Okay, I’m going to BED. TO BED, I SAID. That’s from Full House. BYE FOREVER.

10:56 pm. Only a 194.325 for Southern Utah which would take them from 11th place down to somewhere in the low 20s I think. :-/  Boise, meanwhile, will break into the top ten!

10:50 pm. Boise State just posted a 197.025!!!! FABULOUS. They had an incredible meet!

10:47 pm. Yee, SUU, BB- Front aerial with a little bobble into her Korbut. Split to split 3/4. Random beat jump. Front toss. Hit dismount.

Bennion, Boise State, FX- Big double arabian to start. The rest is great.

10:46 pm. Collantes, Boise State, FX- Hit opening full-in and middle pass. Double pike. Great set for her.

10:45 pm. Bayer, SUU, BB- Roundoff loso is shaky but she hits it. Full turn with a big wobble but another save. Punch front…AND A FALL. MY LORD. Hit leaps. Gainer full with a step.

10:43 pm. Ramirez, SUU, BB- Bhs loso AND SHE STAYS ON. Smooth side aerial. Hit leaps. Hit dismount.

Remme, Boise State, FX- Skid on 2.5. Double pike. Last pass is great.

39.2 for Courtney McGregor in the AA!

10:40 pm. McGregor, Boise State FX- Piked full-in. Front layout front full with a step. Solid double pike to finish. Great day for her! Should be a 39.1+ AA for sure.

Webb, Boise State, BB- OFF ON HER FLIGHT SERIES. Gosh DARN what is happening. We’re three routines in with four falls. Cat leap to switch side.

10:36 pm. Jorgensen, SUU, BB- Bhs loso, off center, can’t hold on and falls. Two routines in and SUU is counting a fall. 😦 Full turn. Falls again on something else. Hit double tuck.

Means, Boise State, FX- Layout to front full. Hit double tuck.

10:34 pm. Bozzuto, SUU, BB- Beat jump to layout stepout is SUPER COOL but then she wobbles and falls. Full turn. Nice cartwheel gainer full.

Urquhart, Boise State, FX- Front double full. Hit the middle pass. Solid Rudi to finish.

10:27 pm. Boise State leads 147.850 to Southern Utah’s 146.925. This was a tight one coming in with both teams ranked 11th, but now it looks like Boise will be moving on up!

10:23 pm. Ramirez, SUU, FX- Looooovely leap to start. Fantastic double pike. 1.5 to front layout.

10:20 pm. Webb, SUU, FX- Double pike is lovely. Hit middle pass. Oh lawd, Rudi supposed to go into loso but she gets no punch out of it, and does a bhs to loso out of the Rudi instead, landing it completely out of bounds.

10:16 pm. Bozzuto, SUU, FX- Front layout front full with a stumble forward. Double pike is fantastic. I think her middle pass was botched?

Aww, Isabella Amado in the background for Boise is in a boot. 😦

10:13 pm. Brownsell, SUU, FX- I blinked during her opening pass, looked like a Rudi from the landing.

Means, Boise State, BB- Omg I missed the beginning of this but from what I saw it was lovely.

10:12 pm. Remme, Boise State, BB- Bhs loso, full turn, switch to switch half is nice, front aerial, 1.5 to finish. Another great set!

10:09 pm. Urquhart, Boise State BB- Bhs bhs loso, very nice. 1.5 with her chest slightly down.

Gonzalez, SUU, FX- Big Double tuck to start. Fornt layout to front full. Punch Rudi to finish.

10:08 pm. LSU beats Missouri 197.425 to 195.425.

10:06 pm. McGregor, Boise State, BB- Switch leap mount, clean full turn, punch front to sissone, great bhs layout, this routine has “I’m still gonna do elite” written all over it HINT HINT Courtney this is a request. Switch to switch half to beat jump, great! Double tuck with her chest slightly down. Fantastic.

10:04 pm. Gnat, LSU, FX- Huge double layout. Huge 2.5 to punch front. Double pike to finish is solid.

Collantes, Boise State, Bb- Bhs loso with a slight check. Switch to switch side. Side aerial. Hit dismount.

Sadly my dream of Texas Woman’s upsetting everyone at OU did NOT come true, but still, a 193.050 isn’t bad for them! Last place. Only a 194.500 for Denver, which narrowly edged out Nebraska with 194.450 for second place. OU obviously first with a 197.675, and Maggie got a 10 on beam, a 9.975 on floor, and a 39.850 AA. She hasn’t scored lower than a 9.9 all season. #DAMN

10:02 pm. Ward, Missouri, BB- Leap to side aerial, lovely. Great routine.

Mejia, Boise State, BB- Hit flight series, 1.5 dismount is good.

First floor routine for SUU was good. I missed who it was but no big mistakes.

10:01 pm. Alabama home judges making up for their road mistakes and boosting their ranking by going absolutely out of control with their floor scores…including a 10 for Winston! Good for her I suppose.

But a 197.825 to Florida’s 197.425 is interesting to say the least.

9:59 pm. Edney, LSU, FX- Double arabian to start is fab. 1.5 to front layout with a little hop forward on purpose because it’s part of the choreo and it’s CUTE yo. Great double tuck.

9:58 pm. Sims, Alabama, FX- Huge opening pass. Double back to finish. As good as always though I’m not watching with music so it’s not quite as thrilling, haha.

Hit beam for Brooke Kelly of Missouri, just some little wobbles.

Boise State BB: Mejia, Collantes, McGregor, Urquhart, Remme, Means

SUU FX: Gonzalez, Brownsell, Bozzuto, Webb, Ramirez, Townsend

9:55 pm. Schugel, Missouri, BB- Off on her triple acro series.

McMurtry, Florida, BB- Nailed the bhs loso. Switch to vag smash shushunova hip circle. Double full is good.

Hambrick, LSU, FX- Huge first pass. 2.5 to punch front tuck, sat! WHY. Omg she has Axelle Klinckaert’s music?!?!?! Why have I never noticed that?! Oh, it’s just that one little part.

9:54 pm. Winston, Alabama, FX- Double layout is huge.

Boise State leads Southern Utah 98.55 to 98.0 by the way! Two 9.9s for Boise State on bars.

9:52 pm. Priessman, LSU, FX- Hit opening pass, front layout to front full to her stag a little cheated out of that landing but good for the coverup. Stuck double pike.

Boren, Florida, BB- Hit leaps, cat leap to loso has a big wobble, gainer full dismount is good, just jumps her heels together.

9:51 pm. Desch, Alabama, FX- Big double arabian, basically stuck! 1.5 to front half to punch front. Double tuck to finish is great. Her best maybe?!?!


Allbritten, Missouri, BB- Front aerial to bhs is nice. Full turn. Hit routine.

9:49 pm. McBride, SUU, VT- Nice Yurchenko 1.5 with a step forward. Could’ve been a half, I only saw the landing, ngl.

Zamardi, LSU, FX- Big double arabian with a small step back. Great double tuck. Finishes with a 1.5 to front layout with a step forward but she puts it into her arabesque.

Gowey, Florida, BB- Leap series is nice, good bhs loso loso, gainer full, jumps heels together.

Mejia, Boise State, UB- Giant full to Gienger, nice. Excellent routine.

9:47 pm. Ramirez, SUU, VT- Another solid FTY.

Guerrero, Alabama, FX- Piked full-in. 1.5 to front full, nice! Rudi to finish.

Tucker, Missouri, BB- Everything good so far. Dismount is also good, a double full with a small step.

Remme, Boise State, UB- Good handstand, blind change to Jaeger, bail, double layout dismount, great.

9:45 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Hit opening pass (front double full I think), double back, double pike. Good work.

Hundley, Florida, BB- Front aerial, solid bhs loso, switch to switch side, hit the dismount.

Webb, SUU, VT- FTY a little short.

McGregor, Boise State, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail all super clean, good last handstand, and a full-in with a small step. Fantastic!

9:44 pm. Alabama, FX- Double front stumbled forward. Double pike is short.

Collantes, Boise State, UB- Jaeger, bail, double layout dismount.

Arkansas beat Auburn!!! Razorbacks YAS!!!

Brownsell for SUU hit vault and Bower for Missouri hit beam.

9:43 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, BB- Front aerial to bhs. Switch leap. Beat jump to stag is nice. Side aerial. Hit dismount.

Bozzuto, SUU, VT- FTY bounced back.

Bennion, Boise State, UB- Maloney to clear hip to bail (ankle sep), double lay with a hop back.

9:42 pm. McBride, SUU, VT- Hit it.

Stockwell, Boise State, UB- Toe-on to Gienger, lovely pak, full-in stuck!

9:40 pm. Jetter, Alabama, FX- Double arabian. 1.5 to front layout.

Baker got a 9.875 for Florida’s leadoff beam, by the way.

9:39 pm. LSU leads Missouri 147.975 to 146.450, and Alabama was leading Florida by like 0.075 or something?!

9:34 pm. I missed Harris on floor because of my GOSH DARN INTERNET turning off for the THIRD TIME TONIGHT.

Maggie Nichols got a 10 on beam and OU as a whole got a 49.55 there!

9:32 pm. Gnat, LSU, BB- DD Breaux taking a knee to watch this because she can’t handle it standing up. Switch to straddle side, switch side, bhs loso, with a wobble and her leg comes up, stuck double full.

9:30 pm. McBride, SUU, UB- Piked Jaeger caught a little close, bail, double layout a little short with a step.

Baker, Florida, FX- Dos Santos II is excellent, step forward. Double tuck. 1.5 to front half to straddle, awesome. After watching Kennedy do a Dos Santos II as well as she does, her front half looks like the easiest thing in the world, like I could casually bust one out right here in my living room.

Schugel, Missouri, FX- Triple is a little short but it’s great in the air. Hit second pass. Final pass is a double full to front punch. She’s a great twister!

9:29 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Hit triple flight series. 1.5 dismount with a good landing.

Finnegan, LSU, BB- Kills the wolf turn and the crowd goes nuts. Hit flight series. Side aerial. Great dismount. Beautiful!

Stockwell, Boise State, VT- Another good Yurchenko 1.5.


9:26 pm. Ramirez, SUU, UB- Nice Ray. Bail to toe shoot, good handstand, and a double layout with a step.

Boren, Florida, FX- Tucked full-in, 1.5 to front layout is good, Double tuck is great.

Huber, Missouri, FX- Love her music. Huge height on her beautiful double pike. Hit the middle pass. Aww, sits her 2.5.


9:25 pm. Winston, Alabama, BB- Split jump to straddle side. Front aerial to bhs is lovely. Double tuck with a big hop back.

Yee, SUU, UB- Piked Jaeger, too close, fall. Gets back for overshoot, hit the dismount.

Edney, LSU, BB- Bhs loso is good. Front toss, 1.5 with a big step forward.


Means, Boise State, VT- Yurchenko 1.5! Nice.

9:22 pm. Rozsa, SUU, UB- Giant full to blind change to Jaeger caught a little close to overshoot caught awkwardly. Giant full to double tuck a little close to the high bar.

Hundley, Florida, FX- Great whip to double tuck. Front layout front full is nice. Double pike is great.

Kern, Missouri, FX- Front full punch layout. Double tuck is good. Rudi with a little bounce back.

Bir, Boise State, VT- Hit it but I missed the specifics.



9:21 pm. Shettles, SUU, UB- Tkachev to overshoot. Double layout is pretty much stuck.

Sims, Alabama, BB- Front aerial to split jump. Stuck gainer pike dismount.

McGregor, Boise State, VT- FTY with a step back.

Ewing, LSU, BB- Cat leap to switch side, wobble. Great bhs layout. 1.5 with a step and a bobble.


9:19 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Good double pike. Front full to front layout I think. Rudi to finish.


Remme, Boise State, VT- FTY, a tiny bit short.

Tucker, Missouri, FX- Hit double tuck. Front full is a little wonky. Double pike.


9:17 pm. Sanders, Alabama, BB- Front aerial to bhs. Switch to straddle. Full turn with a slight check. Bhs loso with a big wobble but stays on. Weird dismount, just a back tuck? Probably missed the set?

Collantes, Boise State, VT- FTY, fights for the landing.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Nice side aerial. The rest is good…stuck double full. Beautiful.

Heltemes, SUU, UB- Hit release, bail, good double layout finish.

9:16 pm. Gowey, Florida, FX- Double pike is good. Clean Rudi. Hit last pass.

Bower, Missouri, FX- Double pike, who in the world of sweet crap is this? I have never seen her before in my life. OH I thought this was LSU but it’s Missouri LOL. I was like this girl doesn’t go to LSU?!?! I need more sleep. Double tuck to finish. Just learned it’s Bower.

9:14 pm. Childers, Alabama, BB- Good bhs loso, stuck 1.5.

Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Wobble on opening series, switch to switch half to beat jump, front aerial to straddle jump, stuck gainer full.

9:13 pm. Boise State VT- Collantes, Remme, McGregor, Bir, Means, Stockwell

Southern Utah UB- Heltemes, Shettles, Rozsa, Yee, Ramirez, McBride

9:11 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, FX- Front double full is wild, big step to the side. Rudi is a little short. 1.5 to front pike. Meh. Decent enough for leadoff.

9:10 pm. McNeer, Alabama, BB- Front aerial, a little off, but goes right into the bhs like it’s no big deal. Wobble on bhs loso. Nervy routine. Hit the dismount well.

9:07 pm. LSU leads Missouri 98.650 to 97.475.

Alabama holds a lead over Florida, 98.775 to 98.675. Judges are being way more forgiving for Bama girls than Florida girls, though. Bummer.

9:06 pm. OU had a 49.55 on bars! 9.95 for Maggie, 9.925s for Lehrmann and Wofford. Turns out Denver did put up six on bars but counted a fall, still only a 48.4. They came back hot on beam though! 49.125 there and fought back from a fall. Only a 48 for Nebraska on floor after they counted a fall, while Texas Woman’s got a 48.875 on vault.

9:05 pm. Priessman, LSU, UB- Huge Tkachev to pak, looks much better than it has this season but that could be because we have a side angle tonight! Great handstand before her double layout dismount, pinged off a little early it seemed, step back.

9:04 pm. Ward, Missouri, VT- Yurchenko half-on front pike off, nice! Wow, her execution in slo mow is EXCELLENT and she stuck it! Even going onto the table, her legs are glued.

9:03 pm. Finnegan, LSU, UB- Nice Ray, great handstand before toe-on to bail to toe shoot, double layout with a step.

Bailey, Alabama, UB- Huge Jaeger, bail, huuuuuuge full-in with a great landing. Both McMurtry and Bailey doing their full-ins at this meet is a religious experience.

9:02 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- Lovely FTY!

Alexander, Florida, VT- Huuuuuge FTY but very little control on it. I’m glad they gave her a shot to go up and compete it though!

9:01 pm. Winston, Alabama, UB- Hit release and everything else, double layout stuck cold.

Edney, LSU, UB- Great routine, step back on her double layout.

9:00 pm. Harris, LSU, VT- FTY a little loose with a bounce.

McMurtry, Alabama, VT- Huge Yurchenko double full, little bounce in place.

8:59 pm. Harrold, LSU, UB- Van Leeuwen to Zuchold, Jaeger, dismount…form issues are still there but it’s better than her others I think?

Jetter, Alabama, UB- Hit release, great handstands, and a good double front with a hop back.

8:58 pm. Kern, Missouri, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a little hop to the side.

Slocum, Florida, VT- Beautiful front pike half, great landing, just slight leg sep as she comes onto the table.

8:57 pm. Boren, Florida, VT- Great Yurchenko 1.5 with a little hop forward.

Miller, Missouri, VT- FTY a little short.

Hambrick, LSU, UB- Big Ray, giant full a little late to bail to toe shoot, step on full-out dismount.

Sims, Alabama, UB- Toe-on to Ray, ankle sep in bail, little short on her last handstand and her legs are pretty open on her giants, double layout with legs apart again and a bounce.

8:56 pm. Zamardi, LSU, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to pak (weird feet), double arabian dismount with a step forward.

Childers, Alabama, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to messy bail, messy full-in.

8:55 pm. Missouri, VT- Missed who this was but it was an FTY with a bounce back.

Baker, Florida, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, another fantastic 1.5 landing!! Tonight is the night of the 1.5.

8:50 pm. Denver only put up five on bars so they’re at 48.4 because they had a fall. 😦 WHAT is going on?! Why don’t they have six gymnasts who can do bars?! It’s REALLY hurting them. I mean, they were a top 10 team and WVU upset them last week and now Nebraska will upset them this week. Well…maybe. Nebraska counted a fall on beam with six going up so yeah. DII Texas Woman’s actually was ahead of Nebraska after their 48.325 on floor!

8:47 pm. Oklahoma had a 49.275 on vault with Nichols’ 9.925 the highest.

Alabama currently leads 49.375 over Florida’s 49.325.

Shockingly Gnat only got a 9.95 so kudos to the judges for doing their jobs and not ranking that higher than Hambrick’s! I’m okay with them scoring the same. 49.4 for LSU to 49.0 for Missouri but I don’t think that’s right…I think the live stats are taking one of Missouri’s exhibition routines into account? Yeah, on TV it says Missouri has 48.35. Live stats are wrong.

8:45 pm. Bailey, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko layout half, nice.

McMurtry, Florida, UB- Big Ray, beautiful handstand before her lovely bail to toe shoot, huuuge full-in with a hop.

8:44 pm. Gnat, LSU, VT- Beautiful DTY. Not as nice as Hambrick’s vault, but it’ll go 10 anyway because they’re at LSU and she’s last up.

Hundley, Florida, UB- Maloney (ankle sep) to pak (ankle sep), good van Leeuwen, great full-in.

8:43 pm. Miller, Missouri, UB- Fell on her Jaeger.

Baker, Florida, UB- Hit her release, bail, toe half to double front cowboyed but stuck.

8:42 pm. Hambrick got a 9.95. I would’ve given her a 10 because why not? If that was last up in the lineup it would’ve been a 10.

Edney, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, loses control on the last half twist, big step forward.

Guerrero, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, excellent!! The landing was brilliant. She’s thrilled. Only complaint is her form in the air. It’s very loose. Knees are bent.

8:41 pm. Gowey, Florida, UB- Ray, a little close, pak is nice, short handstand before double layout with a little bounce.

Ward, Missouri, UB- Caught her huge Tkachev, bail, giant full to double tuck, not bad.

8:40 pm. Alabama, VT- I think this is Jenna Bresette? FTY, a little loose, good landing.

8:39 pm. Hambrick, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 STUCK. Remember when she sat this last week? Yeah, that was like the opposite of what this just was. Brilliant.

8:38 pm. Childers, Alabama, VT- FTY, lovely and stuck.

Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger is a little too far away, not close enough to grasp the bar. Bail, double layout with a hop back.

McLaughlin, Florida, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to lovely bail to toe shoot, short last handstand, double front is a little cowboyed with a step.

8:37 pm. Boren, Florida, UB- Why did I think this meet was in Gainesville? WELL, it’s at Bama. Hit her Tkachev, clear hip to bail is super aggressive, great dismount.

Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with some slight leg sep and a small step back.

8:36 pm. Huber, Missouri, UB- Great extension on her. Big straddle Jaeger to overshoot, stuck double layout.

8:35 pm. Priessman, LSU, VT- Killing her purple eye shadow and lipstick! Get it. Yurchenko 1.5!!!!!! YAS LEXIE. EXCELLENT. Better than her fulls! Just bends her knees slightly before landing and takes the smallest step.

8:34 pm. Tucker, Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail with leg sep, giant full is a little rushed into a stuck double tuck.

8:33 pm. Finnegan, LSU, VT- FTY, not a big block at all, but a clean landing, small step.

8:32 pm. LSU vs Missouri and Florida vs Alabama about to start!

8:30 pm. Georgia defeats Kentucky 196.500 to 196.150! Decent meet for both. Not their best but not bad all things considered.

8:27 pm. Marino, Georgia, FX- Hit her first two passes. Elite Canada just finished so I’ll actually be able to pay attention now. On the very last routine. #BOSS Great double tuck to finish.

8:26 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial with a slight wobble, bhs loso, good layout full dismount.

8:24 pm. Dickson, Georgia, BB- Double pike with a good landing. Double tuck with a bounce back to finish.

8:22 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, hit flight series, and a stuck 1.5! Excellent routine.

8:20 pm. Vega, Georgia, FX- Sassy walk out onto the floor. Full-in to start, and a great double pike to finish.

8:18 pm. Korth, Kentucky, BB- One-armed bhs loso with a check, a wobble in the middle and had to repeat a series, double full stuck.

8:14 pm. Poland, Kentucky, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a stumble on the landing and a fall.

Babalis, Georgia, FX- So far so good. Big double pike to finish.

8:10 pm. Roberts, Georgia, FX- This is one of the Georgia Blondes I can never remember. SOMEONE MAKE ME REMEMBER THIS. Double pike is good. The rest is fine. This is the most boring blog ever.

8:09 pm. Reynolds, Georgia, FX- Front double full to start, finishes with a solid Rudi.

8:08 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial, bhs loso with a check, good dismount.

8:00 pm. Oh yeah, Rachel Dickson fell on beam, but they didn’t count a fall. Just wobbly routines. Georgia still leads 147.125 to 146.775.

7:58 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Shocking stumble on her piked full-in. Chest down. Rudi loso. Hit her last pass.

7:54 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Double pike is a tad short, casual illusion, hit middle pass, and a double tuck to finish.

7:52 pm. Babalis, Georgia, BB- Front aerial to back loso, I didn’t know who this was at first and then I saw the no arms and was like oh yeah it’s Broken Wrists McGee. Front aerial, front full with a hop to the side.

7:51 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, FX- I love watching cheerleaders watch gymnastics. A few small steps back to control her double pike. Hit the last pass.

7:49 pm. Broussard, Georgia, BB- One-armed bhs to loso, some wobbles throughout, but stays on and then sticks her gainer full.

7:47 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Double pike into a lunge. Rudi to finish is great.

7:43 pm. Reynolds, Georgia, BB- I apparently am not paying attention to Kentucky at all. Front toss, bhs loso is solid, good double full.

7:41 pm. Sanders, Georgia, BB- I missed a Kentucky floor before this. Hits her bhs loso, punch front tuck, front layout full dismount.

7:38 pm. Vega, Georgia, BB- Superb bhs loso, the rest is great, side aerial to layout full with a little slide back. She is THE perfect leadoff for this team. SO poised and brilliant.

7:35 pm. Georgia extends the lead over Kentucky, 98.475 to 97.8.

7:29 pm. Korth, Kentucky, VT- Hit her vault.

Schick, Georgia, UB- Great first handstand, clean piked Jaeger, bail, another excellent handstand with great extension, and a double layout nearly stuck.

7:28 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a step sideways and off the mat.

Dickson, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to Ray, bail, double layout with a great landing.

7:26 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, VT- Flared Yurchenko layout half with a small hop forward.

Vaculik, Georgia, VT- Jaeger, toe-on to bail, big full-in stuck! First routine of the season after being sick with mono and strep.

7:24 pm. Waltz, Kentucky, VT- FTY is somehow both short and bounced way back.

Johnson, Georgia, UB- Clear hip to nice Gienger, bail, double layout with a hop.

7:23 pm. Kentucky, VT- FTY with a hop back, huge distance.

Reynolds, Georgia, UB- Jaeger, pak is big, great dismount.

7:21 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, VT- FTY, a little short, chest down on the landing and a step forward.

Sanders, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to blind change to piked Jaeger, hit the dismount with a college stick.

7:18 pm. Shoutout to my internet for turning off ALL THE TIME now. What did I ever do to you?! Georgia leads 49.2 to 48.925, Kentucky didn’t have to count that break from Carlisle. Between rotations now.

7:10 pm. Georgia, VT- Another blonde I can’t distinguish. How are there so many?! Another FTY a little off to the side.

Hyland, Kentucky, UB- Great giant full to Gienger with super clean legs, bail to toe shoot, full-in with a small hop.

7:09 pm. Johnson, Georgia, VT- Big FTY, with a hop.

Stuart, Kentucky, UB- Clear hip to bail, short handstand, full-twisting double layout with a great landing.

7:07 pm. I still can’t tell any of the Georgia blondes apart but one of them just hit vault.

Dukes, Kentucky, UB- Lovely pak, double layout with a tiny step and a leg separation.

7:06 pm. Coca, Kentucky, UB- Jaeger, and a lovely full-in but it has a hop back.

7:03 pm. Broussard, Georgia, VT- Big clean FTY with a bounce back.

Carlisle, Kentucky, UB- Big Jaeger, but break going down to the low bar, landed on the bar, full-in with a hop back.

Reynolds, Georgia, VT- Big clean FTY, great landing.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

21 thoughts on “The NCAA Week 5 Live Blog

    • Yeah, sometimes when something is exceptional, even if it’s not perfect I’m like you might as well give it a 10? Because you’re going to give a 10 to something more mediocre. WHY NOT DO IT NOW?!


  1. Can we just talk about how Maggie’s lowest score until now on anything is a 9.9? Is she an alien or something? (PS: I guess we know who everyone is gonna put on top of their fantasy draft next year!)


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  3. Is it bad that I started watching NCAA solely because of Kyla? P.S. Kyla better do the Omelianchik on vault at least once before the seasons over.


  4. I literally can’t find the Arizona vs. Oregon State live stats ANYWHERE. Oregon State isn’t even properly updating their twitter…..


  5. I think Jim and Amanda commentated ASU vs. UCLA. In the time between the meets, they could have made it to Tucson if they left pretty quickly.


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