The NCAA Week 7 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the seventh week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


6:07 pm. UCLA went from a 1+ point lead to winning by just over a tenth, 195.825 to Utah State’s 195.700. Bridgeport is in third with a 193.325.

On floor, the Bruins had two 9.9s in the early half of the rotation, but then had to count a 9.575 from Savvidou, a 9.35 from Ross, and a 9.225 from Kramer, while scrapping Honest’s 9.1. Their total on floor is a 47.950.

But can we talk about how one of those 9.9s was MACY TORONJO!?!?!?!?! That floor routine was AMAZING. I want her in the lineup EVERY WEEK, MISS VAL.

6:05 pm. Ross, UCLA, FX- Nice whip to double tuck. 1.5 to front layout is good. She is on pace for a 39.7+ AA if she hits here soooo GET IT KYLA. Double tuck and puts her hands down. UGHHHHHH.

6:04 pm. Comport, Bridgeport, BB- My favorite! Front aerial to bhs into a scale, good jumps, lovely extension, front aerial to beat jump, big wobble on a skill there but my feed froze and I missed the rest.

6:03 pm. Golison, Utah State, VT- Tsuk full, not bad! Hop back.

6:01 pm. Kramer, UCLA, FX- Front double full with a step, 2.5 is nowhere near where it’s supposed to be in the air and she crashes it on her side, 1.5 is big into a front layout.

6:00 pm. Chiles, Bridgeport, BB- Bhs loso basically STARTS off-center so no idea how she even made it halfway through that, lands pretty much off the beam. Switch to switch side, side aerial landed sideways, full turn, 1.5 with a little hop.

5:59 pm. McIntire, Utah State, VT- Yurchenko tuck full, a little short, two steps back.

5:57 pm. Honest, UCLA, FX- Loooove her opening choreo. Double pike is short, bent knees and chest down on the landing. Front lay front full with a hop. Double tuck is super short and she lands it on her hands so they have to count Stella’s 9.575.

5:56 pm. Reimers, Bridgeport, BB- Great amplitude on beat jump to wolf jump, bhs loso is a little wonky but she hits, side aerial with a bobble, switch to back tuck to split jump with a little wobble, they all do that fanning themselves choreo. Double full with some leg sep and a small hop.

5:55 pm. Hone, Utah State, VT- Yurchenko full-on back tuck off, always love this. Legs get a little crazy in the air and it’s a little short.

5:53 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, FX- Great 2.5 into her arabesque. Her presence is just outstanding. 1.5 to front layout with leg sep landed right on the line. Double turn to split jump full is gorgeous, the extension is brilliant. Double pike is a little short with a step forward and her chest slightly down.

5:51 pm. DiCarlo, Bridgeport, BB- Bhs layout with Raismanesque layout form and it’s way off-center with a fall. Front toss, switch to split jump, beat jump to sheep jump, bhs gainer full with a good landing.

5:50 pm. Ward, Utah State, VT- Her run is so slow and weird but works for her. Big FTY, clean, but also a big hop back.

5:48 pm. Toronjo, UCLA, FX- SOOOOO EXCITED to finally see this. Omg this opening is so phenomenal, choreo-wise. Omg Jordyn in the background looks like a grown up lady?!?!?!Excellent double pike. Big excellent double tuck. 1.5 to front layout. NEVER GET INJURED AGAIN, I WANT THIS EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

5:47 pm. Campbell, Bridgeport, BB- Front toss with a wobble. Switch to straddle side, front toss to back tuck, so that first front toss missed the connection. Stuck 1.5! Nice there.

5:46 pm. Brown, Utah State, VT- Yurchenko layout half, very clean, small hop forward.

5:44 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, FX- Double tuck is fantastic. Her middle pass with all the skills is good, I can never remember what they are if I don’t type them as they go. Well, I remember straddle to front tuck. Either way, it’s good. Big double pike with a solid landing.

5:43 pm. Tralli, Bridgeport, BB- Full turn (check), bhs loso (another check), switch leap to straddle side, straddle full is maybe at 90 degrees, 1.5 with a deep landing and a hop forward.

5:42 pm. Estrella, Utah State, VT- Great FTY! Excellent landing, practically stuck, and looked mostly good in the air.

5:36 pm. UCLA now leads 147.875 to Utah State’s 146.775 and Bridgeport’s 146.050 going into the final rotation! 49.275 for UCLA on beam after dropping Madison’s 9.6, but they had to count a 9.725 and two 9.8s.

5:32 pm. Ward, Utah State, FX- Open tucked full-in! Nice. 1.5 to front half, that looked SOOOO EASY for her. She floated through it. Excellent double tuck.

5:31 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs layout full only with a slight check. Switch to split jump, full turn, front aerial, bhs loso layout full stuck on her toes. If she gets that layout full under control she’ll get a 10 someday.

5:30 pm. Liataud, Bridgeport, UB- Giant full to Deltchev to overshoot, really cool. Whenever I see legs going into the Deltchev I’m like what are you doing?!?! because it always looks so awkward. Giant full to double tuck, a little cowboyed and underrotated, small hop.

5:27 pm. Golison, Utah State, FX- Double layout, really big, bounces out of it. Front lay front half to straddle jump. Front full front full, nice.

5:26 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB- Homma flairs, crowd loves it. Nice leaps, bhs layout with a big wobble and leg up, but she brings it back under control. Lovely double turn to beat jump. Punch front tuck with a big check. Good front full dismount.

5:25 pm. Campbell, Brigeport, UB- Weird form on the front giant into her straddle Jaeger, bail, messy full-in with a big hop back.

5:23 pm. McIntire, Utah State, FX- Good landing on her opening double tuck. Front full front lay. Oh my GOD my feed skipped here and I wasn’t really paying attention so I heard Sam say “front layout front layout front layout front layout front layout” and I was like is she really just doing nonstop front layouts? LOLOL. Finished with a solid double pike.

5:22 pm. YAS that got a 10! Kyla’s third 10 and first on beam! Yay, she’s so happy. Look at Deanna Hong filming her reaction.

5:21 pm. Ross, UCLA, BB- Goooorgeous bhs loso, perfect switch ring to beat jump, full turn, front aerial, side aerial to stuck layout full. Give it a 10!!!!!!! I wouldn’t CARE.

5:20 pm. Futch, Bridgeport, UB- Clear hip to toe shoot, huge Gienger, bail, giant full is a little late with an ankle sep, right into a double tuck, decent landing.

5:18 pm. Estrella, Utah State, FX- Big double pike, cool choreo before her middle pass, a 2.5, got a little messy in the air and had a stumble on the landing. 1.5 to front tuck.

5:17 pm. Kocian, UCLA, BB- Front aerial with a big check, misses connection to sheep jump, solid bhs loso, check on full turn, switch to split jump, double full with a little slide back.

5:16 pm. Powell-Brown, Bridgeport, UB- Shaposh, clear hip to bail with leg sep and an arch back, good last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a college stick.

5:13 pm. Bullitt, Utah State, FX- Form is super loose in her front double full, knees are all over the place. Double pike is short with a skid forward and her back leg coming up. Front full front pike with a bounce.

5:12 pm. Mossett, UCLA, BB- Sam Peszek’s cohost is FREAKING OUT about her mount LOL. Lawd. Little check on full turn, split jump to ring jump, bhs loso with a check, love this part where she gets up on her toes, side somi to layout full, excellent landing.

5:11 pm. Reimers, Bridgeport, UB- Huge Tkachev, ankle sep on giant full to bail, also with ankle sep, tucked toe front half dismount with a hop back.

5:08 pm. Sanzotti, Utah State, FX- Great double pike. Front layout front half to straddle, very nice. Solid double tuck to finish.

5:07 pm. Meraz, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a little check, switch half, switch to straddle to beat jump, full turn, 1.5 is a little rough in the air, step back.

5:06 pm. DiCarlo, Bridgeport, UB- Short handstand before giant half to bail to toe shoot, another super short handstand, double layout with a wonky landing.

4:58 pm. UCLA extends the lead to nearly a point at 98.6 to Utah State’s 97.7 and Bridgeport’s 97.3.

4:56 pm. Oster, Utah State, BB- Side aerial to bhs, I thought it was supposed to be to a loso, but close enough. Switch to straddle half with a wobble, I think she got a little rattled by the crowd freaking out over Peng’s 9.95, good full turn, side aerial to layout full with her heels slid together.

4:55 pm. Lee, UCLA, UB- Ray, beautiful handstand before Bhardwaj, toe-on to super clean van Leeuwen, short handstand, and a double layout with a hop back.

4:54 pm. Reimers, Bridgeport, VT- Big FTY but loses some air awareness and has to fudge the landing a bit, a little wild and sloppy.

4:53 pm. Peel, Utah State, BB- Bhs loso, very nice. Switch to switch half, slight bobble, side aerial to layout full with a step.

4:52 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB- Maloney to bail (arched over) to toe shoot, nice handstand before giants to stuck double layout. Would’ve been a 10 without that arch.

4:51 pm. Stewart, Bridgeport, VT- Very nice FTY, just a small step back. Looked clean in the air…very nice extension until a slight pike at the end.

4:49 pm. Sanzotti, Utah State, BB- Nice amplitude on her bhs loso, beat jump to split full, beat jump to stag jump, full attitude turn, gainer full with a hop.

4:48 pm. Kocian, UCLA, UB- Chow to pak (leg sep), short handstand before Chow half (ankle sep), stalder to full-in, hopped out but cheated it into her salute.

4:47 pm. Campbell, Bridgeport, VT- FTY, a little messy in the air, but nice power, piked down and hopped back.

4:46 pm. Golison, Utah State, BB- Switch to straddle side, standing loso to loso, check…full turn, fun little tick tock, stuck front layout full.

4:45 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, UB- Good first handstand, nice piked Jaeger, leg sep going into it, gets lost in a handstand and has to regroup, bail, giant full a little late to cowboyed double tuck, stuck.

4:44 pm. Whittaker, Bridgeport, VT- Handspring front pike with a little hop forward, form is mostly good except for the pre-flight legs.

4:43 pm. McIntire, Utah State, BB- Lawd, fell on her front handspring mount!! Full turn, bhs bhs loso with a slight check, cat leap to switch side, front full with a hop.

4:42 pm. Tralli, Bridgeport, VT- FTY, low block, lands so far forward she just kind of falls on her face. Oof that was rough.

Honest, UCLA, UB- Bent knees going into her Tkachev, straddle back a little archy, short handstand before giants to full-in with messy legs in the air and a stumbled landing.

4:40 pm. Brown, Utah State, BB- Full turn, bhs loso with a slight check, switch to loso, beat to straddle 3/4, stuck 1.5. That was super nice! Just minor issues.

4:38 pm. Meraz, UCLA, UB- Ray, toe-on to bail with bent elbows, double layout, a little underrotated with her chest down and a bounce.

4:37 pm. Zine, Bridgeport, VT- Messy tucked FTY with a bouncy landing.

4:30 pm. UCLA leads but not by much…with Kramer’s fall they had to count Honest’s 9.75 so they’re only at 49.2 while Utah State is at 49.05 and Bridgeport is at 49.0.

4:28 pm. Comport, Bridgeport, FX- Loooove this routine but I love her beam MORE. Lost control a tiny bit on her jumps but it was barely noticeable…great extension though. Rudi loso is good. Front lay front full to stag is excellent. Rudi to finish is lovely.

4:27 pm. Peel, Utah State, UB- Clean handstand into her Tkachev to overshoot, great handstand before giant full (ankle sep) to double tuck, a little poorly rotated, step back to control it.

4:25 pm. Ross, UCLA, VT- Good FTY. Bounce on the landing.

4:24 pm. Cutolo, Bridgeport, FX- Rudi loso, not bad. On a big mat so kinda hard to tell how good the landing was but considering it was on a tricky surface it looked good. Front double full is actually gorgeous. Good Rudi to finish.

4:23 pm. Jeppesen, Utah State, UB- Ankle sep on giant full to Tkachev, clean bail, double layout with leg sep and a hop.

4:22 pm. Kramer, UCLA, VT- Sat Yurchenko 1.5, leg sep on the entry, underrotated and just too far back on her heels.

4:21 pm. Reimers, Bridgeport, FX- Full-in is great. Switch to split full is excellent. 1.5 to front layout with a little step forward. Excellent double pike.

4:20 pm. Oster, Utah State, UB- Legs GLUED on her Gienger. Utah STate Giengers are A+ today. Good bail to toe shoot, short handstand before giants to double layout, leg sep with a hop back.

4:19 pm. Preston, UCLA, VT- Gorgeous stuck FTY. The vault she wanted to hit on Saturday night. Chest is down on the landing but that aside it’s gorgeous.

4:17 pm. Stewart, Bridgeport, FX- Double pike with two steps back to control the landing. Her jumps are better than in the last routine. Front tuck, looked like she wanted to do it into like…a front half?? Or front full? She bails out of it kind of, crashing it to her hands. Double tuck to finish was decent.

4:16 pm. McIntire, Utah State, UB- Giant full to super clean piked Gienger to overshoot, full-out with her chest down and a step back.

4:14 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, VT- Her first time vaulting. Very clean FTY in the air, hop back. Extension in the air is gorgeous, just a slight pike when she approaches the landing.

4:13 pm. Quinn, Bridgeport, FX- Double pike, amplitude on jumps is nowhere near where it needs to be, second jump is maybe at 100 degrees. Big double tuck with a lunge back. Wolf full to wolf full combo is also a little low. Little stumble on front full front pike.

4:12 pm. Ward, Utah State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, full-in with a hop back. Not bad, just some little clean-up areas.

4:10 pm. Honest, UCLA, VT- FTY, a little messy and underrotated, chest down with a hop forward.

4:09 pm. Campbell, Bridgeport, FX- I love Bridgeport getting to compete against UCLA. Front tuck through to double tuck is great. Front full front pike, great landing on her 2.5 but her legs in the air are a little rough.

4:08 pm. Hone, Utah State, UB- Markelov! Lovely handstand before bail (leg sep), giant full to double tuck is deep with a step forward.

4:07 pm. Meraz, UCLA, VT- I love these leos so much. Stuck FTY freaking cold. Amen. That was nice as hell.

4:05 pm. UCLA meet is starting any minute now!


5:52 pm. 197.175 for Washington is the 7th best score of the week, and Haley Burleson’s 39.575 is the 3rd-best all-around score of the week! Fantastic meet for them.

5:46 pm. Burleson, Washington, FX- Double tuck is fab. Switch ring, 1.5 to front layout with a step, great 2.5 to finish! That’ll do it for 197!

5:44 pm. Washington needs a 9.775 in its last routine to go 197!

Schneider, Arizona, BB- Front toss to bhs, straddle jump to sissone, beat jump to sheep jump, stuck front full! Very nice.

Arizona finishes with a 195.425. Not bad all things considered.

5:42 pm. Yacalis, Washington, FX- Tucked full-in jumped into a lunge. Whip to 1.5 punch front. Nailed the final pass.

5:41 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso, check on full turn, switch to beat jump to stag jump, cat leap to side aerial to layout full stumbled sideways completely off the mat.

5:38 pm. Washington, Washington, FX- Big double tuck. Hit middle pass. Nails the double pike.

5:36 pm. Leung, Arizona, BB- Bhs loso with her leg up, good side aerial, 1.5 and slides her heels togehter.

5:34 pm. Duranczyk, Washington, FX- Front tuck through to double pike, fabulous. Big double tuck, slightly over-rotated but she saves the landing nicely.

5:31 pm. Cowles, Arizona, BB- Full turn, front aerial with a check, probably meant to connect that for her series because she dances backwards out of it? Lots of dancing going on lol…prob trying to figure out what to do. Switch to split jump. Here we go, front aerial to bhs, got it perfectly this time. Standing loso. Gainer front full with a hop.

5:29 pm. Janik, Washington, BB- Double pike lands too far forward on her feet and bounces her forward toward the floor, hands down. Solid Rudi. 1.5 to front layout.

5:26 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, BB- Wait for the first beam score while judges debate it. Beat jump to split 3/4, solid bhs loso, full turn, side aerial, stuck gainer full. Very nice!

5:24 pm. Schaefer, Washington, FX- Big double tuck. Front full front lay to stag jump. Nice switch ring to split full. Nice double pike to finish.

5:22 pm. Howard, Arizona, BB- A little wobbly on her bhs loso but she hits it in the end. Pike jump to back tuck, really cool as always. Switch to straddle side with slightly flexed feet, and a tucked gainer full off the end with a little bounce.

5:16 pm. HUGE 49.425 for Washington on beam! They extend their lead by over a point, 147.775 to Arizona’s 146.525 I think after Arizona struggled with only five routines on floor.

5:11 pm. Burleson, Washington, BB- They’re killing it on beam right now. Front aerial to bhs is lovely. Split leap, straddle to straddle side, side aerial layout full stuck. NICE.

5:09 pm. Schneider, Arizona, FX- Double pike looks a little tentative on the landing, front lay front full is good, omg these 90s hip hop jams were my life, no diggity. I hope Tabitha chose all of this. Double tuck with a deep landing and buckled legs but she pulls it out.

5:07 pm. Goings, Washington, BB- BEAUTIFUL bhs bhs loso. Lovely full turn, great standing loso, side aerial to stuck layout full. EXCELLENT.

5:05 pm. Howard, Arizona, FX- They don’t have Sheppard so they have to count Laub’s 9.55…I think I missed an OOB from her. Howard starts with a big double tuck into a great lunge back. Front lay front full with a deep landing. Double pike is solid.

5:03 pm. Nelson, Washington, BB- Bhs loso, smooth full turn, switch to split 3/4, solid front toss, holds on to the 1.5 landing.

LSU won its meet with a 197.975, SO close hahaha. George Washington with a 196.100 and Iowa with a 194.200. Looks like Iowa counted an 8.95 on bars. :-/

4:59 pm. Schaefer, Washington, BB- Front aerial, split to stag jump, stuck 1.5!!

Kelley, LSU, FX- Huge double layout with her mouth wide open I CAN’T WATCH HER DO THAT it drives me insane I’m sorry. Her facial expressions are Toddlers & Tiaras meets molly. Full-in is great, huge and open. Thankfully they’re not showing her faces that much. Front tuck through to double tuck, very nice.

Laub, Arizona, FX- 2.5 is stumbled around. The rest is good from what I saw but I missed the last pass I think? I missed something.

4:56 pm. Swanson, Arizona, FX- Nice Rudi. That’s all I saw.

Priessman, LSU, FX- I actually love this routine. First pass is good, front lay front full has a weird stumble sideways into her jump, double pike is great.

4:55 pm. Edney, LSU, FX- Big double arabian, great landing! 1.5 to front layout, double back to finish is fab. But then she dabs and I immediately take her score down seven points.

Washington, Washington, BB- Hit series, side aerial, straddle to straddle jump, rest is good.

4:53 pm. Mattson, Arizona, FX- Good double pike and solid middle pass. Big double tuck to finish.

4:51 pm. Kirby, LSU, FX- Double pike is solid to start. Bounces out of middle pass, something like a 1.5 to front lay. OOB. Stuck front lay front full.

Rose, Washington, BB- Hit flight series, full Y turn YAS, switch to split jump, side aerial, stuck side aerial layout full dismount.

4:47 pm. Zamardi, LSU, FX- Double arabian with a small stumble forward. Good landing on her double tuck. Solid 1.5 to front layout.

4:45 pm. Ewing, LSU, FX- Front double full with a step forward, front full to front layout, good landing. Big solid double pike.

Washington has 98.35 to Arizona’s 97.825 going into the third rotation.

4:41 pm. Copiak, Washington, UB- I’m still salty about her not making the Canadian Olympic team, ngl. Big Church!!! Toe-on to clean bail, last handstand a hair short, full-in with two small steps.

4:40 pm. Swanson, Arizona, VT- Clean FTY with a little bounce back.

4:38 pm. Leung, Arizona, VT- FTY, a little low, you can see her bent elbows on her block, so the landing’s a little short but she hits.

Duranczyk, Washington, UB- Big Jaeger to overshoot, stuck double layout out of only two giants, awesome!

4:36 pm. Sheppard, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half OH NO, looks great in the air like it’s going to be a really good landing but JAMS her knee and immediately jumps down to the mat because she’s clearly in tons of pain. 😦 They’re carrying her off while the rest of the team huddles with Tabitha.

Burleson, Washington, UB- Huge Tkachev, super clean bail, giant full to double tuck which SAILS down into the landing. Beautiful and stuck.

LSU 148.425, GWU 146.800, Iowa 146.225 going into the final rotation.

4:34 pm. Goings, Washington, UB- Big straddle Jaeger, great handstand, blind change to straddle back, very clean, short handstand before giants to full-in, just slides her heels together.

Drouin-Allaire, GWU, FX- Double pike, front full to front lay, piked a little bit and a little back on her heels on the landing. Huge double tuck to finish.

4:33 pm. Washington, Washington, UB- Tee hee I love Washington Washington. Clear hip to SUPERB Gienger, NO leg break AT ALL. Super clean bail, great handstand before giants to full-in dismount, landed with legs apart but stuck.

Mattson, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a hop.

Priessman just exhibitioned for LSU and it wasn’t bad! Just wobbly and with a break in her series.

4:30 pm. Laub, Arizona, VT- Decent enough FTY to start them out.

Nelson, Washington, UB- Short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger, caught with legs apart and a jerky swing to break the rhythm slightly but she controls it quickly., nice pak, stuck double tuck.

Gnat, LSU, BB- Full turn, switch to straddle side, big switch side with a bobble, nice bhs loso. I’m always like “did I miss her flight series” and forget it’s her last skill. Double full with a hop.

Felix-Terrazas, Arizona, VT- FTY, form could be a little better, step back.

4:29 pm. Finnegan, LSU, BB- Full wolf turn instead of the triple, not worth risking after they had a fall earlier, bhs loso, beautiful switch to switch half, side somi is effortless, side aerial layout full! Fab. Judging has been tight today but on any other day that could’ve gone 10. Would’ve gone 10 at that hilarious St Louis quad on Friday.

Li had a 9.925 btw so HEY DD cut it out and use her.

4:27 pm. Li, LSU, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, love it. Switch to back loso. I’m confused about why they don’t use her more often…I guess too many other big names but I’d regularly use her over Hambrick. I remember she was fab in her debut for LSU. Cat leap to switch side, tiny bobble. Stuck gainer full.

4:24 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Bhs layout with a little hesitation on the landing but covers it up well. Cat leap to big switch side, full turn, standing loso to straddle side. Basically stuck the 1.5.

Arizona is ahead of Washington 49.15 to 49.075 after the first rotation.

4:21 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, UB- Huuuuge wait for Spencer’s score. Judges are like wtf do we do with this lol. They’re conferencing like crazy. Huuuuge Tkachev to overshoot, giant full to stuck double tuck. Awesome routine after that fall before her.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Full L turn, hitch kick to side aerial with a big wobble, bhs loso with a wobble, double full with a step.

4:20 pm. Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Nice leaps, bhs loso, way off-center and she flies right off the beam. Gainer full with a little step.

4:19 pm. Burleson, Washington, VT- Huge stuck FTY! Beautiful. Her lines in the air are just phenomenal.

4:17 pm. Spencer, Arizona, UB- She saluted too soon and is confused hahaha. Nice handstand before Gienger (leg sep), holds a handsand for 900 years and has to swing herself around a bit to get back on track but it’s not a hugely noticeable mistake for most I don’t think. Bail, but then in her giants she kind of bails out of doing her dismount? Starts swinging her giants again but then stops swinging and jumps off so must’ve lost her rhythm on that high bar fluke before the bail. Ends up saluting, doesn’t bother getting back up at all for the dismount, I guess not worth it?

4:16 pm. Yacalis, Washington, VT- Clean FTY with a fab landing, basically stuck with her feet apart.

4:15 pm. Berg, Arizona, UB- Big piked Jaeger, bail, full-in with a little hop.

4:14 pm. Riley, Washington, VT- Big Yurchenko layout half, nice in the air, but a little wild on the lanidng with a step forward.

4:13 pm. LSU is at 99.075 on pace for a 198. GWU still second with a 97.7 while Iowa is third with a 97.225.

Laub, Arizona, UB- Clear hip to Tkachev, bail arches back a bit but she controls it well, double layout with a hop back.

4:12 pm. Goings, Washington, VT- Clean FTY with a fab landing. Not very big but still very nice.

4:09 pm. Howard, Arizona, UB- I missed this.

You wanna know why? I finally trapped a mouse that has been living in my room all night in a grocery bag and had to run him out into the hallway. #HUMANE

I also missed the second Washington vault. Hayley Roy I think.

Hendrickson, Arizona, UB- Finished with a double layout.

4:08 pm. Zurawski, Iowa, FX- Double pike is great. Front full front lay with a little stumble. Rudi to finish looks solid.

Copiak, Washington, VT- FTY with a big bounce back.

Arizona with some blue lace leos taking a page from UCLA’s book.

4:05 pm. Winstanley, GWU, BB- Front aerial to front toss, loooove that so much. Switch to straddle side, full turn, double full with a hop. Very nice.

4:04 pm. I really love watching Erin Macadaeg prep for beam and a woman in the crowd drink a soda instead of seeing other teams on beam and floor!

4:03 pm. Priessman, LSU, UB- Tkachev to pak, her cleanest yet! Double layout with a little slide back.

4:01 pm. Finnegan, LSU, UB- Huge Ray, handstands are on point, toe-on to bail to toe shoot, stuck double layout.

3:59 pm. Edney, LSU, UB- Hindorff, bail, clean double layout, nearly stuck, just a little bounce back.

3:58 pm. Harrold, LSU, UB- Clean first handstand before messy van Leeuwen to Zuchold, good last handstand before toe half (ankle sep) to Jaeger, hop change to double front, clean in the air but a step forward.

3:57 pm. Hambrick, LSU, UB- Ray, giant full to bail, full-in stuck cold. Very nice.

3:56 pm. Zamardi, LSU, UB- Maloney to pak, arabian double front with a little bounce, very nice.

3:55 pm. Texas Woman’s got a 196 to beat three D1 teams including #30 Penn State!!!!!

3:49 pm. LSU is at 49.575, George Washington at 48.9, and Iowa at 48.425.

Picture LSU at nationals with 1.5s from Harrold, Hambrick, Priessman, Ewing, and Edney and a DTY from Gnat. I’m basically sobbing?? It’s gonna be so good.

3:46 pm. Metcalf, Iowa, BB- Switch to straddle side, bhs bhs loso with her leg up but she falls, so Iowa will count a fall. Hit a big leap series, 1.5 with a hop.

3:42 pm. Drenth, Iowa, BB- Gorgeous mount, solid bhs loso loso, switch to straddle side, full turn, stuck 1.5! That was phenomenal.

3:40 pm. Pfeiler, GWU, UB- Gienger caught close with bent elbows, good last handstand, giant full to double tuck with a little hop.

3:39 pm. Gnat, LSU, VT- As one of the commentators just said, the lineup set her up for a perfect score if she sticks…but she has some noticeable form issues in the air on her DTY and hops forward on the landing.

3:38 pm. Edney, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, STUCK and HUGE. WHAAAAAT.

3:37 pm. Winstanley, GWU, UB- Gienger, leg sep, good bail, that’s all they showed. They have three routines going up at once so we’re probably gonna be all about LSU since this is technically the SEC+ network.

Priessman, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward and a little loose in her knees.

3:36 pm. Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, also stuck! Dayum?! This team is fully gonna have six 10.0 vaults for nationals and they’re all gonna look fabulous.

3:35 pm. Harrold, LSU, VT- She’s going up in lieu of Myia Hambrick. Yurchenko 1.5, stuck!!! That was actually fabulous. Just some tuck in her legs.

3:34 pm. Cannamela, LSU, VT- I think these are my least fave LSU leos…idk why. Clean FTY stuck on her toes.

3:33 pm. LSU, Iowa, and GWU starting now!

2:53 pm. “They won by one tenth. The judge was handing them scores on beam and our scores were so frustrating. I don’t know what the judges were doing with our scores on beam. They deserved higher scores. Had they given each gymnast 0.025 higher each, less than what they deserved, we would’ve won. When you hand scores out to one team and you’re falling asleep during the other routines, IT’S NOT FAIR. They hit vault, they hit bars, beam was nice and solid, they had one fall but everyone else did their job, they rocked it out on floor, and I don’t know. I think they definitely should’ve won.” Sorry, I am like, enraged by this fool, hahahaha. Like if you’re a fan of a team or a former team member, fine. But if you’re commentating a meet??? Kaleigh Dickson commentated for an LSU meet recently and was super fair to both teams despite CLEARLY being an LSU fan, having competed for the team.

2:46 pm. Central Michigan wins with a 195.775 to Kent State’s 195.675. Nothing against Kent State but I’m happy CMU won by a close margin if only because this commentator will go home and cry in her diary all night. She just laughed at the scores and said “I don’t understand.” #FIRE #HER

2:45 pm. Stypinski, Kent State, FX- Excellent double layout. 2.5 to front layout with a small hop back. Beautiful! 9.925

“Now I’m SURE the judges didn’t blink for Clements’ routine the way they did for us because THAT’S just the type of scores they’ve been handing them! Where were these scores for us?” Seriously this girl needs to stop. It’s not “US,” you’re NOT ON THE FREAKING TEAM. YOU’RE COMMENTATING A MEET. #STAB

2:43 pm. Clements, CMU, BB- Bhs bhs loso is excellent. Lovely switch to straddle side, front aerial with a little bobble, full turn, stuck gainer full. 9.925!

2:41 pm. Hardison, Kent State, FX- Double pike is solid. Rudi to loso is a little wild but she gets it back in control for the landing. Last pass is huge.

2:40 pm. Hilliker, CMU, BB- Bhs loso, cat leap to low switch side, only at like 90 degrees, hit the dismount.

2:39 pm. Lamano, Kent State, FX- Huge double pike, front layout front full with a step forward, “I wanna clap along and shout!” You’re COMMENTATING, you’re not on the team. I swear to Satan. Double tuck with a bounce.

2:38 pm. That was UNH coach Gail Goodspeed’s 600th win, by the way!

2:37 pm. Plaksa, CMU, BB- Bhs, back foot slipped and she landed on her back onto the beam, which knocked her to the ground, but she looks okay. Does it again, bhs loso, and it’s perfect this time, NBD.

2:36 pm. UNH wins with a 196.450 and Temple gets a 194.350! Neither team counted a fall. A seriously great meet for both!!

2:35 pm. Doolin, UNH, FX- Beautiful full-in! 1.5 to front layout is great. Nailed the double tuck.

Brown, Kent State, FX- HUGE double pike. Excellent Rudi. Double tuck with a big lunge back.

2:33 pm. Fitzpatrick, CMU, BB- Wolf turn, front aerial to beat jump, bhs loso, perfect, stuck gainer full.

Wiczkowski, Temple, BB- Big pause before bhs loso and it’s lovely. Cat leap to front toss is solid, switch to straddle side, a little low in the second jump, nailed the dismount so Temple won’t have to count a fall!!!

2:31 pm. Pflieger, UNH, FX- Double tuck, hit second pass, stuck double pike COLD.

Williams, Kent State, FX- Double pike, great. Hit middle pass. Double tuck you can see is low going in, short landing with her hands down.

2:30 pm. Gipson, Temple, BB- Clean jumps, front toss to Korbut, YAS. Full turn, finishes with a solid gainer full with a hop.

Memmel, CMU, BB- “If only the beam judges heard my comments when MY girls were on beam.” ???? How is this professional commentary. Side aerial, double full is a little low but stuck.

2:29 pm. Calandra, UNH, FX- Front double full. Beautiful 2.5 to finish.

Romito, Kent State, FX- Double tuck is huge. 1.5 to front layout. Rudi into a weak split jump that’s maybe at 90 degrees.

2:28 pm. Segal, CMU, BB- Bhs loso is solid, side aerial with a fall, the Kent State commentator couldn’t sound more excited if she tried, jumps into a back loso, hit gainer dismount.

2:27 pm. King, Temple, BB- Front aerial, little wobble, solid bhs loso, stuck gainer full!

2:24 pm. O’Leary, UNH, FX- Punch double front, SO big, but she can’t control the landing and takes a big step OOB. Great front full to front layout. Double tuck is solid.

2:22 pm. Todd, Temple, BB- Front toss to back tuck, misses her foot but easily gets it right back on. I HOPE they don’t count a fall. They’ve had such a good meet. Side aerial, switch to tuck jump full, stuck gainer full. Phew!

2:21 pm. Capozzi, UNH, FX- 2.5 to front tuck, beautiful. Whip half to front layout. 2.5 with a little step, takes it into an arabesque.

2:19 pm. Masella, Temple, BB- Front toss, ugh, tries to fight to hold onto it but falls. 😦 Does it again, front toss with a big wobble and a SECOND fall. Climbs back on for her bhs which doesn’t even matter at this point because this is the obvious score drop. Switch leap, beat jump to tuck jump, stuck FRONT gainer full off the side.

2:17 pm. Breeden, UNH, FX- Stuck double pike! Beautiful double tuck. Stuck 1.5 to front layout!

After a huge 49.225 on floor, CMU maintains the lead at 147.350 to Kent State’s 146.525. Kent State had a 48.550 on beam…they didn’t have to count Stypinski’s fall but had two 9.6-range scores after big mistakes on two routines.

2:15 pm. Hilliker, CMU, FX- Solid double tuck, front layout front full to stag, and finishes well.

Oliveiri, Temple, BB- Full turn, good bhs loso, side aerial with a slight check to hold on, punch tuck full stuck on her toes.

This Kent State commentator gal is SO fan girling her own team and whining about every Kent State score, like, sorry your team isn’t doing as well as the other one???? SHUSH your mouth.

2:14 pm. Stypinski, Kent State, BB- Front aerial to back tuck is good, bhs loso kinda splits the beam a little when her feet can’t hold on, swings under the beam and comes off. Hit leaps, full turn, stuck double full dismount.

2:12 pm. Clements, CMU, FX- Huge open double tuck. Nails the front full to front layout. Great extension on jumps. Great double pike.

2:11 pm. Plude, Kent State, BB- Front aerial to bhs, full turn, cat leap to front toss with a wobble, hits her jumps well, 1.5 stuck on her toes.

2:10 pm. Pedrick, CMU, FX- TRIPLE full, fabulous! 1.5 to front tuck is very nice. Huge double pike. That was excellent.

2:09 pm. Fabry, Kent State, BB- Bhs loso is lovely. Switch to wolf jump, cat leap to front aerial with a little wobble, gainer full stuck.

2:08 pm. Plaksa, CMU, FX- Rudi loso is a great start. Front double full gets a little wild.

2:07 pm. UNH leads 147.200 to Temple’s 145.775! UNH is gonna score HUGE today.

2:05 pm. Hardison, Kent State, BB- Switch to split jump, bhs loso with a wobble, cat leap to front aerial to beat jump, front 1.5 dismount with a hop.

2:04 pm. Memmel, CMU, FX- They called her Mem-MEL. CLOSE. Stuck double pike cold, like Chellsie at 2008 Trials. 1.5 to front layout. Stuck double back. VERY nice.

2:03 pm. Odom, Temple, FX- Punch front double full, whip half to front full with a little bobble, double tuck, chest just slightly down.

2:02 pm. Lippowitsch, Kent State, BB- Bhs loso is solid, split 3/4 with her leg a little low, cat leap to side aerial with a small bobble. Full turn, double full with a big step back.

2:00 pm. Kaplan, CMU, FX- Double pike bounced into a lunge, whip to 1.5 to front tuck is great, huge double tuck to finish

Lauter, UNH, BB- Switch to split side, front aerial with a wobble, bhs bhs loso is great, cartwheel to stuck gainer full. Bless.

1:59 pm. Marrero, Kent State, BB- Front aerial to bhs, full turn, sissone to tuck jump full, cat leap to gainer full with a big step back.

Phillip, Temple, FX- PERFECT stuck double pike! WOWWW. 1.5 to front layout, Rudi is a little short but still a great routine.

1:57 pm. Pflieger, UNH, BB- Full turn, bhs loso, super solid, switch to split side, gainer full with a little bounce back. Another gorgeous routine.

1:55 pm. Gipson, Temple, FX- Front tuck through to Rudi, NICE. Double tuck is huge, Rudi to finish, just some leg sep in the air.

1:54 pm. Mulligan, UNH, BB- Great bhs loso, double turn, sissone to switch side, she’s excellent today, gainer pike stuck. YAS.

1:52 pm. Todd, Temple, FX- Big double pike with a fantastic landing, 1.5 to front layout with a small step OOB, great Rudi.

1:50 pm. Freehling, UNH, BB- Fell early in the routine but I missed the skill. Cat leap to front toss to beat jump, cat leap to back tuck, roundoff to 1.5 with a hop.

1:48 pm. Timko, Kent State, UB- Nice straddle Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to doubl tuck, very clean, with a small step.

Oliveiri, Temple, FX- 1.5 to front layout half, good landing. Rudi. Double tuck with a step back.

Central Michigan leads Kent State, 98.125 to 97.975. The former Kent State gymnast who’s commentating is a little bitter about some of the bars scores lol.

1:46 pm. Williams, Kent State, UB- Toe shoot, piked Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck, a little messy in the air.

Breeden, UNH, BB- Front aerial to one-armed bhs, sheep jump to beat jump, bhs 1.5 with a college stick on her toes.

Pedrick, CMU, VT- BEAUTIFUL big FTY. Stuck.

1:45 pm. Everett, Temple, FX- Hit first pass, something into a punch front tuck. Slightly short double pike.

Stypinski, Kent State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, very clean. big full-in with a college stick. Great Rudi.

Clements, CMU, VT- Flared stuck FTY. VERY nice.

1:44 pm. Carr, CMU, VT- Nice FTY, step back.

1:43 pm. Kaplan, CMU, VT- FTY, a little piked.

Doolin, UNH, BB- Bhs loso, solid. Front aerial to beat jump, bhs to 1.5, excellent routine.

Romito, Kent State, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck with a step.

1:42 pm. Lippowitsch, Kent State, UB- Giant full to nice Tkachev, swings back to straddle back, giant full a little late to double tuck with a little step.

1:41 pm. Stambaugh, CMU, VT- FTY, very big, step back.

1:40 pm. Lamano, Kent State, UB- Giant full right on the bar to a big Tkachev, bail, giant full (ankle sep) to double tuck with a bounce in place.

1:39 pm. Plaksa, CMU, VT- Handspring front tuck, a little cowboyed with a bounce on the landing.

1:36 pm. I’m mad that Mulligan’s bars only got a 9.9. That was breathtaking. #STAB

UNH has a 98.15 to Temple’s 97.225…so UNH is def on pace to go 196+ if they hit beam and floor as well as they can, and Temple is on pace for 194+! Let’s hope for a second half that has been as amazing as the first for both teams!

1:34 pm. Mulligan, UNH, UB- Beautiful handstand, front giant to piked Jaeger to overshoot, GORGEOUS. Wow, this is incredible. Huge stuck full-in. WOW WOW WOW.

1:33 pm. Eubanks, Temple, VT- Huge beautiful Yurchenko layout half, just a hop forward.

1:32 pm. Central Michigan leads Kent State 49.15 to 48.925.

1:31 pm. King, UNH, UB- Hop change to straddle back, a little short on handstand before blind change to huge Jaeger, giant full, front layout 1.5 dismount with a good landing.

1:30 pm. Kaplan, CMU, UB- I missed most of this but she stuck her double layout.

Gipson, Temple, VT- FTY, tries to flare it out, but opened up too early and is short, step forward.

1:29 pm. Stypinski, Kent State, VT- Stuck handspring front pike, beautiful!

Gracia, UNH, UB- Giant full to huge Gienger, double layout with a hop back. Very nice.

1:28 pm. Pflieger, UNH, UB- Giant full, bail to toe shoot, giant full to big double tuck stuck on her toes.

Hardison, Kent State, VT- Yurchenko tucked 1.5, hop to the side.

Janowicz, CMU, UB- Huge Jaeger, stuck giant full to double tuck.

Mahgoub, Temple, VT- LOVELY FTY, stuck cold!! Not the biggest but that was gorgeous.

1:26 pm. Williams, Kent State, VT- FTY, a little piked and with a hop forward.

Watkins, UNH, UB- Huge Tkachev, double layout with a small hop.

Plaksa, CMU, UB- Jaeger, double front with a step back.

Todd, Temple, VT- Yurchenko half on with a back tuck off, a little short with a step.

1:25 pm. Doolin, UNH, UB- Big Jaeger, bail with leg sep, giant full to double tuck with a hop back.

Carr, CMU, UB- Straddle back, big Tkachev, double layout with a little step.

Everett, Temple, VT- Solid FTY. Small step.

1:24 pm. Timko, CMU, VT- Good FTY.

Odom, Temple, VT- FTY is big but then she opened up early and is short on the landing, chest down and a little stumble forward.

1:22 pm. Miller, CMU, UB- Jaeger, bail with a little pike, full-out with a little step.

1:21 pm. Plude, Kent State, VT- FTY, a little better than the first one but not as much amplitude.

1:20 pm. Campbell, CMU, UB- Gienger (leg sep), overshoot, good last handstand, giant full to under-rotated double tuck, big step forward.

1:19 pm. Lamano, Kent State, VT- FTY, a little loose, with a bounce back.

1:16 pm. UNH leads with a 49.050 while Temple has a 48.55 for an AWESOME bars rotation, complete with a 9.825 from Daisy Todd! UNH had four 9.825s on vault.

1:14 pm. Todd, Temple, UB- Huge piked Jaeger, perfect bail, awesome handstand before giant full to double tuck, small bounce backwards.

1:13 pm. Mahoney, UNH, VT- FTY, flares the landing, just a step back to control it.

1:12 pm. Phillip, Temple, UB- Clear hip to Hindorff to overshoot, WOW. Excellent!!! Perfect last handstand, tucked toe-front half dismount with a step.

1:11 pm. Pflieger, UNH, VT- Gorgeous FTY, just a small bounce on the landing.

1:10 pm. Arone, Temple, UB- Big Jaeger! Toe-on to bail, a little short, unless it was meant to be an overshoot, big clean double layout with a step back.

1:09 pm. Doolin, UNH, VT- The camera angle was behind a pole so we saw roughly zero of this lol. Replay is better…FTY, a little piked, short on the landing.

1:08 pm. Wiczkowski, Temple, UB- Tkachev, overshoot, some short handstands, double layout, a little short with a step forward.

1:07 pm. Toci, UNH, VT- Ohhhhh my GOD! Yurchenko layout half, stuck COLD. WOWWWWW.

1:06 pm. Oliveiri, Temple, UB- Great first handstand before her low Tkachev, giant full to pak (leg sep but nice!!), a little short last handstand before giant full to double tuck, small step back.

1:05 pm. O’Leary, UNH, VT- Huuuuge handspring front pike, HUGE! Excellent form, just a small hop forward.

1:04 pm. Eubanks, Temple, UB- I missed the beginning of this but lots of cool front giant work, and a great landing on the double tuck.

1:03 pm. Bondanza, UNH, VT- FTY loses control on the landing, two big steps back.

12:59 pm. Starting today with UNH vs Temple and Kent State vs Central Michigan!


11:51 pm. Utah wins with 197.875 to UCLA’s 197.500. Scoring started out well! And then got borderline ridiculous. And then turned the arena into a dumpster fire. #NCAAGym

11:46 pm. Skinner, Utah, FX- Perfect double double! I never watch her jumps so I’m gonna try to catch them but tbh I am so autopilot with routines, because in elite when it’s four routines at a time, I watch floor tumbling and then put my eyes elsewhere to catch other skills haha. Oh, yeah, I missed her leaps. 1.5 through to double full, and a full-in to finish. Incredible as always! 9.95

11:44 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB- YAAAAS the layout full series was excellent! Switch to split to beat jump, full turn with a slight check, front aerial, hit dismount. YAS. 9.85

11:43 pm. Rowe, Utah, FX- I missed all of this but it’s apparently good I’d say…9.95!

11:40 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB- Homma flairs, switch to split, bhs layout is great, double spin has a wonky finish that she has to fight to control, punch front with a big wobble, hit the dismount.

11:38 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX- Piked full-in with her chest down, 2.5 to punch front, really nice. Rudi into a jump, fantastic routine. 9.95

11:36 pm. Ross, UCLA, BB- Bhs loso is super, switch ring to beat jump yaaaaas, great full turn, ugh big check on her front aerial, side aerial to layout full. 9.875

11:34 pm. Lewis, Utah, FX- Awesome double pike, front lay front full with a little bobble on the landing, excellent double tuck. 9.9

11:32 pm. Kocian, UCLA, BB- Front aerial to sheep jump with a slight wobble, bhs loso is excellent, switch to split, double full could have better leg extension but the landing is great, stuck with feet apart. 9.95

11:30 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, FX- Double tuck, great landing. Leaps are gorgeous. Hit middle pass. Super double pike. 9.925

11:27 pm. Mossett, UCLA, BB- Super cool mount, excellent shape on her ring jump, bhs loso with bent legs and a wobble but saves it, awesome side somi to layout full. 9.9

11:25 pm. Roberts, Utah, FX- Double pike, very nice. The first woman to run the show for the human calculators at JPL was named Macie Roberts so I have a soft spot for her. Hit Rudi and then her final pass, great work. 9.85

11:24 pm. Meraz, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs loso with bent legs and a wobble. She’s stepping in for Gerber who tweaked her foot or something in warmups. Switch half, switch leap to straddle jump, lovely full turn, 1.5, pretty much stuck, just with feet apart. 9.875

11:21 pm. That little bit with MyKayla talking about her double double sounded like she was giving a eulogy, it was so bizarre.

11:18 pm. Utah extends its lead by 0.05 in a meet where every half tenth counts. The Red Rocks lead UCLA 148.200 to 147.950.

11:15 pm. Mossett, UCLA, FX- Whip to double tuck, yas. Loveeee her choreo so much and the crowd actually kinda loves it too. Her back handsprings look super low and slow and I expected her to land the double pike on her head but she somehow got more than enough height?! #Magic Well-deserved 9.925 for her.

Utah has gotten a 49.4 on every single event so far! Kinda fun.

11:13 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Switch to straddle side with a bobble, excellent bhs bhs loso, full turn en dedans to full turn en dehors, always a favorite. She’s singing along to her “Man in the Mirror” music and gets the big applause for the moonwalk as always. 1.5 stuck. 9.925

11:11 pm. Cipra, UCLA, FX- Big double tuck. 1.5 to front half to straddle jump to front tuck, oh HI Katelyn Ohashi 2.0. Double pike way short, big step forward with her chest down. 9.825

11:09 pm. Lee, Utah, BB- Great mount, bhs loso with a slight check, switch leap to straddle side, good side aerial, double full with ankles a little crossed #MustafinaHelicopter style but a good landing. 9.875

11:07 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX- Nice front double full, 1.5 to Rudi into a jump, great. Jumps get really excellent amplitude. I want Martha Karolyi to come back just to watch Madison doing this routine. Just want to see her face. Double pike a little short. 9.925

11:05 pm. Skinner, Utah, BB- Bhs loso is solid, I always laugh that her beam music is “The Climb.” Side aerial to sissone, switch leap to split jump, not at 180, full L turn is excellently controlled, perfect straddle jump to back tuck!!! Gets applause when she flashes the U. Double tuck, looks like she wanted the stick too badly and she’s off a little with her rotation, big step forward…but it’s very clean in the air at least! 9.875

11:03 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, FX- Big double tuck. 1.5 to front half to split jump to front tuck down into the split, YAS as always. Double pike is good, just a little low with her chest position. But a fab routine. 9.85

11:02 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, BB- Front aerial to bhs, slight check, switch to straddle side, full turn overrotates a little, shows a lovely side scale in relevé! Stuck gainer full. 9.875

10:59 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, FX- 2.5 stumbled. But still goes into a lovely arabesque hahaha. Hit middle pass, and does a beautiful double turn into a jump, YAS. Double pike sat OOB. Grr. 9.05

10:57 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Switch leap to split jump, bhs bhs loso with the tiniest check to center herself, front aerial, great full turn, double full dismount, legs are completely tucked. Looked like she kinda missed her footing on the punch and kind of started to bail out a little. 9.825

10:55 pm. Honest, UCLA, FX- Omg she’s been working on her toe point with a ballet foot stretcher, bless. Big double pike. Front lay front full with a hop forward. OMGGGG I love that little piece in her routine so much where she does like, the back layout basically to a backwards Shushunova, I forgot that was a thing and just got so excited about it. Big double tuck. Excellent. 9.825

10:53 pm. Stover, Utah, BB- Perfect full turn, front aerial to bhs, solid, great jumps, she does something super weird with her legs when she lands stuff…like, she turns them in? Cartwheel to gainer full, excellent landing, just brings her heels together. 9.85

10:49 pm. Utah has the lead, 98.8 to UCLA’s 98.6. Even with a few little weirdo scoring things, I’d say that makes sense. Utah’s bars rotation was definitely superior to UCLA’s vault.

10:48 pm. Rowe, Utah, UB- Giant full to Tkachev is very nice, clean bail, double layout with some leg sep and a hop. 9.925

10:47 pm. Preston, UCLA, VT- FTY, huge but waaaaaay off in the air, like…she was a little too excited and lost air awareness or something. Whipped it around but is off to the side and facing the wrong direction, has to take a step to bring it the rest of the way around. 9.75

10:46 pm. Lewis, Utah, UB- Giant full a little late to huge Tkachev, bail, clean double layout with a hop back and her feet looked a little flexed. 9.9

10:45 pm. Ross, UCLA, VT- FTY, excellent in the air until the end where her hips start to fold a little, and she second-guesses the landing, hopping back a little. 9.875

10:44 pm. Lee, Utah, UB- Big piked Jaeger to overshoot, very clean full-in with a hop back. 9.775

10:43 pm. Cipra, UCLA, VT- Solid FTY, 9.85.

10:42 pm. Skinner, Utah, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to bail (nice), great handstand before toe-on to full-in, stuck cold! In the replay you can see her ‘great handstand’ was actually arched over. I HATE the handstand angle on these broadcasts!!! SHOW FROM THE SIDE. 9.925

10:41 pm. Kocian, UCLA, VT- Decent FTY, leg sep throughout with a hop back. 9.825

10:40 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, UB- Toe half to straddle Jaeger, bail, full-in with messy legs and a couple of steps back. 9.825

10:39 pm. Kramer, UCLA, VT- Huge FTY, a little loose in the air but not that bad, and a step back. 9.8

10:38 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB- Toe-on to Deltchev, yas! Caught with bent elbows though. Bail, from this angle her handstands look short, stalder to double tuck stuck with her feet apart. 9.825

10:37 pm. Honest, UCLA, VT- Big FTY with a fabulous landing. 9.85

10:36 pm. Omg they showed Kathy Johnson-Clarke and Megan Marsden back at the 1983 NCAA championships which is ADORABLE!!!! Kathy was interviewing Megan. I’M DYING.

10:32 pm. NATURALLY it’s 49.4 to 49.4 right now. I hope it stays tied for the REST OF THE MEET.

10:30 pm. Lee, UCLA, UB- Huge Ray, Bhardwaj caught a little close and muscled, maybe missed a hand or something? Kathy’s freaking out but I didn’t even see what happened? She kind of has a coach blocking her for the rest of the routine lol, van Leeuwen looked good, double layout but I couldn’t see the landing because of a coach. 9.45

10:29 pm. Skinner, Utah, VT- DTY, huge, just a hop back, about a foot. If only she could control her landings…she’d be in 10 city no problem. 9.925.

10:28 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB- Maloney to perfect bail to toe shoot, double layout stuck cold. Yeah, that was perfect. Literally perfect. The judges think so too! 10.0

10:27 pm. Lewis, Utah, VT- FTY, a couple of steps back and her body isn’t fully extended in the air. 9.85

10:26 pm. Kocian, UCLA, UB- Clean first handstand, Chow to pak (ankle sep), Chow half (slight leg sep), stalder to full-in with a hop and then a step back. 9.85

10:25 pm. Merrell, Utah, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a big step forward to control the landing, looked like she wanted to keep going. 9.875

10:24 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, UB- I looove her salute. It’s super classy. Lovely first handstand, ankle sep on her blind change into her piked Jaeger, which also has ankle sep, clean bail, nice pointed toes, great last handstand, giant full to double tuck, cowboyed, just brings her heels together. 9.9

10:23 pm. Lee, Utah, VT- Huge FTY with a fantastic landing! Superb in the air. Really the only complaint is about a six-inch bounce back when she lands…her legs are glued on the entry and throughout. 9.9

10:22 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB- Nice Tkachev, blind change to straddle back into a great handstand, last handstand is a little short, full-in with some leg sep in the air but a great stuck landing, feet apart. 9.875

10:21 pm. Roberts, Utah, VT- Huge FTY, little bounce on the landing, knees bent as well…form is good in the air though. 9.85

10:20 pm. Meraz, UCLA, UB- Gets some last-second encouragement from Stella. Ray, toe-on to good bail, two steps back on her double layout landing. 9.775

10:19 pm. Rowe, Utah, VT- Big FTY, great landing, just knees a little deep. 9.725, lower than I thought. Judges are like let’s be normal tonight and not ridic, k?

10:18 pm. This really is an excellent meet for skills…they just highlighted MyKayla, Peng, Madison, and a couple of other skills and it’s like YES, super exciting, love it.

10:17 pm. Okay, should be starting any second now! So excited.

10:13 pm. Touch warmups now…..

10:06 pm. My roommate is currently burning my apartment down in a grease fire so I can’t wait to live blog my death during this meet!

Introductions happening…usually they do this BEFORE they air the meet soooo is this a mistake? Hahaha. Awkward.

9:59 pm. Utah UCLA time!!! Get super duper excited.

9:15 pm. Cal wins this one, 197.075 to Oregon State’s 196.825. A great meet for both, honestly!

I’ll see you back in 45 minutes for the big ridiculous Utah vs UCLA meet! SO EXCITED.

9:14 pm. Palomares, Cal, FX- Double pike with a big bounce into a lunge. Controls it though. Could’ve been an error. Stuck the double tuck cold. Front lay front full into a nice controlled lunge.

9:11 pm. Gardiner, OSU, BB- Wolf turn, sliding into the split, hit jump combo, front aerial, super solid bhs loso, stuck gainer full, really nice.

9:09 pm. Robinson, Cal, FX- Huge double arabian with a FAB landing. Great 1.5 to front lay. Insane double pike. SO good!!!

9:07 pm. Dessaints, OSU, BB- Solid bhs loso but then she questions the landing and has a big check, has to fight to keep it on, but wins. Switch to ring jump, front toss to beat jump, stuck gainer full dismount.

9:06 pm. Draghi, Cal, FX- Big double tuck with a great landing, great front lay to front full, Rudi with a big bounce back. Good routine until that last hop.

9:04 pm. McMillan, OSU, BB- Front toss to bhs, one armed front handspring to her knee, always cool, split jump is a little short, gainer full with heels slid together.

9:02 pm. Peterson, Cal, FX- Great double pike, Rudi is a little wonky from this angle, 1.5 to front layout is good.

9:00 pm. S Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Huge air on her bhs loso, really cool to see flight series that are so big and aggressive. Side aerial to layout full, stuck!

8:57 pm. Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, FX- Double tuck, landing is good. Solid double pike, 1.5 to front lay to finish, very nice.

8:56 pm. Gill, OSU, BB- Split jump to stag jump, front aerial with a big check and misses connection to bhs, so she just casually busts out a bhs loso and it’s totally fine. Switch half, gainer full with her feet jumped together.

8:54 pm. Owens, Cal, FX- Punch front double full with a little stumble and step back, 1.5 to front layout, and punches into a Rudi to finish.

8:51 pm. Jimenez, OSU, BB- Great front toss to beat jump, bhs loso with a little hip check, full turn, switch to straddle side, tiny check, and a gainer pike with a step.

8:47 pm. Over at Denver, Maddie Karr got a 10 on vault! And then fell on bars. She was too excited to do anything else.

8:42 pm. Cal holds the lead, 147.850 to Oregon State’s 147.475. Cal’s def gonna go like 197.3 today so they’ll basically improve like two points compared to last week!

8:40 pm. McMillan, OSU, FX- Front double full, good 1.5 to front tuck, bent knees on the landing, solid Rudi to finish.

8:38 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, BB- Full turn, bhs loso with a little balance check, front aerial to bhs, switch to split jump, and a great 1.5.

8:36 pm. Gardiner, OSU, FX- 2.5 with a step, 1.5 to front half to straddle jump, double pike was a little low but she pulled it around.

8:35 pm. Richardson, Cal, BB- Aggressive bhs loso. Hits jumps and a big double tuck dismount with slight cowboying and a hop.

8:32 pm. Lowery, OSU, FX- I normally roll my eyes at the people who are like “omg her name is ISIS lulz!!!” because it’s a really lame joke but tonight one of her teammates posted a pic of her “plan of attack” on floor and it just said “ISIS” on top with like, a crudely-drawn map, and I was dying because like, imagine the phone calls campus security is gonna get when people find that up on a whiteboard. Anyway, big double pike, Rudi, both great. Stuck front full out of a front layout.

8:30 pm. Draghi, Cal, BB- Cat leap to front aerial with a wobble, bhs loso with another wobble, switch to sheep jump, very nice. Gainer full with a little balance fight to hold the landing.

8:28 pm. Ricci, OSU, FX- Punch Rudi to loso, very nice. 1.5 to front half, looks a little low but she pulls it around. Double pike to finish is solid.

8:26 pm. Palomares, Cal, BB- Perfect bhs loso, full attitude turn, front aerial with a bobble, bhs gainer full with a stuck landing.

8:24 pm. S Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, FX- Big double tuck, solid punch front Rudi, excellent double pike!

8:22 pm. Shu, Cal, BB- Front aerial to bhs with a pause and a step back out of it. Switch to split jump to beat jump, clean full turn, side aerial to stuck layout full.

8:20 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, FX- Solid double pike. 1.5 to front layout is good. Rudi with a bounce back.

8:18 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, BB- Full turn, beautiful bhs loso, beat jump to solid split full, switch to switch, side aerial layout full with a great landing.

8:11 pm. Cal leads 98.625 to Oregon State’s 98.375 after a 49.475 on bars. Some of the judging is questionable at best BUT Cal is usually on the losing end of score fudgery so I’ll let them have it.

8:10 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, UB- Lovely control on her first handstand, big straddle Jaeger to clean overshoot, another beautiful handstand, and a nice double layout, slides her feet together.

8:09 pm. Dessaints, OSU, VT- BEAUTIFUL basically stuck Yurchenko 1.5!!! Her legs are SUPER GLUED throughout the whole thing. Just a tiny little foot movement on the landing.

8:08 pm. Richardson, Cal, UB- Great first handstand, toe-on to huge Tkachev to overshoot, slight leg sep on the latter. Short handstand before giants into big whippy double layout with a hop.

8:07 pm. McMillan, OSU, UB- Whips around a 1.5, very aggressive vault. Lots of leg sep when she leaves the table but the landing isn’t bad, small hop forward and to the side a little.

8:06 pm. Sternberg, Cal, UB- Tkachev, clean bail, stalder to double tuck, super clean and stuck! If Shu got a 9.9 (HOW on God’s green earth with those handstands), that needs to go 12.7.

8:05 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, VT- Tsuk full, a little short, piked throughout, chest down, lots of leg sep on the entry, and hops to the side.

8:04 pm. Shu, Cal, UB- Way short first handstand before to-eon to Tkachev to overshoot. Second handstand is almost horizontal it’s so off, full-in with a little bounce.

8:03 pm. Gardiner, OSU, VT- Great clean FTY.  Fantastic landing! Feet barely move.

8:02 pm. Takara, Cal, UB- Clear hip to Gienger to overshoot, not bad, just some leg sep. Full-in with a hop back.

8:01 pm. Aufiero, OSU, VT- FTY, step back to control it. Mostly clean…maybe a slight hip pike throughout, could be a little more extended.

8:00 pm. Sofie Seilnacht, Cal, UB- Piked Jaeger, some leg sep when she catches, bail is a little short, stuck front layout 1.5 dismount.

7:59 pm. Khamedoost, OSU, VT- Good FTY, just a small hop.

7:52 pm. Oregon State gets the lead with a 49.3 after two 9.9s from the last two in the lineup, while Cal has a 49.15; Robinson’s 9.875 is their highest.

7:51 pm. Aufiero, OSU, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, lovely. Short handstand before the bail, another way short handstand before giants into double layout, stuck on her toes with her chest forward.

7:50 pm. Richardson, Cal, VT- Tsuk full, leg form is pretty messy throughout and she hops to the side. Oof, in the replay you get a better view of her entry and her legs are practically straddled.

7:49 pm. McMillan, OSU, UB- Hop change to Jaeger to overshoot, fab. Short handstand before giants into her big clean double layout, just slides her heels back.

7:48 pm. Robinson, Cal, VT- Handspring onto the springboard, handspring front pike off, clean pike with a large step forward. Her handspring form is a little messy too…very archy with big leg sep.

7:46 pm. Singley, OSU, UB- Great first handstand, giant full to big Tkachev, bail is super wonky and she muscles to hold it but has to start her swing again, and she keeps getting lost on the low bar, kip casts to full pirouette on the low bar and then kip casts around to get back in the direction she needs. Kind of loses steam so for her dismount she has zero energy and her double layout is super low with a big step forward.

7:45 pm. Peterson, Cal, VT- Omg the STICKS tonight!!! Another big gorgeous stuck FTY. Great in the air and with a nice arm flare.

7:44 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, UB- Short handstand before big Tkachev to clean overshoot, another short handstand, like way short, but she sticks the double front COLD. WOWZERS. Too bad about the handstands.

7:43 pm. Sylvie Seilnacht, Cal, VT- Omg a BEAUUUUTIFUL FTY!!!!! So clean, flared, and perfectly stuck.

7:41 pm. Gardiner, OSU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail RIGHT to handstand, perfeeeect! Holds it for a second, actually looks like she’s fighting to hold haha. Stalder to double tuck, very nice and clean!

7:40 pm. Takara, Cal, VT- FTY with a big step back to steady it. Got tons of air though.

7:39 pm. Khamedoost, OSU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney (leg sep) to bail (ankle sep), double layout is stuck cold, just a little piked in the first flip.

7:38 pm. Gallarzo, Cal, VT- Yurchenko layout half, lovely in the air, little bounce forward.

7:37 pm. Oh no, so Dana Ho is injured and done for the year?! Poor Cal.

7:32 pm. Cal vs Oregon State happening now!

4:43 pm. Stanford wins this one, 195.775 to Arizona State’s 195.200!

4:42 pm. Christopherson, ASU, FX- Impossible for ASU to win it now but they did a great job and should finish out strong with this routine! Double pike with a lunge back. Great double tuck. 1.5 to front tuck, solid finish.

4:40 pm. D McNair, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, off-center with a wobble, full turn, switch half, side aerial, a little weird on the landing, switch to straddle, stuck gainer pike. Great rotation save for her!

4:38 pm. Lentz, ASU, FX- ASU got a tenth ahead with Stanford still counting Tai’s fall in their numbers so they’re probably like let’s kill it yo. Double pike is solid. 1.5 to front layout, layout landed with a somewhat deep knee bend. Finishes with a double tuck, chest slightly down.

4:36 pm. Daum, Stanford, BB- Solid bhs loso. Front aerial, split jump to sheep jump, little check. Good 1.5 with a hop forward.

4:34 pm. Callis, ASU, FX- 2.5 with a step forward to control it. 1.5 to front layout, good landing. Love her choreo that jumps right into her splits. This whole section is great. ASU is sooooo freaking underrated.

4:33 pm. Tai, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, off-line and has to fall. Switch to straddle 3/4, front aerial with a wobble, 1.5 with a step.

4:30 pm. Belkoff, ASU, FX- Double pike with a step back on the line but saved the OOB. 1.5 to front pike. 1.5 to front layout. Very nice work.

4:28 pm. Cole, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, switch to straddle side, front aerial with a balance check, double full dismount with her chest down and a step forward.

4:26 pm. Jones, ASU, FX- Excellent double pike. Solid double tuck. 1.5 to low front pike that I think she’s gonna sit but it ends up being totally fine.

4:24 pm. Fitzgerald, Stanford, BB- Ooh, hitch kick to front toss in a LAYOUT! That’s kinda cool even if front tosses are blah. Front aerial to bhs, front layout full with a fight to hold the landing.

4:21 pm. Brook, ASU, FX- Insane music issues. Rudi to start, not bad, just some leg stuff. Whip half to front layout. 1.5 to front pike, step forward.

4:19 pm. N McNair, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso, side somi, switch to split jump to straddle side with a little check, stuck gainer full. Very nice start!

4:12 pm. Stanford’s now at 146.650 with Arizona State at 146.200. Stanford’s REALLY gonna have to WERK on beam and not have any falls because this could get CLOSE!

4:10 pm. N Hoffman, Stanford, FX- Double tuck, weird in the air and landed close to OOB…leaps are rough. 1.5 to front layout. 1.5 to punch front is good.

4:08 pm. Christopherson, ASU, BB- Front toss to Korbut, love. Off balance on her leap landing, big wobble. 1.5 with a hop.

4:06 pm. Daum, Stanford, FX- Great double pike to start. 1.5 to front layout, good landing. Double tuck landed OOB. Ugh, too bad.

4:04 pm. Szafranski, ASU, BB- Front aerial to Korbut, solid side aerial, switch to beat jump, full turn, slight hip check, Rufolva, my FAVE. Flex hold and a gainer full to finish. FABULOUS.

4:02 pm. Tai, Stanford, FX- Double tuck, excellent landing. Good 1.5 to front layout. Double pike to finish, a little short.

4:00 pm. Lentz, ASU, BB- I missed most of this but it was a solid routine, small wobble on a standing loso, finished off with a 1.5 dismount.

3:58 pm. Cole, Stanford, FX- 2.5 to punch front tuck, nice. TOXIC YAAAAS. I get so excited when I hear this. Double tuck, decent landing. Front full front pike, good finish.

3:55 pm. Udowitch, ASU, BB- Front aerial to back tuck, big pause between the two and her leg comes up on the landing. Switch to split jump, front toss to beat jump, side aerial to layout full, stuck.

3:54 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, FX- Step back too far and OOB on opening double back, front lay front full is good, Rudi to finish with a big step back.

3:52 pm. Conrad, ASU, BB- Bhs loso, solid, with a SMILE! That was adorable. Switch to back tuck. Full turn, solid side somi, cat leap to switch side, stuck punch front full! EXCELLENT routine.

3:48 pm. D McNair, Stanford, FX- Double pike stumbled back and sat. Double tuck into a controlled lunge. 1.5 to punch front layout. Nice recovery but sucks to start them out with a fall.

3:47 pm. Callis, ASU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, excellent, switch to split, beautiful full turn with a nice kick-out, great scale hold, beat jump to stag jump, a little low, side aerial to stuck layout full with her chest down.

3:40 pm. Stanford extends the lead, 98.025 to Arizona State’s 97.450. Arizona State did a great job fighting back from a bars fall, though! Last week was their first meet of the season to not count a fall and it looks like they’re just as determined to do that again this week.

3:39 pm. Christopherson, ASU, UB- Toe-on to Ray, arches over handstand but pulls it back! Good fight. Giant full to double tuck stuck cold. Nice aside from that arch.

3:38 pm. Yu, Stanford, VT- FTY, nice and big, but off to the side with a big hop back.

3:37 pm. Szafranski, ASU, UB- Toe on to Maloney to pak, leg sep on the latter two. Toe half, clean double layout with two little steps back.

3:36 pm. D McNair, Stanford, VT- Clean FTY with a little slide back.

3:35 pm. Wilson, ASU, UB- Great giant full right on top, Jaeger, hands are nowhere near close enough to catch and she belly flops it. Bail, short last handstand, giant full to double tuck, clean and nearly stuck.

3:34 pm. Tai, Stanford, VT- Stuck her FTY cold. Not a huge vault, leg sep throughout.

3:33 pm. Imbus, ASU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail, great stalder to double tuck, cowboys the second tuck a little and takes a step back.

3:32 pm. Cole, Stanford, VT- FTY with a big wild bounce back but she looks good in the air.

3:31 pm. Hart, ASU, UB- Ankle sep on blind change before Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand, double layout with legs apart but a solid landing.

3:30 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, VT- Big FTY, but a little over-rotated and she had to control it with a large step back.

3:29 pm. Rushton, ASU, UB- HUUUGE Tkachev! Slightly flexed feet but nice. Clear hip to wild bail (legs in a V), big clean stuck double layout with a small step back.

3:28 pm. N McNair, Stanford, VT- Stuck FTY, actually, no, her heel moves but it’s close. Just not a huge vault.

3:22 pm. Stanford gets off to a good start with 49.075 to Arizona State’s 48.5. Ebee got a 9.95 on bars, the highest in her rotation by FAR, with Dani McNair’s 9.825 the second-best. On vault, Ginn’s 9.75 was the top score.

3:20 pm. Maxwell, Stanford, UB- Toe-on to bail to toe shoot, a little tentative but also clean. Giant full gets a little wonky into a double tuck with a step forward.

3:19 pm. Christopherson, ASU, VT- Yurchenko layout with a big hop back but nice in the air.

3:18 pm. Price, Stanford, UB- Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to Ray PERRRRRFECT. GAH GAH GAH. Love this routine so much. Big clean stuck double layout. GIVE IT A FREAKING TEN.

3:16 pm. Ginn, ASU, VT- Another big clean FTY with a step back. That was actually really nice.

3:15 pm. Daum, Stanford, UB- Bail with leg sep to toe shoot, nice Tkachev, but ugh, sat arabian double front dismount.

3:14 pm. Wilson, ASU, VT- Big clean FTY. Knees just a little bent on the landing with a tiny hop.

3:13 pm. D McNair, Stanford, UB- Toe shoot, short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger to overshoot, all clean. Short handstand before giants to super clean double layout, barely moves her feet on her landing, just a tiny slide.

3:12 pm. Lentz, ASU, VT- Super clean FTY, looked stuck actually. Just a slight pike throughout.

3:11 pm. Yu, ASU, UB- Maloney to bail (slight ankle sep) to Ray, caught close. Stalder with bent elbows to a double tuck, little bounce on the landing.

3:10 pm. Belkoff, ASU, VT- Clean FTY, chest is down on the landing but her feet are pretty good…just a baby hop to the side.

3:09 pm. N McNair, Stanford, UB- Piked Jaeger, super clean bail to toe shoot, very slow and deliberate handstands but they all look a tiny bit short, stuck full-in with her knees a little bent.

3:08 pm. Rushton, ASU, VT- Yurchenko tuck full with a hop back. Nice and clean in the air.

3:06 pm. Soooo I’m pretty sure if Arizona State wins they can actually pull off what could be a HUGE upset for them. This doesn’t look like an exciting meet on paper but I think it really could end up being one.

2:59 pm. Arizona State up against Stanford beginning any minute now!


10:45 pm. So this ended up being a somewhat close meet! Boise State wins it with a 196.700 after some mistakes on beam, with Utah State not far behind at 196.300.

10:43 pm. Ward, Utah State, FX- Full-in, great. Hit middle pass and double tuck with a lunge forward.

10:41 pm. Esmerian, Boise State, BB- Bhs to one-armed bhs to loso, check. Full turn with a wobble. WHERE is Sandra Collantes?!?!?!?! Wobble on jumps. 1.5 with a slight hop.

10:36 pm. Golison, Utah State, FX- Big wait for her music to work. Double layout with a bounce. Ooh, front full front full! Kinda fun.

10:35 pm. Means, Boise State, BB- Solid bhs loso. Split to split 3/4. Front toss to beat jump, bhs to gainer full, great landing.

So Shani Remme had a fall and still got a 9.4 which is kind of amazing.

10:33 pm. McIntire, Utah State, FX- Double tuck, good landing. Front full front layout. Excellent double pike.

10:30 pm. Peel,  Utah State, FX- Great Rudi.

Remme, Boise State, BB- Hit front aerial, slight check, 1.5 dismount is great. But I think she had a big mistake that I missed because she only got a 9.4.

10:27 pm. Bullitt, Utah State, FX- Front double full, legs are suuuuper messy in the air and there’s a lack of landing control. Solid double pike.

Urquhart, Boise State, BB- Bhs bhs loso, slight check.

10:25 pm. McGregor, Boise State, BB- Full turn, punch front to sissone, bhs layout, small check, great double tuck with a step.

10:23 pm. Mejia, Boise State, BB- Saw the side aerial and layout full dismount, a great routine.

Sanzotti, Utah State, FX- Good double pike, nailed middle pass, solid double tuck to finish.

10:14 pm. Boise State leads with a 147.625 to Utah State with a 147.175. Closer than I thought! Boise State still on pace for another 197 if they can nail beam but it’ll be close.

10:09 pm. Oster, Utah State, BB- Fantastic side aerial bhs, and a side aerial to layout full dismount, stuck.

Stockwell, Boise State, FX- WHERE is Sandra Collantes?! I just realized she’s not here?! Anyway, Ann hits her first two passes, nice Rudi to finish.

10:06 pm. Peel, Utah State, BB- Bhs loso, switch to switch half not completely at 180, but the rest is good.

Bennion, Boise State, FX- Double arabian is awesome! One of the best I’ve seen in recent NCAA weeks. Great whip half to front full.

10:04 pm. Remme, Boise State, FX- Front double full, the rest is great.

10:03 pm. Sanzotti, Utah State, BB- Fall on bhs loso but recovers well.

Alabama wins with a 197.350 to Auburn with a 196.450!

10:01 pm. Golison, Utah State, BB- Hit routine, with a gainer front full dismount off the end of the beam.

McGregor, Boise State, FX- Piked full-in with an awesome landing. Skid on 1.5 to front layout but she has no problem saving it. Double pike into a lunge.

10:00 pm. McIntire, Utah State, BB- Hit routine

Means, Boise State, FX- Hit routine

9:56 pm. Okay, missing almost everything from Bama/Auburn so I’m not even going to pretend anymore. I’ll just post scores when it’s over or if something big happens.

9:54 pm. Urquhart, Boise State, FX- Big 2.5 to start, looked great. 1.5 to front layout, Rudi to finish.

Maddie Desch just had an awesome floor routine for Bama!!

9:52 pm. Engler, Auburn, BB- Great bhs loso to start. Feed is out again. I HATE YOU BAMA.

Brown, Utah State, BB- Full turn, bhs loso with a check, 1.5 with a big hop.

9:51 pm. Bailey, Alabama, FX- Excellent landing on her super clean double arabian. Step after her middle pass. Solid Rudi.

9:50 pm Becker, Auburn, BB- Hit flight series, switch to straddle side, hit dismount with a step.

9:49 pm. 98.5 for Boise State and 97.975 for Utah State!

9:48 pm. Guerra, Alabama, FX- Double pike with a step back to finish, assuming the rest went well.

9:46 pm. Cerio, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso is solid. Hit the rest, just a small balance check somewhere, my feed froze so I’m trusting your opinion Courtney!!!, front layout full with a clean landing.

9:45 pm. Jetter, Alabama, FX- Squat on her double arabian, but the rest is good.

9:42 pm. Stockwell, Boise State, VT- Big Yurchenko 1.5, decent landing but then has to hop forward.

Peel, Utah State, UB- Big Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck stuck cold.

9:40 pm. Means, Boise State, Vt- Yurchenko 1.5 has a deep seated landing so she has to take two steps back to stand it up but it’s great in the air.

Jeppesen, Utah State, UB- Big Tkachev, bail, double layout with a step.

9:39 pm. Bir, Boise State, VT- Nice FTY.

Oster, Utah State, UB- Gienger, double layout a little low with a hop forward.

9:38 pm. McIntire, Utah State, UB- Giant full to Gienger to overshoot, full-out with a low landing and a hop.

9:37 pm. McGregor, Boise State, VT- FTY with a slight bounce back.

Alabama leads Auburn 147.8 to 147.275 by the way.

9:35 pm. Remme, Boise State, VT- Solid FTY with a step back.

Ward, Utah State, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, full-in with a small step forward.

9:33 pm. Rott, Auburn, FX- Nails opening pass. Ooh, front lay front half to back layout to stag, YES!

Bennion, Boise State, VT- Yurchenko layout half with a step forward.

Hone, Utah State, UB- Hit release, bail, giant full to double tuck with a step.

9:30 pm. Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Bhs loso loso is excellent. Switch to straddle jump. 1.5 and she just brings her heels together. That could go 9.95+ and if the judges are feeling it, 10.

9:28 pm. Slappey, Auburn, FX- Finally seeing an Auburn floor! Double pike, deeeeep landing, but pretty in the air. Rudi into the corner is bizarre and messy, steps OOB. I think I missed a pass. This feed is AWFUL. Bama what is your internet like?!

9:27 pm. Winston, Alabama, BB- Split jump to straddle side, front aerial to bhs, full turn, double tuck with the tiniest bounce.

49.3 for Boise State on bars!! Utah State goes 49.075 on vault.

9:25 pm. Golison, Utah State, VT- FTY, a little loose.

Nilson, Boise State, UB- Lovely first handstand to huge Tkachev, bail, double layout is STUCK.

9:24 pm. Desch, Alabama, BB- Front aerial to bhs, clean side somi, switch to …frozen feed. GREAT!!! #STAB Looks like she hit the dismount.

Mejia, Boise State, UB- Giant full, hit release, another awesome bail, hit the dismount with a couple of steps.

9:23 pm. McIntire, Utah State, VT- Lovely Yurchenko tuck full. Very nice in the air and a great landing.

9:21 pm. Hone, Utah State, VT- Yurchenko full-on back tuck off, cool vault!

Remme, Boise State, UB- Piked Jaeger, excellent bail, double layout with a little fight to hold the stick.

9:19 pm. Estrella, Utah State, VT- FTY with a little bounce.

McGregor, Boise State, UB- Maloney to super clean bail, full-in with a small step.

Sanders, Alabama, BB- Front aerial to bhs is solid, big jump series, 1.5 with a step.

9:17 pm. Bennion, Boise State, UB- Shaposh to clear hip to slightly wonky bail, double layout with a slight hop.

9:15 pm. Childers, Alabama, BB- Great triple flight series. 1.5 with a big step forward.

Ward, Utah State, VT- FTY, small bounce.

Stockwell, Boise State, UB- Release is lovely, full-in with a small hop.

Brown, Utah State, VT- Yurchenko layout half. Stuck!! Lovely actually.

9:13 pm. For like the 90th week in a row my Bama feed is frozen LOL. Starting Utah State vs Boise State soon.

9:12 pm. McNeer, Alabama, BB- Bhs loso, lovely. Solid full turn and bhs loso, switch to split, 1.5 stuck! That was fantastic.

9:11 pm. Alabama’s leading by a few tenths, by the way. I don’t have live scores up but it’s not a huge lead, 98.5 to like 98.225 I think.

9:07 pm. Bailey, Alabama, UB- Big Jaeger, bail, great handstands, huuuuuuge full-in with a small step.

9:06 pm. Day, Auburn, VT- FTY with a big bounce back.

9:05 pm. Winston, Alabama, UB- Hit her foot on her release, pak is good though, double layout stuck cold.

9:04 pm. Rott, Auburn, VT- FTY is HUUUUGE with only a small bounce back, better than all of the other Auburn landings.

9:03 pm. Jetter, Alabama, UB- Big release, bail to toe shoot is beautiful, double front with a step back.

9:02 pm. Krippner, Auburn, VT- Another FTY with a huge bounce back.

9:01 pm. Mahoney, Alabama, UB- Toe-on to Maloney, bail, huge full-in stuck on her toes.

9:00 pm. So it was Oklahoma 198.350, LSU 197.700, Georgia 196.975, and Missouri 196.350.

8:59 pm. Philips, Auburn, VT- FTY with a huge bounce back.

8:58 pm. Childers, Alabama, UB- Toe on to Maloney back down to the low bar, hit the dismount well. She was the last-minute replacement for Sims.

8:57 pm. OKLAHOMA GOES 198.350 HAHAHA YAAAAAS PLEASE. They got five 9.975s and a 10 LOL bless this scoring. I LOVE IT.

8:56 pm. McNeer, Alabama, UB- Hit release, bail, double layout with a bouncy landing close to the bar.

Aja Sims had to scratch because she peeled off bars in warmups and landed on her back!! Scary.

8:55 pm. Engler, Auburn, VT- Big FTY with a small hop and a slight pike.

8:53 pm. Capps, Oklahoma, BB- Hit flight series, full turn, front aerial to scale, the rest is gorgeous, finished with a stuck gainer full.

8:52 pm. Gnat, LSU, FX- Huge double layout. The rest is fab but I’m too busy screaming because…


8:49 pm. Kelley, LSU, FX- Controlled lunge out of double layout, huge OPEN tucked full-in WHAT that was great. Hit the last pass to finish.

Nichols, Oklahoma, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, bhs loso with a wonky back leg, full turn, punch front is great. Double tuck with slight leg sep in the air but a great landing.

8:48 pm. Missouri finishes with a 196.35, great for them! But again the scoring at this meet is OUT OF CONTROL hahaha. LOVE. At least it’s for literally everyone and not just one team.

8:45 pm. Bailey, Alabama, VT- Beautiful Yurchenko layout half in the air, but has to hop forward.

Day, Auburn, UB- Lovely handstand, big Jaeger to overshoot, hit the dismount.

Brown, Oklahoma, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, YAS. So pretty. Beat jump to straddle 3/4, switch with a tiny bobble into her gainer full.

Hambrick, LSU, FX- Excellent double layout, 1.5 gets no punch out of the landing and she sits the front tuck out of it, how many times has she fallen this season?? I feel like she falls twice a week. Big double pike.

8:44 pm. Catour, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso is super solid, cat leap to switch side with weird legs, cat leap to front aerial, hit the dismount with a step.

Edney, LSU, FX- Double arabian is nice, skid on her 1.5 to front layout landing, weird legs on one of her leaps, good double tuck to finish.

Winston, Alabama, VT- Huge FTY with a bounce back.

Engler, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, clean double layout stuck beautifully.

8:43 pm. Krippner, Auburn, UB- Bail, big Tkachev, full-in stuck on her toes but with her chest totally down.

8:41 pm. Lehrmann, Oklahoma, BB- Front aerial, cat leap to switch side, bhs loso is beautiful, 1.5 with a step.

Zamardi, LSU, FX- Double arabian with a step, double tuck, beautiful extension on her jumps, hit last pass.

Kopec, Auburn, UB- Short handstand, straddle Jaeger, but messes up her swing and takes an extra swing, double layout to her knees.

Guerrero, Alabama, VT- Excellent 1.5 in the air but two steps back.

8:40 pm. Jones, Oklahoma, BB- Solid bhs loso, punch front to beat jump, good 1.5 dismount, super clean landing.

Ewing, LSU, FX- Big front double full, 1.5 to front layout, double pike with a nice controlled lunge.

Cerio, Auburn, UB- Piked Jaeger, giant full to double tuck stuck cold!

Armbrecht, Alabama, VT- Big FTY with a small bounce back.

8:39 pm. Childers, Alabama, VT- Stuck FTY, beautiful flared landing.

8:38 pm. Michigan wins with a 197.225 over NC State with a 193.225.

8:36 pm. Artz, Michigan, FX- Piked full-in with a stumble, front lay to front full, double tuck is solid.

Throwing Alabama and Auburn into the mix!

McNeer, Alabama, VT- FTY with an excellent landing, very clean in the air too. Just a tiny bounce.

Becker, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, lovely last handstand, double layout with a step back.

8:35 pm. Mesmer, NC State, BB- Bhs loso, full turn, hit the rest.

Oklahoma with a huge lead still, 148.725 to LSU with 148.25, Georgia with 147.875, and Missouri with 147.15.

8:33 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, FX- Full-in is super low and she hops forward. Front lay front punch. Finishes with a double pike, knees a little loose.

8:32 pm. Fillard, NC State, BB- Switch to split side, hit flight series, front toss with a low landing, stuck gainer full dismount.

8:30 pm. Karas, Michigan, FX- Double arabian a little cowboyed, great front lay front full. Hit the final pass.

Florida gets a 197.125 while Arkansas gets a 195.2, not bad considering some big mistakes from them. I love that Florida in its messiest meet ever still breaks 197 pretty easily.

MAGGIE NICHOLS HAS THREE 9.975s like DAMN. She is SO gonna get a 40 AA at some point. 49.6 for OU on bars.

8:27 pm. McLean, Michigan, FX- Double pike to start is good and she hit her middle pass. Big open double tuck to finish.

McMurtry, Florida, BB- Front toss, bhs loso with a wobble, the Florida flight series are a mess today, little wobble on full turn, double full with a hop.

Gnat, LSU, BB- Full turn, I feel like I’m missing most of this, switch side, solid bhs loso, great dismount, she’s super excited.

Brooker, NC State, BB- Front aerial with a wobble. Solid bhs loso. 1.5, jumps feet together.

8:25 pm. Beucler, NC State, BB- Hit routine.

Finnegan, LSU, BB- Solid bhs loso, hit the dismount.

McGlone, Arkansas, FX- Hit double layout, close to the corner, oh and her heel goes OOB on her step, new double full pass is good. Front full front layout, good enough.

Nichols, Oklahoma, UB- Ray, lovely pak to toe on to beautiful van Leeuwen, hit dismount.

8:23 pm. Marinez, Michigan, FX- Rudi with her chest down, double pike with her chest down.

Edney, LSU, BB- Front aerial to split jump, solid bhs loso, clean full turn, front toss, stuck 1.5.

Wofford, Oklahoma, UB- Hit release, bail, big full-in with a fab landing.

Boren, Florida, BB- Bhs loso with a hip check and wobble, hit the rest including a gainer full stuck.

8:21 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Bhs loso is hit. 1.5 dismount. Hit routine.

Nelson, Arkansas, FX- Big double back, 1.5 to punch front, double tuck to finish is solid.

Lehrmann, Oklahoma, UB- Straddle Jaeger, full-in stuck with a little balance check.

Phillips, NC State, BB- Slightly wobbly bhs loso, big wobble on front toss, steps out of her gainer full.

8:20 pm. Gowey, Florida, BB- Hit jumps, bhs loso loso is perfect, gainer full to finish.

Funk, Michigan, FX- Double pike, double tuck, both solid.

Dowell, Oklahoma, UB- Ray, great handstands, toe on to bail, double layout with a small step.

8:18 pm. Elswick, Arkansas, FX- Double pike, a little over-rotated. The rest is good.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Full L turn, hitch kick to messy side aerial with a fall, switch to straddle side, lovely flex hold, hit double full dismount.

Catour, Oklahoma, UB- Ray, bail, beautiful stuck double layout.

Grantham, NC State, BB- Front toss, good bhs loso, switch to switch side, hit the dismount.

8:17 pm. Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Full turn, switch to switch half to beat jump, front aerial to straddle jump, bhs loso with a little bobble, gainer full.

Hundley, Florida, BB- Hit flight series, full turn, side aerial to layout full with a step.

Capps, Oklahoma, UB- Giant full to low Tkachev, bail, big stuck full-in.

8:15 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, FX- Double pike, very nice. Hit middle pass, front full front lay. Double tuck with her chest down.

LSU BB- Macadaeg, Hambrick, Ewing, Edney, Finnegan, Gnat

8:13 pm. Cheney, Florida, BB- Hit routine I think, I didn’t see any of it but it sounded hit. Wobble on her flight series I think.

Right now OU leads with a 99.125 putting them on pace for a GI-FREAKING-GANTIC score. The judges are also LOVING Georgia tonight, 98.875 for them, with LSU at 98.675 and Missouri at 98.2.

8:11 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, BB- The most beautiful mount EVER, I love her mount so much. Full Y turn is perfect. Bhs loso is solid. Split jump almost right out of it. Omg this is amazing. Beat to sheep jump, wonky form on the sheep. Oh this is just an exhibition I just realized but UGH it was SO GOOD. Put it in the lineup NOW.

Bargiacchi, Arkansas, FX- Rudi loso, 1.5 to punch front, that’s it.

8:09 pm. Baker, Florida, BB- Full wolf turn, little wobble on front aerial to bhs, omg what, she fell on something but I missed what it was. It was right before her side aerial layout full dismount, which was great. Looks like…oh, straddle to split half, feet totally off.

I missed the last Georgia routine but from what I did see it looked good. Double pike to finish.

Oklahoma UB- Capps, Catour, Dowell, Lehrmann, Wofford, Nichols

8:08 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, BB- Bhs loso looks a little hesitant but it ends up being very nice. Beat jump to straddle half, double tuck with the tiniest of steps.

8:07 pm. Knight, NC State, FX- Double pike is a little low but it also looks super open in the air. Hit middle pass and last pass well.

OMG BRENNA GOT A 9.975 ON VAULT I’M SCREAMING!!!!!!!! That was a toughly scored rotation, too!! Most scores in the 9.8s but she and Maggie got those 9.975s to help them to a 49.45. YAS YAS YAS.

8:05 pm. Marinez, Michigan, BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, love it always. Cat leap to side aerial. Double full dismount is great.

Dickson, Georgia, FX- Big double pike. 1.5 to front layout with a step forward but I think it’s into choreo. Finishes with a big double tuck.

8:03 pm. Broussard, Georgia, FX- Huge double tuck. I think it came out of a front tuck? It came out of something. Double pike a tad short but good.

Priessman, LSU, UB- Tkachev to pak with the usual form stuff on the pak, clean whippy double layout, chest down a little on the landing though.

Grantham, NC State, FX- Full-in chest slightly down, 1.5 to stuck front lay, double pike with two steps back on a bit of a wild landing.

8:02 pm. Finnegan, LSU, UB- Ray, toe-on to clean bail to toe shoot, double layout with a step back.

Artz, Michigan, BB- Front aerial to bhs is nice. Punch 1.5 dismount with a step.

Florida at 148 while Arkansas is at 145.875 after a heartbreaking beam rotation.

8:00 pm. Boren, Florida, FX- Full-in, yas. Second pass is effortless. Double tuck to finish.

Edney, LSU, UB- Hindorff, finishes with stuck double layout!

Phillips, NC State, FX- Nice double arabian! 1.5 to front layout with a step. Great Rudi to finish.

7:59 pm. Nichols, Oklahoma, VT- Huge and beautiful stuck 1.5! That was gorgeous.

7:57 pm. Dowell, Oklahoma, VT- Huge stuck 1.5!! YAS BRENNA.

Funk, Michigan, BB- Bhs loso, stumbled on something but it’s minor, full turn, cat leap to side aerial, hit the rest.

Harrold, LSU, UB- Van Leeuwen to Zuchold, just slight leg sep. Toe half to Jaeger, double front is nearly stuck.

Rathjen, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a wobble and a fall. Side aerial with a wobble, stuck gainer full.

Jackson, Oklahoma, VT- Huge 1.5 with a hop back.

7:56 pm. Marks, Oklahoma, VT- Lovely FTY.

McMurtry, Florida, FX- Bailed on her triple and just did the most gigantic double in the world. Front lay front full. Short on final pass.

Hambrick, LSU, UB- Big Ray, giant full to bail, hit dismount

Brooker, NC State, FX- Double pike, double tuck very low, and her last pass I think is a front half, good landing.

Capps, Oklahoma, VT- FTY a little short with a step.

7:55 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, BB- Cat leap to switch side, bhs loso, gainer full with a step.

Jones, Oklahoma, VT- Great FTY to start them off.

Zamardi, LSU, UB- I missed most of this but it was a hit routine.

7:53 pm. Beucler, NC State, FX- Hit double pike opening pass, 1.5 to front layout with a step, great double tuck to finish.

Burton, Arkansas, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, nice bhs loso, balance check on her full turn, switch to straddle side, hit dismount.

7:52 pm. Hundley, Florida, FX- Opens with a whip to double tuck, excellent. Front layout front full, double pike with a stumble but she keeps it in bounds SHOCKINGLY. Heel is literally in the corner.

Karas, Michigan, BB- Good punch front and jumps. Slight wobble after her bhs loso, punch 1.5 dismount with a good landing.

7:50 pm. Speed, Arkansas, BB- First time competing beam in college. Full turn, bhs loso with a big wobble, hands down, and a fall. So they’ll count a fall which is rough. Bhs gainer full with a step.

Oklahoma VT- Jones, Marks, Capps, Dowell, Jackson, Nichols

7:48 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Whip through to double tuck, solid front full to punch front pike, hit last pass.

LSU UB- Zamardi, Hambrick, Harrold, Edney, Finnegan, Priessman

49.675 for Oklahoma on floor puts them in the lead! Followed by GEORGIA with a 49.425 on beam (HAHA YAAAAS), LSU with a 49.375 on vault, and Missouri with a 49.1 on bars.

7:46 pm. Capps, Oklahoma, FX- Beautiful double layout, great front full front lay, lovely Rudi to finish.

Nelson, Arkansas, BB- Bhs loso with a slight bobble, punch front, good dismount.

Oklahoma has two 9.975s and a 9.95 on floor right now btw. Scoring was CRAZY for Nebraska at this meet earlier today so I’m expecting tonight’s scoring to be bonkers.

7:45 pm. McLaughlin, Florida, FX- Front lay front full is good, whips her Rudi around well, 1.5 to front layout is great.

Michigan leads NC State 98.575 to 96.5.

7:42 pm. Garner, Arkansas, BB- Switch to split, side aerial loso but she’s way off and has to take a fall, aerial to layout full dismount.

Nichols, Oklahoma, FX- Piked full-in, 1.5 through to Rudi is great, double pike to finish.

Zaziski, Michigan, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, good dismount.

7:40 pm. Boyce, Florida, FX- Rudi, weird turn, hit her second pass, another Rudi.

Jackson, Oklahoma, FX- Full-in with a step, front lay front full, hit the last pass super well.

Artz, Michigan, UB- Had to do a double take before her start, piked Jaeger, short handstands, double layout stuck.

Brooker, NC State, VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop.

7:39 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, BB- Bhs bhs loso is FAB. Stuck gainer full.

Shchennikova, Michigan, UB- Maloney to pak, giant full right on the bar into a clean double tuck with a low landing and a hop forward.

Knight, NC State, VT- Clean FTY with a hop back.

7:38 pm. Gnat, LSU, VT- Messy DTY wth her chest down and a little bounce.

Dowell, Oklahoma, FX- Double front to stag, 1.5 to front layout, front lay to front full to finish, great work.

Marinez, Michigan, UB- Hit release, messy bail, dismount with a couple of steps.

Fillard, NC State, VT- FTY with a step.

7:37 pm. Karas, Michigan, UB- Didn’t realize they started again hahaha but she just had a hit routine. I think I missed a couple before her though.

Phillips, NC State, VT- FTY with a little bounce back.

7:36 pm. Brown, Oklahoma, FX- Hit the first pass, and the second — front layout front full — is also nice. Last pass is hit as well. Good routine.

Hambrick, LSU, VT- FTY is a little wild with a big step back.

Edney, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a big step forward.

7:35 pm. Ewing, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little low coming off the table but she still pulls off a solid landing, small step.

7:34 pm. Jones, Oklahoma, FX- 2.5 to punch front tuck. 1.5 to front layout with a step to control it. Finishes with a solid double pike.

Priessman, LSU, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, VERY nice, small step back.

7:33 pm. Cannamela, LSU, VT- Clean FTY with a little bounce in place.

7:32 pm. McLean got a 9.975 for her vault! The other 1.5s got a 9.875 (Chiarelli) and 9.825 (Karas). Michigan has a 49.275 on vault and NC State after many bars mistakes gets a 47.725 there.

7:31 pm. Burton, Arkansas, UB- Hit routine.

7:30 pm. McMurtry, Florida, VT- Huge and gorgeous DTY with a small hop back.

7:29 pm. MacMoyle, Arkansas, UB- Hit release and bail, piked double layout with a solid landing.

Oklahoma FX- Jones, Brown, Dowell, Jackson, Nichols, Capps

LSU VT- Cannamela, Priessman, Ewing, Hambrick, Edney, Gnat

7:28 pm. Speed, Arkansas, UB- Jaeger, toe-on to bail is clean, full-in stuck with feet apart and her chest way down.

Knight, NC State, UB- Hit routine but then her double layout was short and she stumbled back several steps.

Slocum, Florida, VT- Handspring front pike half, beautiful and stuck as always.

7:27 pm. Boren, Florida, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, great landing.

McLean, Michigan, VT- Best Yurchenko 1.5 of the bunch for Michigan. Good landing too.

7:26 pm. Fillard, NC State, UB- Gienger to overshoot, hit the dismount well.

Yamzon, Arkansas, UB- Hit routine with a full-twisting double layout with a step back.

7:25 pm. Hundley, Florida, VT- FTY, a little piked in the air, weird landing.

Karas, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 is low with bent knees, big step forward.

7:24 pm. Garner, Arkansas, UB- Lovely Gienger to overshoot, hit the dismount with a step.

Brooker, NC State, UB- Good routine but double layout is pretty piked.

7:23 pm. Chant, Florida, VT- Tsuk full, good distance but a little low and piked with a little bounce but looked mostly good in the air.

7:22 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, UB- Jaeger, bail, short handstand, giant full to double tuck with a little bounce.

7:21 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 but her legs are pretty tucked.

Alexander, Florida, VT- Huge FTY with a good landing, not the best in the air.

7:20 pm. Sobhan, NC State, UB- Jaeger, over arches a handstand before a messy bail, lawd this rotation is really rough for them tonight. Double layout doesn’t get much of a lift off and she has a short landing with steps.

7:19 pm. Artz, Michigan, VT- FTY with a step back.

7:18 pm. P Phillips, NC State, UB- Short handstand, clear hip to Gienger with super leg sep and caught so close she practically catches it with her face but stays on, bail to toe shoot, and a sky high full-in dismount.

7:17 pm. Zaziski, Michigan, VT- Big but super piked FTY.

7:16 pm. Grantham, NC State, UB- Off on her bail but finished up nicely with a solid double layout.

The quad teams are walking in now, by the way. They should get going with the competition by about 7:30.

7:15 pm. Shchennikova, Michigan, VT- Clean FTY in the air, a little hesitation on the landing, and her chest is also down.

7:14 pm. 49.35 for Florida and 48.95 for Arkansas. McMurtry got a 9.975 which was pretty legit, as was Hundley’s 9.925…but the other Florida scores were half in the 9.7 range and half in the 9.8 which is super off for them. Braie Speed’s 9.85 was the best score for Arkansas.

7:13 pm. McMurtry, Florida, UB- Huge Ray, bail to toe shoot, a little short on her last handstand, full-out almost stuck, just a tiny heel slide.

Oh good, Michigan is doing their terrifying Disney singalong again tonight.

7:12 pm. McGlone, Arkansas, VT- Huge and awesome FTY with a small hop. This is actually a pretty nice vault rotation to watch…just some landing issues tonight.

7:11 pm. Hundley, Florida, UB- NOOOO ESPN what are you doing?! She kip cast and then it was like haha bye. UGH. We’re back. Maloney to big pak, toe-on to clean van Leeuwen which Alicia called a Khorkina oh poor baby you are so confused about bars. Full-in with a hop.

7:10 pm. Speed, Arkansas, VT- Huge and beautiful FTY with a small hop.

7:09 pm. Baker, Florida, UB- John R needs to stop calling people “studs.” Huge Ray, which Alicia keeps calling a Hindorff. Oh, Alicia and bars! Double front stuck, just some slight cowboying in her flips.

7:08 pm. Anderson, Arkansas, VT- FTY with great distance but very little height and she’s super short on the landing. Step.

7:07 pm. Gowey, Florida, UB- Ray with flexed feet, toe-on to pak, she pikes it down as she catches. Double layout is so weird, no height and so close to the bar…super piked too and her chest is down with a step.

7:06 pm. Yamzon, Arkansas, VT- Huge FTY with a step back, like it looked like she was gonna keep flying back if she didn’t step haha.

7:05 pm. Chant, Florida, UB- Yay, she’s back! Tkachev, clear hip to bail is nice, short handstand, full-in with a step forward.

7:04 pm. MacMoyle, Arkansas, VT- Huge FTY with a great landing! Just a slight chest down and a small hop back.

7:03 pm. Boren, Florida, UB- Big Tkachev but she bends her knees a little when she releases the bar, clear hip to bail, double layout with a hop back.

7:02 pm. Rathjen, Arkansas, VT- FTY with a hop backwards.

7:00 pm. Getting ready to start tonight’s meets! I’m gonna go for Florida vs Arkansas, the quad with LSU and Oklahoma among others, and Michigan vs NC State!

4:55 pm. So yes, a big 197.125 for Nebraska, the powerhouse DI program that was clearly going to win this thing, but the remaining three teams were in quite the battle with DII Lindenwood showing tremendous fight to score a 194 — the program’s fourth straight 194+ score! — to defeat DI Brown (193.350) and fellow DII Seattle Pacific (191.000…SPU had some struggles but I was so impressed with them on vault).

In addition to the team score, Lindenwood had Kiersten Sokolowski place third on beam with a 9.825, ahead of FOUR Nebraska competitors! She also placed fourth on vault with a 9.825, while Caroline Morant of Brown was 2nd on floor with a 9.925, helping her to third place in the all-around with a 38.975.

Nebraska claimed all event titles with Megan Schweihofer and Ashley Lambert tying on vault (9.9), Jennie Laeng winning bars (9.875), Danielle Breen winning beam (9.925), and Taylor Houchin winning floor (9.95).

4:50 pm. I am seeing that Nebraska has a 197.125 which is awesome for them!

4:48 pm. Well, no live scores AND FloPro turned the feed off before we could see the standings because why would we care about seeing who wins a meet that we’re watching?! In baseball, basketball, football, they’re always like “you’re just here for the good times right” and never tell us the scores.

4:40 pm. Oswalt, Lindenwood, FX- She’s here to wrap up what has so far been a strong rotation. There was a fall in the second routine but after that, everything’s been good! Her music sounds like Stranger Things but I don’t think it is. Double tuck bounced backwards. Double pike is clean. Great 1.5 to front layout.

4:37 pm. Alexander, Lindenwood, FX- Double pike with a little bounce and her back leg up. 1.5 to punch front. Double tuck with her chest down.

4:35 pm. Rector, Lindenwood, FX- Double back, love this music, double pike a little short with two steps forward, 1.5 to front layout a little whippy at the end but still a great landing.

4:32 pm. Henry, Lindenwod, FX- Solid double pike. Double tuck. Last pass is also good.

Seattle Pacific’s vault last rotation was a 48.725 by the way! Should be the second-highest vault score of the meet.

4:31 pm. Houchin, Nebraska, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little tentative, two steps back.

4:30 pm. Laeng, Nebraska, VT- FTY, super clean, not as big as some of the others though and a little bounce on the landing.

4:29 pm. Lambert, Nebraska, VT- Another FTY, this one’s a tiny bit short but the landing’s still good.

4:28 pm. Schweihofer, Nebraska, VT- BEAUTIFUL stuck FTY. Would be a 10 in other venues but we’ll see, the floor judges were getting pretty nuts today…

4:27 pm. Epperson, Nebraska, VT- Another good FTY, really clean in the air and with a better landing than the first.

4:26 pm. Crouse, Nebraska, VT- Gonna start with Nebraska but then switch when they’re quickly done. Huuuge FTY but also has a huge bounce back.

4:25 pm. Okay, it’s Nebraska with 147.875 after a RIDONKULOUS 49.55 on floor, Lindenwood with 145.425, Brown with 144.9, and Seattle Pacific with 144.2.

4:15 pm. Lambert, Nebraska, FX- The routine I’ve been waiting for all season. This is somehow my first time seeing Nebraska in 2017! I think because they’re always behind a paywall and I’m like #MyNameIsNO. Okay, the camera decided to zoom into her hips for her first pass which was some sort of double back but I CAN’T TELL YOU if it was tucked or piked or laid out. Front tuck through to double tuck second pass is great. Double pike is also solid.

4:13 pm. Crouse, Nebraska, FX- Front double full to punch front tuck, excellent. The Nebraska music is one of the weirdest experiences of my life. This has legit screaming lol. 1.5 to front tuck. Rudi looks a little short but she whips a loso out of it.

4:10 pm. Houchin, Nebraska, FX- They have Houchin’s name up again but this time it ACTUALLY IS HER. Double pike with a slight bounce back. Front full front layout. 2.5 with a little skid on the landing, very minor.

Seattle Pacific just had a fantastic vault rotation.

4:08 pm. Laeng, Nebraska, FX- They keep putting up Houchin for like every single competitor but I’m pretty sure they’re wrong about it every time lol. This is definitely Jennie Laeng. Double pike. Whip half to Rudi, awesome. This music is…something. Perfect front full to front pike.

4:06 pm. Schweihofer, Nebraska, FX- Double layout is a little deep in the landing but looked pretty in the air. Nice double tuck to finish.

Someone from SPU in the background just did like a handspring double full I think…like a legit old school handspring double full, not with a layout or anything. Always fun to see something unique!

4:03 pm. Williams, Nebraska, FX- Ooh, her floor is “Who Run the World”! Fun. Double pike to start. Omg the music changes to “Lip Gloss.” I LOVE THIS MESS hahaha. Rudi, and a double tuck stuck to finish. Great routine.

4:01 pm. Looks like it’s Nebraska in first with a 98.325 followed by Lindenwood after a STELLAR UB rotation with a 96.825, Brown with 96.4, and Seattle Pacific with 95.475. The first half of SPU’s floor was rough but the latter half really brought it…9.875 for Ariana Harger!

3:54 pm. Glover, Seattle Pacific, FX- Why bother putting up gymnasts names if you’re professionally broadcasting the meet? WHO ON EARTH wants to see who’s competing? I’ll get it later from live scores if they ever work but still. #STAB Double pike to start, leg sep in the second flip but not bad. Front layout to front full with a step forward to control it. Double tuck is great.

3:48 pm. Harger, Seattle Pacific, FX- They’ve had a rough time on floor so far based on scores…two in the 8 range and one 9.1. Yikes. Double pike to start is good. Hit middle pass and a double tuck to finish. Definitely a great set.

3:46 pm. Breen, Nebraska, BB- One-armed bhs to loso, solid. Split to sheep jump, 1.5 dismount is stuck.

48.375 for Lindenwood on bars with Horn and Sokolowski posting the highest scores, just as I expected…those routines were fabulous!

3:44 pm. Chavez, Lindenwood, UB- Giant full right on the bar, messy ish bail to a good toe shoot, double layout got a little piked but good landing.

3:43 pm. Horn, Lindenwood, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck, stuck cold. Another fab routine for Lindenwood!

3:41 pm. Sokolowski, Lindenwood, UB- Short ish first handstand but a HUGE Gienger. Clear hip to LOVELY pak. WOW!!! Giant full to double tuck with a hop back. Impressive.

3:40 pm. Okay, it keeps replaying Houchin’s beam over and over. Moving to bars and hoping for more success but they have Ryan Henry just going up even though she already has a score on the live stats soooo…I have no confidence in this mess.

3:36 pm. Houchin, Nebraska, BB- Great flight series. Front aerial with a stumble. Switch to split jump, amplitude on both is iffy and I don’t think she’s at 180. Full turn, and the stream’s going out. #STAB How many times will I hashtag #STAB during this meet? Oh, I just got logged out AGAIN. And logged back in to see this whole routine over again, and then it logs me out again. BLESS FLOPRO.

Brown had a 48.675 on floor, btw, so they jump ahead of Lindenwood.

3:35 pm. FloPro keeps signing me out every five minutes. #STAB So the live scores have been a hot mess but Nebraska leads 49.2, followed by Lindenwood, and Seattle Pacific. Not where where Brown falls because they only have four scores up.

3:28 pm. Morant, Brown, FX- I caught it from the Rudi to huge split jump. Which was also the end. Jumping back and forth from the different event streams is ANNOYING.

3:26 pm. Hayashida, Seattle Pacific, BB- If she hits they won’t count a fall. Full turn, solid bhs loso, wobble on switch half, beat jump to stag jump, side aerial with a step back, and a punch front full with a little step.

3:24 pm. Olson, Brown, FX- Nice front double full, just realized this meet is on podium, which is really cool for these girls. Hit middle pass, a front something into a punch front. Rudi to stag to finish. 9.8!

3:22 pm. San Roman, Seattle Pacific, BB- Full turn, front aerial to bhs is good, gainer full dismount with a solid landing.

3:21 pm. Laeng, Nebraska, UB- Giant half to Gienger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck.

Lindenwood has a 48.45 on vault.

3:19 pm. Crouse, Nebraska, UB- Weiler half! to HUGE layout Gienger. WOWSERS. Bail, very nice handstands, full-in with a tiny hop back. That was bonkers good.

3:17 pm. Epperson, Nebraska, UB- Nice straddle Jaeger, bail, clean stuck double layout. Great routine there.

Hit routine for Brown on floor in the background. I can’t find working live stats so idk who anyone is anymore!

3:16 pm. Lambert, Nebraska, UB- Jaeger ends up completely tucked, not sure if that was on purpose?? Into a bail. Full-twisting double tuck dismount is a little messy, step back.

3:13 pm. Breen, Nebraska, UB- Hit release and bail, clean double layout to finish.

Franklin, Lindenwood, VT- I think this was Franklin anyway. Handspring front pike, GREAT landing, but her legs separate a little bit right before.

3:11 pm. Davis, Lindenwood, VT- Handspring front tuck with a big bounce forward.

Houchin, Nebraska, UB- Tkachev, bail, and a giant full to double tuck with a couple of baby steps.

3:08 pm. Warmups now.

Lindenwood’s vault lineup is Davis, Henry, Franklin, Horn, Sokolowski, and Oswalt.

Nebraska’s bars lineup is Houchin, Breen, Lambert, Epperson, Crouse, and Laeng.

Seattle Pacific will start on beam and Brown on floor. No lineups for either of them.

3:03 pm. Ugh, because you can only watch one event at a time on FloGym and can’t split your stream, I’m gonna try to jump back and forth between Lindenwood and Nebraska, but I’ll get what I can from the other two!

2:56 pm. The Gym Quarters quad meet with Lindenwood, Nebraska, Brown, and Seattle Pacific is starting soon!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

29 thoughts on “The NCAA Week 7 Live Blog

  1. Hi Lauren, did you find a working live scores link for the quad meet happening right now? The one on the Preview and Schedule page gives me an error page. Thank you 🙂


  2. Ok so I’m sure Nerbaska had an awesome meet with that score ( couldn’t watch cause Flo) But are we thinking tonight is going to be a 10/198 extragenza ? Especially with a team going 197 in the 1st session?

    Prediction= it’s gonna be crazy


  3. I love how ESPN is talking about Maddie and Mykayla being teammates and celebrating the alternates as much as the team members. The popular narrative for gymnastics is so “only competing at the Olympics matters!!” and I love seeing a popular outlet acknowledging that there are achievements beyond that.


  4. Okay so Utah wins. 197.875 to 197.5 I’m happy. I kinda wish Mykayla got a 10 because why not at a meet which already has some overscore? I mean…


        • Yeah…it’s funny because it actually started out like, really decent I thought? Utah vaults especially…I’d see a clean FTY with a great landing that wasn’t perfect and I’d be like “that’ll be 9.925” like rolling my eyes but then it would get like a 9.8 and I was like damn scoring is tight tonight! But then they got to beam and floor and it was super ridiculous, especially with Utah’s floor (every single gymnast got a season high) and UCLA’s beam (routines with major mistakes got 9.9+).


  5. Oh, UCLA. They’re like the Russia of college gym. So much potential, so beautiful, and you just can’t count on them to hit a whole meet, but how magical it is when they do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair, they put up like 50% different routines on floor and two of those gymnasts fell…but then they also had mistakes from some of their best like Madison and Peng on beam so *shrug* #UCLAProbs


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