Many New Seniors Part of Doha Roster


The Doha roster is here and yes, there are several big names on it, but these are names we’re used to, and gymnasts we’ve seen around for years.

What I’m most excited about are the new names on this list, several seniors who all have the potential to make a major impact in their countries. This world cup, the third of the year, will see the senior debuts of Adela and Vendula Merkova of the Czech Republic, Lynn Genhart and Livia Schmid of Switzerland, and Olivia Cimpian of Romania.

The Merkova twins are part of a training group at Bohemians in Prague that will revolutionize the Czech team this quad. At Euros last year, the juniors reached a team score that shattered the 2014 worlds team’s numbers and would’ve put them in contention for a full team spot at the following year’s worlds. Both of the Merkovas spent last fall fine-tuning routines to get ready for their senior debuts and working on the artistry and other individual strengths that make them stand out so much internationally.

As for the Swiss gymnasts, both Schmid and Genhart will similarly help their country rise as a team this quad. At Euros last year, the Swiss juniors defeated many historically stronger programs to finish sixth as a team, while Schmid made the vault final and Genhart won silver in the all-around, a truly phenomenal and surprising podium finish at home in Bern. The two are kind of opposites, with Schmid strong on the leg events while Genhart shines on bars and beam, so they’ll complement each other well in the coming years, and should be able to help veteran teammate Giulia Steingruber bring the team to new heights in the next four years as they work towards qualifying a full team to Tokyo.

As for Cimpian, last year’s Romanian junior champion, she’ll compete in Doha alongside Catalina Ponor, who is nearly twice her age. As a now three-time Olympian, Ponor is exactly the kind of teammate you want around showing you the ropes as you make your senior debut. Cimpian can sometimes be a nervous competitor, so it’s great that the Romanian program will ease her into her senior career at a more low-key world cup than tossing her to the wolves at Europeans on her home turf this April. When she does get her footing as a competitor, she’ll help the Romanian team so much.

In addition to some of our favorite new seniors, we’ll also see the little Chinese mix of Wang Yan, Luo Huan, and Liu Tingting again after they made impressive debuts in Melbourne this week, and they’ll be joined by an Australian contingent featuring Emily Little, Rianna Mizzen, Georgia-Rose Brown, and Emma Nedov, a core group of girls making the world cup rounds as they hope to bring their program back to a top level.

Two-time Olympian Dorina Böczögö and her Hungarian teammate, 2016 Olympian Zsofia Kovacs, will also compete here, as will the 2016 Olympian Ana Derek, and Slovenian world cup regulars Tjasa Kysselef, Ivana Kamnikar, and 2016 Olympian Teja Belak.

Last but certainly not least for the women is Oksana Chusovitina, still kicking around for Uzbekistan at 41 because why not?

On the men’s side we’ll get 2012 Olympic pommel horse champion Krisztian Berki of Hungary in addition to tons and tons of 2016 Olympians, including Artur Davtyan of Armenia, Mohamed Bourguieg of Algeria, Oleg Stepko of Azerbaijan, Dennis Goossens of Belgium, Filip Ude of Croatia, Marios Georgiou of Cyprus, Oskar Kirmes of Finland, Marcel Nguyen of Germany, Robert Tvorogal of Lithuania, Marian Dragulescu of Romania, Christian Baumann, Pablo Brägger, and Benjamin Gischard of Switzerland, Ferhat Arican of Turkey, Igor Radivilov of Ukraine, and Pham Phuoc Hung of Vietnam.

The competition begins March 22. A full list of competitors is below.

Mohamed Bourguieg
Hellal Metidji
Artur Davtyan
Vahagn Davtyan
Harutyun Merdinyan
Artur Tovmasyan
Clay Mason Stephens
Mitchell Morgans
Christopher Remkes
Michael Tone
Georgia-Rose Brown
Emily Little
Rianna Mizzen
Emma Nedov
Alexander Benda
Vinzenz Hoeck
Murad Agharzayev
Timur Bairamov
Oleg Stepko
Yuliya Inshina
Marina Nekrasova
Maxime Gentges
Dennis Goossens
Jackson Payne
Xiao Ruoteng
Zou Jingyuan
Liu Tingting
Luo Huan
Wang Yan
Anton Kovacevic
Robert Seligman
Tin Srbic
Filip Ude
Ana Derek
Marios Georgiou
Adela Merkova
Vendula Merkova
Oskar Kirmes
Heikki Saarenketo
Tomi Tuuha
Sakari Vekki
Christopher Jursch
Sebastian Krimmer
Marcel Nguyen
Felix Remuta
Krisztian Berki
Zoltan Kallai
Dorina Böczögö
Zsofia Kovacs
Agung Akbar
Muhammad Aprizal
Samsul Arifin
Agus Prayoko
Muhammad Saputra
Ferrous Willyodac
Genichiro Kohzu
Shuga Komiya
Kilchi Takenaka
Ahmad Abu Al Soud
Majdi Al-Hmood
Adham Alsqour
Danil Baturin
Milad Karimi
Azizbek Kudratullayev
Daulet Narmetov
Yekaterina Chuikina
Anna Geidt
Tomas Kuzmickas
Robert Tvorogal
Hamza Hossaini
Abderrazak Nasser
Chaimaa Zemzami
Ahmed Al-Dyani
Ahmed Mosa
Jana El-Keky
Marian Dragulescu Olivia Cimpian
Catalina Ponor
Abdullah Khalid Al-Boussi
Ali Ibrahim Al-Mobireek
Jaffar Saleh Al-Sayigh
Saso Bertoncelj
Alen Dimic
Rok Klavora
Jure Pavlica
Ziga Silc
Teja Belak
Ivana Kamnikar
Tjasa Kysselef
Christian Baumann
Pablo Brägger
Benjamin Gischard
Lynn Genhart
Livia Schmid
Ferhat Arican
Ibrahim Colak
Ahmet Onder
Umit Samiloglu
Seher Atalay
Demet Mutlu
Doga Özgöcmez
Göksu Üctas Sanli
Igor Radivilov
Oksana Chusovitina
Dang Nam
Dinh Phuong Thanh
Le Thanh Tung
Pham Phuoc Hung

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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