The NCAA Week 8 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the eighth week of competition in the 2017 NCAA women’s gymnastics season! Refresh every few minutes, and the most recent updates will appear on the top. Have any questions? Ask in the comments or on Twitter and I’m happy to respond here!


4:40 pm. Oklahoma goes 198.175 without Maggie Nichols BUT with crazy scoring that I personally loved as an OU fan. Maggie would’v gotten a perfect 40 at this meet and I would have loved every second of it. 192.975 for TWU counting a couple of falls on bars and beam.

4:39 pm. Jones, TWU, FX- Double tuck, double pike, first was a little short. 1.5 front layout, basically stuck, excellent finish!

4:36 pm. Capps, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso to beat jump, lovely, full turn, front aerial, little check and doesn’t do scale, switch to straddle side, stuck gainer full!

4:34 pm. Alderman, TWU, FX- Strong double pike. Rudi to finish. Good routine.

4:33 pm. Jackson, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso with a wobble and a fight to hold it. Straddle, misses connection, does it again…straddle jump to loso. Stuck 1.5.

4:31 pm. Simpson, TWU, FX- Nice double pike. Front lay front full. Excellent routine.

4:29 pm. Brown, Oklahoma, BB- Nice flight series. Switch to straddle 3/4, big switch leap to stuck gainer full.

4:28 pm. Versemann, TWU, FX- Double pike, a little wonky. Front lay to barani, legs fully bent on the barani.

4:27 pm. Catour, Oklahoma, BB- Clean bhs loso. Cat leap to front aerial, hit the dismount.

4:25 pm. Moredock, TWU, FX- Double pike to open is solid. Double tuck with a little stumble. 1.5 to front layout a little short.

4:23 pm. Lehrmann, Oklahoma, BB- Full turn, front aerial, cat leap to switch side, bhs loso, switch to Shushunova, 1.5 stuck on her toes with her chest forward.

4:21 pm. Parkin, TWU, FX- Double pike, front lay front full with a little stumble.

4:19 pm. Jones, Oklahoma, BB- Solid bhs loso. Full turn. Cat leap to front toss to beat jump. Stuck 1.5. WOW. That was…perfect. I mean, no literally, for like a lead off but you know. It was great.

4:16 pm. Oklahoma 148.725 to TWU 143.950.

4:11 pm. One judge gave AJ a 10 LMAO she literally RAN OUT of her middle pass and hopped on her last pass. The judges saw my “it’s not a mistake, it’s choreo!” thing and were like “oh okay!” I swear to god these judges are out of their minds but again, my OU bias is like “YAS that’s a 10, everything’s a 10.”

4:08 pm. Jackson, Oklahoma, FX- Huge open full-in, great landing. Whip half to front full, kinda runs out of it. Pretend it’s choreo!!! Not a mistake at all, sir. Aaaaand the feed goes out again so I’m just going to be like “her last pass was perfect, the best in history.” oh, here we go, double pike with a small hop.

4:07 pm. Jones, TWU, BB- Roundoff back pike. Full turn. A little wobble after her jumps. Hit dismount.

4:04 pm. Capps, Oklahoma, FX- Hit double back to start. After watching Michigan choreo earlier which is just nonstop jerky arm movements this is a breath of fresh air. Hit middle pass, nice and clean. Lovely Rudi to finish.

4:03 pm. Vincent, TWU, BB- Switch to back tuck. Bhs loso with bent knees and a fall, so they’ll have to count a fall. gainer full with a good landing.

4:01 pm. Dowell, Oklahoma, FX- Double front is great, into a stag. 1.5 to front layout is excellent. Front lay front full is excellent.

4:00 pm. Alderman, TWU, BB- Switch to standing loso, side aerial with a bobble, wolf jump to straddle 3/4, a little low, bhs loso, knees were good, full turn, gainer full is stuck! Excellent. Got her career high 9.775 last week and this could match. 9.825!

3:59 pm. Lovan, Oklahoma, FX- Rudi to stag with a little bounce. Front full front layout is solid. Nails the double pike.

3:57 pm. Moredock, TWU, BB- Bhs loso with bent legs. Nice jumps. Full turn. Front toss down to her bum, kinda like McMillan’s to her knees, but she drops down onto the mat after landing it. Weird fall. Looked like she had it. Double full dismount to finish.

3:55 pm. Brown, Oklahoma, FX- Hit opening pass and second pass, both twists, I didn’t really see either but I’m sure they were fine. Let’s just trust. Rudi to finish.

3:54 pm. Parkin, TWU, BB- Bhs loso with bent knees. Double wolf turn, sigh, it’s rough and she’s basically standing up when she lands it. 1.5 with a hop.

3:51 pm. Jones, Oklahoma, FX- I like that the camera man had to run from beam to floor for this and we got to watch his journey and THEN they switched to a higher camera. Truly brilliant work. 2.5 to punch front. 1.5 to front layout. Solid double pike.

3:50 pm. Simpson, TWU, BB- Punch front mount. Bhs loso is solid. Cat leap to split leap to split 3/4. Stuck gainer full. Excellent!

3:42 pm. Oklahoma has a 99.075 to TWU’s 95.575.

3:41 pm. Cashmore, TWU, UB- Giant full to Gienger, leg sep and a fall. Gets back on for bail, double layout, chest down and a hop.

3:40 pm. Jackson, Oklahoma, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a big step forward but otherwise good in the air.

3:39 pm. Simpson, TWU, UB- Maloney with bent knees when she catches the high bar to bail, arches over and comes off. Toe-on, decent handstand before giants into her dismount, a full-twisting double layout with a step back. Awesome difficulty for a DII team though!

3:38 pm. Dowell, Oklahoma, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a small hop forward.

3:37 pm. Vincent, TWU, UB- Short handstand before archy front giant to piked Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand, double layout is fully piked and she does it to her knees.

3:36 pm. Degouveia, Oklahoma, VT- So far there are two 9.825s and a 9.9 on vault. Jade does a big clean 1.5 with a hop forward.

3:35 pm. Alderman, TWU, UB- Bail with bent knees, but picks it right back up, double layout with a step.

3:28 pm. Huge 49.7 for OU’s bars. Two 10s! I’d say the scoring is def a little insane, they gave a 9.85 to Craus with that huge mistake lol, but yeah…my OU bias is like, “I’m totally okay with this.” Same with my Skinner bias when she gets 9.95s on bars. 48.4 for TWU on vault.

3:27 pm. I’m in an actual rage, I’ve been waiting four years for that 10 and WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE IT RAAAAGE. #BURNING #EVERYTHING #DOWN

3:26 pm. Jones, TWU, VT- Yurchenko half with a hop back.


3:25 pm. Feed just went out, obviously, because why charge people $20 a month and have things work?!

3:23 pm. Lehrmann, Oklahoma, UB- Big Jaeger, toe-on to bail, awesome toe point throughout, perf handstands, full-in stuck.

3:22 pm. Simpson, TWU, VT- FTY, very nice! Small bounce on the landing.

3:21 pm. Dowell, Oklahoma, UB- Big Ray, toe-on to bail with a slight pike when she catches, great last handstand, double layout stuck cold. Her best of the season I think!!

3:20 pm. Moredock, TWU, VT- Big FTY, a little piked, but a good landing.

3:19 pm. Catour, Oklahoma, UB- Big Ray, toe-on to bail, short handstand, double layout with a hop.

3:18 pm. Lazarus, TWU, VT- FTY, piked down, so far down that she basically lands it in a pike complete with hands on the mat.

3:17 pm. Kraus, Oklahoma, UB- Straddle Jaeger caught a little close, good bail, a little shy on her handstands, arches over giant full completely but brings it back somehow?!?!?! JFC that was insane?! Into the double tuck with a solid landing.

3:16 pm. Parkin, TWU, VT- FTY, a little deep in the landing, a few steps to the side.

3:15 pm. Cashmore, TWU, VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop.

Capps, Oklahoma, UB- Giant full to low Tkachev, clean bail, short handstand, floaty stuck full-in.

3:14 pm. Oklahoma vs Texas Woman’s starting now!

2:40 pm. Great meet for Michigan, 197.825, second-highest of the week thus far! Could stay that way too, though Oklahoma competes a second time in 20 minutes. Southern Utah finishes 196.600.

2:38 pm. Artz, Michigan, FX- Piked full-in, lunged out of it, solid. Front lay front full I think, I zoned out, double pike with slightly bent knees, as if the judges will care about that.

2:37 pm. Gonzalez, SUU, BB- Hit jump series, bhs loso, hip angle is off and she falls. Front aerial with a step, front full with a step forward.

2:35 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, FX- Hit tucked full-in and second pass, double pike a little short.

2:33 pm. Bayer, SUU, BB- Beat jump, round off loso, full turnw ith a big stumble, punch front, hitch kick to switch side, gainer full stuck.

2:31 pm. Karas, Michigan, FX- Double arabian, cowboyed with a step forward. Random grapevine choreo that reminds me of preschool dance classes lmao. Front lay front full with a step. Nails the double pike.

2:30 pm. Webb, SUU, BB- Bhs loso with a stumble back and her chest down, good save though. Switch to straddle side, full turn, cat leap to switch side with another wobble, side aerial layout full with a step.

2:28 pm. McLean, Michigan, FX- Double pike a little short. Front lay front full. Double tuck. Good, not as solid as the first two though. And yet it scored higher. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2:27 pm. Bozzuto, SUU, BB- Beat jump to loso, bhs loso, solid, full turn, straddle to split 3/4, wobble, gainer full dismount is good.

2:25 pm. Marinez, Michigan, FX- Front lay to Rudi. Solid double pike. I think I missed her first pass. Great routine from what I saw though.

2:23 pm. Yee, SUU, BB- Front aerial with a wobble, split to straddle 3/4, gainer pike with a solid landing.

WVU 195.950, Iowa State 195.725, Maryland 195.450

2:22 pm. Koshinski, WVU, FX- Feed froze on her opening pass, but I’ll trust the commentators who said it was “high and awesome.” Hits 1.5 to front layout. Excellent double pike. They really came back super strong after Wright’s fall.

Funk, Michigan, FX- Double pike with a deep lunge back. Excellent double tuck. Front full front lay with a step.

2:21 pm. Jorgensen, SUU, BB- I missed the beginning but she was on the whole time, punch front a little low with a bobble, double tuck is low with a step.

2:20 pm. Cluchey, WVU, FX- Double pike and double tuck, both excellent. Nailed the last pass.

2:18 pm. Muhammad, WVU, FX- Double layout, huge! Hit her second and last pass as well, a front through to double tuck. Great comeback after Wright’s fall and 8.0.

2:16 pm. Farina, Maryland, UB- Jaeger, bail, hit the dismount.

Still waiting on a floor score before the next up can go.

2:15 pm. I missed Blake-Howard on floor for SUU but it was a hit routine.

Michigan 148.225 to Southern Utah’s 147.675.147.675

2:12 pm. Wright, WVU, FX- Big double tuck with a hop back. 2.5 stumbled forward, puts her hand down, and oh no, it looks like she jacked up her knee when twisting into the ground, hyperextended it. Noooooo, her day was otherwise incredible including a season-high on beam.

2:10 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, BB- Nailed flight series. Beat jump to straddle half. Double tuck short, chest down with a hop.

Young, ISU, VT- Huge FTY, very nice in the air.

2:09 pm. Bernard, WVU, FX- Double pike with a step forward. Double tuck. Hit last pass.

McLelland, Maryland, UB- Big Tkachev, a little short on the bail, double layout with a step.

Paz, ISU, VT- FTY, flares it, decent in the air, hop on the landing.

Jorgensen, SUU, FX- Double pike, front lay front full, double tuck with her chest down.

Johnson, ISU, VT- Low FTY with a hop.

2:08 pm. Marinez, Michigan, BB- Front aerial with a pause before her bhs loso, which is nice. Cat leap to side aerial. Good jumps. Double full with a hop.

Peterman, Maryland, UB- Ankle sep on blind change into straddle Jaeger, bail, good last handstand before double layout with a hop back.

2:06 pm. Webb, SUU, FX- Double pike, a little iffy on the landing. Finished with a strong Rudi.

Middelkoop, ISU, VT- Hit.

Faller, Maryland, UB- Caught release, giant full to double tuck, a little cowboyed and low on the landing.

Merwin, WVU, FX- Rudi loso. 1.5 front layout with a step. Hit the last pass.


2:04 pm. Artz, Michigan, BB- Pike jump to straddle 3/4, good fluidity on her front aerial to bhs, front toss to beat jump, this is gonna be a big score, punch 1.5 dismount with a hop back, really her only ‘big’ error.

2:03 pm. Bozzuto, SUU, FX- Clean double back, 1.5 to front layout, solid double pike. Excellent routine!

1:59 pm. Brownsell, SUU, FX- Punches into her Rudi, nice. Huge 1.5 to front layout. Excellent final pass.

Funk, Michigan, BB- Nice switch half to pike jump! Full turn, wobble after hitch kick to side aerial, hit the dismount.

WVU leads 146.825 to Maryland with 146.675 and Iowa State with 146.625!! DAMN, that’s close.

1:58 pm. Young, ISU, FX- Solid opening pass, big double tuck. 1.5 front lay, tries to stick but hops to the side. Great double pike.

Zaziski, Michigan, BB- Bhs loso, switch to straddle side, nailed the dismount.

1:57 pm. Gonzalez, SUU, FX- Love her opening choreo. Little bobble on her double tuck landing. Front lay front full. Front aerial into the corner before her Rudi, which has a messy stumbled landing.

1:54 pm. Faller, Maryland, VT- Huuuuuge vault from her.

Paz, ISU, FX- Double tuck with a lunge back. 1.5 to front layout. Omg her music is Ghostbusters, BLESS. Hit the final pass.

Karas, Michigan, BB- Punch front to beat jump, bhs loso, solid front 1.5 dismount.

Muhammad, WVU, BB- Lovely flight series, full turn, side aerial to layout full, great routine.

1:52 pm. Kaufman, WVU, BB- Front aerial to beat jump, beautiful bhs loso series, hit jump series, full turn, double full with a hop.

Wright, WVU, BB- Front aerial to Korbut, love. Solid gainer pike off the end.

1:49 pm. Koshinski, WVU, BB- Floaty bhs loso. Hit the rest, including a big double tuck with a step back.

Sievers, ISU, FX- Double tuck with a step back to control it. Front full front pike.

Bixler, Maryland, VT- FTY, big lunge back.

1:48 pm. Gillette, WVU, BB- Great flight series. Switch to standing loso into a jump, but her legs are a mess on the loso. 1.5 with a hop.

Green, ISU, FX- Solid double pike. Front lay front full with a hop forward. Hit the final pass.

Brauckmuller, Maryland, VT- Big FTY with a lunge back.

Michigan 98.85 to Southern Utah 98.375.

1:45 pm. Bozzuto, SUU, VT- Clean FTY with a small bounce.

Goldberg, WVU, BB- Front toss with a wobble and step forward. Switch to straddle. Front aerial to bhs, check. College stick on her dismount.

Middelkoop, ISU, FX- Double pike, front tuck through to double full, nice! 2.5 with a step.

Zaziski, Michigan, UB- Giant full to big Tkachev, double layout stuck with an arm swing to hold it.

Peterman, Maryland, VT- Hit but I missed it

1:43 pm. Blake-Howard, SUU, VT- FTY, no block and you can tell it’s gonna be super short…not surprising when she full-out crashes it.

Artz, Michigan, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, stuck double layout. Very solid routine. If Marinez got a 9.925 (#FakeNews) this is comparatively a 12.

1:42 pm. Brownsell, SUU, VT- Handspring front pike half, a little tentative on the landing.

Shchennikova, Michigan, UB- Maloney to pak (leg sep on both), giant full to double tuck, a few steps back.

1:41 pm. Webb, SUU, VT- FTY with her chest horizontal on the landing.

Marinez, Michigan, UB- Ray, toe-on which could practically be an inbar, super piked double layout.

1:40 pm. Jorgensen, SUU, VT- Hit FTY.

Karas, Michigan, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail, all clean, double layout stuck in a bit of a squat.

1:37 pm. Brauckmuller, Maryland, FX- Double pike with a lunge, nice. 1.5 front lay. Strong double tuck.

McBride, SUU, VT- Solid FTY to start them out, just a little lack of control on the landing.

Funk, Michigan, UB- Giant full to big Tkachev, bail is almost horizontal, stuck double layout.

1:34 pm. Farina, Maryland, FX- Great double pike. 1.5 to front layout with a bounce forward. Excellent double back to finish.

1:33 pm. Young, ISU, BB- Good flight series, double full with a hop.

Wright, WVU, UB- Messy on almost all of her skills, stalder to SUUUUPER high double tuck is great, though, step back.

1:31 pm. Gillette, WVU, UB- Gienger with major leg sep, pak with leg sep, giant full to double tuck, super low and squatted with a hop and the commentators are like “so close to a stick!” lmao.

Converse, ISU, BB- Lovely bhs loso, rest is good but she sad her dismount.

Michigan leads 49.3 to Southern Utah with 49.2.

1:29 pm. Rozsa, SUU, UB- Love her lines, great Jaeger to overshoot, giant full to double tuck, stuck with her chest leaning down a bit.

Slobodin, Maryland, FX- Front double full, hit middle pass, Rudi.

Goldberg, WVU, UB- Piked Tkachev with weird form, stuck double layout cold.

1:28 pm. McLean, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a great landing, jumps her feet together, some leg issues in the air.

Peterman, Maryland, FX- Double tuck.  Hit middle pass and 1.5 to barani to Shushunova. Great routine.

A WVU gymnast just came off on her giant full on bars (Cumber I think). Does it again into her double tuck, good finish.

1:27 pm. McBride, SUU, UB- Piked Jaeger, stuck double layout dismount.

1:26 pm. Karas, Michigan, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with a step forward, lots of power and good in the air.

Muhammad, WVU, UB- Huge Tkachev, straddle back, step on the dismount.

1:25 pm. Bernard, WVU, UB- Short handstand, Jaeger, bail, hit dismount.

Yee, SUU, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, both clean, double layout, looked like a good landing.

1:24 pm. Chiarelli, Michigan, VT- FTY, short, leg flips up on the landing. Leg form is better in the air than on her 1.5 though.

1:23 pm. Shettles, SUU, UB- Toe-on to Tkachev to overshoot, hit the dismount. The stream blacked out for a minute so I missed a Michigan vault I think.

1:21 pm. Townsend, SUU, UB- Giant full to Gienger, slight leg sep, bail (leg sep), giant full to double tuck, stuck.

1:19 pm. Funk, Michigan, VT- FTY, decent, just a step. Good leadoff.

Heltemes, SUU, UB- Hit routine, I only saw the Jaeger.

Zaziski, Michigan, VT- Clean-ish FTY. Nothing majorly wrong. Step back.

1:17 pm. I missed the first rotation of the West Virginia meet but will join for the second! Michigan’s about to star.

1:05 pm. Michigan vs Southern Utah, and I’m also gonna try to do the West Virginia meet if I can get the stream working.


8:48 pm. Utah wins, 197.600 to Arizona State’s 194.850.

8:45 pm. Ginn, ASU, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck a little low, goes into a lunge. Double pike lands with her chest down and then in that position bounces up in place. Crazy. 9.725

8:43 pm. Rowe, Utah, BB- Switch to straddle side with flexed feet on the latter, bhs bhs loso, one of her back handsprings looked like her elbows were really bent but that could just be the angle, full turn to opposite full turn, 1.5 stuck on her toes. 9.925

8:41 pm. Christopherson, ASU, FX- Double pike a little short with her chest down. Double tuck with her chest down. Short on her 1.5 into the punch front but she still hits it. 9.6

8:39 pm. Lee, Utah, BB- Full turn, bhs loso, good jump series, side aerial with a little balance fight, double full a little low with a hop. 9.85

8:37 pm. Skinner gets a 39.75 AA, currently the highest of this weekend, and I think her personal best? The 9.95 on beam was a gift but part of me is like “judges you’re dumb” and the other part of me is like “YAS GET IT SKINNER, BEST GYMNAST IN THE WORLD.”

Lentz, ASU, FX- Hit first two passes, second was 1.5 to front layout, and finishes with a solid double tuck. 9.825

8:35 pm. Skinner, Utah, BB- Bhs loso with a slight check, side aerial to sissone, switch to split jump, switch was good but split is maybe at 170 degrees, full L turn, straddle jump to back tuck is solid, double tuck dismount, great landing, tiny little bounce and her chest slightly down. 9.95!

8:33 pm. Callis, ASU, FX- 2.5 with messy legs in the air and she has to cover up a landing blooper, 1.5 to front layout, a couple leaps are a little short of 180, like the switch half…but the switch ring was nice. 9.6

8:31 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, BB- I missed the beginning…full turn, hit the rest, good dismount, I’m trash for not watching this. Another 9.825.

8:28 pm. Belkoff, ASU, FX- Lovely double pike, chest a little down. 1.5 to front pike, little step forward. Hit last pass. 9.75

8:26 pm. Merrell, Utah, BB- Good leaps, nails the bhs bhs loso, front toss, little wobble, double full a little low with her feet apart. 9.825

8:24 pm. Jones, ASU, FX- Big double pike. Double tuck is short but she pulls it up. 1.5 to front pike is a little low but again, she stands it right up. 9.675

8:21 pm. Stover, Utah, BB- Little check on her opening front aerial, stag jump, front aerial to bhs, lovely gainer full. 9.825

8:15 pm. Utah is at 148.225 and Arizona State is at 146.275 going into the final rotation.

8:12 pm. Skinner, Utah, FX- There are so many Utah fans here, it’s like being at an Orioles game when the Red Sox are in Baltimore. Double double into a lunge, not as controlled as usual but she covered it up well. Just did a jump that def hit 180. I’m keeping track this time so I can be like “ummm they were fine” when people complain about her leaps if she gets a 10. I feel like it’s coming tonight. 1.5 with slightly loose knees into her double full, excellent landing. Nailed the tucked full-in. 9.95

8:10 pm. Christopherson, ASU, BB- Full turn, front toss to Korbut, beat jump to stag, stuck 1.5. Seriously a GREAT beam rotation for ASU even if the scores don’t really look like it. 9.825

8:08 pm. Rowe, Utah, FX- Stuck double pike. Double full to loso. 1.5 to front layout. Excellent work from her. 9.9

8:06 pm. Szafranski, ASU, BB- Front aerial to Korbut, always my fave. Clean side aerial, switch to beat jump, full turn, Rufolva looks a little awkward when she hits the beam but I don’t even care, it’s the best. Gainer full stuck. God I love her. 9.775

8:04 pm. Merrell, Utah, FX- Short on her pike full-in. 2.5 lands buckled and she still punches out to the front tuck despite getting zero height, sitting it. Rudi. 8.975

8:02 pm. Lentz, ASU, BB- Lovely bhs loso. Standing loso. Full turn. Cat leap to switch side. 1.5 with a big step forward. 9.75

8:00 pm. Lewis, Utah, FX- Great double pike. Front lay front full with a step. Solid double tuck. Excellent routine. 9.925

7:57 pm. Udowitch, ASU, BB- Front aerial, wobble, missed combo. Dances back to the end of the beam, then front aerial with a pause into the back tuck. Good leaps. Full turn. Front toss, very solid. Side aerial is a little crooked going into the layout full but she hits the dismount well, stuck. 9.775

7:56 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, FX- Big double tuck. 1.5 front layout with a stumble into her arabesque. Double pike is a little short. 9.825

7:53 pm. Conrad, ASU, BB- Lovely bhs loso, switch to back tuck, side somi, cat leap to switch side, stuck the front layout full dismount. 9.75

7:51 pm. Roberts, Utah, FX- Double pike a little leaned back, Rudi, 1.5 to barani to stag, very nice. 9.825

7:49 pm. Callis, ASU, BB- Bhs bhs loso, small check, switch to split jump, full turn, scale, side aerial to stuck layout full. Great! 9.75

7:41 pm. Utah leads 98.8 to Arizona State’s 97.4. Utah def lost a lot on vault with their landings…only a 49.175 there and it could’ve been like a 49.4 if they were a little more careful.

7:40 pm. Christopherson, ASU, UB- Caught release, great handstand before bail, which arches over but she fights, into toe shoot, giant full right on the bar into a clean double tuck landed deep with a step. 9.8

7:38 pm. McNatt, Utah, VT- I feel like I remember her doing junior elite in like 2012 or 2013. And that was the last time I saw her until this moment. Yurchenko half on front pike off, bends legs a little and takes a step. 9.75

7:37 pm. Szafranski, ASU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney (leg sep) to pak (in a V), toe half, stuck double layout. Beautiful as always! I can never get over her lines. 9.85

7:36 pm. Skinner, Utah, VT- Huge DTY, superb in the air, small hop back. 9.9

7:35 pm. Wilson, ASU, UB- Giant full to blind change to straddle Jaeger, some leg form, bail, giant full is crooked to double tuck with a step. 9.725

7:34 pm. Lewis, Utah, VT- Huge FTY, small step. Excellent in the air. 9.85

7:33 pm. Imbus, ASU, UB- Good opening combo, short handstand, stalder to double tuck, a little cowboyed, overrotated and stumbled back onto her back. 9.275

7:32 pm. Merrell, Utah, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, bends her legs when she goes to land and takes two steps forward. 9.75

7:31 pm. Hart, ASU, UB- Leg sep on blind change to nice straddle Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand, double layout, legs in a V and feet landed apart. 9.8

7:30 pm. Rowe, Utah, VT- FTY, loose legs, but tons of air and a solid landing. 9.85

7:29 pm. Rushton, ASU, UB- Huge Tkachev! Just some leg and foot form that’s wonky, fully bent knees when she catches. Catches her bail but then her hand slips and she has to basically fight to regrasp it, but her legs are a mess. Double layout with leg sep and a step. 9.5

7:28 pm. Lee, Utah, VT- Lovely flared FTY, stuck! Looked great from what I saw, from the replay angle it’s just as good as when I first saw it. 9.825

7:22 pm. Utah has a hilarious 49.625 for a good set that the ASU bars judges saw and were like “these routines were gifts to us directly from our lord and savior Jesus Christ.” I…don’t get it. It was a good bars day for them but…no. Just. No. Arizona State, meanwhile, gets a 48.725 on vault.

7:19 pm. Rowe, Utah, UB- Giant full to Tkachev with flexed feet and a slight knee bend when she releases, fights for handstand before the bail, double layout, jumps heels together. 9.9

7:17 pm. Lewis, Utah, UB- Hit routine with double layout stuck. 9.95

Christopherson, ASU, VT- Clean Yurchenko layout, just a small bounce in place. 9.625

7:16 pm. Ginn, ASU, VT- FTY with leg sep on the entry and a pike down on the landing, hop. 9.825

7:15 pm. Lee, Utah, UB- Hit routine completely with stuck full-in. I missed everything but that, but it was all hit. 9.975

Can we talk about how Skinner got a 9.95, I’m literally screaming laughing, bless judges for not watching routines at all, GET IT MYK.

7:14 pm. Wilson, ASU, VT- Clean FTY, good block, great landing. Just goes a little off-center off the table. 9.775

7:13 pm. Skinner, Utah, UB- Maloney (legs in a V) to a clean bail, toe-on to full-in stuck with her feet apart. 9.95

7:12 pm. Lentz, ASU, VT- Solid FTY, another tiny bounce on the landing. Knees are a little tucked and she pikes pretty heavily. 9.75

7:11 pm. Reinstadtler, Utah, UB- Great handstand before toe half to big straddle Jaeger, bail with slight leg sep, short last handstand, full-in with a step on the landing. Her legs going into the dismount looked weird? Probably separated…yeah in the replay you can see one leg flicks out instead of staying tight together with the other leg. 9.875

7:10 pm. Belkoff, ASU, VT- Clean FTY with a small hop back. Very nice for her. Superb in the air, just a slight pike as she comes in to the landing. 9.75

7:09 pm. Merrell, Utah, UB- Toe-on to Deltchev, bail is a little crooked, short handstand before stalder to double tuck, stuck a little low with her feet apart. 9.875

7:08 pm. Rushton, ASU, VT- Yurchenko tuck full crashed. No block…literally just drops from the table to her hands and knees. 9.05

7:07 pm. I love Arizona State’s leos.

7:01 pm. Time for Arizona State vs Utah!

5:50 pm. Penn State beats Pittsburgh 195.200 to 193.475. I have to say, even with Jeff Thompson getting booted from the program like two minutes ago, PSU really focused on hitting routines and getting their jobs done with no major problem areas counting aside from a few stumbles on floor.

5:48 pm. Huge 197.725 for UCLA and that was with mostly strong and tight judging! The Bruins gave up a ton on landings, especially on vault, but they also had a pretty freaking fabulous day with no major mistakes and the score shows it. Arizona finishes with a 196.275, especially good considering they only put up five on vault and floor.

5:47 pm. Tsang, PSU, FX- Double arabian with a lunge forward. Hit middle pass and double pike well to finish. 9.9

5:46 pm. Laymon, Pitt, BB- Tick tock, hit everything after that, cat leap to straddle side, sissone to loso with a check, another jump series, there are like 40 jumps and leaps in this routine. Gainer pike with a step back. 9.7

5:43 pm. Mossett, UCLA, FX- Stuck front through to double tuck cold. Double pike also stuck cold! She’s sobbing, is this senior night? Just give it a 10, why the eff not? 9.975

Timothy, PSU, FX- Pink Panther routine. Big full-in with a slide back. Whip to 1.5 to punch front stumbled forward with her toes right at the edge but she pulls it back. double pike with her chest low and her back leg popping up. 9.6

5:42 pm. Cindric, Arizona, BB- Solid bhs loso, side aerial, good jump series (finished with lovely sheep jump from this angle), stuck gainer pike! Brilliant first beam back. 9.9

Burak, Pitt, BB- Wobbled on something early on and almost came off, and then another wobble after a jump series I think. Stuck gainer full. 9.675

5:40 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX- 2.5 with a big lunge forward. 1.5 to Rudi to stag is nicely controlled. Effortless switch ring. Double pike is a solid enough finish. 9.95, and she’ll go 39.625 in the AA which ties Amelia Hundley for the high so far this week!

Garcia, PSU, FX- Big double tuck. Double pike crashed to her knees. 9.6

5:39 pm. West, Pitt, BB- Big amplitude on switch half to straddle jump, rest is good including a stuck 1.5 dismount! 9.85

5:38 pm. Schneider, Arizona, BB- Full turn, shaky front toss with a big break before her bhs, I would’ve repeated that, they already lost a connection from Howard, straddle to sissone, wobble out of jump series after sheep jump, punch front full with a hop. 9.725

5:37 pm. Hosek, PSU, FX- Hit opening pass but I missed it. I may have missed the second as well? #Drunk #Jk #Tired Double pike with a stumble to finish. 9.75

5:36 pm. Cipra, UCLA, FX- Big double tuck. Front full front half to straddle to front tuck. Her back roll into the corner before her last pass looks like a mistake lol but it’s choreo. Big rebound back out of her double pike is her only major mistake. 9.9? Okrrr

5:35 pm. Collins, Pitt, BB- Full turn, big bhs loso, cat leap to front toss with a stumble, side aerial, pause, then a split leap. Hit the dismount. 9.5

5:34 pm. Ortiz, Arizona, BB- Slight check on bhs loso. Good jumps. Cat leap, side aerial, layout full. 9.85

5:33 pm. Schuller, PSU, FX- Front double full. A whip half to front full I think. Whip half to Rudi. Good routine. 9.825

5:31 pm. Toronjo, UCLA, FX- MY NEW FAVE. Nails the double pike. Big double tuck, chest slightly down. 1.5 to front layout, excellent. YAY. 9.925!

Brett, Pitt, BB- Good side aerial bhs, full turn, solid 1.5 dismount. 9.725

5:29 pm. Cowles, Arizona, BB- Front aerial with a wobble missing her flight series. She did this last week and added about 20 mins of dance in. Today she just pauses before her jump series, standing loso, front aerial to bhs to make up for the earlier miss, front gainer full with a little bobble. 9.775

5:27 pm. Hall, UCLA, FX- 1.5 through to double tuck, great landing. Second pass ends with a front pike and goes a little too far forward. Double pike into a controlled lunge. 9.725

Politz, PSU, FX- Big double pike but over-rotates it and falls on her back OOB. Tries to hold back on the double tuck and she’s a little short. 1.5 front lay with a tiny skid forward. 9.075

5:24 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, BB- Beat jump to straddle 3/4, solid bhs loso, switch to split side, side aerial, good landing on the gainer full. 9.85

Hall, Pitt, BB- Mount like Hallie Mossett’s, full turn, bhs loso with bent knees, hitch kick into a jump to a back tuck, big wobble and her hands down. Cat leap to side somi. 1.5 with a hop. 9.175

5:22 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, FX- Double tuck with a little bounce back into the lunge. 1.5 to front half to straddle to front tuck is on point. Illusion is a nice touch but she bends her knee coming out of it. Switch ring to switch half. Double pike is a little low but has a solid landing. 9.875

5:20 pm. Howard, Arizona, BB- Love her mount, tick tock, bhs loso, solid, nice pike jump to back tuck, full turn, switch to straddle side, front gainer tuck full off the end of the beam with a great landing. 9.725

Penn State leads 146.525 to Pittsburgh’s 145.025.

5:16 pm. Pearson, Pitt, FX- Huge open double tuck. Front lay front full. Double pike. DAYUM. Fabulous. 9.85

5:15 pm. Medvitz, PSU, BB- Beautiful flight series, little stumble in her illusion turn to arabesque but I don’t even care give it a 10! Switch to split, full turn, beautiful flawless needle scale, cat leap to front aerial to gainer full with her heels sliding back. MUAH. YAS. 9.875

5:14 pm. Petrikis, Pitt, FX- Double pike, hit middle pass, good double tuck, heel is in the OOB area but I don’t see her actually put it down. Uses part of Demi Lovato’s “Confident” which I LOVE. 9.775

5:11 pm. Garcia, PSU, BB- Front aerial beat jump, bhs loso with a form break and her chest down but she fights for it, full turn. Good jumps. Little hop on her gainer full. 9.6

Arizona only putting five up on floor. UCLA leads 148.100 to 146.975. See? Even with LEGITIMATE SCORING (mostly) UCLA will get a really super 197+ if they hit floor. You don’t need trash judging!

5:09 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB- Triple series with just the layout today, no full…legs apart throughout. I think her full form is better! But the landing here was a little better. Front aerial, bhs loso layout full stuck. 9.9

Hall, Pitt, FX- Double pike with her chest down and a stumble back. Double tuck is open and lovely. Front full front lay. 9.675

5:08 pm. Schneider, Arizona, FX- Double pike stuck! PERF front lay front full front pike. Double tuck stuck! EVERY LANDING WAS PHENOMENAL. 9.9

Tsang, PSU, BB- Cat leap to switch side, hitch kick to side somi with a wobble. Full turn lands awkwardly. Side aerial layout full, great landing. 9.725

5:05 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB- Homma flairs, good jumps, nails the bhs layout, double spin with her leg up, punch front perfect. Great landing on the 1.5. 9.9

Politz, PSU, BB- Front aerial, bhs layout, yas, just a small check. Cat leap to stuck gainer full. 9.7

Laymon, Pitt, FX- Double tuck, hands down. Double pike is low. Hit last pass. 9.125

5:03 pm. Howard, Arizona, FX- Double tuck stumbles backwards and you can see her really pulling it forward to keep it upright. Front lay front full with a step into arabesque. Good double pike. 9.8

West, Pitt, FX- I missed the first pass I think…double pike goes OOB with a heel. 1.5 to messy punch front with a step. 9.625

5:01 pm. Ross, UCLA, BB- Bhs loso with a small check, switch ring to beat jump, side aerial layout full stuck. Great except for the check, and her score reflects that at 9.95. REALLY impressed with the judges once again.

Schuller, PSU, BB- Switch to straddle side, front aerial to bhs, cat leap front toss to beat jump, 1.5 with a hop. 9.7

4:59 pm. Berg, Arizona, FX- Solid double pike. Clean 1.5 to front pike. Double back to finish with a step to control. 9.725

Spivey, Pitt, FX- Front through to 2.5, stumble forward. Good double tuck. Last pass finishes a little low, deep knee bend. 9.475

4:58 pm. Kocian, UCLA, BB- Clean bhs loso, full turn, switch to split jump, double full got a little weak in the air, but still really nice on the landing, just feet apart. 9.925

Hosek, Penn State, BB- Ring jump to layout stepout, bhs loso is solid, big jumps, front aerial, hit gainer full dismount. 9.8

4:55 pm. Swanson, Arizona, FX- Powerful Rudi to start. Ooh, really nice whip to double full! 2.5 with a little step to finish. 9.725

4:53 pm. Mossett, UCLA, BB- Full turn, check after jumps but they looked great in the air. Bhs loso with flexed feet and a check. Side somi to layout full, struggles to hold onto the landing. Meh. It’s been better. 9.825

4:51 pm. Mattson, Arizona, FX- Double pike, stumble back. Good 1.5 to front layout. Double tuck to finish. Great leadoff routine. 9.825

Only five went up for Penn State on bars. They lead 97.725 to Pittsburgh’s 96.625.

4:50 pm. Meraz, UCLA, BB- Bhs bhs loso, big wobble but uses her core to bring it back on, hit jumps, full turn, 1.5 with a step back. 9.75

Herbine, Pitt, VT- Yurchenko layout half, step forward. 9.775

4:49 pm. Garcia, PSU, UB- Piked Jaeger, aggressive swing on toe-on to bail, caught very nicely. Good last handstand, stuck double layout cold. BEAUTIFUL. 9.925

4:48 pm. Pearson, Pitt, VT- FTY, looked great, flares it, lots of air, good landing. 9.775

4:46 pm. Oscar, Pitt, VT- FTY, a little form-y but decent landing. 9.75

Tsang, PSU, UB- Huge straddle Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand before giants to double layout, a little too close to the bar with a hop back.

4:45 pm. Politz, PSU, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, short handstand before giant half to cowboyed double front, bounce in place on the landing. 9.85

4:44 pm. Spivey, Pitt, VT- Messy FTY with a couple of big steps back. 9.65

4:43 pm. LaGuardia, PSU, UB- Late giant full to low Tkachev that leans really far back awkwardly in the air, bail, another slightly late giant full to clean stuck double tuck. 9.75

4:42 pm. Collins, Pitt, VT- Floaty FTY, little bounce on the landing. 9.7

4:41 pm. UCLA picks up the lead, 98.6 to 98.0!

West, Pitt, VT- I missed this…9.725

Medvitz, PSU, UB- Great first handstand, stalder to big clean Tkachev, another perf handstand before her super clean pak, holds last handstand right on the bar, giant full a little late to open stuck double tuck. That was GOOOORGEOUS. 9.825

4:39 pm. Lee, UCLA, UB- Big Ray, clean Bhardwaj but maybe caught a little close and her ankles seem weird if you wanna be picky, toe-on to van Leeuwen, short last handstand, and a double layout with a one-foot hop forward. 9.825

4:38 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, all textbook. double layout stuck cold. She is basically a how-to guide for uneven bars. 9.95

4:37 pm. Swanson, Arizona, VT- FTY, a little piked, a little short, hop forward. 9.75

4:36 pm. Kocian, UCLA, UB- Chow to pak (leg sep), short handstand before Chow half (MUCH cleaner than usual), stalder to clean full-in, just a small step back. One of her better NCAA UB routines, honestly. 9.9

4:35 pm. Cindric, Arizona, VT- Oh, she’s back! FTY, legs loose in the air and she pikes down a bit, but a great landing. 9.75

4:34 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, UB- Looked like she didn’t know where to salute? lmao…a little short on the first handstand, big piked Jaeger, some leg sep, clean bail, last handstand is a hair short, giant full with a little adjustment on top of the bar, into a double tuck, cowboyed with a hop. 9.85

4:33 pm. Mattson, Arizona, VT- Yurchenko layout half, clean in the air, hop forward. Aside from the hop, though, that was a lovely landing. Really nice body positioning and awareness considering it’s blind. 9.825

4:32 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB- Caught release, blind change to clean straddle back, full-in looked a little cleaner in the air than usual, chest down and a big step forward/to the side though. 9.85

4:31 pm. Felix-Terrazas, Arizona, VT- Whippy FTY, a little messy in the air, step on the landing. 9.7

Penn State leads with a 48.575 to Pittsburgh’s 47.850. Pitt didn’t count a fall but they got HAMMERED on their scores. Like, yikes. Rough.

4:30 pm. Meraz, UCLA, UB- Ray, nice, toe-on to bail, a little crooked, double layout with leg sep and a small step. 9.875

4:29 pm. Laymon, Pitt, UB- Short handstand, blind change to piked Jaeger, giant full to bail (bent elbows), short handstand before blind change to front giant half to double tuck, stuck!

Laub, Arizona, VT- FTY, a little loose in the air, hop back. 9.775

4:28 pm. Tsang, PSU, VT- 1.5 with a step to control it, a little wild it looked like, but she got it under control.

4:27 pm. Brett, Pitt, UB- Short handstand before super clean Gienger, short handstand before toe-on to bail, aggressive giants into big floaty double layout, just a step forward. I remember when she was like, an England squad kid!

4:26 pm. Garcia, PSU, VT- FTY, easily the best of the bunch, and actually the best of UCLA’s bunch right now tbh. Clean in the air, solid landing.

4:25 pm. Peele, Pitt, UB- I missed the beginning but she had some messy front giant work and caught her release, finished with a double layout with a hop.

4:24 pm. LaGuardia, PSU, VT- Yurchenko layout with a huge stumble back, at least four steps. Tbh it looked like one of Alicia Sacramone’s timers. :-/

4:23 pm. Arizona leads 49.2 to UCLA’s 49.175. I have to say, UCLA had some sketcy af landings, but I was shocked at how well the judges are…JUDGING.

Hall, Pitt, UB- Short handstand before Gienger (leg sep), clear hip to very clean pak! Switch kip, jumps back up to high, giant full (a little late) to clean stuck double tuck.

4:22 pm. Hosek, PSU, VT- FTY, good landing, just a slight adjustment.

4:21 pm. Collins, Pitt, UB- Way short handstand before Gienger, leg sep and fall. Bail, giant full to double tuck with a hop.

Ortiz, Arizona, UB- HUUUUUGE Tkachev to overshoot, giant full to double tuck with a deep but stuck landing.

4:20 pm. Preston, UCLA, VT- FTY, wants to stick but takes two steps forward. You could call that a 0.0001 second stick if you REALLY wanted to. 9.8

4:19 pm. Berg, Arizona, UB- Short handstand, blind change to piked Jaeger, clean bail, archy and short handstand at the same time, messy but stuck full-in. 9.8

4:18 pm. Ross, UCLA, VT- FTY, good in the air, just slight leg sep, hop back. 9.85

Politz, PSU, VT- FTY, way short, big hop with her leg up.

4:17 pm. Felix Terrazas, Arizona, UB- Giant full (a little late) to Tkachev, huuuge! giant full to double tuck with a hop. 9.875

Pearson, Pitt, UB- Gienger (leg sep), blind change to front giant half down to the low bar, leg sep on giant full to double tuck, step forward.

4:16 pm. Medvitz, PSU, VT- Yurchenko layout, a little piked, hop back.

4:15 pm. Savvidou, UCLA, VT- I think I really like these leos? Yeah. I do. They’re very Kentucky. FTY, pikes down a bit, messy hop back.

4:13 pm. Laub, Arizona, UB- 2012 Nastia levels of hair poof right now. Long wait for her. Clear hip to low Tkachev, bail, big double layout with a hop back. 9.775

4:12 pm. Cipra, UCLA, VT- FTY, off-center, but great block, big bounce back. 9.825

4:11 pm. Hendrickson, Arizona, UB- Blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice straddle shape but flexed feet and doesn’t get her dowel over, fall. Bail, double layout with a step. 8.85

4:10 pm. Kocian, UCLA, VT- FTY, clean in the air, bounce back on the landing. 9.85

4:09 pm. Just FYI, Arkansas didn’t have Sydney McGlone today and without a replacement athlete to go up on floor, they only scored a 185.275. 😦 I hope Sydney isn’t so injured that she has to miss much. How gutting.

Howard, Arizona, UB- Piked Jaeger, clean bail, hit the dismount. 9.85

4:08 pm. Meraz, UCLA, VT- Clean FTY with a fab landing. 9.85

4:02 pm. UCLA vs Arizona starting SOON! Also gonna watch a bit of Penn State and Pittsburgh.


10:45 pm. Oregon State wins with a 197.125 but Stanford has its best meet of the season with a 196.325! Good for them.

10:42 pm. Price, Stanford, FX- Huuuuuuuge open double tuck. So pretty. Front lay front full. Double pike, excellent finish!! Stanford’s best floor rotation in nine million years.

10:40 pm. Gardiner, OSU, BB- Great jumps. Front aerial, bhs loso with a check, side somi, stuck gainer full. Beautifulllll as always.

Stanford’s gonna go 196+ for the first time all season! Hey, I called it in the preview! I’m a GENIUS. Jk it’s #SeniorNightMagic, when everything finally comes together.

10:38 pm. Daum, Stanford, FX- Double pike, solid. She’s having a great day and I really need her to kill it #SeniorNight style on floor to finish it up. 1.5 to front layout. Solid double tuck. YAY!!!! 9.875 and she finishes with a 39.25 AA!!! Good for her.

10:36 pm. Dessaints, OSU, BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso, little wobble after jump series, front toss to beat jump, bhs gainer full with a little adjustment on the landing.

10:34 pm. Tai, Stanford, FX- Double tuck short but she pulls it up. 1.5 to front tuck is also a little low but pulled up. Double pike is her lowest of the three but again…she muscled out of the buckled knee landing.

10:32 pm. McMillan, OSU, BB- Solid front aerial bhs, full turn, front toss down to a knee landing, always solid, switch to straddle side, gainer full with a tiny slide.

10:30 pm. Cole, Stanford, FX- 2.5 to stuck punch front! Double tuck with a stumble forward but saves it from falling to her hands. Front full front pike. Good routine aside from that one wonky pass.

10:29 pm. S Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, BB- Split jump to stag jump, bhs loso with a slight check, full turn, side aerial to stuck layout full, gorgeous!

10:27 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, FX- Solid double tuck. Clean front lay front full. Rudi to finish. Very very good.

10:25 pm. Gill, OSU, BB- Split jump to stag jump, front aerial with a wobble, misses connection, has to think for a split sec and does bhs loso, big switch half to beat jump, gainer full, small adjustment.

10:23 pm. D McNair, Stanford, FX- Double pike with a stumble back but she gets it under control. Good double tuck. Solid 1.5 front lay. Great start for them.

10:21 pm. Jimenez, OSU, BB- Front toss to beat jump, bhs loso with a slight check, nice full turn, clean jumps, solid gainer pike!

10:14 pm. Oregon State extends the lead, 147.850 to Stanford’s 147.100.

10:09 pm. McMillan, OSU, FX- Front double full, 1.5 to front layout is strong, Rudi to finish. Another great set for the Beavers!

10:07 pm. D McNair, Stanford, FX- Bhs loso is solid, wobble on full turn, switch half, side aerial, switch to straddle jump, gainer pike with a hop back! She saved them from a fall!

10:06 pm. Gardiner, OSU, FX- 2.5 with a small stumble, 1.5 to barani to straddle jump, double pike, chest slightly down. Great routine.

10:04 pm. Daum, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso with slight knee bend, full turn, front aerial with a wobble, great jumps (including sheep jump), 1.5 stuck! She is having the best senior night ever.

10:02 pm. Lowery, OSU, FX- Double pike, chest slightly down but otherwise great. Solid Rudi. Front lay front full stuck! Excellent.

LSU 197.675, Auburn 196.100!

10:00 pm. Rott, Auburn, FX- Huuuuge double layout. Double pike stumbled back.

Tai, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso bhs with a wobble and a fall. Hit the rest.

Boise State gets a 49.3 on beam to finish with 196.675, only putting up five routines on beam and floor, while Alabama finishes with 196.925 after a good day but really really super tight scoring. Really actually impressed with the judges there.

9:58 pm. Colussi-Pelaez, OSU, FX- Good double tuck. Nice Y turn. Rudi is great. Double pike with her chest slightly down.

Sims, Alabama, FX- Solid double pike. 1.5 with messy legs to front layout. Double tuck.

Gnat, LSU, BB- Missed leap connection so made up for it. Switch side. Bobble on bhs loso. Double full SAILED down into a stick. That was GREAT. The dismount I mean. Aside from the leg form.

9:56 pm. Hlawek, Auburn, FX- Rudi to back full! YAS. I LOVE THAT. Double tuck. Front full front lay.

Cole, Stanford, BB- Bhs loso is hit. Bobble on leaps. Front aerial to beat jump. Double full stuck. Her best beam ever??? That was fab!

9:54 pm. Esmerian, BSU, BB- Bhs one armed bhs loso, great routine. She’s thrilled with that. They ALL are. 9.925!!

Ricci, OSU, FX- 1.5 front pike with a step. Double pike is low and she has to muscle up out of it.

Finnegan, LSU, BB- Single wolf turn, nailed flight series, switch to switch half is excellent, side aerial to layout full with a solid landing.

Bailey, Alabama, FX- Double arabian is super far back and deep, step to control it. Big Rudi.

I just missed an apparently awesome Auburn routine. And I think she’s crying she’s so happy?! Prob senior night tears.

9:52 pm. Li, LSU, BB- Hit routine, just a wobble on her flight series

Fitzgerald, Stanford, BB- Love her full turn. Front toss. Hit the rest…including front full dismount with a step.

I missed an Alabama routine…Guerrero I think.

9:50 pm. Cerio, Auburn, FX- Short on double pike. Low on punch front out of second pass. Rudi to finish is great.

Jacobsen, OSU, FX- Double pike, solid. Excellent rudi.

Means, BSU, BB- Bhs loso, nice and clean, and I missed the rest of this because on the LSU stream — the only one I’m listening to — DD just started screaming. Lord she’s terrifying. In a good way.

9:49 pm. Desch, Alabama, FX- Double arabian with a solid landing. Good middle pass, stuck double tuck cold! This will be a great score.

N McNair, Stanford, BB- Great bhs loso, side somi, full turn, side aerial, slight check, good jumps, gainer full with a hop.

9:48 pm. Ewing, LSU, BB- Bhs layout is great. Super solid. Big switch side. Great 1.5 to finish.

9:47 pm. Remme, BSU, BB- Nailed flight series. Switch to switch half, front aerial, 1.5 fights for the stick on her toes.

9:46 pm. Day, Auburn, FX- Double pike, good landing, big double tuck.

9:44 pm. Guerra, Alabama, FX- Double tuck with a step back. 1.5 to front layout. Solid double pike.

Oregon State leads Stanford, 98.375 to 98.150.

9:43 pm. Katie Becker hit floor for Auburn, and Amanda Jetter hit floor for Alabama.

Hambrick, LSU, BB- Full L turn, hitch kick to side aerial with a wobble, good jumps, solid bhs loso, double full with a bounce.

Urquhart, BSU, BB- Hit triple flight series, switch half is super short, 1.5 with a good landing, just a little adjustment.

9:40 pm. Mejia, BSU, BB- Side aerial bhs, the rest is hit, excellent!

Macadaeg, LSU, BB- Hit the beginning, huge crazy amplitude on her flight series, some little tiny bobbles, stuck gainer full.

Maxwell, Stanford, UB- Toe on to bail to toe shoot, giant full a little crooked to double tuck with a small step. One of her better sets!

9:37 pm. Oklahoma wins with a 197.675 to Georgia’s huge 196.925, I think their second highest of the season! Great meet for them and they didn’t have to count Schick’s fall.

Price, Stanford, UB- Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to toe shoot, nooooo, pings off!! EBEEEE NOOOOO. Peels off hard onto her back. For some reason the bars coach falls down when she fell LOLOL. Like he’s standing up and then throws himself forward as if to save her. Gets back on for toe shoot, then double layout dismount stuck cold. UGH that was a bummer but she’s hugging a random little boy so it’s okay.

Dessaints, OSU, VT- 1.5 stuck!!  YAS.

9:35 pm. Jackson, Oklahoma, FX- Nailed opening full-in, I thought it was a double double at first, whip half to front full, solid double pike to finish.

Daum, Stanford, UB- Leg sep on bail, toe shoot, big nice Tkachev, double arabian with a great landing!! YAY!! She looks thrilled.

McMillan, OSU, VT- 1.5 with some ankle crossing in the air and a couple steps forward.

Alabama leads Boise 147.525 to 147.375. I think Boise only put up five on floor.

9:34 pm. Jacobsen, OSU, VT- Tsuk full, stuck with her chest down.

9:33 pm. D McNair, Stanford, UB- Toe shoot, short handstand before blind change to Jaeger to overshoot, stuck double layout!

Georgia just had a fall on beam.

9:31 pm. Yu, Stanford, UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nailed the dismount, looks thrilled!

Gnat, LSU, FX- Huge double layout. Hit middle pass, good double pike to finish.

Capps, Oklahoma, FX- Big double pike, her choreo is killing me, I can barely watch anything else. Rudi to finish is lovely.

Guerrero, Alabama, BB- Hit routine complete with stuck 1.5 dismount.

Gill, OSU, VT- FTY with a small bounce, strong form in the air.

9:30 pm. N McNair, Stanford, UB- Piked Jaeger, short handstands, stuck full-in! Happy with that.

Babalis, Georgia, BB- Great leaps, front toss, front full dismount with a fab landing.

Gardiner, OSU, VT- Solid FTY, excellent in the air.

9:29 pm. Kelley, LSU, FX- Big double layout but chest is short. Bounces out of second pass. Front through to double back, bounced back.

Aufiero, OSU, VT- FTY, feet glued on the landing.

Dowell, Oklahoma, FX- Double front with a baby hop OOB. Front lay front full.

9:28 pm. Broussard, Georgia, BB- Loso loso, right? I didn’t see the first one but feel like she does that. Side aerial, cat leap gainer full with a good landing.

Sims, Alabama, BB- Full turn, bhs loso, legs are a little wild, switch to switch side, double tuck super low with a big step forward.

9:27 pm. Slappey, Auburn, BB- Solid bhs loso, cat leap to side aerial to layout full stuck with feet apart.

9:26 pm. Turner, Oklahoma, FX- Double pike. Front full front lay. Double tuck stumbled back.

Stockwell, BSU, FX- Front double full, front lay front full, Rudi with a bounce back.

9:25 pm. Priessman, LSU, FX- Big tucked full-in, big middle pass, double tuck is super low, hands down.

9:23 pm. Dickson, Georgia, BB- Switch half, bhs loso is solid, front aerial to beat jump, 1.5 with a hop.

Armbrecht, Alabama, BB- Front aerial, small check on bhs loso, small wobble on sheep jump, stuck 1.5.

9:20 pm. Aufiero, OSU, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, bail, hit dismount

Sanders, Georgia, BB- Cat leap to switch side, wobble, hit front full dismount

Desch, Alabama, BB- Switch to split, hit flight series, 1.5 with her chest down.

Hambrick, LSU, FX- Double layout a little piked but a great landing. Second pass is a little short. Double pike is great.

Brown, Oklahoma, FX- Front lay front full with a lean and step back. Lovely Rudi to finish.

Bennion, BSU, FX- Double arabian is great. Whip half to front full.

Stanford leads OSU 49.125 to 49.025!

9:18 pm. McMillan, OSU, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, hit dismount.

Remme, BSU, FX- Double pike, front double full, whip half to Rudi.

Jones, Okahoma, FX- 2.5 + punch front, yas! Solid double pike.

Zamardi, LSU, FX- Hit routine

9:15 pm. Cerio, Auburn, BB- Bhs loso with a stumble and a fall. Punch full with a hop to finish.

Sanders, Alabama, BB- Full turn with a slight bobble, bhs loso is solid, 1.5 with a small hop.

D McNair, Stanford, VT- FTY with a bounce in place.

Vega, Georgia, BB- Front aerial to beat jump. Side aerial, switch to split side, full turn, side aerial layout full stuck.

9:13 pm. Hoffman, Stanford, VT- Big clean FTY, just a little short on the landing.

Ewing, LSU, FX- Hit the first two passes, double pike to finish is good.

Urquhart, BSU, FX- Hit routine, I only saw the last pass, a Rudi.

Singley, OSU, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, short handstand before bail, double layout with her chest down but an otherwise good landing.

9:12 pm. Hlawek, Auburn, BB- Full turn, bhs loso, front toss, 1.5 a little squatty but feet don’t move.

McNeer, Alabama, BB- Front aerial bhs, bhs loso, nailed the dismount.

Jacobsen, OSU, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, double front with a hop.

9:11 pm. Cole, Stanford, VT- FTY, landing loses a little control in the form, bounce back, but great air actually!

I just saw Nastia on the Alabama stream for some reason???

9:10 pm. Gardiner, OSU, UB- Toe-on to Maloney to bail, arched handstand before stalder to double tuck, good landing, chest slightly down.

9:09 pm. Daum, Stanford, VT- FTY, nice landing! Senior night for her and I still remember her in ELITE. 100 years ago. So many #mems tonight.

9:08 pm. LSU 98.775 to Auburn 97.925 by the way!

9:05 pm. 148.350 for Oklahoma, leading over Georgia with 147.600. Great day for Georgia, huh?!

Alabama leads 98.375 to Boise State with 98.250! Only a 49.1 for Bama on bars. Really tight scoring over there tonight.

9:04 pm. Internet issues so I missed Auburn’s last UB routine and Gigi Marino’s FX…Emma Engler got a career-high 9.9 on bars for Auburn. Gigi hit from what I did see.

9:02 pm. Capps, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso to beat jump, front aerial to scale, love her jump down into her middle split, great landing on dismount.

Day, Auburn, UB- Toe-on to toe half to Jaeger, big, to overshoot, hit dismount.

McGregor, Boise State, VT- YAS 1.5!!! Just a step forward. BAMF.

Bailey, Alabama, UB- Jaeger, huge full-out with a step.

Gnat, LSU, VT- DTY with a small hop but better in the air.

9:00 pm. Alabama, UB- Maloney to bail, giant full to double tuck, SHOW ME HER FACE, why can’t I see who this is.

Cerio, Auburn, UB- Hit routine, including giant full to double tuck with a solid landing

Georgia, FX- 1.5 to front lay, double tuck

Jetter, Alabama, FX- Ray, bail to toe shoot, double front with a hop and her chest down.

Priessman, LSU, VT- 1.5 with a huge step forward.

Stockwell, Boise State, VT- 1.5 with a step back

8:58 pm. Nichols, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso is solid, switch to split jump, punch front tuck, stuck double tuck! Awesome.

Krippner, Auburn, UB- Toe on to bail, Tkachev, full-in low with a hop.

Bir, Boise State, VT- Handspring pike half, it’s so open it’s almost a layout.

Ewing, LSU, VT- 1.5 with a hop.

8:55 pm. Becker, Auburn, UB- Big Jaeger, double lay with a step back.

Brown, Oklahoma, BB- Front aerial to bhs bhs. Fell on a straddle…3/4 I wanna say? Too bad, this was pretty to that point.

Remme, Boise State, VT- Huge FTY with a great landing. Maybe bent elbows on the table.

Finnegan, LSU, VT- Stuck FTY cold. Nice flare.

Sims, Alabama, UB- Toe on to big Ray, catches but too late and holds it for a half sec but peels off to her knees. Bail to toe shoot, hit the rest a little messy.

Kopec, Auburn, UB- Jaeger, short handstands, beautiful double lay.

Vega, Georgia, FX- I missed the start of this. 1.5 to front lay with a step. Double pike is great.

Hambrick, LSU, VT- 1.5 with a tiny hop.

8:54 pm. Cannamela, LSU, VT- FTY piked with a big hop back.

McNeer, Alabama, UB- Hit release, double layout is very nice.

8:53 pm. Babalis, Georgia, FX- Hit double back, then front layout front full to arabesque. Double pike with a slide back.

Boise State, BT- Yurchenko layout half, very nice in the air, hop on the landing.

LSU 49.35 to Auburn 48.8!

8:51 pm. Catour, Oklahoma, BB- Solid bhs loso, cat leap to switch side, cat leap to front aerial, gainer pike with a hop.

8:49 pm. Auburn doesn’t have live stats on their schedule, and LSU’s schedule links to Auburn’s schedule. #Trash

Roberts, Georgia, FX- Double pike, front lay front full is good, double tuck with her chest down.

Kentucky and Illinois tied btw! 196.625. Washington was close with a 196.400 and NIU was fourth with a 193.800.

8:48 pm. Lehrmann, Oklahoma, BB- Some wobbles at the beginning of this. Bhs loso is solid, though. Stuck 1.5 with feet apart.

8:46 pm. Reynolds, Georgia, FX- Front double full. 1.5 to front layout. Solid Rudi.

I missed the first rotation of LSU and Auburn because my laptop no longer allows me to play two SEC streams in the same browser, but I’m turning it on now that Kentucky’s done and I’m trying to find scores!

8:44 pm. Korth, Kentucky, FX- Huge piked full-in bounced OOB. Second pass is clean. Great double pike to finish.

Jones, Oklahoma, BB- Bhs loso, switch leap to full turn, good jumps, hit dismount with feet apart.

Illinois had a 49.3 on beam!!

8:43 pm. Nilson, Boise State, UB- Tkachev with loose legs, some front giant work, and a stuck double layout.

49.275 for Alabama on vault and 49.125 from Boise State on bars.

8:42 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, FX- Beautiful double pike. Huge stuck double tuck to finish.

Bailey, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko layout half stuck COLD. Beautiful.

Oklahoma leads 98.9 to 98.3 btw. Both teams on pace for great scores.

8:41 pm. Mejia, Boise State, UB- Giant full to super clean Gienger, bail, full-twisting DLO with a step.

8:39 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, FX- Huge double pike, full to layout, great routine.

Remme, Boise State, UB- Piked Jaeger, bail held in handstand, hop on dismount

Guerrero, Alabama, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 with legs super loose in the air

Washington will have to count a 9.525 on vault but I haven’t seen any of theirs. I think one of theirs was a 9.4 :-/

8:38 pm. Armbrecht, Alabama, VT- FTY with a hop back.

8:37 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, FX- Double pike, 1.5 to front layout with major leg sep and a squatted landing, Rudi to finish.

McGregor, Boise State, UB- Hit routine with step back on her full-in

8:35 pm. Rechenmacher hit floor for Kentucky, with some of Simone’s 2015 music!

Bennion, Boise State, UB- Shaposh to clear hip to bail, stuck double layout.

8:33 pm. Florida got a 197.900 lmao #FakeNews

Missouri 196.750

Snead, Georgia, VT- Excellent 1.5 with a fabulous landing.

Nichols, Oklahoma, UB- Big Ray, pak to toe-on to very clean van Leeuwen, double layout with a step.

8:32 pm. Wofford, Oklahoma, UB- Short handstand before giant full, straddle Jaeger, good handstand before clean bail, full-in with a little bounce.

McNeer, Alabama, VT- Flared FTY, a little bounce back.

Carlisle hit floor for Kentucky.

8:31 pm. Lehrmann, Oklahoma, UB- Big release, my internet hates me, dismount had a step.

8:30 pm. Marino, Georgia, VT- Yurchenko 1.5 a little seated with a hop back.

Boren, Florida, FX- I missed the beginning of this. Double tuck to finish is huge and great.

8:27 pm. Roberts, Georgia, VT- FTY, not bad.

Ward, Missouri, BB- Solid bhs bhs loso. Cat leap to side aerial. 1.5 stuck! Fabulous. But she doesn’t go to Florida so she’s on a different judging system. 9.95.

Catour, Oklahoma, UB- Big Ray, toe-on a little archy to bail, double layout with a baby step.

Dowell, Oklahoma, UB- Ray, toe-on to bail, double layout a little low with a step.

I missed ANOTHER Georgia vault IT’S TOO FAST.

8:26 pm. I missed Georgia’s first vault. I hate not watching with sound, it jumps up on you terrifyingly.

Capps, Oklahoma, UB- Giant full to Tkachev, slight knee bend on the release from the bar. Bail, oof, and her dismount is super short, practically to her knees.

8:24 pm. McMurty, Florida, FX- Hit opening pass. Front lay front full. Double tuck. Good routine. A 10. #EyeRoll

8:22 pm. Kelly, Missouri, BB- Front aerial to bhs, straddle to sheep jump with a little check, gainer full with a little bounce.

8:20 pm. Wow, 9.8 is Nichols’ lowest score in the history of her LIFE. Brenna won vault!!! 9.95. My internet just came back btw. I missed Burleson on FX and Missouri on BB.

Hundley, Florida, FX- Double tuck into a nice lunge. Front lay front full is nice. Great double pike. Her best routine of the night I think.

8:18 pm. Last Georgia routine was hit but I lost internet for a sec so I couldn’t like, go through it.

8:17 pm. Slocum, Florida, FX- Nice double pike. Rudi to finish is solid.

Nichols, Oklahoma, VT- 1.5, TRIED TO FLARE IT, Maggieeeee. But it’s not exactly where she needs it to be for a flared stuck vault, I think she just wanted it too badly. Ends up being a little seated and takes two steps back.

8:16 pm. Dickson, Georgia, UB- Toe-on to Ray caught with super duper messy legs. Bail, double layout with a hop.

8:15 pm. Jackson, Oklahoma, VT- 1.5 with a step forward.

Allbritten, Missouri, BB- Slight check on acro series. Switch to split to sissone. Stag jump. Gainer full with a step.

8:14 pm. Snead, Georgia, UB- Where has she been all my life?! Clear hip to Tkachev, good bail, short handstand, big double layout with a couple of steps.

8:12 pm. Johnson, Georgia, UB- Clear hip to Gienger (leg sep), bail, way short handstand before giants to double layout stuck.

Gowey, Florida, FX- Double pike is good. Double tuck a tiny bit short, hit the last pass.

Hyland, Kentucky, BB- Front aerial to bhs, excellent routine but I couldn’t see every second of it.

Dowell, Oklahoma, VT- 1.5, stuck COOOOLD. DAYUM BRENNA. Just leg sep on pre-flight and some slightly loose knees.

8:10 pm. Sanders, Georgia, UB- I remember her from the Nastia Cup in I think…2010???? LAWD everyone’s old. Toe-on to blind change to piked Jaeger, a little short on the bail, hop on the double tuck dismount.

Dukes, Kentucky, BB- Big wobble but fight on flight series, rest of the routine is good, 1.5 dismount

Tucker, Missouri, BB- Bhs layout with a wobble. Solid double full.

Degouveia, Oklahoma, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, super quick twisting on that last half, hop on the landing. Some leg sep on the air too.

8:08 pm. Jones, Oklahoma, VT- Great big FTY. Stuck!

Korth, Kentucky, BB- One arm bhs loso, switch to back tuck, double full nearly stuck.

McLaughlin, Florida, FX- Front lay front full. 1.5 to punch layout with her knees bent weirdly.

Reynolds, Georgia, UB- Bent arms going into Jaeger, big pak with leg sep, double layout with a hop.

Capps, Oklahoma, VT- Stuck FTY on her toes with her chest forward. A real fight to hold it but a nice flare.

8:07 pm. Bower, Missouri, BB- Solid bhs loso, beat to straddle 3/4, stuck gainer full.

8:05 pm. Poland, Kentucky, BB- Bhs bhs loso is awesome. Front aerial. Switch to stag. Stuck gainer pike.

8:04 pm. Florida leads 148.225 to 147 something btw. Live stats are being weird right now. 147.575 maybe.

Stuart, Kentucky, BB- Switch to stag with a big wobble. Bhs loso with bent elbows and wonky legs, awesome flexibility, side aerial to tuck full.

8:02 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, BB- Hit jumps, including sheep, front aerial with a weird wobble and almost falls, full turn, bhs loso, hit dismount.

8:01 pm. Turning on OU vs Georgia now!

7:58 pm. Harris, Missouri, FX- Big double pike. Front lay front full. Double tuck, sky high and a great landing.

7:57 pm. McMurtry, Florida, BB- Cat leap to front toss, solid bhs loso, switch to Shushunova to clear hip, double full with a hop back.

7:56 pm. Schugel, Missouri, FX- Double tuck with a bounce back. Double full to punch front tuck like she’s about to join Team China! YOU NEED A TRIPLE. Great set.

7:55 pm. Kentucky leads its quad 98.375 to Washington with 98.225 (I wish I saw more of their beam!), Illinois with 98.125, and NIU with 96.725.

7:53 pm. Boren, Florida, BB- I missed a Missouri floor because I had to sign up for the OU day pass! WOOT. Front toss is low. Wonky leg form on her flight series, check. Cat leap to loso, full turn, stuck gainer full.

7:49 pm. Dowdell, NIU, FX- Long wait for her as they debate the start value for the girl before her. Double pike is nice.

Gowey, Florida, BB- Switch to split jump, bhs bhs loso and she’s off. Lawd. Front aerial. Hit gainer full.

7:47 pm. Tucker, Missouri, FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, Rudi, double pike is low but she stands up out of it.

7:46 pm. Burleson, Washington, BB- Front aerial to bhs, check on jumps, side aerial to clean layout full.

McLaughlin, Florida, BB- Front aerial bhs, beat to stag jump, full turn, side aerial, good gainer full.

7:44 pm. Huber, Missouri, FX- Double pike. Front lay front full. I think last pass is a 2.5, landed it super low on one knee but stood up out of it.

A hit beam from Washington just now but I only saw half the skills. Nelson I think?

7:52 pm. Cheney, Florida, BB- Bhs bhs loso with a big wobble. Switch to Shushunova. Side aerial layout full all the way off to the side.

7:40 pm. Bower, Missouri, FX- Double pike with a bounce, good double tuck.

Korth, Kentucky, UB- Fell on her piked Jaeger!!! Tonight is anchor fall night. Full-twisting double layout with a bounce in place.

7:39 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, UB- Giant full to Gienger with leg sep, stuck dismount.

Hundley, Florida, BB- Front aerial, solid bhs loso, switch to big switch side. Full turn, side aerial layout full with her knees bent and a big hop forward. 9.975! Jk but for real I’m still LIVID about that bars score.

7:37 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, UB- Tkachev with bent knees when she releases, bail, stuck full-twisting double layout! Wow. Very nice.

7:35 pm. Dukes, Kentucky, UB- Tkachev is a little low, pak to a switch kip that got a little crazy, I don’t even know what went wrong, good handstands, double layout a little piked but whipped around nicely.

7:34 pm. Rechenmacher, Kentucky, UB- Oh my gosh I’m missing Kentucky routines, but everything I saw of this was good, stalder to double tuck looked stuck but hard to tell with the camera filming the shoulder of someone standing directly in front. Yes, in replay, it’s stuck.

7:33 pm. I literally just almost smashed my head through a wall because one judge gave Amelia a 10. Like, love ya girl but no. No. No. No. No. What. The. Frig. Did you literally not watch ANY OF IT?

7:32 pm. McMurtry, Florida, UB- Great first handstand before Ray, but falls! Damn. That was huge though. WAY short last handstand because she’s like I don’t care about life anymore. Still does a huge full-in and sticks it.

7:31 pm. Miller, Missouri, VT- FTY is stuck! Looked like it got some good air too.

Illinois and Washington currently tied for second behind Kentucky at their meet, by the way!

7:30 pm. Hundley, Florida, UB- Maloney (ankle sep) to pak (ankle sep), short handstand before toe-on to van Leeuwen (leg sep)…she’s not herself tonight?! Full-in is stuck though.

7:29 pm. Ward, Missouri, VT- Handspring front pike with a hop forward, excellent form.

7:28 pm. Baker, Florida, UB- Big Ray with a great straddle, clean bail to toe shoot, really working for those handstands, and a slightly cowboyed double front with a little bounce back.

7:27 pm. Tucker, Missouri, VT- Clean FTY with a bounce.

7:26 pm. Gowey, Florida, UB- Ray, toe-on to super clean pak, stuck double layout. Very nice. Just some short handstands.

7:24 pm. Harris, Missouri, VT- Huge FTY with a bounce back.

7:23 pm. Someone explain to me how Boren’s 1.5 tonight got a 9.85 and Korth’s got a 9.925 I HATE NCAA JUDGING, this is criminal.

Chant, Florida, UB- Tkachev, short handstand before clear hip to bail, short handstand before giants to big floaty full-in stuck on her toes.

7:20 pm. Leduc, Illinois, FX- Big double pike. Switch ring to switch half. Hit middle pass, a punch layout out of something, I missed the beginning. Finishes with a Rudi that just bounces a little. Really fun high-energy routine.

Huber, Missouri, VT- Stuck FTY cold! Damn.

Boren, Florida, UB- Big Tkachev, clear hip to bail, double layout with a bounce.

7:19 pm. Florida got a 49.55 on vault, by the way…and a good 49.175 from Missouri as they fought back from that early mistake.

Kentucky has a 49.275 on vault, but this rotation is still going on with Illinois finishing up on floor.

7:17 pm. Greenfield, NIU, BB- Front tuck mount, switch to split leap, bhs loso, feet land right on the edge and she has to hop off. She’s last up and they haven’t had a fall though so good for them, they won’t count this. Switch to back tuck. Hit the full dismount.

7:14 pm. Hodan, Illinois, FX- Hit opening pass, ILLUSION TO ILLUSION WHAT YAS. Lovely Rudi loso. Really nice switch to ring leap. She’s def got some dance skillz. Rudi to finish.

7:13 pm. Schulgel, Missouri, UB- Piked Jaeger to overshoot, giant full has a little “banana bend” which is what I’m going to call arches now after Monette Russo did in the world cup commentary today, goes into a double tuck with a good landing.

7:12 pm. McMurtry, Florida, VT- DTY, lovely. I wouldn’t give it a 10 because there’s a tiny hop back, but if Slocum got a 9.975, this is going 10. Oh, ONLY 9.975!

7:11 pm. Miller, Missouri, UB- Big piked Jaeger, short last handstand, hit the dismount.

Copiak, Washington, UB- Big release, archy handstand before bail, short handstand before giants into full-in stuck!

7:09 pm. Kelly, Missouri, UB- Big piked Jaeger, bail is a little crooked, double layout is huge, floaty and STUCK.

Duranczyk, Washington, UB- Jaeger to overshoot, double layout stuck on her toes with her chest down.

Slocum, Florida, VT- handspring front pike half, looked almost stuck, just tiny movement at the end. Her vault was basically this good at EMU and she barely broke 9.9, and the move to Florida brought her to #2 in the nation and she just got a 9.975.

7:08 pm. Boren, Florida, VT- Wild Yurchenko 1.5, leg sep when she left the table and a big step forward.

7:07 pm. Tucker, Missouri, UB- Short first handstand before archy front giant to piked Jaeger, good bail, hit the dismount.

Korth, Kentucky, VT- Oh. My. God. I almost CRIED at this. The most perfect Yurchenko 1.5 EVER. That needs a 10. Give it a freaking 10. OH MY GOD. HOLY GOD.

7:06 pm. Stuart, Kentucky, VT- BEAUTIFUL stuck FTY. Just sailed down to her feet.

Hundley, Florida, VT- Big clean FTY with a tiny bounce in place.

7:05 pm. Davis, Kentucky, VT- FTY, not bad, just a bounce.

Dukes, Kentucky, VT- Yurchenko half with a big step forward.

Huber, Missouri, UB- Jaeger, double layout with a hop back.

7:04 pm. Alexander, Florida, VT- These leos are kinda different for Florida…all black with a blue like, shield of armor across the chest. Actually reminds me of Kentucky, haha. This girl has more power than anyone in the world, an FTY so big it practically flies outside the arena, which will be a good thing when she learns some control.

7:03 pm. Gowey, Florida, VT- The stream turned on like right after she vaulted.

Rosa, Kentucky, VT- Clean FTY with a small bounce and some leg sep.

Ward, Missouri, UB- Giant full to big Tkachev, bail to toe on gets janky but she doesn’t come off, just back tracks and does the toe circle again to jump to high bar. Hit the dismount well, but that glitch will be a deduction.

7:02 pm. Hyland, Kentucky, VT- Good FTY. Very solid. Perfect leadoff.

6:18 pm. Tonight I’m aiming for Florida vs Missouri, the Kentucky quad, Oklahoma vs Georgia, Alabama vs Boise State, Auburn vs LSU, Stanford vs Oregon State, and the UC Davis quad!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


54 thoughts on “The NCAA Week 8 Live Blog

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  2. Mossett’s floor routine live was absolutely spellbinding. I re-watched it on the broadcast, but it just couldn’t touch how electrifying it was today. (Of course, that’s always true, but in my limited experience especially true of this particular performance). I really thought she’d get that 10.

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  3. Here we go again once again you claim Utah was over scored but ucla was okay with tight scoring and Oklahoma can’t do any wrong they haven’t gotten any gifts give me a break


    • UCLA is usually overscored. Their scoring at home yesterday was much lower than it usually is. Utah’s bars were overscored but everything else was tight for them. Calm down.


      • What are you talking about the two times they are actually scored fairly you claim they aren’t and overscored and how many gifts have Oklahoma lsu gotten this year this is the best I’ve seen makayla look since the us trials she’s been clean controlled let’s give her her due respect Utah has been as good as anyone don’t claim they are the only ones getting gifts


        • I literally talked for 200 hours today about how overscored OU was at TWU. LSU is one of the most overscored teams in the country. So is Florida. So is UCLA. So is Utah. So is Alabama. The top six programs in the country are the most overscored programs in the country.

          MyKayla looks great. But she got a 9.95 on bars — that means a 0.05 deduction — for a routine that had two 0.05 leg separations, her legs fully apart in her Maloney (0.1 deduction), and she landed her dismount with her feet apart (0.05 deduction at least). If she didn’t go to a top program, that would be a 9.75 or a 9.8. All of Utah’s other bar routines were also great, but also way overscored. Just because I say Utah’s routines are overscored doesn’t mean I don’t think other teams are overscored. Utah was the team competing at the moment, lmao, not UCLA or Oklahoma or LSU. Yes, MyKayla looked great, but you don’t get 9.95s and 10s for “looking great.” You get them for hitting deduction-free routines. MyKayla’s fantastic but let’s not pretend that her routines don’t have mistakes she’s not penalized for.

          If you actually read what I say, you’ll see that I also said AJ Jackson got a 9.975 – aka a 10 from one judge – for a floor routine that had two giant steps and a hop, at least 0.3 off. And I talk more about UCLA and LSU’s overscoring than anyone else.

          Sorry you choose to read what you want to read and can’t admit your bias, but you’re also the person who continuously screamed at me for not calling Bailie Key the best gymnast in the world, yelling at me that she’s gonna make the Olympic team. You were DEF right about that. Oh wait, she didn’t even make worlds, lol. So I trust your opinion and your bias about 1%.


        • this person is clearly either a family member of Mykayla’s or a Utah student/alumni. only the blind followers would give this type of attitude about something subjective…and we all know Skinner doesn’t have the best online reputation

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  4. Lauren, any idea if they’re just resting Maggie, or did something happen? I saw she was removed from floor line-up last minute at the meet Friday, and now she’s not in at all today? Thanks!


  5. So now you’re going to bring bailie into the mix what an ignorant person she’s had to deal with so many injuries and yes be fore these injuries outside of Simone she probably was number 2 so get your facts straight you brought it up


  6. Kmags 17 bye the way I’m not a a relative and maybe you need a magnifying glass because skinner has looked pretty darn good this year and let’s face it she’s been just as good and better at times than Maggie


    • it’s by, not bye. maybe you need a magnifying glass to learn how to spell. Also, this is Lauren’s blog. why don’t you find one that kisses the ground that Skinner walks on, I’m sure there’s plenty. In the meantime, why don’t you let the expert talk about what she knows. have a few seats and take a chill pill.

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      • It’s also hilarious considering I literally DO kiss the ground Skinner walks on and when she gets a 9.95 on bars half of me is like *eye roll* but the other half of me is literally like YAS I LOVE SKINNER hahahaha. Like I’m probably the biggest Skinner fan in the world but I also recognize her faults and flaws and am not gonna pretend she’s amazing on bars when she’s literally not.


        • I agree to a point. I think that post trials, she did not handle herself well, and that sort of stuck with me. I also for some reason view the Utah girls to be a bit catty. Just the way they behave on social media and the like. I do find that her form has improved since then, besides the relentless bad toe point


        • Yeah, I agree. I by no means think she is the greatest, both in terms of her attitude and in terms of her gymnastics, but I’m impressed by her work ethic and the fact that she’s always trying to throw the most difficult skills…her vault, beam, and floor in NCAA give her the most difficult AA program of all time, and she hasn’t made any real mistakes once all season which is insane given that gymnasts with 20% of her difficulty fall all the time. So that’s what I love about her, but I also fully recognize every quality that isn’t so admirable!


    • I wasn’t bringing up Bailie…I was bringing up *your* ridiculous yelling and screaming and whining when I insightfully (and correctly) analyzed her chances at making various teams. Guess who was right? Oh, wait, it was me. I wish the best for Bailie and would love to see her back at the elite level but I’m also not ridiculously biased and crazy enough to run around calling her the future 2017 world all-around champion.

      Liked by 1 person

        • In 2015 she was healthy and in the top five AA at classics and nationals. At worlds camp she had multiple falls and wasn’t selected. She later got injured, forcing her to mix the 2016 selection, but she didn’t make it in 2015 due to a poor performance at camp. This comes straight from her coaches.


  7. I missed Maggie terribly this week! I wasn’t able to watch either of OU’s meets this weekend. I don’t have any of the channels and usually rely on Nastifan to help me out, but she hasn’t uploaded anything since last week, and i know the second one will be impossible to find since it was housed on Flo. I almost considered paying for the service and read terrible reviews about it.


    • Yeah, the Flo streams are almost impossible to reproduce without getting caught…even people there in the crowd were getting yelled at for filming parts of routines on their phones. *eye roll* I pay for Flo for some NCAA months and for Gymnix/Jesolo but for the majority of the year I don’t bother.


      • I was surprised that they even allowed OU gymnastics to film and put some routines on snapchat. I’m curious as to why she hasn’t put up friday’s meet, but maybe it was because it was streamed on the OU pay service

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  8. I would like to have what your smoking. The poor performance came from her never healing completely last I checked she tried to come back. Before the injuries her performance spoke for itself. So you weren’t right. She didn’t. Make it to trials because she was injured so stop trying to fool us admit you didn’t care for her


    • She didn’t make it to Olympic trials because she was injured. She made it to worlds trials in 2015 and had multiple falls, not due to injury. You know almost nothing, lol. Bailie was one of my favorite juniors and I thought she was going to be on the worlds team in 2015 but her poor performance at camp took her out of the running, and then her injuries took her out in 2016.


      • We can go back and forth it’s not worth it your clueless. She had an intial injury and tried to come back get your facts straight


        • She literally came back from the injury that took her out in 2014, did fabulously in the summer of 2015 because she had recovered from that injury, and didn’t make the 2015 worlds team because of falls at camp. I have emails from her coaches as proof but no, believe your story 🙂


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