Meneghini Returns for Serie A


The Italian gymnastics season will start this Saturday in Turin, with the first Serie A meet that will be held at PalaRuffini arena. Contrary to previous years, this time the four meets of the Italian Serie A will cover a wider time span, with the remainder of the meets scheduled for April, May, and September.

Being a post-Olympic year, many of the well-known Italian gymnasts won’t take part in this meet, either because they’re taking some time off, or because they’re recovering from former injuries.

Vanessa Ferrari is still recovering from the surgery she underwent on her tendon, though she’ll attend the meet as an assistant coach with Brixia Brescia. The same goes for her teammate Erika Fasana, who dealt with an elbow injury in Rio and underwent surgery afterwards. However, the latter is expected to come back for the last Italian Serie A meets, along with Martina Rizzelli and Sofia Busato.

Carlotta Ferlito chose to take some time off right after the Olympics and then come back slowly, getting all her skills back and regaining her top shape before starting to compete again later in 2017.

The 2016 Olympian Elisa Meneghini and the Olympic alternate Lara Mori didn’t take any time off the gym, and will respectively lead their teams, GAL Lissone and Ginnica Giglio. However, the frontrunner of the Italian Serie A is still Brixia Brescia, even without their big names, as this team feature some of the most promising young gymnasts, like Giorgia Villa, Martina Maggio, and the D’Amato twins.

This year, a bunch of foreign gymnasts will take part in the competition as well, with Helena Bonilla, Claudia Colom Martinez, Cintia Rodriguez and Ana Palacios from Spain, and the new German senior Helene Schäfer.

The competition in Turin will start at 3:30 pm local time (9:30 EST). It will be live streamed on the Italian Federation Youtube.

The teams set to compete are listed as follows.

Gloria Danieli
Federica Macri
Elisa Iorio
Emma Nardo
Jodie Padovan
Giulia Plozzer
Tea Ugrin
Sofia Busato
Alice D’Amato
Asia D’Amato
Francesca Linari
Martina Maggio
Giorgia Villa
Caterina Cereghetti
Emma Grisetti
Giada Grisetti
Micol Minotti
Deborah Salmina
Rebecca Dotti
Greta Lorini
Giulia Messali
Benedetta Migliorati
Cintia Rodriguez
Camilla Romano
Benedetta Rosola
Susanna Rota
Nicole Terlenghi
Desirée Carofiglio
Valentina Massone
Carlotta Necchi
Emma Novello
Marta Novello
Arianna Rocca
Alexia Angelini
Sofia Arosio
Elisa Meneghini
Alessia Praz
Sydney Saturnino
Giulia Bencini
Giulia Cotroneo
Alicia de Pirro
Ana Maria Lache
Martina Moscatelli
Eleonora Orlandi
Silvia Becattini
Aurora Biondi
Matilde Boni
Sofia Caini
Claudia Colom
Alexia Gjeci
Lara Mori
Helena Bonilla
Sveva Caschili
Joana Favaretto
Valeria Fabiani
Camilla Franceschin
Lorenza Migotto
Sara Moretto
Aurora Trombin
Evita Zoppello
India Bandiera
Martina Basile
Melissa Cavazza
Benedetta Ciammarughi
Lavinia Marongiu
Martine Buro
Alessia di Nicola
Giorgia di Nicola
Eleonora Gazzani
Morgana Iannarelli
Lisa Levati
Enus Mariani
Lucrezia Salvadori
Helene Schäfer
Maria Vittoria Cocciolo
Jessica Mattoni
Joelle Mattoni
Valentina Giammarini
Ana Palacios

Article by Valeria Violi
Photo thanks to Cristina Boggio

13 thoughts on “Meneghini Returns for Serie A

  1. I’m still waiting for the When It Counts results on your personal website, can I please have the results on there because I have been waiting for a long time, sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. Meneghini is only doing vault, not much of a comeback really…and then only because Praz has a slightly sprained ankle. Mariani is also out due to a foot fracture that she had to have surgery for, Ugrin is only doing one or two events, Linari is out and Maggio is only doing beam. Not a very interesting field, unfortunately! I’m very excited for Iorio, Villa and the D’Amato twins though.


    • Hi, I’m the one who chose the picture above. I know that she won’t compete, though I wanted a pic of an Italian gymnast, she wears the Italian national team body which I suppose would be easily recognised by every gym fan plus I needed a horizontal picture. Also, it’s a beautiful picture!

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  3. I’m still waiting for the When It Counts results on your personal website, can I please have the results on there because I have been waiting for a long time, sorry for the inconvenience.


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