The International Gymnix Challenge Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the International Gymnix Challenge! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

3:08 pm. Vézina UB- Gets the arena all to herself. Lovely Ray, clear hip to toe half to bail, toe on to clear hip hecht, hit the dismount.

Based on the scores right now I don’t think anyone can touch Folino…lil Anya Pilgrim of Hill’s is currently second, and Andrea Maldonado is third. I don’t think Vézina will break in there but we shall see!

3:05 pm. Bladon BB- Lovely bhs loso loso. Hit the dismount with a small step.

Priels FX- 2.5 with a step forward. Hit second and third passes.

Pilgrim VT- I missed it but it sounded hit?

Folino VT- FTY, big clean and lovely. She should prob win this I think.

Ewing UB- Piked Jaeger. Clean bail. Toe shoot. Hit dismount.

3:02 pm. Johnston VT- Big FTY, nice and clean.

Palacios UB- Nice straddle Jaeger, toe-on to super clean Gienger, piked swing into bail and looked like she missed a hand after but covered up well, giant full, ugh, then a scary ping off before her dismount and she whips down to her back and looks like she hurts her neck. A shame, that was a good routine to that point. Gets up and walks off.

3:00 pm. DiCello VT- Good FTY.

N Diaz UB- Fall on Jaeger, clear hip to toe shoot, sat double pike.

Spence BB- Wobble on front aerial. Big wobble after that but a good fight. Hit side somi. Solid bhs layout. Switch leap. Double tuck low but good and she throws her arms up in victory because no one celebrates better than Emma Spence.

King FX- Double tuck with a step back. 1.5 to front full. Hit the rest.

2:53 pm. Dominici BB- Bhs loso  with a fall, UGH. She was having such a great day! Switch to big switch side, another fall. 😦 Front aerial, side aerial to split jump, switch half, double full with a step back.

McLellan FX- Double tuck with a little stumble back. Front layout front full. Double pike with two steps back.

K Diaz UB- Low Tkachev, toe shoot, gaint full a little messy, double pike with a hop.

2:52 pm. Maldonado UB- Short handstand before blind change to front giant half, Gienger with leg sep, slightly messy on the bail, toe shoot, giant full, double pike with a step.

2:50 pm. Villalpando BB- Side aerial to back handspring, fall. Switch leap, split jump to sissone, off again on full Y turn. Basically stuck gainer pike.

Cato FX- Double pike to her knees. Nice dance elements, double tuck with a little stumble.

2:48 pm. Patenaude VT-  I think I missed her? Yeah, score looks like Yurchenko layout.

Chia UB- Jaeger, bail to toe full, toe shoot, toe front half with a hop.

Delourmel VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

2:46 pm. Wai VT- Yurchenko layout a little short.

Grenke UB- Saw it from the Ray up to high, then missed the rest but saw she hit her dismount.

McDevitt BB- Off on bhs loso. Off again right after that. Side aerial. Hit the dismount.

Juk FX- Double tuck with a slight stumble. 1.5 to punch front tuck. Nice work on her dance, especially her turns. Double full bounced back.

2:45 pm. Andrea Maldonado of Puerto Rico leads with a 39.835 ahead of Talia Folino of Waverley Gymnastics in Australia with a 38.767 and Martina Dominici of Argentina with a 38.434.

2:38 pm. Johnston FX- Double layout is a little short with a big step forward. I’m watching Kelli Hill watch this routine. Super open double arabian sat. I feel like if she tucked that a bit more she would’ve been fine. Plants her feet down on the double full. Double pike is short but no hands down. Promising tumbling.

2:34 pm. DiCello FX- Solid double pike. 1.5 through to 2.5, tiny hop, good job! Front full with a small bounce. Good double tuck to finish.

2:33 pm. Palacios VT- Clean FTY! Just a small bounce.

2:30 pm. McLellan BB- Great jumps. Bhs loso with a wobble and a fall. Too bad, she’s looked strong today. Big wobble and save on her spin. Ran out of dismount.

Lorange FX- Beautiful choreo at the beginning, done to Christina Perri “A Thousand Years.” Big double pike bounced back. Hit 1.5 to front pike. Double full with a little bounce. Lovely routine.

N Diaz VT- Tsuk layout, not bad.

2:28 pm. Spence UB- I think Dowling is scratching?! Nooooo. She’s supposed to be up next but I don’t see her anywhere. She did take a really hard crash on vault but ugh, that sucks. Anyway, Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen looks wonky in the air, clear hip to giant half muscled to piked Jaeger, double pike slowly rotated with a step back. She looks SOOOO SHOCKED ABOUT HITTING HAHAHAHAHA. That is amazing and adorable. She’s running to Elvira with the biggest smile on her face!!! Elvira is like YAS GIRL, big hug. Omg this is the best reaction EVER.

2:26 pm. Dominici UB- Toe half to Jaeger, giant full to Tkachev, pak, hit double tuck dismount, very nice!

Delourmel FX- Good double tuck. 1.5 to finish.

Maldonado VT- FTY with a bounce back

Cato BB- I saw very little of this…switch leap, back tuck, double tuck fall to her back.

2:18 pm. Patenaude FX- Super cool weird music. Good double pike. Front lay front pike. Clean 1.5 to finish.

2:14 pm. Chia VT- I think she hit an FTY but I missed it?

Juk BB- Nice full-twisting back handspring, sheep jump with a couple steps forward, bhs loso with a little bobble, front aerial, switch to sissone, Onodi with a weird twist, fall. Hit dismount.

Wai FX- Front lay through to Rudi. Double pike with a step back. Double full. Good routine.

2:13 pm. Villalpando UB- Jaeger, pak, Stalder to stalder full, gets a little stuck and has to kip cast out of it before going up to her toe shoot, double tuck with a good landing.

2:09 pm. Vézina VT- Tsuk pike, good, small bounce.

McDevitt UB- Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, giant full, front giant to straddle Jaeger, some form issues but good. Flyaway dismount.

Priels BB- Nice punch front mount. Side aerial with a wobble, meant to go into a second side aerial, a bit messy. Switch to switch half. Good fight after wobbling through her double spin, may have brushed her hands when trying to save it but she kept it on. Good back tuck. Hit the dismount.

Folino FX- Front tuck through to triple! Fab. 2.5 out of a roundoff, a little stumble. Y turn to immediate pirouette. Stumbles out of wolf turn. Double tuck with a bounce back. Solid double pike.

Grenke VT- Handspring front pike with a bounce forward.

2:07 pm. Ewing VT- Good Yurchenko layout, just a bounce.

Bladon UB- Good from what I saw, arched over on the high bar. Hit routine.

King BB- I think I saw her fall early in the routine. Wobble on front aerial. Off a second time. It’s so hard to watch bars and beam at the same time on opposite ends of the arena, I’m getting whiplash. Hit dismount.

Pilgrim FX- Double arabian with a step forward. Double pike to finish.

2:04 pm. Talia Folino of Waverly in Australia leads after two rotations with a 26.467, followed by Amy Bladon of Bluewater in Canada with a 26.101 and Andrea Maldonado of Puerto Rico with a 25.968.

1:59 pm. K Diaz FX- Superb triple full in the air, just bounces it a bit on the landing. Crashed double tuck though. 😦 Hit third pass. Good double full to finish.

Lorange BB- Off on bhs bhs loso. Big wobble on a turn. 1.5 with a big hop forward.

1:55 pm. Maldonado FX- Beautiful 2.5! Front double full to punch front. Powerful double tuck. Even her jumps have tons of power and are very aggressive. Love her. Rudi to straddle jump. Fantastic. The most solid floor set today.

Delourmel BB- Double wolf turn a bit rough. Bhs loso is messy and she falls. Off again on side aerial to two feet. Hit the dismount.

1:52 pm. Patenaude BB- Good jumps, big pause before bhs loso, but it’s nice and clean. Off on something after that though. Big stumble on side somi. Split jump. She’s OT. Hit the dismount.

Chia FX- Good double pike, step back. Second pass was something into a front full, good. Hit last pass.

Dominici VT- Does a great tsuk full for a second vault! This kid is awesome.

1:50 pm. Cato UB- Nice Endo half, toe-on to Ray, clear hip, double tuck with a hop forward. I think I missed the beginning of this.

Dominici VT- Clean FTY with a step forward.


1:44 pm. McDevitt VT- Yurchenko layout, hit.

Walker UB- Bail caught rough and she hit her feet on the floor after, toe full is messy to toe shoot, Tkachev is good though, toe half to front gaint to double front sat.

Wai BB- Good jumps. Slight stumble on her side somi. Front handspring front tuck with a little wobble but saved. Switch ring a little wonky. Punch front full is good.

Grenke FX- Double pike with a step forward. Front lay front full with a hop. Double tuck with a stumble back.

Villalpando VT- Yurchenko layout a little piked with her chest down.

1:42 pm. Vézina FX- Double pike with a slight stumble back. Hit middle pass, I think a layout full to punch front. GORGEOUS triple spin. 1.5 with a step forward into an arabesque.

1:40 pm. Folino BB- Wolf turn, good punch front, bhs bhs layout is excellent, switch ring with a little bobble, front aerial to split jump, side aerial, switch to sissone, oh, maybe misses her punch? Just does a tuck off.

1:38 pm. Ewing FX- Good double pike to Rock Around the Clock. I remember this from Elite Canada, she was a hometown kid there and is a real performer. She’s super into it right now. 1.5 to front tuck to split jump, a little short on the jump but a good pass nonetheless. Solid double full. Great work.

1:36 pm. Priels UB- Hit the beginning, then toe shoot, ankle sep on blind change before straddle Jaeger, double tuck with a step.

Pilgrim BB- Great flight series, ended with a layout. Switch to split jump, another flight series, bhs loso loso, front aerial, side aerial, this kid’s insanely good. Beautiful scale before her punch front, omg SHE IS KILLINGGGG IT. Double tuck!! YAS ANYA.

1:32 pm. Johnston BB- Break on her double spin but she saves it. Bhs loso loso with a big wobble but also a big fight and she keeps it on. Front aerial to split jump. Solid double tuck.

Palacios FX- Lieke Wevers music!!!! And GOOD CHOREO TOO. Omg she’s like a mini Lieke right now. Rudi to straddle jump. Front tuck through to double full. LOVELY.

Bladon VT- Missed what she did, maybe Yurchenko 1.5? but it looked hit.

King UB- Bail clear hip to toe shoot, a little muscly in some of her work but not bad, double tuck dismount.

1:30 pm. Spence VT- Yurchenko layout I think it’s supposed to be but her elbows are bent practically in half when she hits the table, and she just tucks off.

Ruttan UB- Weiler, goes for Weiler half but slams her feet on the mat and comes off. Mounts again, Maloney, Church, nice. Clean bail to Ray, gaint full, piked toe front half with a step. Nice recovery from the early mistake.

1:27 pm. Dowling VT- FTY, oof, so short and she stumbles practically off the podium.  😦

McLellan UB- Nice Tkachev, toe-on to toe shoot, clean double pike dismount.

DiCello BB- Off on a wolf turn I think. Rest is good from what I’ve seen. Double tuck dismount stumbled back hard and sat.

N Diaz FX- Double pike. 1.5 to front tuck. Nice expression. Stuck double tuck with her chest a bit low.


1:25 pm. Madeline McLellan of Calgary Gymnastics, and a University of Washington commit, leads the competition after the first rotation with a 13.5 followed by Ilka Juk of Calgary in second and Talia Folino of Waverley in third after her lovely bars.

1:21 pm. Chia, BB- Switch to straddle 3/4, full turn, split leap to side aerial to split jump, front aerial with a wobble but she holds onto it, nice air on her bhs loso, tour jete 1/4, double full with a bounce back.

1:16 pm. Grenke BB- Full turn, solid bhs loso, BARANI!!!! WOW. THAT WAS FAB. Hit leap series, strong punch front, just a layout dismount with a tiny hop.

McDevitt FX- Double arabian squatted but stood up out of it, no fall. Hit second pass. Then double full with a hop back.

Patenaude UB- Elbows buckle a little before toe on to toe shoot. Front giant half, giant full, layout dismount. Oof, the D on that will be super low but she got through it?

1:15 pm. Wai UB- Loved this wee one from Elite Canada. She’s fab on beam. Toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice and aggressive. Toe half a little short, giant full, blind change to front layout dismount. Not bad, if a bit easy!


1:11 pm. Priels VT- Yurchenko layout with piked hips AND slightly tucked knees. Oh, Belgian juniors vaulting!

Folino UB- Toe full to Maloney to pak, all SUPER clean. Great van Leeuwen, double pike with leg sep and a step back.

Vézina BB- Clean roundoff loso mount. Front aerial to sissone. Off on something right after that but I didn’t see what. Hit the rest and the dismount.

Bladon FX- Double arabian with a step forward OOB. Good 2.5 to punch front. Solid double tuck. Huge smile on her face during her choreo, she’s a good performer. Double pike with a big step back.

Walker VT- FTY a little short but she gets it around.

1:09 pm. King VT- Tsuk layout, good.

Tindale FX- Solid double arabian after crashing a couple in training. Hit second pass into a punch front. Double pike with her chest down and a lunge back.

Ewing BB- Off on something at the beginning. Gets it together after this. Switch to switch half, side somi, and double full dismount.

Pilgrim UB- Maloney, extra swing before pak, hop change to Endo half to stalder to toe shoot, really nice. Good double pike to finish.

1:04 pm. Palacios BB- Illusion turn with a wobble, side aerial, solid on bhs loso, tour jete half landed a little short. Split leap, side somi. Clean double full dismount.

Spence FX- 2.5 lands on her back basically and she still tries to punch out of it, seriously looks like she’s gonna cry but she sucks it up and keeps going. Double pike stumbled back. Double full. Double tuck with a bounce back.

1:00 pm. N Diaz BB- Bhs loso with a bent back leg and a fall. Off again on something after that, and then again, so three falls. 😦 Poor thing. She’s actually quite a solid gymnast from what I remember. Switch half. Hit the dismount.

Dowling FX- 2.5 is low but she stands up enough to get the punch front, OOB. Double pike stumbled back. Crashed her double tuck with her head bouncing on the floor, ouch.

Johnston UB- Jaeger is nice, pak, toe shoot, double pike with her legs in a straddle and her chest a bit low.

12:57 pm. DiCello UB- Toe full gets a little stuck but she gets it around. Clean Jaeger, and hit the dismount.

McLellan VT- Good FTY.

Dominici FX- Stumble forward on her double back first pass. Hit the second pass. Double full to punch front final pass.

K Diaz BB- Hit punch front mount but then fell a bit later. Rest was hit.

12:53 pm. Delourmel UB- Off on a bail. Double front dismount is deep but hit.

Juk VT- FTY with a hop

Villalpando FX- Hit opening pass. 2.5 to front tuck. Lovely double full to finish.

Maldonado BB- Hit routine, finished with 2.5 dismount with a hop.

Cato VT- Yurchenko layout, very clean in the air.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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