The International Gymnix Junior Cup Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the International Gymnix Junior Cup! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

9:06 pm. Standings…

1. Maile O’Keefe, USA, 55.934
2. Gabby Perea, USA, 55.700
3. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 55.502
4. Emma Malabuyo, USA, 54.135
5. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 53.934
6. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 53.902
7. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 53.668
8. Daria Belousova, Russia, 53.268
9. Soyoka Hanawa, Japan, 53.068
10. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 52.968
11. Arina Strukova, Russia, 52.602
12. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 51.169
13. Mikako Serita, Japan, 50.634
14. Sunisa Lee, USA, 50.201
15. Irina Komnova, Russia, 50.001
16. Jillian Langille, Canada, 49.701
17. Marin Mune, Japan, 48.835
18. Elizabeth Holmstrom, Canada, 48.634
19. Eloise Monat, Canada, 48.602
20. Victoria Jurca, Canada, 48.535
21. Myrelle Morin, Canada, 48.168
22. Lucia Jakab, Canada, 47.535
23. Charlotte Innes, Canada, 47.534
24. Megan DiPietro, Canada, 47.036
25. Quinn Skrupa, Canada, 46.668
26. Imogen Paterson, Canada, 45.168
27. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 37.034

9:04 pm. Second half of final rotation scores…

VT- Padurariu 13.7, Jurca 13.7, Jakab 13.5

UB- O’Keefe 12.9, Perea 14.4, Malabuyo 13.367, Lee 13.734

FX- Villa 13.567, Asia D 12.9, Iorio 13.234, Alice D 13.167

9:02 pm. Maile O’Keefe wins it with a 55.934 after a fall on bars, with Gabby Perea in second with 55.7 and Giorgia Villa in third with 55.502 after a great day, but coming in over a point behind both Americans in terms of difficulty. ūüė¶

8:58 pm. Villa FX- I love this routine (more big band so obvs my fave) and her. Stumbles her triple turn a little at the beginning. Tucked full-in is excellent. Watching Ferrari watching the girl who is basically the next Ferrari is GREAT. Front double full with a small hop. Ferrari is freaking out, I love it. Triple full with a little bounce forward. Big double tuck with a small bounce back. Oh PLEASE let her win this meet.

8:54 pm. Alice D’Amato FX- Now I’m watching Vanessa Ferrari watch Alice. Love it. Super big band routine, already my fave. Tucked full-in, front double full, both great. Vanessa is screaaaaming things at her, bless. Hit third pass. Double tuck to finish. Really cute ending choreo. Mama Vanessa is happy, big hugs.

Perea UB- Inbar full to Maloney to Ricna, floaty pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half to Jaeger, big whippy double layout with a step.

8:53 pm.¬†O’Keefe UB- Clean handstand before Chow to pak to toe on to Maloney, aaaand a fall on her Ricna. So everyone from the US fell today. ūüė¶ What a bummer, but she had over a point lead coming into this event. Stalder half to double front dismount with a hop.

Padurariu VT- FTY, nice. Gonna do 1.5 for second vault…hope she hits this!! Well, it’s low but she at least gets it forward instead of sitting it, big step forward.

8:50 pm. Asia D’Amato FX- Double arabian with a hop, good. Hit second pass, I caught the end, think it was a full-in. Double tuck with a skid back. Nice form on her Popa. Hit the last pass with a tiny bit of¬†ankle crossing.

Jurca VT- Second is Yurchenko full-on back tuck off? Cool!


8:49 pm. Jurca VT- Tsuk back pike

Malabuyo UB- Inbar to stalder full to Tkachev, nice. Big floaty pak, stalder to stalder half to Endo, muscles it up and has to start her swing again, gets it around, Ray back up, full-in with a big step back.

8:48 pm. Iorio FX- Tucked full-in a little low. Hit her second pass and front layout full, double full to finish. Mostly solid.

8:46 pm. Jakab VT- Tsuk full with a hop back

Lee UB- Nabieva to pak with leg sep on the pak but YAS. Slight hip bend but really not bad. Maloney to Gienger, toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger which looks like she also wants to lay that out, it’s super open, stalder to stalder full, full-in with a small step

8:42 pm. Scores from the first half of rotation four…

VT- Holmstrom 13.1, Innes 13.467, Skrupa 12.867, Paterson 13.5

UB- Hanawa 12.467, Serita 12.6, Mune 12.567

BB- Langille 12.8, Monat 11.567, Morin 12.434, DiPietro 11.334

FX- Belousova 13.367, Strukova 13.334, Gerasimova 12.667, Komnova 12.467

DiPietro has 47.036 AA and Komnova is at 50.001


8:41 pm. Komnova FX- Whip whip through to double tuck, good, then 1.5 to front tuck. She looks like a mini Nastia. Double turn in attitude is nice. 2.5 with a tiny skid. Double pike with two small steps back.

53.268 for Belousova!! Very nice. Monat finishes with 48.602.

8:39 pm. DiPietro BB-Front tuck mount with a lil wobble but holds it, wolf turn, bhs back pike, front aerial lil wobble, side somi, wobble on side aerial, double full with a hop

Soyoka Hanawa with a solid 53.068 after a good day for her. Some other AA scores…Strukova 52.602, Gerasimova 51.169, Serita 50.634, Langille 49.701, Mune 48.835, Holmstrom 48.634, Morin 48.168, Innes 47.534, Skrupa 46.668, Paterson 45.168

8:38 pm.¬†Belousova FX- Puttin’ on the Ritz, YAS. Double pike with a step. 2.5 springs right out into a front tuck, love it. I love this kid. Rudi stuck. Good double wolf turn control. Nice high double tuck to finish. Good job.

8:36 pm. Monat BB- Nice bhs loso, switch to side aerial, front aerial with a stumble and a fall. Gets back on for side somi extended, wobble but holds it. Wobble ons witch half. Double full with a hop.

Holmstrom VT- Yurchenko layout a little close to the table

8:35 pm. Hanawa UB- Toe on to toe on to stalder to blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, pak caught close, good coer though, toe shoot a little dead hangy, double layout stuck with her chest down.

8:34 pm. Paterson VT- Second vault is a huge clean Yurchenko layout. I love seeing the junior second vaults as full twist downgrades from their first because you can see how big and clean they are when they tone it down, it’s awesome.

8:33 pm. Morin BB- Had some messy skills and wobbles at the beginning, wobble on bhs bhs loso, switch half, big pause before side somi, double full with a step to the side.

Gerasimova FX- Nice 2.5 to front tuck. Double pike with her chest down. Front full. Double tuck really low with a step forward.

8:32 pm. Innes VT- Second vault is a tsuk layout.

Serita UB- Front giant to big straddle Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, sky high full-in stuck! NICE.


Paterson VT- Hit her FTY

8:30 pm. Skrupa VT- I think she vaulted before the rotation even officially started? So I missed it.

Mune UB- Front giant to straddle Jaeger, giant full, full-out with a step.

Langille BB- I missed most of this except the excellent high double tuck dismount with a step back. Really nice after a mess of low double backs off beam today.

Strukova FX- Double pike with a little stumble back, Nutcracker music, hit second pass, music goes into swing, why not, this routine is nuts, I love it. 1.5 to front lay with a tiny step. Double tuck a little cowboyed, step back.

Innes VT- Decent FTY, little bounce.

8:27 pm. Leading after three rotations…

1. Maile O’Keefe 43.034
2. Giorgia Villa 41.935
3. Gabby Perea 41.300
4. Asia D’Amato 41.034
5. Emma Malabuyo 40.801
6. Elisa Iorio 40.668
7. Soyoka Hanawa 40.601
8. Alice D’Amato 40.501

8:24 pm. Second half of rotation three scores…

VT- O’Keefe 14.634, Perea 14.4, Malabuyo 14.8 (I didn’t see her DTY only the FTY so this is surprising!), Lee 13.9

BB- Asia D 12.667, Iorio 11.834, Alice D 12.1, Villa 13.434

FX- Allaire Bourgie 11.967, Jurca 12.334, Jakab 12.334, Padurariu 13.6

8:22 pm. Padurariu FX- Solid piked full-in, holds the landing for a sec before smiling, she’s happy with that. Love this routine so much and the fun she has with it. Good 2.5 to punch front tuck with a big smile on her face. Stuck double pike with her chest low. Great comeback after a disappointing beam.

8:21 pm. Villa BB- Nailed the roundoff tuck full, got monster applause. I LOVE HER. Beautiful double spin. Side aerial, switch leap, straight jump full, not really connected. Hit 2.5 dismount. Very nice.

8:20 pm. Americans are now sneaking back ahead of the Italians, which I figured would happen with them going to vault and Italy going to beam. Happy with this close match between the two teams, though, especially since none of these Italians has real international experience.

8:17 pm.¬†Alice D’Amato BB- Split leap mount into her leap series just like her twin. Bhs back tuck, fall. Think it was supposed to be a loso maybe? But her legs were weird so it looked tucked to me. Switch side, side aerial a little low, full L turn, front aerial, hit the dismount.

Jurca FX- Great tucked full-in to start. Follows it up with a piked full-in. Front through to double pike, bounce back. Double tuck with a few steps back.

Malabuyo VT- FTY, bounce back.

8:16 pm. O’Keefe VT- She’s also doing an FTY second vault to make the final. Nice and clean, great landing.


8:14 pm. Asia D’Amato BB- Split leap mount right into her jump series. Solid bhs loso. Front aerial, back tuck, switch side, full Y turn with a break at the hips but she saves it, double pike a little short but hit.

Jakab FX- Piked full-in with a step back OOB, 2.5 to front tuck is great. Front lay front full. Little shimmy before last pass, a double pike, pretty solid with her chest down.

O’Keefe VT- DTY a little low from this angle with a bounce back.

8:13 pm. Perea VT- Doing an FTY second vault so she can get into the final. Big and floaty with a step.

8:12 pm. Perea VT- DTY, great block and a solid landing. This is where the U.S. ladies will pick things back up.

8:11 pm.¬†Iorio BB- Fell early on, legs wrapped around the beam. UGHHHH. Big wobble right after but I can’t see the skills. Penche right into bhs back tuck, love that style. Hit a split full I think. Wobble on front aerial, hit full Y turn, double pike with a hop back.

Allaire-Bourgie FX- This routine is beautiful. Double pike. Stumbled second pass, but hit third and then double full final pass.

8:10 pm. Lee VT- Clean FTY with a bounce back.

8:07 pm. Scores after the first half of rotation three…

VT- Hanawa 13.7, Serita 13.334, Mune 12.867

UB- Monat 12.534, Langille 10.867, Morin 11.1, DiPietro 10.234

BB- Belousova 13.267, Strukova 13.334, Gerasimova 12.634, Komnova 12.834

FX- Holmstrom 12.367, Innes 11.467, Paterson 11.4, Skrupa 12.2

8:05 pm. Skrupa FX- Double arabian is decent, just a little bobble on the landing. Sassy smile on her face. She’s def one to watch. Double pike hopped back. Switch to switch half. 1.5 to front tuck. Double tuck stuck to finish! Very nice.

8:03 pm. Komnova BB- Wolf turn finishes basically fully standing up but she gets back down in position to be like yo I did it. Did something acro into a sheep jump, prob a front aerial, I can’t see. Bhs bhs layout with a step back but she saves it. Switch to split jump, side aerial, 2.5 with a step.

8:02 pm. Holmstrom FX- Good double pike, hit second pass, and 1.5 to front tuck. Hit last pass.

Monat UB- Stalder to front giant full, front giant to Jaeger, caught with bent legs, bail to Ray, full-in with a small hop.

8:01 pm. Gerasimova BB- Bhs loso, leg up but good. Hit jumps. Full Y turn, Onodi, front aerial, nice low beam choreo, walks on top of her toes when she gets back up, sat double pike, UGHHHH NOOOOO. That was so good.

7:59 pm. Hanawa VT- Handspring front pike half, little bounce back. FTY for her second vault, good, waves to the crowd after, bless.

Morin UB- Big pak, toe half to toe shoot, giant full, double pike with a step.


7:56 pm. Mune VT- Looked like she crashed her FTY. Or someone did, I can’t see vault at all anymore.

Langille UB- I missed all of this one.

Strukova BB- Roundoff bhs mount. Hit flight series, she’s behind a speaker so I can’t really see her anymore but she hasn’t fallen. Hit jumps, including wolf jump down to her knee which is super. Double tuck with a couple of steps back.

Paterson FX- Fell on first pass, stumbled it back and sat. 2.5 with a little skid. Good 1.5 to front tuck.

7:53 pm. Serita VT- I think I missed her.

DiPietro UB- Fell on something, hit half in double front dismount.

Belousova BB- Switch to split leap, bhs bhs layout, low but holds onto it. Double tuck low with a step. Yas Lil Nabs.

Innes FX- Double pike bounced back hard and she flew onto her stomach. Hit double tuck. 1.5 with a couple of steps.

7:52 pm. Leading after two…

1. Elisa Iorio 28.834
2. Giorgia Villa 28.501
3. Alice D’Amato 28.401
4. Maile O’Keefe 28.400
5. Asia D’Amato 28.367
6. Soyoka Hanawa 26.901
7. Gabby Perea 26.900
8. Daria Belousova 26.634

7:50 pm. Second half of rotation two scores…

UB- Villa 13.767, Iorio 14.234, Alice D 13.867, Asia D 13.7

BB- Padurariu 11.534, Allaire-Bourgie 13.067, Jurca 12.334, Jakab 12.934

FX- O’Keefe 13.8, Perea 13.8, Malabuyo 13.734, Lee 12.067

7:47 pm. Scores aren’t coming up but I’ll post them when they do.

7:43 pm. Alice D’Amato UB- Maloney to big Tkachev, bail to Ray, inbar to inbar half to front giant to front giant full, double front sky high with a little bounce. DAMN ITALY.

Padurariu BB- Check on switch ring. Side aerial loso, off on loso. UGHHHHHHHHHHH. She’s secretly an American today. Switch half. Wobble and fight on front aerial, switch to sheep jump, double pike dismount.

Lee FX- Double double with her chest down but good landing with her feet. Double layout a bit short. 1.5 to 2.5 really low, punch front tuck to her back. Double tuck with a bounce back.

7:39 pm. Malabuyo FX- I’m watching KZB watching Emma, it’s fab. New music I think. Tucked full-in, good. I missed her second pass but she hit it. Something through to 2.5 to wonky stag.

Jurca BB- Punch front mount and double pike dismount were all I saw but I didn’t see her fall!

Asia D’Amato UB- Messy on her pak, Maloney to bail is also messy, to Ray back up, front giant work to a double front, the Italians are totally watching the Chinese like “let’s do this.” Really solid improvements though overall even if she’s not quite as clean as the first two were.

7:35 pm. Iorio UB- Big Ray to pak, nice! Maloney to stalder half to straddle back, Ray to high, nice handstand before blind change to front giant to Endo to Endo full to her dismount which I think was a half in double tuck but I didn’t see it. Ummmm WHAT ITALY!?!?!?

Allaire-Bourgie BB- Excellent flight series. Big wobble and save on switch half. Hit the dismount.

Perea FX- Hit first pass. Then something, maybe front tuck, through to triple, I didn’t see the beginning.. 1.5 through to 2.5. Double pike with a small hop. Not bad.

7:32 pm. Villa UB- Toe on to Maloney to Tkachev, switchs down into pak, Chow to bail to Ray, blind change to front giant to front giant full to front giant half, full-in stuck. NICE.

Jakab BB- Nice front walkover mount. Double pike with a couple of steps back. Hit routine!

O’Keefe FX- Double arabian is good and she hit her second pass which I think was a 2.5, I was watching bars. Double tuck. Good leap work. Double pike with a small bounce.

7:30 pm. First half of rotation two scores…

VT- Langille 13.167, DiPietro 13.234, Morin 12.4, Monat 12.367

UB- Belousova 13.167, Strukova 12.567, Gerasimova 13.134, Komnova 11.8

BB- Innes 10.5, Skrupa 9.534, Paterson 8.934, Holmstrom 11.667

FX- Serita 12.6, Mune 12.267, Hanawa 12.967

7:29 pm. Holmstrom BB- Good jumps. Off on flight series. Punch front is good, side aerial, hit the dismount.

7:28 pm. Komnova UB-¬†Clear hip to toe on to inbar full, toe shoot, muscles up the handstand before toe half to front giant half, toe on to toe full, I think that’s what she meant to do originally. Full-in dismount a little messy.

7:26 pm.¬†Hanawa FX- Omg is her music Godzilla?!?!?! Hahahaha YAS. 1.5 through to double pike. Omg this is fabulous. It’s some kind of crazy monster movie theme. Switch ring to switch half into the corner before 2.5 to front tuck, low but stood up quickly. Double tuck with a stumble but saves it.

7:24 pm. Innes BB- Bhs loso, legs a little messy but good series. Switch to split jump with a little pause between them. Full turn, switch half, back tuck, lots of good single skill work. Connections will come. Side aerial, split jump half, finish it up! Double pike with a small hop and her chest down.


7:22 pm.¬†Serita FX- Something into a front full, I missed the beginning. Winnie the Pooh music because she’s hilarious. Hit second pass. Super clean double full with a small step. Hit the last pass.

Strukova UB- Ray to high, giant full right on the bar to blind change to big piked Jaeger, pak, toe on to toe shoot, toe full also right on the bar, full-in stuck. RUSSIA YOUR 2004 BABIES ARE MAGIC. DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME.

7:21 pm. Skrupa BB- Lovely press mount but then came off on a tuck full I think, not sure if it was part of a series. Front aerial with a check, switch leap, Onodi, nice extension on jumps, check on full turn, double tuck stumbled but held it up.

Morin VT- Yurchenko layout with a step back.


7:19 pm. Belousova UB- Inbar to toe on to stalder to toe shoot, covering all her bases down there. Blind change to front giant to big piked Jaeger, very nice. pak with slight leg sep. Toe half, toe shoot, full-in with a step.

Langille VT- Lovely handspring front tuck! Looked stuck to me.


7:16 pm. Monat VT- Handspring front tuck stumbled back like crazy.

Gerasimova UB- Inbar work on the low bar, Ray up to high, front giant into piked Jaeger, nice pak, toe shoot, quick giant full to full-out with a small step, nice!

Paterson BB- Hit flight series and full turn. Back tuck. Double full with a step.

Mune FX- Double pike is good. Stumbled second pass, maybe 2.5 but I missed the beginning. Didn’t sit it though! Hit third pass from what I saw. Double tuck with a step OOB.

DiPietro VT- Handspring front pike half-out with a stumble.

7:14 pm. VT Scores: Villa 14.734, Asia D 14.667, Iorio 14.6, Alice D 14.534, Belousova 13.467, Strukova 13.367, Komnova 12.9, Gerasimova 12.734

UB Scores: Padurariu 14.134, Allaire-Bourgie 12.0, Holmstrom 11.667, Innes 10.5, Jurca 10.167, Skrupa 9.534, Paterson 8.934, Jakab 8.767

BB Scores: O’Keefe 14.6, Hanawa 13.934, Perea 13.1, Malabuyo 12.267, Serita 12.1, Mune 11.134, Lee 10.5

FX Scores: Langille 12.867, Morin 12.234, DiPietro 12.234, Monat 12.134

7:09 pm. Malabuyo BB- A little wild for a sec on her double wolf turn but she gets it under control. Bhs loso loso is perf. Great punch front, small pause up into her jump series. Small stumble on standing arabian. Side aerial, hip angle is super off and she splits the beam before coming off. Big wobble on front aerial. Ring jump. Switch ring. Sat double pike. LAWD.

7:07 pm. Jakab UB- Bail, gets lost in her pirouettes on the low bar and has to come off. Arching and muscling pirouettes has been a theme for many of the young Canadians today. Stalder to inbar shoot to high, dead hang. Toe half to front giant half, double pike sat. Rough set.

7:05 pm. O’Keefe BB- Beautiful side aerial loso loso. Full turn, switch half, nailed the bhs bhs layout, kid’s a star. Sissone to wolf jump, punch front with a step forward, switch ring, ring jump, over time, double pike with a hop back. Great set.

Asia D’Amato VT- DTY with a hop forward, form looked iffy to me but again I couldn’t really see. FTY second vault is good.

7:03 pm. Villa VT- DTY, super clean in the air, and great block…just a hop back. Fab. Omg she’s so powerful her FTY second vault FLOATED in the air for a sec before landing. Girl’s gonna have an Amanar so soon.

Padurariu UB- Toe half to piked Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev, bail to inbar to Ray, giant full right on the bar, stuck full-in. FABULOUSSSSS.

6:59 pm. Alice D’Amato VT- DTY with a small hop. I can barely see vault from here so don’t judge me if anything’s really bad, form is impossible for me to spot. But she hit so yay! Doing an FTY as numero dos but I didn’t see it.

Allaire-Bourgie UB- Toe full, front giant to big piked Jaeger, pak, toe full, arches over halfway through and falls. Got back up and hit the dismount.

Perea BB- Really clean wolf turn, double I think but I glanced over near the end. Perfect standing full, then jumps. Off on bhs bhs layout series. Switch to switch half. Front aerial, side somi, 2.5 with a big step forward to control the landing.

6:56 pm. Iorio VT- Hit her DTY! Yay! Did an FTY for her second vault.

Jurca UB- Came off right away, I didn’t see on what. Off again. Hit the dismount.

Lee¬†BB- Hit the double wolf turn. Front aerial, small check, then a jump. Bhs, missed hands completely on the second bhs, came off. Could’ve been scary. Switch to switch half, hands down and she comes off. Now she’s rattled, just calm down, wobble on a leap, Onodi, pause before split to sissone. Double tuck with a hop back.

6:55 pm. NICE 13.934 for Hanawa’s awesome beam…5.7 D. Strukova’s vault got moved down to 4.6 D by the way, hahaha. I think maybe someone went to type 4.6 and just moved their fingers over one space to 5.7. :-p

6:53 pm. Next half of the rotation will have Italy on vault, Canada on bars, and United States on beam. Touch warmups now.

6:50 pm. Langille FX- Front tuck through to double pike. Double spin. Switch to switch full. Music is “Something Wild” by Lindsey Stirling and her choreo is perfect. Layout full third pass. Full turn in front attitude. Omg her choreo is FAB. This routine is perfect for her. Double tuck with a little bounce back. A+++++ all the awards.

6:49 pm. I only saw Strukova’s FTY but on the scores they have her doing a 5.7 D vault with a 14.4 total? I don’t think there ARE any 5.7 D vaults so I don’t trust this…am I going crazy? Handspring front tuck 1.5 maybe but I think that was the last code? I missed it either way.

6:46 pm. DiPietro FX- Stuck double pike to start things off. Good 2.5 to front tuck. Solid double tuck.

Innes¬†UB- Clear hip to stalder to toe on to Ray, a little bit of a dead hang, giant full, double tuck stuck. Simple but hit. She got moved from the Canada team to Canada West at the last minute so I’m guessing Lucia Jakab got moved to Canada? We shall see.

6:45 pm.¬†Hanawa BB- Front aerial to split jump, switch to sheep jump, bhs bhs layout is SOLID. Also smooth on her bhs loso loso. Switch ring. She’s goooooood! Little check on full turn. Nailed the double tuck.


6:43 pm.¬†Skrupa UB- Endo half muscled to stalder to toe on to Ray, far from the bar and she falls. Bail isn’t to handstand, toe on to stalder full gets lost in the middle and hops off, Ray up to high when she gets back on, whippy double layout with a step forward.


6:42 pm. Monat FX- 2.5 to punch front tuck, really good positioning. Double tuck, a bit low and then she slips, hands down. Double full with a bounce.

6:39 pm. Paterson UB- Big piked Jaeger, fall, short on her bail and drags her feet so has to swing again, toe on to toe shoot is close, double tuck with a step.

Mune BB- Switch ring, side aerial loso split the beam and bounced off onto her back, OW. Gets back up though. Side somi. Double pike with a bounce back.

Komnova VT- I missed it but she hit, handspring front tuck I think.

6:38 pm. Belousova VT- FTY, decent, a little wild on the landing with a bounce back.

6:35 pm. Gerasimova VT- Handspring front tuck, a little deep.

Holmstrom UB- Straddle back to clear hip was all I saw. Hit the rest.

Serita BB- Off on her mount. Front tuck, good jumps, wobble on switch ring,

Morin FX- Good double tuck to start. Second pass went into a front pike and was good. 1.5 with a little stumble.

Strukova VT- FTY, a little low, but clean from what I could see.

6:30 pm. Touch warmup is starting now for the first half of rotation one! Russia will start on vault, Canada West on bars, Japan on beam, and Canada East on floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


18 thoughts on “The International Gymnix Junior Cup Live Blog

    • Ok, you won the “stupid comment” award…you’re just mean to 15yo girls that train hard to be there. In gymnastics, there are D-score and E-score, or do you forget that?
      Can’t believe that people like you exist…


      • Well my friend.

        1st of all: I am an athlete myself (which I assume you aren’t based on your insulting comment)
        2nd of all: As a spectator of gymnastics and athlete I do appreciate all athletes and the work they put into.
        3rd of all: I am under the clear opinion that it is just plain WRONG of people that fall once or even more clinch titles over a person that did good routines (not too easy btw) and did a more-than-solid job. (I do know it is a COP problem and neither the girls’ fault nor anybody elses)
        4th of all: Yes if they didn’t have that much difficulty they would not have fallen but then, either way, Villa would have won ūüėÄ

        And now I am done with you.


    • Their program isnt in trouble. They still have their core veterans Rogers and Black. Olsen doesn’t plan on clocking out anytime soon, Jade has a lot of promise as a first year senior and everyone’s awaiting what Padurariu can do. They’re a program that’s made a really good ascent, and you have to keep in mind that the majority of their current stars (I.e. Onyshko, Black) didn’t start posting big scores until they were seniors.


  1. Is there an age difference between the girls on Team Russia and the girls on Team USA and Team Italy or will they all become seniors in the same year?


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