The International Gymnix Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the International Gymnix Event Finals! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

4:21 pm. Senior Floor Standings

1. Hitomi Hatakeda, Japan, 13.600
2. Megan Roberts, Canada, 13.567
3. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 13.467
4. Audrey Rousseau, Canada, 13.434
5. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 12.967
6. Rianna Mizzen, Australia, 12.934
7. Emily Whitehead, Australia, 12.500
8. Marina Kawasaki, Japan, 11.200

4:19 pm. Junior Beam Standings

1. Gabby Perea, United States, 13.825
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.575
3. Maile O’Keefe, United States, 12.575
4. Soyoka Hanawa, Japan, 12.525
5. Arina Strukova, Russia, 12.475
6. Daria Belousova, Russia, 12.425
7. Lucia Jakab, Canada, 12.325
8. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 11.900

4:15 pm. Challenge Bars Standings

1. Emma Spence, Dynamo (CAN), 13.125
2. Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s (USA), 12.800
3. Jordyn Ewing, Taiso (CAN), 12.425
4. Cassia Priels, Charleroi (BEL), 12.100
5. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 12.000
6. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s (USA), 11.250
7. Talia Folino, Waverley (AUS), 10.575
8. Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym Fly (CAN), 10.150

4:12 pm. Strukova BB- Hit mount, but then came off right after that, didn’t see what. Switch leap, check on bhs layout, front aerial to sheep jump, love her wolf jump down to her knee. Also love her back walkover swing down. Double tuck with her chest down.

Moors FX- Front double full to front full is good. Double front with a step, good. She sat that in warmups. 2.5 stumbled forward and then puts her hands down right at the end, UGHHHHHHHH WHY.

4:07 pm. Vézina UB- Ray, came off on something in the middle. Fell a second time as well. Aside from the Ray I only saw the dismount which had a hop.

O’Keefe BB- Side aerial loso, big wobble and a fall to complete the US beam destruction of this weekend. #FallsForAll Too bad, this would’ve easily won. Everyone else is falling though so she could prob still medal. Big wobble on switch half. Solid on bhs bhs layout. Punch front, double pike dismount.

Mizzen FX- Good double tuck. Love that she’s in beam and floor but no bars final. 1.5 to punch front. Double pike with her chest down.

4:06 pm. Hatakeda FX- Tuck full-in with a bounce back. I love her music, it’s super weird. 2.5 to front full. Hit third pass. Double tuck with a little hop to finish.

Folino UB- Off on a toe full. Maloney to pak is nice. Piked Jaeger, then loses swing right after and has to regroup but stays on. Sat double pike dismount.

4:05 pm. Villa BB- Split leap mount, switch half, full L turn, ugh, off on roundoff tuck full. Wobble on double spin. Wobbled on something after that but I didn’t see what. Switch to straight jump full, 2.5 with a hop forward.


4:04 pm. Dominici UB- Jaeger, giant full to Tkachev, pak with leg sep, Maloney, loses her swing in her toe on and has to start again, toe on to double tuck stumbled forward.

3:59 pm. Spence UB- Toe full a bit messy to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen a bit arched with some leg sep, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, dismount with the biggest smile on her face, another huge celebration just like yesterday. LOVE HER.

Hanawa BB- I missed the beginning but nailed bhs bhs layout series. Bhs loso loso with a check, landed right at the end of the beam. Switch leap big wobble and fall. Hit dismount with a step.

Olsen FX- Big double double to start. Front tuck through to double tuck with a hop. Piked full-in a little low but hit. Switch half into the corner for her final pass, a triple full, a bit short with a step to the side.

3:55 pm. Kawasaki FX- Tucked full-in with her chest down, 2.5 to front tuck into the corner, then steps OOB, double tuck, really far forward on the landing, hands down. Double full with a hop.

3:52 pm. Belousova BB- My faaaaave. Press handstand mount, switch to split leap, full Y turn, bhs bhs layout is a little piked, huuuge wobble and huge fight but she loses and has a fall. 😦 Front aerial to split jump, wobble on side aerial but controls it, nice Onodi, pause before sheep jump, double tuck with her chest at her knees.

3:50 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB- Hit beginning, including side somi. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, nice. Bhs bhs loso is looooovely. Beautiful double spin. Side aerial. Switch to switch half. She’s doing really nicely. Good double full.

Roberts FX- Arabian double pike with a bounce forward, nice. Strong piked full-in with a step. Hit third pass, double tuck, and then double pike to finish.

Ewing UB- Toe shoot, giant full, double pike dismount. I missed the beginning of this but know she fell right before the toe shoot.

3:49 pm. Johnston UB- Short handstand before toe full (muscled with leg sep) then toe half to piked Jaeger, straddle Jaeger, clear hip to pak (leg sep), toe half to toe shoot, good handstand before giants to double pike dismount, a bit straddled with a step back.

3:48 pm. Rousseau FX- Big double arabian to stag, hit second pass, 1.5 through to something but I missed it with Gabby on beam. Big double pike with a bounce back. Good set.

3:45 pm. DiCello UB- Muscles through toe full, comes off halfway through. Starts over, just does Maloney to pak, caught Jaeger, double tuck with a hop back.

Perea BB- Double wolf turn, excellent standing full before jump series, beautiful bhs bhs layout! Switch leap to switch half with great amplitude and extension. Switch ring, slight check, front aerial, side somi, 2.5 dismount with her signature step forward and over…she does this both here and on floor, it’s like a baby blanket hahaha. But really, fabulous work.

3:42 pm. Priels UB- Maloney, toe shoot, straddle Jaeger, toe half, giant full, bent legs on giant going into double tuck.

Jakab BB- Hit flight series. Also saw her hit her front handspring mount at the beginning. I started really watching now for the dismount, double pike with two steps back.

Whitehead FX- Opening pass stumbled forward OOB. 1.5 to front lay is clean though. Solid whip to double tuck. SUCH an improvement after American Cup here!! Happy to see that. Double pike with a step back.

3:41 pm. Final rotation lineups…

Bars- Priels, DiCello, Johnston, Ewing, Spence, Dominici, Folino, Vézina

Beam- Jakab, Perea, Allaire-Bourgie, Belousova, Hanawa, Villa, O’Keefe, Strukova

Floor- Whitehead, Rousseau, Roberts, Kawasaki, Olsen, Hatakeda, Mizzen, Moors

3:38 pm. Senior Beam Standings

1. Hitomi Hatakeda, Japan, 13.350
2. Jade Chrobok, Canada, 13.275
3. Rianna Mizzen, Australia, 13.200
4. Sophie Marois, Canada, 13.1oo
— Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.100
6. Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan, 12.900
7. Ayu Koike, Japan, 12.225
8. Megan Roberts, Canada, 10.925

3:36 pm. Junior Bars Standings

1. Gabby Perea, United States, 14.600
2. Sunisa Lee, United States, 14.125
3. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 13.725
4. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 13.675
5. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 13.200
6. Daria Belousova, Russia, 13.150
7. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 12.500
8. Mikako Serita, Japan, 12.400

3:32 pm. Moors BB- Punch front tuck mount, split jump to sissone, little cat leap half kinda thing to turn around before her split leap to side somi, hit another leap after that but I couldn’t see, slight wobble on full attitude turn, front aerial to side arial, nice. I want her to winnnnn. She’s gorgeous. Switch to switch half, lovely front handspring to front layout 1.5 dismount.

Challenge Vault Standings

1. Andrea Maldonado, Puerto Rico, 13.488
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 13.025

3:29 pm. Hatakeda BB- Punch front tuck, nice and clean, side aerial, side somi, hit leaps, bhs loso, hit dismount.

Alice D’Amato UB- Maloney to Tkachev, fell. 😦 Looked like she almost had it but lost her grip. Bail to Ray, toe on to inbar half to front giant to front giant full to double front with a small hop back.

3:28 pm. Perea UB- Inar full, Maloney to Ricna to pak is AWESOME, van Leeuwen, beautiful handstand before toe half to straddle Jaeger, double layout a little low with a step forward but that was a gorgeous routine.

3:27 pm. Koike BB- Hit bhs loso, side aerial, switch to split leap, came off on something but I missed it, front aerial to sheep jump, side somi, step back on the dismount.

3:26 pm. Padurariu UB- Inbar half to piked Jaeger, inbar pike Tkachev, bail to inbar to Ray, giant full, full-in with a couple of steps back.

3:22 pm. Iorio UB- Ricna to pak, Maloney to stalder half to straddle back (arched) to Ray, blind change to Endo to Endo full to front giant to double front half out, such promise in this routine.

Marois BB- Bhs candle mount, I missed most of this while watching bars so I’m jumping in at the switch to switch half which has a big wobble, front aerial, full turn, side aerial, front full dismount.

3:16 pm. Mizzen BB- Hit opening wolf turn but I couldn’t see the rotations, switch to split jump to straddle jump, bhs loso loso is solid, side aerial, side somi, slow double wolf turn, front aerial, double tuck low with a hop.

3:12 pm. Chrobok BB- Switch to switch half a little short. Side aerial loso, just BARELY gets the loso around. Hit side somi and dismount.

Lee UB- Nabieva to pak, again with the hip piking on the Nabs but let’s forgive it. Maloney to Gienger, toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, stalder full, full-in landing is great.

3:09 pm. Maldonado VT- First is big clean FTY. Hit second vault, I only saw the tsuk entry but it was maybe a tuck full.

Roberts BB- Bhs loso is good, full turn, full-twisting bhs with a wobble and a fall. Side aerial, switch to switch half with a stumble and another fall. Side somi, switch side, double pike with a step.

Gerasimova UB- Hit the beginning, toe on to clear hip to Ray up to high is what I saw. Piked Jaeger is good, holds handstand before clean pak, toe half to toe shoot, full-in hit.

3:08 pm. Belousova UB- Inbar toe on stalder then either toe shoot or Ray up to high, I couldn’t see, front giant to big piked Jaeger, pak, toe shoot, giant full, full-in with a big step forward.

Dominici VT- Second is solid tsuk tuck full.

3:06 pm. Chusovitina BB- Punch front mount, punch front pike, bhs layout a bit piked as per usual but she hits. Punch front tuck, switch to split jump, wolf turn, double tuck with a step back.

3:05 pm. Dominici VT- FTY, step back.

Serita UB- Clear hip, stalder to inbar to blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, giant full, full-in stuck.

3:01 pm. Vault- Dominici, Maldonado

Bars- Serita, Belousova, Gerasimova, Lee, Iorio, Padurariu, Perea, Alice D’Amato

Beam- Chusovitina, Roberts, Chrobok, Mizzen, Marois, Koike, Hatakeda, Moors

Challenge Floor Standings

1. Andrea Maldonado, Puerto Rico, 13.050
2. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s (USA), 13.025
3. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s (USA), 12.950
4. Chloé Lorange, Gymnix (CAN), 12.900
5. Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym Fly (CAN), 12.300
6. Sophia King, Calgary (CAN), 12.000
7. Madeline McLellan, Calgary (CAN), 11.850
8. Maelle Delourmel, Gymnix (CAN), 11.825)

2:58 pm. Junior Vault Standings

1. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 14.388
2. Maile O’Keefe, United States, 14.100
3. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 13.975
4. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 13.925
5. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 13.688
6. Soyoka Hanawa, Japan, 13.475
— Victoria Jurca, Canada, 13.475
8. Mikako Serita, Japan, 13.013

Senior Bars Standings

1. Hitomi Hatakeda, Japan, 13.825
2. Emily Whitehead, Australia, 13.000
3. Ayu Koike, Japan, 12.950
4. Jade Chrobok, Canada, 12.850
5. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 12.600
6. Jade Vella-Wright, Australia, 12.525
7. Sophie Marois, Canada, 11.975
8. Erin Modaro, Australia, 9.475

2:55 pm. Pilgrim FX- Double arabian with a little hop forward. 1.5 through to double tuck, good. Random layout stepout pass in her choreo. Solid double pike. Could maybe get another gold!

O’Keefe VT- Second vault is an FTY, clean with a hop back.

2:54 pm. Modaro UB- It’s so weird that there are three Australians in senior bars finals and none of them are Mizzen. Attempts toe full but falls halfway through. Does it again and hits but it’s messy. Maloney to pak both good, arches over on a toe half and falls off again. Toe shoot a little close, piked Jaeger is good, but then loses her swing and comes off again. Crazy that her skills are good but it’s the swings that are getting her. Double pike with a step.

O’Keefe VT- Clean DTY, maybe some ankle crossing, hop on the landing. Good power though.

2:52 pm. Maldonado FX- Love this routine and her as a performer. 2.5 with a little scoot forward. Hit second pass. Switch ring to split full. Double tuck with a bounce forward. Double full to straddle jump to finish.

Malabuyo VT- Second vault is an FTY, looked good.

2:51 pm. Malabuyo VT- Great DTY to start, just a bounce on the landing. She’s improved here sooooo much!

2:50 pm. Koike UB- Clear hip to toe on to stalder half to straddle Jaeger, stalder to stalder full right on the bar to pak (leg sep), toe shoot, double pike with a stumble forward.

2:49 pm. Asia D’Amato VT- Second vault is an FTY, good, hop back.

King FX- Solid double tuck. Hit second pass, something into a front full. Sat 2.5.

2:48 pm. Asia D’Amato VT- Solid DTY, chest slightly down with a step.

2:47 pm. Hatakeda UB- Inbar to inbar full, messy van Leeuwen, inbar half to piked Jaeger, bail to stalder to Ray, full-in with a hop back.

2:45 pm. Villa VT- FTY second vault, super clean and floaty with a little bounce back.

DiCello FX- Double pike a little short, followed up by a solid 2.5. Hit third pass, I think a 1.5. Big double tuck with a step to finish.

2:42 pm. Villa VT- DTY, a little short with a step forward.

Chrobok UB- Toe on to bail to stalder to toe shoot, toe on to Tkachev is great, giant full, blind change to front giant to double front with a hop forward.

2:38 pm. McLellan FX- Washington commit with lots of power, I really like her. Double tuck with a little hop back. Switch ring to split full. Front full to split jump, double pike, runs out of gas a bit and straddles the second pike a bit which slows her down further, hands down on the floor. Too bad, that was otherwise solid.

2:37 pm. Hanawa VT- Second vault is an FTY, very clean, slight pike on the landing with a step back.

2:36 pm. Hanawa VT- Handspring front pike half, just a bounce on the landing. Lots of power.

2:34 pm. Padurariu VT- Yurchenko 1.5 second vault and it’s probably her best ever, a little squatted on the landing but nothing like the problems she had at Elite Canada and even last night.

Delourmel FX- Double tuck with a stumble forward. Hit second pass, I think it was a front lay front pike, and then a 1.5 to finish.

Whitehead UB- Toe full, Maloney to pak (slight leg sep), van Leeuwen, Markelov is great, double front with a big step back.

2:33 pm. Padurariu VT- Super clean FTY in the air but a little short, doesn’t quite get her chest up and has to have a little stumble forward on the landing.

2:32 pm. Vézina FX- Double pike with a couple of steps back before she gets control. Loooovely illusion turn. Second pass I think was a front layout half to punch front? Layout 1.5 to finish.

Vella-Wright UB- Stalder to Maloney to pak, all really clean, toe-on to van Leeuwen also super clean, front giant half with a little knee bend, giant full, arches over in one of her giants before her full-in, sky high with a little bounce.

2:31 pm. Jurca VT- Second vault is Yurchenko full-on back tuck off with a hop back. Such a cool vault.

2:30 pm. Jurca VT- Tsuk back pike with a big hop back as her first vault.

2:29 pm. Marois UB- Straddle Jaeger, bail (ankle sep) to toe shoot, clear hip, hit feet on the low bar on a giant, double pike low with a hop.

2:27 pm. Lorange FX- Double pike with a hop back. Hit second pass. Nice double full, and then a great choreo bit at the end.

2:26 pm. Serita VT- Handspring front pike, gets a little tucked in the knees before the landing. Second vault is handspring front pike half, same issue with her knee bend.

Olsen UB- Stalder half (leg sep) to Jaeger, bail (messy) to stalder full to stalder to toe on to inbar shoot, short handstand before giant to full-in dismount. Okay, so her form obviously isn’t great there, but she’s getting so good at making it through routines.

2:23 pm. Challenge Beam Standings

1. Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s (USA), 13.100
2. Andrea Maldonado, Puerto Rico, 12.800
3. Talia Folino, Waverley (AUS), 12.725
4. Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s (USA), 11.875
5. Kiera Wai, East York (CAN), 11.475
6. Rachel Grenke, Capital City (CAN), 11.350
7. Lindsay Chia, Rose City (CAN), 11.275
8. Ana Palacios, Spain, 10.225

2:21 pm. Rotation Two Lineups

Vault- Serita, Jurca, Padurariu, Hanawa, Villa, Asia D’Amato, Malabuyo, O’Keefe

Bars- Olsen, Marois, Vella-Wright, Whitehead, Chrobok, Hatakeda, Koike, Modaro

Floor- Lorange, Vézina, Delourmel, McLellan, DiCello, King, Maldonado, Pilgrim

2:20 pm. Junior Floor Standings

1. Maile O’Keefe, United States, 13.675
— Gabby Perea, United States, 13.675
3. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 13.500
4. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 13.275
5. Arina Strukova, Russia, 13.075
6. Daria Belousova, Russia, 12.950
7. Soyoka Hanawa, Japan, 12.925
8. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 12.825

2:16 pm. Villa FX- Excellent triple spin. Clean tucked full-in with a slight bounce. Hit her second pass. Beautiful triple full with a little hop. Love this part of her dance. Beautiful extension on leaps. Sassy faces right at the judges, WITH A WINK. She’s perfect. Double tuck and her scrunchie flips right off during the tuck but it doesn’t bother her even a little. Fabulous ending. Omg, she didn’t even know her scrunchie came off, her coach points at it and she cracks up.

2:14 pm. Maldonado BB- Little check on full turn, punch front with great power, clean jumps, bhs loso with a little wobble (leg up), switch leap, slight check so she doesn’t connect it to anything, side aerial, switch side with a slight wobble, switch half, hit the dismount.

2:12 pm. Senior Vault Final Results

1. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 14.500
2. Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan, 14.475
3. Hitomi Hatakeda, Japan, 14.025
4. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.225

2:10 pm. Pilgrim BB- I wish meets did beam and floor one at a time so (a) I wouldn’t have to watch both at the same time and miss stuff, and (b) so there wouldn’t be three minute pauses between routines. Hit layout flight series and full Y turn, switch to split jump, bhs loso loso series is also great, SKY HIGH double tuck, lands so far upright, bless! Just a bounce.

O’Keefe FX- Double arabian is good, hit second pass (I missed it while watching Pilgrim’s flight series, see what I mean?), double tuck is clean, beautiful extension on one of her leaps just now, double pike a tad low with a bounce back.

2:06 pm. Wai BB- Front aerial, sheep jump, side somi, I think she eventually wants to connect that as a mixed series. Off on front handspring front tuck. 😦 Full Y turn with a little wobble, switch ring, punch front full dismount with a hop.

Padurariu FX- Piked full-in to start is good. Great 2.5 to front layout full! She missed that in training, did a punch tuck to her butt. Double pike with a step back to control it. Great work, smile and wave to the crowd.

2:00 pm. Folino BB- Hit her wolf turn, punch front with a small step forward, bhs bhs layout with a little tentative step, front aerial to split jump, side aerial, and just a layout dismount. Great set.

Perea FX- Good tucked full-in with a bounce back, front tuck through to triple full, nice. 1.5 through to 2.5, step forward to control it. Double pike.

Gabby Douglas’ 2016 floor music started playing the second Gabby Perea came off the podium, bless.

1:56 pm. Johnston BB- Wobble on the turn, good punch front, another wobble on a jump, bhs loso loso with bent legs and a fall, front aerial to split jump to sissone, hit double tuck dismount with a step.

Belousova FX- Double pike into a lunge, 2.5 to front tuck, I looooove the way she punches into the tuck, it’s so effortless and controlled. She knows exactly where she is in the air. Rudi third pass, good. Double tuck with a stumble forward but she holds it up.

Chusovitina VT- Second vault is a tsuk 1.5, also good, just a bounce on the landing.

1:55 pm. Chusovitina VT- Handspring front layout full, actually fab aside from the pre-flight. Hop on the landing.

1:52 pm. Grenke BB- Full turn, bhs loso with a little check, off on barani. Still crazy that she has one, how awesome. Switch leap to split jump. Clean punch front.

Iorio FX- Solid tucked full-in, chest slightly down. Double pike with a bounce back. Hit third pass. Clean double full to finish. Beautiful work.

Moors VT- Second vault is handspring pike half-out, good. Bounce on the landing. I think her difficulty was too low to get her a medal here if anyone hit but still a bummer to see her have that fall in the first vault.

1:50 pm. Moors VT- First vault is her tsuk full, really good air and looks clean but then she has a little stumble and ends up putting her knee down. 😦


1:49 pm. Strukova FX- Double pike with a step. Clean 2.5 to punch front. Hit third pass and then double back stuck to finish, chest just down a bit.

Olsen VT- Second vault is the Yurchenko half-on tucked 1.5 off, aka the Khorkina. Good, prob some form stuff that I can’t see from where I am, but just a hop on the landing. About what you’d expect from her.

1:48 pm. Chia BB- Switch to straddle 3/4, big wobble and then she falls back off the beam. Switch to side aerial, slight check. Hit flight series. Double full a little short.

1:47 pm. Olsen VT- First vault is a Yurchenko double with a hop back.


1:44 pm. Hatakeda VT- Nice Yurchenko 1.5 for her first vault and a solid tsuk full for the second.

Palacios BB- Little wobble on her first skill and then off on her side aerial. Bhs loso with a wobble. Switch leap, tour jete half, wobble on switch half, wolf jump to split jump, off on side somi. Good double full to finish.

Hanawa FX- 1.5 through to double pike a little low but hit. Still obsessed with this music. Hit second pass, something into a punch front tuck, I missed the start of that. Solid double tuck.

1:38 pm. Event final competitors in the first rotation…

Vault- Hatakeda, Olsen, Moors, Chusovitina

Beam- Palacios, Chia, Grenke, Johnston, Folino, Wai, Pilgrim, Maldonado

Floor- Hanawa, Strukova, Iorio, Belousova, Perea, Padurariu, O’Keefe, Villa

Touch warmup beginning now!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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