The Jesolo Junior Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior team final and all-around competition at the 2017 City of Jesolo Trophy! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

7:47 am. Individual all-around medals coming now! No two-per-country, so it’s Perea, O’Keefe, and Malabuyo in first, second, and third. The whole list they’re giving us…

1. Gabby Perea (USA)
2. Maile O’Keefe (USA)
3. Emma Malabuyo (USA)
4. Adeline Kenlin (USA)
5. Ana Padurariu (CAN)
6. Olivia Dunne (USA)

7:38 am. Gold obviously goes to the U.S. ladies, who were absolutely incredible today. The main Italian team takes silver, and Giorgia Villa hops on one foot with a smile on her face up to the podium. The Russians get bronze. Hey, it’s the same podium as Gymnix! Just with different Russians.

Fourth place is the Italian 2 team, fifth is France, the Italy youth team is sixth, Canada seventh, and the Italian hopes are eighth.

7:32 am. Gabby Perea will win the all-around with a 57.55 after a massive 15.05 on bars! Maile O’Keefe will finish second with a 57.3 and third will be Emma Malabuyo with a 56.7, though if they only do two-per-country on the podium, Ana Padurariu will get bronze with a 55.4 after a fantastic 14.5 on beam.

7:27 am. Perea UB- Inbar full a little late and awkward, Maloney to Ricna to pak, van Leeuwen with slight leg sep, inbar half to Jaeger, double layout with a step.

Saifulina VT 12.8 (5.4, 7.4). O’Keefe UB 14.65 (5.6, 9.05).

7:24 am. Padurariu BB- Bhs candle mount, switch ring, excellent side aerial loso loso, full turn, hit everything else including a big double pike, and the SMILE ON HER FACE IS SUNSHINE!!!!!

O’Keefe UB- Chow to pak, Maloney to Tkachev, Jaeger, stalder full to double front almost stuck. Great day for her!!

Saifulina VT- Crashed DTY.

Gorsline BB 11.95 (4.9, 7.05). Malabuyo UB 14.0 (5.0, 9.0).

7:22 am. Malabuyo UB- Inbar (or stalder, can’t see) to stalder full to Tkachev, pak, stalder to stalder half to Endo half to Ray, full-in stuck.

Agafonova VT- FTY with a step, not bad.

Kenlin UB 14.25 (5.7, 8.55). Agafonova VT 13.4 (4.6, 8.8).

7:20 am. Gorsline BB- Bhs loso, some bent leg form, switch to switch side, punch front tuck, side aerial, switch half, front aerial with a wobble and a fall. 1.5 with a step.

Allaire-Bourgie BB 13.45 (5.2, 8.25).

7:18 am. Serber FX- Double pike with a hop back. I legit forgot France was here and this is actually the first time I realized they were a thing. 1.5 to front tuck with a step forward OOB. Double full with a little bounce. Double tuck with a step.

Klimenko VT 11.6 (3.3, 8.3).

7:16 am. Allaire-Bourgie BB- Side somi, wobble on her double turn, switch to switch half, double full dismount.

Kenlin UB- Giant full to Ricna, stalder full to pak, van Leeuwen, toe half to front gaint to double front half out STUCK. NICE. Some form things in there but really great all things considered.

Klimenko VT- Yurchenko tuck, stumbled back.

Zubova VT 13.25 (4.6, 8.65).

7:14 am. Zubova VT- FTY, not bad.

7:12 am. Dunne finishes with 53.5 AA!

Dunne BB 13.5 (5.4, 8.1).

7:08 am. Dunne BB- Wolf turn, side aerial with a wobble but she fights and holds it, switch to switch half, front aerial, bhs loso, solid. Switch ring, back foot a little flexed, punch front with a tiny bounce, clean jump series, double pike with a step back. Great day for her!

Alice D’Amato FX 11.75 (4.9, 7.15).

7:05 am. Federici UB- Front giant, aaaand she’s off. Let’s go sass monster. Front giant to Endo to piked Jaeger when she gets back on, lovely. Messy pak gets crazy and she has to start her swing over, comes off again after a toe full that turns into, like, a crazy toe half. On again for giant full, toe on, and double pike with a step back.

Alice D’Amato FX- Hit opening pass but I missed it. Front double full to stag gets a little wild. Nice form on her triple full, and just a small bounce. NOOOO, sits her double tuck OOB. UGH.

Asia D’Amato FX 13.1 (5.0, 8.1). Villa FX 4.8 (2.0, 9.3, -6.5 ND).


Iorio FX 13.1 (4.9, 8.2).

6:59 am. Asia D’Amato FX- Double arabian with a little bounce forward. Tucked full-in with her chest down and a bounce. Double tuck nearly to her knees, way short. Double full to finish is clean.

Marinelli UB 11.5 (3.4, 8.1). De Tullio VT 13.0 (4.6, 8.7).

6:55 am. Iorio FX- Full-in, a little low. Triple is under-rotated. Love this choreo bit before the third pass. Double pike with her chest down. Front full.

Ciammarughi VT 12.05 (3.5, 8.55).

6:53 am. All-around standings are SUPER tight right now…Malabuyo 42.7, O’Keefe 42.65, Perea 42.5. Like, dayum. Love this close competition.

Zubova FX 12.1 (4.4, 7.7). Padurariu UB 14.0

6:48 am. Zubova FX- Triple full with some awk legs. Whip whip through to double tuck landed low with her chest down, OOB. Clean double full. Double pike is crunched but she stands up out of it.

Saifulina FX 11.9 (4.8, 7.4).

6:46 am. Padurariu UB- Inbar half to piked Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev, inbar to bail to stalder to Ray, giant full, stuck full-in. Good job kiddo.

Malabuyo 14.65 (5.4, 9.25). Allaire-Bourgie UB 10.4 (4.3, 6.1).

6:46 am. Malabuyo VT- DTY, big and clean, best of the bunch, but a step back to control the landing. FTY with a step back.

6:44 am. Perea VT- DTY, not as tight as O’Keefe’s and a little more tentative on the landing, but still a solid vault that’ll score well. Clean FTY second vault.

Saifulina FX- Tucked full-in with a step. Triple full is great! Front tuck through to double tuck, bounced OOB. Double pike super low, almost to her knees, but she stands up out of it.

Perea VT 14.55 (5.4, 9.15). Klimenko FX 12.9 (5.0, 7.9).

6:42 am. Allaire-Bourgie UB- Toe full, then bends her legs through the subsequent giant and comes off. Piked Jaeger, doesn’t kip cast to handstand, just to horizontal before the pak, toe half to toe shoot, hit the double tuck.

Gorsline UB 7.1 (2.4, 4.7).

6:41 am. Klimenko FX- 2.5 to punch front, not bad. Solid double pike. 1.5 to front full. Double tuck. Good for her.

O’Keefe VT 14.55 (5.4, 9.15). Agafonova FX 11.15 (5.0, 6.15).

6:38 am. O’Keefe VT- Very clean DTY with a small bounce back. FTY second vault, big bounce back because she’s like I’M SO POWERFUL YO.

Gorsline UB- Arched over on something and fell at the beginning of her routine. Fell again as well…poor kid.

Kenlin VT 14.25 (5.4, 8.86).

6:34 am. Kenlin VT- DTY a little short with a step forward.

Agafonova FX- Tucked full-in with a little step. Memmel turn a little short. 2.5 to front tuck, sat. Double tuck stumbled back several steps. Double pike to her back. Lawd.

6:30 am. Dunne UB- I missed almost all of this but this was a solid hit routine, full-in to finish.

Villa BB- Split leap to switch half, a little short on the split there. Full L turn, roundoff tuck full, fall. Double spin lovely while doing it but has a check at the end. Switch to straight jump full. 2.5 with a step forward.

Iorio BB 12.8 (4.8, 8.0). Basile FX 12.75 (4.9, 7.85). Dunne UB 13.1 (5.3, 7.8).

6:28 am. Basile FX- Beautiful double arabian, just a little bounce forward. 2.5 OOB. Double tuck with a lack of control on the landing.

6:25 am. Elisa Iorio BB- Split leap mount, side aerial with a check, bhs loso, good jump series into a bhs, front aerial, full Y turn, check, double pike with a hop forward.

Campagnaro VT- Crashed FTY after waiting 200 hours to vault.

Cotroneo VT 12.8 (4.6, 8.2). Alice D’Amato BB 12.85 (5.1, 7.75). Saturnino FX 13.15 (4.9, 8.25).

6:24 am. Saturnino FX- Whose music was this? Not that you can hear it if you’re not watching. But it’s someone’s. And it’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure it out. Tucked full-in. 1.5 to front full. Bounce on her double tuck landing.

De Tullio FX 12.2 (4.6, 7.6).

6:22 am. Alice D’Amato BB- Front aerial, wobble. Bhs back tuck. Switch side. Side aerial. Full Y turn, break at the waist. Hit jump series into bhs. Triple full dismount a little stumbled.

Asia D’Amato BB 12.35 (4.7, 7.65). Ciammarughi FX 12.65 (4.8, 7.85).

6:19 am. My feed was wonky so I think I missed someone on beam…Asia D’Amato maybe?

De Tullio FX- Her floor music is someone whistling “Bare Necessities” and then goes into a dramatic apocalypse version of “Bare Necessities.” WHAT. Oh this must be from the new Jungle Book movie or something. Hit double tuck and double pike. 2.5. 1.5 to front pike.

Federici VT 12.85 (4.0, 8.85). Marinelli VT 11.9 (3.5, 8.4).

6:17 am. Federici VT- Sass monster hit a Yurchenko layout.

6:15 am. Zubova BB 12.85 (5.8, 7.05).

O’Keefe 28.1, Malabuyo 28.05, Perea 27.95, Kenlin 27.4. Those top three, man! CLOSE AF.

6:13 am. Malabuyo 13.95 FX (5.4, 8.55). A tenth away from the best floor score of the year so far!

6:09 am. Zubova BB- Onodi mount, BLESS. Front handspring front tuck, some bizarre leg form but yeah. Roundoff layout, fall. DAMN YOU ZUBZUB. Front aerial to illusion turn, big wobble. Little wobble on bhs loso loso. Good jump series. Korbut, cool low beam choreo, full Y turn, this is such an amazing routine, I hate the world for this fall. Double pike with her chest at her knees.

Saifulina BB 12.45 (5.2, 7.25).

6:07 am. Malabuyo FX- Tucked full-in with a solid landing. Front double full to front tuck to stag jump. Hit third pass but I zoned out. What is it about third passes that make me like, forget they exist?? Puts on a smile for her choreo before the final pass, a double pike with a little bounce.

O’Keefe FX 13.6 (5.2, 8.5). Agafonova BB 13.25 (5.3, 7.95).

6:05 am. Saifulina BB- Roundoff loso mount, off right away. So far this beam rotation has been so very #Russia. Side aerial. Back tuck. Would be a cool series if connected. Full L turn turns into a wonky 1.5 and then basically a double because she kinda stumbles it around, haha. Good roundoff layout, just a tiny check. Nice switch half, hits 180. STUCK double tuck! That def got better as it went on.

Perea FX 13.3 (5.1, 8.2).

6:02 am. O’Keefe FX- Double arabian, a little cowboyed, but great landing. Went OOB I think on her 2.5. Double tuck with a bounce back. Good double pike to finish.

Padurariu VT- Going again, forgot she does two. WOW, the best Yurchenko 1.5 of her career!!! That one’s gonna be moving up to her first vault soon!

Klimenko BB 13.4 (5.6, 7.8). Padurariu VT 13.6 (4.6, 9.0).

6:00 am. Agafonova BB- Full Y turn, switch ring with a stumble and her hands down. Good side aerial loso. Punch front tuck with a step forward. Wolf jump to sissone. Front aerial to split jump, sheep jump, double tuck.

Padurariu VT- Superb FTY, landed right down the middle with just a tiny bounce in place. Beautiful.

5:58 am. Perea FX- Tucked full-in with a hop back. Front tuck through to triple right into the corner. Switch ring to switch full. Triple wolf turn. 1.5 through to double full. Stuck double pike.

Kenlin FX 13.25 (5.1, 8.15). Gorsline VT 11.7 (3.3, 8.4).

5:56 am. Klimenko BB- Switch half, hit her flight series, front handspring with super bent legs to front tuck. Front aerial again with a knee bend, slow connection to sheep jump and jump series. Side somi. Switch ring, awkward back leg, put her hands down after a wobble and then again because why not? Double tuck with a step.

Gorsline VT- She’s only been waiting 45 minutes to go even though Allaire-Bourgie’s score has been in for forever. Yurchenko back tuck.

5:54 am. Kenlin FX- Double front half-out, YAS. So good. 1.5 to punch front to stag. Hit third pass, I zoned out. Dobule tuck is pretty much stuck. Fantastic!

Allaire-Bourgie VT 11.5 (3.7, 7.8). I missed this! De Tullio BB 13.25 (4.9, 8.35).

5:48 am. Iorio UB- Ricna to pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, Endo half to Tkachev, front giant to Endo full, doesn’t get her swing back around the way she needed and hops off. NOOOOO. Front giant to to double front half-out with a step.

De Tullio BB- Lovely roundoff bhs mount, double spin. Hit the rest.

Dunne VT 13.5 (4.6, 8.9). Asia D’Amato UB 13.5 (5.1, 8.4). Saturnino BB 12.5 (5.2, 7.75). Federici FX 12.65 (4.5, 8.15).

5:46 am. Dunne VT- FTY with a hop back.

Campagnaro FX- Mission Impossible music, fun. Tucked full-in to her head. Oof. 2.5 is super wild, bounces OOB. Front full. Double full to finish.

5:45 am. Asia D’Amato UB- Tkachev to pak, hit transitions but I lost the feed for a sec, front giant to front giant full to double front with a small bounce back.

Alice D’Amato UB 11.0 (4.6, 6.4). Basile BB 12.2 (5.1, 7.1).

5:43 am. Federici FX- Double pike, stuck, ooh she’s a SASS MONSTER!!! Double tuck with a bounce back. 1.5 to front layout, feet got a little wonky on the twist. SHE LITERALLY JUST GROWLED IN HER ROUTINE LMAOOOO I’M DYING. SHE IS HILARIOUS. Omg her facial expressions. I’m dying. Double full to finish. 17.0 for her from me.

5:40 am. Alice D’Amato UB- Maloney to Tkachev, bail to Ray, inbar to inbar half, looked like she got a little lost and hopped off. This feed makes it impossible to decipher inbars from stalders thanks to the angle but I’m trying. Front giant to front full, off again. Gets back on for the double front with a step forward.

Basile BB- Off on bhs mount. Hit the rest, including great double pike dismount.

Ciammarughi BB 12.5 (4.7, 7.8).

5:38 am. Cotroneo FX- Laurie Hernandez music. Hit first pass, triple. Then 2.5 to punch front. Double pike a little short. Love her little snap to the music in her choreo.

Villa UB 13.5 (5.4, 8.1). Marinelli FX 12.45 (4.7, 7.75).

5:35 am. Ciammarughi BB- A little short on roundoff layout. A little short on switch half. 1.5 dismount. Not bad.

Villa UB- Toe-on to Maloney to pak to Chow to bail to Ray, very nice. Tkachev, front giant to front giant full, full-in with a small hop.

One of the hopes babies just crashed vault in the background.

5:29 am. So that was kind of an amazing beam rotation for the US with all four scores 14.1 or higher. Perea and O’Keefe will qualify into the final, and Team USA juniors are *probably* going to outscore the senior team at this meet.

Saifulina UB 13.8 (5.6, 8.2). Malabuyo BB 14.1 (5.8, 8.3).

5:25 am. Saifulina UB- Komova II to pak, toe shoot, inbar to inbar half (messy legs) to straddle Jaeger, messy giant full to messy full-in with two steps.

Malabuyo BB- Hit wolf turn, a triple I think but I wasn’t paying attention. Bhs loso loso with a little bobble. Punch front. Ring jump. Great standing arabian. Split jump to straddle jump. Front aerial. Switch ring with a little stumble. Double pike with a step back. Great.

O’Keefe BB 14.5 (5.9, 8.6). Agafonova UB 13.45 (5.3, 8.15).

5:23 am. O’Keefe BB- Side aerial loso, only the one. Switch half. Solid bhs bhs layout series. Sissone to wolf jump. Front aerial. Switch ring. Ring jump. Double pike with a step back. Not bad!

Agafonova UB- Jaeger, pak, Tkachev, full-in with a big bounce forward.

Allaire-Bourgie FX 12.9 (4.6, 8.3). Perea BB 14.65 (6.1, 8.55). Padurariu FX 13.3 (4.8, 8.5).

5:21 am. Padurariu FX- Love this routine so much. Which I say every time I see it. Piked full-in with a stumble back. Good 2.5 to front full. Double pike with a step.

Klimenko 13.5 UB (5.6, 7.9).

5:19 am. Gorsline had a 10.45 on floor (3.7, 6.75), Zubova had a 12.25 on bars (4.9, 7.35), Kenlin had a 14.15 on beam (5.6, 8.55).

5:17 am. Perea BB- Clean double wolf turn. Good standing full before her jumps. Hit flight series. Flexed back foot on the switch ring. Front aerial. 2.5 dismount with the step forward that she always takes on her 2.5s whether on beam or floor.

Klimenko UB- Van Leeuwen is a little messy. Jaeger to pak. Hit the dismount. Solid if a little messy routine.

5:15 am. Allaire-Bourgie FX- Triple spin, small step on the double pike, 2.5 with a small step forward, switch to switch half, beautiful choreo, lots of great moments in this. Front full. Double pirouette before the last pass, finishes with a double full with a little bounce.

5:13 am. Kenlin BB- Bhs loso loso, nice. Side aerial to switch leap to switch half to back tuck, get it. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, a little off on the end of that but not bad. Double pike with a step. Solid first international routine!

Zubova UB- Oh THANK GOD for her cornrows tied back into a ponytail. I am obsessed with her. Also she has a video on IG of her reenacting the Spongebob Squarepants theme song in Russian, so we are blessed to know her. Caught Tkachev, transitions, a little whippy on her double layout with a step. Not bad!

5:11 am. Gorsline FX- 2.5 with a little skid back. Sat her second pass but hit the end.

5:09 am. Shoutout to the camera person who is zooming in so close to bars on warmups that you can only see hands. That’s the best way to show gymnastics! As close as humanly possible so that you can’t see any of it.

5:08 am. 13.4 for Dunne on floor (5.2 D, 8.3 E). Villa got a 13.5 for her DTY (5.4 D, 8.4 E).

5:06 am. At the midway rotation warmup. USA goes to beam now, France on vault, Canada on floor, Russia on bars.

Giorgia Villa is apparently sick, thus only the one rough vault. 😦

5:02 am. Dunne FX- Omg she looks so lovely and mature!! NICE double layout! Upgrade, yes? Of course now the feed is stopping. Yeah, it LITERALLY JUST ENDED. It’s like “live stream is either down or has ended.” EVERY SINGLE MEET. I go on a meetly rant but for $20 a month AND ADS in front of videos your stuff shouldn’t crash at every single meet. So yeah, missed everything in that routine after the double layout. Thanks to someone there I found out she did a piked full-in (almost fell), front tuck through to double tuck, and a double pike.

5:01 am. Villa VT- DTY, wow, even she’s off today. IT’S TOO EARLY. She’s a little short on the landing, chest down with a step to the side. Only doing the one vault it seems.

5:00 am. Marinelli BB- Hit her mount right into a front acro skill, good leaps but nearly falls on one. Bhs loso, a little short on the switch half, full Y turn is nice, split leap to side aerial, fall. NOOOO. This was mostly pretty great up to that point. 2.5 with a step sideways.

4:58 am. Asia D’Amato VT- DTY, not bad, maybe a little wild. Hop back. 14.2. Second vault is a full with a bounce.

Mandriota FX- Nice double pike. I think this is the hopes groups…I haven’t seen any of these girls compete before, not even at Serie A or anything, so cute to see them. 1.5 to front full is solid. Good routine.

4:54 am. Napolitano FX- Easy but clean tumbling.

Federici BB- Fell on a spin I think. We’re still trying to set up streams in a way that works but we think we’re good now.

4:51 am. Alice D’Amato VT- DTY, a little short, chest down on the landing with a step forward. Not her strongest. FTY second vault, big and clean with a little bounce in place on the landing.

Cotroneo BB- Solid bhs bhs loso, nice 2.5. Hit routine.

4:48 am. Iorio VT- I think she only did an FTY? But I didn’t really see. Oh, she’s doing two, so maybe the double is the second one. No, that was a double and the second was a full. Both good. I’m basically live blogging in my sleep.

4:44 am. Looks like the U.S. is starting on beam, Italy on vault. That’s all I know right now. Warmups are starting!

4:40 am. Good…morning? To those of us in the east coast of the U.S. who are stupid tired. Good later morning to those of you in Europe! California, are y’all still up from yesterday? At the meet right now, literally every national anthem is currently playing.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


14 thoughts on “The Jesolo Junior Live Blog

  1. I skimmed, saw the times and was like what kind of monster makes gymnasts have a meet at 5am?
    Then I remembered time zones are a thing. Anyway thank you for keeping us updated on all things gym related and for getting up at stupid o’clock to live blog!


  2. I really hope these girls can hang on for good senior careers. They definitely outshine the current seniors. And I can’t wait to see Italy with those girls as seniors!


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