The Jesolo Senior Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior team final and all-around competition at the 2017 City of Jesolo Trophy! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

1:37 pm. Official Team Standings

1. United States 167.950
2. Brazil 164.650
3. Russia 164.600

Official All-Around Standings

1. Riley McCusker, United States, 56.600
2. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 56.000
3. Abby Paulson, United States, 55.800

1:18 pm. Still waiting for official team and all-around results. I think the U.S. won but the others will be close I think?

1:16 pm. Unofficially, based on my calculations, I think it’s McCusker for gold, Andrade for silver, and ABBY FRIGGIN PAULSON for bronze!!!

1:13 pm. Derwael UB 13.75 (6.0, 7.75).

1:09 pm. Derwael UB- Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova, YAS. Chow to pak, van Leeuwen, toe full, full-in is too far forward and she puts her hands down right at the end, UGH. So close. That was beautiful otherwise.

Andrade FX 13.65 (5.0, 8.65). Saraiva FX 13.85 (5.1, 8.75).

1:07 pm. Saraiva FX- Hit the opening pass and double pike. Stuck double tuck.

Deriks UB 13.95 (5.6, 8.35). Paulson BB 14.2 (5.8, 8.4).

1:04 pm. Deriks UB- Maloney to pak, I’m missing most of this, but it’s all good. Nailed the dismount.

Paulson BB- Double wolf turn, punch front, wobble on bhs loso loso, switch to switch half, a little short on the second one, front aerial to split jump, switch ring, hit the dismount.

Olsen VT- I missed her first vault, assuming it was a DTY. Second is a stuck Khorkina! Messy in the air though.

Berardinelli UB 12.2 (5.0, 7.2). Thomas BB 12.85 (5.3, 7.55). Olsen VT 14.55 (5.4, 9.15).

1:03 pm. Andrade FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back. 2.5 to front full with a hop. Stuck double tuck. Finishes with a double pike lunged out. Great set. It’s gonna be REALLY close between her and Riley McCusker for gold.

Moors VT 13.8 (4.8, 9.0). Fidelis FX 13.0 (5.3, 7.7).

1:00 pm. Berardinelli UB- Maloney to super low Tkachev, bail to toe full messy, then peels off. Full-in with a little bounce.

Thomas BB- Full turn, one-armed bhs loso loso is great, front aerial, wobble, good jumps but then hit her switch half and fell onto the beam then onto the mat. LAWD. Side aerial. More jumps. She has like 300 jumps in this routine. Double tuck short with a step.

Moors VT- Handspring front pike half-out, very nice, step on the landing.

Shchennikova BB 12.25 (5.3, 6.95).

12:59 pm. Fidelis FX- 1.5 through to beautiful double arabian, 2.5 with a stumble forward, double tuck with a bounce back. Double pike to finish is good.

Cereghetti UB 12.75 (4.8, 7.95). Chrobok VT 13.7 (5.0, 9.0). Pedro FX 12.6 (4.9, 7.8).

12:57 pm. Cereghetti UB- Nice TKachev. Double pike dismount.

Shchennikova BB- Triple wolf turn, slow and steady. Same with the follow-up. double. Front aerial to jump series, bhs loso loso, fall. UGH. She was coming into this rotation as the top American AAer. Switch leap. Onodi, hit the rest including the dismount.

Chrobok VT- Yurchenko 1.5, wild and basically landed off to the side and OOB.

12:56 pm. Pedro FX- Nice double arabian, just a little cowboyed. 2.5 to front tuck. Double tuck coywboyed with a bounce forward. Double pike with a small bounce.

Rousseau VT- Solid FTY.

Rousseau VT 13.75 (4.6, 9.15).

12:51 pm. Locklear UB 14.75 (5.5, 9.25), Eremina BB 13.25 (5.7, 7.55), Maggio FX 13.1 (4.7, 8.4).

12:48 pm. Melnikova BB- Stands up out of double wolf turn, front aerial to jump series, bhs bhs layout is solid! Punch front, pretty turn series, side aerial, double pike. NICE. See what your life can be when you hit beam? Except you chose this day to mess up bars.

12:47 pm. Locklear UB- Toe full to Chow to pak to Maloney to bail to Ray, nice. Toe half muscled a little to big straddle Jaeger, practically stuck full-in. Really nice work.

Hurd UB 13.4 (5.4, 8.0).

12:45 pm. Eremina BB- Off on her loso mount, of course. Why not. Bhs loso loso is solid though. Switch to side aerial, triple full a little underrotated with a hop.

De Jesus Dos Santos VT- Big FTY. A little messy with a step.

Maggio FX- Hit opening pass and second pass. Rudi third pass, good.

Linari FX 13.2 (5.1, 8.2). Spiridonova BB 12.75 (5.3, 7.45). De Jesus Dos Santos VT 13.7 (4.6, 9.1).

12:44 pm. Hurd UB- Inbar full to Tkachev, Ricna, pak, stalder to van Leeuwen, way off, practically one-arm catches it but lets go. 😦 Hit the rest, including a stuck full-in.

McCusker UB 15.05 (6.2, 8.85).

12:42 pm. Spiridonova BB- Hit routine but I saw next to none of it, my feeds are jumping around so I’m SORRY YO. Double tuck was scary low though.

Linari FX- Tucked full-in a little short to start. Hit next two passes and double pike to finish.

Boyer VT 13.45 (4.6, 8.85). Kapitonova BB 13.35 (5.8, 7.55). Nguyen UB 13.25 (5.6, 7.65). Carofiglio FX 12.9 (4.9, 8.0).

12:40 pm. McCusker UB- Stalder full to Maloney to low Tkachev, muscled handstands, two more stalder Tkachevs with the second into the pak (I didn’t really see what either one were, prob a Downie and Ricna), half-in double back, hit! Good job.

Boyer VT- FTY a little close to the table, bounce back.

12:39 pm. Carofiglio FX- WOW, a Dowell to start! Then a double front. #ItalianBrenna Double tuck with a bounce back. Hit last pass. Great routine.

Bossu VT 13.6 (4.6, 9.0). Grisetti FX 12.15 (4.8, 7.65).

12:36 pm. Nguyen UB- Inbar full a little slow, Maloney to Gienger, great, layout Jaeger a little piked, pak, back up to high bar, straight double layout with a step.

Kapitonova BB- Hit flight series, a tiny bit tentative, side aerial, wobble on Y turn, switch half, wolf jump to sissone, hit the dismount.

Bossu VT- FTY with a step back.

12:35 pm. Charpy VT- Hit her FTY, nice vault.

Grisetti FX- Double tuck bounced back OOB. Double pike rough landing, low, but no hands down. I think I missed a pass. I always miss the middle.

Charpy VT 13.55 (4.6, 8.9).

12:31 pm. Saraiva BB 13.65 (6.0, 7.65).

12:27 pm. Moors FX- Front double full to punch front, stumbles it and puts her hand down. Double front with a step back. 2.5 to punch front tuck is super low but she stands up out of it.

Olsen FX 13.3 (5.5, 7.9).

12:26 pm. Saraiva BB- Awesome bhs loso loso. Stumble on roundoff layout. Full turn, switch to sissone, big stumble and a fall on her switch ring. Seriously, mistakes from the top three going into this rotation, no one wants to win today. Nice Korbut series, front aerial to sheep jump to back handspring, side somi, double pike with a step.

Shchennikova UB 14.4 (5.8, 8.6). Fidelis BB 13.3 (6.1, 7.2).

12:25 pm. Shchennikova UB- Inbar full to Komova II to Tkachev to pak to stalder to Chow half, NICE. A little wonky in there when she caught the pak but saved it. Double layout hit, but actually looked like she tapped her feet on the high bar. Might have just been the high bar bouncing though.

Thomas UB 13.25 (5.6, 7.65). Berardinelli VT 13.05 (5.0, 8.35).

12:24 pm. Berardinelli VT- Yurchenko 1.5, loses steam near the end, big step sideways and OOB to control it.

12:22 pm. Fidelis BB- Cool bhs to arabian! Hit flight series, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump with a wobble at the end, punch front, double pike dismount is scary low, stumbled forward practically into the beam.

Olsen FX- Double double a little short, but hit. Hit second pass, then piked full-in. Hit last pass.

Paulson UB 14.3 (5.6, 8.7). Andrade BB 13.55 (5.4, 8.15). Cereghetti VT 13.3 (4.6, 8.7). Rousseau FX 13.3 (5.3, 8.0).

12:20 pm. Thomas UB- Weiler half to Maloney to clear hip full to Tkachev to pak, fully tucked her legs and broke her swing, paused on the low bar, handstand up before toe on toe van Leeuwen, double layout stuck.

12:16 pm. Paulson UB- Toe full to Chow to pak (leg sep) to Chow half, a little messy. Toe on to toe half to piked Jaeger, double front dismount.

Rousseau FX- Double arabian to stag, good. Something through to a double tuck, prob a 1.5, bounce on the landing. Hit last pass.

Andrade BB- Check on her bhs loso but controls it. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. Wobble and hands down on switch half. NO ONE WANTS TO WIN TODAY. Punch front. Switch to wolf jump. Side aerial. Double pike with a step.

Cereghetti VT- HUUUUUGE FTY.

Mori UB 12.45 (4.7, 7.75). Derwael VT 13.65 (4.6, 9.05). Pedro BB 12.9 (5.0, 7.9). Chrobok 12.65 (4.9, 7.85).

12:14 pm. Mori UB- She’s only doing bars today. Toe full to Tkachev, Ray, bail to Ray, just a layout dismount.

Pedro BB- Lovely loso mount. Bhs loso with a wobble, front aerial is lovely but has a bobble at the end, doesn’t connect to jump series. Double tuck cowboyed with a small hop.

Derwael VT- Big clean FTY, bounce back.

12:12 pm. Deriks VT- FTY, big bounce back. Hit second pass.

Chrobok FX- Whip whip through to double tuck, kinda lost gas near the end, but got it around, step OOB. Double full. Double pike with a bounce back to finish.

Deriks VT 13.8 (4.6, 9.2).

12:10 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos FX 12.1 (4.9, 7.2). Melnikova UB 13.1 (5.7, 7.4).

12:07 pm. Melnikova UB- I missed the beginning, but she hit it. Saw from van Leeuwen to stalder half to piked Jaeger, toe half supposed to be toe full but she manages to swing it around to face the right way going into her giants, bends her legs on a giant, full-in short with a step. Yeah, the end was a mess. 😦

Linari BB 13.25 (5.0, 8.25).

12:04 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos FX- Big tucked full-in to start, UGH CRASHED DOUBLE PIKE!!!!! NOOOOOO. Front lay front full. Double tuck with a tiny bounce.

Eremina UB 14.85 (6.0, 8.85). Bossu FX 12.9 (4.6, 8.3).

12:02 pm. Eremina UB- Nabieva (barely gets it over!) to pak, suuuuper messy van Leeuwen, legs fully apart, inbar to inbar half to front giant to layout Jaeger, pretty piked, hit the dismount.

Linari BB- Good punch front, switch to switch half, 2.5 with a hop.

Grisetti BB 13.5 (5.3, 8.2). Boyer FX 13.0 (4.9, 8.2).

12:00 pm. Bossu FX- Double tuck bounced back, hit pass after that, double full to finish, lovely routine.

Hurd VT 14.7 (5.4, 9.3). Spiridonova 14.2 (5.6, 8.6).

11:58 am. Spiridonova UB- Hit her opening sequence with no mistakes, good van Leeuwen, big clean piked Jaeger, high full-in with a hop.

Grisetti BB- Switch ring, clean flight series, full Y turn is lovely. Little wonky on front aerial. Side aerial. Switch to split leap. Good double tuck to finish, Carofiglio is VERY happy for her.

Hurd VT- DTY, not bad, just a little short with a hop.

Carofiglio BB 13.35 (5.3, 8.05). Charpy FX 11.9 (4.6, 7.3).

11:57 am. Boyer FX- I missed the beginning of this, think I joined about halfway through maybe? Didn’t see the first pass(es) at all. Stuck double pike though.

McCusker VT 14.6 (5.4, 9.2). Kapitonova UB 13.55 (6.0, 7.55).

11:55 am. Kapitonova BB- Stalder full to Komova II to pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, all superb and clean. Inbar full to Tkachev, lovely. Goes for toe full, bends her elbows halfway through and comes off. YOU ARE TORTURING ME KAPI. Gets back on for toe full to full-out with a hop.

Carofiglio BB- Hit routine, wobble on the layout series, gainer layout with a hop back.

McCusker VT- Hit DTY, form looked better than at American Cup, just off to the side a bit.

11:53 am. Charpy FX- Sat double arabian. 😦 Bummer of a day for her in her senior international debut. Hit two middle passes. Last pass is a double pike, a bit low with a step forward.

Nguyen VT 14.2 (5.4, 8.9).

11:52 am. Nguyen VT- DTY, not the best, but looked better than her training.

11:51 am. I think the leaders going into the third rotation are Rebeca Andrade with 28.8, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos with 28.35, and Flavia Saraiva with 27.9.

11:47 am. Deriks FX 13.35 (5.1, 8.25). Andrade UB 13.8 (5.3, 8.5).

11:45 am. Moors BB- Punch front mount right into a leap. Most is good, clean dance elements, just a bobble at some point, lovely attitude turn, wobble on front aerial, side aerial, switch to hop half, switch half, that’s probably what she was attempting with the hop half. Front handspring to front 1.5 dismount.

Andrade UB- I missed the beginning. Caught from toe on to van Leeuwen, big piked Jaeger, toe full to full-out with a hop.

Chrobok BB 12.45 (5.2, 7.25).

11:43 am. Deriks FX- Piked full-in, great landing. Hit second pass. Solid double tuck to finish.

Busato VT 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Saraiva UB 13.6 (4.9, 8.7). Derwael FX 12.35 (4.2, 8.25).

11:40 am. Saraiva UB- Toe full to big Tkachev, another release after that but I missed it, pak, hit the rest, including double front dismount.

Chrobok BB- Off on bhs loso. Lovely double spin. Wobble on front aerial. Double pike with a big step back.

Busato VT- Big DTY, a little messy, off to the side.

Olsen BB 12.6 (5.3, 7.3). Cereghetti FX 12.25 (4.5, 7.75).

11:38 am. Derwael FX- Double tuck with a bounce back. 1.5 to front layout with a step forward, one foot OOB. Excellent choreo sequence with lots of “la la la” operatic music. Switch ring to tour jete full. Easy on the tumbling but lovely routine.

Fidelis UB 12.7 (4.8, 7.9). Shchennikova VT 14.65 (5.4, 9.25).

11:36 am. Fidelis UB- Toe half to piked Jaeger, stalder to Tkachev, bail to toe shoot, giant full, full-out with a step.

Olsen BB- Front aerial, bhs loso loso, solid. Onodi is nice. Illusion turn. Double pike with a hop.

Shchennikova VT- Wow, actually a really great DTY from what I could see! Excellent landing.

Rousseau BB 12.4 (5.1, 7.4).

11:34 am. Cereghetti FX- Tucked full-in, stuck. Double tuck. Double pike with a great landing. I think I missed a pass.

Pedro UB 13.0 (4.8, 8.2). Thomas VT 13.75 (4.8, 8.95). Berardinelli FX 12.2 (4.7, 7.5).

11:31 am. Pedro UB- Maloney to bail to Ray, straddle Jaeger, double front with a tiny bounce.

Rousseau BB- Side aerial, front aerial wobble, switch leap, bhs loso with a couple of steps back, switch half, double back dismount hit.

Boyer BB- 13.9 (5.7, 8.2).

11:30 am. Berardinelli FX- Hit first pass, then a double pike. Front lay front lay, second layout is a mess.

Paulson VT- FTY, very nice.

Paulson VT 13.7 (4.6, 9.1).

11:28 am. Grisetti UB 13.35 (5.4, 7.95).

11:23 am. Grisetti UB- Inbar full, tucks her legs coming down, Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, low Tkachev, Endo, double front with a step.

Boyer BB- Double wolf turn, so steady and clean. Superb roundoff layout. Switch to switch half. Full L turn to opposite full pirouette. Wobble on front aerial. Split jump to split half. Side aerial to split leap to side somi, great. Double pike with a small hop.

Carofiglio UB 13.2 (4.9, 8.3). De Jesus Dos Santos BB 13.9 (5.7, 8.2). Hurd FX 13.2 (5.3, 8.2).

11:22 am. Melnikova VT- DTY for her first vault is actually pretty solid, nothing amazing but better than it’s been. Second vault is the Lopez, a little wild with a step back OOB.

Melnikova VT 14.35 (5.4, 8.95).

11:19 am. De Jesus Dos Santos BB- Big punch front mount. Punch front pike, love her little tick tock into the flight series, rest is great, double tuck with a hop back.

Carofiglio UB- Stalder full, also saw a  Maloney into some stuff, all looked hit, double front with a hop.

Nguyen FX 12.85 (5.0, 8.15). Charpy BB 10.95 (5.1, 5.85).

11:17 am. Hurd FX- Double double a little short, bounced back OOB. Piked full-in with a bounce back. Looooooooove this choreo section. Front double full to stag. Double pike with a bounce back. Ending choreo kicks butt. Beautiful routine.

Maggio UB 13.4 (5.1, 8.3). Kapitonova VT 13.5 (4.6, 9.0).

11:15 am. Maggio UB- Stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev a little low, bail to toe full to toe shoot, double pike with a step back.

Charpy BB- Roundoff bhs mount, fall on front handspring front tuck. Goes for tour jete half but puts hands down and falls. Front aerial, split half, sissone to wolf jump, side aerial, split leap, back tuck, double pike squatted with a step back.

Kapitonova VT- Clean FTY, a little short, step to the side.

Bossu BB 12.45 (4.7, 7.75).

11:13 am. Nguyen FX- Hit full-in to start. Triple full with a big step back. Front double full with a step forward. Double tuck bounced back and OOB.

McCusker FX 12.75 (5.2, 7.65). Linari UB 13.15 (5.1, 8.05). Eremina VT 14.1 (5.0, 9.1).

11:12 am. Linari UB- Caught a release into a messy pak, Toe on to Maloney to bail to Ray, some of those a little messy. Finishes with a double layout with a solid landing.

Bossu BB- I missed the beginning but she stayed on for all of it. Really low front aerial but she saves the fall. Side somi, hit leap series, double full dismount.

Eremina VT- Yurchenko 1.5, ooh, one of her better ones. Legs aren’t too tucked and the landing looks solid.

Spiridonova VT 13.35 (4.6, 8.75).

11:10 am. McCusker FX- Tucked full-in with a bounce back. Front double full to punch front to stag. Wild double wolf turn. Double pike with a hop back. Double tuck to her back.

11:07 pm. Spiridonova VT- FTY, short, chest down with a step to the side, maybe OOB.

11:02 am. Cereghetti BB- Hits jumps at the beginning, bhs loso loso, kind of miraculous because the second loso was totally off but she still got enough punch out of it to go into and hit the third to stay on. Bobble on a leap, and on a Y turn. Split leap to aerial, wobble and fall. Switch to switch half, at about 90 degrees on the latter. Side somi with a wobble. 1.5 dismount.

Moors UB 12.55 (4.5, 8.05). Thomas FX 13.25 (5.6, 8.25). Chrobok UB 12.75. Berardinelli BB 11.4 (4.7, 6.7).

11:01 am. Chrobok UB- Inbar to bail to stalder to toe shoot, toe on to Tkachev, giant full, blind change to front giant to double front with a hop forward.

Andrade 15.0 (5.4, 9.6)!!!

10:59 am. Berardinelli BB- Full turn, sissone to wolf jump, side aerial is already off so no surprise that she basically lands the loso completely off the beam. A leap into a ring leap, front aerial with a big wobble, hit the dismount.

Andrade VT- DTY, clean with a bounce.

Paulson FX 13.6 (5.4, 8.3). Deriks BB 12.25 (5.3, 7.05).

10:58 am. Moors UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe full a little late, Ray to high, clear hip to giant full to Markelov, bends her legs throughout the skill before catching, toe-front half dismount with a bounce. She’s not the best bar worker but hit!

Rousseau UB 12.65 (4.6, 8.05).

10:57 am. Thomas FX- Big double layout hopped OOB. 2.5 through to double tuck bounced OOB. Double pike with a hop back but kept inside.

Saraiva VT 14.3 (5.4, 9.0).

10:54 am. Rousseau UB- Toe full (ankle sep), Maloney to bail to Ray, Tkachev, double front with a hop forward.

Deriks BB- Messy double wolf turn. Front aerial, side aerial, misses her foot on a jump and sadly falls. Does something into an Onodi, I missed the first skill. Clean bhs loso, just a slight bobble at the end. Double pike with a couple of steps back.

Saraiva VT- DTY, not super clean, step to the side and OOB. Looked maybe better than it did last year though?

Olsen UB 12.05 (4.6, 7.45). Derwael BB 13.45 (5.2, 8.25).

10:52 am. Paulson FX- Piked full-in with her chest down and a bounce back. Great triple full though. Clean wolf turn. 2.5 to front tuck. 1.5 to front full with a step into the corner. Actually pretty solid.

Fidelis VT 13.55 (4.6, 8.95). Shchennikova FX 13.2 (5.1, 8.1).

10:50 am. Olsen UB- Stalder half to Jaeger, down to the low bar, then stalder full, stalder to toe on to toe shoot, full-in.

Derwael BB- Clean bhs loso flight series, front aerial to ring jump a little slow but hit. Nice extension on side somi, small bobble. Switch to ring leap. Illusion turn, side aerial with a small bobble, gainer pike full with a hop.

Fidelis VT- FTY with a big hop back.

10:49 am. Pedro VT- Clean FTY, good landing.

Shchennikova FX- Double pike with a step back. Front double full with a step forward. 1.5 to front full with a step forward. Double tuck cowboyed.

Pedro VT 13.95 (4.6, 9.35).

10:47 am. De Jesus Dos Santos UB 14.45 (5.8, 8.65). Nguyen BB 14.25 (6.0, 8.25).

10:45 am. Melnikova FX 13.3 (5.5, 7.8).

Warmups now for the next half of the rotation.

10:44 am. De Jesus Dos Santos UB- Komova II to clear hip to inbar Tkachev to pak, van Leeuwen, legs very tidy. Toe half to front giant full, some ankle sep, full-twisting double layout with a step.

Nguyen BB- Front aerial to ring jump, roundoff back tuck, full Y turn to full pirouette with a wobble, switch to Onodi to sheep jump, switch ring, punch front to split jump to sissone, 2.5 with a step.

Bossu UB 12.65 (5.5, 7.15). Locklear 14.0 (5.6, 8.5).

10:40 am. Carofiglio did a second vault that I also didn’t see. 13.0 (4.8, 8.2).

Melnikova FX- Lovely double arabian with a step. Double layout, tucks her legs in the second flip and is a little short on the landing. Looooove this choreo section down to the floor. 2.5 wolf turn. Piked full-in with her chest horizontal on the landing but her feet barely move. Double pike with a hop.

Kapitonova FX 12.5 (5.1, 7.4).

10:38 am. Locklear BB- Triple and double wolf turns, ugh. Nicely done though. I just hate two in a row. Bhs loso with bent legs, good jumps, double tuck dismount.

Carofiglio VT- I didn’t see what she did but she hit whatever it was. Good side aerial. Doesn’t connect it to switch to switch half to back tuck. Double tuck is good.

McCusker BB 14.2 (5.5, 8.7).

10:37 am. Bossu UB- Toe on to inbar full, Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, fall. Toe on, blind change to double front with a step back.

Griestti VT 13.85 (5.4, 8.45). Charpy UB 13.8 (5.4, 8.4).

10:35 am. Kapitonova FX- Crashed her piked full-in, WHY GOD WHY. Beautiful 2.5 to front tuck. High nearly stuck double tuck. Double pike low with a hop.

Grisetti VT- DTY, super low.

Eremina FX 13.55 (5.2, 8.35).

10:34 am. McCusker BB- Triple wolf turn, double wolf turn. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good on bhs loso loso, switch to switch half tiny bobble, side aerial with a big wobble and her coach clapped at her like you do to a dog when they pee on the rug. Hit the double tuck dismount with a step.

Hurd BB 12.6 (5.7, 7.0).

10:33 am. Charpy UB- Chow half with leg sep, toe half to piked Jaeger, Ricna, pak, van Leeuwen (or could’ve been Chow half, I can barely see her legs), double layout stuck cold. Wow!?

10:31 am. Eremina FX- Tucked full-in with a step. Nice leap extension. 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck is great. Lovely turns. Doubel tuck with a step back on the line. Great start for her.

Boyer UB 12.85 (4.6, 8.25). Maggio VT 13.1 (5.4, 7.7). Spiridonova FX 12.55 (4.7, 7.85).

10:30 am. Maggio VT- DTY, rotated nicely in terms of the twists but not enough height and she pikes it down heavily at the end then touches the mat when she lands.

10:28 am. Boyer UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, giant full, piked Jaeger, hit the dismount.

Hurd BB- Nails the standing full with a step. Ugh, off on the bhs loso flight series. Punch front tuck. Touches the beam on her front aerial. Clean side aerial. Switch to straddle with a bobble. Tucked full-in with a hop back.

10:26 am. Linari VT- Yurchenko 1.5, a little crunchy, in the air, not bad on the landing.

Spiridonova FX- Double arabian stumbled back a couple of steps and pretty cowboyed in the air. 2.5 with a step but nice in the air. Her choreo goes with her music roughly 0.0001%…it’s like weird club music and flowy arm choreo. Juuuust manages to get that double pike around, some leg sep in it.

10:20 am. Looks like Alyona Shchennikova and Abby Paulson got bumped to the non-team while Ashton Locklear and Victoria Nguyen will be competing for the team. I’m still surprised that Trinity Thomas is on the non-team but we’ll see how everyone looks today.

10:19 am. All of the partial national anthems are done. Excited to get this going!

10:13 am. Gymnasts are walking out!

10:11 am. The 10th anniversary dance is COMPLETE and the competition will get underway shortly! Just kidding, another dance is starting.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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  1. I don’t know why but i think the US Junior will outscore the Senior. They are so damn good, at this time, I prefer the Junior, especially Maile, she captured my heart 8 years ago.
    I’m just so disappointed by the livestream, i don’t want to pay in dollars as I’m french. So sad, the competition is so close to me ^^


  2. Yes! Yes! Rebeca Andrade is going to be an AA (and VT) medalist at Worlds soon. Was it the best DTY ever? 9.6 with a bounce?


  3. Brazil beating Russia! Rebeca scoring 56 without the Amanar and without her full difficulty on Bars and Floor. It was her first meet of the year, I hope she stays consistent to shine at Worlds.


  4. My loves : Eremina, Melnikova and Hurd. I like a lot N’Guyen beam but not McCuster robotic and rigid style. Am I dreaming or all the floor exercice of the US girls are the same (except Hurd) ? I am so sorry that Trinity Thomas had a bad day, but it was her first international competition as a senior, wasn’t it ?


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