2017 European Championships Subdivision 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first subdivision of qualifications at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

11:12 am. 13.766 for Frags on floor puts her in the lead, 5.5/8.266.

11:11 am. Fragapane, Great Britain, FX- Full-twisting double layout, actually REALLY nice! Double arabian, double layout, and double pike to finish, landing a tad buckled but MUCH much much much much better than nationals. Very impressed.

Jirikova, Czech Republic, UB- Good double front dismount.

Lepin, France, BB- Hit routine from what I saw, she looks happy. I had my eyes fully on Frags, though, ngl.

11:05 am. Al-Salty, Hungary, FX- Good 2.5, double pike with a couple of small stumbles back, I don’t think I saw the flag go up though her heel was kind of on the line. Hit third pass and final pass well from what I could see.

Rodriguez, Spain, BB- Roundoff bhs mount. Solid bhs loso. Switch to split leap to split jump. Side aerial, a little under-rotated but she adjusts. Front aerial. Ring leap. Full Y turn. I think the Forrest Gump floating feather music is playing during this hahhaaha. Double full. FABULOUS day for her.

11:02 am. Jakab, Hungary, FX- Nice double pike in the air, small bounce back. Switch half into the corner before double tuck pass, small bounce back. Double full with a bounce.

Todorova, Bulgaria, BB- Hit

Raya, Spain, BB- I missed the beginning but didn’t see a fall. Bent legs on side aerial. Double tuck, chest low, step back.

Berg, Norway, UB- Her routine is so short, I think I missed all of it?

Devillard BB 12.433 puts her second I think

11:01 am. Cenkova, Czech Republic, UB- Toe half to Jaeger, pak, double pike, hit routine

Kinsella FX 12.8

10:59 am. Afrati, Greece, VT- Hit vault, FTY I think for the first…13.6. Second is a handspring front pike? or tuck, I couldn’t see, but she lands it right on her butt.

Devillard, France, BB- Switch to switch side, big wobble on bhs loso but she holds it. Side somi. Overcooks full turn a bit. Split leap to split half. Front aerial with a wobble. Double pike low but hangs on.

Kinsella, Great Britain, FX- Good 1.5 through to 2.5. Triple full with a step to the side. Not bad. Hit third pass, something through to a double full. Stuck double pike cold to finish.

10:58 am. Al-Salty BB 12.2, Rodriguez UB 12.733, Afrati FX 12.6

10:54 am. Fragapane leads beam at 13.2, followed by Xoulogi 12.366, and then Kinsella also at 12.366. For some reason they only wanna show beam scores right now.

10:52 am. Al-Salty, Hungary, BB- Full turn, switch ring, solid bhs loso, front aerial, split jump to wolf jump, side somi, so far so good! Very nice ring jump! Clean side aerial, front layout full. WOW, for her that was fab!

Inquiry going on for Frags btw. Rejected.

10:50 am. Rodriguez, Spain, UB- Ray to high, toe on to toe half to front giant to front half to piked Gienger, bail to toe shoot, full-in with a tiny bounce. She’s coming in HOT today!!!!

Kinsella BB 12.366, Afrati FX 12.6, Raya UB 12.9, Bøe VT 12.033

10:48 am. Jakab, Hungary, BB- Love this new leo. Good jump series, punch front tuck is solid, bhs layout I think it’s supposed to be but it’s gonna get pike credit for sure I’d imagine, big wobble on side aerial, everyone yells STOI!!!! but she falls. Straddle jump half, side aerial, 1.5 dismount.

Norwegians both hit vault BTW. I think Bøe had a Yurchenko pike.

10:47 am. Afrati, Greece, FX- Clean double tuck. Good double pike. Double full to finish.

Raya, Spain, UB- Clean bail to toe on to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

13.2 for Frags on beam puts her in the lead there for now.

10:42 am. Cenkova, Czech Republic, VT- Hit, I think a Yurchenko layout.

Xoulogi, Greece, FX- Hit double tuck. Front lay front full, not bad.

Lepin, France, UB- I saw from Chow half, inbar to piked Jaeger, release to pak, van Leeuwen legs are a mess and she misses the catch.

Kinsella, Great Britain, BB- Double turn is iffy but she gets it. Off on side aerial loso loso, just a bit too far back and she comes off the end of the beam. Front aerial. Hit dismount.

10:40 am. Jiikova, Czech Republic, VT- Handspring front pike with little steps.

Devillard, France, UB- Arched over a low bar handstand and came off. Her form is pretty weak in general. Double layout is good, though, hop back.

Fragapane, Great Britain, BB- Hit standing arabian. Little wobbly on switch to wolf jump, bhs to layout but there are no words to describe the shape of her layout. Misses foot on standing full but holds on! Damn. Tuck jump half is nowhere near a tuck jump but shh. Double full dismount. She looks so happy, like YAS I DIDN’T FALL!!!! But that’s gonna get deducted to smithereens unfortunately.

Todorova, Bulgaria, FX- Hit routine, I didn’t see much of it.

10:39 am. I don’t think live scoring works so it’s gonna be pretty impossible to track scoring?? All I know right now is that I think Rodriguez is leading floor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10:33 am. Bøe, Norway, FX- Roundoff straight into a good double tuck. Really fun routine and she has a nice smile, double spin, front handspring front full, switch to switch half, Y turn, people think it’s over during a music break hahaha, she’s like no jk, and finishes with a solid double full, just some leg form but a good routine.

10:30 am. Jirikova, Czech Republic, FX- Double arabian, actually pretty clean, step on the landing. Clean and practically stuck double pike. Front handspring front layout. 1.5 to finish. Really nice work.

Rodriguez, Spain, VT- Yurchenko layout, just a tiny bounce in place.

10:29 am. Xoulogi, Greece, BB- She actually has a pretty good beam. Stumble ons witch ring but controls it. Bhs back tuck, front aerial with a check, doesn’t go into Korbut until after a pause, clean wolf jump to sissone, ring leap with a wobble, side somi, stuck gainer layout.

Lepin, France, VT- Tsuk layout full, not bad.

10:27 am. Al-Salty, UB- High release, lots of leg separations, no real big work here, hit the dismount.

Devillard, France, VT- Someone SCREAMED “ALLEZ!!!!!!” when she blocked and it helped because it was one of the better Rudis I’ve seen her do?? Still not the greatest but hey, she hit. Second vault is the DTY, messy with her chest down.

10:26 am. Todorova, Bulgaria, BB- Bhs loso, legs are completely bent on both. Switch leap. Front aerial a little short and she has to adjust. Layout full dismount.

10:25 am. Cenkova, Czech Republic, FX- Whip to double tuck, little stumble. Hit second pass. Front lay front full. Nice work.

Kinsella, Great Britain, UB- Piked Jaeger, toe full to pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, toe on, double pike with a small hop.

10:24 am. Raya, Spain, VT- Decent FTY, form not the best but good enough.

10:21 am. Berg, Norway, FX- Hit opening double back. Game of Thrones which isn’t Norwegian but seems to fit, not really, but Im thinking of vikings. Shhh. Hit double full. Front layout I think to finish.

Afrati, Greece, BB- Side somi is clean. Off on switch half. The rest goes well, stuck double full to finish.

Jakab, Hungary, UB- Hit routine. I saw some stalder work on the low bar that looked good.

10:20 am. Kinsella, Great Britain, VT- I forgot to jot it down before so here we go…Kinsella had an FTY, not bad, just not a huge vault or anything to get excited about.

10:18 am. Now that I have a break I want to tell you that at 9:40 am I was standing at a grocery store with some friends in the snow trying to figure out how we’d get to the arena but then we found a miracle cab and I got here at literally 9:57 just in time for the first routine. #ThanksGymGods

10:15 am. Cenkova, Czech Republic, BB- Leap series into bhs loso, really cool but falls. Full Y turn, front aerial, flexed feet on a straddle jump in her jump series, check but hit side somi, hit the dismount.

10:12 am. Jirikova, Czech Repulic, BB- Switch leap mount, off on punch front tuck. Another one I love so ugh. Solid bhs loso. Good on her jumps. Split leap to front aerial, check, front layout dismount.

Lepin, France, FX- Low double tuck but she pulled it out somehow and basically stuck it. 2.5 to punch front, step OOB. Cute choreo bit in the middle. Double pike with a little shuffle back.

10:08 am. Berg, Norway, BB- Suuuuuper long wait for Bøe’s score. I loooove Solveig on beam so I’m secretly cheering. Stumble and fall on bhs loso, UGH. Shame. Her extension was superb. Hit jump series, switch to tour jete half, nice Onodi, front aerial to wolf jump, side aerial, side somi, she’s soooo far back on that, another fall. NOOOOO. Just a layout full dismount, she looks crushed.

Devillard, France, FX- Stumble on doule pike, double arabian low with a step OOB. Laurie Hernandez music btw. Last pass was wild, I didn’t see what it was but her leg form was very messy and her chest low, I think a twisting pass of some kind. Double full I’m gonna guess?

10:06 am. Rodriguez, Spain, FX- Stuck double pike cold. Front handspring to Rudi is nice. Double full. Beautiful routine!

10:04 am. Jakab, Hungary, VT- Tsuk back pike, a little low

Afrati, Greece, UB- Clear hip to tkachev , pak, double pike hands down

Bøe, Norway, BB- front aerial to front walkover, front toss to back walkover, split to sissone, side ide somi, little check on side aerial, hit dismount 10.3

Raya, Spain, FX- OMG SUMMER NIGHTS!!!!!!!!! 1.5 through to double tuck low, hit middle pass, double pike stumbled OOB. It was a whole Grease medley. LOVE.

Todorova, Bulgaria, UB- Clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, dead hang, double tuck with a small step

Al-Salty, Hungary, VT- Tsuk layout tiny hop.


5 thoughts on “2017 European Championships Subdivision 1 Live Blog

  1. I’m so jealous/happy that you’re there! I try to attend Euros whenever possible (I like to joke that it’s the real reason, not work or family, that my husband and I moved back to Europe), but between your blog and the live stream, this year is the next best thing. Thank you for all you do, Lauren!


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