2017 European Championships Subdivision 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second subdivision of qualifications at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

3:15 pm. All-Around Standings After 2 Subdivisions

1. Tabea Alt, Germany, 54.866
2. Elena Eremina, Russia, 54.698
3. Giada Grisetti, Switzerland, 52.932
4. Lara Mori, Italy, 52.365
5. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.990
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 51.699
7. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 51.065
8. Alison Lepin, France, 50.865
9. Kirsten Polderman, Netherlands, 50.491
10. Olivia Cimpian, Romania, 50.481
11. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 50.199
12. Argyro Afrati, Greece, 49.933
13. Coline Devillard, France, 49.932
14. Paula Raya, Spain, 49.065
15. Noemi Jakab, Hungary, 48.265
16. Lucie Jirikova, Czech Republic, 48.199
17. Dalia Al-Salty, Hungary, 47.975
18. Agnes Suto, Iceland, 47.966
19. Lucija Hribar, Slovenia, 47.948
20. Marlies Männersdorfer, Austria, 47.791
21. Veronika Cenkova, Czech Republic, 47.564
22. Ekin Morova, Turkey, 47.365
23. Yana Fedorova, Ukraine, 46.966
24. Mariana Carvalho, Portugal, 46.132
25. Shailee Weiss, Israel, 45.524
26. Mariana Marianito, Portugal, 44.999
27. Valeria Osipova, Ukraine, 44.323
28. Desislava todorova, Bulgaria, 44.199
29. Solveig Berg, Norway, 43.266
30. Anastasija Dubova, Latvia, 43.098
31. Victoria Bøe, Norway, 42.999
32. Doga Ozgocmez, Turkey, 41.665
33. Marija Ribalcenko, Latvia, 39.066

3:07 pm. Odinsdottir, Iceland, BB- All eyes on her right now. Solid bhs loso, just slightly loose knees. Off on split jump full. Full turn. Front toss. Wild side somi, takes a couple of stumbles and then falls. Her clock is stuck at 55 seconds btw. Oh now it’s working again. Punch front. Gainer pike.

3:06 pm. Morova, Turkey, UB- Low Tkachev but she hit the rest enough to get through it basically.

3:03 pm. Cimpian, Romania, BB- Side aerial, front aerial to ring jump a little slow, bhs loso loso off to the side, and she falls. Switch to split jump to sheep jump, full turn accidentally turns into a 1.5, switch ring, the clock stopped at 37 seconds for her? Take as long as you want girl, literally no one’s keeping track. Double pike low but hit.

3:01 pm. Hribar, Slovenia, FX- 2.5 is good. She has so much glitter on her face. Also repping the Slovenian tradition of crazy leos so thank you for that. Good double tuck. Cool L turn to pirouette straight into the run for her final pass, the front layout. Really nice fluidity there.

Ribalcenko, Latvia, UB- Wild legs on most of her swinging elements, causes her to hop off eventually. Finishes up  with her legs breaking again in yet another swing. She’s losing it mentally. Finally gets the swing down for a crashed double pike.

2:56 pm. Maria Paseka, Russia, VT- Wait, did I miss her first vault?! No, she did her second vault first I think. Just the Lopez! THANK GOD. Messy but what can you do. Only doing a DTY for the second vault too. She’ll probably save the big guns for finals and even then she’d only really need to upgrade one of them, prob the Amanar. STUCK the DTY!!!! She’s thrilled with that.

Crisan, Romania, BB- I just recalled last year’s Euros fall and got bummed yo. Hit the beginning. Bhs bhs layout with a fall. Switch ring a little wobbly. Off again on a side…somi maybe, I couldn’t see. Hit the dismount.

Volleman, Netherlands, FX- I love her expression on floor. Actually solid quad turn. Double tuck with a step back. Front layout full.

2:52 pm. Weiss, Israel, UB-  Long wait for Ozgocmez’s score. I didn’t even see her go up. Pak with leg sep. Toe shoot. Short handstands. Open double pike with a hop.

Marianito, Portugal, VT- Tsuk layout full, solid enough.

Polderman, Netherlands, FX- Whip to double tuck, OOB. Hit the rest. Not a bad day for her, really!

Fedorova, Ukraine, BB- Side aerial is low, into a low bhs with bent arms. Switch half is low, then tour jete half with a fall.

Carvalho, Portugal, VT- Tsuk lay full with a step.

2:51 pm. Osipova, Ukraine, BB- Wobble on flight series but the rest is mostly good.

Männersdorfer, Austria, FX- “Fight Song” hahaha YAS. Love. Good tumbling in the first two passes.

Grisetti, Italy, VT- Went for the DTY and ugh her knees but she got it around I guess. That last full twist is a nail-biter.

2:45 pm. Eremina, Russia, VT- DTY?! Is that new? Anyway, it was good?! 14.466

Suto, Iceland, BB- Love her mount always. Hit routine.

Alt, Germany, FX- Her opening pose is so cool. Tucked full-in, solid. Double L turn to full pirouette. Excellent landing on her double pike. Beautiful day for her.

2:41 pm. Volleman, Netherlands, BB- Punch front mount, Full L turn, another turn after that which was a little messy, split leap to cat leap, check on front walkover, before front toss, which I believe is her flight series so she’s in danger because that was not connected. #MustafinaProbs Side somi. Nailed the dismount. Not bad but yeah, that no flight series thing is gonna hurt. Then again, it never hurt Musty.

11.466 for Cimpian on bars.

2:36 pm. Polderman, Netherlands, BB- I love her lines. Split leap to sissone to split jump. The DJ picked really pretty music for this. Side aerial to bhs, actually really nice! Lovely little leg flick that actually added artistry. Tour jete…half I think it was supposed to be? But she has a wobble in the middle. Steingruber dismount with a hop.

Cimpian, Romania, UB- Toe full (leg sep), short handstand before super messy van Leeuwen, straddle Jaeger is messy but then she breaks and rests her hips against the high bar for a second before her pak (leg sep and a bit jerky), Maloney, double pike with a couple of steps back.

13.033 for Crisan on bars and the crowd reacts like she just won Olympic gold. Oh Romania.

2:34 pm. Crisan, Romania, UB- Stalder to stalder full to big Tkachev to pak (legs in a V), stalder half to toe on to toe shoot, stuck in her front giants a bit, but gets it under control for a solid double layout. One of the best Romanian bars sets in 300 centuries aside from Iordache.

Männersdorfer, Austria, BB- Bhs loso, slight bent legs on both. Big wobble on a jump. Came off on something after that. I can’t watch bars and beam simultaneously because they’re on opposite sides of the room…so I’m missing most of this so I can see Crisan on bars. If I’m ever like “idk what’s happening” it’s because I don’t have eyes on both sides of my head. GET THESE FOR ME.

Carvalho, Portugal, FX- Double tuck almost stuck. 1.5 with a couple of small steps.

Alt gets a 13.7 on beam, putting her in the lead by half a point I think.

2:32 pm. Osipova, Ukraine, UB- Some wild stuff on one of her swings, inbar to Maloney to pak (flexed feet), toe shoot, legs came apart in a handstand on the high bar and she had to start her wing again, then the same thing happens on one of her giants right before the dismount. Gets back on for a double pike, low with two big stumbles/lunges forward.

Marianito, Portugal, FX- Big double tuck to start. Front layout full. Good landing on her double full. Her hamstring tape is flying off her leg but she looks very happy with that routine as she should!

Ribalcenko, Latvia, VT- Handspring front tuck with a stumble back.

2:27 pm. Fedorova, Ukraine, UB- Everything I saw at the beginning was hit but then she bent her legs on her front giant and hopped off. Got back on for her Jaeger but bent her legs on the giant before her dismount and did just a layout.

Grisetti, Italy, FX- Triple full, some ankle form, second pass went OOB. Front layout full with a hop. Double pike landed OOB.

Alt, Germany, BB- Is my heart exploding? Probably. Nailed the layout dismount!!! Got the side aerial loso loso series too. Full turn. Front aerial to a jump. Ring jump with a tiny stumble. Split leap to side somi, nice. Double pike with a step. Chest down though. But she’s happy. Overtime bell went off right as her feet hit the mat so we’ll see if they take that.

13.066 for Seitz on beam.

2:24 pm. Morova, Turkey, VT- Hit, FTY I think.

Mori, Italy, FX- I saw almost none of this but it sounded hit. No gasps from the crowd. Great double pike to finish.

Suto, UB- Really high piked Gienger but major leg sep, bail with leg sep,hit dismount.

Weiss, Israel, VT- Clean FTY. Second vault is a tsuk pike with a hop back.

Seitz, Germany, BB- Nailed punch front and layout flight series! Side somi. PERFECT double spin!!! Side aerial. Gainer pike with a small hop and she looks thrilled.

2:21 pm. Ozgocmez, Turkey, VT- Sat whatever it was

Odinsdottir, Iceland, UB- Clean routine with a layout dismount, which I still call The Liukin even though it’s been five years.

Hribar, Slvoenia, BB- Came in low out of bhs but still hit back tuck. Skid on front aerial. Wobble on side somi. 1.5 with a step.

Eremina, Russia, FX- Good tucked full-in. Falls out of Memmel turn a bit. 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck, good. Double tuck with a step. Well, she worked that out! Let’s hope beam is the only real casualty for her today.

2:16 pm. 13.033 for Grisetti on beam, currently second. 12.058 for Polderman on bars.

2:14 pm. Dubova, Latvia, FX- Really messy double full, her legs are…think helicopter but then think helicopter explosion. Really nice 80s style turning handstand in her choreo though! Front layout with a couple of steps forward. Aww, switch half to beat jump haha. That was it, just the two tumbles.

2:13 pm. Marianito, Portugal, BB- Switch leap, short on switch half, stumble and they’re not connected. Good bhs loso, knees just a little loose. Split jump to wolf jump. Side aerial. Side somi with windmill arms but she holds it. Check and break at the hips on full L turn. Split jump half I think after that. Punch front layout full with a low landing.

2:10 pm. Polderman, Netherlands, UB- Toe full, inbar to Maloney to clean bail to stalder to toe shoot, nice and high. Big Jaeger but a little close on the catch it seems, swing at the ends gets messy, full-out with a step back.

Weiss, Israel, FX- Double tuck, 2.5, both okay. 1.5 to punch front, short on punch front and skids the landing, may have put a hand down behind her for support but I couldn’t see from this angle. Double pike with a step OOB.

2:09 pm. Grisetti, Italy, BB- A little off on her bhs bhs loso but she holds onto it. Full Y turn with a check, front aerial with a check, pretty Onodi, side aerial, switch to split leap, double tuck with a step. Not bad.

13.9 for Alt on bars.

2:07 pm. Feldon, Israel, FX- Double pike low with her chest pretty much at her knees. Music is “Wrecking Ball” lmao which is really not the best choice for floor?? Because she literally came in like a wrecking ball on her 2.5, messy in the air with a stumble. Don’t invite the comparison! 1.5 through to layout full to finish.

Männersdorfer, Austria, UB- Hit routine

2:03 pm. Suto, Iceland, VT- Clean Yurchenko layout.

Osipova, Ukraine, VT- Actually a pretty nice FTY.

Morova, Turkey, FX- Solid double pike to start.

Mori, Italy, BB- Wobble on full Y turn. Nailed the bhs loso loso. Wobbled on a leap, maybe a switch side. Hit side aerial, jump series, switch ring, and dismount.

Fedorova, Ukraine, VT- Another surprisingly clean and FTY.

Alt, Germany, UB- I may have missed the beginning of this? Saw it from Maloney, pak, van Leeuwen is super clean, toe half to piked Jaeger, big clean double layout with a little bobble.

Crisan, Romania, VT- Good FTY. 13.6

12.133 for Eremina on beam. 14.566 for Seitz puts her in the lead on bars over Eremina.

2:02 pm. Eremina, Russia, BB- Biiiiig stumble on loso mount, but an equally huge fight and she shockingly saves it. But then comes off on her triple flight series, looked like she msised her hands and feet on her second bhs and crashed the third acro skill on the beam on her face. That was scary tbh. Check on switch to side aerial. Triple full a little short. Lawd.

Ozgocmez, Turkey, FX- OOB on her first two passes.

Seitz, Germany, UB- Maloney to Ricna, muscles handstand before Jaeger, Downie to pak, caught a little close but not a bad fight, some ankle sep on her van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a hop forward.

2:01 pm. Hribar, Slovenia, Ub- Big straddle Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, giant full, double pike with a step. I missed her vault in the first rotation! Literally had no idea she was here

1:57 pm. Crisan, Romania, VT- DTY with a little stumble on the landing but not awful in the air.

Volleman, Netherlands, UB- Clean bail, toe on to toe shoot, full-in. No major errors I saw. About as good as it gets for her. 12.8

Carvalho, Portugal, BB- Off on side somi. 1.5 dismount with a step.

Ribalcenko, Latvia, FX- Hit opening pass, but sat second. Layout full with a hop back. Front layout full with a step.

Odinsdottir, Iceland, VT- Yurchenko layout, powerful, good form, hop back.

1:53 pm. 12.566 for Cimpian on floor, just trying to catch a few scores as I see them which is almost impossible but hey. 14.2 for Volleman on vault. 12.966 for Cimpian on floor. 12.566 for Crisan on floor.

1:51 pm. Feldon, Israel, BB- Solid bhs loso, switch to front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, switch to switch half, not bad, stumble on full Y turn but she saves it, but then ugh, comes off on her side aerial. Side somi with a wobble but a save. Punch front layout full.

Oh my gosh lmao the arena is playing “Hava Nagila” after that routine hahahaha.

1:50 pm. Even with the mistakes Grisetti gets a 13.433, currently second though obviously we still have lots coming up on this event. 11.333 for Morova, 10.933 for Osipova.

1:46 pm. Mori 13.0 UB, Suto 11.8 FX

Weiss, Israel, BB- She trains at Danell Leyva’s gym in Miami. Clean bhs loso with a little wobble. Switch to switch side, not connected at all and the switch side maybe gets to 90 degrees. Front aerial is short but she saves it, into her jump series. Side aerial. She has lots of good individual elements but when she tries to connect them it doesn’t work out as well. Too far back on her side somi and hops off. Front layout full dismount.

Fedorova, Ukraine, FX- Double tuck skidded but she doesn’t fall shockingly. Hit second pass, I think just a front layout but I didn’t see it all. Nice double L to double pirouette spin series. Double full.

1:43 pm. 14.466 for Eremina easily puts her in the lead.

Morova, Turkey, BB- Punch front is solid. Bhs loso, legs slightly bent on the bhs. Smiles after she hits. Split leap to side aerial is good. A little wild on the side somi but holds it. Hit jump series. Switch half a little short. Hit the dismount.

Grisetti, Italy, UB- Inbar half supposed to be full, holds it in handstand and then wow, gets the other half around, to Maloney to bail to stalder full to Ray, muscled handstand before low Tkachev, toe half to Endo to double front, nice and high, hop forward. Lots of issues there but she fought through it.

Osipova, Ukraine, FX- I missed the first pass but it looked hit. Second was like a 1.5 to a front tuck to stag or something like that, not super difficult. Skids on 2.5 and falls. Double tuck with two steps back, OOB.

1:42 pm. Suto, Iceland, FX- Hit opening pass with a step back. Clean double full. Game of Thrones music. Front layout full to stag jump. Ninja turtle back spin which gets a “wow.” Lovely routine.

Mori, Italy, UB- Hit the beginning, then Ray release, bail with ankle sep to toe shoot, muscled Endo half, hit the dismount.

1:40 pm. Männersdorfer, Austria, VT- Tsuk layout, lots of power. Hop back.

Ozgocmez, Turkey, BB- Nice mount. Check on full turn, bhs  with a little wobble and she falls, missing her series. Some hit acro in there that I didn’t really see, hit jump series, back tuck is clean, big switch side, holds her legs to fight it. Hit the dismount.

Alt VT 14.4

1:39 pm. Alt, Germany, VT- Excellent DTY! That rotation was fabulous! Just a step back to steady it and I’m sure some form things I can’t see from this angle but yeah, that looked good.

1:37 pm. Ribalcenko, Latvia, BB- Bent knees on her bhs loso, a little too far to the side and she falls. Huge pause before her standing arabian, which she missed in training. Yeah, doesn’t have anywhere near the power for that, lands it super low (practically on her butt) and then falls. Off again on an acro skill after that. Hit side somi. Another archy front layout.

Eremina, Russia, UB- Nabieva to pak, good. Van Leeuwen, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, archy toe full to full-out with a tiny hop.

Odinsdottir, Iceland, FX- Front tuck through tou double tuck, a little wild. Hit double pike. 1.5 with a step. She has very nice clean form on her basics, which is nice to see. We’re not getting a lot of that today.

1:35 pm. Cimpian, Romania, FX- Chest low on full-in landing but feet are good. 2.5 to punch front tuck because this is apparently the same as Crisan! Hit third pass. I will always miss every third pass in history. Finishes with a double pike a little low with two steps back.

Carvalho, Portugal, UB- Caught Gienger with a big leg sep, clean bail, toe shoot, giant full, hit dismount. Not bad!

1:34 pm. Someone’s asking about where live scores are but I actually have no idea! I don’t see them linked anywhere.

Volleman, Netherlands, VT- DTY, a little loose in her form, but she hits no problem with a step. Second vault is a tsuk full with a stumble forward, chest down.

1:31 pm. Polderman, Netherlands, VT- Solid Tsuk full with a step back.

Marianito, Portugal, UB- Simple routine, hit until the dismount, when she sat the double pike.

Dubova, Latvia, BB- Nice split mount. Wobbled on a leap. Hit bhs loso with bent knees. Front aerial. Archy front layout dismount.

Crisan, Romania, FX- Full-in a bit low but she gets it around. 2.5 to front layout full. Crowd clapping along. Looked a little short on a leap. Double pike low, bounced back OOB. Good double tuck to finish, but a little low as well.

1:27 pm. Athletes are coming out for warm-ups. Lots of applause for the two little Romanians of course.

1:23 pm. AA leaders after one subdivision:

1. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.990
2. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 51.065
3. Alison Lepin, France, 50.865
4. Argyro Afrati, Greece, 49.933
5. Coline Devillard, France, 49.932
6. Paula Raya, Spain, 49.065
7. Noemi Jakab, Hungary, 48.265
8. Lucie Jirikova, Czech Republic, 48.199

Leading on bars: Alice Kinsella 13.391, Paula Raya 12.9, Cintia Rodriguez 12.733, Alison Lepin 12.6, Veronika Cenkova 12.266, Argyro Afrati 12.233, Lucie Jirikova 12.066, Noemi Jakab 12.066

Leading on beam: Claudia Fragapane 13.2, Cintia Rodriguez 12.866, Alison Lepin 12.566, Coline Devillard 12.433, Ioanna Xoulogi 12.366, Alice Kinsella 12.366, Dalia Al-Salty 12.2, Noemi Jakab 11.733

Leading on floor: Claudia Fragapane 13.766, Alice Kinsella 12.8, Cintia Rodriguez 12.7, Argyro Afrati 12.6, Ioanna Xoulogi 12.433, Veronika Cenkova 12.366, Alison Lepin 12.266, Coline Devillard 12.166

1:20 pm. Okay, a little behind the scenes hilarity…my friends are sitting kind of behind where I’m stationed for media so I went up to hang with them in the two-hour break and who should come in and sit in front of us but VALENTINA RODIONENKO??? She pre-filled out about ten inquiry forms, writing “Sorry but the SV for [blank] is incorrect. It should be [blank].” We were low key dying.

1:16 pm. About 15 minutes until subdivision two starts! We’ll have some exciting competitors here, like Tabea Alt, Elena Eremina, the Romanian new seniors, Elisabeth Seitz, and Maria Paseka on vault!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


11 thoughts on “2017 European Championships Subdivision 2 Live Blog

    • I’m watching and this stream makes me so mad. They rather show gymnasts waiting to go on an aparatus or wait for scores than the routines.. Thanks for that.. Thank god there is the live blog here!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Omg I can only agree I’m so mad with the coverage. It’s free okay okay but c’mon show more routines please. Especially the ones contending for finals and not the 3. something SV ones ugh.


  2. AA standings after sub 2:
    1. Tabea Alt 54.866
    2. Elena Eremina 54.698
    3. Giada Grisetti 52.932
    4. Lara Mori 52.365
    5. Alice Kinsella 51.990

    I believe Seitz and Eremina is 1st and 2nd on UB. Alt is first on BB. I think Fragapane and Eremina is first and second on FX. Vault, no clue, Paseka is probably first?


  3. hey Lauren, are you surprised by the low scores/level of the competition overall? I mean 10th place allarond just has 50 points. Eremina could probably still sneak into beam finals😂 That AA score wouldn’t even qualify to junior elite in the US 🙈


  4. I thought ellie Downie qualified in first I don’t see her name mentioned, at work so I just read through it quickly. I love your site and was wondering if you ever would do anything like patronage or is that just for vlogs. I pay for flogymnastics am sick of the adds with such a high price they don’t do any commentary so more then half the time you don’t know who is performing, their articles are way too similar to yours which come out afters yours. I bought it for beyond the routine but haven’t been impressed with the last few. Think about doing something. Patronage is nice because you can give those who pay access early or offer additional stuff


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