2017 European Championships Subdivision 4 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the fourth subdivision of qualifications at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

8:18 pm. 13.566 for Ponor going into the floor final, puts her fourth.

Bui, Germany, BB- Switch to switch half, this rude ass crowd is all getting up and leaving in the middle of her routine because Ponor’s done, seriously, I HATE EVERY HOME CROWD. You don’t have to watch, but like, check your phone or something. Don’t be a dick. The U.S. was just as bad at American Cup. Side aerial, puts her hands down. Stuck gainer layout.

Kovacs second AA right now!!!

8:14 pm. Kovacs, Hungary, VT- Big DTY with a hop back. 14.483. Second is a tsuk full. Good.

Uctas Sanli, Turkey, BB- Looked like she missed her foot on her switch mount but covered it up well. Slight stumble back on double back dismount.

Ponor, Romania, FX- Whip whip through to piked full-in, good landing. Messy 2.5. Glad we got that instead of a triple tbh. Double pike is short with a stumble.

Kuc, Poland, UB- Good piked Jaeger. Hit the dismount and looks happy. She’s committed to Cal, I think going in the fall. She’ll be a great addition.

8:11 pm. Devai, Hungary, VT- DTY with a step back for the first vault. Hit her second vault too.

Sazonova, Iceland, FX- 2.5 to barani into a jump. Double tuck with a bounce back. Hit final two passes.

Mutlu, Turkey, BB- Hit acro series. Off on double spin.

Janik, Poland, UB- Maloney to bail to toe full, Ray, giant full to Gienger, fall on Tkachev. Double front with a step.

8:08 pm. Belanyi, Iceland, FX- Double tuck with a little stumble back. 1.5.

Fernandez, Spain, BB- Bhs bhs loso, side somi, double pike low with a step.

Leinonen, Finland, UB- Nice Jaeger. Stuck double tuck.

8:07 pm. Käslin, Switzerland, VT- Solid FTY.

13.233 for Melnikova on FX, gets her to 52.257 AA. I didn’t see Kapitonova’s AA but I’d imagine it’s close…Melka fell more but Kapi only has an FTY.

8:03 pm. Brogli, Switzerland, VT- FTY, a little short.

Melnikova, Russia, FX- I feel like I’ve seen this routine 300 times this year. But I still love it. Double L turn to double spin. Nice double arabian! Double layout is suuuuper low but she somehow lands it. Like, she lands it at a 45 degree angle if that’s even possible. GURL. OOB on third pass, and steps back on the last.

Perez, Spain, BB- Fell on her flight series, then stumbled back and sat the double pike.

8:01 pm. Schäfer, Germany, BB- Bhs loso, good. Double spin. Off on the Schäfer, side somi half. Rough.

Kapitonova, Russia, FX- Piked full-in with a step back. Hit second pass with front tuck out of it. Hit double pike.

Inshina, Azerbaijan, UB- Hit what I saw, which was her piked Jaeger. And nothing else.

7:57 pm. 14.066 puts Ponor in fourth at the moment, behind Iordache, Wevers, and Thorsdottir. Alt, Boyer, and both Downies should also make the final! Oh, and Schäfer coming up could squeeze in.

7:53 pm. Kovacs, Hungary, FX- Double layout, chest down at an angle, but feet are good. Hit second pass and double tuck final pass. I couldn’t see the second because the man next to me is having a physical and mental explosion over Ponor.

7:52 pm. Ponor, Romania, BB- Layout stepout mount, stumble back. Bhs loso loso is solid. Switch to Kochetkova. Wolf jump to sissone. Wobble on switch ring. Onodi to split jump to KIND of an Omelianchik haha. Front aerial to split jump with a wobble, missed her foot. Double pike low chest with a step.

7:51 pm. Devai, Hungary, FX- Hit first two passes, the crowd is super into clapping along for her, riding their Iordache high. Double tuck a little crunched. Not bad.

14.566 for Iordache puts her in first.

7:48 pm. Iordache, Romania, BB- We’re gonna have a Jonestown situation in here if she and/or Ponor don’t hit. Switch to wolf jump, side aerial, bhs tuck full with a wobble but she holds on. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. Nice switch half. Double spin, a little over-turned, side somi, triple full short with a step.

Okay, that was good, but like, the guy next to me with a MEDIA CREDENTIAL is STANDING UP ON HIS CHAIR AND SCREAMING. You have a MEDIA CREDENTIAL SIR. Stop being a fangirl. That’s literally the one rule of media.

7:47 pm. Butskikh, Georgia, FX- Double tuck, good. Double pike with a little bounce. Tons of applause for Larisa Iordache for EXISTING right now so I hope Mariia is pretending it’s all for her. #GetIt Front full. Sassy little look at the judges in her choreo. Double full to finish to the loudest applause of her life tbh because Larisa still exists.

7:46 pm. Sazonova, Iceland, BB- Front aerial, switch leap, side somi, bhs loso, her leg tattoo bothers me not beause it’s a giant tattoo on her leg but because it doesn’t go all the way around?! Like why have an inch gap on the back of your leg when you could have a full around-the-world calf tattoo? Double tuck low with a step.

7:44 pm. Traukova, Belarus, FX- High double tuck with a bounce. 2.5 with a step. Switch leap to tour jete, very lovely. Switch ring. Front full with a stumble forward.

Mutlu, Turkey, UB- Maloney to huge pak, leg sep, toe shoot, form break in her giant full before her Tkachev, front giant to double front crashed forward.

7:42 pm. Belanyi, Iceland, BB- Hit everything…just the dismount left, front layout full.

Perez, Spain, UB- Church, Ray to pak, clear hip full, Maloney to Gienger, hit the dismount.

7:41 pm. Janik, Poland, VT- Big FTY. Second vault is a handspring front tuck full, looked solid from here but I couldn’t see her feet on the landing.

7:40 pm. Käslin, Switzerland, FX- 2.5 to punch front. Double full. Double L turn. Switch half before the finish.

Fernandez, Spain, UB- Ray, bail to toe on (arched) to stalder, hit dismount. The announcer was standing in front of me for that entire thing so half of that is probably wrong but you get the gist.

7:37 pm. 14.133 for Bui on bars I think puts her into the final!

Schäfer, Germany, UB- Hit Maloney to pak, piked Jaeger, giant full, and dismount.

Brogli, Switzerland, FX- Double pike, double full, hit last pass.

Melnikova, Russia, BB- Spins up out of double wolf turn. Front aerial to jump series, switch ring, chest is off during bhs bhs layout, you know she’s gonna come off. Of course she does. Two falls compared to one fall each for the other Russians. Punch front, L turn to pirouette, double pike.

7:34 pm. Mokosova, Slovakia, VT- Solid FTY.

Bui, Germany, UB- I missed the beginning. Toe full to super clean Gienger, sky high full-in with a good landing, just a little low.

Kapitonova, Russia, BB- Bhs bhs layout, good, just a bobble. Very nice control on her double spin. Off on a punch front right after that. Kill me! Side somi. Hit dismount. My BFF Valentina is prob so sad right now.

Mrdenovic, Serbia, FX- “Hey Big Spender” music. Good double full.

7:31 pm. They’re trying to start a wave here in the arena. 😦

7:26 pm. Kovacs, Hungary, BB- Front aerial to switch side, solid bhs loso, switch to switch half, side somi, full turn, side aerial, double tuck with a couple of steps back. Gotta be happy with that!

Sazonova, Iceland, UB- Hit routine, double pike dismount.

7:22 pm. Butskikh, Georgia, BB- Front aerial, some bent knees, sheep jump, bhs bhs loso, wobble and fall. Off again on punch front. Good double full dismount.

Belanyi, Iceland, UB- Hit routine.

I wish they would flash scores for more than ONE SECOND. Caught Kapi’s though. 13.866.

7:21 pm. Leinonen, Finland, FX- Hit first pass and double full. Nice leap extension. Front full to finish. Good work.

7:19 pm. Traukova, Belarus, BB- Big wobble on her mount. Bhs loso with another big wobble and then a fall. Off a second time right when Kapi mounted bars. Wobble on side somi. Hit dismount.

Kapitonova, Russia, UB- Stalder full to Komova II to pak (leg sep) to stalder to van Leeuwen, inbar full to Tkachev, toe half gets a little archy to front giant half a little off balance, giant full, whippy full-out with a decent landing.

12.025 for Melnikova on bars.

7:17 pm. Belak, Slovenia, VT- Hit first vault, handspring layout full. Nice. Big floaty Yurchenko 1.5 for her second vault. Welcome

Tishkova, Azerbaijan, FX- Hit the beginning. And the end. I tried to watch some of this but ended up not being able to haha.

7:16 pm. Uctas Sanli, Turkey, VT- Handspring front pike half, decent landing, though she tucked her knees a bit right before.

Melnikova, Russia, UB- Inbar full to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half (ankle sep) to piked Jaeger, too far away and she misses. Hit the rest, including the dismount. Dun dun duh.

7:14 pm. Inshina, Azerbaijan, FX- Crashes double arabian. Big stumble out of second pass too. Double pike, skidded OOB.

Käslin, Switzerland, BB- Switch leap. Onodi to sheep jump, late connection. Nice Y turn. Loso in flight series is super low and she kinda crashes on the beam before falling.

Perez, Spain, VT- Really lovely FTY.

7:10 pm. Schäfer, Germany, VT- Handspring layout half, good, chest down a bit with a hop back though.

Derek, Croatia, FX- I looove this routine and secretly want it in finals. Switch ring full to switch full, excellent. Tucked full-in STUCK!!!! A little buckled but yas. Selling this choreo bit right after. Memmel to full turn. UGH then crashes front tuck through to double tuck. WHYYYYY.

Brogli, Switzerland, BB- Onodi is very nice, slow to split jump. Good ring jump. Hit routine I think.

Varinska, Ukraine, UB- Toe on (or inbar, I can’t see from this angle) to Komova II to pak, bends legs and drags her feet on the ground. WHY GOD WHY. Maloney to clear hip full, Tkachev half to Jaeger gets a WOAHHH from the crowd. Shame we won’t see that in finals. Full-in with a step.

Fernandez, Spain, VT- FTY, good.

7:07 pm. Mrdenovic, Serbia, BB- Hit routine.

Mokosova, Slovakia, FX- Double tuck, good 1.5 to front layout, “Let It Go” music hahaha yes.

Radivilova, Ukraine, UB- Maloney to pak, goes for…some kind of shaposh? But misses her feet I think on the low bar and misses. Back on for front full to straddle Jaeger, double front with a stumble forward.

Bui, Germany, VT- Clean NCAA FTY.

7:04 pm. Kysselef, Slovenia, VT- Hit her first vault, something with a tuck and twists but I missed almost every other piece of it. Hit her second vault, I think an FTY.

Iordache, Romania, Ub- Maloney to giant full (messy) to Tkachev to pak (leg sep), van Leeuwen (leg sep), Jaeger, giant full to full-in with a good landing.

Janik, Poland, FX- Double back, rough landing, kinda crunches her foot. Hits second pass and final pass.

Rosanna Ojala sadly got injured training floor in warmups. They carried her off the floor and are laying her on a stretcher, not even a wheelchair…poor girl.

7:00 pm. Yeah, they totally just introduced Nadia Comaneci here by spouting off credentials from her Wikipedia LOL. She’s up in a glass box and everyone in the arena is basically staring up waiting for the queen to give us a single wave. #Blessed

6:46 pm. Ojala, Finland, BB- Front toss, little stumble on bhs loso, switch to split leap, side somi, full turn, back tuck, gainer pike with a step.

6:53 pm. Leinonen, Finland, BB- Full Y turn, front aerial to jump series, check at the end, bhs loso with a step back, switch to wolf jump, side somi, side aerial, layout full dismount.

6:52 pm. Butskikh, Georgia, UB- Ray to high, giant full, gets stuck halfway through and hops off. Gets it the second time, blind change to front giant half, double pike with a step back.

The announcer in front of me is on Nadia Comaneci’s Wikipedia page so I bet we’re gonna get some #ExclusiveFacts about her any second!!!

6:49 pm. Traukova, Belarus, UB- Means to do a toe-on but misses her feet and loses her swing. Does the same on the high bar repeatedly before hopping off. Catches Jaeger, giant full, blind change to front giant to front layout.

Uctas Sanli, Turkey, FX- 2012 Olympian here after birthing a child for some business. Nails double back opening pass and 1.5 to front lay full. Ugh, no, crashes last pass out of bounds!!!

Tishkova, Azerbaijan, BB- Wobble and short on split jump full. Full Y turn with a big wobble. Then she fell at the same time Uctas Sanli fell and I missed that. Bhs loso is solid. Punch front, front aerial, side aerial with a wobble, 1.5 with a step.

6:46 pm. Käslin, Switzerland, UB- Stalder half to endo half to hecht up to high. Big flexed foot Tkachev, messy late stalder full to bail to toe on to Ray, sky high double pike with a bounce on the landing.

Mutlu, Turkey, FX- Hit first two passes. Solid double pike out of a roundoff to finish.

6:45 pm. Inshina, Azerbaijan, BB- Her background music is the American Beauty theme lmao. Good leaps. Bhs layout is super piked, little bobble. Wobble on full turn. Side somi. Side aerial with a bobble. Double tuck cowboyed with a hop.

6:42 pm. Fernandez, Spain, FX- Tucked full-in basically stuck. #CloseEnough Double pike with a bounce back. Good double tuck.

Brogli, Switzerland, UB- Legs are a mess but she hit the routine, double pike with her chest down.

6:40 pm. Perez, Spain, FX- Full-in, good. Whip whip to double tuck with a bounce back. Great triple spin. Good double pike to finish.

Derek, Croatia, BB- Bhs layout with a wobble, ring leap, front aerial, check. Off on a leap I think. Pauses to take a breath and fix her hair, which is a natural disaster at the moment. Side aerial. Switch to wolf jump. Hit the rest.

Sazonova, Iceland, VT- Solid FTY.

Mrdenovic, Serbia, UB- Caught Gienger, hit the rest! Not bad, Serbia.

13.133 for Schäfer on floor.

6:38 pm. This WiFi is gonna be the DEATH OF ME.

Rajcic, Serbia, UB- Giant full, big Jaeger, toe shoot, full-out looked hit but then she rolled onto her back. Too bad, she’s actually relatively good here.

Oh no, Melnikova looks like a serial killer in her Euros photo hahaha.

Belanyi, Iceland, VT- Handspring front tuck, good.

6:36 pm. Schäfer, Germany, FX- Big solid double layout. Double pike stuck. Actually moves a foot after landing.

Kovacs, Hungary, UB- Toe on to toe full to Maloney to pak to van Leeuwen, caught release, hit dismount with a couple of baby steps.

Mokosova, Slovakia, BB- Front aerial to sheep jump, flexed feet. Wobble but a good save on her side somi. Hit routine otherwise.

A baby behind me is SOBBING and SCREAMING. WHO BRINGS A BABY TO THIS. Gonna guess this baby is super moved by Schäfer’s floor.

13.166 for Bui on floor, 14.366 for Melnikova on vault.

6:35 pm. Melnikova, Russia, VT- DTY, better than I expected. Big hop back. Whippy Lopez, but not too bad!

6:32 pm. Kapitonova, Russia, VT- Clean FTY with a hop back.

Janik, Poland, BB- Hit flight series, side aerial bhs I think. Step on punch front. Wobble on front aerial. Switch leap. Side somi with a check. Sissone to wolf jump, bonus points for her pointed feet on the wolf. You could see that toe point from space. Hit dismount.

Bui, Germany, FX- Big double layout. Good double tuck. 2.5 to punch front, stumbled OOB. Solid double pike to finish.

Devai, Hungary, UB- Toe on to Maloney to bail, big Jaeger, front giant to layout 1.5 dismount.

6:31 pm. Just ran into Adela Merkova as she was leaving and her elbow is SO heavily wrapped with her arm in a sling. 😦 Poor girl! She needs surgery when she gets home. Also saw Julie Meyers, who was in good humor at first, but then someone said the word beam and she had a full-blown meltdown. 😦 Heartbreak!!!

Article by Lauren Hopkins


41 thoughts on “2017 European Championships Subdivision 4 Live Blog

  1. I realize that it is is still fairly early in the year, the start of a new quad, etc. etc., but there seems to be an excessive amount of falls, crashes, feet hitting bars and so on. I don’t follow Euros as closely as some other events so is this pretty common or an extra splat fest?


    • Well level of Euros has never been as high as worlds (all in all, although some competitors are outstanding). This year, the level overall is extremely low with lots of more mistakes and falls. I’m quite disappointed in the competition, although I’m excited to see what Downie, Alt, Kovacs, Derwael etc. can do in EF and AA 🙂


    • From what I remember from previous years it’s always pretty splatty. But I think Kieke is probably right about this year being especially so.


      • Remember 2013 Euros when practically all of the big names did amazing, including Grishina? I wish someone can just do four flawless routines. Just one person at least. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.


    • Yup, she missed it. Kapi surpassed her, good for her stepping up 🙂
      But man the Russian coaches wear Melka down before she has even won a big international individual medal. So sad to see her like that. But seems to happen every quad to some talented young one.


  2. Your coverage is amazing Lauren!

    What I really need to say is Catalina Ponor on Floor is just so beautiful! Such an amazing and mature routine, this is what gymnastics should be about. I don’t care about a missing front requirement, the field is so weak, she still makes the final 😛 I’d take her rountine over basically ANY I have seen this far this quad 🙂


  3. Chill with the negativity about the crowd.. yes we get it… you hate being in romania.. people are just happy to see their gymnasts in their own country!


    • I was there and I’m not Romanian and I just thought is was beautiful how Romania cheered Crisan, Iordache, Ponor and Cimpian on. After all what this program had been through I think the support is beautiful 🙂


    • That’s not really what her point was – of course people want to, and should, support their home gymnasts. But surely it’s *polite* to give every competitor a fair chance rather than leaving in the middle, which is massively distracting, particularly if you’re on beam…

      Also, this is not a Romania-specific complaint; Lauren was also saying recently that home supporters were pretty rude in NCAA, so it’s definitely not fair to assume that she hates Romania!


  4. Can you explain why Pauline Schäfer had such a low D-Score on beam? (only 4.8)
    I counted 2xE, 3xD and some C Elements; the dismount was C and there should have been some tenths connection bonus.


    • Yes – looks like a judging error as she missed the front layout after the 2.5 twist. I think her Baku routine where she did do the front layout was a 5.5 D score


      • Ponor’s fx score has been reduced by 0.5
        UEG twitter:
        Catalina Ponor revised score on floor 13.066, she’s out of final. Pauline Schaefer is in!


  5. Melnikova’s last Instagram post is heartbreaking really. She apologizes to everyone for her poor performance writing she doesn’t know what’s happening with her.
    I wish we could all petition to the Russian coaches to give that girl a break. This almost 17 year old (is she yet) is so worn out, physically and mentally, give her a well deserved break. She has so much talent, she’s too good to get worn out by coaches 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Rodienkos play around with young gymnasts like they’re toys. They pick and choose who to screw over every year by sending them to an excess of competitions to get experience, even if they already have enough. Unfortunately it’s Melnikovas turn. Grishina was the only one to step up against them when she refused to compete at the 2013 Russian Cup so she can rest her back so she would be ready for worlds (she had a busy year that year in terms of both closed and open competition) and the Rodienkos denied her a place on the worlds team because of it, which kind of goes to show the nature of their “my way or the highway” attitude towards the gymnasts. I’m fine with them sending gymnasts to events but it’s completely unnecessary and counter intuitive to choose Melnikova again and again. Iliankova, Trykina and Skrypnik are all talented, inexperienced athletes, they have more options.


  6. Marine Boyer also had no front tumbling. Did she get credited? (Her scores was 12.7, but I’m not familiar with the values of the elements etc.)


    • Unfortunately I think she got credited. I calculated her D score to be 4.3 or 4.4 (really hard to see how the judges credited some of her turns). On the result sheet, it says her D score was 4.9 so I think this was another mistake.

      How I scored
      Acro: D,D,C
      Dance: 2 D spins and 3 C leaps
      CV 0.1 (double spin after the double L turn)
      CR 1.5


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