2017 European Championships Subdivision 3 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the third subdivision of qualifications at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

5:50 pm. Plyta, Greece, BB- They’re playing some obnoxious Greek music while she waits for Millousi’s score and she’s NOT having it lmao. Roundoff back handspring mount, some kind of jump goes a little wonky, underrotated front aerial, split leap to ring jump, bhs loso lands low but she brings it back, switch to switch half, stumble on side aerial, hit jumps, gainer pike dismount.

Inquiry for Thorsdottir’s floor D score. Rejected.

5:45 pm. Frysak, Austria, FX- High double tuck with a step. Front layout. 1.5 with a step. Hit routine.

Millousi, Greece, BB- Big stumble then off on roundoff layout stepout mount. Ugh. Good bhs bhs loso. Side aerial to split jump. Switch ring, ring leap, full turn, side somi with a little bobble, gainer layout, wonkiest form ever??? Idk what was happening there.

Thorsdottir gets 13.366 for her floor, currently fifth.

5:44 pm. Balkyte, Lithuania, BB- Front aerial with a wobble, touches the beam. Front toss to beat jump, in case you missed NCAA. Back tuck. Front layout to finish, small hop.

5:40 pm. Vostruchovaite, Lithuania, BB- Punch front pike, really nice actually. Front aerial with a wobble.

Merkova, Czech Republic, UB- Front giant full to piked Jaeger, bail to Ray, nearly stuck double pike. Incredible meet for her!!!

Thorsdottir, Netherlands, FX- Triple full to punch front tuckI love watching her perform. Stating the obvious I guess but ummm she’s magic. Double tuck skidded and short. Double L to double pirouette, but then missed the turn after that. Does double or triple Y turn (I missed the very beginning of it and think her heel dropped anyway) to illusion, lovely. 2.5 basically stuck.

5:37 pm. Martins, Portugal, UB- Maloney to pak, shaposh to bail to toe full a little late, toe on to toe shoot, big piked Jaeger, nailed the dismount. What an incredible return to international competition for her!

Banishka, Bulgaria, FX- 2.5 with a step OOB. The rest looked good.

5:35 pm. Derwael, Belgium, BB- Bhs loso, just a slight check. Front aerial to ring jump, little bobble. Side somi. Switch to ring leap, little wobble. Illusion turn, break at the hips, but again fights through it. Side aerial. Split jump to wolf jump. Steingruber dismount with a small hop.

Hulgaard, Denmark, VT- Handspring front tuck, hops.

5:33 pm. Skregelid, Norway, UB- Hit routine.

Maggio, Italy, VT- DTY a little short but not bad.

Boyer, France, FX- Big 2.5 to start, a little sloppy at the end. Falls out of Memmel turn, woof. Double tuck with a step. Stuck double pike.

Netzer, Israel, UB- Hit everything I saw, just some obvious form issues, big jump back on her double tuck dismount.

5:31 pm. Meyers, Belgium, BB- Big stumble on something but had a great fight. Fell shortly after that though. Off again on bhs loso. Wobble on side somi. Little wobble on front aerial.

De Jesus Dos Santos, France, FX- Opening pass went OOB. Then hits double pike with a hop back, just manages to keep her heels from touching beyond the line. Step forward on third pass. Double tuck with a step back.

Studer, Switzerland, VT- Decent FTY.

Genhart, Switzerland, VT- Another solid FTY.

5:26 pm. E. Downie, Great Britain, VT- Great DTY with a small hop. Second is a big floaty Lopez, small hop. Oh, she needs to beat Paseka if they have the same D in finals.

Søderstrøm, Norway, UB- Fell on piked Jaeger. Her pike was insane, nose literally at her shins. Double pike stuck.

Circene, Latvia, BB- Front aerial, hit the rest, stumbled 1.5 dismount a bit.

Mader, Austria, FX- Solid double tuck to start. Hit second pass. Double full. Today is like the best AA performance I’ve ever seen her do?! Austrians over the past two or three quads have all waited until they were like 22+ to hit their peak which is awesome.

5:19 pm. Wevers, Netherlands, BB- Roundoff back handspring mount, wolf jump full, full-twisting back handspring, double L turn, side aerial to side aerial, solid. Front aerial to split jump with a slight bobble. Full L turn, misses connection to double pirouette, but that on its own is beautiful. Split leap to straight jump full to back handspring. Steingeruber dismount with a step into her salute. Gorgeous.

5:15 pm. Thorsdottir, Netherlands, BB- Split leap to side aerial to Korbut, beautiful. Ring jump to clean back handspring. Illusion turn. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump. Full L turn to switch leap to full Y turn, VERY nice. Triple full dismount with a small hop. VERY VERY NICE.

5:14 pm. Plyta, Greece, UB- Maloney (leg sep) to oooh, Deltchev?! Tkachev to Gienger, nice!!! Piked Jaeger, then catches bail in an arch and loses her swing, has to come off. UGH. Finished with giant full, then double pike with a hop.

5:12 pm. Banishka, Bulgaria, BB- Fell on a leap I think. The person behind me was like “wowwww” like she’s so disappointed. Like for real? What were you expecting from this routine? Calm down.Finished with a stuck layout dismount.

5:11 pm. Martins, Portugal, VT- I think she did an FTY but I missed it. 13.433.

13.7 for Boyer on beam puts her in second, so even with that rough mistake, that’s pretty great.

5:09 pm. Millousi, Greece, UB- Blind change to front giant to front giant full to piked Jaeger, falls. Gets back on for Jaeger, bail to clear hip, bends her knees on the catch and comes off. Hit the dismount, double pike I think.

Maggio, Italy, FX- Hit opening pass. Double tuck OOB. Hit third pass. Sticks double pike to finish. Great job.

5:03 pm. Studer, Switzerland, FX- Hit routine.

Genhart, Switzerland, FX- Opens with triple full, a little messy and short. Double pike with a hop. Front tuck through to double full, nice.

Giladi, Israel, VT- I may have missed her first vault. Yeah, I did. Second is a tsuk layout.

Boyer, France, BB- Wolf turn, solid bhs layout, L turn to opposite full pirouette, side aerial to split leap to side somi, big stumble but she fights and holds onto it. Double pike with a step back. Should still be a solid score with that mistake.

5:01 pm. Netzer, Israel, VT- Tsuk tuck full, not bad.

De Jesus Dos Santos, France, BB- Punch front mount to split jump, excellent. Punch front is solid. Tick tock into bhs loso, ugh, off-center and she falls. Double tuck dismount.

13.9 for Downie on floor puts her in the lead! AND NINA DERWAEL TIES FOR THE LEAD ON BARS!!!!!! I’M CRYING. That’s all I want in this meet. 14.566.

4:57 pm. Derwael, Belgium, UB- Hit first release, a Downie, while Downie is on floor. 🙂 Ricna half to Ezhova, very nice. Chow to pak, clean van Leeuwen, toe full, full-in almost stuck.

Skregelid, Norway, VT- FTY?!?! Where did that come from?! Nice!

Mader, Austria, BB- Hit routine, I saw the beginning and she looked great.

E. Downie, Great Britain, FX- Double double with a hop, nice!!! 1.5 through to double arabian, stuck! Double pike. Fabulous.

4:55 pm. Merkova, Czech Republic, VT- Tsuk back pike, good.

Meyers, Belgium, UB- Front toe half, Maloney to pak (legs apart), wild van Leeuwen and she comes off. 😦 Giant full, Tkachev, high full-in with a small hop.

Hulgaard, Denmark, FX- Hit first two passes. Switch half into the corner before her last pass, a front lay full with a hop.

Frysak, Austria, BB- Came off early on and then a second time on a leap I think.

Søderstrøm, Norway, VT- Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

4:49 pm. Some scores…

Ellie got a 13.466 on beam and Becky got a 13.333…definitely not enough separation between the two?! I thought Ellie’s was a lot better-performed today, though Becky’s was very difficult.

14.1 for Melanie DJDS on bars! 13.533 for Thorsdottir there.

4:46 pm. Maggio, Italy, BB- Switch leap mount, switch leap to split ring leap, wobble but saved it. Solid bhs loso loso. She always seems to bring it at Euros, doesn’t she?! Sissone to wolf jump, side somi, side aerial, 1.5 dismount, is that a downgrade?

Lima, Portugal, FX- Phantom routine. Double tuck with a step. Looks good on leaps. 2.5 stumbled and crashed.

4:43 pm. Genhart, Switzerland, BB- Wobble on bhs bhs loso but she brings it back. Front aerial. Wobbled on something after that as well. Side aerial with a large wobble. Side somi low but hit. Switch leap. Double tuck low with chest down and a step forward.

Netzer, Israel, FX- Hit her first pass into a punch front tuck. Double tuck bounced OOB. 1.5 to front layout, sat.

4:40 pm. Giladi, Israel, FX- “Talk Dirty to Me” LOLLL YAAAAAAS. GET IT. Double layout, better than warmups but still a little buckled. Ugh, but then crashed double pike. Crashed double tuck too. Hit front full at the end.

Studer, Switzerland, BB- Front aerial to split jump, good bhs bhs loso. Ankles on her dismount aren’t super great but a hit routine.

Banishka, Bulgaria, UB- Hit routine from what I saw, she was smiling as she dismounted her double tuck.

4:39 pm. Boyer, France, UB- Bail to toe shoot, giant full, piked Jaeger, toe half, full-in stuck.

Skregelid, Norway, FX- Double tuck with a hop. Double full. Clean routine.

4:36 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos, France, UB- Galante to pak, van Leeuwen, great handstand before inbar half to front giant full to front half right on the bar, full-twisting double layout STUCK. YAAAAS.

B. Downie, Great Britain, BB- Good side aerial loso. Switch to switch half, wobble but fought for it. Sissone to full turn, nice little flair. Front aerial to split jump, wobble. Side aerial. Switch ring with a wobble. Hit the dismount. Not the strongest but she got through it!

4:32 pm. 10.733 for Skammelsen on beam.

Vostruchovaite, Lithuania, VT- Handspring front tuck full, a little messy but decent!

Mader, Austria, UB- I only saw the end, looked hit.

E. Downie, Great Britain, BB- Punch front, standing arabian with a step forward, switch to switch half, great amplitude! Beautiful double spin. Solid bhs loso. Split leap to side aerial. 2.5 basically stuck WHAAAAT WAS THAT. Hot DAMN.

Søderstrøm, Norway, FX- Double pike, double tuck, lovely Memmel to full spin, double full to finish and I missed her third pass. That was really nice actually!

4:29 pm. Skammelsen, Denmark, BB- Off on mount. 😦 Clean bhs loso, side aerial, 1.5 dismount falls to the side and crashes off the mat. UGH MARIE. 😦 This is her senior debut and they’ve been resting her basically all year due to injury. She’s crying and walks off to the side to be by herself but Mette is comforting her. I’m so sad for her.

Merkova, Czech Republic, FX- Bounce back on her double tuck. Nailed the double full. Front full to finish.

Frysak, Austria, UB- Jaeger is good, she just has little form breaks throughout. Hit the dismount.

Meyers, Belgium, VT- Clean FTY with a bounce.

Derwael, Belgium, VT- FTY, also clean with a bounce back.

4:26 pm. Grisane, Latvia, VT- Great landing on her tsuk full! Second vault with another fab landing on her handspring front pike. Really nice work there.

Thorsdottir, Netherlands, UB- Toe on to Komova? (looked like one but just not very piked down) to pak, Maloney to bail to toe full, Jaeger, hit the dismount.

Hulgaard, Denmark, BB- Switch leap to split jump, solid bhs loso with only slight form troubles. Wobble on side aerial, and a wobble on something after that. Just came off on something. 😦

Martins, Portugal, FX- Double tuck with a hop. Front full to stag. Her music sounds like Breaking Bad hahaha. But it’s not. But that’d be cool. Last pass kind of lost control and went OOB but otherwise a good routine.

4:25 pm. The guy in front of me has all of the floor music CDs. I’m totally gonna steal it. I mean it’s 2017, shouldn’t we at this point have everyone email in an MP3 and then put every routine in a playlist???

4:19 pm. I think a 14.266 for Ellie Downie!

Netzer, Israel, BB- Bhs layout, bent legs on the bhs, layout is piked. Wobble AFTER she lands it. Switch to wolf jump. Back tuck, full turn, side somi with a fall. Hit the dismount.

Genhart, Switzerland, UB- Start list had her on beam, lol. But here she is. So I missed everything but the double layout.

4:17 pm. Studer, Switzerland, UB- Maloney to bail (leg sep) to toe on to toe shoot, clear hip half to piked Jaeger, a little messy, muscled handstand before giant full to double pike with a step.

4:15 pm. E. Downie, Great Britain, UB- Front toe half to Maloney to Hindorff, toe full to piked Tkachev to pak, van Leeuwen with some loose leg form, double layout with a hop back. Really nice!

Skregelid, Norway, BB- A little wobbly throughout. Side somi is nice. Double full dismount with a good landing.

Vostruchovaite, Lithuania, FX- Crashed first pass. Hit 1.5 to punch front pike. Sat double tuck and then rolled backwards out of it.

4:14 pm. Banishka, Bulgaria, VT- Nice FTY with a step back.

Downie gets a 14.433 on bars, 6.1 D, 8.333 E.

4:11 pm. 12.3 for Nina on floor. E score is pretty high considering the mistake! But her D is low due to a weaker level of D than normal.

Balkyte, Lithuania, FX- Hit the beginning, front layout front tuck is her last pass I think.

B. Downie, Great Britain, UB- Okay I lost internet so everything I typed disappeared when I clicked update, but it was excellent, pinged off maybe a little early for her dismount so it was a little low on her full-in, but the rest was fab.

Søderstrøm, Norway, BB- Wobbled on full Y turn, side aerial, full L turn, hit the dismount.

4:08 pm. Merkova, Czech Republic, BB- Check on back handspring mount, hit leap series, good leaps into her bhs loso! Big check but she saves it. Good turns. Walkover swing through to split. 1.5 with a hop.

Boyer, France, VT- Clean FTY.

Hulgaard, Denmark, UB- Fell on her release. Stuck layout dismount.

Derwael, Belgium, FX- 2.5 down to one knee. 😦 Hit second pass nicely though, and a good double tuck to finish. Just that glitch at the beginning but that is such a beautiful routine.

Rashkova, Bulgaria, VT- Yurchenko layout, shocked her knee on the landing and kind of limps off after the salute.

4:07 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos, France, VT- Stumbled back the DTY at least three or four steps. Could’ve been worse…she crashed it in warmups. Not terrible for a vault debut.

13.1 for Martins on beam.

4:03 pm. Frysak, Austria, VT- Yurchenko layout, whippy, with a hop back.

Skammelsen, Denmark, UB- Short on her bail, and most handstands, hit double pike dismount

Martins, Portugal, BB- Her first meet since Rio! Bhs bhs loso is super solid. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Slight wobble on full Y turn. Tour jete. Side aerial. She’s just SOLID. Switch to side somi. 2.5 a little short with a step.

Meyers, Belgium, FX- Memmel turn is nice. Double tuck with a scoot back. 2.5 a little wild but gets it back under control. Hit the final pass.

Mader, Austria, VT- Hit FTY.

4:00 pm. Thorsdottir, Netherlands, VT- DTY, clean in the air but she seems to slow down a bit and doesn’t get enough block to make it happen, low landing and a stumble forward.

Maggio, Italy, UB- Stalder full to Maloney t big Tkachev, bail to toe full to toe shoot, double pike nearly stuck.

Lima, Portugal, BB- Bhs loso with a wobble, and another wobble on the side somi. Off on punch front.

Circele, Latvia, FX- Hit the double tuck. Front tuck through to 1.5. Hit the last pass.

Lynn Genhart was supposed to start on beam but she’s not there! 😦

3:57 pm. Okay, this is gonna be a good one! We have the strongest gymnasts between the Dutch, French, and British, Nina Derwael, Vendula Merkova, Marie Skammelsen, where do I even end this list, there are so many?!

3:50 pm. All-Around Standings After 2 Subdivisions

1. Tabea Alt, Germany, 54.866
2. Elena Eremina, Russia, 54.698
3. Giada Grisetti, Italy, 52.932
4. Lara Mori, Italy, 52.365
5. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.990
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 51.699
7. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 51.065
8. Alison Lepin, France, 50.865
9. Kirsten Polderman, Netherlands, 50.491
10. Olivia Cimpian, Romania, 50.481
11. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 50.199
12. Argyro Afrati, Greece, 49.933
13. Coline Devillard, France, 49.932
14. Paula Raya, Spain, 49.065
15. Noemi Jakab, Hungary, 48.265
16. Lucie Jirikova, Czech Republic, 48.199
17. Dalia Al-Salty, Hungary, 47.975
18. Agnes Suto, Iceland, 47.966
19. Lucija Hribar, Slovenia, 47.948
20. Marlies Männersdorfer, Austria, 47.791
21. Veronika Cenkova, Czech Republic, 47.564
22. Ekin Morova, Turkey, 47.365
23. Yana Fedorova, Ukraine, 46.966
24. Mariana Carvalho, Portugal, 46.132
25. Shailee Weiss, Israel, 45.524
26. Mariana Marianito, Portugal, 44.999
27. Valeria Osipova, Ukraine, 44.323
28. Desislava todorova, Bulgaria, 44.199
29. Solveig Berg, Norway, 43.266
30. Anastasija Dubova, Latvia, 43.098
31. Victoria Bøe, Norway, 42.999
32. Doga Ozgocmez, Turkey, 41.665
33. Marija Ribalcenko, Latvia, 39.066

Tinna Odinsdottir is actually in there somewhere but I don’t know where! They never posted the total with her after she finished beam. She had two falls there and a 34.165 before that so I can’t imagine she’s ranked higher than 25th.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

12 thoughts on “2017 European Championships Subdivision 3 Live Blog

  1. I’m dying, a results list just went up on the live feed where they’d clearly accidentally left filler text in for gymnast names which included Simone Biles and Kyla Roos. Yes, Roos. I don’t think these comments will let me upload a screenshot…


  2. I know this is all-around and event finals Euros, but is there a reason the gymnasts from one country are competing in separate subdivisions? ie. not all of GB/Russia/Netherlands is in the same subdivision


  3. Everytime, call me dreamer, but everytime i’m disappointed by Italy’s lack of solidness. I mean Maggio was vault champion last year, AA 3rd, why didn’t she upgrade??? 😦


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