2017 European Championships All-Around Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around competition at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

7:21 pm. Final Standings

1. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 55.765
2. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 55.432
3. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 55.065
4. Elena Eremina, Russia, 54.266
5. Kim Bui, Germany, 53.499
6. Martina Maggio, Italy, 53.199
7. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 52.832
8. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 52.832
9. Natalia Kapitonova, Russia, 52.766
10. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 52.099
11. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 51.998
12. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 51.965
13. Ana Perez, Spain, 51.333
14. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 51.265
15. Lynn Genhart, Switzerland, 51.265
16. Marine Boyer, France, 51.232
17. Barbora Mokosova, Slovakia, 51.065
18. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 51.032
19. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 51.000
20. Pauline Schäfer, Germany, 50.998
21. Giada Grisetti, Italy, 50.699
22. Vendula Merkova, Czech Republic, 50.166
23. Olivia Cimpian, Romania, 50.106
24. Boglarka Devai, Hungary, 49.198

7:16 pm. Ellie Downie is the 2017 European Champion! Zsofia Kovacs wins silver and Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos wins bronze.


7:12 pm. Downie FX- Double double, great, just a little low at the end. 1.5 through to double arabian, form break, low and stumbled back. Stuck double pike.

Genhart BB- Stumbled on an acro series. Double tuck dismount is low.

I just realized I might sob if Kovacs wins. 13.033 FX with a 55.432 AA.

7:11 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos VT- DTY, better than yesterday, just a big rebound back. She’s like I have the power for a triple, lemme do it! Jk but like yeah she’s super powerful.

Derwael UB 13.6

7:06 pm. Derwael UB- Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova whacked feet on high bar coming down but KEEPS HER SWING. Chow to pak, clean van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a step. She’s like 😐 when she comes off but like, that was one hell of a recover.

Devai BB- I missed most of this. Saw a stumble on some acro. Random bhs in there. Illusion is a little messy.

Kovacs FX- Excellent double layout. Tucked full-in stuck. She WANTS THIS SOOOOO FREAKING BADLY. I mean, everyone does. But she’s showing us how badly by having her absolute perfect day right now. Front full with a little hop forward. Double tuck, great landing but chest down a bit. No matter what happens, she leaves knowing it probably could not have gone better for her.

Maggio VT- DTY, loose knees. Good landing.

Eremina FX 13.3, Kinsella UB 12.4, Cimpian BB 12.366

7:02 pm. Boyer VT- FTY, floaty and lovely

Kinsella UB- Piked Jaeger, fall. Too bad, she was close to the top. Not medal-contention but top eight. 😦 Caught pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, double pike with a step.

Cimpian BB- Side somi, bhs loso loso is solid. Hit leaps fro what I saw, switch ring, with a flexed foot. Double pike low with a hop back. If you combine her and Crisan today they probably could’ve medaled hahaha.

Schäfer FX- Double layout low but hit. Love the choreo out of that pass. Next pass landing looked a little wonky. Double pike is very low.

Martins VT 13.466, Mokosova BB 12.266, Volleman UB 12.733

6:59 pm. Mokosova BB- Bhs loso is solid, front aerial to sheep jump, tucked 1.5 dismount.

Eremina FX- Tucked full-in a little low. Falls out of Memmel turn. 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck, good. Double tuck with a bounce back.

Martins VT- FTY, landing a little off.

Volleman UB- I saw all of this but didn’t type through it. Another hit bars from her. She’s getting better and better tbh, had one of the highest E scores yesterday. Just needs some D!

Grisetti VT 13.933, Thorsdottir FX 13.533, Käslin UB 11.9

6:58 pm. Grisetti VT- DTY, why, so low her knee almost grazes. Oof.

Käslin UB- Stalder half to Endo half to hecht transition, hands are a few inches from the high bar and she just lands it on her feet. Clear hip full to Tkachev, giant half to stalder full to bail a little wild throughout that sequence but she gets it back, Ray, double pike basically stuck.

Perez UB 13.7, Crisan BB 11.566

6:55 pm. Crisan BB- Beginning was good from what I saw.  Off on layout series. Wobble on side somi. Double tuck with a step.

Thorsdottir FX- Hope she can finish strong. For her own sanity. Nice triple full to punch front tuck. Hit double tuck. Messed up turn sequence again. 😦 2.5 with a little stumble. Looked good aside from the turns mistake…

Perez UB- Piked Jaeger, Church, Maloney to Gienger, hit the dismount.

Rodriguez UB 12.7, Bui FX 13.4, Merkova BB 12.9 (two hit AA days for her!!!! 50.166!!!!!!!!!!!!)

6:53 pm. Bui FX- I literally didn’t know this rotation started because Kim Bui’s music is literally identical to the random walk-on music they play all meet long lmao. I didn’t even look up from my desk until her routine was over!!! I was like why is Rodriguez already going on bars?!?! Anyway, she hit floor.

Merkova BB- I missed this too, thanks to Bui’s music. Kill me!

Rodriguez UB- Hit routine, full-in with a hop.

Kapitonova VT- Clean FTY.

6:52 pm. I’m about ten feet from Nina on bars and I’m SO EXCITED.

Standings AFter Rotation 3

1. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 42.399
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 41.932
3. Elena Eremina, Russia, 40.966
4. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 40.699
5. Kim Bui, Germany, 40.099
6. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 39.699
7. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 39.466
8. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 39.366

6:50 pm. They didn’t post the standings after the third rotation but Kovacs definitely has a lead over Downie, no one can really challenge these two at this point.

6:47 pm. Maggio FX 12.933, Schäfer BB 13.766 (UGHHH WHY DIDN’T THIS HAPPEN IN QUALIFICATIONS)

6:44 pm. Kovacs BB- Hit aerial leap series, switch side has really big amplitude. Bhs loso is solid. Switch to switch half. Full turn. This is the best I’ve seen her look. Side aerial. Double tuck with a hop.

Boyer FX 12.9

6:41 pm. Schäfer BB- Clean bhs loso, YAY, hit the Schäfer, then the side somi right after it. Good gainer dismount.

Maggio FX- Hit opening pass and then a double tuck. Double full. Hit the last pass.

Kinsella VT 13.466, Eremina BB 12.7, only a 7.0 E score which seems really low? Did I miss something? Probably, I realized I didn’t see her mount which is often a problem. Yup, just found out she fell on her mount.

6:39 pm. Kinsella VT- FTY, clean, chest down, small step.

Boyer FX- 2.5 to front full, stuck double tuck. Double pike with a step.

Devai UB- Toe on to Maloney to bail to toe full (legs crazy) to toe shoot, toe half, Jaeger, her body is like naturally arched which makes her swing look awkward. Front layout 1.5 dismount. Another hit bars from her this week is great though!

Cimpian UB 10.541

6:35 pm. Volleman VT- DTY, deep landing, but not bad.

Martins FX- Double back to start, good landing. Front full to stag. 2.5, crossed ankles but a decent landing.

Eremina BB- Oh my heart. PLEASE. Hit flight series. Y turn, front aerial into her “I’m totally not falling forward” scale, hit the jump after that but I didn’t see it, split leap to side aerial with a check, jump series, good, you’re so close kiddo! Triple full with a step back.

Cimpian UB- Toe full (late), van Leeuwen (legs totally apart), blind change muscles out of it to Jaeger, basically catches on her arms and then bounces off. Looks a little shaken up. Pak (arched too much, leg sep), Maloney, loses swing, starts it again, short handstand before giants to dismount, double pike with a good landing.

Grisetti FX 11.533, Mokosova UB 12.7, Thorsdottir FX 11.966, Martins FX 13.0

6:32 pm. Thorsdottir BB- Split leap to side aerial to Korbut into her low beam choreo, lovely as always. Ring jump. Big stumble on her illusion turn. 😦 Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump, misses her foot on the landing, stumble and fall. Drills her triple full dismount into the ground, that looked like it REALLY could’ve hurt her knee though she seems fine.

Käslin VT- Clean-ish FTY, not the best landing.

Mokosova UB- Jaeger, clean pak to stalder to Maloney to bail to toe full to Ray, NICE. Damn. Weird pike in her hips when she swings though. Double pike dismount, great landing.

Crisan UB 13.0, Käslin VT 13.266

6:30 pm. Perez VT- Big FTY with a small bounce on the landing.

Grisetti FX- Messy triple full (helicopter legs), I love this music though. It’s the waltz scene from Schindler’s List. Double tuck, step OOB. Hit third pass. Double pike, super low, bounces forward onto her hands.

Crisan UB- Caught release, stalder half to toe on to toe shoot, front giant half, double layout with a step. TWO HIT BARS IN A ROW!!!! Romanian legend.

Rodriguez VT 12.8, Kapitonova FX 13.166, Merkova UB 12.333

6:27 pm. Rodriguez VT- Stuck Yurchenko layout.

Bui BB- Roundoff layout mount, stumble. Hit flight series. I missed the interior of this but think she stayed on. Side aerial with a little stumble. Stuck gainer layout.

Kapitonova FX- Piked full-in, chest down. Pretty Memmel turn. 2.5 to front layout, ankles crossed in the twist. Tour jete full, kind of? It was a little weird. Double tuck with a step. Double pike to finish, looked close to stuck.

Merkova UB- Hit routine! Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, dismount, all good.

DJDS FX 12.766, Downie BB 13.066, Genhart UB 12.566

6:26 pm. Genhart UB- Toe full, misses toe on, has to start her swing again, Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen (legs come apart), blind change to piked Jaeger, double layout a little low with a hop forward. Doesn’t look thrilled but smiles.

6:23 pm. Downie BB- Unfair that Ellie and Melanie are going simultaneously!!! Punch front to split jump, solid. Great standing arabian. Switch to switch half. Big break on double spin, grabs her knees but stays on. Wobble on bhs loso. FIGHT THOSE NERVES ELLIE. Don’t be LSU!!!!! Sissone to wolf jump. Side aerial. Almost through it! Practically stuck 2.5.

De Jesus Dos Santos FX- Full-in with a step back OOB. Hit second pass and front full third pass. Double tuck with a bounce back.

Derwael VT- Clean FTY.

6:21 pm. Standings After Rotation 2

1. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 28.933
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 28.866
3. Elena Eremina, Russia, 28.266
4. De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 27.933
5. Kim Bui, Germany, 27.566
6. Olivia Cimpian, Romania, 27.199
7. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 26.466
8. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 26.466

6:20 pm. Apparently an inquiry for De Jesus Dos Santos on beam, her score is now 13.833.

6:15 pm. Cimpian VT- DTY, not that bad actually! Better form and landing than yesterday I think.

Schäfer UB- Maloney to pak (flexed feet), toe shoot, loses her swing on the high bar and comes off. Got back on and hit the rest.

Volleman FX- Love this creepmonster. Falls out of first spin, triple I think? To double spin. Double tuck with a little stumble back. Triple, underrotated a bit. Hit final pass.

Boyer BB- Hit wolf turn. Misses foot on bhs layout, grabs the beam then falls. Back on for some jumps, nice side aerial to split leap to side somi, double pike with a step.

Cimpian VT 14.266, Martins BB 13.166, Eremina UB 14.3, Käslin FX 13.066

6:13 pm. Käslin FX- 2.5 to punch front. Good. Hit second pass, then clean double full with a bounce back.

Mokosova VT- Good solid FTY.

Eremina UB- AWESOME Nabieva to pak. Messy van Leeuwen. Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, good. Toe full, good landing on the full-out. YAY.

Martins BB- Bhs bhs loso is solid. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, clean full Y turn, slow connection on switch to switch half, 2.5 with a hop

Thorsdottir UB 12.366, Grisetti BB 11.7, Crisan VT 13.366, Perez FX 12.5

6:09 pm. Grisetti BB- Solid on triple flight series. Front aerial. Big wobble on a side aerial. For some reason The Nutcracker is playing in the background. Stumbled back low double back dismount, then sat it.

Perez FX- Tucked full-in, good. Hit second pass. Double pike with a great landing to finish.

Crisan VT- FTY with a big lunge back.

Thorsdottir UB- Toe on to Ray to pak, Maloney, I missed some stuff there but she hit it all, transitions I think, Jeager, but then arched in a handstand and came off. Back on for full-out with a small hop on the landing.

Bui UB 14.033, Rodriguez FX 12.8, Kapitonova BB 11.9

6:07 pm. Rodriguez FX- Double pike with a hop. Hit second pass. Double full to finish.

Kapitionova BB- Bhs bhs layout, GOOD. Great double spin. Off on side somi. UGH KAPI.

Bui UB- Jaeger to pak, pak is sadly a mess. Maloney to Bhardwaj, YAS. Van Leeuwen. Hit another release after that I think but I turned toward beam. Full-in is good.

Merkova VT- Tsuk pike with a tiny hop.

De Jesus Dos Santos BB 13.433

6:05 pm. Genhart VT- FTY, clean-ish, chest down though, and a step.

Kovacs UB 14.333, Maggio BB 12.9, Kinsella FX 12.8, Downie UB 14.3, Derwael FX 12.966

6:03 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos BB- Perfect punch front pike mount. Punch front, tick tock to bhs layout, solidddd. Switch leap to switch half, a tiny short on the latter. Front aerial to stag ring jump. Switch ring. Looked like she stuck her double tuck!!! That was a HELL of a routine.

Derwael FX- 2.5 with a small step, great. 1.5 to front full, beautiful, small bounce. Memmel turn. If you don’t watch her face during her choreo you’re MISSING OUT. Switch ring to tour jete full. Sky high double tuck. Beautiful.

Downie UB- Toe front half a little muscled to Maloney to Hindorff, NICE. Toe full to piked Tkachv to pak, excellent. My heart is pounding. Van Leeuwen. Double layout with a small hop back. GOOD GIRL!

6:01 pm. Devai VT- DTY, great, just a bounce back.

Kovacs UB- Inbar to inbar full to Maloney to pak to van Leeuwen, YES!!! Some ankle sep. Inbar half to piked Jaeger, full-in, chest down with a lunge forward. Excellent until the dismount.

5:59 pm. Maggio BB- Switch leap mount, switch leap, misses connection to ring leap, hit triple flight series very well, switch ring, side somi with a wobble, hit dismount, 1.5 I think? Couldn’t see.

Kinsella FX- 1.5 through to 2.5, triple full chest down, tour jete half to switch half, double full chest down with a bounce, crowd clapping along with her clapping choreo. Solid double pike to finish.

5:56 pm. Standings After Rotation 1

1. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 14.6
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.566
3. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 14.1
4. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 14.1
5. Natalia Kapitonova, Russia, 14.1
6. Elena Eremina, Russia, 13.966
7. Pauline Schäfer, Germany, 13.733
8. Kim Bui, Germany, 13.533
9. Giada Grisetti, Italy, 13.533
10. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 13.433
11. Martina Maggio, Italy, 13.266
12. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 13.2
13. Ioana Crisan, Romania, 13.1
14. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 13.033
15. Olivia Cimpian, Romania, 12.933
16. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 12.733

5:53 pm. Mokosova FX- Double tuck stuck, 1.5 to front layout to stag, ring leap to switch ring, very nice. Switch full. Clean solid double full to finish. Great work from her, none of the form issues that came from nearly every single gymnast before her.

13.2 for Martins on UB

5:49 pm. Martins UB- Maloney to pak, shaposh to bail to toe full (late), Ray back up high, Jaeger a little close, full-in chest super low with a couple of steps forward.

Käslin BB- Wobble on an acro skill, nice Kochetkova, ring leap, hit flight series at the end, double full with a little shuffle.

Crisan FX- Tucked full-in, chest low and bounce back. 1.5 to front full. Hit third pass. Stuck double tuck with her chest down.

12.633 for Merkova on FX, 11.533 for Perez on BB, 13.966 for Eremina on VT seems low but again, I’m across the arena, 13.533 for Grisetti on UB, 13.1 for Crisan on FX

5:45 pm. Merkova FX- My faaaaave! No bias. SHE SHOULD WIIIIIN. Her opening choreo is lovely. Double tuck, chest down. Memmel turn, switch to ring leap. Double full with a bounce back. Walkover through to split. She is so regal in her movements. Front handspring front full with a small bounce.

Eremina VT- DTY, ankles a little crossed, but a decent landing.

Grisetti UB- Toe full to Maloney to bail  to stalder full to Ray, Tkachev, Endo half to double front.

Perez BB- Little check on opening leap series. Hit flight series. Fell on something after that but I didn’t see what. Double pike dismount with a step.

14.1 for Thorsdottir on VT, 14.1 for Kapitonova on UB, 12.666 for Genhart on FX

5:42 pm. Bui VT- Clean FTY but a bigger than usual hop back.

Genhart FX- Messy triple full to start. Her dance elements look nice though. Double pike with a lunge back. Double full is also a bit messy.

Rodriguez BB- Good bhs mount. Bhs loso is solid, hit leaps. The rest seemed good from what I saw.

Thorsdottir VT- DTY, better than yesterday…chest is still low but her landing was much better.

Kapitonova UB- Stalder full, Komova II to pak to Chow half, some leg sep, arches over toe full, into Tkachev, good fight, toe half to front giant half, toe full, full-out, hit. Meh.

12.733 for Derwael on beam, 13.533 for Bui on vault

5:40 pm. Devai FX- Hit double layout and full-in, I think a foot went OOB on both. Double front low, a foot goes out there as well. That’s some freaking great tumbling from her though, in terms of her level. Double tuck. Landing errors but good energy aside from that.

Derwael BB- Leg up after bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump, good. Side somi, nice extension on switch, into a ring leap, wobbled on a leap after that. Hit the rest, including the dismount.

De Jesus Dos Santos UB- Maloney to clear hip to Galante to pak, very clean. Super clean van Leeuwen, nice handstands, blind change to front giant full, front half, full-twisting double layout STUCK.

14.566 for Downie on vault, 11.766 for Devai on floor

5:37 pm. Kovacs VT- DTY, BEAUTIFUL! Great landing too, better than yesterday.

Kinsella BB- Candle position mount. Perfect double spin! Please hit this routine. Switch leap to switch side. Excellent side aerial loso loso. Front aerial with a tiny check. 2.5 with a step to the side. Really nice.

Downie VT- Excellent DTY, small hop back.

Maggio UB- Stalder full to toe on to Maloney to Tkachev, a little low, bail to toe full to toe shoot, blind change  to front giant to front half, hit the dismount.

12.933 for Cimpian on floor, 11.433 for Boyer on bars, 14.6 for Kovacs on vault.

5:36 pm. Boyer UB- Maloney to bail to toe shoot, arches over handstand on the high bar, bends knees, and hops off. Giant ful, blind change to piked Jaeger, a little close. Toe half really short. Full-in comes off a little early but she hits the landing.

5:34 pm. Schäfer VT- Handspring front layout half, knees are deep on the landing but her feet are good.

Volleman BB- Hit mount. Front walkover, again missed connection to front toss. Omg on the low beam choreo when she arches her back, that’s so pretty. Double full.

Cimpian FX- Tucked full-in, messy legs, chest down. Messy 2.5 to punch front. Her leg form really is rather rough. Triple with a bounce. Hit her final pass.

5:33 pm. My view today is soooo close to bars, I’m super excited about this. I’m like, judges POV practically. Also have a great view of floor, but I’m further from beam and vault…can still see vault fairly well but might miss some stuff on beam so don’t judge me!!

5:31 pm. Warmups now!

VT- Schäfer, Kovacs, Downie, Bui, Thorsdottir, Eremina

UB- Boyer, Maggio, DJDS, Kapitonova, Grisetti, Martins

BB- Volleman, Kinsella, Derwael, Rodriguez, Perez, Käslin

FX- Cimpian, Devai, Genhart, Merkova, Crisan, Mokosova

5:28 pm. Athletes are in now. Pauline Schäfer, subbing in for Tabea Alt, will compete in the top rotation that starts on vault, sliding right into Alt’s spot.

5:25 pm. Judges are marching out! Don’t eff this up again. Apparently someone else also missed front tumbling and didn’t lose CR in addition to Catalina Ponor…not someone who would’ve factored in or changed the finalists but still, it’s the principle of the thing.

5:22 pm. Nadia is honoring a Romanian European medalist from 1957 but I didn’t get her name. She’s a tiny little lady…Sonia Iovan maybe? At first when they said 1957 I said “LEUSTEANU?!” but then I remembered she passed away a decade ago. 😦

5:18 pm. They’re honoring Nadia Comaneci here now but it’s in Romanian naturally so I have no idea what’s happening. I’m just like woo yeah Nadia!!! Get it gurl.

5:15 pm. So, a little refresher.

Ellie Downie is coming into today’s all-around final with a huge lead after qualifications, but about a point behind, Zsofia Kovacs, Tabea Alt, and Elena Eremina were all within a couple of tenths of one another, though Alt is unfortunately going to miss today’s meet due to illness. But that heartbreaking news aside, a fall or mistake from Ellie or an outstanding 100% day from one of the other two means any one of these three is in the mix for the gold.

I totally think if Ellie comes in like she did yesterday, she is unbeatable. She has the best combination of difficulty, polish, confidence, and BALANCE, as in she’s solid across all four events and doesn’t rely on one event to push her through to a podium finish.

But you also have to look at the fact that not everyone can have a perfect day every day, as we learned with LSU between semifinals and finals only last week. Ellie with a fall could still be safe for a medal, but one of the others could definitely come in strong to claim the title.

In addition to the above, I’d also consider Eythora Thorsdottir and Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos podium threats if they have good days. I LOVE that two Germans made it into the top six (WHAT?!) and am low-key obsessed with Kim Bui being this good in the all-around at nearly 30 years old, but I sadly don’t think we’ll see her as a podium threat here, but again, you never know.

Outside of these, I guess Natalia Kapitonova is still in the mix for the podium, though she’d need a practically perfect day. I don’t think anyone else will challenge for those top three spots, but either way, it’s going to be a crazy and exciting meet, though a little less exciting now that one of the top contenders is out of the competition.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

33 thoughts on “2017 European Championships All-Around Finals Live Blog

  1. The livestream makes me so mad. Instead of showing Schäfer’s beam they go to the floor and show a gymnast standing at the floor for 30s 🙄


  2. I honestly want Eremina und Dos Santos to mess up so Kim could win a medal, although i don’t think it is going to happen 😂 But rooting for Dos Santos to win a medal!


  3. Thank you for this coverage! And for helping my procrastination at work in this awful friday afternoon. No kidding, I admire so much all your work giving us these precious meeting coverages. Thanks!! 🙂

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  4. Makes me so happy to see those girls now talking to each other and cheering each other on and up 🙂 Also the new generations of Russians etc. now speaking good English like Eremina and they all seem closer than the gymnasts the years before. Way to go 🙂


  5. As much as I like Ellies personality and stuff from what we can see on TV, I think today’s title belonged to Kovacs. Ellie was overscored on floor, Kovacs underscored there. All the girls deserve it, but it makes me a little sad 😦 Tho, both of them should definately have claimed the podium spots!
    So stoked for Melanie De Jesus dos Santos so, amazing comeback after last year 🙂
    And can we talk about how cute Eremina and Maggio were pls 😀 aww


    • I think it’s sad that people are saying one gymnast was underscored over the other and that’s why they lost. One could argue that Kovacs was over scored for her UB…At the end of the day the gymnasts all worked hard and the ones on the podium were the best on the day. Ellie Downie was fantastic and deserved her gold medal and nothing should take away from that. Kovacs was equally fantastic and achieved beyond expectations. Can we not just celebrate their achievements and wish them both well?


  6. Lol Mustafina must be laughing so hard right now. This is literally the weakest field there has ever been. How did the sport get so low? GB, Hungary and France on the podium lmao


    • To be fair Great Britains current seniors match the best in the world (although they have no juniors in the ranks to support them), Zsofia Kovacs is the modern day Onodi, and Melanie is actually good on bars and beam, so it’s not like she’s some no name that got lucky with the mistakes of Eremina and a few others.


    • All I can think of is there are more options for girls to play sports that cost less money and/or offer a more likely financial return. In the US we have college scholarships available, so there’s that incentive, but only 1 or 2 gymnasts per Olympics make a big financial return on the sport.


      • I agree that the incentive in the US is the college benefits but also US is a rich country. The reason countries like Russia and Romania are struggling is a lack of national level investment in the sport because they don’t have the money or political infrastructure to encourage it on the same level any more. Contrary to that, GB are doing well because they invested heavily in gymnastics prior to London 2012. It will be interesting to see how long they stay at the top level if that funding goes or if they drop back (like Australia did, after being funded prior to Sydney 2000). And we will see how the Japanese women get on with peaking for a home games in 2020.


  7. I hope Eythora can hit on beam phinals. So beautiful gymnast.
    If Derwael could do what she knows on the bars today, she could have being close to podium… love her.

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  8. Cute, can we then now agree that these results are NOT to be brought into any future results discussion since the european field is so pathetically weak right now?
    Mustafina must be thinking: why didn’t I keep going for another year to pull out a Boginskaya 1990 these euros? lol


  9. It is quite sad that gymnastics’ standard seems to deteriorate quad to quad for everyone but the US, and even the US this quad is really sad…


    • Woah Woah wait, the US seniors are depleted this year. The JUNIORS? Oh my god, how can you even say that? Emma Malabuyo, Gabby Perea, Maile O’Keefe, etc. are all amazing already. They’re only going to get more consistent and better as seniors. I think the standard depleats for some teams (romania for example) but grows in others (GB, who even won a team medal, though they wouldn’t have without falls). The standard changes each quad and I would say it has deteriorated some years, but that’s also because the standard of difficulty changes and the composition of routines.


    • People were saying the same thing in 2013. The gymnasts are getting used to the new COP and have to make adjustments. There are many new seniors making their mark. Ellie Downie, Tabea Alt, Eythora Thorsdottir and a few others have been improving over the last couple of years. Plus I think there are some great US juniors and new seniors such as Riley McCusker and Mailie O’Keeffe. You can’t get a Simone or Nastia overnight.


      • I really like Gabby Perea, Maile O’Keefe and Emma Malabuyo. But unfortunately, they still have a couple of years where they can go downhill, or get injured. It breaks my heart every time it happens.(well almost) For example.
        Rebecca Bross was 3rd AA in 2010 WC. Then she dislocated her right knee cap. She came back for 2012 Olympic Trials, but was inconsistent and wasn’t selected.
        Bailie Key was Junior AA Champ 2013. Back problems in 2016 forced her out of olympic trials


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