2017 European Championships Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2017 European Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

4:28 pm. That’s it for today! Medal ceremonies now and I’ll try to get some good quotes from the mixed zone after but they’ll all be answers to other journalists’ questions because I have laryngitis HASHTAG WHY.

4:25 pm. Rings Standings

1. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 15.433
2. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 15.066
3. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 15.033
4. Vahagn Davtyan, Armenia, 14.858
5. Ibrahim Colak, Turkey, 14.833
6. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Greece, 14.666
7. Artur Tovmasyan, Armenia, 14.666
8. Dmitrii Lankin, Russia, 14.466

4:23 pm. Colak, Turkey, SR- Good planche holds at the beginning, double front tuck to double front pike to planche, iron cross, front pike to iron cross, a little shaky on his handstand near the end, double front pike with a hop. 14.833 (6.2, 8.633).

4:20 pm. Tulloch, Great Britain, SR- Good start to this, handstand, swing throught o planche, iron cross with a little nod like yas I did this, double front pike to planche, smooth, swing through to handstand, full-twisting double layout with a step. 15.066 (6.4, 8.666).

4:17 pm. Tovmasyan, Armenia, SR- Weird sax music for this lmao. Tucked double front to piked double front to planche, then into an iron cross, hit his dismount. 14.666 (6.2, 8.466).

4:14 pm. Radivilov, Ukraine, SR- I low key forgot he was here and qualifications were only like three? four? days ago. Really nice iron cross before swinging up to handstand, double front pike to handstand, then swings through to planche, double double with a small hop. Awesome. 15.033 (6.3, 8.733).

4:10 pm. Lankin, Russia, SR- I’m so far away I can’t see if they’re wiggling or anything which is like half the battle. But he looks good. Double front pike to double front tuck to straddle planche, really nice. A little shaky on a handstand after that, piked double front dismount with a hop. 14.466 (5.9, 8.566).

4:06 pm. Petrounias, Greece, SR- I didn’t type through the beginning but everything looked nice. Front double pike up to handstand, hit dismount with a step back. 15.433 (6.3, 9.133).

4:03 pm. Konstantinidis, Greece, SR- What took longer, me typing his first and last name, or his routine?? They’re playing Sia’s “Breathe Me” lmao. Double front tuck to planche is nice. Full-twisting double layout, chest down with a hop forward. 14.666 (6.0, 8.666).

4:01 pm. Davtyan, Armenia, SR- I had internet problems I was dealing with during this routine so I didn’t watch…just saw the dismount, which he hit with some windmill arms to hold the stick. 14.858 (6.1, 8.758).

3:54 pm. Uneven Bars Standings

1. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 14.633
2. Elena Eremina, Russia, 14.300
3. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.133
— Elisabeth Seitz, Great Britain, 14.133
5. Kim Bui, Germany, 13.900
6. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 13.100
7. Becky Downie, Great Britain, 13.000
8. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 11.700

3:52 pm. I feel really really bad for Becky but she got up and walked off on her own, just crying a bit.

In happier news, Nina Derwael makes history as the first European champion in Belgian history!!!!!!!! I’m like, half-crying out of sadness for Becky and half-crying out of happiness for Nina.

3:47 pm. B. Downie, Great Britain, UB- Looked like she said “you got this” before she went up. ❤ Hop change to toe front half to Chow to Hindorff, good. Toe full to Ricna to pak, so far so good! Maloney to Gienger, fell. Oh no, and looks hurt. Grabs her chest and waves her arm up, is breathing really hard. 😦 Poor girl.

3:45 pm. Derwael, Belgium, UB- Huge Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova, NICE. Chow to pak, my heart is POUNDING. Van Leeuwen, a little piked, toe full on the bar to full-in with a tiny hop. YESSSSSSSSSS. HUGE smile of relief. 14.633 (6.1, 8.533)

3:42 pm. Seitz, Germany, UB- Maloney to Ricna, hip change to Jaeger, Downie is huge, misses connection to pak, though. Does that separately, then van Leeuwen, slightly short handstand before toe full to full-in, low with a step forward. 14.133 (5.9, 8.233).

3:39 pm. Eremina, Russia, UB- Nabieva to pak, some form issues on both, messy van Leeuwen, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, good. Late toe full, full-out with a little bounce. 14.300 (6.0, 8.3)

3:38 pm. Bui, Germany, UB- Piked Jaeger to pak (messy), Maloney to Bhardwaj, awesome but some leg sep. Muscles the handstand a bit before the van Leeuwen, toe full a little late, right to Gienger, super high full-in but gets NO distance, looks like she’s gonna land it ON the bar but thankfully clears it. Not the routine she needed to sneak into the medals if everyone else hits. 13.900 (6.0, 7.9).

3:33 pm. Kovacs, Hungary, VT- Short handstand before inbar to inbar full to Maloney to pak, misses toe on though, and can’t get back into her swing. Hops off. 😦 Was supposed to do the pak right into her van Leeuwen so that’s a big CV loss. Remounts for van Leeuwen, inbar half to piked Jaeger, full-in with a hop back. 13.1 (5.8, 7.3).

3:31 pm. Downie, Great Britain, UB- Hop change to toe front half to Maloney to Hindorff, nice. Toe full to piked Tkachev to pak, also good. Clean van Leeuwen, double layout with a hop back. 14.133 (5.9, 8.233).

3:28 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos, France, UB- Komova II to clear hip to Galante, too big, and misses, just like warmups earlier. 😦 Too bad. She’s supposed to connect that to a pak, so she’ll lose some CV there. Continues with a pak, flexed feet and sounded like her feet hit, van Leeuwen, arches over on a handstand before her inbar half to front giant full to front giant half, full-twisting double layout with a hop back. Aww, poor kid. Looks super bummed. 11.700 (4.9, 6.8).

3:24 pm. Uneven bars start list:

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France
Ellie Downie, Great Britain
Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary
Kim Bui, Germany
Elena Eremina, Russia
Elisabeth Seitz, Germany
Nina Derwael, Belgium
Becky Downie, Great Britain

3:23 pm. MAG Pommel Horse Standings

1. David Belyavskiy, Russia, 15.100
2. Krisztian Berki, Hungary, 14.900
3. Harutyun Merdinyan, Armenia, 14.833
4. Robert Seligman, Croatia, 14.766
5. Oliver Hegi, Switzerland, 14.700
6. Saso Bertoncelj, Slovenia, 13.433
7. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 13.200
8. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 12.966

3:20 pm. Hegi, Switzerland, PH- More random clapping in the middle of his routine. His swing is pretty piked compared to the others but that was a hit routine. 14.700 (6.0, 8.7).

3:18 pm. Seligman, Croatia, PH- People randomly start clapping along like what are you doing. He’s pretty good, but keeps randomly speeding up and it makes me nervous for him. When he dismounted someone was like “awww” thinking he fell lol. But his dismount literally was just like, no spinny handstands, just a little hop off. 14.766 (5.9, 8.866).

3:13 pm. Bertoncelj, Slovenia, PH- Gets a little messy as he travels to one end. After that, though, finds his rhythm…muscles a handstand, kind of sits in a straddle for a second, but then pushes it back up before dismounting. 13.433 (5.4, 8.033).

Inquiry for Berki! Rejected.

3:11 pm. Wow, so Berki MOUNTED TOO LATE and that’s why he got the penalty. So he would’ve won had he mounted like a second earlier. That’s bananas.

3:10 pm. Verniaiev, Ukraine, PH- Off at the beginning. He looks like a tiny child after seeing Berki right before him, it’s my favorite. A little leg separation at the end right before his dismount in addition to the fall. 13.2 (5.9, 7.3).

3:05 pm. Berki, Hungary, PH- I can never get over how beautiful he is. Even I can appreciate this. Just one long line from top to bottom, it’s dreamy. Lots of twisty handstands before he dismounts so I know that’s hard right? Awesome sauce routine. A+ bro. 14.9 (6.2, 9.0, -0.3). I don’t know anything about pommels so what’s the three-tenth ND for?

3:02 pm. Belyavskiy, Russia, PH- Very pretty work. Maybe a slight hip pike in his swing? Mostly this routine was NOT problematic. 15.100 (6.2, 8.9).

2:57 pm. Arican, Turkey, PH- Looked a little lost and slowed a bit when he went up into handstand and then lost his swing as he traveled to one end, came off. Hit the rest. 12.966 (5.9, 7.066).

2:54 pm. Merdinyan, Armenia, PH- Actually looks REALLY good. Hasn’t had a noticeable form break or even a slight break in his fluidity. Slows a bit near the end but picks it up and nails the dismount. That was great! 14.833 (6.1, 8.733).

2:52 pm. Pommel horse start list:

Harutyun Merdinyan, Armenia
Ferhat Arican, Turkey
David Belyavskiy, Russia
Krisztian Berki, Hungary
Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine
Saso Bertoncelj, Slovenia
Robert Seligman, Croatia
Oliver Hegi, Switzerland

2:35 pm. WAG Vault Standings

1. Coline Devillard, France, 14.466
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.350
3. Boglarka Devai, Hungary, 14.316
4. Maria Paseka, Russia, 14.283
5. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 14.250
6. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 14.199
7. Teja Belak, Slovenia, 14.183
8. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.000

2:30 pm. Devillard, France, VT- Rudi, leg form is a mess, big step back. 14.633 (5.8, 8.833). Second vault is the DTY, again, leg form isn’t the best, but it’s not terrible. Lunge back. It’s gonna be close…I kinda want her to push Paseka off the podium if only because Paseka was the weakest vaulter here and shouldn’t medal for her D alone. 14.3 (5.4, 8.900). AVERAGE 14.466. SHE WINS!

2:27 pm. Paseka, Russia, VT- Lopez, messy with a step back. Eep. 14.033 (5.2, 8.833). Amanar, messy and stumbled back. 14.533 (5.8, 8.733). AVERAGE 14.283.

2:24 pm. Kovacs, Hungary, VT- BEAUTIFUL stuck DTY!!! That was gorgeous and if it doesn’t surpass a 14.4 I’ll set everything on fire. Too bad her second vault isn’t difficult enough…she’ll have to kill it. 14.566 (5.4, 9.166). Tsuk full, again, beautiful and stuck. But most likely her E will lose out to Downie’s D! These two have certainly made it interesting this weekend. 13.833 (4.8, 9.033). AVERAGE 14.199.

2:20 pm. Belak, Slovenia, VT- Finally someone without a DTY + Lopez hahaha. Handspring front layout full, looked good in the air from here, two steps back. Same start value as the DTY I think so I hope she joins the #14.4Club. 14.3 (5.4, 8.9). SO CLOSE. Yurchenko 1.5, beautiful, small step back. 14.066 (5.0, 9.066). AVERAGE 14.183.

2:17 pm. Devai, Hungary, VT- DTY, huge, knee form is a little loose though and she has a hop back. Just give it a 14.4!!!! WHY NOT. 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). LMAOOOOO. Lopez, really nice, small step. Not a Downie-esque Lopez, but yeah, she’s getting SO good, this kid. 14.233 (5.2, 9.033). AVERAGE 14.316.

2:14 pm. Downie, Great Britain, VT- DTY, deep landing, knees buckle a little, but looked good in the air. 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Lopez beautiful and flared with a step back. Well THAT will set her apart from the rest! 14.3 (5.2, 9.1). AVERAGE 14.350.

2:10 pm. Volleman, Netherlands, VT- They’re playing the most heart-pounding drum beat as they vault, it would make me SO nervous. DTY, actually pretty nice!!! Leg form looked pretty tight, one of her better attempts, just a hop back. 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Next up is the Lopez, VERY nice again!! WOW, she showed up today. I can’t see tons of form stuff from here but yeah, there was nothing glaringly wrong. 14.1 (5.2, 8.9). AVERAGE 14.250.

2:07 pm. Melnikova, Russia, VT- DTY, better than usual, though the second twist has some major leg form issues. Hop back. 14.4 (5.4, 9.0). Second vault is the Lopez, ugh, she warmed it up so much better. Pretty rough, chest down, step to the side. 13.6 (5.2, 8.7, -0.3). AVERAGE 14.000.

2:05 pm. Women’s vault start list:

Angelina Melnikova, Russia
Tisha Volleman, Netherlands
Ellie Downie, Great Britain
Boglarka Devai, Hungary
Teja Belak, Slovenia
Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary
Maria Paseka, Russia
Coline Devillard, France

2:03 pm. MAG Floor Standings

1. Marian Dragulescu, Romania, 14.500
2. Dmitrii Lankin, Russia, 14.466
3. Alexander Shatilov, Israel, 14.400
4. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 14.333
5. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain, 14.300
6. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, 14.300
7. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 14.033
8. Pavel Bulauski, Belarus, 13.766

1:58 pm. Bulauski, Belarus, FX- Front full to double front with a stumble. Hit second pass, something to a full-in. Double front pike with a step. Double double stumbled sideways AND THE CROWD CHEERED LMAO. This crowd is the worst. Hit the rest, double arabian to finish. 13.766 (6.1, 7.666).

1:54 pm. Lankin, Russia, FX- Triple back, insane. 3.5 to front full, a little awkward. 2.5 to front double full, stumbled. Full-in side pass. Double front with a small bounce. Triple full with a hop back. Not cute but he did it. 14.466 (6.4, 8.066).

1:49 pm. Dragulescu, Romania, FX- Here come the vuvuzelas and clapper toys! They banned vuvuzelas but from the sound of it, someone smuggled one in. Double front half out, big stumble on the landing. Hit second pass and third pass but I was blocked for both. I think his second started out with a 2.5. Double full, good landing. Front full to Rudi with a hop forward. Full-in final pass, good. 14.5 (6.2, 8.3).

1:47 pm. Verniaiev, Ukraine, FX- 3.5 to front half, a little off but hit. 2.5 to front tuck half, hopped sideways. Double double, nearly stuck. He crashed that in warmups. Brings heels together. Front 2.5, chest down with a hop. Double full stuck. Triple full with his chest down and a small hop back. 14.033 (5.7, 8.333).

1:44 pm. Shatilov, Israel, FX- Double front pike half-out, hop. 2.5 to front double full with a little bobble. Double double with a little bounce back. His bounces are tiny baby bounces. 1.5 to front full to Rudi, I think. Stuck double full side pass. Full-in with a little adjustment on the landing. 14.4 (6.0, 8.4).

1:40 pm. Zapata, Spain, FX- Double front half, a little messy. 1.5 to piked double front. Piked double front half-out. Double double stuck on his toes. Double full side pass, stuck. 2.5 to front full, short with a big step back. Double layout stuck with his chest a bit down. Some mistakes there, but many of his tumbles are FAB. 14.3 (6.3, 8.0).

1:37 pm. Dolgopyat, Israel, FX- Double front pike half-out, nice. Front full to front 2.5. A little short. Double double, turns himself around on the landing, OOB. 2.5 to front double full, looked okay. 1.5 to Rudi side pass. Triple full with a slight shuffle to finish. DJ once again playing “Hava Nagila” for Israel which like…lol. 14.333 (6.3, 8.133, -0.1).

1:33 pm. Cunningham, Great Britain, FX- I missed his first two passes because I didn’t know he started but he got applause on both so I’d imagine he didn’t fall. Double double third with a lunge back. Good landing on his double front. 2.5 to Rudi. Stuck triple full to finish. Looked good from my vantage point aside from a few obvious little form things. 14.3 (6.0, 8.3).

1:31 pm. We’re starting off with the men on floor. Here’s the start list:

Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain
Artem Dolgopyat, Israel
Rayderley Zapata, Spain
Alexander Shatilov, Israel
Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine
Marian Dragulescu, Romania
Dmitrii Lankin, Russia
Pavel Bulauski, Belarus

1:27 pm. Things are about to get started in here! Warmups were mostly good with the exception of Becky Downie looking a bit frustrated on bars…she never quite made it through even partial sets without falling and looked like she was beating herself up a bit, but hopefully she’ll be able to come back and hit when it counts. You know what they say…a bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night! I still think it’ll be her, Nina Derwael, and Elisabeth Seitz on the podium in some order if all goes well for those three.

On vault, it’s definitely between Maria Paseka and Ellie Downie for gold, with Paseka likely going to have a higher level of difficulty, though Downie’s form is much stronger. That aside, almost anyone could win bronze…Coline Devillard, Boglarka Devai, Tisha Volleman, and Angelina Melnikova have the best chances based on difficulty. I’d love to see Belak make it happen.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


61 thoughts on “2017 European Championships Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

  1. “I kinda want her to push Paseka off the podium if only because Paseka was the weakest vaulter here and shouldn’t medal for her D”

    Okay I’m sorry and I like following your coverage usually and I’m not a hardcore Russian fan BUT do you usually wish for someone not to medal solely of their D score?! NO. EXACTLY. This really pisses me off, nobody would say that about an American.


    • I say that all the time? I said it about McKayla Maroney in Rio, I said it about Riley McCusker at American Cup, I say it about literally everyone who is the weakest on any event and who only medals because they have a high D score.

      Liked by 1 person

    • If Paseka had the highest D and decent vaults, I’d be fine with her medaling. But her vaults were a mess. Her pushing Volleman off with two of Volleman’s best vaults ever, both clean with good landings, was a joke. Let’s stop rewarding really messy work just because they happen to chuck huge skills.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 100% agree! Paseka was the worst out there today and it’s infuriating that she got fourth with how messy it was. If it’s a mess they shouldn’t win just because they chucked the hardest skills. And Lauren is pretty vocal about that as well.


      • To me the issue (for this particular EF, anyway) wasn’t “should her higher D score outweigh bad execution?” My gripe is that I can’t understand HOW Paseka even got the E scores she did, particularly on her Lopez. For her to score 8.833 in execution when Volleman, for example, scored an 8.9 on the same vault… I’ve watched both of their vaults a few times and I feel like Volleman’s should have been scored much higher than Paseka’s!


        • Yup. Paseka on her Lopez scored like 0.2 less than Ellie on hers. TWO TENTHS. Ellie’s was damn near perfect and Paseka’s was horrifying. What the fudge?


        • Yep. I think her name is playing a role there unfortunately, and that VT was a disaster. Ugh. I think the video reaction from whomever that was in the crowd, that they played very much expressed how that VT went.


    • I think the point was that her E score and general form was bad, she shouldn’t make the podium based solely on a higher D score than other vaulters? I mean, I am not Lauren and I don’t speak for her but that’s what I took the comment to mean.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes!! Based on how she looked last month I was like meh, good D, but wasn’t really feeling it…but she stepped it up this weekend! Looks much better and hopefully will keep improving.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. At least the crowd hasn’t made any gymnast cry yet. Romania is playing Great Britain in the tennis Fed Cup in Constanta this weekend too, and they just stopped play as the British Konta was sobbing (the crowd is cursing her during the match!). And the officials just kicked the Romanian captain out of the stadium!


    • Same. Love that Eremina won Silver. Also happy for Derawal. She was 2 tenths short of the Rio UB Final. Love that she won Gold.


      • My ideal BB/FX Podium

        1.Larisa Iordache
        2.Sanne Wevers
        3.Eythora Thorsdottir

        I really like Ponor and Alt, but Ponor has form issues and Alt is currently sick. Alt may not be able to compete

        1.Elena Eremina
        2.Eythora thorsdottir
        3.Pauline Schafer

        The above is more or less impossible, but there’s always hoping right?
        I love Elena’s overall style. Her second pass is nice. She has multiple D dance elements. Her routine flows well with the music although not the most dance heavy.
        I love Thorsdottir’s style too. Her tricky dance connections are fun to watch. Her acro skills are also decently difficult. Her routine is like an incredible show.
        Schafer’s flow is possibly better than Thorsdottir in my opinion. Her acrobatics are also good.

        I personally dislike Ellie Downie’s routine. Her dance feels very random and she doesn’t flow with the music throughout the routine. Flexed feet on her double pike, which is very ugly, she swings her arms wildly through leaps, she rarely sticks jumps/leaps and does twisting hops out. So I don’t really want her to medal.


  3. Out of interest, if Downie can’t compete beam tomorrow (and I really hope she can) would Fragapane or Kovacs replace her? They both scored exactly the same in D and E- how would they break the tie?


  4. So happy for Nina! Yupiiiiii!!!!
    sorry for Tisha, but she must be used to this with Ducth jury, that scandalously favor their favorite ones. In my personal opinion She was unfairly pushed away from the Olympic team, but you know… she doesn’t have a daddy national team coach. That’s why I have double sympathy for her and wish her the best.


    • We get it, you hate the Wevers twins and for some reason are determined that we all know it and so you take ANY opportunity to get a dig in. You’ve made your point, can we move on now?


      • Wow, no way i ” hate them”. I just think nepotism is really hurtfull in this sport where little girls begin to train more than 20 hours week so early. I think is unfair with other gymnasts that their father is national coach. Diferent when someone at family is personal coach or even gym owner… And i think they are good, just dont think they are the best. I admire the ones that have to fight for it even when they are not the jury fave. But this happens everywhere it is just worse in sports that judges have so much power of decidion, unfortunately.


        • There were only four gymnasts trying to get on this Euros team. All four of them got the chance to compete at Euros. All the other Dutch gymnasts are taking some time off after the Olympics (Lieke, Celine), recovering from injuries (Vera, Mara, Reina) or building their D-scores (first year seniors), trying to make it to Montreal later this year. FYI, Gerben Wiersma is the women’s head coach and – for the most part – in charge of choosing the teams.


        • Also, the Wevers were pretty much ostracized from Dutch gymnastics for years…because of their dad. He got kicked out of several clubs, I don’t know all the drama, but there was a big bias AGAINST them and at some point, they didn’t even have a place to train. They didn’t start to win favor until like, what…2015? When they became two of the strongest contributors in the country after spending years injured and not at the top of their game.


  5. Paseka should just kill herself after today. What a shame to her country. And to think that Seda beat Ellie in 2014 and now she is rotting in Siberia.


    • Statement from British gymnastics (paraphrased): injury to her right elbow. No details on severity, but was being treated by BG medical team. She’s out of beam final, will be replaced by Fragapane.


    • Dear Valentina,
      Considering that fans are so obsessed with Russian gymnasts, and that Russian bashing is a sophisticated form of admiration and jalousy, I don’t believe to the end of Russian gymnastics. Eremina is just the most wonderful gymnast in the world. And a fall from the beam is nothing compared to absolute grace and art.


  6. Was I the only one who was shocked to see Nina Derwael smiling after she saw that Elli would not continue her Routine? I mean she had a severe injury and at first when I saw the shock on Ereminas face i was lie “aww they all care for each other”, only to see two seconds later the camera zooming in on Nina’s smiling face? I mean she obviously was glad to win but that is not a good behaviour in my opinion. Makes her unsympathic in my eyes.


    • I talked to her after. She didn’t know at first that Becky got injured. Obviously anyone would be happy realizing they just won their country’s first European gold medal in the history of the sport. But when she saw that Becky wasn’t okay she felt really bad for her. I was sitting about 15 feet from Nina when Becky fell and as soon as she realized she was injured, she was immediately concerned and that’s the first thing she asked after, if she was okay. I talked to her whole family afterwards and they were all concerned about Becky, but they were obviously thrilled with Nina’s accomplishment, calling it ‘bittersweet.’


    • I saw concern on her face in my feed. I don’t think she was happy that Becky was hurt. Obviously she was thrilled that she just became Euro champ. Maybe she didn’t even see the fall/injury at first and was just happy with her score.


      • Yeah, I was so close to bars (closer than Nina, and with an above view, whereas Nina was below the podium) and I didn’t realize Becky was hurt until she held her hand up.


        • On the feed I saw they didn’t show any smiling. I was surprised by how concerned she looked and felt bad that she couldn’t be happy about her win without people thinking she’s a bad person. Pee smile all the time when people fall and realize they’ve won. Cata didn’t even give the others a chance to mount the BB before acting like she had the gold.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks! Unfortunately so few people know gymnastics inside and even fewer know men’s gymnastics. A lot of them say that there are major differences between these both side of the sport. In my opinion may be men’s and women’s gymnastics aren`t directly comparable, but they’re the same sport. Both are great if you’re the kind of sports fans who likes to watch tightly-fought encounters. Dominance is only fun for each team that’s on top but a truly open field where almost anyone can win, well, that’s fun for everyone.


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