2017 Canadian Junior Qualification Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior all-around qualifications at the 2017 Canadian Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the latest updates, which will appear at the top.

4:21 pm. Standings After Qualifications

1. Ana Padurariu 55.567
2. Emma Spence 51.117
3. Mia St Pierre 49.884
4. Gabrielle Deslauriers 49.584
5. Quinn Skrupa 49.351
6. Imogen Paterson 49.267
7. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 49.184
8. Éloise Monat 49.151
9. Elizabeth Holmstrom 49.067
10. Lucia Jakab 48.384
11. Chloé Lorange 48.367
12. Myrelle Morin 47.984
13. Megan DiPietro 47.501
14. Jaden Gorsline 46.684
15. Kiera Wai 46.517
16. Laurie Gagnon 45.701
17. Charlotte Innes 45.551
18. Maelle Delourmel 44.934
19. Juliette Chapman 44.218
20. Emily Walker 37.267
21. Xuan Patenaude 35.834
22. Charlotte McDevitt 20.217
23. Victoria Jurca 12.050
24. Chelsea Murray 12.034

4:14 pm. Paduariu FX- Stealing the show with a solo performance in the arena right now! Piked full-in with a step back. Good work on her leaps. I say it every time but this routine is so so so good, and she’s so so good at it. 2.5 to front full, perfect. Switch full into the corner before some choreo into her double pike with just a bounce back. Excellent.

4:10 pm. Paterson BB- Press mount with a cool little position she holds in handstand. Split jump to wolf jump. Bhs loso with a bobble and a fall. 😦 Too bad, she was right up there in the standings. Wobbly on one of her leaps, hit back tuck, switch to side aerial, check, double full with a step.

Gorsline FX- Double tuck with a step. 1.5 to front layout. Looked like she sat her final pass and maybe went OOB on something before that, I didn’t see clearly.

4:07 pm. Walker BB- Switch to ring leap, side somi, wobbly bhs loso but she fights and brings it back. Switch ring. Wild double full.

Skrupa UB- Endo half to stalder to Ray, nice! Just some form stuff. Bail is more like an overshoot, not in handstand. Toe on to stalder full (late), Ray, she prob wanted to connect the stalder full to the Ray but just didn’t have the control. Double layout with a step back. Promising! Again, another kid who just needs some more time to get that finesse.

4:06 pm. DiPietro UB- Maloney to bail (nice!) to toe full, toe shoot, she has nice lines, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, legs are a little bent. arabian dismount low with a step.

4:05 pm. Chapman FX- Hits double pike, 1.5 into a front tuck, OOB. 2.5 stumbled, knee maybe down?

St Pierre BB- Candle mount, switch to split jump, bhs loso, check after full turn, standing back tuck, side somi, hit the dismount.

4:04 pm. Spence UB- Toe full (late), Maloney to pak (leg sep) to van Leeuwen (more leg sep but hit). Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, she’s messy but she’s catching everything. Just like at Gymnix. Double pike with leg sep. YAS. No jumping and screaming like her reaction at Gymnix (still my favorite hit bars reaction ever) but good finish.

3:59 pm. Allaire-Bourgie UB- Maloney to pak, clear hip, giant full, blind change, front layout before piked Jaeger, stuck double tuck cold. What a day she had after that beam. It’s okay, she still has finals!!

Innes BB- Off on bhs loso and again on something right after. Hit back tuck, split the beam on side aerial and kind of rolls away, looks frustrated more than anything, as you would after a third fall. Gets back on for layout dismount.

Wai FX- Front through to layout full I think. Good double pike, and hit the rest. Good routine.

3:57 pm. Delourmel UB- Late giant full, front giant to piked Jaeger, too far and she slips off. Off again on something after that I think, I couldn’t see. Back on for double front dismount, stumbled back and sat.

Jakab BB- Front aerial, check, good bhs loso, double pike, looks like she misses her foot and she slips back, sits it.

Deslauriers FX- Double pike, nearly stuck. Front tuck through to layout full.

3:53 pm. Ana Padurariu has a 3.65 lead right now, at 41.967, followed by Emma Spence in second with 38.317 and Imogen Paterson in third with 37.867.

Shame about Allaire-Bourgie’s beam falls…she hit vault and got a 13.267 on floor after her great performance there, currently leading that event with a 13.267, though her beam score of 9.567 puts her in 13th overall.

3:50 pm. Lorange FX- Loooooove this routine. She’s such a fabulous performer. Double spin. High double tuck, loses her air awareness a little, maybe not used to that height! Bounces back. Double pike is better controlled, just a step back. High 1.5 to front pike. Lovely work.

3:49 pm. Gorsline BB- Floaty bhs loso, switch to switch side, wobble and fall on full turn, punch front with a wobble. Side aerial, switch half, front aerial, 1.5 dismount.

3:48 pm. Looking at some vault scores, since I’m not really watching that event, Emma Spence did a Yurchenko 1.5 but low E score. She’s currently second!

3:46 pm. Monat FX- 2.5 to front tuck, nice. Double tuck with a step back. Some nice choreo moments on the mat. Switch ring into the corner. Double full. Lovely work.

3:43 pm. Chapman BB- Ooh, cool mount! Wish I could better describe it. Just know it was cool. Bhs bhs loso wobbles and goes off center, then falls. Shoulder shimmy to the music. Switch, slight check, misses connection to switch half. Front aerial, low with a step. Split jump. Sissone to wolf jump. Good side aerial. Full turn. Lots of good stuff in here, just needs a little more finesse. Side somi with a wobble. Good double full.

3:42 pm. Gagnon FX- double tuck with a big bounce back. Hit second pass, landing was a little sketchy. Switch ring to switch half. Hit the rest.

Xuan Patenaude was able to walk off the floor holding onto her coach, btw, so hopefully she’s okay.

3:40 pm. Wai BB- Another wee one with some great beam potential. #STAYON Front aerial to sheep jump, nice and fluid, just some form stuff with the sheep. Side somi, chest down but fights and holds onto it. Bhs loso with a slight adjustment. Full Y turn starts out nice but then goes wild and she flies off. Big switch leap. Jump series into a back tuck. Punch front full dismount.

3:39 pm. Paterson UB- Piked Jaeger, bail to toe on to clear hip to toe shoot, giant full, double tuck with a step back.

3:36 pm. Deslaueriers BB- Solid bhs loso. Side aerial to split jump. Side somi. Split jump facing sideways! Fun. Then a split half to the other side. Switch to sissone.

Patenaude FX- Great opening shapes in her choreo. Double pike with a bounce back. Some beautiful leaps. Double full with two steps forward and it actually looked like she hurt her knee doing that…she’s in her final pose but it looks like she’s clutching her knee…oh yeah, she is. Gets up still holding it. 😦 Now coaches on the floor trying to help her out but she doesn’t look like she’s sobbing or anything so that’s promising.

St Pierre UB- Bail, toe shoot, double pike a little low. I don’t think there were any releases in there.

3:35 pm. Innes UB- I missed the beginning. Saw from toe on to toe shoot, giant full, double tuck with a hop back.

3:31 pm. 14.267 for Ana on beam, with a 5.8 D!

McDevitt BB- Bhs loso is off-center, fall. Side aerial. Side somi, too far back, another fall. Switch leap to split ring leap, not bad! Just a layout dismount.

Holmstrom FX- Double pike stuck! 1.5 to front tuck with a small bounce forward. Stuck final pass, a double tuck I think. DAMN. That was nice af.

Jakab UB- Bail to toe on to toe full, loses rhythm a bit, kip casts before stalder to inbar shoot to high. Double pike dismount.

3:30 pm. Jurca UB- Clear hip half to toe on to Maloney to Clear hip to Ray, NICE. A little messy but great combo. Pak, toe shoot, giant full, toe front half dismount with a step. Not bad, and she looks injured, didn’t do vault or floor.

3:26 pm. Padurariu BB- Candle mount. Switch ring with a wobble, great side aerial loso loso, just a slight check at the end. Big switch half. Front aerial to split jump, adjustment after. Switch leap to sheep jump, wobble. Wolf jump to sissone. Double pike with a step back. Not the tightest she’s been, but a great fight throughout.

Morin FX- Double tuck, chest down but stops from falling forward. 1.5 to front pike. 2.5 with two stumbles forward.

3:24 pm. After two rotations, Ana Padurariu has a huge lead, 27.7 ahead of Imogen Paterson with 25.367 and then Mia St-Pierre with a 25.2 for third.

TIME TO GET EXCITED FOR ANA’S BEAM!!! She’s first up in the next rotation.

3:21 pm. Monat BB- Bhs loso is solid. Quick perfect full turn. Switch leap with a wobble, misses connection to sissone, so she does sissone to wolf jump. Side aerial. Front aerial with a stumble that knocks her off. Damn, she’s quite good on beam. Side somi. Straddle half. Big switch half with an awkward landing and another fall. 😦 “Green Light” is playing which is like the opposite of calming beam music hahaha. If anything it makes you want to rush and go crazy and I totally think it affected her rhythm. Hit double full dismount.

3:19 pm. Murray BB- Bhs loso, switch to switch half, wobble but the split position wasn’t bad! Full turn, wobble on side somi, wobble after a leap after that, side aerial, front aerial with a step and a wobble, well, she’s fighting for everything so there’s that. 2.5 with a step.

3:15 pm. Gagnon BB- Full turn, bhs back tuck with a bounce out of it and then a fall, fell a second time but I missed it. Hit dismount.

Spence FX- Hit first two passes. Third and final is a double pike with a bounce back.

3:11 pm. Allaire-Bourgie FX- Beautiful opening. Double pike with two small steps back. Hit second pass, then front full with a hop forward. Hit double full to finish.

Chapman UB- Pak, clear hip to toe full, toe shoot, sat her dismount.

3:09 pm. Patenaude BB- Candle mount. Omg her prep for her bhs loso is so funny, she gets into a crouch. Hits it though! Wobble on her leaps after. Side somi. Gainer pike.

Wai UB- Stalder to toe shoot, nice Jaeger, toe half, giant full, blind change to front layout with a step.

3:06 pm. Holmstrom BB- Solid bhs loso. Punch front, low, misses her feet and falls. Hit side aerial and dismount.

Deslaueriers UB- Clear hip to toe shoot, the rest is good, but a pretty basic routine, just a layout dismount.

Delourmel FX- Front tuck through to double tuck, stumbled and large step forward. Double pike with a step back. Stuck 1.5.

3:05 pm. 14.2 for Ana on bars, by the way! 5.4 D. Not too shabby!

3:02 pm. Morin BB- Front aerial into a jump. Side aerial, switch to switch half, misses her foot but stayed on. Hit bhs bhs loso series. Big wobble on side somi but fights. Ugh, so many good fights there and then she sat her dismount.

McDevitt UB- Maloney to pak (tucked legs), fell on something…transition back up I think. Layout dismount.

Skrupa FX- Piked full-in with a step. Sat second pass. Hit double pike. Double tuck with a hop.

3:00: Padurariu UB- Inbar half to piked Jaeger, caught a little close. Inbar piked Tkachev, great. Inbar to bail to stalder to Ray, also good. Giant full, full-out with a tiny bounce. Some little form things going on in there, specifically noticeable with her elbows, but it’s all little stuff.

2:58 pm. Gorsline UB- Good start, stumbled forward dismount landing and I think put her hands down.

Lorange BB- I saw most of this, not bad but she fell on her bhs loso. 2.5 dismount with a hop.

DiPietro FX- Good tucked full-in to start. Hit 2.5 to punch front tuck well. Omg her music is nuts. Sat double tuck OOB.

2:55 pm. After the first rotation, Ana Padurariu leads with a 13.5 on vault, followed by Gabrielle Deslauriers with a 13.1, and then Jaden Gorsline and Juliette Chapman tied in third with 12.6 each…all scores from vault.

2:51 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB- Wobble on side somi but fights for it. Onodi, wobble, front aerial to jump series. Came off on bhs loso flight series after that. NOOOO. Gets back on to try it again, and another fall. 😦 Off a third time on her spin. She’s usually so great on beam! Wobble on side aerial. Wobble on a leap. Double full dismount. Well that was a bummer.

St. Pierre FX- Double pike, good start. Front layout. Stuck double tuck.

2:49 pm. Gagnon UB- Bail with leg sep to toe full, completely goes over in handstand and falls off. Back on for toe on to toe shoot, low double pike with a hop forward.

2:48 pm. Innes FX- Good piked full-in to start. Front tuck through to double tuck almost stuck! Chest down, and ends up taking a step back as an afterthought kind of. Double pike a little low with a hop forward to finish.

2:47 pm. Delourmel BB- Crazy wolf turn, hit flight series, wobble after switch leap, missed connection to switch side. Side aerial to two feet. Off on a side somi. Front layout dismount.

Patenaude UB- Fell on a release. Just a layout dismount.

2:45 pm. Okay, getting bars and beam back now!

2:43 pm. Jakab FX- Piked full-in bounced back with her hands down. Good 2.5 to front tuck. Hit third pass. Low double pike with a step back.

Wai VT- Yurchenko layout, short with a bounce forward.

No Victoria Jurca on floor.

2:41 pm. Deslauriers VT- Yurchenko layout with a bounce back.

Bars and beam feeds aren’t working right now.

2:39 pm. Paterson FX- I love this routine. Some great choreo. Double tuck with a step. 2.5 with a stumble forward. 1.5 to front tuck with a step.

Padurariu VT- Second vault is a Yurchenko 1.5, not great, got it around but the landing is super low. Apparently her coaches have said she’s grown quite a bit and is now struggling with finding her air awareness.

2:38 pm. Padurariu VT- Clean FTY with a bounce on the landing.

2:37 pm. Gorsline VT- Yurchenko layout, clean with a good landing.

2:36 pm. Things are just getting underway in the arena now! We’ll keep you updated from start to finish with the action, and will try to post results as we get them.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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