U.S. Elite Competitions at the Ranch This Weekend


It’s time for the annual American Classic and Hopes Classic at the ranch this weekend, the meets that kick off the summer elite season for the United States each year.

Yesterday, the ranch hosted the final elite qualifier of the year, which saw Sydney Barros, Anapaula Gutierrez, Hannah Hagle, Deiah-Marie Moody, Marissa Oakley, and Deanne Soza reach their optional scores to qualify to the American Classic this weekend and/or the U.S. Classic on July 29 in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

While many gymnasts have already qualified to this year’s U.S. national championships through scores reached at camp verifications and international competitions held earlier this season, many elites must still earn their nationals scores through the two classic meets. Juniors must earn all-around scores of 50.500 while seniors must earn either a 52.000 all-around, a three-event score of 39.750, or a two-event score of 27.000. Those who don’t reach these scores at tomorrow’s American Classic will have a second chance at the U.S. Classic, but these are the only two chances that remain for earning nationals scores.

Several national team gymnasts will compete at the American Classic, including seniors Jordan Chiles, Abby Paulson, and Trinity Thomas, as well as junior Olivia Dunne (I believe all four have already earned their nationals scores, but they’re likely just using this meet to get in some practice before the bigger meets begin). Other notable gymnasts competing this weekend include Elena Arenas, Margzetta Frazier, Shilese Jones, Jaymes Marshall, and Konnor McClain. Former national team member Emily Gaskins was expected to compete in the American Classic, but has withdrawn.

The Hopes athletes, meanwhile, will compete in today’s Hopes Classic meet, where the top 18 athletes in both age groups who achieve the qualification scores (45.0 for age 10-11 and 48.0 for age 12-13) will advance to the Hopes Championships, to be held in conjunction with the U.S. Classic in Hoffman Estates later this month.

Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite Margzetta Frazier, Parkettes
Luisa Blanco, WOGA Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati
Jade Carey, Oasis Abby Paulson, Twin City Twisters
Jordan Chiles, Naydenov Trinity Thomas, Prestige
Leah Clapper, Gym America Abigail Walker, Texas Dreams
Frida Esparza, Head Over Heels
 Ciena Alipio, West Valley Carina Jordan, Prattville YMCA
Annie Beard, Texas Dreams Sydney Kho, Winner’s Academy
Nikki Beckwith, Buckeye Lillian Lippeatt, Cincinnati
Love Birt, First State Jaymes Marshall, TIGAR
Cael Bixler, Prestige Grace McCallum, Twin City Twisters
Jordan Bowers, Solid Rock Konnor McClain, Revolution
Corinne Bunagan, ENA Paramus Jacquelyn Moran, San Mateo
Audrey Davis, WOGA Brenna Neault, Precision
Kayla DiCello, Hill’s Tienna Nguyen, Zenith Elite
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s
Kara Eaker, GAGE Sienna Robinson, Browns
Addison Fatta, Prestige Abigail Scanlon, Capital
Gabrielle Gallentine, Everest JaFree Scott, GAGE
Jimena Gutierrez, TIGAR Victoria Smirnov, Shooting Stars
Maeve Hahn, First in Flight Tori Tatum, Twin City Twisters
Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars Morgan Trevor, WOGA
Kaytlyn Johnson, Denton Madelyn Williams, San Mateo
Madeleine Johnston, Hill’s Leanne Wong, GAGE
Shilese Jones, Buckeye
Alyssa Arana, Universal Miami Kaylen Morgan, Everest
Samantha Brogden, Love Gym Sydney Morris, 1st Class
Sophia Butler, Discover Emily Owens, Olympia Hills
Claire Dean, Head Over Heels Katelyn Rosen, Olympia Hills
Amari Drayton, Olympia Hills Jamison Sears, World Class
Reese Drotar, Airborne Chavala Shepard, Hopes and Dreams
Karis German, World Champions Ava Siegfeldt, World Class
Zoe Gravier, MG Elite Caitlin Smith, Stars
Olivia Greaves, MG Elite Ui Soma, San Mateo
Halley John, Orlando Metro Calvary Swaney, First in Flight
Olivia Kennedy, Georgia Elite Mya Witte, Genies
Gabriella Ladanyi, Stars Jamie Wright, World Class
Kelsey Lee, Lakewood Ranch Samantha Wu, West Valley
Rayna Light, Golden City Jole Yow, Sokol Elite
Farah Lipetz, Infiniti Elite
Kallin Chio, Gymcats Alexia Mouyenga, 10.0 Gymnastics
Chloe Cho, GymJam Azaraya Ra-Akbar, Hill’s
Karleigh DiCello, Hill’s Joscelyn Roberson, NE Texas Elite
Ryan Fuller, San Mateo Lundyn Vandertoolen, Olympus
Riley Harris, World Champions Mia Viola, Rochester
Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Paramount Kaylee Wilson, Paramount
Kaliya Lincoln, Airborne Kaitlyn Worthey, United Elite
Analisa Lopez, United Gym Amalia Wyatt, Capital
Nola Matthews, Airborne

30 thoughts on “U.S. Elite Competitions at the Ranch This Weekend

  1. I noticed the USAG page with the Classics rosters says both MG Elite Hopes gymnasts have scratched. Wonder what happened.


      • Olivia Greaves is injured (not a serious one, she just need a break). As for Zoe gravier, I don’t know, but after watching Maggie Haney interview on flogym, I think Hopes is not a priority for MG Elite.

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        • Yeah, HOPES is most beneficial to gymnasts/coaches who don’t have national staff access. There’s a reason why most well-known and established elite gyms do not compete it (Texas Dreams, WOGA, etc.). It’s good competition experience if the gymnast isn’t ready/doesn’t have the scores to do elite, but in general it’s most beneficial for gyms that don’t have an “in” at the Ranch and want to get their kids noticed. Not to mention, no one remembers who won a HOPES Championship… so in short, I can see why it’s not a priority of MG elite ha.


        • Agreed. Additionally, many of the HOPES girls burn out and do not reach the top of senior elite. It’s just too hard on the mind/body to do that for so many years. I actually like the MG Elite approach, for example with Riley much better. She qualified elite the year before seh turned senior and isn’t burned out or injured so much as -for example- it seems with Chiles.


        • This totally makes sense about Hopes not being an MG Elite priority. I had seen an Aunt Flo interview with one of the girls and it made it seem like they were still planning on competing anyway, so I was wondering why not. Makes sense that one is injured and that maybe they decided not to attend after that.


      • Yep, only Elena competed but a lot of HOPEs gymnasts have already compete all season in level 9 or 10, so, it could be very wise to withdraw from the competition and take a little bit of rest. For those gymnasts that want to be elite next year, I think it’s beneficial to take a break before working hard to get all the upgrades ready for 2018.


        • I am pretty sure she was at practice on the 4th getting ready for the HOPES classic so I am guessing it’s a case of her being injured and not just taking a break.


    • Pretty much everyone on the American Classic list.

      At this point, this is who has qualified to nationals…

      Shania Adams
      Morgan Hurd
      Ashton Locklear
      Riley McCusker
      Victoria Nguyen
      Abby Paulson
      Alyona Shchennikova
      Ragan Smith
      Trinity Thomas

      Olivia Dunne
      Adeline Kenlin
      Sunisa Lee
      Emma Malabuyo
      Maile O’Keefe
      Gabby Perea


      • Did Shania qualify at camp? She’s the only one that I don’t remember having an international that’s already qualified to P&Gs.


        • Nope, Shania didn’t qualify through P&Gs. The only ways to get a bye through to P&Gs this year were Olympic team/alternates, or an International this season.

          Camp makes sense. I was just confused because she’s the only one I’d seen as qualified that hadn’t had an international.


      • She’s a bright kid so I’m sure she has her reasons. However, I believe if she doesn’t try this year, that will mark the end of her elite career. With Simone etc. returning next year or 2019 and all the talent moving up from the junior ranks, girls training 2nd vaults I don’t believe she’ll make an international team again if it doesn’t happen in 2017.


        • Yeah, most likely. This was definitely her year to shine, so I don’t see her coming back at all if not now, though she did get all of her elite skills back after the NCAA season ended and has until nationals to change her mind so I really hope she does because it’d be cool to see her contend. But yeah, she definitely has her reasons and I guess they outweigh potentially being very successful at worlds, so it’s too bad that she doesn’t want to do it but I get it. Though you never know, maybe once she finishes college she could come back again and make a run in 2021 or something!


        • I was so ready to see her shine, she’s cleaned up her form and despite all the hate she’s getting I really like her passion for the sport! I also believed she was underrated


  2. I’m wondering what happened to Irina Alexeeva? She hasn’t attended any elite qualifiers this year and is also not on any roster of the recent Classic, Classics or P&Gs. Did she retire from elite because of the citizenship limbo? But she didn’t compete any LVL 10 meet this season so I’m really curious. She commited to Stanford but that’s like years away.


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