2017 Junior Japan International Results

The 2017 Junior Japan International was held from September 16 through September 17 in Yokohama, Japan.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Maile O’Keefe United States 14.550 13.950 14.450 13.300 56.250
2 Emma Malabuyo United States 14.550 13.400 13.750 13.900 55.600
3 Chen Yile China 14.500 12.700 14.550 13.050 54.800
4 Angelina Simakova Russia 14.350 13.850 12.750 13.150 54.100
5 Ana Padurariu Canada 13.300 13.750 13.700 12.100 52.850
6 Valeria Saifullina Russia 13.700 12.750 12.200 13.300 51.950
7 Yeo Seo Jeong South Korea 13.850 12.150 12.850 12.550 51.400
8 Emma Spence Canada 13.400 12.700 12.800 12.200 51.100
9 Yuna Endo Japan 13.250 12.100 12.950 12.650 50.950
10 Ayaka Sakaguchi Japan 14.550 12.150 11.300 12.900 50.900
11 Shin Sol Yi South Korea 13.450 12.300 12.350 12.500 50.600
Soyoka Hanawa Japan 13.400 12.200 12.250 12.400 50.250
Chiaki Hatakeda Japan 13.200 11.900 10.950 13.050 49.100
12 Lim Sze Singapore 10.450 9.850 11.900 10.400 42.600
13 Denisa Golgota Romania 14.350 9.700 11.450 —— 35.500
14 Li Qi China —— —— 15.250 12.750 28.000

Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Average
1 Angelina Simakova Russia 14.433
2 Maile O’Keefe United States 14.183
3 Emma Malabuyo United States 14.150
4 Ayaka Sakaguchi Japan 14.099
5 Yeo Seo Jeong South Korea 13.916
6 Valeria Saifullina Russia 13.749
7 Emma Spence Canada 13.066
Soyoka Hanawa Japan 13.066

Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Chen Yile China 14.166
2 Maile O’Keefe United States 14.033
3 Emma Malabuyo United States 13.933
4 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.900
5 Ana Padurariu Canada 13.300
6 Emma Spence Canada 12.766
7 Valeria Saifullina Russia 12.533
8 Shin Sol Yi South Korea 12.400

Beam Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Maile O’Keefe United States 14.400
2 Emma Malabuyo United States 14.333
Ana Padurariu Canada 14.333
4 Li Qi China 14.066
5 Yeo Seo Jeong South Korea 13.500
6 Chen Yile China 13.133
7 Emma Spence Canada 12.233
8 Yuna Endo Japan 11.833

Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Emma Malabuyo United States 14.066
2 Maile O’Keefe United States 13.600
3 Li Qi China 13.533
Chiaki Hatakeda Japan 13.533
5 Chen Yile China 13.500
6 Angelina Simakova Russia 13.200
7 Valeria Saifulina Russia 13.033
8 Ayaka Sakaguchi Japan 12.700

28 thoughts on “2017 Junior Japan International Results

    • Looks like, smth went wrong there, prob she fell on bars and beam and decided to give up;-)) im not sure if is all around and apparatus competition. Shes been competing every other week, now she went to Japan, i reckon shes tireddddd


  1. If my math is accurate (don’t hold your breath), had Chen Yile hit bars during AA like she did for event finals, she would have eclipsed O’Keefe for gold. Can’t help but celebrate the fact that WAG might become competitive betwixt the various top countries again.


    • Your math is accurate. Further, if you take the best scores from every event, you get O’Keefe with 56.63 and Chen with 56.72.

      Nonetheless, that doesn’t indicate that the team competition will become competitive. It likely won’t. US team of Biles, Perea, O’Keefe and Malabuyo would blow China out of the water at this point. Even if you substitute Smith for Biles, no one else can touch the US team wise.

      In terms of Individual AA, without Simone, the US is still in the same position: favored due to consistency not D score. Even at this year’s worlds, if everyone hits, it is going to be tight between Iordache, the Russians, and Ragan Smith. The other American probably shouldn’t be on the podium if everyone hits. Nonetheless, I don’t have much confidence that anyone OTHER than the Americans will actually hit 4/4 clean routines, and thus I expect Smith to win and ultimately think the other American will be on the podium. But it is consistency and not difficulty that leads me to that conclusion.

      Even here, yes Chen has higher max scores than O’Keefe, but Maile has had one fall in competition all year whereas most of her peer gymnasts in other countries have one fall per meet.


        • Was just gonna add this! Just shows how close malabuyo and o’keefe are currently in terms of d/e scores. Curious who will come in as a senior at the higher rank, as it seems both have ambitious upgrades in mind!


  2. maile keeps constantly edging malabuyo for a ridiculous tiny amount of points. she got the edge over malabuyo on every EF but FX buy LESS than 0.1. on this meet. that’s cool.


  3. But life is unpredictable. Just think of Ohashi, Key, Foberg, Flatley who shined so much as junior and, for different reasons, didn’t have a senior internatinal career. With puberty Malabuyo can change physically a lot, Perea is injured and maybe the future best senior is not one of this fantastic trio.
    O’keefe seems a rock for now : so consistent, never injured and puberty crisis behind her.


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