The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 1

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of podium training at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

5:37 pm. That’s about all for subdivision one! Going to the mixed zone now. Basically nothing new from this training that we didn’t kind of already know before, aside from the fact that Cintia probably will NOT do her hopefully someday eponymous skill.

5:35 pm. Wrapping up here I think. Mizzen’s back up on beam, wobble on her front aerial, hit side aerial, falls onto the beam on her double wolf turn, doesn’t bother going for the double tuck this time, just a timer off.

5:31 pm. Belanyi is doing her floor to “Feel It Still” omg. HIPSTER. Some good moments in that. 2.5 to punch front from Sazonova after, looked solid. Finished with a double full that she basically walks into.

Mizzen okay on beam, a little shaky with loose form, wobbly double wolf turn, crashed her dismount.

5:29 pm. Australia on beam wolf turning their lives away. Godwin almost pulled a Chiles out of hers. Switch to front aerial to straddle jump, switch ring, all nice.

Suto on floor with such lovely choreo, good double tuck to start. Double full with a step. Game of Thrones music! Really pretty set.

5:25 pm. Tinkler has pretty crossed legs in her dismount off beam. I’m kind of meh with this team on beam…lots of potential with difficulty but just nowhere near where they need to be with form.

Rodriguez going again on floor, looks like she’s not too hurt then. Iceland’s like ummm it’s our warmup time lol. They’re tumbling in between Cintia’s passes during her choreo. Her coach kinda shrugs when she’s finished like welp, I guess she’s okay? Whatever?

5:23 pm. Cintia Rodriguez just stopped her routine halfway through after jolting her knee on a pass on floor…medial is coming over to look at her. Doesn’t look to be in a ton of pain but just seems to know she probably shouldn’t continue in that fashion.

Ana Perez’s floor opening music with her whip whip to full-in is AWESOME. This routine is great.

Hit beam from Frags, just a little low on her double pike.

5:19 pm. Nice punch front through to double tuck for Ana Perez.

NORA FERNANDEZ’S OPENING FLOOR CHOREO YAAAAAAS!!!!! Nailed a tucked full-in. Omg this routine is great. Double pike.

Kinsella with a candle mount on beam, a little wobbly on her turn, but otherwise really nice. Side aerial loso loso, but the second loso turns into a tuck and she comes off.

5:16 pm. Final rotation for subdivision one! I wish they could’ve better structured the groups because some events end within one second and others go on for years with just one gymnast doing stuff.

5:11 pm. Ooh, a Venezuelan has a punch front mount on beam, and lots of solid acro. We need a new J.Lo if she’s done with elite.

5:10 pm. Ana Derek a little struggle bus on her floor tumbling right now. A girl from Venezuela almost just landed a timer entirely on her head over on beam. Jess and I both basically had heart attacks. But this girl just got right back up and did it again lol A+

5:08 pm. Thank God for Sazonova’s gigantic entire leg tattoo because it’s the only reason I know who’s on beam right now.

5:06 pm. Georgia Godwin has a mostly simple bars set from the looks of it.

Sazonova with a punch front, front aerial, great double tuck off beam.

Really nice piked Jaeger from Folino on bars. Super deep pike.

5:02 pm. Australia on bars now.

Mackenzie Robinson of Jamaica is actually from Canada, so it’s cool that she gets this experience. Good double pike, most of this routine is pretty simple though.

4:58 pm. Oh my god, one of the Danish girls has Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” on floor, but like, a violin version. I’m dying. Linnea Wang maybe.

4:56 pm. Fenton caught her Ricna half to Ezhova! Ricna to bail to toe full to toe shoot, still just the double tuck dismount. Looked great that time around! Getting back on…just doing the dismount on its own, a full-in which is a little slow and labored.

4:53 pm. Alice hit her bail to toe full, Ray, just a double pike dismount.

Hulgaard on floor, double tuck stumbled OOB. Layout full second pass, big hop.

Really beautiful leaps from Cintia Rodriguez on beam, off on a side aerial.

Tinkler, off on a release. Both she and Fenton aren’t getting a ton of height but are flying super far back over the bar so they have no shot at catching. Back on for pak, van Leeuwen (nice!), blind change to Markelov, just bends her knees a bit, hit the dismount.

4:50 pm. Rotation three…piked Jaeger from Alice Kinsella right away. Really nice pak, Maloney to bail to toe half, nice lines.

Tinkler has some flexed feet on elements but so far is staying on.

Fenton missed a release her first time up…got back for just a double tuck dismount. Just prep work, can’t wait to see the full thing!

4:48 pm. Ooh, Ana Derek on beam! She looks great. About to switch rotations but I love her so much. Didn’t know it was her at first! Hot pink leo.

4:42 pm. I love pretty much all of Argentina’s music and choreo.

There’s either 1000 things going on at once, or nothing going on at all. Right now it’s a “nothing at all” moment.

4:39 pm. Sazonova on bars, toe full to maloney to pak, toe shoot, Markelov, double pike. Good work!

DTY from Mizzen, a little loose. Another Aussie DTY, think Folino? God they’re so far away.

Belanyi back on bars, double layout looked better this time.

4:35 pm. I’m keeping an eye on Iceland on bars at the moment…and Argentina on floor. I’m mad that I don’t know any of the current Argentinian gymnasts all that well. So many new babies this quad. Someone just did a 1.5 through to double tuck.

According to the sign, Dolgopyat is currently an Icelandic woman on bars. Good for him!!!

Iceland actually looks decent on this event…Belanyi had a good routine, but then bent her legs on her double layout.

4:33 pm. Ana Perez over on a handstand but fought like hell to get it back. Clean full-twisting double layout. Colom up now with a late toe full, Maloney, bent her knees while catching the high bar before hopping off. Another half routine from Cintia and no toe full. WHYYYY.

4:30 pm. Nice double layout from Claudia Colom. Tinkler’s DTY looked a thousand percent better this time.

Cintia Rodriguez on bars, looks great but didn’t do her toe full. UGHHHH. I just want her to get this named already.

4:28 pm. Ooh, Tinkler’s tsuk full looks great! Ana Perez is super aggressive on bars but just sat her dismount. DTY from Tinkler and it’s a little messy and short.

4:24 pm. Spain on bars now! Great Britain on vault. Should be starting in a second.

4:19 pm. Talia Folino hit her opening pass on floor. Then a double tuck. Double full to finish.

SPOTTED- BETH TWEDDLE! Here watching the British girls.

4:17 pm. Australia on floor right now…Georgia Godwin hit a double layout at the start of hers and the rest was solid. Mizzen up now with a triple wolf turn, messy leaps, front tuck through to double tuck cowboyed with a hop, hit a pass after that, looked like something twisty into a punch front. Finishes with a double pike, crashed.

4:13 pm. Ana Perez is doing DTYs on vault, a little short and loose, but definitely makes her more competitive!

4:12 pm. Claudia hit her double lay full to stag and then a double layout to split jump, casual. Love the little tiger growl before her third pass, a double arabian, ugh, sat. Doesn’t look thrilled but not terrible.

Mette just missed her Jaeger again and looks annoyed.

4:10 pm. Hulgaard hit clear hip to stalder to Ray after that fall. Now Latvia is falling all over beam.

Tinkler huge and floaty double layout full! hit double double right after that, a little messy. Front lay to front full with a big step out. Finishes with double pike with a step back.

4:06 pm. Full routine for Alice now. 1.5 to triple is still a little short. Hit 2.5 to punch front though. Short on her double tuck with a hop forward. Finishes with a double pike stumbled back and sat. Unfortunate.

I don’t know who any of the girls from Latvia really are but they have some nice beam work. Just simple.

Mette Hulgaard on bars caught her Jaeger and then slipped off and flew under the low bar. Ouch.

4:02 pm. Alice Kinsella sat her 2.5 to front tuck right away, and short on her 1.5 through to triple. Claudia a little over-rotated on her double arabian but good power.

4:01 pm. Only one gymnast from Jamaica is here…and I can’t tell who it is! When they get to bars I’ll be able to figure it out.

3:56 pm. This session will feature Spain, Iceland, and Venezuela starting on vault, Denmark, Jamaica, and Croatia starting on bars, Latvia and Argentina starting on beam, and Great Britain and Australia starting on floor!

Heard just before the meet that as we predicted, it’s confirmed that Alice Kinsella and Amy Tinkler will do all-around for Great Britain, while Georgia-Mae Fenton will do bars and Claudia Fragapane will do beam and floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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