The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 2

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision two of podium training at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

8:31 pm. Iliankova had another fall on bars.

Yup, Cheng form Olsen! So she immediately jumps into medal contention if she hits.

Going to the mixed zone!! Back soon.

8:29 pm. Ellie’s vaults look steady. Another good set from Eremina. Martins of Portugal killing it on her triple series.

Here goes Olsen again…omg, I think it was a Cheng! I couldn’t tell her body position though…it was either a really open Khorkina or a loose Cheng. But it looked more open than her usual tucked vaults.

Two falls from Melnikova on bars in her current set. And then a fall on her dismount.

8:27 pm. Beautiful bars set from Eremina just now! Didn’t connect pak to shaposh though.

Iliankova is missing her release. She looks like Komova , Maloney to pak to clear hip half to Ezhova, gets a little stuck, van Leeuwen is clean, hit the toe full to dismount, just looks sloppier than I’m used to.

Olsen just crashed an Amanar.

8:25 pm. One of the Vietnamese girls has been really solid today, especially on beam and floor! I wish I knew either of them well enough to know who.

Melnikova on bars, inbar full to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half, literally does a full split her legs break so much, but continues right into the Jaeger and the rest is good as well.

Shallon Olsen’s going for the Amanar!

8:21 pm. Naveen Daries on floor, good 2.5 to punch front, little stumble on her double tuck but she holds onto it.

Bhs tuck full from one of the baby Farahs, but a fall.

8:12 pm. Nice FTYs from Nina on vault.

Kochetkova from Salem on beam! Looks really lovely.

Some falls from South Africa on floor, and Israel’s bars look a tiny bit rough.


8:07 pm. Beautiful Podkopayeva from Brooklyn got applause from the stands. Front double full to front full to stag, PERFECT OMGGGGG. Gorgeous in her leaps. And in her presentation. And in general. She is a star. And she doesn’t even know it. 2.5 to punch front with a step. PLEASE COMPETE IT LIKE THIS. Applause from all over the arena.

Paseka’s Amanar this time was literally tucked. Can she get that named?

8:04 pm. Black on floor now…I love this routine. Beautiful Popa to start. 2.5 through to double tuck OOB but great. She literally had a balance check standing in the corner before her second pass, but the pass itself was good, a front double full to punch front. Balked her last pass it looks like…came out of her front full and just kind of stopped, then later on did her front full to double pike and crashed it. That’s a really hard combo to have at the end of a routine.

Paseka’s Cheng this time wasn’t absolutely horrifying this time!

Martins on bars with a piked Jaeger with her knees slapping her face, that’s how piked it was.

8:02 pm. Paseka’s Cheng is absolutely terrifying. My god.

Crashed DTY from Melnikova.

Olsen hit her double double and front tuck through to double tuck. Good piked full-in. I don’t LOVE this music for her, I think it’s new…at least I don’t remember it. Hit final pass, looked like a triple!

Amanar from Paseka, she jumps out of it and runs forward. Not AS terrifying?

7:59 pm. Salem up on bars now, clear hip full, bail, toe on to toe shoot, very nice.

Brooklyn just murdered her Podkopayeva. I’m so excited.

7:56 pm. Some tsuks from Israel on vault, no twisting though, just a layout.

Derwael on floor now with her epic choreo. Good double pike, 1.5 to punch front with a step. Omg her illusion turn sequence, she’s the only one who should be doing an illusion. I’ve seen so many bent leg illusions today it’s not even funny. Hit her final pass. So beautiful.

Weiler from one of the Farahs, I can’t see!! Hussein I think…yes. Low Tkachev but ugh she’s so good!

7:51 pm. Hussein on bars, toes pointed constantly. BLESS.

Maellysse’s floor has a section where she basically impersonates a bird and it’s hilarious and adorable. Super different music. Rune up now, piked full-in with a step, hit everything else well!

Salem keeps missing her Jaeger on bars.

Claudia Cummins really short on her leaps on beam.

7:44 pm. Big break while Hong Kong’s sole gymnast finishes beam. She actually has some really cool jump series!

7:40 pm. Good punch front tuck from Ellie. Hit her dismount, chest just a little low.

Eremina, a little weak on her full-in. 1.5 through to 2.5 to punch front is good. Hit her last pass. Better than Melnikova at least!

Brooklyn did her punch front to split jump mount a little wobbly but fights super hard and stays on. Good girl. Front handspring to front tuck looked good, full turn in attitude is gorgeous, front aerial, ring jump, no connection between the two. split leap to side somi, switch ring with a wobble and fall. Beautiful dismount.

7:38 pm. Melnikova hops out of her double turn  before her double arabian, which she crashes. We have her total fall count for today at 8 so far and it’s been 38 minutes. Spotted double layout. Double tuck is messy and goes OOB, finishes with a double pike low with a hop. Gahhhh Angelina WHY. It’s okay. She’ll be better in competition.

Ellie’s beam is super quick with her leap mount. Connected them all super fast.

7:34 pm. Egyptians look fabulous on vault, the two little Farahs. YAY. FTYs but really strong.

Paseka is “warming up floor” aka just kind of hopping around. She did a layout half. Big triple from Eremina. Onyshko off on her tuck full on beam.

7:28 pm. Omg Nina DANCES INTO her wolf turn position on beam, it is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY. Actually hit a gorgeous triple wolf, and her squat is so low, it looks like she’s practically in a half split. Steingruber dismount with a hop. YAS.

Claudia Cummins hit bars, piked Jaeger, hop change to straddle Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, hit her dismount.

One of the Belgians just had a hilarious fall off the end of the beam, probably not so hilarious to her but it was funny as far as falls go. I think it might be Rune, I can’t really see this far but her hair’s a bit lighter than Maellyse’s. Rest of the routine was good but that one fall was just like…oh Rune.

7:22 pm. Already rotation two! Nina is so freaking extended on beam, I love it. Wolf turn actually looked great until the very end when she bent her knee.

Maellyse off on her punch front mount. Off again on bhs loso.

Israel has a few super strong tumblers, notably Shailee Weiss and Gaya Giladi.

I’m obsessed with the baby Egyptians. Aka the Farahs. They’re so freaking cute and so freaking good.

7:20 pm. Melnikova off again on a wolf turn, which almost turned into a Chiles. Off again on something after that. And then again on her layout.

Better double front from Onyshko this time!

7:17 pm. Melnikova off on a wolf turn then her jump series, then on her layout. Lawd. Russia doesn’t train like they compete though. They train like, no, I’m not going to fight for that landing. Hit her side somi. Stumbled back double pike.

Onyshko caught clean van Leeuwen before hopping off.

7:15 pm. Eremina on beam, switch to split jump to ring jump, triple full with her chest down.

Onyshko, nice Endo full, just bends her legs at the end, into a double front, which she sits. Ugh.

Filipa Martins looks so freaking clean on floor. She looks so freaking clean always. One of those I wish would do NCAA.

7:13 pm. Good work from Isabela Onyshko on bars. Ellie up now…great job on Hindorff and Shang.

Angelina Melnikova killing it on beam, yay! Just off on her side aerial. Nothing disastrous.

Brooklyn Moors on bars, not her event but still looks solid, toe full, Maloney to bail (a little messy with her legs) to toe shoot, Markelov a little close, toe front half dismount, good.

7:10 pm. Israel on beam, looks like Gaya Giladi just hit her layout series.

South Africa on vault mostly doing simpler stuff…front handspring front tucks and Yurchenko layouts.

Sherine El Zeiny on floor…fabulous choreo! Just a dance through but yes, she’s great.

7:07 pm. Better set from Rune, wiped away her tears before getting back on and hit, just a little low on her dismount.

Nina again, huge Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova perfect again, great handstand before Chow to Bhardwaj, clean van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in a little low. Great work!! She just busts that out no problem! She could have a 7.5 D score. before she starts struggling.

A really fun big band routine from one of the baby Egyptians, one of those amazing first-year seniors, but I can’t see who it is. They have so much big upcoming talent!

7:03 pm. Rune had a fall on her piked Jaeger just now. Nina caught her Downie, then Ricna half to Ezhova with zero problems, finishes with Chow to Bhardwaj.

Some great tumbling from Egypt on floor!

Rune looks like she’s crying at the chalk bowl on bars, while she’s chalking up for her second turn. Some nice work from Maellyse, just some flexed feet on a few elements.

6:59 pm. In this subdivision we’ll see South Africa, Vietnam, and India on vault, Belgium, Canada, and Hong Kong on bars, Israel and Russia on beam, and Egypt and Portugal on floor in the first rotation.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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22 thoughts on “The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 2

  1. If anyone is wondering about Melnikovas disastrous training, she obtained a minor injury during the first training sessions I think her ankle or foot or something.


  2. Okay I know the Russians have sometimes in the past struggled through many PTs and QFs to barely make finals and go on to medal but my heart is breaking for Gelya right now! I hope she and Ilyankova are just having an off day and since QF isn’t for 3 more days maybe they’re just exhausted and will come back then looking much better. Do we know if Gelya is going to try for VT finals?

    Also I don’t know if I would’ve really noticed them before but hearing about the Egyptian girls I’m hoping to see them in QF!


    • Gelya is totally fine! It’s funny because Russia doesn’t really fight for stuff in training and I think half of her falls would’ve been non-falls had she fought. But that’s not their priority, which is so funny because the U.S. trains like it’s a competition, and Russia trains like MAG where they’re just like, whatever, if we fall, we fall, this is about getting used to the podium/lights/everything, not about hitting.


  3. I love that there is more parity among even more contending gymnasts this year. I hope Eythora’s and Gelya’s minor injuries don’t hold them back from great results. Very curious to hear about Ukraine when their subdivision comes up. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wait, so is Canada’s lineup Ellie and Brooklyn AA, Isabela Onyshko UB, BB and Shallon Olsen VT, FX? I just noticed that Shallon did Vault and Floor Exercise and training while you didn’t say anything about Onyshko on those two events.


      • Yes! I hope this’ll be it for Qualifying, Ellie’s obvious for AA. Brooklyn may not be competitive anywhere except floor but she has great and pretty stuff everywhere. I want Olsen to medal really badly on vault (she was a lock there anyway) and I actually really like her new floor routine. Onyshko has decent bar work and she has a nice Beam set , I was never a big fan of her on the power events.


    • Yup! Onyshko is dealing with a muscle strain and so while it was supposed to be Ellie and Bela AA, Shallon VT, and Brooklyn BB/FX, they ended up doing Ellie and Brooklyn AA, Shallon VT/FX, and Isabela UB/BB so Bela can focus on her best events and won’t be too bothered by her nagging pain.


    • Omg yes! Her floor is the most wonderful thing! I want her to medal so bad because she’s more lovely than any other major contender on floor but at least she must make finals!


  5. Lauren, I’m not surprised you like Brooklyn’s floor so much – in some ways it’s like she actually swallowed Podkopayeva’s 1996 routine whole… very different style of music obvs, but the balletic leaps! The same tumbles! Just general awesomeness.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. When is the rest of podium training? Usagym’s info made it sound like the US girls had theirs at 7 pm last night but that was clearly wrong.


  7. Ahhhh Angelina please get it together. I love u, please don’t do anything that could get you on the rodionenkos bad sides. You haven’t been very stable since you’ve gone senior. You already have one hit from the Olympics. Paseka… try not to kill yourself…


  8. Angelina Melnikova is injured (ankle). It’s confirmed by the Russian press and blogs.
    Ilyankova and Paseka are also injured … Lena is the only one valid (with Kharenkova who stayed at home, thanks the Rodionenkos).


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