The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 4

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision four of podium training at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

5:31 pm. Jonna Adlerteg’s moment to shine! Beautiful shape on her layout Jaeger. Church to pak, Maloney to to Bhardwaj, legs GLUED. Shaposh to clear hip full is messy to Tkachev, short handstand before giants to double layout with a step. Looked MUCH better than yesterday.

5:27 pm. Tabea Alt hit her full-in and front tuck through to double tuck on floor, then a double pike with a step.

Great set from Lara Mori on bars.

Pauline Schäfer with a sultry set, then glass breaks and she starts to party. I almost wrote “slutty” set. Omg this is so cool and weird, I’m not even watching her tumbling. She did hit it though. 😉

5:22 pm. Coline’s Rudi looked much better this time around. Still not great but at least she hit it.

Seitz with a front tuck through to double tuck and fun music. Good enough double pike.

Xoulogi of Greece on beam with a layout series and then a leap series into a Korbut. Side aerial with a wobble but held it. Wolf jump to sissone.

5:19 pm. Messy Rudi from Coline. Crashed it to her back.

Brett on floor now, hit double tuck and 2.5, practically stuck the latter. Messy double full to finish.

Zsofia on bars, stalder to toe full to Maloney, hops off.

Dalia Al Salty on bars, toe shoot, clear hip, double pike dismount is good.

5:17 pm. Good floor from Estella Matthewson of New Zealand! Courtney up now. Nailed her piked full-in. 1.5 to front layout to stag is so floaty. Cool choreo moment right after that. Double pike with a lunge. Double tuck with a bounce back.

Solid DTY from Melanie DJDS.

Messy-ish double on vault from Coline Devillard.

5:11 pm. Final rotation!! Kovacs on bars with a stalder to toe full to Maloney. Gets back on for big piked Jaeger and just a double tuck dismount.

5:07 pm. Plyta back on bars for a big Tkachev to layout Gienger, hit her feet on the low bar after her blind change, gets back up for her bail to toe shoot, just a double pike dismount.

5:06 pm. Chuikina on floor with a double pike, good. Nice front full.

Clean set on bars from Argyro Afrati.

Tabea went for the side aerial loso loso this time and it it perfectly!

5:04 pm. Yoana Yankova doing her floor to the Schindler’s List. Double tuck to her hands and knees. Front layout with a scoot forward.

Evangelia Plyta on bars. Love her Maloney to Deltchev!

Punch front pike from Seitz, bhs layout is pretty piked. Front aerial.

5:01 pm. Great side somi half from Schäfer.

Italians on vault…just seeing timers right now.

Georgieva on floor, double pike to her hands and knees. Her knee is in a gigantic brace. Rest of her passes are pretty simple.

Tutya Yilmaz on bars, nothing big from her here, and her leg is heavily taped. nice Jaeger, she’s so freaking muscular.

Tabea Alt on beam with a nice side aerial loso.

4:56 pm. Huge full-twisting double layout from Melanie DJDS. Follows it up with a nice full-in and then some really lovely leaps. Front full to stag got a little wild on the landing but she hit.

Great full Y turn from Courtney on beam. Switch to side aerial is effortless. Stumbled back double tuck but looked more intentional than a fall.

4:54 pm. Beautiful DTY from Kovacs.

Marine Boyer on floor now. 2.5 to front full is great. Ooh, lovely illusion turn sequence, and a nice, straight leg illusion turn. I think I noticed that in the training hall yesterday. She’s one of the two who should do an illusion turn connection. Nice high double tuck with a bounce back. Stuck double pike! Nice.

4:51 pm. Nice punch front from Courtney on beam! Also hit her layout series, switch to switch half, side aerial. All good!

Charpy on floor with a cowboyed double front so far forward that she does a fun somersault out of it. New connection bonus! Double tuck bounced back. Front full to stag looked clean. Double pike with a scoot back.

Chinese Taipei on bars now, some skills look okay but for the most part it’s lots of simple stuff.

4:48 pm. Oh, there’s more of New Zealand. I was like I knew there were a ton of them here yesterday, lol. They’re just not doing bars I guess. Two little ones are on beam now.

4:46 pm. Moving on to the next apparatus!

4:45 pm. Zhanerke Duisek did her usual awesome Phelps mount:

This is from 2015 but yeah, people go nuts for it.

4:43 pm. Chuikina with a front aerial to front toss to sheep jump, DAMN Kazakhstan! A little wobbly on some other skills but that series was fab.  Big prep for double full dismount which is super low.

4:41 pm. Georgieva of Bulgaria has a side aerial loso and it looks good!! Nice side somi as well, and a wolf jump full!! But fell on that.

Mori opened floor with a huge double layout, switch ring to switch side full, 2.5 to front layout, all good. Got a weird set on her full-in but somehow got it around. Super messy crossed ankles on her triple.

Bui back on bars for another super high full-in, stuck.

4:39 pm. Carofiglio’s front layout to double front stumbles way OOB, but she nails the Dowell. Double tuck stumbled back and sat. UGHHHHHH.

Lovely stuck double full from Yoana Yankova off beam just now.

Seitz just crushed it on bars.

Pretty switch to switch half in the air from Pamela Georgieva but then she falls after landing it.

Sky high full-in bars dismount from Bui.

4:37 pm. Great Bhardwaj from Bui. Also caught her Jaeger.

Ferrari with “O Fortuna” on floor. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Spotted double layout. Double tuck, just a front full to finish. That D won’t get her into finals.

Zhanerke Duisek on beam, just working roundoffs. Full attitude turn! Wobble but held on.

Tabea with a toe full to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen, Zuchoold half ALMOST to handstand, also hit her piked Jaeger and her stalder tuck front half dismount.

4:34 pm. Melanie DJDS with a tick tock to bhs layout, nailed it this time.

Kim Bui busted out a piked Jaeger right away.

Tabea with a toe full (a little slow) to Maloney to pak, van Leeuwen to stoop through to prep for the Zuchold half to come later. That’s it for now though.

Seitz caught her Downie, pak, van Leeuwen, toe full.

Carofiglio IS warming up floor! All four of them are.

4:30 pm. Kovacs up now on floor…double layout spotted, probably shouldn’t have been because it gives her WAY too much power and she goes far OOB. Stuck full-in. 2.5 to punch front OOB. Double tuck with a stumble back to finish.

Lovely controlled wolf turn from Marine Boyer on beam. Big wobble on her layout but fought to hold onto it. Switch to switch half to split half, awesome! Side aerial through to split leap to side somi, YAAAAAS. GOT APPLAUSE! So freaking good. Double pike with a step. More applause. YAS.

Courtney just stuck her full-in on this attempt. The German team has kind of adopted her which is fabulous.

4:29 pm. Nice opening 2.5 from Dalia Al-Salty! Hit double pike too, 1.5, and then a double full stuck to finish. NICE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look that good.

Melanie DJDS struggling on beam…just missed something, and then her layout series right after it.

4:27 pm. Boglarka Tömböl hit floor, including a nice 2.5, but she stumbled out on her last pass.

Good double pike from Charpy off beam.

Courtney hit her bars dismount the second time.

4:25 pm. Oh, there’s Göksu. hobbling by on crutches. 😦 UGHHHHHHHHH.

Courtney McGregor on bars, toe full, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, toe half to front giant half to Gienger, full-in, rolled back out of it.

I don’t see any other NZ girls except Courtney!

4:21 pm. I don’t see Göksu Üctas Sanli anywhere. 😦

This rotation was so freaking quick!

4:17 pm. Good floor from Ioanna Xoulogi.

Berardinelli looking super wobbly on beam.

Mori with a big bhs mount, bhs loso loso is solid, side somi with a wobble, wobble on the split jump half, good switch half to jump series, full Y turn with a wobble, switch ring with her back leg about 0.0001% close to where it needs to be. Nearly stuck her 2.5!

Good DTY from Tabea Alt, maybe just a little messy at the end.

4:13 pm. Ferrari struggling with her loso mount. Off on her tuck full. Huge epic wobble on switch half. Switch to split leap is a mess.

Seitz vaulting fulls.

Carofiglio is in warmups so guessing she is NOT doing beam.

4:12 pm. Melanie DJDS really seems to be struggling, I didn’t see a full set that she could get through. Just missed her Galante and then overarched a handstand after that.

Zsofia just missed her flight series after hitting it otherwise today.

I didn’t see any of New Zealand on vault.

4:09 pm. Melanie DJDS just bent her knees on her Galante to pak, but the rest of the routine was good, just a stumble back on the dismount.

Next TPE floor has a Rudi opening pass, then a back tuck, hopefully just a filler skill. But then her next pass is just a layout so I’m guessing no. Sorry, I don’t know any of the TPE girls here and I can’t see faces to know who they are!

4:06 pm. Great flight series from Zsofia Kovacs! And jump series after it. Hitting everything. Perfect full turn. Over-rotated on her double tuck though, and sat it.

Chinese Taipei on floor, double pike stumbled back and sat. Actually a really nice double full.

Charpy on bars, caught piked Jaeger super close but hit a release into a pak, van Leeuwen, giant full, and whippy double layout dismount, all good.

4:03 pm. Marine Boyer on bars, Maloney to bail, she has such an aggressive swing.

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos soaring through her transitions, and busts out her full double layout right away, but puts her hands down.

3:59 pm. In this subdivision we’ll get New Zealand and Germany on vault, France, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan on bars, Hungary, Italy, and Sweden on beam, and Chinese Taipei, Turkey, and Greece on floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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8 thoughts on “The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 4

  1. If you get to talk to Courtney in the mixed zone, can you ask her how she’s dealing with school and being at worlds? I’m assuming it’s the middle of the semester for her! Plus if ncaa has helped her in elite in any way?


  2. Cata is retiring after worlds! I’m so sad, though I understand her decision and she deserves retirement. But I’ll miss her gymnastics so much.


      • It sounded like she’s done for good.. I don’t know, if she was going the specialist route, Romania would still take her for team worlds you know?


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