The World Championships Podium Training Live Blog – Subdivision 3

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision three of podium training at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

3:09 pm. I didn’t see any of the Norwegians on vault, but Mokosova looks solid.

Nekrasova and Inshina were both being very good teammates to Tishkova after her injury. They were both calming her down and Nekrasova was holding the ice on her knee as the trainers tried to get her ready to move out of the arena. Nekrasova looks so bummed and keeps talking emphatically about it.

3:07 pm. Steingruber keeps landing her layout stepouts with her feet like, two feet apart. It’s not working for her. Hit her eponymous dismount though.

3:03 pm. Victoria Mata on floor hit her tucked full-in opening pass. Front tuck through to double full with a skid.

Steingruber on beam, good side somi.

On floor, Almeida with a big double layout! Then front layout to front full. A little short on her leaps. Switch full. Good double tuck. Some cute choreo moments into her switch half before her ending pose.

Käslin struggling a bit on beam with most of her skills that I’ve seen.

3:00 pm. So kind of a horrible beam for everyone in Romania today but they’ll be much better in competition.

Ooh, Studer has a really nice flight series on beam. Too bad she’s falling.

2:57 pm. Larisa off on her mount LOLLLL NO LARISA. It was a funny fall at least, not a bad one. Like one of those “this will never happen in competition” falls. Oh Lari. Also fell on her double turn in that round.

Ekaterina Tishkova opened her floor with a double arabian that she kind of jolted into the ground and you could literally see her ACL tear. 😦 😦 😦 Poor girl. Immediately broke into tears and now is being carried off.

2:55 pm. Larisa off on her side aerial and one of her fulls.

Awesome layout mount from Catalina! She’s killing it this time around. And right when I typed that she basically did a switch ring to her crotch, looked painful. Onodi to split jump to Omelianchik, comes down a little sooner than usual. Wolf jump to sissone, only a timer dismount.

Nekrasova, piked full-in with a stumble OOB. Double arabian with a step. Whip to 2.5 with a step to the side.

2:52 pm. Crisan off on her switch leap mount, goes back and does it again with a big wobble but stays on. Full turn, bhs bhs layout is solid. Side aerial, side somi, hit everything else but then stumbled back and sat the double pike.

Inshina on floor, double arabian is good this time. Hit the double pike to finish.

Sanne Wevers on bars, everything looked great!! Super solid.

Great Yurchenko layout from Aneta Holasova.

2:51 pm. Big wobble on Ponor’s pike? layout? mount. Hit her flight series though. Front aerial to ring jump is good. Wobbled on a leap after that, then Onodi to split jump is good.

Stuck layout Yurchenko from Lucie Jirikova.

2:50 pm. Iordache is a bit wobbly on beam, fell once at the start, wobbled on the double turn, and then fell on one of her fulls, probably the tuck. Hard to tell from here.

Inshina just did a double arabian to her hands and flipped out of it.

2:49 pm. Eythora has grips on, moving to bars! She caught her Bhardwaj with her ribs the other day and seemed to be in tons of pain but we’ll see if she is feeling well enough for the all-around.

Switch to split leap to split jump for Crisan looks good.

The Azerbaijani girls have fallen on every single floor pass they’ve tried. They’re like “don’t worry, we’re Russian.”

2:45 pm. Mokosova with a double tuck to start, pretty sure her music is in every Zales commercials. Then it switches to “Let It Go” lmao. Kind of balked her second pass. Layout full is hit though.

2:39 pm. Stuck double pike from Thea Nygård, also hit her double full and front full. Double tuck with a step to finish. Great work!

Vostruchovaite on bars, muscling mostly everything.

Just realized I haven’t watched vault at all this rotation…it was the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Austria. Don’t think Eythora vaulted though.

2:37 pm. Martine Skregelid hit a big double tuck and solid double full. This isn’t her best event but she’s at least pretty tidy on it.

Just caught a big switch half from Mexico on beam but I can’t see who it is. Also had a punch front with a wobble.

2:35 pm. Solveig Berg on floor, big double pike! Sandra Izbasa’s old music. Switch ring is GORGEOUS. I missed her second pass but third was a front layout and she looked a little short on her final leap.

Studer just hit bars. Käslin still struggling on that Jaeger.

2:33 pm. Steingruber on bars, Maloney to pak, clean van Leeuwen, full pirouette into a layout Gienger, blind change to front giant to double front, spotted but hit.

Cenkova talking to coaches on the floor looks so happy about her floor.

I realized I’ve seen roughly nothing from Mexico! I’ll try to get them on beam.

2:32 pm. Nice stuck double pike from Cenkova on floor!

Käslin on bars, clear hip full to huuuuge Tkachev between the bars, messy stalder half to front giant to piked Jaeger, too far away and she falls.

2:30 pm. Aneta hit her double arabian with a stumble forward, but the rest of her routine is great, and she stuck her double tuck and double full, the last two passes. Fun choreo too!

Azerbaijan struggling a little on beam. Mostly Inshina on her mount.

2:25 pm. Rotation three! Crisan on bars with a nice Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev to pak, stalder full, nice double layout!! Nice.

Larisa also looks good, hit Church to pak, messy van Leeuwen, Jaeger, heavily spotted through her Fabrichnova and it’s still wild and all over the place.

2:16 pm. Vostruchovaite working front tuck fulls on vault. Not bad! She’s my new fave.

Clean bhs loso from Mokosova on beam. Split leap to front aerial, full L turn, side aerial, all really clean. She’s so underrated. Full L turn to full pirouette, side aerial to split jump to wolf jump, just tiny baby wobbles. Good side somi, straight jump full, tuck 1.5 dismount. At least it looked tucked. #looseknees

2:14 pm. Mader stumbled her turns around a little in her opening on floor, good double pike though. Front layout second pass. Double full.

Just realized I didn’t see any of Steingruber’s vaults!!!! Apparently she did a Rudi pretty well, and then did an FTY and got pretty heavily spotted on her DTY. That info comes from Spencer, who is seated to my right.

2:12 pm. Marlies Männersdorfer doing floor to “Fight Song” YAS. Hit her first two passes that I could see. Just a full for her final pass.

I can’t see who’s on bars for Mexico but really nice lines and a good Tkachev!

2:10 pm. Oh goodness Solveig Berg’s extension is so pretty on beam, IF ONLY SHE COULD HIT. A few falls from her so far.

Puerto Rico with a 2.5 to front full. I think this is Paula Mejias now that I can see her face up close. IF ONLY WE HAD SOME SORT OF START LIST or at least just like, a list of athletes who are actually here. Double arabian, a little squatted. Rest is good.

2:05 pm. Azerbaijan on bars, mostly easy skills though god Marina Nekrasova is so freaking toned. Like all gymnasts are but with her she’s like…extra.

Crisan vaulted a couple of FTYs and 1.5s, none of them looking super great.

2:03 pm. Perfect loso mount right into a loso from Aneta! Yay! Front aerial, and then she STUCK her double tuck!!!!!!

Hate on Tisha for her double front attitude turn all you want, but she connects it into a STRAIGHT LEG illusion making her one of about two people here who knows what an illusion should look like.

2:02 pm. Great triple to punch front and double tuck from Eythora…and a 2.5 as her last pass. Excellent. And now I only want Pentatonix-esque music for the rest of my life.

1:58 pm. Tisha Volleman just did a fantastic quad turn to double turn on floor. Hands down on her triple. I love hre choreo in this section. 1.5 to punch front. Kind of stumbles around triple turn.

Aneta training her loso mount, looked great! Off on bhs layout after that. Whip straight to full-in got applause.

Good double from Larisa on vault.

1:54 pm. Good set for Mokosova on bars just now.

Awesome double arabian from Vostruchovaite! Double pike with a lunge back. Leaps are a little short and she’s a little lacking in performance but I like her. Short on her 2.5, her set into it was super weird. Double tuck is good.

1:49 pm. Both Mader and Männersdorfer seemed to be hitting beam. Agata Vostruchovaite of Lithuania is so cute and tiny!

Mokosova has a nice pak to stalder to Maloney, a little crooked on her toe full and she comes off.

1:47 pm. Steingruber on floor right now with some nice dramatic choreo to start it out. Full-twisting double layout! Double layout, spotted. Popa to stag full. Front tuck through to double tuck. Her music is crazy, I love it. Double pike with a lunge, and then her leap series to finish. Cool choreo at the end.

1:44 pm. Studer on floor, good double pike but crashed double tuck. Part of her choreo looks like she’s doing a warm-up, it’s super weird? Like…not very dancey.

Some good work from Norway on bars, in terms of catching releases. Their bails are rough.

2.5 to punch front and double tuck for Käslin are both good.

Someone just had a bad double tuck fall on beam…Puerto Rico I think from the leo colors. Landed the second flip on her back hard.

1:43 pm. Aneta just caught her Ricna!! She looked so happy!

1:41 pm. Spotted double layout full-in for Ponor. Ugh it’s not cute though. Front tuck through to double tuck. Messy 2.5.

1:38 pm. Larisa spotted through her double double. Full-in is good and then killed it on a triple turn after that. Switch to tour jete full, great 2.5 to punch front, stumble on the last pass.

Sanne just nailed her Okino to applause. Hop forward on her Steingruber dismount.

Lieke back up, back hndspring mount to split jump, side aerial to side aerial had a wobble and broken connection. Full L turn, put her hand down then jumped off. Double spin is a little wild.

Aneta off on her Ricna again. 😦 Same problem as before.

1:37 pm. Crisan’s whip full through to double tuck is great. A little low on her full-in. Hit the pass after that and then the double pike to finish.

Aneta is struggling with her Ricna, just going waaaay too far over. Great double layout dismount though!

Eythora hit her 2.5 off beam making it look easy for her.

1:36 pm. Lieke with a front aerial to bhs which feels weird in elite. Good mount series though.

Handspring front pike full from Nekrasova on vault, actually looked great until the landing.

1:33 pm. Omg it’s literally impossible to tell the Wevers apart from here.

Eythora is looking good, mostly just the basics right now.

Aneta struggling a little on bars in her first round.

1:32 pm. Only one girl from Puerto Rico is here…I can’t see if it’s Bianca or Paula though. Will try to figure that out!

1:28 pm. In the third subdivision of podium training, we have Azerbaijan and Mexico on vault, Czech Republic, Norway, and Slovakia on bars, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Austria on beam, and Romania, Switzerland, and Lithuania on floor.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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  1. Every body is speaking about Paseka’s horrible forms, and that doesn’t deserve any medals because difficulty isn’t everything and blablabla. But Iordache’s forms on the beam and on the floor are also terrible.


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