The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 2

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of women’s qualifications at the 2017 World Championships in Montreal, Canada!

Refresh your browser every 3-5 minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to get to them in the blog!

9:00 pm. Standings After Subdivision 2

1. Ellie Black, Canada, 55.766
2. Elena Eremina, Russia, 54.999
3. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 53.598
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 53.132
5. Amy Tinkler, Great Britain, 52.831
6. Ana Perez, Spain, 52.732
7. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 52.631
8. Georgia Godwin, Australia, 51.874
9. Rune Hermans, Belgium, 51.866
10. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 51.565
11. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 51.365
12. Maellyse Brassart, Belgium, 50.807
13. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 48.832
14. Claudia Cummins, South Africa, 48.432
15. Sherine El Zeiny, Egypt, 47.998
16. Irina Sazonova, Iceland, 47.932
17. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 47.898
18. Naveen Daries, South Africa, 47.799
19. Talia Folino, Australia, 47.699
20. Agnes Suto-Tuuha, Iceland, 47.098
21. Farah Hussein, Egypt, 46.766
22. Dominiqua Belanyi, Iceland, 46.566
23. Mariana Marianito, Portugal, 45.765
24. Mariana Carvalho, Portugal, 45.465
25. Rianna Mizzen, Australia, 45.331
26. Ofir Netzer, Israel, 45.099
27. Mette Hulgaard, Denmark, 44.906
28. Pamela Arriojas, Venezuela, 43.765
29. Anastasija Dubova, Latvia, 43.365
30. Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, 43.332
31. Pranati Nayak, India, 42.866
32. Aruna Budda Reddy, India, 42.865
33. Ofir Kremer, Israel, 41.399
34. Marija Ribalcenko, Latvia, 35.998
35. Milca Leon, Venezuela, 33.431

8:57 pm. Daries FX: Last one up in this subdivision! Lovely routine, finished with an excellent and clean double full. She’s one to keep in your mind for the future.

8:54 pm. Derwael VT: Beautiful FTY, just a hop back. 13.566

El Zeiny BB: Fell on her front toss. Front aerial with a wobble and another fall. Full L turn. Hit the dismount.

Brassart VT: Clean FTY. 13.741! Wow.

8:52 pm. Hermans VT: FTY, nice. 13.333

Netzer UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe full, pak, Ray, double tuck with a little hop. 11.4

Cummins FX: Hit opening pass, then a good double pike. 11.7

8:49 pm. Olsen VT: She’s gonna do the Cheng! Not bad! Better than Paseka’s if we want to set a standard. Form is a little loose but yeah, much better than Paseka’s. 14.933, average 14.649 to move behind Paseka.

Kremer UB: I missed this. 10.833

Salem BB: Missed this. 10.866

8:48 pm. Eksteen FX: Double pike with a slight stumble back. Fell out of her wolf turn onto her hands. 11.166

Hussein BB: Full turn, nice full-twisting bhs. Hit the dismount. Good work. 11.4

Olsen VT: DTY, excellent. Guess she’ll save the Amanar for finals? It didn’t look great in training. The Cheng actually looked better. 14.366

8:46 pm. Black VT: Tsuk 1.5 is fab from my view! 14.466, average 14.483

Weiss UB: Arched over a handstand on the low bar and had to do an extra kip cast, toe shoot gets zero amplitude and she just kind of drops down to her feet. 8.025

8:45 pm. Black VT: Handspring front layout full, excellent! 14.5

Martins BB: I feel like I’ve been ignoring her all day and yet she’s GREAT, just living in her own world of awesomeness. Little bobble on her switch half. Double full with a step. 12.633

Budda Reddy FX: I didn’t see enough of this to call it hit or miss. Double pike with a step. 10.666

8:44 pm. Iliankova UB: Shang, Hindorff to pak to Maloney to clear hip half to Ezhova, caught close but YAS. van Leeuwen is gorgeous, beautiful handstand before toe full to full-in, LOVELY. Kills me that Melnikova will get two-per-country’ed out though. 15.066

8:39 pm. Moors VT: Handspring front full, hit! A little loose but hit. 14.166! I think that was an upgrade from when we last saw her? Second vault is a tsuk full, lovely!!

Eremina UB: Nabieva to pak, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, short handstand before toe full to full-in. Yay! 15.1!!!

Carvalho BB: I only saw her leaps, switch half looked short, split leap to side aerial. Hit side somi. Hit the dismount.

Nayak FX: Low double pike. Low on her Rudi as well.

8:35 pm. Truong FX: Rudi to start, hit. Double tuck, hands down. Front layout. Hit her last pass. 10.433

Marianito BB: Switch to switch half, barely connected. Goes for tour jete half but can’t get it around, wobbles and turns it into just a tour jete. Hit dismount. 11.433

Melnikova UB: Inbar full to Komova II to pak to van Leeuwen, messy legs, short handstand before inbar half (leg sep) to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-in, a little messy but not terrible. 14.966!

8:27 pm. Eksteen BB: Back to back wolf turns. She trains in the U.S. if you couldn’t tell. Switch to split leap. Bhs loso, front aerial, hit the dismount. 10.766

Maybe an inquiry on vault for Kremer? Her E and D are both low so guessing she effed it up and didn’t get credit for what she attempted?

Netzer VT: Handspring front tuck half, messy with a hop to the side. Looked like she was supposed to go for a handspring layout full but apparently her hands slipped so she had to adjust. Sucks. 12.566. Tsuk tuck full, a little messy but not bad.

8:26 pm. Looks to be an issue on vault…Kremer finished and got her score in 300 years ago but Netzer has been waiting to vault for all of this time. Officials are yelling and stuff, so no idea what’s going on. No one seems to be injured or anything.

8:24 pm. Cummins BB: Punch front, bhs loso is solid, underrotated switch to switch half, wobble on side aerial, split leap to sissone, step to the side on her dismount. 11.366

8:22 pm. Derwael FX: Double pike with a stumble OOB, but hits the second pass and her Memmel to illusion is great. Double tuck a little low but solid finish, and love the dramatic end to her choreo. 12.733

8:21 pm. Salem UB: I missed this routine… 11.666

El Zeiny UB: Toe full to Maloney to pak, stalder to van Leeuwen, slight leg separation, toe half a little muscled before catching her straddle Jaeger, double layout with a stumble forward. That was very nice. 13.533!

Nayak BB: Double spin!! Nice. 10.033

Kremer VT: I missed this. 12.1

8:19 pm. Hermans FX: Hit her opening pass, piked full-in I think. Good 2.5 to front tuck. 12.833

Paseka VT: Second is the Amanar, actually one of her better attempts, but her pre-flight legs are a disaster. Hop forward. 15.0, average 14.933

818 pm. Paseka VT: Cheng and it’s hilariously bad, like, terrifically awful, big step back but she hits. 14.866 with a ridic 8.866 E score.

8:15 pm. Melnikova VT: Lopez, messy, step to the side completely off the mat. 13.833, average 14.166 to lead for now

Moors FX: Podkopayeva, nice. Front double full to front full to stag, YES. Leaps are perfect. 2.5 to punch front tuck. L O V E L Y. 13.866!!!!!!!!

Martins UB: Maloney to pak, shaposh, connected that some more but I missed to what. Caught piked Jaeger. Full-in is good. 13.333

Budda Reddy BB: Wobble on bhs loso. That’s all I saw. 9.033

8:13 pm. Carvalho UB: Hit release. A little messy in spots but she’s hitting. Double pike with a small hop.

Melnikova VT: Messy DTY, like super messy in the air, but not terrible…better than warmups. Hops it back. 14.4!

Budda Reddy BB: I didn’t see the beginning, switch leap to sissone to wolf jump, first two are a bit short, back tuck, hit the dismount.

8:12 pm. Black FX: 2.5 through to double tuck cowboyed but almost stuck. GOD. Stabs herself in the stomach before her second pass, my fave choreo. Front double full to punch front, YAS. Double full with a small hop. Killed it. 13.433

Eremina VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step back, not bad. 13.866

8:10 pm. Truong BB: UGH, fell on somethig that I missed but she’s actually really good here. Bhs loso, big wobble. Wobbled on a jump and didn’t connect, so did wolf jump to sissone after. Hit the dismount. 9.066

Giladi VT: Second vault is a front tuck half with a jump to get her feet together.

Marianito UB: Hit routine. 10.633

8:06 pm. Bui BB: split jump to wolf jump, front aerial, fall. Bhs loso with a wobble and a fall. Switch leap. I missed the dismount. 7.0

Giladi VT: Solid FTY. 13.3

Olsen FX: Solid double double. Front tuck through to double tuck, nice. Piked full-in, messy but nearly stuck. Triple full. WOW. That was one of the best routines I’ve seen from her. 13.133

Hussein UB: Maloney to Tkachev, nice handstand before solid bail to toe full (late), ugh, lost her rhythm and paused on the bar before her Ray. Double pike stumbled back. She just looks super nervous, poor kid, she was so good at the world cups and in training.

8:02 pm. Daries BB: Hit bhs loso, wobble on back tuck, hit the dismount. 11.166

Brassart FX: Nice leap right into the corner to start. Piked full-in with a step back OOB. Front tuck through to double tuck, good. TIME FOR THE BIRD CALLS!!! Double pike is great. Double full. Really nice! 12.333

7:56 pm. Hermans BB: Love the little dance-y touch she does at the beginning. Wolf turn, double, not bad! Flexed foot though. Side somi, bhs loso loso with a little bobble at the end but she gets it under control, double spin with a big wobble, looks like she’s gonna hold it but she falls. 😦 Switch to split leap, front aerial, side aerial to split jump, 2.5 with a step. 11.9

7:52 pm. Ng BB: Bhs back tuck, wobble. Hit a leap with a half. Straight jump full. Fell on something after that. Switch to switch half. I’m like half paying attention and half answering comments. Front layout dismount with a step. 8.3

7:47 pm. Kremer FX: Double pike to her knees. Sat double tuck. 9.7

Moors BB: Nails punch front mount!!!! Switch to switch half, stumble, hands down. Could’ve been worse? She’s so lovely though. Front handspring front tuck is good. Lovely full attitude turn. Front aerial, ring jump, supposed to be connected but great cover from her with her dance. Split leap to side somi with a wobble and a fall. NOOOOOOOO. 😦 Cat leap to sissone with a wobble that she dances out of and it actually looks pretty. Rudi dismount is perfect. Hopefully she can get over that quickly and come back to kill floor. 11.533

7:46 pm. Aww, Melnikova is crying. 😦

El Zeiny VT: FTY, not bad! 13.433

7:42 pm. Marianito VT: Handspring front tuck, sat.  11.433

Melnikova FX: LOVE this routine. Double L turn to double pirouette, double arabian, stumbles forward. Double layout with a little hop. Falls out of Memmel into full pirouette. Piked full-in gets nowhere where it needs to get around and she launches onto her hands, does a handstand, then crashes her double pike. Eff. 11.166, 5.966 E.

Black BB: Split leap mount to split leap to a leap half. Double spin, slight wobble. Punch front, bhs layout is SOLID. I knew this girl would BRING IT. Punch front pike. Double pike with a step. GIRL. 13.433, glad the E score was in tune with the rest of the low E scores here. But really beam, get it together.

Martins VT: FTY, a little tucked, two big steps back, 13.166

7:39 pm. Onyshko BB: Bhs tuck full with a wobble but a good save. LOVELY full Y turn to switch to side aerial and then adds a jump at the end. VERY pretty. Switch ring with a big wobble and she puts her hands down. UGH BELA. 😦 Front aerial with a bobble, misses connection. Split jump to sissone, double full with a step. 12.4

Carvalho VT: Yurchenko layout with a step, nothing really majorly bad or good, 11.933

Budda Reddy UB: Simple routine like her teammate’s, hit the layout dismount well. 9.733

7:36 pm. Kassem VT: Handspring front tuck with a step for her second vault. 12.4, average 12.45

Nayak UB: Clear hip, giant full, blind change to front giant half, overshoot, toe shoot, and a layout dismount. 10.333

Hussein VT: FTY, looked nice and floaty but didn’t seem to get enough height, did it to her knees. 😦

Eremina FX: Tucked full-in with a step. 1.5 through to 2.5 to punch front, not bad. Nice double attitude turn. Triple under-rotated, chest down with a step. 12.8

7:32 pm. Netzer FX: Kind of flew off on her first tumbling pass, then sat her double arabian. Hit the double tuck. Double full with a bounce. 10.5

Brassart BB: Punch front mount, big wobble on bhs loso but she held it. Side aerial. Full turn. Double pike with a step. 12.2

Cummins UB: Giant full, blind change to piked Jaeger, hit the dismount. 11.933

Kassem VT: Tsuk layout, a little messy. 12.5

7:30 pm. Weiss FX: Double tuck with a bounce. Rudi. Front full. Double pike sat. 11.0

Derwael BB: UGH, missed her mount. 😦 Hit bhs loso and front aerial to split jump, then her lovely dance down into her triple wolf turn which had only a minor bobble. Lovely extension on jumps. Side aerial. Stuck Steingruber. 12.333

Daries UB: I missed most of this, but she caught her release and then seemed to struggle with her rhythm after and had to hop off. 11.233

7:28 pm. I’m not understanding how the E scores on beam are taking 7 years and are SOOOO freaking low, and then on bars they’re insane.

7:24 pm. Marianito FX: Double tuck stumbled back, step OOB. Front full with a step. Lovely double full. She uses the music from someone like Lieke Wevers or Pauline Schäfer but her choreo isn’t as majestic as theirs so it’s hard to get as invested. 12.266

Nayak VT: I missed hers but she got a 13.4 for her first and a 12.925 for her second, average 13.162.

7:22 pm. Melnikova BB: Double wolf turn, almost Chiles-ed it. Front aerial to jump series is good. Full L turn to full pirouette with a little bobble. Switch ring with a little bobble. Bhs bhs layout, the best she’s done it LOL. Punch front tuck. Get dat CONFIDENCE. Ring jump. Side somi, little bobble. Double pike, leg pops up in the back, but that was hit. Some problems but hit overall. 12.6

7:19 pm. Budda Reddy VT: Hit her second vault, I didn’t see what though…tsuk full maybe? Step back. 13.4, average 13.4

Moors UB: Toe full, Maloney to bail (leg sep) to Ray, clear hip to blind change to Markelov, YAY! Moors dismount basically stuck, I’m CRYIIIING!!!! Good for her. 13.066

Carvalho FX: Hit the beginning, front full with a step forward to end it. 11.833

7:16 pm. Budda Reddy VT: Handspring front half is good! 13.433.

Eremina BB: Omg I didn’t get to write any of this down because my thing wouldn’t load but she hit from what I saw. 13.233

Black UB: Caught her Hindorff and then the Shang, hp change to pied Jaeger to pak, messy but caught. van Leeuwen is clean, giant full, toe front half with a small step. She’s thrilled. 14.4 with an 8.5 E which, no, not compared to 8.6s from Fenton and Derwael but I’m gonna let it slide.

Martins FX: Also missed a lot of this due to the delay on the blog. Remember her 2.5 being hit. 12.433

7:13 pm. Brassart UB: Toe full (leg sep), blind change to piked Jaeger, caught it! Huge pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, double pike, looks hit but she’s too far forward and has to roll out of it. 12.533

Kremer BB: Switch to wolf jump, hit layout series. Fell on side somi. Dismount looked a little low. I didn’t see most of this though. 9.066

El Zeiny FX: 1.5 through to 2.5 with a step forward. Double tuck a little low. Sat front full.

Onyshko UB: Maloney to Tkachev, a little low with flexed feet, Hindorff, short handstand before pak, short handstand before van Leeuwen, but it’s clean, toe half to Endo full, muscled and she has to pause on the bar. 😦 Front giant to double front with a step forward. 12.266

7:08 pm. Cummins VT: Second vault is a handspring front tuck half with a small hop to the side. 12.9, average 13.166

Derwael UB: Huge Downie, Ricna half to Ezhova, YAS. Chow, to Bhardwaj, YAS!!! Clean van Leeuwen, toe full to full-out STUCK!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 14.966!!!!!!! 6.3 D, 8.666 E. Amazing.

Giladi BB: Hit her punch front tuck. Flight series, layout was a bit piked. Hit her 1.5 dismount. 10.066

Hussein FX: Love this kid. Triple full stumbled to the side and OOB. 😦 I didn’t see the rest but didn’t see any other big mistakes aside from that opening pass. 11.766

Daries VT: Hit her first vault, an FTY. Looked to be bounced back. 13.4. I didn’t see her second vault but it got a 12.7, average 13.05.

7:02 pm. Cummins VT: Clean FTY right down the middle. 13.433

Hermans UB: Saw it from the Maloney to the pak, HUGE. Van Leeuwen with flexed feet but otherwise clean. Jaeger, toe on to full-out, YAY RUNE!!!!!!!!!! She’s happy. 13.8!

Netzer BB: Bhs layout is piked but hit. Hit something into her back tuck. Side somi. Hit the dismount. 10.633

Salem FX: Music is SO low to start out. 2.5 to punch front. Double pike with a bounce back. They said Hana Kassem but I’m pretty sure this is Farah Salem. Nice 1.5 to punch front. Great routine! They just corrected themselves, it is Farah Salem. Really fun and cute and well-performed routine. 12.033

6:58 pm. Subdivision two! South Africa, Vietnam, and India on vault, Belgium and Canada on bars, Israel and Russia on beam, and Egypt and Portugal on floor!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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120 thoughts on “The World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Subdivision 2

  1. Georgia Mae Fenton did quite well. Only 0.433 difference in execution with Derwael even with Nina having high DV. She is quite surprising. Never been in my radar for bars EF


    • If one wants to rewatch for comparison, Black’s routine is at 18.05, Derwael at 10:22 of Sub 2 stream, while Fenton’s is at 1:17:24 of the Sub 1 stream. The camera’s not at a good angle to see handstands, but otherwise, Black is very clean. Just a slight leg sep on her pak, which the judges can’t really see. Derwael also looks good, just messy feet on her last pirouette. But there’s really not a big difference between the 2.
      As for Fenton, as lovely as she is, I think she was lucky to score so close to Derwael. She flexes her feet anytime she does a skill, she looked to go over on her low bar pirouette, transition to the high bar was a bit flat and the cast handstand following it was labored. She also landed with a very low chest on dismount- her hand came close to grazing the floor. Not saying it wasn’t a beautiful routine. This is nitpicky stuff, but it adds up. On pure execution, Black looks better than Fenton really.


  2. The beam judging is MEAN (well they are actually taking all the deductions). I see the deductions though, it just looks insane compared to the bars scores right now LMAO.


      • Oh yeah I see where they are getting it from they are taking the max for everything. Where as bars… I mean even Nina has some form errors (mainly like crossed feet and such) but like yeah its insane. Just like last year hahah


    • oh my goodness yes! I did not expect those score from eremina and melnikova. They are really cracking down on execution this year. (except the canadians


      • I’m okay if Eremina doesn’t make beam finals. She wobbled on her Y-turn, her layout series, her front aerial, and a following leap, along with the hop on the dismount. And is it just me or are her leaps lacking in split? They may just hit 180 but don’t look like it in real time.
        It wasn’t a great routine, but it was a great routine for a Russian gymnast because we’re so used to them making major errors on beam, it feels stellar just to see them stay on at worlds. I’m proud of her for holding it together and not having a big slip-up, but there were multiple visible errors that added up- and that’s not even counting all the new execution deductions like pauses and releve and choreo and whatever else.


    • i was hoping that podium training was just a fuke but alas she falls twice on floor. At least she stayed on beam, that’s an improvement from 2015 worlds. I’m still holding out hope that she nails it on finals. you never know with melnikova


      • True, I guess I’m just sad for her because at Euros we saw her really nail it, and I hoped she might figure out she’s actually good after that…


  3. Only 0.1 penalty for touching the beam? They are very generous at giving connections to Onyshko’s beam.

    Melnikova can just not get it together.


    • 0.1 isn’t a penalty for touching the beam. It’s a neutral ‘over time’ deduction. Grasping or touching the beam is an execution deduction of 0.5 and isn’t separately noted on the score sheet. Judges don’t make up deductions. The deduction are all specified in the code. Sometimes they are fixed (0.5=grasping the beam or 1.0=fall) and sometimes they are 0.1or 0.3or 0.5 for a wobble depending on whether it’s a small, medium or big wobble


  4. Please bring Mustafina back! Do you realize she is the only Russian to bring individual world medals home since 2011 (excluding Paseka)?


      • Yes I wanted. Paseka has great medal chances on VT, and Kharenkova chances of medal on BB/FX >> Melnikova. Mark my words: Melnikova will come out empty-handed. Her Euro FX was just a fluke.


        • And so was her hitting every single one of her Russian Cup routines? Were all 12 of those performances also flukes? In your world flukes must be pretty common. Seriously. So you’re saying they should have left one of their only two medal potential all arounders and a reigning European Champion at home when she has all her difficulty and her execution. Ok. To me the only fluke was her falling twice on floor.


  5. Lauren I’m not worried about wherever or not everyone is scored harshly on Beam today but what about tomorrow? I’m so worried that Black and Eremina may have performed routines that will be good enough in comparison to everyone else tomorrow but will get shouldered out simply because the judging is different on the day, like what happened in Rio.


    • They are quite generous with the Canadians though.

      I’m more worried for the Chinese gymnasts being hammered still despite being in sub 5.


      • I don’t think they were particularly generous with the Canadians on beam? It sounds like Ellie got a generous E score on bars (I didn’t start watching until Brooklyn), but the beam judges seem pretty strict across the board.


        • Yeah, beam was good for Canadians. I was like oh Ellie’s gonna go 8.5 hahaha, but she got a point lower than that so they were tight with her. Bars was silly but beam was accurate with everyone else’s scores.


  6. Brooklyn hitting floor made my day! I think she justified her selection on to the world team. Please, please, please may that score hold on to get into finals!


  7. paseka’s amanar was actually pretty good. If she keeps this up she definitely have a chance of defending her title by virtue of her difficult score.


  8. Did Moors just two-per-country boot Olsen out of the FX final? What is this life!! I’m in LOVE with Moors’ routine and I’m so happy for her, just surpiesed that she beat Olsen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think Olsens score would’ve been good enough anyway. Blacks 13.433 is a maybe but a 13.133 into floor final? Doubt it. If Ellie Black sticks around the Canadian team will be amazing next year.


  9. But do the judges see the massive split etc etc that we do from all angles replayed? On Paseka that is. Does the side view show all that?


  10. LOL LOL LOL Melnikova will steal Illiankova’s sport on UB and Valentina didn’t bring Kharenkova to at least have one Russian on EF Day 2 😡😠😡😠😡


        • Eremina is not going to make finals. Ragan, Morgan, Thais, Sanne, Eythora, Larisa, Catalina, Tingting, Wang Yan,Luo, Marine, Pauline, Asuka… Too many names to qualify over her.


        • Everyone you listed could make Beam finals over Eremina but I’m betting at least half of them will fall and the Beam scores today were literally a point lower than what they would’ve gotten at any other international competition this year, so while it could happen I wouldn’t hold my breath on the judges busting out high 13s to mid 14s scores on day 2.


    • Does she enter correctly? Theres opinions out there she is cheatin by being not fully front on . There wad another vault they had to devalue becoz girls were doing si ilar a few quads back .


  11. Very disappointed in all the critical comments on here. They work so hard and put so much effort into things. Sad really. Bravo to all the gymnasts out there today. You did awesome.


    • I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy


    • You mean the critical comments about how skills look? Do you think judges just say “oh that was great!” and give them all 10s? People want to know how routines look and I describe them. They all did fabulous but they also had lots of falls and mistakes and I’m not going to pretend everyone had a perfect routine. I am never mean in my critique and always try to bring up positive things for everyone.


      • Lauren do you ever think they will implement like an all angle judging review or judges positions on all angles to deduct specific things? lol.


        • i mean that would be great, if you wanted super accurate scores (looking at Paseka). However, scoring already takes way too long and i believe the judges can’t even use slow mo replay?


        • It’s funny they took away slow mo replay to make the scores go faster but instead it’s going 10x slower because they have to sit their and discuss about what they should and shouldn’t deduct and it’s honestly probably why judging is so tight on Beam and (kind of) on floor.


      • No I an not naive thats what they say. But its easy for people on here to criticize someones routine from the side lines. Do you think the judges care what you think about their scoring. Their scores are the scores. I just think its rude to be so critical, especially when its done behind a anonymous name. Its like you people think they owe you something. Enjoy what you see. Enjoy the beauty of gymnastics. Thanks gymter for the play by play of the competition.


        • It is easy to lose the joy and beauty of experiencing gymnastics when the mind is too honed in on seeing deductions. This is what fans do in every sport though- from debating foul calls in basketball, pass interference calls in football, spin positions in figure skating and angles in diving. Any sport with a subjective element is going to have criticism and debate because it’s not hard and fast. It all is debatable, unless it’s timed like swimming or track. And gymnastics more than almost any sport has a ton of tiny weird deductions, many of which don’t visibly look like errors- and those are in danger of being inconsistently taken, depending on reputation, country, subdivision start time. So it’s worth noting and discussing those.


  12. I was literally cheering at my laptop when Brooklyn hit her floor routine. 13.866 is pretty good for floor, but I hope her place in the finals is safe cause we still got a lot more stronger gymnasts competing tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for Hurd and Miyakawa.


    • I know. I’m worried the beam judges are going to wake up in the morning, take their happy pills and start scoring everyone a point higher than yesterday.


  13. Beam – they said they wanted more flow & the ooh aah that has been missing from beam for several quads. Think the 90s .! Compare the stop start complete tightrope style of today . Even Brooklyn has taken her floor back to the 90s & getting rewarded.

    I think they need to brring back the compulsory ( & trademark) balance & strength element , banish wolf turns above once & rate it an A . On floor as part of a choreographed move they are ok .

    I am not there but the organisation eg podium time , lighting & set up seem to be poor.


    • Sorry I spent 12 hours in an arena today and right after this subdivision had to run to do interviews so I didn’t have time to update and then I had to spend another four working on a photo album and a podcast and it’s 3:30 in the fucking morning and sorry you can’t figure out how to find the standings when they’re literally on which I’ve linked to multiple times.


      • Sorry for only wanting to know what’s going on. In future I will keep my comments to myself because now im being called ignorant for really just wanting to know Lauren. Sorry for offending you. Wont ever ask anything again.


        • @Micheal You’re being called ignorant because Lauren literally linked the site to the results 3 times and you missed it 3/3 times. I’d also like to address the fact that you said that Lauren’s live blogs “suck” when she has the most detailed and accurate coverage out there. And now you’re getting all butthurt because you were “called” ignorant for BEING ignorant AND you told the best gymblogger in the world that her writing sucks.


        • No point in continuing this conversation with u. If you read with comprehension u would understand what I said and yes I missed the links so kill me for relying on what Lauren blogs.


        • No point in continuing this conversation with u. If you read with comprehension u would understand what I said and yes I missed the links so kill me for relying on what Lauren blogs.


  14. It’s so unfair… All those comments about Melnikova’s form. Is her form as bad as Wieber’s or Raisman on UB or a little bit better?


    • Her form is better than Raisman’s on bars by a lot. But compared to the other good bars gymnasts she just has a lot of issues with leg form. Everything else is great but her leg form is REALLY noticeable.


  15. Ok that was the cleanest bar routine I’ve ever seen from Ellie. Not beautiful, but great positions catching her releases, good handstands, stuck landing. Her feet are flexed with every release, and the pak is FUGLY, but otherwise really quite clean. So I don’t think the E score is *that* off – but I do agree Nina’s routine is gorgeous and there should have been more differentiation. But when I watched Nina’s routine last night I thought it was basically perfect, but rewatching there are lots of little things to take, they are small but they do add up.

    You can watch both routines (you probably need a VPN outside of Canada)
    (Nina’s bars 10:00, Ellie’s 17:45)


    • Yeah, for me it’s like, if Ellie gets an 8.5, Nina should’ve been at least 3-5 tenths higher just based on technique alone. Nina actually had a few little errors so I get why hers was lower than it could be, but only a tenth separation between the two is crazy!


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