Dynamo Gymnastics Episode 1 – Brooklyn Moors

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A few months ago, we introduced you to the fabulous team at Dynamo Gymnastics in Cambridge, Ontario.

Now, we’re excited to release the first video in our series that will feature the gymnasts, the coaches, and the support system behind this incredible program!

At this point, you probably know who Brooklyn Moors is and what she can do. But when we went to Dynamo in August to film this, you probably weren’t as familiar. Brooklyn, the younger sister of 2012 Olympian Victoria Moors, entered the senior elite program unsure of how she’d factor into Team Canada, but within a few months she was proving to be one of the best in the country.

After earning a few international assignments early in the season, Brooklyn worked to upgrade her routines, and when it came time to attend the worlds selection camp, Brooklyn was impossible to leave behind.

When we visited Brooklyn shortly after she made the team, she told us she still had to prove herself at a couple more camps and assignments before her spot was secure, but Brooklyn did exactly what she needed to, defeating Olympic floor medalists Catalina Ponor and Amy Tinkler to win the gold at a challenge cup in Hungary while also taking the title at the Pan American Championships in Peru.

As a member of the world championships team in Montreal, Brooklyn blew everyone away, competing in the all-around and making the final when she was originally only expected to do a couple of events, getting Canada’s best-ever finish on floor with her fifth place ranking in the final, and becoming the first Canadian gymnast to win the Longines Prize for Elegance, the third gymnast in history to do so in her first year at the senior level, following in the footsteps of U.S. gymnasts Carly Patterson in 2003 and Shawn Johnson in 2007.

We hope you enjoy this look at Brooklyn in the gym back when she was still in that limbo between new kid trying to prove herself after making the team and overnight sensation at worlds. Going forward, we’re excited to see her continue to make history for Canada with her brilliant performances, powerful tumbling, and elegant leaps and turns.

Article by Lauren Hopkins
Video by Alexandra Leask

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8 thoughts on “Dynamo Gymnastics Episode 1 – Brooklyn Moors

  1. Great video! But can we include the questions before she answers them? Maybe I’m slow but it took me a while to realize she was talking about her sister since it’s not shown what was asked.


    • Yeah, we have a few notes like this that we gave ourselves basically, with that being one of them…we tried to get the girls to repeat the questions when they answered so it would be like “tell us about working out with your sister” and she’d be like “working out with my sister is…” but sometimes the girls forgot to repeat the phrasing. Something to work on in the future!!


  2. This was so wonderful to see! Really looking forward to future episodes.

    (Side note, I showed my non-gym friend Brittany (she watches it occasionally on TV but doesn’t follow it) Brooklyn’s EF finals routine and her response was “That isn’t a girl, that’s a liquid.” ::lol:: )


  3. I.know she is a first year senior and you can see how nervous she is about this interview and that she is a little uncomfortable, but I do.hope that someone takes her aside and tells her to use “like” waaaaaaay less.I think she used like about every second word.argh.anyway personal pet peeve.she is such a lovely gymnast so she will be interviewed a LOT over the next years,so it won’t hurt to get some mediatraining.


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