The NCAA Gym Skim | January 11

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Boise State 196.225, Southern Utah 194.350 [Results]

This week’s meet was an excellent way for the Broncos to kick off the season, posting the fifth-best team score for 2018 debuts thus far and the highest season opening score in program history while counting no falls or major errors and putting up a stellar finish on floor. Shani Remme contributed big numbers on all four events, including 9.875s on bars, beam, and floor where her routines were like butter, especially her beam set complete with a solid flight series, front aerial, and stuck dismount. Courtney McGregor also competed in the all-around, bringing a Yurchenko 1½ to the anchor spot in a lineup that is four 10.0 start values strong, while also showing big potential on her other events, with her clean bars and jam-packed beam her highlights. Also notable were Sarah Means with her gorgeous Yurchenko 1½, Ann Stockwell with her gorgeous layout Gienger and stuck full-out on bars, and fabulously fun floor routines from redshirt seniors Mary Frances Bir (her first floor routine in years!) and Sandra Collantes, who performed to “Mambo #5.”

SUU had a tough time counting falls on bars and beam, but their floor rotation was fire, and they proved that once they’re counting fully hit routines they’ll be one to watch going forward. Autumn Jorgensen was perfection with a solid flight series, punch front, and huge power hurdle into a double tuck on beam, and I also found freshman Alyssa Ladieu magical to watch on that event, while Molly Jozwiakowski brought the drama with her Jaws routine and awesome front tumbling (a Rudi to layout stepout followed by a front double full, both punched into directly), Kirstie Yee was lovely with a piked Jaeger and double layout on bars, and Megan McBride stole the show with her phenomenal stuck Yurchenko full in the leadoff position on vault, getting the only 9.9 of the meet.

AA: Shani Remme, Boise State, 39.425
VT: Megan McBride, Southern Utah, 9.900
UB: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.875
BB: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.875
FX: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.875

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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2 thoughts on “The NCAA Gym Skim | January 11

  1. The commentary on that meet kept cracking me up.

    Commentator: “That’s right. Last year the Yurchenko full was valued out of a ten, so every girl in our lineup would have been starting out a 10.0”
    Me: “… amazing. Every word you said was wrong.”

    Commentator 1: *Clearly trying to make a joke* “I don’t know much about this Southern Utah team, but is it possible that Megan McBride and Madison McBride are related?”
    Commentator 2: *long pause, then, in the driest voice known to man* “It’s possible.”


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