The NCAA Gym Skim | January 19


The daily NCAA gymnastics update featuring the must-know moments and top stats from every meet all in one place.

A list of links to full results and next week’s schedule is available here.

Utah 197.450, Oregon State 196.300 [Results]

Collectively, this wasn’t Utah’s best meet, with quite a few noticeable mistakes coming from normally strong contenders, but MyKayla Skinner had an incredible day, and was on pace for a 39.8 in the all-around until a super bizarre fluke came in on her 1½ through to double full, her knees kind of buckling out of her 1½ giving her no snap into the subsequent skills, and yet somehow she muscled around the double full and landed it, getting her a 9.875 for what could’ve been close to a 10 without the error. I continue to be impressed with the work she’s put in on bars and beam, where she received scores of 9.975 and 9.925, respectively, and her landings on her DTY are also getting better, making her a force to be reckoned with in the all-around.

Aside from Skinner, Merrell-Giles continues to be a huge asset to this team, freshman Sydney Soloski always brings it on floor, becoming one of three gymnasts to get a 9.925 last night, and Missy Reinstadtler is such a gorgeous athlete, even when she’s not exact with every skill, she more than makes up for it with style and flair.

I thought once again, Oregon State got lowballed here compared to Utah, just as they did on the road last week, and I don’t think their score really matches what we saw from them, but it was still an improvement from their debut with every event total surpassing a 49 (and if the judges in Corvallis feel like over-scoring every single routine when they finally compete at home, it’ll be more than fair). Sabrina Gill is shaping up to be an excellent all-arounder, following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian and now-retired Maddie Gardiner, while seniors Shireen Khamedoost and Dani Dessaints each helped the team on two events, and specialist Mariana Colussi-Pelaez was excellent on bars.

AA: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 39.725
VT: MyKayla Skinner & MaKenna Merrell-Giles, Utah, 9.950
UB: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.975
BB: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.925
FX: Sydney Soloski, MaKenna Merrell-Giles, & Tiffani Lewis, Utah, 9.925

LSU 197.450, Alabama 196.725 [Results]

As with Utah, this wasn’t the greatest collective meet for LSU, and like Utah, you wouldn’t know it from the scores. On bars, Sarah Finnegan had a crooked bail and a deep landing on her dismount, but one judge gave her a 10, while Lexie Priessman was as good as it gets, and got only a 9.9 in comparison, but while that was annoying, the team did look excellent on that event overall.

Finnegan was a bit shaky on beam, but still managed to tie Myia Hambrick, who had a mostly strong day, for the all-around title, while Julianna Cannamela offered valuable routines on vault and floor, and Christina Desiderio was a highlight in a somewhat underwhelming beam rotation. We got to see Ruby Harrold back in the lineup on vault in addition to contributing on bars and floor, but unfortunately she sat a punch front out of one of her floor passes in an overall kind of weak routine, and her bars had several mistakes, including messy legs on the Zuchold and a step back on her cowboyed double tuck, yet she still managed a 9.9.

Alabama also wasn’t in top form, though individually they had quite a few highlights, including Kiana Winston on all three of her events (she’s still not vaulting), Nickie Guerrero on beam and floor (her beam had a fabulous flight series and nearly stuck 1½ dismount), and Abby Armbrecht as a low-key steady contributor on vault, beam, and floor.

AA: Sarah Finnegan & Myia Hambrick, LSU, 39.550
VT: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.900
UB: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.975
BB: Nickie Guerrero, Alabama, 9.950
FX: Myia Hambrick, LSU, 9.950

Georgia 196.725, Auburn 196.375 [Results]

New head coach Courtney Kupets Carter got her first win on Friday night with another excellent meet for the Gymdogs, this time against SEC foe Auburn. With Sydney Snead and Rachel Dickson leading the team with standout routines from start to finish, my favorite performances came from Sabrina Vega on beam and floor while I was also pleased with the progress Marissa Oakley has made on beam. The team is still a bit weak on vault and bars, with lots of hops on both while on bars, handstands are an issue, but the team has the makings for incredible lineups on the latter, getting a huge 49.525 on floor — the second-highest nationally so far this season — fielding only five gymnasts. Their progress after the first downer of a meet has been insane, especially for a rebuliding year, and I’m excited to see how they can continue rising.

Visiting Auburn also had a strong meet from start to finish, especially after the first rotation. They overcame a fall on bars, but Abby Milliet had a surprisingly weak set with some leg separations and a late giant full into her dismount, and so the Tigers had to count a couple of sub-9.8s. Milliet had excellent work on beam and floor, though, with her beam currently one of my favorites in NCAA showcasing big difficulty done incredibly well. The team put up three Yurchenko 1½ vaults to come in strong there, and I enjoyed the strong beam sets from Samantha Cerio and Taylor Krippner, while Emma Slappey showed confident sets on beam and floor.

AA: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.500
VT: Lauren Johnson, Georgia, 9.900
UB: Rachel Dickson & Sydney Snead, Georgia, & Samantha Cerio, Auburn, 9.875
BB: Sydney Snead & Sabrina Vega, Georgia, & Samantha Cerio, Taylor Krippner, & Abby Milliet, Auburn, 9.875
FX: Sabrina Vega, Georgia, 9.950

Missouri 196.325, Arkansas 196.150 [Results]

This was such a fun-to-the-last-minute kind of meet, with both teams scoring equally well throughout the meet until Missouri brought it home on floor with a superb rotation, even with a bit of drama after Madeleine Huber had a rough set in the second-to-last spot, though Kennedi Harris brought it back with a near-perfect set that brought the house down for a 9.925. Morgan Porter seemed to be back on track with a solid vault and excellent bars set, Aspen Tucker continues to stand out as someone who can get the job done on any event, and Britney Ward was back on vault while also putting up a lovely beam set for the team high there.

Arkansas came back from an early fall on bars to put up five clean routines, though I thought their numbers were a bit low there overall. They picked up the pace on vault, but fielding only five competitors, they had to count a couple of sub-9.8s, which hurt their overall potential on that event, and on floor there were a few steps on passes and other small issues that kept them from getting into the 9.9s. Beam was the best for the team, with Sophia Carter lovely as always both there and on floor, while Jessica Yamzon — who had a great meet overall — had a confident set, and Sarah Shaffer was also excellent there and on floor as well.

AA: Jessica Yamzon, Arkansas, 39.250
VT: Braie Speed, Arkansas, 9.900
UB: Morgan Porter, Missouri, 9.900
BB: Jessica Yamzon & Michaela Burton, Arkansas, 9.900
FX: Kennedi Harris, Missouri, 9.925

Florida 196.325, Kentucky 195.950 [Results]

I was thinking the Gators at Kentucky could lead to a big win for the host team, and while Florida did count several mistakes as well as a fall on beam, the Wildcats unfortunately couldn’t take advantage of the errors when they ended up forced to count their own fall on bars. The bars judges were super tight, giving the Gators a weak start to their night when they refused to let handstands, bent elbows, and hops on landings slide, with Rachel Gowey getting the highest there for her Ray, toe on to Pak, and big stuck double layout earning a 9.825. Gowey was also the best on beam, hitting her triple flight series and sticking her gainer full, while Alyssa Baumann was lovely on beam and floor, and Rachel Slocum came back after last week’s vault issues to stick her handspring front pike half. Unfortunately, Kennedy Baker missed her wolf turn on beam in the leadoff spot, and then Alex McMurtry fell in her set as well, though the Gators did well enough elsewhere to not hand away the meet to the hosts.

For Kentucky, Alex Hyland had an incredible night, sticking a clean and gorgeous FTY to start out the meet before going on to put up a gorgeous, solid beam set before nailing floor. Sidney Dukes was also excellent on beam and floor, with just a check on her flight series on the latter, while her floor was tremendously good, and Mollie Korth rounded out the three Kentucky superstars with a fantastic all-around performance that included a solid Yurchenko 1½, a beautiful double layout full on bars, a stuck double full off beam, and an excellent floor set.

AA: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 39.500
VT: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, & Rachel Slocum, Florida, 9.925
UB: Rachel Gowey, Florida, 9.825
BB: Sidney Dukes & Alex Hyland, Kentucky, & Rachel Gowey, Florida, 9.900
FX: Sidney Dukes, Kentucky, 9.925

Kent State 195.925, Northern Illinois 195.200 [Results]

The host team got the win at Kent State, counting 20 hit routines into the totals with Rachel Stypinski once again leading the squad with an incredible performance, especially on beam and floor. Freshman Nasha Manitkul-Davis brought her A game on vault and floor, seniors Ali Marrero and Brooke Timko helped the team to an excellent 49.225 total on bars, and Dara Williams brought in a pair of 9.8s on vault and bars.

This was actually a tremendous meet for NIU this early in the season, with a few missteps here and there, but the Huskies didn’t count any falls and brought in 9.8+ scores on all four events to get above a 195. Katherine Prentice was stellar on bars and beam, Amanda Bartemio and Allison Richardson lent their talents to help the team on bars and floor, and all-arounder Ashley Potts brought in big scores on vault and bars in addition to rounding the team out with good scores on the other two events, especially as she brought the beam rotation back under control after a fall before her.

AA: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 39.425
VT: Ashley Potts, NIU, 9.850
UB: Ali Marrero, Kent State, 9.900
BB: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, 9.925
FX: Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, & Anna Martucci, NIU, 9.900

Boise State 195.850, Denver 195.050, Illinois-Chicago 192.375, Seattle Pacific 186.875 [Results]

This was unfortunately not the best meet for either Boise State or Denver, though in the end, Boise came out on top , overcoming a fall on floor and some weaker-than-usual routines elsewhere to finish eight points ahead of the visiting Pioneers. Shani Remme had an excellent meet, with beam especially strong for her this week, while Sandra Collantes was great on bars and floor, Courtney McGregor brought in big scores on vault and bars, and Sarah Means contributed lovely routines on bars and beam.

Denver faced issues on every event but beam, counting a rough vault from Maddie Karr, a fall on bars, and two weak floor sets in a five-person field to just manage surpassing a 195. With all of the mistakes, however, when the team hit, they looked fantastic, especially with Karr’s sets on bars, beam, and floor, Mia Sundstrom’s vault and beam, and Nikole Addison’s vault. Katelyn Schou contributed top scores on both of her events, with a 9.825 on beam and a 9.85 on floor, and Lynnzee Brown won the all-around with especially solid routines on vault and floor, though she did great work overall and continues to impress as a freshman who quickly became a team leader.

UIC had to count a few falls on beam, as well as a couple of weak sets on floor, with highlight routines from Kayla Baddeley on vault, Toni Alicke on bars, Kayla Baddeley on beam, and Alli Broad on floor, while for DII Seattle Pacific, we saw some mistakes counted on bars, though they got solid individual sets throughout the meet from McKenna Zimmerman on vault and bars, Lena Wirth on beam, and Kylee Gauna and Darian Burns on floor.

AA: Lynzzee Brown, Denver, 39.325
VT: Nikole Addison, Denver, 9.900
UB: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.900
BB: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.925
FX: Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 9.900

BYU 195.750, Southern Utah 194.475 [Results]

The ladies of BYU came in for another strong win, this time against conference rival Southern Utah by about a point and a half thanks to a solid, consistent day with not a single fall from start to finish, ending with a huge floor rotation that included a meet-high 9.875 from Mackenzie Douglas. Douglas also contributed the team’s top vault score, matched by specialist Avery Davis, while Jill van Mierlo contributed strong scores on all four events, Shannon Evans was a top contributor on bars and beam, and Brittni Hawes was a standout on bars.

Aside from counting a fall on bars, SUU was actually pretty evenly matched with BYU, and this could’ve been a closer battle had bars not ended up losing ground in the first rotation. The falls aside, we got some great sets, including a 9.8 from Madison McBride, who also contributed strong scores on the other three events, while Autumn Jorgensen was excellent on vault, beam, and floor, Karen Gonzalez was solid on beam and floor, and specialists Mary Packham and Mckenna Burnside were strong on their specialty events.

AA: Jill van Mierlo, BYU, 39.025
VT: Avery Bennett & Mackenzie Douglas, BYU, & Autumn Jorgensen, SUU, 9.800
UB: Brittni Hawes & Shannon Evans, BYU, 9.850
BB: Autumn Jorgensen, SUU, 9.875
FX: Mackenzie Douglas, BYU, 9.875

Iowa 195.725, Ohio State 195.300 [Results]

The host team Iowa got over a few minor mistakes to take the win over conference rival Ohio State even with a beam rotation that got a little scary for a second, finishing strong with mostly 9.8-range scores on floor. Charlotte Sullivan came up a little short with her Yurchenko layout half on vault and a decent bars set, but she finished her day with fantastic work on beam and floor. Other standouts included Clair Kaji on bars and beam, Nikki Youd on vault and beam, and Melissa Zurawski on vault, bars, and floor.

Ohio State is still needing to figure out how to tackle the little things, giving up many tenths for things that a little cleanup could quickly erase, but overall this was a solid meet for the team, especially on beam, the final event. Freshman Morgan Lowe was excellent on beam, and she also had one of the strongest vaults for the Buckeyes, while fellow newbie Jenna Swartzentruber was a star in the all-around, especially on bars and beam, where her lines and form are both lovely to watch. In addition to these two, I also found Jamie Stone strong across her three events, and while Alexis Mattern wasn’t at her best, she still made it through with a solid vault and good enough sets on beam and floor.

AA: Charlotte Sullivan, Iowa, & Jenna Swartzentruber, OSU, 39.100
VT: Nikki Youd, Iowa, 9.850
UB: Melissa Zurawski, Iowa, 9.875
BB: Jenna Swartzentruber & Morgan Lowe, OSU, & Nikki Youd & Clair Kaji, Iowa, 9.850
FX: Charlotte Sullivan & Lanie Snyder, Iowa, 9.875

Maryland 195.550, Penn State 195.025 [Results]

The Terps overcame a bars fall in the first half of this meet to finish strong on beam and floor, putting up solid rotations across the board in an upset of Penn State. Audrey Barber and Alecia Farina led the team with some of the top scores of the meet on all four events, helped out by Shynelle Agaran and Karrie Thomas on beam while Emma Johnson showed a strong set on floor.

Penn State unfortunately had to count a fall right away on bars, holding them back from challenging the host team in what could’ve been a super close meet otherwise. On a positive note, the team fought back from falls on the other three events to not let anything else take them down. Briannah Tsang continues to be a standout for the team, going 9.8 or better on all four events to win the all-around in a six-person field, while Mason Hosek was lovely on beam, Sabrina Garcia was valuable on floor, and freshman Ava Verdeflor put together a great set on bars, a good comeback after falling in her debut.

AA: Briannah Tsang, PSU, 39.300
VT: Audrey Barber, Maryland, & Gianna LaGuardia & Briannah Tsang, PSU, 9.800
UB: Briannah Tsang, PSU, 9.900
BB: Mason Hosek, PSU, 9.900
FX: Alecia Farina, Maryland, 9.900

Utah State 195.450, San Jose State 194.275, Sacramento State 193.275 [Results]

Utah State made a major improvement after a lackluster debut on the road last week, hitting all four events to easily defeat the visiting NorCal teams. Highlights for me included Mikaela Meyer and Faith Leary on vault and floor, beam specialists Annie Beck and Emily Briones on their event, and Logan Varnadore and Madison Ward on bars, with Ward also contributing solid sets on vault and floor, the latter of which was the team’s strongest event overall.

San Jose State struggled on bars, but fought back for the remaining events, coming in ahead of Sacramento State by a full point. For SJS, Kaitlin Won was excellent across the board, while Taylor Chan put up some of the team’s best work on every event but bars, where she had a fall, Ellie Pascoe-Long was stellar on vault and floor, and Stephanie Relova put up a beautiful set on beam. Sac State counted a fall on bars and weak routines elsewhere with a super injured roster at the moment, though standouts included Kendra Briada with a fantastic beam, the Soliwoda twins, Caitlin and Courtney, on pretty much all of their events, and Jackie Sampson on bars, beam, and floor.

AA: Kaitlin Won, SJSU, 39.075
VT: Ellie Pascoe-Long, SJSU, 9.825
UB: Keri Peel & Madison Ward, USU, & Jackie Sampson, Sac State, 9.825
BB: Stephanie Relova, SJSU, 9.875
FX: Faith Leary & Autumn DeHarde, USU, & Ellie Pascoe-Long, SJSU, 9.850

North Carolina 195.300, Temple 194.375 [Results]

Despite counting a fall on beam, UNC had an excellent meet at its second annual celebration of inclusion and equality. Khazia Hislop was once again a fantastic competitor anchoring her three events, and I was also impressed with Mikayla Robinson’s huge sets on vault and floor, Grace Donaghy’s solid work on bars, and Morgan Lane and Alexis Allen turning the beam rotation around after early lineup falls.

Temple also had a strong meet, coming back after some mistakes last week to not count any falls at UNC. Tori Edwards had a standout day on vault, beam, and floor, while Jaylene Everett brought strength to the vault and floor lineups, Monica Servidio was great on vault and bars, Kerry Arone put up one of the team’s top bars sets, and Jordyn Oster contributed a fantastic leadoff beam routine.

AA: n/a
VT: Madison Nettles, Kaitlynn Hedelund, & Khazia Hislop, UNC, 9.825
UB: Grace Donaghy, UNC, 9.800
BB: Alexis Allen, UNC, 9.900
FX: Mikayla Robinson, UNC, 9.900

Bowling Green 195.025, Eastern Michigan 193.950 [Results]

Fighting hard to come back from a weak rotation on bars, BGSU sealed the win this week thanks to excellent work on beam and floor, where they were led by British Isle transports Laura Mitchell and India McPeak as well as Jovannah East, who put up a meet-high 9.875 on floor in addition to a 9.825 on beam and a 9.85 to lead vault as well. Lexi Augustine was also solid on both events while contributing the team’s top bars score, and specialist Lauren DeMeno was also a standout competitor on vault.

EMU got off to a weak start on bars, and though they followed up with steady rotations for the rest of the meet, including fighting back from falls on floor and then also on beam to not count a single one, they were just a little off their game and gave up a few tenths here and there that added up. Kendall Valentin led the team with help from Emili Dobronics, specialist Lacey Rubin brought in the top score on bars and Megan Benzie was strong on floor.

AA: Kendall Valentin, EMU, 38.975
Jovannah East, BGSU, 9.850
UB: Lexi Augustine, BGSU, & Lacey Rubin, EMU, 9.775
BB: India McPeak, BGSU, 9.850
FX: Jovannah East, BGSU, 9.875

Michigan 194.975, Illinois 194.325 [Results]

Oof, this was a bummer of a meet for Michigan, which dropped nearly three points from last week’s meet at home after counting a fall on floor, where Olivia Karas was injured, making her unable to continue on in the beam lineup. Between counting the fall, working through multiple minor mistakes, and the first road meet taking away the benefit of home scoring that carried the team through the first couple of weeks, the Wolverines weren’t able to reach a 195, though they still came out on top of host team Illinois.

With all of the issues and setbacks, Brianna Brown continues to look lovely on her three events, bars, beam, and floor, and I was impressed with freshman Lauren Farley’s solid set on beam this week. Emma McLean was excellent on vault and floor, and Paige Zaziski led the team through an excellent bars rotation, in which each score to count was a 9.8 or better thanks to great work from Sydney Townsend, Polina Shchennikova, and a pre-injured Karas.

Illinois wasn’t able to take advantage of Michigan’s drama due to some mistakes and falls of their own, including being forced to count an 8.875 in a depleted bars field where only one score surpassed a 9.8. They made it through the rest of their events without any other major issues, with Bridget Hodan and Haylee Roe a standout on all three while Kasey Meeks put up an excellent vault, and Rae Balthazor — who led bars with a 9.825 — was fantastic across the board, minus a weaker-than-usual beam.

AA: Rae Balthazor, Illinois, 39.100
VT: Kasey Meeks, Illinois, 9.850
UB: Paige Zaziski, Michigan, 9.900
BB: Bridget Hodan, Illinois, 9.900
FX: Rae Balthazor, Illinois, & Emma McLean, Michigan, 9.875

Lindenwood 194.500, Alaska 188.300, Centenary 184.125 [Results]

The DII Lindenwood had an epic six-point win over DI Alaska at home in Missouri this week, counting zero falls to step it up with great routines from start to finish, beam and floor looking especially strong. Kierstin Sokolowski and Ryan Henry led the team, each with three excellent routines apiece, including a pair of 9.825s from Sokolowski on vault and beam while Henry had a pair of 9.8s on bars and beam. Breanna Franklin led the team on floor, where every score to count was a 9.7 or higher, and specialist Emily Milliet lived up to her last name as a beam stud with a beautiful set that could give her sister Abby’s routine a run for her money.

Alaska fielded only five gymnasts on bars and floor, with bars ending up counting multiple mistakes while the team also counted two falls on beam, and Centenary finished four points behind the Seawolves after even bigger problems on bars and beam, though the DIII squad actually beat Arkansas on floor thanks to a lineup that included the fantastic Cami Bea Austin and Navia Jordan bringing in a set of 9.7s. In addition to these two, Centenary saw highlight routines from Jerrica Harris on beam and Ashley White on beam and floor, while for Alaska, Mackenzie Miller and Isabelle Fox were solid across the board, and Kaylin Mancari brought in a 9.7 of her own on floor.

AA: Isabelle Fox, Alaska, 38.425
VT: Kierstin Sokolowski, Lindenwood, 9.825
UB: Ryan Henry, Lindenwood, 9.800
BB: Kierstin Sokolowski, Lindenwood, 9.825
FX: Breanna Franklin, Lindenwood, 9.800

La Crosse 187.900, Hamline 184.100 [Results]

La Crosse put up a phenomenal beam rotation on Friday night to get a road win in Minnesota, counting three 9.7+ scores to get to a huge 48.300 thanks to huge routines from Leah Spankowski, Sam Weyker, and Jessica Ahrens. Ahrens was also a standout on vault and floor, while Spankowski put up a solid vault score as well, and the team additionally had strong bars sets from Brooke Kachinsky, Lauren Wilson, and Amy Enright, who fought to hit after a weak start in the early half of the rotation.

Hamline struggled on bars and put up a couple of weaker sets on beam and floor, but vault was an excellent rotation for the team, which counted sets at 9.325 or higher, including a 9.575 from Sydney Tribbet, who was also excellent as the floor anchor, where she won the title with a 9.525. Other highlights for Hamline included Morgan Bradford and Lydia Ingram on bars, and Meghan Webb on beam.

AA: Caitlin Cooper, Hamline, 36.200
VT: Jessica Ahrens, La Crosse, 9.600
UB: Lauren Wilson & Amy Enright, La Crosse, 9.575
BB: Jessica Ahrens, La Crosse, 9.775
FX: Sydney Tribbet, Hamline, 9.525

Stout 186.575, Eau Claire 185.475 [Results]

Brooke Terry had an incredible meet at home, putting up four fantastic routines to help Stout to a full point win over visiting Eau Claire. In addition to Terry, Mikala Bugge put up some of the team’s best numbers on all but beam, where she struggled a bit, while Sierra Beaver and Mallary Dick were great on bars, Chelsea Gray and Emma Sirjord stood out on beam, and Kenzie Hyde was the top contributor on floor, all work leading to a solid overall performance for the host team.

Visiting Eau Claire also had a really strong meet, thanks mostly to a bunch of specialists all stepping up across each event. Megan Fayler and Lauralynn Anderson kicked things off with fantastic work on bars, Tori Erickson was the top earner on vault in addition to bringing in a massive 9.725 on beam, the meet-high score for both teams, and Kiya Bjorge was outstanding on floor.

AA: Brooke Terry, Stout, 37.725
VT: Mikala Bugge, Stout, 9.550
UB: Megan Fayler, Eau Claire, 9.600
BB: Tori Erickson, Eau Claire, 9.725
FX: Kenzie Hyde, Stout, 9.625

Winona State 185.875, Oshkosh 181.400 [Results]

Winona State managed over a four-point win ahead of visiting Oshkosh thanks to a steady day that culminated with a big floor rotation. Eboni Jackson actually showed signs of being human with a crashed vault, though she picked herself up to bring in some of the team’s top scores on her remaining events, including a 9.55 as the leadoff on beam and a 9.775 as the anchor on floor, winning the titles on both. Alana Currin led the team on vault, while Kathryn Pipp was the strongest on bars and Kelly Johnston also brought in a big score on beam.

Oshkosh was a point or more behind the host team on every event but vault, counting a few falls in their day but showing some great individual highlight routines here and there. Amanda McBrayer, normally solid, ended up struggling on all events but vault, which she won with a 9.475, so it was up to others to carry the team, with Bailee Hardy leading bars, Baylee Tkaczuk leading beam, and Bailey Finin leading floor.

AA: Eboni Jackson, Winona State, 36.850
VT: Amanda McBrayer, Oshkosh, 9.475
UB: Kathryn Pipp, Winona State, 9.500
BB: Eboni Jackson, Winona State, 9.550
FX: Eboni Jackson, Winona State, 9.775

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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