Chusovitina Returns to Competition in Baku

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We continue the world cup series this weekend with the meet in Baku, where the competition is still looking a little weak — most of the world’s best will be at the team challenge in Stuttgart this weekend or holding out for next weekend’s meet at Doha, which will be a sort of dress rehearsal for this year’s world championships — but there will still be some great standouts on both the men’s and women’s side to look forward to.

Slovenia will be a standout program on a couple of events in Baku, with 2016 Olympian Teja Belak joining teammate Tjasa Kysselef, who just won the vault title at the world cup in Melbourne. These two will be strong vault medal contenders here, but they’ll have Oksana Chusovitina making a push for gold, so it should be a fun battle between the three of them. Chusovitina won gold at Baku last season, and she’s won about three billion world cup titles throughout her career, though while this is nothing new for her, it does mark the first competition of 2018 for the Uzbek superstar, who is hoping to compete at her eighth Olympic Games in 2020 and a world cup series title could be her ticket in. While this meet isn’t yet part of the Olympic qualifying series, it’s still an important step for her as she continues to fine-tune and prepare for that challenge.

China’s Luo Huan and Lyu Jiaqi will be the big — slash only, really — competition for the bars title this year. Luo was a standout in the bars final at worlds last year, and Lyu, generally a B-team kid for her national program, was the silver medalist at Cottbus with a fantastic set, so I’m looking forward to some intricate work from both of these ladies this weekend, though assuming they take gold and silver, the bronze is going to be completely up in the air.

I’m most excited for Ana Derek of Croatia on beam and floor, with her big leaps and always beautiful dance a treasure, and I also love watching Ioanna Xoulogi of Greece, Valeriia Osipova of Ukraine and Göksu Üctas Sanli of Turkey shine on these events as well. Üctas Sanli made a comeback in the sport in 2016 after giving birth to a daughter following her appearance at the London Games, and while beam and floor have been her standout events throughout her comeback, she was recently able to add solid sets on the other two, resulting in an all-around national title at age 27.

Her male counterpart at nationals this year, Turkey’s rising star Ahmet Önder, unfortunately had to withdraw from this competition due to an injury that should keep him out for about a month, but we’ll still get to see Ferhat Arican steal the show with his artistic flair on all of his events.

Floor is looking to be the most exciting and dramatic event for the men, where Dutch gymnasts Bart Deurloo and Bram Verhofstad will again face Tomas Gonzalez of Chile. When Deurloo reported a dead spot on the floor to the officials at Montreal, his teammate Verhofstad got the chance to go again, and his higher score the second time around ended up knocking Gonzalez out of the final. Gonzalez appealed the decision and the FIG added a ninth spot to the final just for him, so it was win-win in the end, but we can always cross our fingers for even more drama between these three bros in Baku.

New senior Carlos Edriel Yulo of the Philippines — who edged out some serious competitors to win a medal on vault in Melbourne, where he also showed outstanding work on floor — will also compete here, as will China’s pommel king Weng Hao, who struggled in Melbourne, beautiful vaulter and pommel flairs master Lee Chih Kai of Chinese Taipei, rings god Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece, and a bunch of Japan and China’s endless supply of C-team kids who will inevitably win every medal and we’ll never see them again (jk, these groups are mostly pretty established B teamers, but still).

A full list of competitors is below. The competition kicks off with qualifications held Thursday and Friday at noon, with finals held Saturday and Sunday at the same time.

Murad Agharzayev
Timur Bairamov
Dariy Morozov
Marina Nekrasova
Yuliya Inshina
Mariia Smirnova
Pavel Bulauski
Andrey Likhovitskiy
Vasili Mikhalitsyn
Ilya Yakauleu
Tomas Gonzalez
Lan Xingyu
Mu Jile
Wang Junwen
Weng Hao
Luo Huan
Lyu Jiaqi
Hsu Ping Chien
Lee Chih Kai
Tseng Wei Sheng
Anton Kovacevic
Robert Seligman
Filip Ude
Ana Derek
Juho Kanerva
Oskar Kirmes
Elias Koski
Heikki Saarenketo
Emil Soravuo
Helmi Murto
Saba Abesadze
Dmitrii Govorov
Konstantin Kuzovkov
Anna Subbotina
Georgios Chatziefstathiou
Nikolaos Iliopoulos
Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Vlasios Maras
Eleftherios Petrounias
Antonios Tantalidis
Evelina Maja
Ioanna Xoulogi
Luca Garza
Matteo Levantesi
Carlo Macchini
Reza Farnia
Abdollah Jamei
Saeedreza Keikha
Mohammadreza Khosronezhad
Mohammad Moeen Safdari
Seyed Mohammad Shafiei
Meitar Lavy
Kenta Chiba
Kazuma Kaya
Fuya Maeno
Takaaki Sugino
Danil Baturin
Yerbol Jantykov
Nariman Kurbanov
Rihards Trams
Robert Tvorogal
Bart Deurloo
Bram Louwije
Casimir Schmidt
Anthony van Assche
Bram Verhofstad
Odin Kalvø
Stian Skjerahaug
Reyland Capellan
John Matthew Vergara
Carlos Edriel Yulo
Abdulaziz Salem Aljohani
Jaffar Saleh Alsayigh
Saso Bertoncelj
Alen Dimic
Rok Klavora
Teja Belak
Lucija Hribar
Tjasa Kysselef
Adela Sajn
Claudia Cummins
Naveen Daries
Angela Maguire
Ferhat Arican
Ibrahim Colak
Umit Samiloglu
Ilayda Sahin
Demet Mutlu
Göksu Üctas Sanli
Volodymyr Hrybuk
Roman Shkliarenko
Andrii Sienichkin
Maksym Vasylenko
Yana Fedorova
Valeriia Osipova
Abdulla Azimov Oksana Chusovitina

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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5 thoughts on “Chusovitina Returns to Competition in Baku

  1. Is there any way to know who is going to be at these comps in advance? I totally would have gone to Stuttgart if I’d known Steingruber would be there, but she hasn’t competed there in a few years and I figured it would mainly be the German gymnasts and then lesser known ones from other countries. I’m in Germany right now so it’s super frustrating to miss it (hotels, travel from where I am and rebooking flights is too much). Is there a way to tell which meets are going to be mostly B team gymnasts and which ones are for the better known ones? I always go to Euros and Worlds because you’re guaranteed the best gymnasts (if they’re not injured) but world cups seem so hit and miss.


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