Big Five Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the Big Five competition at Rutgers! We’re here in New Jersey to bring you the action from the meet that serves as the qualifier to next week’s Big Ten Championships.

Refresh your browser every three to five minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear at the top.

7:31 pm. Michigan was so good tonight yall. Don’t sleep on them. Their total score would’ve been at least five points higher in the SEC and parts of the Pac 12 and at every single senior night meet this season.

7:30 pm. Such a fab bars rotation for Minnesota! Shame they had the beam issues because they looked fab otherwise today.


1. Michigan 197.225
2. Iowa 195.275
3. Minnesota 195.150
4. Penn State 194.375
5. Rutgers 193.725

7:28 pm. McLean UM FX- Strong double pike to start, insane extension on her leap series, and good toe point too. Super clean front layout to front full. BEAUTIFUL double pike. SEC 10.

7:27 pm. Groden RU BB- Bhs loso is solid. Front toss to scale is LOVELY. Switch to split leap, excellent. Nice full turn control. Stuck gainer full. EXCELLENT finish.

7:26 pm. Zaziski UM FX- Hit her opening pass, punch layout out of her second pass has suuuuper tucked knees which is surprising? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that from her before, maybe a fluke out of the flip into it. Double tuck to finish is solid.

7:25 pm. McLachlan RU BB- I love her, she competed at Commonwealth Games in 2014 for Scotland. Switch to split jump, lovely switch half, clean bhs loso. Everything going well for her, side aerial to stuck tuck 1.5. Great work to bring Rutgers back.

Lu MINN UB- Maloney to Pak, brilliant and effortlessly gorgeous. Gets applause for her last handstand before the double layout stuck COLD.

7:24 pm. Brown UM FX- Solid 2.5 to open, just a step forward. Nice double pike. Good set on the 1.5, just some leg sep on the front layout out of it.

Ramler MINN UB- Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, stuck full-out! EXCELLENT set.

7:22 pm. Bridgens PSU VT- Excellent Yurchenko 1.5, small step.

Hitchcock MINN UB- Great set, finished with a lovely full-out dismount.

Huang RU BB- Off on her flight series, so Rutgers will count two falls. Front aerial to beat jump, side aerial with an adjustment, nice scale hold, switch to split jump with a wobble but keeps it on the beam, double full with a hop.

7:20 pm. Tsang PSU VT- Yurchenko 1.5, some good air but ends up a little short, step back to control it.

Rizkalla RU BB- Clea full L turn, off on front toss to back…tuck maybe? I only saw her as she was falling, so they have to count a fall now like pretty much everyone else but Michigan. Step back on the 1.5.

Rowland MINN UB- HUUUUUGE straddle Jaeger to overshoot. Stalder to toe front tuck, step. Nice!

Marinez UM FX- I saw it from the 2.5, which was okay, double pike had leg sep but a good landing.

7:17 pm. Chinnery PSU VT- Good hustle down the runway for her FTY, solid landing.

Farrell RU BB- Clean side aerial, wobble on her bhs loso but she saves it. 1.5 with a step back.

Quaglia MINN UB- Flexed feet on her piked Jaeger. The rest is nice, good landing on the dismount.

Funk UM FX- Excellent double pike and solid double tuck. I missed her middle pass but I’m sure it was FAB because Michigan showed up to COMPETE today.

LaGuardia PSU VT- FTY, big step back.

7:11 pm. Garcia PSU VT- Beautiful stuck FTY!! Just her chest down a bit.

Ung MINN UB- hit her release, and the dismount, everything tidy from what I saw.

Amoresano RU BB- Will Rutgers pass the beam test after an otherwise great meet? Apparently not, bhs loso completely crooked and she falls. Front toss with a wobble. Hit the dismount. They’ll have to fight back from that now.

Townsend UM FX- Front tuck through to super clean double tuck, excellent. Big double pike. Hit the last pass. Great opening set.

PSU VT- Clean FTY, another excellent landing!

7:08 pm. Iowa finishes with a 195.275! A shame about their beam falls because I thought they otherwise looked in contention for an evening spot at Big Tens.

Behind them, the other teams have each done three events. Michigan leads with 147.900, then Rutgers with 146.175, Minnesota with 145.775, and Penn State with 145.325.

7:06 pm. Tsang PSU FX- Piked full-in, a tiny bit of leg sep if you wanna be picky but overall a great skill and solid landing. 1.5 front half, nice, little bloop of a step on the double pike, really strong routine though. A+

7:04 pm. Garcia PSU FX- High double tuck, a bit of rebound back on the landing, but pulls it back. Excellent double pike!! High clean 1.5 to front layout, really lovely work from her in her dance and tumbling.

7:02 pm. Chow IOWA BB- Bhs layout, super piked and she ends up basically straddling the beam and hits her foot HARD when she comes down. Looks like she’s gonna go back up but then ends up saluting and walking gingerly out of the arena. She was the anchor and they were counting a fall whether she got back on or not so I’m glad they took a precaution instead of seeing a more disturbing injury happen after. Save her for Big Tens. 😦

6:59 pm. Santagado RU UB- Toe on to Maloney to Pak, some leg sep but overall good, step back on the dismount.

Youd IOWA BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, solid switch to split jump, cartwheel to gainer full, good comeback after the last routine.

Bridgens PSU FX- Double tuck, high, good landing. Solid Rudi loso. Very nice front full front lay, clean execution throughout!

According to the live scores in the arena, Schuller got a 12.75 on floor!!! CAROL!!!!!!!!!

6:57 pm. Farrell RU UB- Hit routine, I couldn’t see much!

Fitzke IOWA BB- Full turn, considerable prep for her bhs loso, loso is super low and she super crunches her ankles when landing it, falls after. Switch to way short straddle side. Hit the dismount.

Schuller PSU FX- Hit the beginning from what I could see. And the rest. Good work throughout, nothing super spectacular though.

Amoresano RU UB- Excellent routine with a nice high arabian dismount!! Rutgers is crushing it on bars?! This is like their best bars rotation all season.

6:54 pm. Groden RU UB Gienger with leg sep to overshoot, lots of air on the release, and looked like she stuck her double layout!

Ramler MINN VT- Big clean and stuck FTY! Best FTY of the day I’d say.

Sullivan IOWA BB- Front aerial to bhs, switch half to beat jump has great amplitude, little check on the side somi, solid landing on the dismount.

Bonsall PSU FX- Double pike, good start, little step on the front lay front full. Double tuck was a little low but no problems with the landing.

DeMuse MINN VT- Super far back on the table on her block for her FTY, huuuuge distance though, and a mostly okay landing, just some little form things.

6:53 pm. Quaglia MINN VT- Hit but I couldn’t see what.

Ley RU UB- Hit routine, just arched over her bail a bit but had a nice fight to fix it.

Hogan IOWA BB- Good bhs loso. Omg her beat jump to split jump to tuck jump 1.5, insane. Side aerial to stuck layout full. Excellent.

Hitchcock MINN VT- Huge FTY, small bounce back. Very solid.

6:50 pm. Montgomery MINN VT-  FTY, a little loose but not bad.

Huang RU UB- Hit routine, I saw only bits and pieces but it a was a good leadoff set.

Carlson IOWA BB- Bhs loso a little shy with a step back to control it. Loved the jump into her loso. 1.5 dismount is good.

Politz PSU FX- Good 2.5 to start. Hit her second pass, and the third is a 1.5 to front tuck with a couple of baby steps OOB. Got a 9.35? Maybe she wasn’t credited with something, I didn’t see a fall.

Gardner MINN VT- FTY, good extension, pretty clean, solid landing.

6:46 pm. Michigan leads with 147.900 with Iowa right behind them at 147.050. Only these two teams have done three events. For teams that have done two, Rutgers has 97.400, Minnesota has 96.750, and Penn State has 96.500.

6:42 pm. Ramler MINN FX- Excellent, clean, and huge double pike. SUPERB 1.5 to front layout. Switch ring is nice, to switch half, maybe a flexed foot on the ring part of her first leap. Double tuck stuck with her chest a little low. Fantastic routine.

6:39 pm. Williams MINN FX- Beautiful front double full to open!! Switch side to straddle half is good. 1.5 to front lay has some leg sep in the first flip. Double back is solid.

Brianna Brown got a SUPER WELL DESERVED 9.95 ON BEAM BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YALL THAT WAS A GOOD ONE. And judging has been sooooo crazy tight today.

6:37 pm. “Can you write that the floor judging is hella slow?” – Sarah Keegan, who is giving you some live tweet love today.

6:36 pm. Chow IOWA UB- Huuuge floaty Pak after her release, great landing on the double tuck dismount. Great comeback after that fall before her!

6:34 pm. Gardner MINN FX- Way short on her Rudi but somehow gets the loso around, step OOB. Nice switch half to straddle half. Solid SUPER high double tuck.

Marinez UM BB- Front aerial to bhs loso, little adjustment at the end but mostly great. Side aerial. Random switch half, kinda low and not at 180. Stuck double full.

6:32 pm. Farley UM BB- Switch to split jump, bhs loso loso looks short but she pulls her chest back right when she needs to. Side aerial to split jump. Hit the gainer dismount.

Kampschroeder IOWA UB- Beautiful toe point on her huge Ray, but it’s so big she doesn’t come close to catching. 😦 Toe on to Pak is good, floaty double layout with a hop.

6:30 pm. Sullivan IOWA UB- Good from what I saw.

Huang RU VT- FTY, a little short, but one of the strongest of the rotation so far.

Shchennikova UM BB- Goooorgeous mount. Full turn opens up so well. Solid bhs loso with a pause into the split jump. Side aerial to layout full, stuck with her chest down on her toes, college stick really as she jumps out of it early to salute.

Williams RU VT- Stuck FTY! A little short but very nice.

Zurawski IOWA UB- Caught the release and bail. Great landing on the dismount.

Montgomery MINN FX- Split legs on her double pike. Hit the pass after that, front lay front full maybe? Strong either way. Crazy knees on her 1.5 into her front layout to finish. Good landings but yeah, her legs were problematic.

6:28 pm. Rizkalla RU VT- Front front front pike!! Knee bend on the landing but love that vault.

Ung MINN FX- Hit the opening pass. And the whole routine. I saw almost none of it though.

Amoresano RU VT- Yurchenko layout half with a huge step forward.

Brown UM BB- Bhs loso is lovely. She still looks SO YOUNG AND WEE!!!! Switch to split jump is lovely, great extension. Lovely side somi. Beautiful clean stuck double full. Gorgeous. Best of the day.

6:25 pm. Cutler MINN FX- Front lay front full with a big step. Stuck double tuck.

Atienza RU VT- I couldn’t see the entry because THE ENTIRE ROW IN FRONT OF ME IS TRASH AND HAS BEEN STANDING UP THE WHOLE TIME. But it was a tuck full off, so maybe a tsuk? Way short and she stumbled back off the mat.

Zaziski UM BB- Switch side, good flight series, basically stuck gainer full. Good from what I could see.

Ortiz IOWA UB- Nice toe on to bail, release caught a little close (but between the bars so yay!), and double layout with a hop.

6:24 pm. Groden RU VT- FTY is a little short and crunched.

Snyder IOWA UB- Hit routine from what I could see.

Funk UM BB- I missed most of this but her jumps were fantastic and the landing on her dismount also looked great!

6:23 pm. Michigan leads 98.425 ahead of Iowa with 97.950 and Penn State with 96.500 for teams that have done two events!

6:15 pm. Rizkalla RU FX- Super quick Rudi to loso, just maybe the tiniest bit of a balance check on the landing. Double full with some leg stuff. Overall a solid finish!

6:12 pm. Huang RU FX- Front double full, some soft knees in there and she’s a tad underrotated. Rudi loso is better in both aspects. Nice switch ring. Rudi to finish is good.

6:10 pm. Williams RU FX- High double tuck to start, big step back looked ALMOST OOB if it didn’t go out. Front layout to Rudi is the strongest of the bunch so far, a lot of the Rudis today have been a bit janky.

Hosek PSU BB- Side aerial is short and crooked, fall. 😦 Oh Penn State. Bhs loso after is solid. Switch leap with a tiny pause into the straddle side. Front aerial to beat jump. Cat leap to stuck gainer full. UGH about that fall.

6:08 pm. Brown UM UB- Lovely Ray, toe on to beautiful Pak, clean double layout pinged off a little early and she takes a step but overall very nice quality work.

Tsang PSU BB- Flight series angled a bit too far to the side but she brings it back. Cat leap to switch side is good. Off on side somi. 😦 LOOOOVE the Kochetkova to layout full so much.

6:05 pm. Ali RU FX- Front through to double tuck, good landing. Hit the double back second pass.

McCracken PSU BB- Front aerial to bhs, nice extension on the bhs. Split jump to stag ring jump looked great. Cat leap, balked the front aerial, does it great on the second try. Stuck gainer full on her toes.

Zaziski UM UB- Hit what I could see pretty well. Just a tiny step on the dismount. Beautiful!

6:03 pm. Chow IOWA VT- Solid FTY with a bounce back.

Politz PSU BB- Bhs layout, super piked and low on the landing with a wobble and her chest down. Full turn. Cat leap to front aerial is nice. Stuck gainer full with her chest down a bit.

Snyder IOWA VT- FTY with a hop. She’s so tall!

Shchennikova UM UB- Maloney to Pak, nice, hit the dismount from what I could see.

Youd IOWA VT- Yurchenko layout half with a small hop.


6:00 pm. Zurawski IOWA VT- BEAUTIFUL stuck FTY!

Funk UM UB- Giant full to Tkachev, wayyy too close to the bar and she bends her knees on the catch. Solid double layout.

Bridgens PSU BB- Bhs loso is good. Tiny bounce on the 1.5.

Groden RU FX- Rudi to layout to straddle jump, really nice. Front double full! Solid.

Sullivan IOWA VT- Yurchenko layout half, hop forward.

Farley UM UB- Jaeger is a little close, double front with a little hop.

5:57 pm. Carlson IOWA VT- FTY, a tiny bit loose.

Townsend UM UB- Good Maloney to bail, double tuck with a solid landing.

Prieto RU FX- Rudi with messy legs to start. Hit the rest that I could see!

Garcia PSU BB- Hitch kick to switch side, nice toe point. Clean front aerial to beat jump. Hit her flight series. Chest down on her gainer full, landed on her toes. Looks thrilled with that!

5:55 pm. The music on floor is SO soft we can barely here it from where we’re sitting. I think I missed an Iowa floor set? Hopefully this time the crowd will be loud enough to alert me since Rutgers is up.

5:54 pm. The highest score for anyone today is a 9.85, which Zaziski got on vault, Lu got on beam, and Bridgens got on bars. I’d say all are definitely SUPER tight for those sets compared to how other routines have been scored this season.

5:51 pm. Standings after the first rotation…

1. Michigan 49.075
2. Iowa 48.950
3. Penn State 48.175
4. Minnesota 47.750

Oof Minnesota. Three falls and a weak opener. But at least Lu and Ramlery delivered? Olivia Karas is wheeling herself around on her little scooter but she’s having a blast so that’s nice to see.

5:49 pm. Snyder IOWA FX- Front tuck through to double tuck is a little short. I’m SO EXCITED I GET TO SEE THIS IN PERSON YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. I would’ve come here just for this routine. Front lay front full. Little shy on her jump series. Great double pike to finish. SO FUN.

5:47 pm. Zurawski IOWA FX- Double pike, good control on the landing. Front lay front full front pike, nice. Rudi is just a little shy.

Ramler MINN BB- Great flight series, front aerial into a jump is good as well. Tons of control here. Good extension on the ring jump. Clean side aerial to layout full, just a tiny slide back.

Tsang PSU UB- A little close on the Jaeger, jolts the catch on the overshoot and has to kinda regroup a bit. This has not been a cute day for Penn State on bars. Double layout looks a little awkward in the air, big hop back.

5:45 pm. Ung MINN BB- Good bhs loso, cat leap to big switch side. Hitch kick to side aerial completely misses the beam and she just lands the aerial on the floor. Minnesota will count a fall. Little bounce on her gainer full.

Garcia PSU UB- Good Jaeger, toe on to bail is clean, just over a tiny bit, but she saves it. Good landing on double layout.

5:43 pm. Gardner MINN BB- Nice wolf turn, but then she comes off on the first attempt of her front aerial bhs series. Does it again, it’s actually a front aerial to bhs loso, good the second time.

Bridgens PSU UB- Maloney to bail, just a little shaky on the catch. The rest looked good.

Sullivan IOWA FX- Front tuck through to 2.5 is great. Double tuck has a little bit of rebound. The crowd here for Iowa is yelling “Go Kiwi!!!” ❤

5:41 pm. Lu MINN BB- Beautiful flight series, bhs loso. GORGEOUS double spin. Lovely work on her side somi. Oh god the air she got on her gainer full, floats right down into the stick. Love. Beautiful.

McLean UM VT- FTY, clean in the air but she’s way short on the landing, chest almost horizontal.

I keep missing PSU on bars because beam blocks them but they’re riding the struggle bus today.

5:37 pm. Brown UM VT- Clean FTY, small bounce back.

Verdeflor PSU UB- Caught her release, ankle sep on her bail. The rest looked good!

Korlin-Downs MINN BB- Low out of her bhs in her flight series and completely misses the loso. Stuck the gainer full.

Fitzke IOWA FX- Double pike opens up nicely. 1.5 to front lay last pass is pretty loose and she steps completely off the floor, so obvs OOB.

Townsend UM VT- Really tight throughout her Yurchenko 1.5.

Zaziski UM VT- Super clean FTY, excellent landing.

5:33 pm. Shchennikova UM VT- I’m right by vault which I LOVE. You get to see everything funky right up close. It’s amazing how much a TV camera can mask it. FTY, chest slightly down, but good landing.

McCracken PSU UB- Off instantly on her Tkachev. Hit the rest, step back on her double tuck.

Montgomery MINN BB- Bhs loso, slightly bent knees. Beat jump to straddle half into another jump. Good punch front. Stuck 1.5 with some slight form stuff going on.

Chow IOWA FX- I missed her opening pass. Front lay front full with loose knees. Low Rudi to finish.

Funk UM VT- Little bounce on her FTY but overall a little stronger than Polina’s.


5:27 pm. Touch warmups are beginning now at the RAC! Michigan will start on vault, Penn State on brs, Minnesota on beam, and Iowa on floor.


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