2018 Stuttgart World Cup Results

The 2018 Stuttgart World Cup was held from March 17 through March 18 in Stuttgart, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Zhang Jin China 14.166 12.466 13.533 13.266 53.431
2 Elisabeth Seitz Germany 13.566 14.800 12.000 12.966 53.332
3 Jordan Chiles United States 14.666 12.900 11.733 13.633 52.932
4 Angelina Melnikova Russia 14.500 13.433 11.766 13.000 52.699
5 Sarah Voss Germany 14.433 13.333 12.400 12.300 52.466
6 Tisha Volleman Netherlands 14.166 12.500 12.500 12.700 51.866
7 Nagi Kajita Japan 13.400 12.700 11.200 13.100 50.400
8 Lucy Stanhope Great Britain 14.366 11.233 10.366 12.300 48.265



40 thoughts on “2018 Stuttgart World Cup Results

    • She is trying WAY TOO MUCH DIFFICULTY. The Inbar 1/1 on bars that she’s not really capable of right now. The piked full in off beam. The Full in double layout on floor. I’m actually afraid she’s going to land on her head one of these days

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      • Her floor score seemed really high for all the stumbling out of the 3rd pass, the piked full in, no clue why she put that 3rd, it seems to hard for her to do at that point. So maybe switch with her second pass? Or try to get her to do her Double Arabian instead, with a tighter tuck so she gets it around most of the time?

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    • Wow.

      Russian coaches that are forcing a talented young girl to repeatedly compete skills she’s not ready for and giving her no real break are the real disgrace. One day they are going to break her and I hope she isn’t seriously hurt as a result.

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    • More like the coaches are being idiots. Gelya had a beautiful double pike dismount on beam, and they changed it to an inconsistent piked full in. She already had stamina issues with her old floor routine, and they make her upgrade to a FTDLO instead of downgrading her routine. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten a major injury yet. They are really wasting her imo.

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  1. I can understand them trying to test out upgrades in early competitions, and then gradually phasing skills in or out of their routines depending on how well they perform them in competition, but the thing with Melnikova is that they constantly make her do her highest level of difficulty regardless if she’s injured or fatigued and then make her go to pretty much every international competition they can think of. And then Valentina wonders why she doesn’t perform well.

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  2. On melnikova:
    -yes finally the double arabian is gone!

    -wtf were her coaches thinking replacing one of the best double

    pikes off beam in the world with a terrible full in pike?!

    -get rid of the dismount combo on bars

    -oddly her FTDLO is cleaner than the dlo?!

    -whats more demonic: sedas layout full or gelyas layout?

    -wtf was that front kickover salto on beam? Is it a tuck is it a
    straddle is it a split? All three!

    -sloppy but good DTY

    -her coaches are on crack

    -let her rest!

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    • Huh? How is she being protected? In the opinion of countless others, it seems to be the opposite, that Valentina is NOT protecting her by sending her to far too many competitions in the last 2+ years, upgrading to unsafe skills & compositions, & now realizing the fatigue & severe injury potential.


  3. Can’t you stop blaming, criticizing and bashing Melka ! Stop harassing her and just switch off your computer if you hate her to that point ! 11 rancid comments against this poor girl … You have nothing to comment about other girls ? Luckily, Morgan Hurd is more benevolent than you are and send to Gelya a kind “good job” on her instagram.

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    • I think it depends how a)Taeja does in Doha and b) what events the team needs most in CWG. Lucy has a nice BB and solid DTY when she hits. She just looked so nervous today.


      • True abt Lucy but taeja has a 5.7 beam if she hits. She can be a finalist in the vault finals and her floor is usable. Which GB badly need in Claudia absence. She ended up with silver vault and floor at GB Champs. Let’s see how she preforms at Doha.


      • Been underwhelmed by both of these and general the GB seniors in general. Very inconsistent with mediocre difficult. It seem beyond a couple of individuals (Elle, Claudia & Amy) GB WAG is in poor situation. Go Wales to beat England at the Commonwealth.


        • Yep. I hope Amelie Morgan, Phoebe J, Annie Young etc transistion well in the next few years or GB will be in trouble.


    • Both Lucy and Taeja have been inconsistent this year, such a shame considering the potential there. I’m putting it down to nerves for them both.


  4. so underwhelmed by Jordan Chiles. I just don‘t see where she would fit in on a team. I don‘t think the Amanar is enough if you could take 5 solid DTY‘s and people that are actually amazing in the AA so you have a backup as well. I think she‘ll be the forever alternate.


    • She looked really confident, but couldn’t put it together. Such a shame!
      PersonalIy I wouldn’t mind if she graduates early and joins UCLA next year – Margz, Jordan and Nia all in one lineup would be some serious black girl magic!


      • Imagine a UCLA team of Jordan, Margzetta, Norah, Nia, Madison, Kyla, Pauline, Katelyn and the Glenn twins. You’re right, I now want Chiles to graduate early. There is the thing that she really doesn’t fit into the elite team. She has a decent vault and floor, but she’s not going to make it to worlds with vault alone with one guaranteed, maybe two medal contenders on vault and her floor isn’t as good as Morgan, Ragan or Emma, and that’s not even considering the potential that Biles has. Really Chiles is a perfect alternate, but I don’t really see her doing anything more than that unless Jade or Simone (assuming a close to full strength Simone) get injured.


      • Even though she has a second vault, do USA really need it? Simone is coming back this year. With Simone and Jade you are almost asured of two vault and floor finalist. Their execution on vault is better than Jordan. She has no other standout event. In AA, she has to beat Simone, Morgan, Ragan, Maile or Emma..


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  6. Even though it was kind of a splat fest (except for Zhang Jin, so happy she won), it was a good competition with some interesting upgrades from some gymnasts. A lot has been talked about Melnikova’s upgrades and I think the smarter move would be to work on her consistency and just giving the pool girl a break.

    Also, did anyone see Tisha Volleman’s Arabian mount?! Wow! Although it was kinda funny how she did that and then mid routine she struggled with a simple back walkover. It looked like she wanted to do something else but changed her mind midway LOL.


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