City of Jesolo Trophy Senior Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior session at the City of Jesolo Trophy! Most recent updates will appear at the top, and you can refresh your browser every few minutes to see them.

1:40 pm. I think this is official but we’ll see!

1. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 55.868
2. Ragan Smith, United States, 55.166
3. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, 54.567
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 54.500
5. Grace McCallum, United States, 53.933
6. Jade Barbosa, Brazil, 53.766
7. Adeline Kenlin, United States, 53.468
8. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 53.466

1:38 pm. Just waiting for some final legit results from someone trustworthy and then will update as best as possible!

1:33 pm. Iliankova RUS BB: Solid loso mount. Equally solid punch front, just a small adjustment. Good jumps. Tour jete half with a wobble. Side aerial loso with bent knees and it’s a little shy but she adjusts and is like no prob. Illusion turn, side somi, both good. Full Y turn, tiny adjustment, double tuck stuck! DAMN NASTIA. Some mistakes in there but really for her that was tremendous.

1:32 pm. Ivanus ROU UB: Oh, one more. Short handstand (like 45 degrees short) before blind change to straddle Jaeger, bent legs through her Pak and touched the mat, yikes. Arched over toe-on and came off. Giant full, and a double tuck with a solid landing to finish. Those handstands will kill her.

1:31 pm. Anyway, Romania ALMOST impressed me on bars today which is clearly a huge step for that program.

1:28 pm. Ocolisan ROU UB: Blind change to front giant half, Ray, bends her knees as she swings down out of it and has to kip cast again before going into her Pak, Maloney to bail, toe shoot, giant full, double pike is low and close to the bar.

Melnikova RUS BB: Punch front mount is good, solid switch ring, wobbled on the full L turn and at the end of her front aerial to ring jump, solid bhs loso, step back out of it, side somi, piked full-in dismount basically to her knees, suuuuper crunched and rough landing.

1:26 pm. Liu CHN FX: Triple full is actually lovely in the air. 2.5 to punch front is also really nice. Overrotated her third pass, stepped out of it after her knees buckled, and clean double full to finish. Not bad.

1:23 pm. Golgota ROU UB: Maloney to clear hip to big Tkachev, giant full, Pak with leg sep, toe on pulls back a bit but no problem going back up to the high bar, double front with a step back. Romania’s like hi we hit bars now kinda.

Perebinosova RUS BB: Layout series to a wobble, front aerial to illusion, hands down to control it. Side aerial to a leap series, double tuck was okay.

1:20 pm. Afanasyeva RUS BB: Off on mount. Hit what I saw after that, including a leap series and split full. Side somi. Wobble on her front aerial, misses connection to jump series. 2.5 dismount was good.

1:19 pm. Ghiciuc ROU UB: Shaposh to bail, clear hip to toe on (arched) to toe shoot, Jaeger, showing good toe point throughout! Giant full, double pike with a step. That was actually REALLY nice, Romania.

1:11 pm. Malabuyo USA BB: I missed the beginning but I loooooove the leap basically almost into her standing arabian. Good work there. Front aerial is solid, I think meant to connect into a jump. Switch ring is weak, back leg not where it needs to be. Bhs bhs double pike, basically stuck and good chest position. Mostly a great routine.

Cereghetti ITA FX: Hard fall on one of her early passes but she’s okay. Crashed her double pike to her chest after that and took a few seconds to get up before continuing into the rest of the routine. That looked bad.

1:10 pm. Holbura ROU UB: Clear hip half to piked Jaeger, muscles through blind change and has to do it again, messyinto a straddle Jaeger, bail is a little shy so she tries to correct but then arches over and falls.

1:05 pm. Kenlin USA VT: Solid DTY. Really great in the air, but just looks a tad short on the landing with a baby hop.

Charpy FRA UB: Van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger SUPER close, Ricna, Pak, finishes with a double layout, just steps back into her salute.

Smith USA BB: Wolf turn, solid layout series (form issues in layout) and standing full. Punch front to straddle jump to split ump, good, side straddle half not at 180, side split is okay ish, front aerial, slightly bent knees, bhs bhs double pike a little short with a step forward. I still think bars was her strongest of the day but this was pretty solid.

1:03 pm. Vanhille FRA UB: Chow to Pak is nice, Maloney to bail to toe full to Ray, good work, slightly short handstand before blind change to straddle Jaeger caught a bit close, toe half with at least a 0.3 handstand deduction, and a double layout with a hop.

12:54 pm. Iliankova RUS UB: I didn’t type through this but it was a great set, some minor form issues aside, but nothing rough or bad about it!

Golgota ROU VT: Solid DTY.

Saraiva BRA FX: Big double layout to start, just comes up a tad short on the landing. Hop forward. Whip to double tuck with a step back. 1.5 to front full with a step forward. I can’t believe it’s been four years since my obsession with her and Seda Tutkhalyan as BFFs. Too bad Seda isn’t here. Double pike is solid. This is a cute routine, I love her.

12:51 pm. Pedro BRA FX: Arabian double front, cowboyed with a hop forward. 1.5 through to double tuck. Wonky back leg on her switch ring into her switch half. 2.5 to punch front is a little short but nothing major, just not quite 100%. Double pike is great to finish.

12:50 pm. Perebinosova RUS UB: Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova, Maloney to stalder full to low and far Tkachev, doesn’t come close to catching. NO WILD DANCING FROM COACH MOM TODAY. Back on for repeated Tkachev to Pak, falls to her knees. Van Leeuwen with messy legs, full-in is nice with a little bounce.

12:46 pm. Ocolisan ROU VT: FTY, much better than the last one. Little piked at the end and a hop.

Barbosa BRA FX: Piked full-in with a bounce back. Tucked full-in with a step back. Tad short on one of her leaps in her series. 1.5 to front full stuck, very nice! God I want her to win this thing. Awesome choreo section after that with great facial expression and performance value. That was great. Okay now I really want her to win it. Double pike with a step, great. Fab work.

12:45 pm. Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full a little late to Komova II to Pak, very clean, van Leeuwen, just slight ankle separation, inbar half, muscled to piked Jaeger, which is too far and her fingers touch but she can’t grasp it. Toe full to full-in almost stuck, tiny baby step.

12:43 pm. Dominguez BRA FX: Really nice double arabian to start! Great form. Some of her leaps are a bit sketchy. Super clean double full. Her form is on point. Double pike, SAT NO WHY.

Ghiciuc ROU VT: FTY, form issues throughout and her block is low.

12:37 pm. Vézina CAN FX: Love her opening choreo. Dobule pike with a stumble back. Front layout full with a couople of steps forward that she kind of dances around. Quad turn into a pirouette, casual. Finishes with a 1.5 with a step forward.

Cereghetti ITA BB: I saw most of this, some wobbles, but it was mostly good so yay for her.

12:36 pm. Smith USA UB: Inbar is basically a toe on to “inbr” full to toe half to straddle Jaeger. Downie is good, arched handstand to Ricna to Pak, Ray back up, full-in with a hop. Her best of the day so far.

12:34 pm. Kröll GER FX: Double tuck with a step. Hops around Memmel turn. Hit her second pass with a step. 1.5 to front tuck. Double full to finish.

12:32 pm. Malabuyo USA UB: Inbar to inbar…half, supposed to be a full but she muscles through and has to get her rhythm back, inbar full again is good this time, Chow to Pak, Chow half is clean, stalder half to front giant half to Tkachev between the bars, short handstand before her giants to a full-twisting double layout, great landing. Shame about that early mistake.

12:30 pm. McCallum USA FX: Big tucked full-in to start, solid landing. Front layout to front double full to punch front, solid. Triple full, legs are a little messy with a step but a pretty solid pass overall. Maybe a tad short. Double tuck to finish, open in the air, great landing. Excellent work.

12:29 pm. Linari ITA BB: Good punch front to start, hit her leap series, cool double turn, layout series is pretty piked with a wobble, sideways straight jump full is solid, 2.5 with a little bounce in place on the landing.

12:26 pm. Shchennikova USA FX: Piked full-in isn’t bad. Double pike with a couple of steps back. I love that her hair almost low key matches her leo. Martha would NOT STAND FOR THAT. But I do. Switch ring to switch half. 1.5 to front full with a hop forward. Double tuck, stumbled forward and tried to save it but had to put her hands down.

Vanhille FRA VT: FTY, her run and hurdle looked super slow but she had no issue pulling it out.

12:21 pm. Saraiva BRA BB: Bhs mount to ring jump to Korbut, YAAAAAAS. Love. Roundoff layout is solid, straddle jump to sissone, and a tiny adjustment out of her full turn. Big wobble on bhs loso and I have NO IDEA how she held onto that. CASUAL. Switch ring with a low back leg. Punch front to sheep jump, weak sheep and she stumbles forward on it but saves it again. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring is excellent. Low double pike to finish with her chest down and a big step forward. Well that was a wild ride.

12:18 pm. Qian CHN UB: Lovely piked Jaeger, Pak, stalder to toe shoot, double layout with a step back.

12:16 pm. Barbosa BRA BB: Nice mount, and great layout series. Switch side half, cool, full L turn, solid punch front tuck, little adjustment, big wobble on wolf jump full. Low double pike, little hop back.

Mori ITA FX: Hit her opening pass. 2.5 to punch front, the twist is pretty messy and she’s a little short on the landing. Tucked full-in with a step back. Triple full, a little short and very messy in the air, not her best.

12:11 pm. Pedro BRA BB: Switch to tour jeté, over-rotated? Or under-rotated tour jeté half. Hit flight series and front aerial to split jump to bhs. Hop back on the double tuck.

Carofiglio ITA FX: Front layout to double front, big hop forward OOB. Dowell, way better, great landing. Solid 1.5 to front pike to finish.

Afanasyeva RUS VT: DTY, stumbled back and sat. Yikes.

12:09 pm. Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, big hop back, not bad. Solid.

Liu CHN UB: Messy legs through her toe full into her Tkachev, piked Jaeger, Pak is nice, toe on to full-in, crashed. Oof.

12:08 pm. Basile ITA FX: Double arabian, over-rotates and she runs forward OOB. 2.5 to punch front, step forward OOB. Double back is good. Double pike with a step to finish.

12:06 am. Iliankova RUS VT: FTY, nice.

Domingues BRA BB: Punch front mount, and good follow-up punch front tuck. Bhs loso with a step back. Full turn. Bobble on front aerial. Leap series didn’t look connected. Double tuck with a hop back.

Perebinosova RUS VT: Oof, FTY but it’s messy and kind of overrotated and awkward, form-wise. Runs back out of it.

11:53 am. Kröll GER BB: Back handspring mount is lovely. Switch to split leap, short on switch half, kind of a wild landing, illusion turn, nice, side aerial is solid, oof, on the back handspring into her dismount she FELL WHAAAT THE BAJEEBUS. Bhs loso to 1.5 dismount.

11:49 am. Malabuyo USA VT: DTY with a big step back but not bad!

McCallum USA BB: Nice triple wolf turn. Hit her flight series, low punch front tuck with a fall. Front…handspring I think, I missed it, to front aerial, nicely connected. Double tuck a little short with a step.

Cereghetti ITA UB: Nice Jaeger. Her handstands are pretty nice. Very good work.

11:47 am. Dunne USA FX: Huge gorgeous double layout. Great landing. 2.5, little bobble on the landing into an arabesque. Love this choreo sequence in the middle. She’s been a fab performer since I first saw her at 11 and she’s only gotten better. Double pike, just slides her feet back to finish. Lovely set.

11:45 am. Shchennikova USA BB: Double wolf turn, a little slow but good control. bhs loso loso with a little wobble near the end. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, YAS, get that mixed series bonus!! Onodi with a wobble. Side aerial with a wobble. Short switch to switch half, neither leap is close to 180 and she fell. Side somi with a wobble. Side switch half, also maybe 90 degrees, and with a huge wobble. Oof ALYONA WHY. Just a layout dismount.

Smith USA VT: Just an FTY. After seeing her floor it was probably best.

11:43 am. Kenlin USA FX: Double front half out and it looks EASY for her, like she barely has to try for it. Excellent. RANDI!!!! YAAAAAS. FINALLY. I’ve wanted one for 300 years. Front doube full to front tuck. GET THAT FRONT TUMBLING. Double tuck to finish is a little cowboyed but overall this was fantastic.

11:40 am. Looks like Alyona Shchennikova and Grace McCallum are in the lead, and for good reason. Alyona usually loses it after this point though with beam and floor, so we’ll see if she can hang on!

11:37 am. Mori ITA BB: I wasn’t typing during this but it was a solid routine, triple full dismount was just SLIGHTLY underrotated but she pulled it around and covered it up very well, just took a step back.

11:36 am. Barbosa BRA UB: Hit her opening release combo into the Pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, toe full to Tkachev, double layout solid. Nice! She only competed once last year so I’m glad she’s back and still at a pretty high level.

11:33 am. Grisetti ITA BB: Off on her mount. Fell again after that. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. Bent knees on her Onodi, side aerial, switch to split ring, back leg isn’t quite there, little bounce on her double tuck.

Golgota ROU FX: Tucked full-in, leg sep and she stumbles it back OOB. She has a very Italian piece of floor music. She’s like THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. Double arabian is good, just a little over-rotated on the landing. Little slide back on the double pike. Little bounce on the double tuck. Promising work.

11:32 am. Saraiva BRA UB: I wasn’t typing during this routine but it was okay, nothing terrible but just some form issues throughout…and she kind of flew forward on her double front dismount.

11:30 am. Ivanus ROU FX: Semenova turn to start, I like her a lot and want the WORLD FOR HER. Tucked full-in is good. Double pike is clean with a little bounce. Front tuck through to double full is clean.

11:29 am. Carofiglio ITA BB: Switch leap mount to split leap to straddle jump, front aerial is solid, bhs to low back pike. Off on her front pike, missed her foot entirely. Gainer layout off the end.

Pedro BRA UB: Shaposh to split leg Pak, toe full to Maloney to bail (ankle sep) to Ray, Jaeger, little hop on her double tuck. Not a bad set.

11:25 am. Ghiciuc ROU FX: Clean double pike to start. Double tuck is basically stuck, just hops forward after the fact. Switch ring with a low back leg to tour jeté half. 1.5, punches low into a front tuck and steps OOB. Switch full. Switch ring into the corner before her double full, her shoulders are a bit too far backwards on the landing and it pulls her into a bounce back.

11:22 am. Basile ITA BB: Loso mount, nice, solid bhs bhs layout, some knee stuff but mostly good. Nice leap series into a split jump. Front aerial, legs again aren’t cute. Big wobble on her side aerial, which she finishes sideways, but she saves it and keeps it on. Another big wobble on her switch half. Good double pike. This is a very promising beam for Italy if she fixes her knees.

11:20 am. Shchennikova got a 14.3 for her bars set! They showed a replay but I missed her dismount again, anyone know what it was?

Guo CHN VT: FTY, not bad, bounce back, a little loose.

11:17 am. Holbura ROU FX: Piked full-in and tucked full-in to start, okay on both. 1.5 to front full, knees are a mess. Basically tucked. Double tuck, chest a little low with a step forward.

11:16 am. Shchennikova USA UB: Inbar full to Komova II to Tkachev, nice, short handstand before Ricna to Pak, clean but a bit slow, Chow half, short handstand before toe half to…ooh, was that a half in double back? I missed the entry. Step back. Cool dismount though.

11:13 am. Ricciardi ITA BB: Oh my goodness HER LEO LOL. It’s…a look. Bhs bhs loso with super bent knees and she falls. Front aerial, pause into the split jump, full Y turn is clean into a sissone, lovely. Side aerial is clean. Easy 1.5 to finish, clean landing and looked good in the air.

11:11 am. McCallum USA UB: Hop change to Weiler half to Chow to Tkachev, good, clean Pak, van Leeuwen is also clean, inbar to giant full to full-in with a little slide back but YAS to her chest position on that landing, it was straight up.

11:10 am. Ferlito ITA FX: Tucked full-in, bounced forward and put her hand down. 2.5 to punch front tuck is a mess. Oof. Hands down on double pike too.

11:07 am. Kenlin USA BB: Solid side aerial, switch leap, wobble, didn’t connect to switch half to back tuck, though that part of the series was nice and fluid. Side split jump half. Tour jete half. Bhs bhs layout is lovely, little scoot back. Front aerial to split leap to split jump. Double pike with a little bounce. Good work.

Vézina CAN UB: Ray, clear hip to toe half, bends her hips, to Ezhova, short handstand, toe half to toe on to hecht, giant full, and her crazy clear hip straight into a back tuck.

11:06 am. Charpy FRA FX: Double tuck, solid landing, double front with a hop back. I love that she’s like I’ll open with a baby skill and then casually do a double front. Front full to stag jump is good. Double pike with a little hop.

11:02 am. Vanhille FRA FX: Double layout looked easy and clean for her but she took a step back OOB. Bounced back on her second pass, a double tuck. Front full with a bounce/step forward. Good routine.

Dunne USA BB: Solid bhs loso, switch ring, low back leg, jump series after is clean, solid side aerial, switch to switch half, short several degrees on the latter. Front aerial, bobble, ring jump isn’t 180 and the back leg is low, ooh, tour jeté half, but again short on the split which is so surprising because on floor her splits are gorgeous. Maybe being tentative? Double tuck with a large step back.

Kröll GER UB: Toe on to toe full, Maloney to to Pak (messy), off on her Jaeger.

Cereghetti ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, lock-legged, yikes.

10:58 am. I can’t get over how GOD AWFUL this stream is with the constant feeds shutting down and not being found and starting over. It’s absolutely unacceptable.

Anyway, it looks like Grace McCallum leads after vault.

10:55 am. Grisetti ITA UB: Toe full, crooked, Maloney to stalder half to inbar to inbar half to Jaeger, looked like she was going for a layout, bail to stalder full to stalder to Ray, I feel like she’s had way too many stalders in this routine, Endo to double front with a step. That was great for her.

Ivanus ROU BB: Hit the opening from what I saw, everything looked really precise and pretty, especially her side aerial loso series. Side somi, sissone to cat leap, full wolf turn with lots of control, she also has a back gainer double full! Romania’s like let’s bring back the gainer.

10:52 am. Afanasyeva RUS FX: Crashed whip whip through to triple full, underrotated. 2.5 to front tuck is okay, step back. Double full is good. Does she not have any double salto skills or did the feed just not show it?

Ocolisan ROU BB: I only saw the end but she only had a layout dismount. #Romania. Apparently she had a bad fall on her layout mount.


Melnikova RUS FX: Double layout with a hop back, looked like she was OOB. Went OOB again on the pass after that but then the feed froze so I could see almost none of this.

10:46 am. Golgota ROU BB: WELL the beam feed started over and replayed Vanessa getting some plates for some reason before going live again so I missed almost all of this routine except for her dismount, which she hit.

Saraiva BRA VT: DTY, not bad! Just some form issues in the air and she’s a tad short but really, could’ve been worse.

10:43 am. Perebinosova RUS FX: Solid double layout to start. Bounce back. Tucked full-in was a little wild. Double full was okay, and so was the double pike to finish.

10:41 am. Basile ITA UB: Caught her release and transitions no problem. Double pike with leg sep and a little hop on the dismount. Not bad!

Ghiciuc ROU BB: Bhs back pike, a little weak. Switch half is short and she wobbles. Okay full turn, side somi without any major issues, and a gainer back double full it looked like? Interesting, haven’t seen one of those in a while.

10:39 am. Iliankova RUS FX: Nice turns before her first pass, a tucked full-in with a small step. Front tuck through to cowboyed double tuck with a step back. Double full looked okay.

10:37 am. I saw bits and pieces of Maria Holbura’s beam, and think she fell on her back handspring to back tuck series?

10:35 am. Kenlin USA UB: Inbar to stalder full to Ricna, nice, inbar full to pak, a bit messy, van Leeuwen is cleaner, toe half to front giant to double front half-out, YAS on that dismount.

Vézina CAN VT: Tsuk back pike with a step.

Dunne UB: Toe full, Chow to Pak is nice, Maloney to Gienger, some leg sep, blind change to piked Jaeger, double pike dismount with a step.

Shchennikova USA VT: Hit the DTY, some form issues throughout.

McCallum USA VT: Really clean and solid DTY. Also had a second vault but I missed it.

Ricciardi ITA UB: Hit routine.

Malabuyo USA FX: Hit the opening pass, a double layout, then a 2.5 to punch front, AND THEN FLO SERVED ME ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS ROUTINE EVEN THOUGH I PAID $30. I’M SORRY IF IT’S “MEAN” FOR ME TO COMPLAIN BUT NO.

Smith USA FX: Double layout with a hop back. WAAAAAY short on the triple full, like, it shouldn’t get credited, and it’s a bit messy. Also short on the double arabian, kind of a buckled landing, still tries to get it up into the stag. Double pike to finish is okay.


62 thoughts on “City of Jesolo Trophy Senior Live Blog

    • She’s actually being pretty nice about it for how awful it is. I decided to buy ONE month to watch this garbage and I’m mad at myself for giving Flo $12.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren’s not even being petty, these are actual issues that need to be addressed! If it were free or cheap I wouldn’t care but it costs money and still sucks


      • So agree. I didn’t watch live because their feeds have been so terrible. But the replay was actually WORSE than my experience with the feeds as the video cuts out with sound still playing so like 50% of the routines have 10-60 seconds just GONE. So mad I paid for this again. I should have learned my lesson after Gymnix.


  1. Don’t want to paid for Flo because it’s overpriced (especially in Europe, where I have bank taxes f I paid in dollars). Thanks to you, we can follow the terrible flogym livestream.

    Emma Malabuyo is going big with her upgrades!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. She’s actually being pretty nice about it for how awful it is. I decided to buy ONE month to watch this garbage and I’m mad at myself for giving Flo $12.


  3. I know Saraiva isn’t having the absolute perfect day, but im impressed by how difficult her routines are even though she’s been out for close to a year. Hope she’ll be ready for Doha.


  4. Omg Flavia now is opening with a double layout?! Impressive, she’s being working this for years and finally is putting it into competition!! Amazing. Thanks Lauren for live blogguing!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good to know that Flo is still absolute garbage and still not worth paying for. I had some hope they might improve over a year or so, but they clearly haven’t. Thanks for taking one for the team and live blogging the Flo stream, Lauren!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Weirdly I could forgive the technical issues for far longer than I can forgive the inaccurate commentating of late. I have read nearly the entire code of points FOR FUN and apparently know more about the WAG than the people who I’m paying to tell me stuff?! I need to run around the house a couple times to work out all this aggravation at flo. :-/

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  6. Just unbelievable the depth of team USA! I feel sorry for team Romania – no top 8 in AA. Anyone knows why Crisan is not here?


      • yes with the 2 per country rule but there are not that many countries! what will happen at worlds? This was a team that until 2012 Olympics was always top 4 if not the winner! Just imagine Japan’s men team in six years not qualifying for Olympics


        • Well this is a team just collapsed in 2015 and all their historical honors do not matter any more. They are already a huge surprise today – especially on beam and bars. You can’t ask more for a team that’s in the rebuilding phase. For Golgota, her bars improved so much from two years ago – she was always considered as an event specialist and now she is very solid AA with a score definitely placing her as worlds finalist.


  7. I was so tempted to pay $30 to watch the livestream but now soooooo glad I didn’t! Can’t believe they put ads on during Malabuyo’s FX! What an awesome senior debut for her 🙂


    • SENIOR
      1. Angelina Melnikova

      2. Denisa Galgota

      3. Grace McCallum

      4. Desiree Carofiglio

      5. Liu Jinru

      6. Eleonora Afanasieva

      7. Sara Ricciardi

      1. Anastasia Uliankova

      2. Alyona Shchennikova

      3. Ragan Smith

      4. Lorette Charpy

      5. Grisetti Giada

      6. Guo Fangting

      7. Jade Barbosa

      1. Emma Malabuyo

      2. Ragan Smith

      3. Anastasiia Uliankova

      4. Jade Barbosa

      5. Lara Mori

      6. Nica Ivanus

      7. Angelina Melnikova

      8. Martina Basile

      1. Emma Malabuyo

      2. Flavia Saraiva

      3. Grace McCallum

      4. Angelina Melnikova

      5. Desiree Carofiglio

      6. Larolyne Pedro

      7. Guo Fangting

      8. Nica Ivanus

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  8. Lauren, you’re a saint for paying, and live blogging, amidst Flo’s terrible business practices. I’m not willing to fork over money for that nonsense, so I appreciate the updates. Just a tiny request… Leo thoughts?

    Liked by 4 people

    • I loved Elisabeth Seitz’s one – It’s deep red with gold and black. Germany used to have those really ugly neon-yellow-pink ones that I get eye cancer from. Sooo glad they apparently (hopefully) have a new design for the national team members!


  9. Alyonna Schennikova’s leo matched her hair? Does that mean her leo was brown, or she had a lot of sparkles in her hair, or she put colored streaks in her hair?

    Also, thank you for commentating/blogging this meet!!


    • 2.5 twisting front layout salto (also it was performed by Sierra Sapunar, Kaitlin White, Ekaterina Lobaznyuk and Sabita Cojocar)


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