NCAA Championships Live Blog | Prelims Session One

Welcome to the live blog for the first session of prelims at the 2018 NCAA Championships! Most recent updates will appear at the top. Refresh your browser every few minutes to see them.


1. UCLA 197.5625
2. LSU 197.4750
3. Nebraska 107.0125
4. Georgia 196.6875
5. Alabama 196.6250
6. Arkansas 196.4250


1. Kyla Ross, UCLA, 39.6375
2. Myia Hambrick, LSU, 39.5375
3. Kennedi Edney, LSU, 39.5250
4. Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 39.5000
5. Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.4875
6. Rachel Dickson, Georgia, 39.4750
7. Megan Schweihofer, Nebraska, 39.4125
8. Amanda Wellick, Arkansas, 39.4000
9. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 39.3250
10. Drew Watson, Auburn, 39.2875
11. Brianna Brown, Michigan, 39.2375
12. Lauren Bridgens, Penn State, 39.2125
13. Lexi Graber, Alabama, 39.1750
14. Jessica Yamzon, Arkansas, 39.1625
15. Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 39.1000
16. Jovannah East, Bowling Green, 39.0125
17. Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State, 38.8875
18. Kynsee Roby, Nebraska, 38.7250


1. Sydney Snead, Georgia, 9.9000
— Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 9.9000
3. Julianna Cannamela, LSU, 9.8875
— Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.8875


1. Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.9500
2. Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.9375
3. Marissa Oakley, Georgia, 9.9125
— Rachel Dickson, Georgia, 9.9125
— Lexie Priessman, LSU, 9.9125


1. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA, 9.9875
2. Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.9500
3. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.9250


1. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.9625
2. Myia Hambrick, LSU, 9.9500
3. Sabrina Vega, Georgia, 9.9000
— Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.9000
— Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 9.9000

3:55 pm. Burton, ARKANSAS, BB: Solid flight series. Split jump to messy sheep jump. Hit the gainer full dismount. Excellent beam work from Arkansas today!

Leonard-Baker, ASU, FX: Big double tuck to start. 1.5 to front full. Double pike stumbled back OOB.

3:54 pm. And she does it! Katelyn Ohashi gets a 9.9625 to drop Felicia Hano’s score, bringing UCLA into the lead by just under a tenth!

3:51 pm. Garner, ARKANSAS, BB: Suuuuuper long wait for her. I didn’t see enough of Carter’s routine to know what could be confusing the judges and holding them up. Good jump series, split jump to straddle side.

Ohashi, UCLA, FX: Great double layout. Follows it up with a 1.5 to barani to split jump to front tuck. UCLA is like a tenth behind LSU right now but if anyone can catch them up it’s Katelyn Ohashi. I think if they can replace Hano’s score with a solid number from Katelyn, UCLA will come out of this with the slight lead. Hit the last pass, excellent work as usual.

3:48 pm. LSU finishes with a 197.4750! UCLA could match that but…this hasn’t been the best floor rotation so far. Like, it’s not bad, but it’s also not a killer floor rotation like they’re capable of hitting. Did I just say that about UCLA on floor? They’re like “we’re saving it for tomorrow.”

Brown, MICHIGAN, UB: Tkachev, nice, toe on to Pak, clean, high stuck double layout, that dismount was BEAUTIFUL.

Hano, UCLA, FX: Double layout, chest a little forward. 1.5 to front half to running man jump. It has grown on me as the season went on. Once I stopped assuming it was a mistake. Double pike, big bounce OOB. UGH.

3:46 pm. Tratz, UCLA, FX: Clean tucked full-in, just slides it back a bit and she has to pull her chest forward. 1.5 to front full, some bent knees on the layout in the second skill. Double tuck a little low with a bounce back.

Carter, ARKANSAS, BB: Clean and solid bhs loso. Hit the rest.

Finnegan, LSU, UB: Ray and bail are both great, double layout with a hop back. Not her best but still a good finish for her and for LSU as a team.

3:45 pm. Priessman, LSU, UB: Hit the Tkachev to Pak series okay from what I could see, little bounce on the double layout. I couldn’t see anything close on this one so excuse anything that may have happened form-wise that I missed!

3:42 pm. Nebraska with some low-ish 9.8s on vault so far, but Megan Schweihofer got a 9.85. Still shouldn’t be a problem for them to get above what they need. Like, they’d need to count a fall at the least. Ooh, and Sienna Crouse’s 9.8750 gets them to a 49.1375, far more than they needed with only five having gone up. Nebraska is in the Super Six!

Edney, LSU, UB: Hindorff, nice, clear hip to bail, arched a little, double layout clean and stuck.

Wellick, ARKANSAS, BB: Nice switch to straddle half. Side somi is solid. Excellent bhs loso. Front aerial. Clean double full with a great landing.

Ross, UCLA, FX: Hit double back to start. 1.5 to fron layout with a little scoot forward. Double pike is solid enough.

3:40 pm. Laird, ARKANSAS, BB: Front aerial, some bent knees and a bobble. Hit what came after that, I caught up at the side aerial. Hit the dismount.

Kramer, UCLA, FX: Hit the opening pass with a step forward, didn’t look OOB though. 1.5 to front…tuck. Supposed to be a layout? Very open tuck, looked like she balked the layout at the last second. Rudi into a jump, good finish.

Harrold, LSU, UB: UGH I missed the beginning. Toe half to big Jaeger. Cowboyed double tuck with a step forward.

3:39 pm. Hambrick, LSU, UB: Big Ray, giant full to bail to toe shoot, all clean, arched handstand before high clean full-in, oh, but then somehow comes up a little low with a buckled landing, step forward out of it.

3:37 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX: My feed froze during her first pass, the front double full, but she looked like she hit with no problem. Hit the middle pass. Rudi to stag ring jump looks a little out of control and the jump comes up sideways out of the tumbling pass, but she pulls it down with no problems.

Durante, LSU, UB: I missed the first skill. They went from Suzanne Yoculan mouthing “YES NEBRASKA IS GOOD ON VAULT” right to like, the very beginning of her bars SUPER fast. Clean Pak, High full-in SO close to the bar. Good landing though.

Yamzon, ARKANSAS, BB: Solid triple flight series. Good front toss. Hit the gainer full dismount well.

3:32 pm. In the final rotation, Nebraska will compete on vault, LSU will go to bars, Arkansas finishes on beam, and leaders UCLA will end the day on floor, which is how it should be always.

3:31 pm. All-around finishers so far…

1. Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.4875
2. Rachel Dickson, Georgia, 39.4750
3. Drew Watson, Auburn, 39.2875
4. Lexi Graber, Alabama, 39.1750
5. Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 39.1000


1. Georgia 196.6875
2. Alabama 196.625
3. UCLA 148.1000
4. LSU 147.9750
5. Nebraska 147.7750
6. Arkansas 147.1625

3:25 pm. Schweihofer, NEBRASKA, FX: Tucked full-in, legs a bit messy but she opens up into a nice landing. Rudi with a step back, borderline OOB but I think she saved it. Good work on her jumps. Excellent double tuck, chest just slightly forward.

Brown, DENVER, BB: Good front toss to bhs. Clean jumps. Stuck gainer full.

I think Nebraska’s performance and comeback after a fall on floor should seal them as the third team after LSU and UCLA into the Super Six! We’ll see how vault goes.

Georgia gets a 196.6875 to finish half a tenth ahead of Alabama!

3:22 pm. Bridgens, PSU, UB: Maloney to bail, giant full to double tuck, stuck with her chest down. Good work.

Crouse, NEBRASKA, FX: Front double full to punch front, solid. Middle pass was clean, she does it into like…a straight jump. A ‘pencil jump’ as we used to call it when we were children. Rudi into a wonky loso, like she tried to make it floaty but then couldn’t get it all the way around.

Vega, UGA, BB: Good leap series. Bhs loso is super solid, full turn, front aerial to beat jump, a little bobbly, stuck the dismount.

Alabama finishes with a 196.6250. Vega needs a 9.8125 to get them past Bama.

3:18 pm. Speed, ARKANSAS, UB: My browser was refreshing as I watched this but it was an excellent routine, complete with a giant full to stuck double tuck.

Babalis, UGA, BB: Off on front aerial. UGHHHHH. Sabrina’s like “I gotta save this again, don’t I?” Especially since Bama’s vault was weak and Nebraska isn’t crushing it on floor. Switch to split jump. Front toss to wolf jump. Front full with a little scoot forward.

Williams, NEBRASKA, FX: Big double pike. Front layout to Rudi is solid.

Garner, ARKANSAS, UB: Great routine, just a step on the dismount.

So Bama’s highest vault ended up being a pair of 9.8375s. Their individual in that group, Drew Watson of Auburn, got a 9.85 though. #StealHer.

3:16 pm. Wellick, ARKANSAS, UB: Shaposh to bail, a tad short, stuck the double front!

Orel, NEBRASKA, FX: Solid double tuck. Hit the rest.

Oakley, UGA, BB: Great control on a nice DEEP wolf turn. Bhs loso with a wobble but good fight to pull it back center. Split jump to ring jump in like, a kind of sissone position? Stuck the gainer full. Some little things there but again, overall good.

All of Alabama’s vaults have been in the super low 9.8s. Five so far and the highest is a 9.8375.

3:15 pm. Laird, ARKANSAS, UB: Ray, toe-on to bail, a little short, lovely double layout with a great landing.

Schild, UGA, BB: Lovely mount. Solid bhs loso. Beat jump to sheep jump, typical sheep jump ish. Full turn, switch to split jump, she is WERKING THIS. Little bobble on the front aerial. Side aerial to layout full with a little bounce back.

3:12 pm. Dickson, UGA, BB: Good jumps and full turn. Solid bhs loso. Switch to switch side. 1.5, little bounce.

Shaffer, ARKANSAS, UB: Maloney to bail, a little short, stuck the double front.

Roby, NEBRASKA, FX: Tucked full-in, basically stuck with her chest down. 1.5 to front layout. Double tuck, looked like she had it and was actually a little forward? But then like, pulls it back and sits it? Weird.

3:08 pm. Yamzon, ARKANSAS, UB: Hit routine, I only saw a little hop on the dismount but from an overview kinda perspective it was a solid leadoff.

Snead, UGA, BB: Bhs loso bhs, excellent. Good punch front. Excellent dismount. They’ll be VERY happy about that. Imagine if Georgia ends up sneaking into the Super Six finishing on beam?? I thought this same thing was impossible for them getting to nationals but…they did that, so. Wilder things have happened.

Epperson, NEBRASKA, FX: Front double full, some messy legs. Rudi to finish was a bit better in the form and landing.

3:06 pm. The fifth rotation will see Alabama finish its meet on vault while Georgia finishes on beam, and then Arkansas will compete on bars with Nebraska on floor. The top two, LSU and UCLA, are on a bye.


1. UCLA 148.1
2. LSU 147.975
3. Alabama 147.4875
4. Georgia 147.45
5. Nebraska 98.4375
6. Arkansas 97.875

UCLA getting that squeeze past LSU with a fab beam rotation is exactly what they needed to carry that momentum onto floor!!! Except…oh, wait. They instead have to sit back and chill for a half hour. Love this format SOOOO MUCH.

2:59 pm. Watson, AUBURN, FX: Double arabian, some leg sep and a bounce on the landing. Double tuck, tries to cover a lunge back to make it look controlled but there’s still a noticeable slide. Last pass is solid and clean.

2:55 pm. As she should, Peng Peng Lee got a Perfect 10 from I think two judges on beam, total of 9.9875 is going to be nearly impossible to beat. The first half of this rotation for UCLA was good, but the second half is QUEEN STATUS.

Guerrero, BAMA, FX: Double pike, some leg sep and a step back. 1.5 to front full with a big step forward. Last pass is…messy? I couldn’t even tell what it was at a quick glance. Rudi? But like super crunched/piked/low/to the side.

Leonard-Baker, ASU, BB: Hit opening series, full turn, straddle 3/4 is a bit weak and not at 180, but solid. Good bhs loso, oh, but then a wobble at the end.

Edney, LSU, VT: 9.8875

Finnegan, LSU, VT: 9.850

2:53 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB: Excellent bhs back pike/layout. PERFECT double spin right into her jumps. Stuck the side aerial layout full. Actually incredible. Seriously so hard to find anything to even NIT PICK with that.

Winston, ALABAMA, FX: Nailed opening pass. Clean double tuck with a lunge back is next.

Hambrick, LSU, VT: 9.875

2:51 pm. Brown, DENVER, UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, nailed the dismount.

Ross, UCLA, BB: Excellent bhs loso and leap series. Calm and controlled full turn before front aerial to lovely sissone. Side aerial to layout full, stuck with her chest angled a little forward.

Cannamela, LSU, VT: 9.8875

2:48 pm. Ohashi, UCLA, BB: Clean full turn, front aerial with slight knee bend to nice and solid bhs loso. Good work on leaps. Nailed the dismount series into a solid layout full.

Dickson, UGA, UB: Bail to toe shoot, basically stuck the double layout. I missed her release but she looks PUUUUUUMPED. Omg she’s been celebrating for 20 minutes, I LOVE.

Graber, BAMA, FX: Messy tucked full-in, legs apart throughout. Hit middle and last pass.

Harrold, LSU, VT: 9.8375

All of UCLA’s beam scores have been 9.8375s so far. The first three.

2:45 pm. Nguyen, UCLA, BB: Starts with a clean full turn. Front aerial to back handspring, not bad. Switch to split jump. A little squatted on the dismount.

Oakley, UGA, UB: Maloney to Pak, very clean with legs together. Hit the dismount. Looks very happy with that.

Desch, BAMA, FX: Decent double pike. Glad she’s not doing the arabian! Second pass is a 1.5 to front half to split jump, she’s too far forward going into the jump so she kind of flails on it and isn’t close to 180. Double tuck is solid and stuck.

Edwards, LSU, VT: 9.850

2:44 pm. Guerra, BAMA, FX: Strong double tuck. 1.5 to front layout, some leg form in the first of those but solid landing. Double pike, lack of control on lunge back but saves it from going OOB.

Snead, UGA, UB: Tkachev is a tad low. Some ankle sep on the bail. Double layout starts out with a good lift but her rotational speed slows throughout so she still ends up a bit low on the landing.

2:42 pm. Not watching LSU vault but will update with scores as quickly as they come in!

Vaculik, UGA, UB: Clean handstand before giant full to huuuuuuuge Gienger. Short handstand before bail (short) to toe shoot. Full-in, messy legs with a hop.

Kocian, UCLA, BB: Front aerial to split jump, a little slow. Bhs loso is okay, just some knee stuff. Solid jump series after that. Roundoff double full, large hop back.

2:40 pm. Schild, UGA, UB: Toe on to Maloney, some leg sep, to Pak, leg sep there as well but not super severe. Double layout, straight but a little forward on the landing, small step to control.

G. Glenn, UCLA, BB: Bhs loso with a little check. Front aerial to split jump, nice toe point. Nailed the gainer full dismount.

Armbrecht, BAMA, FX: Double pike is good to start. Hit her middle pass, and then the last pass into a stag ring jump. Great start.

2:38 pm. The fourth rotation will see LSU on vault, Georgia on bars, UCLA on beam, and Alabama on floor, with Nebraska and Arkansas on a bye.


1. LSU 98.6250
2. UCLA 98.5625
3. Nebraska 98.4375
4. Alabama 98.2375
5. Georgia 98.1375
6. Arkansas 97.8750

Loving the top three being within under two tenths from one another, and Alabama/Georgia not far behind them!

2:30 pm. Milliet, AUBURN, BB: Punch front, full turn, tiny check on the latter. Little adjustment on the bhs loso. Split jump to sheep jump, better than most sheep jumps but she wobbles. Cat leap to gainer full, good landing.

2:28 pm. East, BGSU, BB: Full turn, bhs loso, solid, good jump series. Switch to straddle side, kinda lands it forward and then twists at the very last nanosecond. Dismount isn’t rotated as well and she has a big step out of it.

Brown, MICHIGAN, FX: Good 2.5. Hit the second pass. Great extension on leaps going into the corner. Double pike with a little bounce.

2:25 pm. Williams, NEBRASKA, BB: Solid flight series. Hit the rest, including a lovely side aerial to layout full.

Hambrick, LSU, FX: Double layout, pikes down the second flip but solid landing. Excellent 2.5 to punch front both in form and landing. Double pike, soft knees, bounces back into a lunge.

Cerio, AUBURN, UB: Love her dancing and singing while waiting to go up. She’s like “I’m here for my 20 seconds of work today yall.” Clear hip half to big piked Jaeger. Bail, gaint full to double tuck with a step back.

2:22 pm. Checking in on vault, looks like Arkansas had a fall from Hailey Garner and then Michaela Burton only scored a 9.5125, so they’re hurting there with a 48.7500 total.

Ross, UCLA, UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, clean stuck double layout. Gorgeous, effortless, and near-perfect as always.

Breen, NEBRASKA, BB: Bhs (one arm) to loso, good. Split to sheep jump, sheep isn’t quite there but no one’s is tbh. 1.5 with a hop forward.

Finnegan, LSU, FX: Stumble forward on her opening pass, don’t think she went OOB. Double tuck high with a great landing. Double pike with a big step back to finish, almost OOB but saves it.

Leonard-Baker, ASU, UB: Hit routine.

2:19 pm. Edney, LSU, FX: Arabian double front, legs are a little apart but good landing. Nice second pass, just a clean step out of it. Double tuck is clean with a great landing.

Lee, UCLA, UB: Bhardwaj, toe on to van Leeuwen, nice on both. Double layout, knees a bit more bent than they need to be on the landing, doesn’t move her feet though.

Houchin, NEBRASKA, BB: Bhs loso, a little short but clean. Front aerial into a jump. Double full clean and stuck. One of the prettiest double fulls of the day though.

2:16 pm. Priessman, LSU, FX: Tucked full-in, legs apart in the second flip and her chest is pretty far down. First leap in her series is also short. 1.5 to front layout is lovely and solid. Double pike is WAY short and she has a huge rebound and lunge forward.

Schweihofer, NEBRASKA, BB: I missed a good chunk of this…good flight series from what I saw, and her leaps were well done. Full turn is easy and clean. Double full with some crossed legs but a stuck landing.

Kocian, UCLA, UB: Maloney to Pak is clean, arches over handstand and has to start her swing again to get her rhythm back, high but messy tucked full-in with a wobble and step on the landing. Feel like they should’ve just used someone who has been consistent all season but hey.

2:15 pm. Crouse, NEBRASKA, BB: Nice extension on her acro series, switch to switch side is lovely, front toss, STEINGRUBER dismount! Excellent work.

Glenn, UCLA, UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, solid, I think she had a Pak down to the low bar, I missed some pieces there, little hop on the dismount.

2:13 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB: Clean handstand before big floaty Tkachev, blind change to straddle back RIGHT to handstand, textbook, another beautiful handstand before the giants into her full-in dismount, stuck. Literally the routine of a lifetime in every aspect.

Desiderio, LSU, FX: Double layout to start is great. Front tuck through to double tuck, excellent. Switch ring to switch full. Sassy dance into the corner where her teammates are held in a corral like farm animals, I love NCAA postseason. Double tuck is low with a buckled landing but she stands up out if it easily.

2:09 pm. Dennis, UCLA, UB: I missed the beginning but everything looked good, including a solid landing on the double layout.

Roby, NEBRASKA, BB: Lovely press mount into a split, great front aerial to bhs loso. Sissone to switch half, a little shy getting it around and she wobbles. Full turn. Clean side aerial to layout full, little slide back.

Kirby, LSU, FX: Solid double tuck. Front handsrping front layout front full, great. I must have missed the beginning. THE PERILS of watching with no sound.

2:06 pm. The third rotation will see Arkansas on vault, UCLA on bars, Nebraska on beam, and LSU on floor. Abby Milliet also goes up on beam this rotation! #PRAISE I still want her to go to 2013 worlds.


1. Alabama 98.2375
2. Georgia 98.1375
3. LSU 49.2250
4. UCLA 49.1875
5. Arkansas 49.1250
6. Nebraska 49.0625

2:01 pm. Bridgens, PSU, FX: Double tuck opening pass, bounced out of it. Front full front layout with a step forward. Also hit the middle pass but I guess I didn’t type it right away and I already forgot what it was but anyway, good routine from her, she’s such a promising freshman up-and-comer.

1:58 pm. Carter, ARKANSAS, FX: High double tuck, great landing. Double pike, lunge back. Solid 1.5 front layout. Great rotation for the Razorbacks!

Watson, AUBURN, BB: Full turn, nice, solid flight series, cat leap to side aerial with a wobble. Hit a good jump series after that. 1.5 with a step forward.

1:55 pm. East, BGSU, UB: Shaposh, doesn’t connect to bail (leg sep), short clear hip to double layout, little hop back. Good effort!! This is kind of a big deal for BGSU.

Shaffer, ARKANSAS, FX: Lovely double pike, excellent landing. Another great double tuck, 1.5 to front layout, comes out of it a bit low and has to compensate with slightly bent knees but overall a solid routine.

Guerrero, BAMA, BB: Nailed the triple flight series. Switch leap to straddle jump, good, and she covered up a little foot bobble between the two nicely. Full turn, no prob. Omg, I think she went for a side aerial that ended up going a bit over and she ends up doing a half twist out of it basically, so it was like…a side aerial half? LOL. Just inventing SKILLS OVER HERE NBD. Not a mistake they want today though, but I think the rest of the beam rotation went well enough that it shouldn’t kill them.

1:52 pm. Burton, ARKANSAS, FX: Double pike with a lunge back, made it look controlled even if it was slightly not. Good cover. Double tuck into an actual controlled lunge, nice. Good final pass.

Wnston, BAMA, BB- Looooovely split jump to straddle half. Hit everything after that, I caught up again at the solid full turn, and then she dismounts with a double tuck, not quite the punch she needed off the beam so she’s a tad low and has to take a step forward.

Crouse, NEBRASKA, UB: Weiler half, awesome. into a release into an overshoot, YAS. Great landing on her dismount.

9.9 for Sydney Snead on vault! Georgia with a 49.1250 which is amazing for them, especially in post. Dream vault rotation as far as they’re concerned, and they tried to sneak six into the lineup with Emily Schild at the end but she only gets a 9.5625. Hope she’s okay!

1:50 pm. Graber, BAMA, BB: Bhs layout, pike shape but solid. Switch to straddle 3/4, really nice, front toss, double full, legs get sloppy in the second twist and she lands low, has to hop forward.

Houchin, NEBRASKA, UB: Giant full to Tkachev, a little low, giant full to double tuck is lovely but too low and she has quite the buckled landing.

1:48 pm. A few Georgia vaulters have gone, no big drama there. Scores you’d expect, though it seems Rachel Dickson did really well, going 9.8625 which is the highest so far.

Epperson, NEBRASKA, UB: Big Jaeger, very clean. Bail is a little short maybe. Whippy double layout with a baby hop back.

Yamzon, ARKANSAS, FX: Good double tuck and double pike passes to start. The double tuck just had a bounce back. Good front full to finish.

1:45 pm. Wellick, ARKANSAS, FX: Front double full, little adjustment on the landing, but overall strong. Front full to front layout is great. Solid work on her jumps, though the straddle at the end of her series is maybe a little shy if you want to be picky.

Ernst, ALABAMA, BB: Full turn, effortless, excellent flight series. Switch to sheep jump, switch is great but sheep jump isn’t quite at the required position. Solid and well-extended front aerial to split jump. Double full, some loose leg form but a good landing. Just little things in there but overall this was a great set.

Schweihofer, NEBRASKA, UB: Jaeger to overshoot, good. Big step forward on her dismount.

1:44 pm. Childers, BAMA, BB: Switch leap to sheep jump, weak sheep jump. Solid bhs loso. Hit the dismount, maybe a little slide on it but I couldn’t see her feet.

Roby, NEBRASKA, UB: Huge straddle Jaeger and excellent Pak, big air on that. Great landing on the double layout.

1:41 pm. Armbrecht, BAMA, BB: Front aerial, large wobble, takes her a second to get back into it. Full turn, bhs loso, slight knee bend but solid. Split to sheep jump is okay. Great landing on the double full.

Breen, NEBRASKA, UB: Jaeger, bail, both good. Double layout, stuck, slight knee bend on the landing, a little deeper than necessary, but overall a great set.

Bargiacchi, ARKANSAS, FX: Wolf jump full, Rudi to split jump, a little shy of 180 on the jump but solid pass. 1.5 to front layout is nice. LOVE the back spin right at the end.

1:35 pm. In the second rotation, we’ll see Georgia on vault, Nebraska on bars, Alabama on beam, and Arkansas on floor. LSU and UCLA will both get a bye.


1. LSU 49.2250
2. UCLA 49.1875
3. Alabama 49.1625
4. Georgia 49.0125

1:32 pm. Brown, DU, FX: Big double layout, hop back OOB. 1.5 to front layout is clean. Great routine, and like Brianna Brown with Lexie Priessman, I’m excited Lynzee Brown gets to rotate with her former GAGE teammate Sabrina Vega!

1:29 pm. Vega, UGA, FX: Queen! Double pike into a lunge. 1.5 to front layout, steps forward out of it in a controlled way. Nice switch ring to switch full. High and solid double tuck.

So far it’s LSU at 49.2250 followed by UCLA at 49.1875 and Alabama at 49.1625. Georgia not likely to catch any of them.

1:24 pm. Watson, AUBURN, UB: Tkachev, toe-on to bail, a little short, high full-out stuck. Good for the freshman!

Finnegan, LSU, BB: I missed most of this due to the feed but excellent routine from what I COULD see.

Snead, UGA, FX: I missed this entirely.

Brown, MICHIGAN, BB: Front aerial, clean, bhs loso, switch to split jump, great extension on both. Solid side somi. Double full, little bobble on the landing with her chest but she holds the stick. So glad she gets to rotate with former CGA teammate Lexie Priessman! And they gave her the stick crown. 🙂

1:21 pm. Mahoney, BAMA, UB: Toe on to Maloney, both clean, short handstand before bail, which is done well, super high and clean full-in, just a tad low on the landing.

Campbell, LSU, BB: Lovely mount, good front aerial to bhs. Hit some stuff after that well. Switch to switch half, really nice extension on both. Double full, soft knees but a solid landing.

Dickson, UGA, FX: Double pike is great. I think that was all I saw…oh wait no, she’s still going. It looked like her routine was over for a second. Double tuck with a little scoot back. Solid set from what I saw.

1:18 pm. Desiderio, LSU, BB: Front aerial to sissone, a little shy of the full split. Bhs loso with a big wobble and a fall. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Full turn with a check. Switch with a good split into a switch half to beat jump. Hit the gainer full dismount.

Babalis, UGA, FX: Whip to double tuck, jumps into a lunge. Whip half to front full, double pike is way short and she kinda stumbles it forward.

Childers, BAMA, UB: Maloney, WAY short handstand before her bail, which is also SUPER short. Like close to 45 degrees on both. Super messy half-in double back. That was definitely a majorly weak set and frankly shocking to see at nationals. Like, mistakes happen, but a routine that just generally looks weak is rare.

Pua Hall goes 9.8 and Felicia Hano goes 9.825 on vault, with UCLA finishing at 49.1875. Clean FTYs beat out the 1.5s it seems.

1:17 pm. Winston, BAMA, UB: Toe on to Maloney is good, Pak is clean, legs together. The angle is SO far away for bars for some reason. Super clean double layout, looked stuck but then she ended up taking a large-ish step back to control it.

More hit vaults from Pauline Tratz and Kyla Ross! UCLA has three 9.85’s so far.

1:14 pm. Edney, LSU, BB: Wobble on front aerial. Bhs loso with a slight adjustment in her hips but overall good. Switch to switch side, nice toe point and overall extension. Good full turn. Solid front toss. Finishes with a roundoff 1.5, her butt is a little further back than her feet so I thought she was gonna have to step back but she used her ABS OF STEEL to pull her hips in and stuck!! That was great.

Dickson, BAMA, UB: I missed everything but the dismount because the feed was like “bye” but she had a nice high full-in and judging by her reaction, it was apparently a great set.

1:13 pm. Pedersen, UGA, FX: Whip to double pike, solid lunged landing. Leaps could be a little more extended but so far so good. Front lay front full gets a little arched and her legs are soft but another solid set for the Gym Dogs!

Both Anna Glenn and Nia Dennis have hit vault based on the scores.

1:08 pm. Macadaeg, LSU, BB: Full turn, easy, good switch to switch half, front aerial is clean. Solid flight series, and landed her gainer full on her toes with an adjustment. Oh, wait, I’m in elite mode. Adjustments aren’t things in NCAA scoring.

Arnold, UGA, FX: Double pike, a little low, but not bad. Same with the double tuck. Last pass was solid. Great opening for them.

Guerra, BAMA, UB: Everything I saw was good. Jaeger was nice, double layout basically stuck, just some minor form things. The usual.

I can only have three screens open so I’m skipping vault because it’s usually the least ridiculous.

Graber, BAMA, UB: Giant full a little late to close Gienger, leg sep. Full-in, crazy legs on second flip but good landing.

Hambrick, LSU, BB: Full L turn, no problems. Acro with a slight wobble, good leap series. Bhs loso is great. Clean stuck double full. Great set.


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