NCAA Championships Live Blog | Prelims Session Two

Welcome to the live blog for the second session of prelims at the 2018 NCAA Championships! Most recent updates will appear at the top. Refresh your browser every few minutes to see them.


1. Oklahoma 198.050
2. Florida 197.5875
3. Utah 197.1375
4. California 196.5000
5. Washington 196.2500
6. Kentucky 196.0625


1. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 39.8125
2. MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 39.7250
3. Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 39.6750
4. Kyla Ross, UCLA, 39.6375
5. Alex McMurtry, Florida, 39.5875
6. Myia Hambrick, LSU, 39.5375
7. Kennedi Edney, LSU, 39.5250
8. Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 39.5000
— Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 39.5000
10. Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.4875
11. Rachel Dickson, Georgia, 39.4750
12. Alicia Boren, Florida, 39.4375
13. Toni-Ann Williams, Cal, 39.4250
14. Megan Schweihofer, Nebraska, 39.4125
15. Amanda Wellick, Arkansas, 39.4000
— Brehanna Showers, Oklahoma, 39.4000
— Missy Reinstadtler, Utah, 39.4000
18. Shani Remme, Boise State, 39.3750
19. Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 39.3500
20. Kyana George, Cal, 39.3375
21. Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 39.3250
— Rae Balthazor, Illinois, 39.3250
23. Amelia Hundley, Florida, 39.3000
24. Drew Watson, Auburn, 39.2875
25. Morgan Lane, North Carolina, 39.2750
26. Kari Lee, Utah, 39.2500
27. Brianna Brown, Michigan, 39.2375
28. Lauren Bridgens, Penn State, 39.2125
29. Hailey Burleson, Washington, 39.1875
30. Lexi Graber, Alabama, 39.1750
31. Jessica Yamzon, Arkansas, 39.1625
32. Evanni Roberson, Washington, 39.1375
33. Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 39.1000
34. Jovannah East, Bowling Green, 39.0125
35. Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State, 38.8875
36. MaKenna Merrell-Giles, Utah, 38.8500
37. Kynsee Roby, Nebraska, 38.7250
38. Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, 38.3125
39. Alex Hyland, Kentucky, 37.7000


1. MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.9375
— Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma, 9.9375
— Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.9375
4. Alicia Boren, Florida, 9.9250
— Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.9250
6. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.9000
— Sydney Snead, Georgia, 9.9000
— Rachel Slocum, Florida, 9.9000
— Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 9.9000


1. Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 10.0000
— Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 10.0000
3. Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.9500
— Nicole Lehrmann, Oklahoma, 9.9500
— Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.9500
6. Kennedi Edney, LSU, 9.9375
7. Stefani Catour, Oklahoma, 9.9250
— MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.9250


1. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA, 9.9875
2. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.9500
— Kyla Ross, UCLA, 9.9500
4. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.9250
— MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.9250
6. Rachel Gowey, Florida, 9.9125
7. Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.9000
— Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.9000
— Nicole Lehrmann, Oklahoma, 9.9000


1. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.9625
— Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA, 9.9625
3. Alyssa Baumann, Florida, 9.9500
— Myia Hambrick, LSU, 9.9500
5. Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma, 9.9375
— MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.9375
7. AJ Jackson, Oklahoma, 9.9250
— Elizabeth Price, Stanford, 9.9250

9:52 pm. Price, STANFORD, FX: Nailed her first two passes, double pike to finish was excellent. She was flawless. Her beam score was a tad low, as was her vault, compared to like…what the top girls were getting. I don’t think she can catch Skinner or Nichols, but she’ll be a top five all-arounder for sure.

9:50 pm. Good beam set for Rae Balthazor just now, just a wobble on her flight series…and she saluted too soon or something, it was cute.

MyKayla Skinner goes 9.9375 on floor to tie for third! Her all-around score puts her second behind Nichols, with Nichols at 39.8125 and Skinner at 39.725. I like this podium if this is the case, especially because Kyla Ross and Ebee Price are likely to be third and fourth.

9:49 pm. Skinner, UTAH, FX: Double double, EXCELLENT. Higher than usual it looked like but my brain doesn’t work with height and stuff. Actually got some good split on that leap into the corner. 1.5 through to clean and solid double full. Great work so far. Casual front tuck into the corner for her last pass, a flawless landing on her tucked full-in. Hi, yeah, that was incredible.

9:47 pm. Seilnacht, CAL, BB: Clean full turn, bhs loso looked hit but then her back goes too far to the side and she wobbles, good jump series, ends with a stag ring jump that wobbles at the end, hit the dismount.

9:46 pm. Merrell-Giles, UTAH, FX: I hope she’s gotten over her beam disappointment. Piked full-in is excellent. 1.5 to punch front, looks way short and she has to super tuck the punch. Rudi loso is a tad short but nothing serious.

Maggie Nichols should pretty easily win the all-around with a 39.8125! I was secretly hoping for Ebee to get it, but if anyone is allowed to beat Ebee, I would guess it’s Maggie.

9:44 pm. Williams, CAL, BB: Punch front to loso is great. Good jumps after that. Stuck gainer pike off the end.

Oklahoma finishes with a massive 198.0500. They weren’t even at their best on beam tonight and that is a FIRE score.

9:42 pm. Korth, UK, VT: Incredible stuck Yurchenko 1.5, goes 9.925 to just miss out on sharing the title.

Gallarzo, CAL, BB: Front aerial to bhs loso, solid. Switch to split jump. Hit the dismount with slightly messy legs and a hop.

Soloski, UTAH, FX: Great double layout to start. Double full second pass, and 1.5 to front layout is excellent.

Nichols, OU, UB: Jaeger is good, beautiful Pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, CRUSHED the double layout, such a good chest position on the landing, and stuck obvs. A PERFECT 10 FOR HER! She will tie Ebee for the title!

9:39 pm. Dowell, OU, UB: Ray, nice, clean handstand before toe-on to bail, a tad crooked, clean handstand before giants to double layout, little slide back into the salute.

Keelen, CAL, BB: Bhs loso with a check right at the end. Switch to split jump to beat jump. Front aerial to split jump. 1.5 dismount is a little soft with a small hop to the side.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, FX: Double tuck, high and clean. 1.5 into a front layout, little slide back.

Lehrmann, OU, UB: Blind change to huge straddle Jaeger, toe-on to bail, loooovely handstand before giants into a high full-in, one leg is a little wild coming in for the landing, but that was gorgeous.

Hyland only with a 9.3375 on vault. UGH. I’m killing myself over her having her absolute worst day of her life at NCAAs. At least she hit floor.

9:38 pm. Catour, OU, UB: Lovely Ray, toe-on to bail, legs bo a bit further back than they needed to but still solid. Stuck clean double layout.

George, CAL, BB: Double wolf turn, zero problems. Cat leap to front aerial to bhs, solid. Hit the dismount.

Lee, UTAH, FX: 2.5 to open is great. Solid leap. Hit the middle pass. Finishes with a double full to loso, legs are a little soft in the double full.

Danaea Davis brings in a 9.8625 on vault for Kentucky, followed by a 9.8 from Aubree Rosa.

9:36 pm. Showers, OU, UB: Markelov, bail, full-in with a step back. Good work.

Kentucky with a 9.8125 from Sidney Dukes and a 9.85 from Alaina Kwan.

9:33 pm. Webb, OU, UB: Huuuge Pak, van Leeuwen, twists at the last microsecond, double front with a little cowboy and a bounce.

Shu, CAL, BB: Front aerial to bhs, little check. Hitch kick to switch side, great. Lovely turn, love her little arm choreo. Side aerial to full dismount, good landing.

Lewis, UTAH, FX: Solid double pike. Front lay front full is solid. Excellent double tuck.

9:30 pm. Florida and Washington can GO TAKE NAPS! Oklahoma will compete on bars in the final rotation, where they’ll be on pace for a 197.7 at LEAST if they hit, Utah competes on floor, Cal on beam, and Kentucky on vault.

9:27 pm. Alex McMurtry joins MyKayla Skinner and Brenna Dowell at the top of the vault charts, Elizabeth Price holds firm on bars but has OU coming up to try to match her, Peng Peng Lee is the beam queen looking unlikely to be dethroned, and Maggie Nichols and Katelyn Ohashi maintain their queendom on floor, though MyKayla Skinner would like to join (or oust) them.


1. Florida 197.5875
2. Washington 196.2500
3. Oklahoma 148.4375
4. Utah 147.6750
5. California 147.5000
6. Kentucky 146.8125

9:24 pm. Remme, BSU, BB: Bhs loso is fab. Front aerial is lovely. 1.5 stuck and excellent form. YAY.

Ramler, MINN, FX: Love her floor music so much. I wish Big Ten didn’t suck so I could actually watch the Big Ten teams more than once or twice a season. Double pike, a little overrotated and it didn’t look like she went OOB but the judge may have thought she did. Hit the pass after that. Solid double tuck.

9:20 pm. Burleson, UW, BB: Side aerial to switch leap, lovely. IS THIS THE LAST WE ARE SEEING FROM HER???? I still remember when everyone was like “check out this new freshman!!!” TEARS. Lovely straddle jump series. Full turn. Side aerial to stuck layout full, excellent routine. Elise Ray is so proud.

Korth, UK, FX: Solid double tuck. Hit the middle pass, I think a Rudi to loso but I didn’t see the beginning. Set on her double pike looked low but she pulled it around well.

9:18 pm. Florida finishes with a 197.5875, which is great for them considering they had to fight through some mistakes this session.

Roberson, UW, BB: Switch to straddle side. Wobble on her flight series. Cartwheel to gainer full is great.

Dukes, UK, FX: Double pike with a lunge bounced back a little. Middle pass was good. Cowboyed double tuck with a step back.

9:17 pm. Balthazor, UI, UB: Toe-on to sky high Tkachev to overshoot, great, and then she steps back on her full-out.

9:15 pm. Seilnacht, CAL, UB: Hit her release, and 2.5 layout dismount well.

Goings, UW, BB: I hope she can come back from her vault and bars errors so she can end her career on a happy note. Solid flight series. Great dismount series. Good finish!

Hyland, UK, FX: Steps out of double pike. Tad short on the punch layout out of her last pass but good work after her mistakes in earlier routines today.

I heard an “AWWWW” from the crowd while Cami Drouin-Allaire was on vault and she got a 9.25 so I’m guessing her DTY didn’t work out. 😦

9:11 pm. Schank, CAL, UB: Toe shoot, nice handstand before blind change to piked Jaeger to overshoot, double layout with a hop back.

Copiak, UW, BB: Full turn with her leg up and a bobble, bhs loso is solid, switch half to beat jump is also nice. Clean side aerial. 1.5 with some knee stuff but stuck!

Rechenmacher, UK, FX: Front through to double tuck, good. Double pike, looks like it’s low so she corrects just before the landing and it’s a good save!

George, CAL, UB: Low Tkachev, short handstand before bail, toe-on to full-in almost stuck, littlest adjustment.

A 9.925 from Alicia Boren on vault! They’re gearing up for that Alex McMurtry 10. After her, Rachel Slocum gets a 9.9. Then McMurtry goes 9.9375, tying Skinner and Dowell!

9:09 pm. Schaefer, UW, BB: Front aerial. Solid bhs loso. Full turn. 1.5, looks like it’s gonna overrotate but she saves it with a step forward.

Warren, UK, FX: Lovely front double full to start. Rudi loso is lovely.

Watterson, CAL, UB: Release to Pak, some leg sep. Nice van Leeuwen, then toe full to double tuck with a bounce.

Florida off to a good start on vault! Skaggs 9.825, Hundley 9.85, Foberg 9.875.

9:08 pm. Williams, CAL, UB: Hindorff, clear hip to bail, both clean. Her handstands are on POINT tonight, and she sticks the clean double layout EASILY. That was fab?

9:06 pm. Sternberg, CAL, UB: Caught her release. Bail, giant full to double tuck with a little bounce.

Rose, UW, BB: Front aerial to bhs, switch to beat jump, lovely toe point. Cat leap to side aerial, solid. Side aerial to tuck full is stuck! She’s thrilled.

Poland, UK, FX: Hit the opening. Nice straddle. God I missed every single one of her passes because my attention was always elsewhere. Hit routine though.

9:03 pm. Oklahoma and Utah are on a bye this rotation, while Florida tackles vault, Cal goes up on bars, Washington faces beam, and Kentucky continues on floor.

9:02 pm. Brenna Dowell joins MyKayla Skinner to lead the vault field, Elizabeth Price is untouchable on bars (unless someone ties, of course), Peng Peng Lee holds onto her session one lead on beam, and Maggie Nichols and Katelyn Ohashi are leading the pack on floor.


1. Oklahoma 148.4375
2. Florida 148.1000
3. Utah 147.6750
4. Washington 147.0625
5. California 98.2125
6. Kentucky 97.5875

8:55 pm. Price, STANFORD, BB: Front aerial, bhs layout is solid enough, makes it through the full turn, switch to split jump, great double pike, small step forward.

Drouin-Allaire, GWU, FX: Tucked full-in, some leg sep. A little short on the punch layout coming out of her second pass. Solid double pike to finish.

8:53 pm. Skinner, UTAH, BB: Omg I missed the beginning. Side aerial to sissone, quick full turn, switch to straddle jump to back tuck, straddle jump is noticeably short. Double tuck is basically stuck and she’s losing her freaking mind LOL. Girl own it.

Baumann, UF, FX: Double tuck is excellent!! Nailed the second pass. Double pike is also excellent. Good on them for bringing this rotation back! And this is hands down Alyssa’s best routine of her life on this event.

8:49 pm. Riley, UW, UB: Toe on to Maloney to bail, a tad crooked, I can’t see the handstand angle anymore, hits double layout with a solid landing but her chest is down a bit and she has to wobble in place to hold her feet in position.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, BB: Front aerial to split jump, good bhs loso, full turn, switch to straddle side, side aerial to gainer full with a slide back.

Boren, UF, FX: YUUUUUUUGE double layout. Hit the pass after that. Double back to finish is solid.

Remme, BSU, UB: Nice piked Jaeger, bail, little bobble on the dismount.


8:47 pm. Maggie Nichols anchors with a “nice Yurchenko 1.5” according to my SOURCES (people watching the stream). 9.9!

Copiak, UW, UB: I missed most of this, but saw a wobbly dismount landing.

Lee, UTAH, BB: Huge wobble on her series but windmills for a bit and saves the fall. Switch to straddle side. Hit the dismount.

McMurtry, UF, FX: Triple full is a mess in the air and the landing isn’t great. Front layout front full is pretty textbook. Double tuck is good.

8:44 pm. Soloski, UTAH, BB: Front aerial to bhs, cat leap to switch side, super short on the latter. Good full turn. Good leap series. Side aerial to layout full, knees a little soft.

Slocum, UF, FX: Strong whip through to double pike. Front full front pike is solid. Hit the last pass well. Good comeback after Gowey’s set.

Burleson, UW, UB: Tkachev is a tad low but no problems with it. A little short on the double tuck dismount, step forward and chest a little low.

AJ Jackson goes 9.85 on vault.

8:43 pm. TBT to when I said it didn’t look likely that another team could sneak in…watch Cal go and do it.

Roberson, UW, UB: Piked Jaeger to overshoot is great, way short handstand before giants to double layout, super deep landing with a step forward.

Brenna Dowell goes 9.9375 on vault! Assuming she DESTROYED the Yurchenko 1.5. That ties her for first with Skinner!

8:40 pm. Tell me all about OU on vault if you can. I need to know about Brenna Dowell and Maggie Nichols and AJ Jackson OBVS. I can’t open that browser window no matter how badly I need it.

Goings, UW, UB: Fall on her Jaeger after missing her vault earlier. 😦 WHYYYY. Straddle back, stuck full-in with leg sep in the second flip.

Merrell-Giles, UTAH, BB: Good leap series and triple flight series. Off on…what looked like a front acro skill, I couldn’t see it. Lawd. Wobbles on full turn after that. Hit the dismount. She’s like punching herself in the head after and looks ready to murder.

Gowey, UF, FX: NOOOO, crashed double pike to her hands with super straight legs. Double tuck also stumbled forward but holds her hands up. Crushed for her. She came into the lineup SUPER late after they took Jazmyn Foberg out.

8:38 pm. Nelson, UW, UB: Good Jaeger, giant full to clean double tuck, opened up a little early for the landing and had to take a step.

Stover, UTAH, BB: Solid front aerial to bhs, good front toss, switch to straddle, Cartwheel to gainer full, looked stuck but she celebrates too early and ends up windmill arming around to hold onto it. Oof.

Hundley, UF, FX: Whip to double tuck with a wild bounce backwards but it looked like she kept it in. Dobule pike is solid. Hit the last pass.

8:33 pm. Oklahoma will go up on vault in this rotation, with Washington on bars, Utah on beam, and Florida on floor while Cal and Kentucky are on a bye.

8:31 pm. Skinner still leads vault, Ebee takes over the top bars spot with her perfect 10, beam remains in the hands of Peng Peng Lee, and Maggie Nichols joins Katelyn Ohashi to top the floor standings!


1. Oklahoma 98.9625
2. Florida 98.7875
3. Utah 98.5625
4. California 98.2125
5. Washington 98.0625
6. Kentucky 97.5875

8:25 pm. Lane, UNC, FX: Double pike with a solid landing. Hit middle pass into a floaty loso. Rudi to finish is excellent. Beautiful work! I actually low key want her to pretend she’s 18 and go to OU.

8:23 pm. Ramler, MINN, BB: Good flight series, then front aerial to wolf jump is solid. Great leap series. Side aerial to stuck layout full. GET IT.

8:22 pm. EBEE GOT A TEN ON BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAB.

Shannon Hortman-Evans of BYU also hit an excellent bars set! Yay! I love her a ton.

Nichols, OU, FX- Piked full-in to start is excellent. So is 1.5 to front loso. Beautiful switch ring to tour jeté half. Double pike with a solid landing. Fantastic as usual.

8:19 pm. Webb, OU, FX: Good landing on the opening pass. I missed a lot of what came next because #EBEE. Solid Rudi to finish.

UB: Maloney to clear hip to Church to bail to toe shoot, great. Double layout stuck cold. Brilliant.

Hyland, UK, BB: Switch to split jump, front aerial to bhs loso is wild and she falls. Full turn, wobble. Hit the dismount.

8:17 pm. Jackson, OU, FX: Rudi to open is solid. Wait, she went out of frame? I can’t find her. Then my feed died. So I missed the end but let’s cross our fingers and assume she did well.

Skinner, UTAH, UB: Maloney to bail, clean handstand before toe on to super high but a little wild full-in, fights for the landing.

Dukes, UK, BB: Hit the beginning, wobble on front aerial, hit the jumps after that, and 1.5 dismount has a step forward.

8:15 pm. Korth, UK, BB: Lovely full turn, good bhs loso, cat leap to switch leap to back tuck, hit the dismount.

Tessen, UTAH, UB: Jaeger, bail, both good. High clean full-in with a step.

8:13 pm. Poland, UK, BB: Bhs bhs loso with a leg up but a save. One-armed front walkover, a little wonky, but she dances out of it. Switch to stag ring jump with a bobble and step out of it. Good gainer pike off the end.

Dowell, OU, FX: Double front, AMAZING. Super clean, right into the stag jump. YAAAAAS. 1.5 front layout is great. Front layout to stuck front full, steps into a lunge after landing it. Brilliant. Season best?

Lee, UTAH, UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, huge, to overshoot. Maybe slightly short on the handstand before her blind change to front giant, into a double tuck with a bouncy landing.

8:12 pm. Reinstadtler, UTAH, UB: Toe half to huuuuuge Jaeger. THESE RELEASES YO. Utah is like flying high tonight. Bail with some ankle sep. Full-in with a little hop back and some messy legs in the second flip…and her giants are also a bit piked.

8:09 pm. Merrell-Giles, UTAH, UB: Toe on to huuuuge Deltchev. Bail a little short. Huge double tuck dismount, a little wobbly when she tries to stick. The air she gets every time she’s…in the air. YAS.

Rechenmacher, UK, BB: Beat jump to sheep jump, good, front aerial, little check, stuck gainer pike off the end.

Schoepfer, OU, FX: Double tuck with a wild bounce back. Eep. 1.5 front lay is good. Double pike with a deep but controlled landing.

Cal getting some solid vault scores. Alicia Gallarzo has the high of 9.8625 so far.

8:07 pm. Lewis, UTAH, UB: Giant full to HUUUGE Tkachev, bail, stuck the dismount. Fab start.

Stuart, UK, BB: Full turn, switch to stag ring jump is very nice, solid bhs loso, and she stuck the dismount series!

Showers, OU, FX: Clean double pike. Solid front full front lay. 1.5 to front full for the finish is nice and smooth.

8:01 pm. No one snuck into the top event standings during rotation two.

For rotation three, we’ll see Cal on vault, Utah on bars, Kentucky on beam, and Oklahoma on floor while Florida and Washington are on a bye.


1. Florida 98.7875
2. Washington 98.0625
3. Oklahoma 49.3750
4. Utah 49.2250
5. California 48.9875
6. Kentucky 48.6000

7:53 pm. High score on vault for UW was a 9.7875 from both Madison Copiak and Hailey Burleson. Joslyn Goings apparently vaulted to her knees but is okay!

Williams, CAL, FX: Double layout is solid. Hit middle pass with a front full. Double pike, solid.

Drouin-Allaire, GWU, BB- Looked like she wobbled on her mount. Bhs bhs loso with a slight bobble. Cat leap to switch side is good. Great jump series. Double full with a solid landing.

Excellent floor set for Rae Balthazor of Illinois!! Really performing it, especially when she faces the corner where Cal, her adopted team, is standing.

7:52 pm. McMurtry, UF, BB: Cat leap to front toss is excellent. Wobble on bhs loso. Switch to Shushunova to clear hip, suuuuper fluid today! Normally it looks so jerky but this was great. Double full basically stuck. Just that bobble on the flight series.

Lexy Ramler hit a solid bars set competing as an individual here!

7:51 pm. Gallarzo, CAL, FX: Double pike, big bounce OOB. Double tuck with a step back, not super controlled but also not crazy noticeably rough or anything. 1.5 to front layout is good.

7:48 pm. Baumann, UF, BB: Onodi, lovely, followed up by a solid bhs loso. Good leaps, maybe just a tad short on her split jump but I couldn’t really see it. Front aerial. 1.5 with a little bobble.

Oh no, Joslyn Goings only got an 8.4625 on vault and there has been quite a delay. I’m not watching but hope she’s not hurt.

7:45 pm. Gowey, UF, BB: I need this to be as good as her bars. BETTER EVEN. Switch to split jump, bhs loso loso is solid. Front aerial to sissone is lovely. Clean full turn. Stuck the gainer full, very happy with that!

Sylvie Seilnacht, CAL, FX: Double tuck, little bobble on the landing. Double pike is short but the landing isn’t bad. 1.5 to barani, good.

Korth, UK, UB: Piked Jaeger, bail, both good. Double layout full-out with a great landing.

7:43 pm. Boren, UF, BB: Great front toss. Bhs loso is mostly solid, just a check. Standing layout and full turn, both good. Gainer full on her toes, jumps forward out of it to salute.

George, CAL, FX: Front double full with some messy legs. Good leaps before her middle pass. Front tuck through to Rudi is nice. Double back to finish is solid.

Hyland, UK, UB: Gienger is WAAAAAAY too close. Catches it almost at her armpits, has to pause on the high bar for a sec before her Pak, arches handstand out of it and almost comes off but fights through it. Turns a fall into a rhythm error but basically this routine had enough wrong with it that her score will look like a fall. Big full-in to finish.

7:42 pm. Coca, UK, UB: Hit her release and bail, but then once she got back up on the high bar, she arched over her handstand before her giants and had to hop off. 😦 Back on for her full-in dismount, which is basically stuck with her chest forward and her feet apart. Looks deflated as she walks away from the event.

7:39 pm. Skaggs, UF, BB: Switch to split jump, nice bhs loso, switch to switch side, overrotates full turn. Good side aerial to layout full.

Robinson, CAL, FX: Big arabian double front to start, some leg form stuff going on. 1.5 to front pike, kind of dances out of it. Great landing on the double pike.

Stuart, UK, UB: Tkachev is nice, clear hip to bail, a little short, full-twisting double layout with a step back.

All of UW’s vault scores have been 9.7-range so far but I haven’t seen any. I can only do three feeds at a time unless ESPN freaks out.

7:36 pm. Carlisle, UK, UB: Big straddle Jaeger, bail is a little short, short handstand before giants to high full-in, stuck with feet apart. Great start!

Hundley, UF, BB: Front aerial, some knee bend and a check. Bhs loso is better, still an adjustment though. Cat leap to switch side is good. Full turn. Switch leap to split jump. 1.5 dismount is basically stuck, doesn’t move her feet though you can see in her body she’s like, fighting for it.

Sofie Seilnacht, CAL, FX: Front layout to Rudi stumbled back OOB. 1.5 to barani to split jump to front tuck is clean. 1.5 to front pike.

Warren, UK, UB: Big Jaeger. Bail looked a tad short, but her double layout was great.

7:35 pm. This session will see Washington on vault, Kentucky on bars, Florida on beam, and Cal on floor while Oklahoma and Utah will have a bye.

7:32 pm. So far, MyKayla Skinner has already beaten the highest session one vault score, and Alex McMurtry has tied the bars high. Peng Peng Lee and Katelyn Ohashi are hanging on to their beam and floor highs.


1. Florida 49.4750
2. Oklahoma 49.3750
3. Washington 49.2625
4. Utah 49.2250

It looks like bars judges are going nuts for Florida and like the scoring is already kicking up a notch compared to the earlier session but really this bars rotation was definitely superior to what we saw in the afternoon, including a couple of ‘that’s the best she could ever do it’ performances.

7:28 pm. Lane, UNC, BB: Beautiful mount and pose into her bhs loso, lovely. Hitch kick with DELIBERATELY extended legs of perfection into a switch side. Gorgeous. Full turn, little hitchy beat jump into a side aerial, break at the hips and a wobble. 1.5 with a step back. If anyone deserves to rotate with Oklahoma, it’s Morgan Lane on beam.

7:27 pm. Remme, BSU, FX: Awwww UW doing her choreo with her. Excellent routine, her double pike was great and she also had a solid front double full.

7:25 pm. Nichols, OU, BB: KJ Kindler just gave her the most intense yoga soul cleansing pep talk ever. I need that. Front aerial to split jump, lovely, bhs loso is solid, full turn, switch to split jump, stuck 1.5. HI PERFECTION??? THIS IS MAGGIE CALLING. I’M YOU.

7:23 pm. Burleson, UW, FX: Lovely double pike to start, just a slide back. 1.5 through to double full is BEAUTIFUL. Then her leaps are just brilliant and insane. 2.5 with a controlled lunge forward to finish. Beautiful.

7:22 pm. Webb, OU, BB: Full turn, bhs loso is solid, wobbled out of front aerial, switch to split leap, side aerial to layout full with a little hop back.

7:18 pm. Brown, OU, BB: Hit her leap series, lovely work there. Gainer full is also really nice. I’m missing a lot of details for OU beam and I DON’T WANT TO BE.

Washington, UW, FX: Hit opening double back. Front layout to front full, excellent. Beautiful stuck double pike. Amazing.

MyKayla with a 9.9375 on vault has a ‘significant’ lead ahead of the rest of the pack right now. Second best is 9.9.

7:16 pm. McMurtry, UF, UB: Huge Tkachev, bail to toe shoot, short handstand before giants to suuuper high and lovely stuck full-in.

Price, STANFORD, VT: DTY, incredible in the air, tiniest bounce back.

Hoffa, UW, FX: I saw her stumble a double tuck or pike back OOB (I didn’t see it in the air, just the stumble).

7:14 pm. Merrell-Giles, UTAH, VT- Yurchenko 1.5, some leg issues, hop forward.

Schaefer, UW, FX: 1.5 to front layout to stag ring jump, good work there. Hooray for back spins. Solid double pike.

Lehrmann, OU, BB: Cat leap to switch side, switch leap to Korbut, lovely. Nailed the dismount.

Foberg, UF, UB: Leg sep in her Pak, Maloney to Gienger is better but not a ton of height in the Gienger. High full-in, mostly solid landing.

Skinner, UTAH, VT: Basically the best DTY she’s ever done. Excellent and stuck.

7:11 pm. Showers, OU, BB: Good start, switch leap with a pause to a straight jump full to Korbut, excellent. Hit the dismount.

Roberson, UW, FX: Hit everything I saw, big double tuck to finish.

Hundley, UF, UB: Omg everyone was going at once so I missed basically everything, but this started out really well, just some leg sep in the Pak, finished with a high and mostly clean full-in.

Gowey, UF, UB: Ray, toe on to Pak, clean and stuck double layout. GORGEOUS YO.

7:10 pm. Utah off to a good start on vault with a 9.8 from Missy Reinstadtler and a 9.85 from Kari Lee.

7:09 pm. Skaggs, UF, UB: Toe on to Tkachev to Pak, great! Just some leg sep in the Pak. Double layout with some leg sep, stuck on her toes with her chest forward.

7:07 pm. Boren, UF, UB: Tkachev is good, clean bail, arched over handstand before giants to double layout, big hop back.

Catour, OU, BB: Full turn, solid bhs loso, cat leap to switch side, cat leap to front aerial, check, gainer tuck full off the end of the beam, lovely start.

Nelson, UW, FX: Good double tuck to start. Solid landing. Front layout front full is also really nice. Excellent double pike. Fantastic!

7:02 pm. Second session about to get underway!! Utah will start on vault, Florida on bars, Oklahoma on beam, and Washington on floor while Kentucky and Cal are on a bye.



19 thoughts on “NCAA Championships Live Blog | Prelims Session Two

  1. So anything but Oklahoma, Florida, Utah would be the shock of a lifetime. Boring. I suppose it’s nice to have a little preview of tomorrow though.


  2. I couldn’t be more happy!
    AA: 1st Nichols, 2nd Skinner, 3rd Ebee and 4th Ross
    VT: Dowell, Skkiner and McMurtry
    UB: Ebee and Nichols
    BB: Peng-Peng Lee
    FX: Ohashi and Nichols


  3. Really upset that Price didn’t win AA— I’m not saying she should’ve, Nichols and Skinner both deserved higher rankings, I was just hoping for Price to end her career with the AA title, although an AAI award and uneven Bars title— with a perfect 10 no less— isn’t too bad either. Looking to the future, I want Kyla to win the title at some point. Even in college she’s maintained the fluidity and elegance in her gymnastics that I loved during her elite career.


  4. Skinner should have won she doesn’t get the due respect she deserves her floor should have been a 10 but judging favoritism once again for Maggie


      • Literally no one is deducted for any of this in NCAA. If they were, Myia Hambrick would have a 9.5 on a regular basis and she got a 9.95 or higher all season long. And most who get consistent 9.8+ would be multiple tenths lower. Same with adjustments on beam and bars, and many other positional deductions seen in elite/level 10. If you want to be strict on Skinner’s knees and toes on floor, then I’ve got news for ya — a crap ton of others are going down with her. Not how NCAA judging works, unfortunately, but don’t call out one person you don’t happen to like when literally dozens do it.


  5. So happy for Maggie. Girl has been rock solid all season, that kind of consistency is insane.

    Yes, Skinner is gorgeous in every way and should be rewarded for throwing crazy hard skills like they’re nothing so maybe the system is a little broken, but I don’t think she was robbed considering it’s the one we have to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love Ebee!!! Are you guys watching Dateline on Sunday – the Karolyi’s interview? Mckayla said she never told anyone. I believe the Karolyi’s.


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