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Welcome to the live blog for the Super Six team final competition at the 2018 NCAA Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top.


1. UCLA 198.0750
2. Oklahoma 198.0375
3. Florida 197.8500
4. LSU 197.8375
5. Utah 196.9000
6. Nebraska 196.8000

Just because I know y’all care, the high scores tonight were Sienna Crouse with a 9.9625 on vault, Peng Peng Lee with a 10 on bars and beam, and Maggie Nichols with a 9.9625 on floor!

9:32 pm. UCLA WINS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PENG PENG LEE GETS A SECOND PERFECT 10 OF THE NIGHT TO WIN IT FOR UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST 0.037 AHEAD OF OKLAHOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FLORIDA finishes third with a 197.8500!!!!!!

And LSU is fourth with a 197.8375.

9:31 pm. Hundley, UF, FX: Whip to double tuck, bounce to her knee it looked like, or maybe her knee was just low? Actually no, it was choreo hahahaha. I’m so blind. Beautiful double pike. Hit the final pass.

9:29 pm. Lee, UCLA, BB: I think she needs a 9.9625 to tie OU, which…IS POSSIBLE. MY HEART IS POUNDING. Homma flares, great, nails the bhs back pike, I WAS TOO EXCITED TO TYPE THE REST WAS GREAT. EEEEE THIS COULD DO IT.

9:26 pm. Oklahoma gets a 198.0375!!!! They’re two tenths ahead of LSU with a 197.8375.

Ross, UCLA, BB: Bhs loso, a little under on the loso but pulls her chest up quickly enough to make it a good cover. Good leap series. Full turn, front aerial to sissone, side aerial to stuck layout full! Excellent.

Baumann, UF, FX: PERFECT stuck double tuck!!!! Excellent. This girl is SHOWING UP on floor this week. 1.5 to front full, the slightest knee bend in both. Double pike with another solid landing. Good for her.

9:24 pm. Boren, UF, FX: Huge double layout, great landing. Solid 1.5 to front lay.

Ohashi, UCLA, BB: Front aerial to bhs loso, super solid. Switch to split jump. Bhs loso to stuck layout full. Amazing routine. BLESS HER SOUL.

Nichols, OU, UB: Big Church, suuuper clean Pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, all very tidy, slightly short handstand into the stuck double layout. I MEAN, OU!!!!

9:23 pm. Edney, LSU, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, gorgeous in the air, big step on the landing though. They still didn’t have the landings this year. It’s always their problem no matter how good their routines are.

Lehrmann, OU, UB: Big straddle Jaeger, bail looked clean, solid handstand, full-in with some messy legs and a wobble. Stepped out of it to salute.

9:20 pm. Cannamela, LSU, VT: FTY, deep landing but stuck!

Nguyen, UCLA, BB: Front aerial to loso is great. Good switch to split jump. 1.5 dismount, feet don’t move but her chest is far forward on the landing.

Dowell, OU, UB: Ray, superb hit routine, stuck the double layout dismount. WHAT A SEASON FOR HER.

Slocum, UF, FX: Double layout WAY short, basically to her knee. I didn’t see if it touched but it was close. Solid 1.5 to front pike. Lovely Rudi to finish.

Hambrick, LSU, VT: Gorgeous Yurchenko 1.5, STUCK! Basically her best vault ever!

Holy crap, UCLA opened with a 9.9375 for Grace Glenn’s set!!

9:18 pm. Harrold, LSU, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, bent knees and hips, and a large step forward.

McMurtry, UF, FX: Triple full, rotated VERY nicely, but her ankles are a bit of a mess. Nailed the second pass. Big double tuck, great landing.

Kocian, UCLA, BB: Front aerial to split jump is lovely. WAY short on bhs loso and she FALLS. Back on for full turn. Switch to split jump. Clean stuck double full with feet apart.

Catour, OU, UB: I missed the beginning but am assuming it was fine, clean double layout, slides her heels together after sticking.

9:17 pm. Showers, OU, UB: Clean handstand before Markelov, good bail, another good handstand before giants to her super clean full-in, stuck! THAT’S how your legs need to look in a full-in.

9:15 pm. Webb, OU, UB: Huge lovely Pak, hit the rest, solid dismount.

G. Glenn, UCLA, BB: Clean bhs loso, front aerial, switch to split jump, full turn is great, stuck the gainer full!

Gowey, UF, FX: Double pike, a little forward, double tuck with a rebound forward and low chest. Good 1.5 to punch front.

Finnegan, LSU, VT: FTY, fab in the air, big hop back

Edwards, LSU, VT: Stuck 1.5!

9:12 pm. In the final rotation, LSU will go up on vault, Oklahoma on bars, UCLA on beam, and Florida on floor. This. Is. Going. To. Be. INSANE.

9:11 pm. Oklahoma, LSU, UCLA, and Florida all within 0.2125 of one another going into the final rotation is what we have always deserved in the Super Six.


1. Utah 196.9000
2. Nebraska 196.8000
3. Oklahoma 148.5000
4. LSU 148.3750
5. UCLA 148.3250
6. Florida 148.2875

9:04 pm. No 10 for Kyla…but she did get a 9.95! That works. Peng’s was truly other worldly today. Well deserved 9.95 for Finnegan as well!

Hambrick, LSU, FX: Double layout, pikes down on the second flip, par for the course. 2.5 to front tuck, punch goes a little crooked and to the side, big step forward to control it. Double pike, soft knees, also as usual, but her landing was great.

Skinner, UTAH, BB: Bhs bent knees to loso with bent knees, solid side aerial to sissone, better extension there than on her flight series. Switch to short straddle jump to back tuck. Double tuck, a little forward on the landing with her chest, but her feet almost don’t move! Just right on her toes.

9:01 pm. Ross, UCLA, UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, perfect handstand before giants into her double layout stuck perfectly cold. MY GOD. Peng’s was noticeably stronger but this was up there. Don’t think it deserves a 10 though.

Finnegan, LSU, FX: 1.5 through to 2.5, beautiful in the air!!! And landed very well. SUPER clean double tuck. Another amazing landing. Her music just sounded like “Inspector Gadget” for a second which I’d honestly be into as floor music. Double pike, lunged back, controlled. Beautiful routine, best by a mile in this rotation for LSU.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, BB: Front aerial to split jump, solid. Hit the rest after that…I caught up at the switch to straddle side, gainer full with a hop forward.

9:00 pm. Lee, UTAH, BB: Bhs loso, tiny adjustment, jump or leap into a side aerial, wobble, switch to switch side, stuck double full. Great work there.

PENG GOT A 10 ON BARS!!!!! Honestly deserved. She was flawless. Her handstands were better than anyone here today and with no adjustment to stay as straight as they were as most usually do.

8:58 pm. Edney, LSU, FX: Double arabian, stumbles forward into the corner, couldn’t see if she went OOB but didn’t look like it. 1.5 to front layout is good. Solid stuck double tuck.

Lee, UCLA, UB: Huge Ray, great handstand before superb Bhardwaj, toe-on to super clean van Leeuwen, amazing handstand before giants to double layout, stuck. Beautiful, brilliant, show-stopping, amazing.

8:55 pm. Priessman, LSU, FX: Tucked full-in, short and a little messy in the air, two steps forward. Short on tour jete half into a solid straddle jump. Lovely 1.5 to front layout. Double pike, bounced back onto one foot to keep the other from going OOB, that was HILARIOUS AND AMAZING. Super human.

Soloski, UTAH, BB: Looked like she was crooked on her mount? Which was literally just like climbing onto the beam, so bless if that was the case. That’s my fave kind of mistake. Hit the stuff after that, I caught up at the leap series, first leap was a bit short. Side aerial to layout full, step back.

Kocian, UCLA, UB: I missed the beginning of this but it seemed like she had no major problems, full-in with a great landing. Apparently it was amazing, so note to self to go back and watch.

8:52 pm. Honest, UCLA, UB: Caught her release and straddle back with no problems, just not super tight on anything. Good landing on the dismount.

Merrell-Giles, UTAH, BB: Hit leap series, super solid bhs bhs loso, front aerial to something after that which I watched but then immediately forgot, but it was lovely, very floaty and pretty. Clean stuck double full. That was gorgeous.

Desiderio, LSU, FX: Double layout, excellent, little bounce. Front through to double tuck is great. Another solid landing on the double pike.

A. Glenn, UCLA, UB: Big straddle Jaeger, Pak with leg sep, giant full to super clean double tuck, step back.

8:50 pm. Dennis, UCLA, UB: Maloney to WAAAAY short bail, like more than 45 degrees short, I’d honestly credit it as a shootover, double layout with a hop back.

Stover, UTAH, BB: Front aerial, pause into bhs. Full turn is solid. Hit some dance stuff after that, and sticks the gainer full dismount.

Kirby, LSU, FX: Good straddle jump series into the corner. Front layout to Rudi, short, back leg pops up. Open double tuck is great. Solid front lay front full.

8:47 pm. In the fifth rotation, Oklahoma and Florida will go on a bye, Nebraska will be on vault, UCLA on bars, Utah on beam, and LSU on floor!

8:45 pm. That was a killer floor rotation from Nebraska. Shame their other events didn’t go as well because they could’ve been a sleeper hit at this championships.


1. Oklahoma 148.5000
2. Florida 148.2875
3. Utah 147.5500
4. Nebraska 147.5000
5. LSU 98.8625
6. UCLA 98.6875

8:42 pm. Schweihofer, NEBRASKA, FX: Tucked full-in, messy legs in the air, solid enough landing. Front layout to Rudi is excellent, opens up into a great lunge. Solid final pass.

Florida goes 49.3375 on beam, even without getting to count a hit routine from McMurtry. They certainly came to play in postseason after a kind of hit or miss regular season.

8:40 pm. McMurtry, UF, BB: Cat leap to front toss is solid. Bhs with bent knees into a wild loso, FALL. ALEX WHY. At least everyone before her was fine. Switch to Shushunova to clear hip, fine. Wobbled out of full turn but only slightly. Clean double full with a little slide.

8:38 pm. Baumann, UF, BB: Lovely Onodi. Bhs loso is also solid and very pretty. Switch to split jump, a little teeny tiny bit shy on the latter. Front aerial, nothing super wrong with it. Overrotates turn slightly but into a dance-y pose. Bless. Stuck 1.5 cold, feet slightly apart.

Crouse, NEBRASKA, FX: Nailed opening pass, either a 2.5 to punch front or a double full to punch…I didn’t see the entry. But it looked great. 1.5 to barani into a jump is also great. Thank god her music has actual shrieking. Rudi to loso is also solid. Fab routine.

8:37 pm. Skinner, UTAH, UB: Maloney with leg sep to clean bail, toe-on to high full-in, stuck with her feet apart after some slight leg sep in the air. Solid set as always.

OU with a 49.4875 on vault!

8:35 pm. Gowey, UF, BB: Switch to split jump, good. Solid bhs bhs loso. Stuck the dismount. Excellent routine.

Tessen, UTAH, UB: Hit the release and transition from what I could see. Full-in not as good as it could be, a little low on the landing.

Williams, NEBRASKA, FX: Had some landing deductions early on. Front layout to Rudi has some leg form issues throughout both elements. Bounces back out of double tuck to finish.

8:34 pm. Nichols, OU, VT: Gorgeous Yurchenko 1.5. Looked pretty stuck?

8:32 pm. Boren, UF, BB: Front toss, bhs loso with a step back out of it. Switch to straddle jump, great, leap into her loso had a little wobble, and the dismount was solid.

Degouveia, OU, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, another landing I can’t really see but looked mostly fine.

Lee, UTAH, UB: Piked Jaeger to overshoot is good, blind change to front giant half to double tuck, big step back.

8:31 pm. Jackson, OU, VT: Clean Yurchenko 1.5, another excellent landing.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, UB: Toe half to big Jaeger, bail, ankle sep is pretty big, great handstand before giants to messy-ish full-in, some steps back.

8:28 pm. Dowell, OU, VT: NATIONAL CHAMP MUCH?? GREATEST HUMAN MUCH?? Yurchenko 1.5, excellent landing.

Merrell-Giles, UTAH, UB: Deltchev is great. Utah knows how to catch big releases, that’s for damn sure. Short on the bail. Stalder to double tuck, suuuuper high, stuck landing.

Skaggs, UF, BB: Hit an opening dance series, and the bhs loso is solid. Cat leap to switch side, a little far back when she lands it but she wobbles and holds on. Overrotates full turn. Side aerial to stuck layout full, feet apart.

8:26 pm. Lehrmann, OU, VT: Super clean and lovely FTY.

Hundley, UF, BB: Clean front aerial to sissone. Bhs loso is a tad soft but very solid. Cat leap to switch side is nice, 1.5, little step.

Lewis, UTAH, UB: Giant full to huge Tkachev, bail caught with SUPER bent arms and she arches over but brings her swing back instantly. Short handstand before giants to double layout stuck cold.

Showers, OU, VT: Another clean and solid FTY but I couldn’t see the feet on the landing at all. This is the WORST vault angle ever. There is a human being standing in front of where the vaulter lands, and it’s straight on so you can’t see any side angles. #RUDE

8:22 pm. In the fourth rotation, Oklahoma moves to vault, Utah to bars, Florida to beam, and Nebraska to floor while LSU and UCLA will be on a bye.


1. Oklahoma 99.0125
2. Florida 98.9500
3. LSU 98.8625
4. UCLA 98.6875
5. Utah 98.2625
6. Nebraska 98.1000

8:17 pm. Nichols, OU, FX: Piked full-in, solid landing. Second pass into the front layout stepout was lovely. Omg my feed froze. Oh, only for a second. I don’t have to get dramatic. I would’ve thrown my laptop out the window. Switch ring to tour jeté half is god-like. Double pike with a super solid landing. Yeah, that’ll be a big one.

8:14 pm. Webb, OU, FX: Front double full is excellent to start, maybe some ankle stuff but I couldn’t really see. BEAUTIFUL 1.5 to front full stuck COLD. That was fantastic. Rudi to finish is solid.

Finnegan, LSU, BB: Nice and controlled wolf turn. Bhs loso with some soft knees but super solid. Great splits on the switch to switch half. Solid side somi. Side aerial to layout full stuck on her toes. Best routine of that rotation for LSU by a million miles.

8:12 pm. Campbell, LSU, BB: Front aerial to bhs, good connection. Full turn. Back tuck to split jump with an adjustment on the landing. Switch to switch half, good extension. Double full, really nice in the air and a solid landing.

McMurtry went 9.975!! UCLA goes 49.225 on vault, no 9.9s or higher.

8:11 pm. Jackson, OU, FX: Tucked full-in, huge step back OOB. Whip half to Rudi is great but that first pass will hurt them. Lovely whip half to front full, steps forward out of it.


8:09 pm. UCLA apparently has had lots of hops and steps on vault. Haven’t gone out of the 9.8s yet.

Desiderio, LSU, BB: Front aerial to split jump. Bhs loso, dances out of a wobble. Switch to switch half to beat jump, better extension and amplitude than yesterday. Gainer full, little adjustment.

McMurtry, UF, UB: Huge Ray, lovely handstand before bail to toe shoot, nailed the full-in.

8:07 pm. Gowey, UF, UB: The feed froze during her ENTIRE routine. But she was fist-pumping after so assuming she was fine.

Edney, LSU, BB: Wobbled out of front aerial. Bhs loso is better. Good jump series and full turn. 1.5, a little deep, brings her feet together.

Dowell, OU, FX: Double front, tiny bounce. Doesn’t bother going into the stag. Good 1.5 to front layout. Perf front lay front full. NATIONAL VAULT CHAMP Y’ALL.

Foberg, UF, UB: Arched first handstand, Pak with some leg form, Maloney to low Gienger, way short handstand before giants, full-in stuck though!

8:04 pm. Hambrick, LSU, BB: Full L turn, little adjustment. Hitch kick to side aerial, swings one leg through a little to steady it. Switch to straddle side. Solid bhs loso. Double full looked effortless and easy, excellent landing.

Schoepfer, OU, FX: Solid double tuck. Hit middle pass with zero issues. Big and excellent double pike! Fantastic.

Hundley, UF, UB: Nice Pak, some leg stuff in the van Leeuwen. Great dismount landing.

8:03 pm. Skaggs, UF, UB: Toe on to Tkachev to Pak, legs apart but toes together, BROSS STYLE. Double layout, legs look the same. Is she knock-kneed? Solid landing though! Stuck.

Nia Dennis got UCLA off to a solid start on vault. I don’t have that feed open.


Boren, UF, UB: Hit routine, good landing on the double layout, little bounce.

Macadaeg, LSU, BB: Solid leap series, front aerial. Big wobble on her flight series but saved herself from falling so that’s good. Stuck gainer full dismount.

Showers, OU, FX: Bounce on her first pass, second pass was nice as was the whip half to front full.


1. Utah 98.2625
2. Nebraska 98.1000
3. LSU 49.4750
4. UCLA 49.4625
5. Oklahoma 49.4250
6. Florida 49.4125

7:52 pm. Williams, NEBRASKA, BB: Bhs loso loso, a little soft in her knees, cat leap to switch leap, solid and strong. Nice full turn.

Ohashi, UCLA, FX: Huge double layout bounced back a little. Excellent 1.5 to barani to split jump to front tuck. Easy front full to barani. Fantastic finish to an okay rotation. Mostly good rotation? Really Kyla’s fall is just clouding the whole rotation for me lol.

7:49 pm. Breen, NEBRASKA, BB: Great flight series. Basically stuck the 1.5 dismount. I’d give it to her.

Hano, UCLA, FX: Great double layout to start and she hit her second pass with zero problems. Double pike MAYBE a teeny tiny bit short from this angle but not THAT bad. Solid routine.

7:45 pm. Skinner, UTAH, VT: DTY, her usual form with a little slide back.

Finnegan, LSU, UB: Ray, okay, arches over handstand after that though and has to get her swing back before the toe-on to bail, short. Toe shoot. Double layout has some form stuff in her hips but good recovery after what could’ve been a fall.

Tratz, UCLA, FX: Solid tucked full-in to start. Great work on her 1.5 to front full. Excellent double tuck. Great work.

Switching to the beam cam. Looks like Epperson had a fall, but both Roby and Schweihofer hit. And just as I switched it over, I caught most of Houchin’s routine and it looked like she hit as well.

7:43 pm. Merrell-Giles, UTAH, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, not super straight in the air actually, she looks super loose, but a decent landing.

Ross, UCLA, FX: Double tuck, good, just lunges out of it. Good leaps and her second pass is so easy for her she’s basically just like walking through it. Double pike to her knees!!!!!!! KYLA WHY. WHY. WHY.

Priessman, LSU, UB: Tkachev to Pak, good. I can’t get over her leg form on her Pak and how much better it’s gotten. Double layout stuck. That was gorg.

7:39 pm. Lewis, UTAH, VT: FTY, flared and mostly clean, hop back.

Harrold, LSU, UB: Zuchold with some ankle separation, toe half to straddle Jaeger, good, blind change to double front, cowboyed but solid landing.

Kramer, UCLA, FX: Hit her first two passes, I didn’t see them super closely because I was watching vault and bars, but nothing bad on either one. Rudi into her kindergarten pencil jump to finish was good.

Tessen, UTAH, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a little deep and crooked on the landing, hop to the side. This vault started out looking so great earlier in the season but it has definitely gone downhill a bit.

Edney, LSU, UB: Hindorff, good, just some flexed feet. Clear hip to bail, arches over a TAD but not in a problematic way, solid double layout, just slides her heels together.

7:38 pm. Kocian, UCLA, FX: One of her better landings on her front double full. 1.5 to front layout is LOVELY, dances out of it into the corner. Great amplitude on her straddle jump series. Rudi to stag ring jump, some ankle stuff in her Rudi but mostly fine.

Lee, UTAH, VT: FTY, a little off to the side on the table, but no problems in the air or on the landing, maybe a small bounce? I couldn’t see anything big or iffy.

Hambrick, LSU, UB: Caught the release, giant full to bail, a little short. Couldn’t see the angle of her last handstand well, and she nailed the full-in landing. Great work.

7:37 pm. Durante, LSU, UB: Big straddle Jaeger and very nice Pak. reat last handstand, and a high full-in with a bounce back.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, VT: I saw it out of the corner of my eye but it looked fine.

7:31 pm. In the second rotation, it’ll be Utah on vault, LSU on bars, Nebraska on beam, and UCLA on floor with Oklahoma and Florida on a bye.

I’m gonna focus my attention on all but beam to start, and then once vault ends I’ll switch over to catch probably at least half of Nebraska.


1. Oklahoma 49.4250
2. Florida 49.4125
3. Utah 49.1875
4. Nebraska 48.8250

7:25 pm. Nichols, OU, BB: Lovely mount. Front aerial to split jump is solid. Bhs loso has a tiny check at the end. Switch to split jump is very nice. Stuck 1.5 with her feet apart.

Skinner, UTAH, FX: Crushed the double double.  Leap into the corner is a bit shy but she nails the 1.5 through to double full. Tucked full-in with some leg stuff but a fantastic landing. What’s this, her 9 billionth hit routine in a row?

Well, that could’ve gone MUCH worse for Oklahoma. They won’t have a SUPER high score but they’ll at least avoid counting a mistake.

7:23 pm. Webb, OU, BB: Nice full turn. Solid bhs loso. Dance elements looked strong, but I didn’t see anything super closely, I just didn’t notice anything WRONG-wrong, and she nailed the dismount.

Merrell-Giles, UTAH, FX: Beautiful big piked full-in to start. Great landing. 1.5 to front layout, oof, overrotates and flies OOB. Last pass into a big straddle jump was great, but that second pass will kill them, especially after a 9.7375 from Lewis.

7:22 pm. Crouse, NEBRASKA, UB: Muscled her cast, oof. Got back into rhythm quickly enough for her Gienger to overshoot, and her landing on her full-in dismount was good. Not exactly what they needed here, though. Nebraska would be lucky to surpass a 49 total on bars. I doubt it will happen.

7:19 pm. Houchin, NEBRASKA, UB: Giant full with ankle separation, arches over and has to adjust her swing. Rhythm off. Hit release then arched over her bail. Giant full to stuck double tuck. Well, she didn’t fall…

Aside from Houchin, the first four in Nebraska’s line-up were okay but not superb, some high 9.7s and low 9.8s.

Brown, OU, BB: Lots of pressure now! EEK. Front aerial to bhs loso is lovely. Good jump series and full turn, no real problems with either. Sissone to gainer full, wobbles forward a bit on the landing but holds onto it. Should be a solid score and good on her for getting them back on track.

Soloski, UTAH, FX: Big double layout to start, great! Double full is also solid, just some little leg stuff in the air. Crushed her last pass. Good for her!

7:16 pm. Lehrmann, OU, BB: Good full turn. Front aerial, kind of a big wobble. Bhs loso with a wobble and a fall. OKLAHOMA DON’T YOU DARE. Short on her switch leap into the Korbut. Hit the dismount but uh oh.

Slocum, UF, VT: Pike half, solid landing and pretty great in the air from what I could see.

Reinstadtler, UTAH, FX: Double back to start has a lean back on the landing and her step almost takes her OOB but I don’t think she did. Just not super controlled. 1.5 to front layout is fine. Double pike is clean, landing is much better.

McMurtry, UF, VT: DTY, messy ankles in the air, hop back, but great height.

7:15 pm. Boren, UF, VT: Yurchenko 1.5 and one of the coaches (Owen prob) is standing right in the sight line from this camera view so you couldn’t see the landing AT ALL on this feed lmao. Good planning. Guessing it was good because she seemed thrilled. Also looked tight in the air for the most part.

7:13 pm. Showers, OU, BB: Very pretty full turn. Bhs loso isn’t great but she makes it through. Jump series to a Korbut was fine. Front toss after that into a beat jump, looked off on the toss but covered it up well. Stuck the dismount, cartwheel gainer full I believe.

Lee, UTAH, FX: 2.5 with a step, not bad, just some ankle form. Hit the second pass with no problems. Double full with ankle form into a loso.

Foberg, UF, VT: FTY, gain not GREAT, but fine I guess. Just lots of little things but her landing was good.

7:10 pm. Skaggs, UF, VT: FTY, not super crisp, bounces out of it.

Catour, OU, BB: Lovely bhs loso to start. Cat leap to switch side. Stuck gainer tuck full off the end. Great start.

Lewis, UTAH, FX: Double pike is great, but then her second pass has a weak landing. Nothing terrible but just not great. Lovely double tuck to finish.

Hundley, UF, VT: FTY, some messy leg form especially in pre-flight, little hop on the landing.

7:09 pm. Excited to get this STARTEDDDD. Florida starts on vault, Nebraska on bars, Oklahoma on beam, and Utah on floor. I’m gonna start with the vault, beam, and floor cams, and then I’ll switch to bars once Florida finishes vaulting to catch what I can of Nebraska. If you missed yesterday, ESPN only lets me have three streams open…but I’ll try to at least put some Nebraska scores up.


26 thoughts on “NCAA Championships Live Blog | Super Six

  1. Lehrman off the beam, MMG out of bounds, Nebraska all kinds of bars problems and it’s only the first rotation. The natty nerves are present for sure.


  2. Nichols and Skinner saving their teams rotations with absolute perfection in the anchor spot at the same time, what a time to be alive.


    • One Judge gave her a 10, which is absolute crack. Other teams got some crack scores as well though. I for the life cannot figure out how Gowey’s leadoff routine on floor got a 9,825 with those landings.


  3. WOW! I wasn’t expecting UCLA to win over OKlahoma tonight. I felt they were a little overscored, but they had the Beam and Bars of they life. So happy for Peng Peng Lee, what a way to finish her college career!


  4. Thanks so much for the live blog, Lauren!

    I did not expect UCLA to win this and I am thrilled for Peng Peng!

    (P.S. You’re missing a 1 in front of UCLA’s total score. NBD, just mentioning it!)

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  5. Absolutely thrilled for UCLA and it is deserved but the scoring was complete crack at the end of the meet, which the control freak in me doesn’t appreciate.

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  6. Ahhhhhhh so happy that UCLA won it! Also so happy that Florida was able to pull out their best competition of the season, even in Bakers absence. LSU’s highlight for me was Edwards getting her first and only stick of the season! UCLA was amazing tonight though! I thought that Ohashis score was too high on floor, but they finally showed the uneven Bars that they are capable of and MURDERED the Beam! Peng Peng Lee got the career finish that she deserved, a continuation of UCLAs individual beam champion streak and two deserving perfect 10s on the last routines of her career for the national championship! Also shoutout to Lee, Ross and Ohashi getting the top three Beam scores of the entire competition all in a row! It was so freaking good!

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  7. Literally my only investment in this was a super-super-senior Super Six championship for Peng Peng Lee AND SHE GOT IT I AM SO HAPPY I COULD *SCREAM*


  8. Late to the party cause I just watched the replay this afternoon, but I just had to share this quote for anyone who didn’t hear it.

    “I have no tears in my eyes because they’re partying on the inside”
    – Peng Peng Lee. Hilarious.


  9. Hey Lauren,

    Just wondering, what were your thoughts on the teams before going into the competition? Were you pleasantly surprised or did you think another team did better? Just curious to hear an expert opinion.



    • Going in, I thought either UCLA or Oklahoma would win, and after seeing Oklahoma on night one, I was like unless something drastic happens, they’ve got this. I’ve never been on the LSU boat just because I think they’re hella gifted in general compared to the quality of routines they do…I think they’re great but I think head-to-head with OU and UCLA, they’re not a top team. Same with Florida. Actually I had Florida and Bama as my picks for teams that would get upset, and Bama did (which wasn’t surprising in the least) but Florida…damn. They really brought it this weekend. I think their two best meets all season after looking kind of lackluster? Alyssa Baumann truly came to life on floor and they went on the attack in general. I was thrilled (and shocked) to see them get third!


  10. This scoring favoritism for Oklahoma and UCLA and LSU was a complete joke not only I the aa was skinner screwed but her team constantly underscored when you got a subjective scoring we’re the judges favoring certain teams it’s a joke Utah did enough to be top two or three but those tens were ridiculous for Oklahoma and UCLA and skinner has a nearly perfect floor and can’t get a ten she’s being docked for prior issues it’s a joke


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