Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Qualifications

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Welcome to the live blog for senior women’s qualifications at the 2018 Canadian Championships, held in Waterloo, Ontario!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:07 pm. Qualification Standings

1. Ellie Black 55.409
2. Jade Chrobok 52.467
3. Brooklyn Moors 52.226
4. Sophie Marois 52.159
5. Isabela Onyshko 51.893
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo 51.818
7. Hannah Scharf 51.034
8. Laurie-Lou Vézina 50.759
9. Myrelle Morin 50.234
10. Eloise Monat 49.667
11. Haley de Jong 49.642
12. Jessica Dowling 48.451
13. Emily Walker 48.401
14. Laurie Denommee 48.259
15. Madeline Straker 48.242
16. Megan Roberts 47.800
17. Megan Phillips 47.475
18. Kelly Johnston 46.376
19. Montana Fairbairn 46.109
20. Elizabeth Holmstrom 43.876
21. Shallon Olsen 39.409
22. Ana Padurariu 13.967
23. Victoria Jurca 12.167

Kelly Johnston had the highest single vault score today with a 14.450 while Shallon Olsen leads the two-vault parade with a 14.150 average, Ellie Black leads bars with a 14.400, Jessica Dowling leads beam with a 13.500, and Brooklyn Moors leads floor with a 14.034.

9:00 pm. Holmstrom FX: Split jump full into the corner before her first pass, a double pike, clean in the air, just her chest down a bit on the landing with a little hop back. Hop L full to tour jeté half. Double tuck crashed basically to her face. 😦 Oof. That looked like it was getting around but literally if it was a vault it would’ve been a zero, her feet barely hit the floor before her knees/chest did. 1.5, no punch out of it, to front tuck to her butt. Bummer ending.

8:56 pm. Woo BB: Bhs loso, walks backwards out of it but makes it dancey because she’s smooth like that. And she’s also smooth enough to cover up a weird lock-legged front aerial landing but still a noticeable mistake. Good double spin. Side aerial. Hit the dismount.

Fairbairn FX: Hit her opening pass. Big switch full before the 1.5 through to double tuck, excellent! I always say this about her but she’s such a fab little tumbler. Solid double tuck.

8:54 pm. Vézina FX: Love this routine. Good double pike to start. Sells the choreo before the second pass, a front full. Lovely leaps and more great choreo before her last pass, a 1.5. Beautiful work.

Shallon Olsen scratched bars for some reason…prob like “I can be a specialist now byeeeee bars!”

8:51 pm. Roberts UB: Big straddle Jaeger, Pak, kind of switch kips out of it and flies off. Toe full to toe-on to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nothing rough about any of that, double tuck with a little hop. 

Monat BB: Candle mount, a little wonky when she catches. Wobbles through her wolf turn. Side aerial loso is a little wobbly but she hits it. Everything else hit that I could see, side somi, side split half with a wobble. Double full with a hop.

Ellie Black finished with a 55.409! A little high given some issues on vault and beam, but she’s Ellie, she can score whatever she feels like scoring and no one is allowed to have a problem with it. Brooklyn Moors with a 52.226 after her struggle on bars, but otherwise this was a pretty good day.

8:49 pm. De Jong BB: Full turn, a little check, side somi also with a check, side split half, good extension. Solid bhs loso. A little short on the side aerial. Good Kochetkova, and she finishes with a strong double tuck. Good comeback from those bars.

Denommee FX: Excellent double layout full-out. Short double layout, big lunge forward. Solid double pike to finish.

Walker UB: Came off on the low bar but I missed the skill. Back on for toe shoot, giant full, blind change to front layout half dismount.

Chrobok VT: Yurchenko 1.5, step forward, not bad!

8:48 pm. Moors VT: I think she sat her handspring full in the warm-up, or had a very low landing, but in competition it’s one of her better attempts! Pretty solid in the air, just a big step to the side, I think OOB.

8:46 pm. Phillips VT: Handspring front pike half with a step back.

Scharf UB: Toe full, shaposh to Pak, some leg sep on both but nothing major, good van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, full-in with a big stumble forward. Overall a fantastic day for her! She’s like a secret queen with lots of big skills and sneakily solid form.

8:45 pm. Straker FX: Huge double layout, huuuge bounce back OOB. Solid double pike. I love her music, remind me to look it up. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Good front lay front full to finish.

Black BB: Wobble on her punch mount. Switch half to wolf jump is good. Little shy maybe. Little wobbly on her double spin through to her full spin but she still connects them no problem. Bhs layout is solid, into a straddle jump which isn’t the cutest but hey, she gets it. Fighting for that CV and you can’t steal it from her. Good side somi. Double pike dismount with a stumble back. 

8:44 pm. Morin VT: Clean FTY with a step back.

8:40 pm. Johnston BB: Good back tuck. Full spin. Big wobble and fall on bhs loso. Wobble on switch half. Big wobble and fall on side somi. Stuck her 1.5. She’s like I’m going to fall a few times today and that’s okay because I’m going to stick literally every 1.5 I do.

Marois FX: Piked full-in with a hop back. Hop full L turn to switch half, nice sequence. 2.5 to front layout is great. Triple full is a little short but really loved this routine from her.

Dowling VT: FTY, solid enough.

Onyshko UB: Maoney to Tkachev, Hindorff, clean. Pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front, second flip is cowboyed and she steps forward but overall that routine as a whole looked much better than other meets this year! She’s like yeah guys I’m cleaning it up, calm down.

14.034 for Brooklyn Moors on floor, FYI. She leads there, Jessica Freaking Dowling leads on beam which is AWESOME, Ellie Black leads on bars, and Kelly Johnston leads on vault, YES, SHE OUTSCORED SHALLON WITH THE MOST PERF 1.5 EVER.


8:36 pm. Leading After Rotation 3

1. Ellie Black 42.034
2. Isabela Onyshko 40.659
3. Shallon Olsen 39.409
4. Sophie Marois 39.059
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo 38.618
6. Hannah Scharf 38.600
7. Jade Chrobok 38.317
8. Brooklyn Moors 38.126

8:34 pm. Woo UB: Shaposh to clear hip half (major leg sep), clear hip half to piked Jaeger, toe on to bail to toe shoot, a little wild, short handstand before her giant…full, or at least it was supposed to be a full, but she loses it and has to do some magic and a million extra swings to get back in the right direction, double layout with a big lunge forward.

8:30 pm. Moors FX: Here we goooooo! Same music we know and love. Front layout to double front, a little low with a step. That’s still pretty new for her though (the front layout into it I mean). Double front half-out is great. Leaps are fab. Step to the side on her 2.5 to front full. Great work.

Monat UB: Giant full a little late, blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger. Big step on her dismount.

Fairbairn BB: Soft knees on her bhs loso and she falls. Big wobble on her side aerial. Off again on her side split jump half. Low double tuck with a big step forward.

8:29 pm. Vézina BB: Another routine, didn’t see a ton of it, but looked hit to me. Most memorable was some sort of acro into her split ring jump.

Olsen VT: Second vault was the Lopez, actually looks easier for her than the DTY. Prob because it’s not the Cheng, she’s like “yo I met Justin Bieber today and I’m doing a baby version of my vault GIRL BYE.” Just messier coming off the table but when she gets her groove in the flight, it’s solid.


8:26 pm. Phillips FX: Ooh, this routine is so fun! Front through to double tuck, low in the air and she comes up a little short, but no hands down. Double pike is also a bit low, big hop forward. Last pass is also short and she puts her hand down this time. 😦

Olsen VT: Her usual DTY to start. Easy for her and it’s solid.

De Jong UB: Stalder half to big piked Jaeger, bent her knees as she was catching. Super messy toe full on the low bar, and she whacks her knees on the mat as she swings down. Pauses on the bar before her toe shoot, double tuck to her knees. She’s like uhhh wtf. Looks super winded, and I think she usually has a DLO dismount so clearly something was off with her.


8:25 pm. Denommee BB: I missed out on typing most of this so no real notes but no falls or major mistakes…finished with a double pike dismount with her chest down and a step.


8:22 pm. Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, Shang, hop change to front giant to piked Jaeger to Pak, legs in a V on that Pak but everything else was great, van Leeuwen, giant full, and a tucked toe front half with a little step. Great work.

Morin FX: Really nice arabian double front! Step forward on her 2.5 at the end. I didn’t see her middle pass. She had lots of good choreo stuff in there as well.

Walker VT: A bit wild on her FTY.


8:20 pm. Johnston UB: Big straddle Jaeger. Bail, toe full, came off after that. Nooooo! She was my secret wish for a top five finish after that vault. Toe-on, double tuck with a step back.

Straker BB: Leaps are a little short but she does them into a back handspring, cool. Off on layout series. Off on something after that too…a front acro skill. Hit the dismount.

Scharf VT: Solid FTY. The judges are loosey goosey with these FTY E scores tonight! Slash all of the vault E scores. Crashed her second vault which was a handspring front tuck.


8:18 pm. Dowling FX: Hands down on tucked full-in. 2.5 to punch front, doesn’t get the punch she needs and sits it. 😦 Nice switch ring to switch half. Basically stuck the double tuck for a good finish.

Onyshko VT: Solid and clean FTY.


8:15 pm. Roberts VT: FTY, legs are a little funky at the very end but solid landing.

Jurca UB: Big Ray to Pak. Maloney to bail, bent her knees, toe shoot, giant full, finishes right on the bar, just a layout dismount.

Marois BB: Bhs loso with a step back. Good punch front, one of her leaps (switch half prob) was way short. Side aerial to split jump is good. Front aerial, little wobble that she dances out of. Hit the dismount.


8:13 pm. Chrobok FX: Whip whip through to double tuck with a little bounce back OOB. Excellent 2.5 to punch front. Hit the last pass. Good work.

Holmstrom BB: Good jumps and hit her bhs loso very well. Punch front is a little low but solid. Off on side split half. Wobbly on full turn. Side aerial, looked like she did the version that switches legs in the air before landing, I think that belongs to…OSU gymnast. Why can’t I remember her name? Maddie Gardiner?? Hit the dismount.

8:12 pm. The only two competing here who are scratching are Ana and Victoria Jurca, who hasn’t competed yet and will only do bars and beam.

8:09 pm. Leading After Rotation 2

1. Ellie Black 27.634
2. Haley de Jong 27.017
3. Victoria-Kayen Woo 26.884
4. Isabela Onyshko 26.859
5. Sophie Marois 25.984
6. Madeline Straker 25.850
7. Jade Chrobok 25.517
— Kelly Johnston 25.517

8:06 pm. Vézina UB: Catches her Ray with one arm and doesn’t fall! MIRACLES. Just goes back into her swing like it’s nbd. Clear hip to toe half to Ezhova, cool, toe-on to hecht, giant full to clear hip straight into the back tuck, the coolest weirdest dismount ever.

Kelly Johnston got a 14.450 for her GOOOOORGEOUS Yurchenko 1.5 which I’m pretty sure is going to outscore all of the more difficult vaults here except for Shallon’s. Well-deserved. That was…I’m still like HOW DID YOU DO IT THAT PERFECTLY?!

8:05 pm. Walker FX: Hit her opening pass and then a solid double pike. I missed the third pass but it looked hit. I think her music turned off mid-routine at Gymnix and she looked pissed so I’m glad this is going well! Double full, some leg form with her chest down. Good routine.

8:04 pm. Denommee UB: Maloney to bail, looks like she loses her rhythm a little before the van Leeuwen, caught her release, muscles through a blind change and has to get her swing back again, but is super lost and hops off. Back on for a giant full, messy and she arches over on the giant after and comes off again. Back on for Moors dismount.


8:00 pm. Scharf FX: Really nice piked full-in into a controlled lunge. Double pike with a hop back.

Phillips BB: Front aerial, cool split jump right into her bhs loso, but unfortunately she fell at the end. 😦 Looked like she had it! Nice double spin. Switch to switch half, wild on the landing, rebounds off the beam for the second time. Side somi is too far forward and she’s off again. 😦 Side switch half. Hit the dismount.

Monat VT: Didn’t see what, but just a little bounce on the landing.


7:58 pm. Morin BB: Hit what I saw, good side aerial, flight series, and side somi. Also hit the dismount with a couple of little steps.

De Jong VT: Second vault is a handspring front pike, clean with a hop forward.

Straker UB: Toe on to blind change (leg sep) to straddle Jaeger), bail (leg sep), hit the dismount, a toe front half.


7:56 pm. Onyshko FX: Front tuck through to layout full or double full, I didn’t really catch which one but looked like a full. Clean. Double tuck slowly rotated but gets it around no problem. Great turn sequence. Hit the last pass.

De Jong VT: DTY, a little deep but MUCH better than usual in terms of her rotation and being centered!

Marois UB: I missed most of this but saw her Bhardwaj, just a little messy, and she had a really low double front, kinda like Ellie’s vaults.

Ana Padurariu is scratching beam…and probably vault and floor as well I’d guess, since she’s coming back from a foot injury.

7:53 pm. Holmstrom UB: Straddle back, came off almost immediately after that but I missed the skill. Clear hip to toe shoot, giant full, double tuck with a hop back.

Dowling BB: Candle mount, wolf turn, little wobble at the end of her bhs loso loso, front aerial, nice extension! Switch to split half, little check on side aerial, hit the dismount, a gainer off the end.

Black VT: Handspring layout full, suuuper seated, she crashed it in warmups but that looked better…but still VERY low. Second vault, the tsuk 1.5, is also SUPER low and practically seated, has to jump up out of it.


7:51 pm. Chrobok BB: Oooh why have I never noticed her opening low choreo before, it’s super cute. Switch to switch half, little wobbly with her arm movements but good dance-y cover. Side aerial to loso, hip angle pulls her sideways but she holds on. Double spin with a big wobble. Clean side somi. Low set into her double pike but she whips it around and lands it with no problem.

Roberts FX: Dos Santos, step forward and I think OOB. Skid back on her piked full-in, OOB again I think? A little wild in the air too. Clean stuck double tuck. Double pike, also pretty good, nice in the air, little hop forward.

Johnston VT: Damn, stuck the crap out of her Yurchenko 1.5!!!! That was ridiculous?! Good for her.


7:50 pm. Woo VT: Clean FTY.

Fairbairn UB: Pak, clear hip to clear hip half, pirouettes at horizontal basically and comes off. Front toe half, nice, to toe on to toe shoot, double pike stuck.

7:45 pm. Moors BB: Switch leap, switch half to split jump, Front aerial to front tuck is VERY quick and awesome, just a tad low on the landing, full attitude turn is lovely, Rudi dismount basically stuck, very nice work from her there. I love how she attacks that front acro series. She’s like hi no judges are taking anything from me.

Olsen FX: Great double double to start. The floor feed is blurry and the camera is further away than it is elsewhere, so I can’t comment on anything form-wise aside from it looking good or bad, but it looked great from this vantage point. Front through to double tuck also good, solid landing. Nearly sticks the piked full-in. Triple full with a little scoot to the side. Good work.

7:44 pm. Reminder that today is qualifications and that Canada does things like worlds with NEW LIFE after day one. Anyone who seems out of the game today could always come back in finals, crush it, and win, just like anyone who leads today could come back Sunday, flounder, and be like whoops, I ‘won’ the wrong day.

7:42 pm. Leading After Rotation 1

1. Ana Padurariu 13.967
2. Sophie Marois 13.950
3. Madeline Straker 13.850
4. Laurie Denommee 13.800
5. Ellie Black 13.634
6. Montana Fairbairn 13.450
7. Isabela Onyshko 13.225
8. Haley de Jong 12.967
— Eloise Monat 12.967

7:41 pm. Denommee VT: FTY was fabulous! She’s so ready for NCAA. Handspring pike front half with a big hop back for vault numero dos, messier than her first.

7:37 pm. Scharf BB: VERY nice bhs loso! Super solid punch front. Clean side aerial. Switch leap to switch half, a little short with a small check. Little check on full turn, clean side somi, double pike with a step, damn!! Best set of the meet so far. At Elite Canada she had a blow-out competition, just crushed everything, she’s just very powerful and tidy, great work when she hits.

Morin UB: Maloney to Pak, nice, van Leeuwen, some leg sep, short handstand before giant full, blind change to piked Jaeger, great pike shape, knees basically hit her face. double tuck clean, barely a baby step.

De Jong FX: Hit the opening pass with a bounce back OOB. Double arabian lands OOB. Hit the double back after that but I missed her last pass.

7:36 pm. Straker VT: FTY with a big rebound back.

Padurariu UB: Inbar half to piked Jaeger, clean, nice handstand before inbar piked Tkachev, inbar to bail to stalder to Ray, giant full a TINY bit archy, sticks the full-in. Great routine.

7:34 pm. Onyshko BB: Off on her bhs tuck full. 😦 Wobbled through her full Y turn, didn’t connect, switch to side aerial to split jump to wolf jump connections were FAAAAB though. Switch ring. Hit something after that, then the switch half to ring jump, NICE. Hit the dismount with no problems.

Black FX: 2.5 through to double tuck, stuck, BAMF. Hit the second pass, front double full to front tuck I think? I missed the entry. Clean double full to finish. Epic queen stuff, you know, the usual.


7:32 pm. Dowling UB: Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, clean handstand before Ricna, toe full, Pak, Maloney to bail arches over SOOOO FAR oh my god there was no way she could save that, she was basically in Kim Zmeskal’s beam mount pose, but BLESS her for trying, that was great. Full-in with a stumble back.

7:30 pm. Roberts BB: Hit flight series a TAD short. Kochetkova is good though. Too far forward with her chest on her side somi and she falls. Off again on something after that but I missed what. Wobbly side aerial. Double pike with a step.

Johnston FX: Low double tuck to start. Big hop forward on her second pass. CRAZY set into her 2.5, literally sets SIDEWAYS, oof. Rotates it a quarter short and sits it.

Marois VT: DTY, a little messy in the air, big step to the side to control the landing.

7:28 pm. Holmstrom VT: Yurchenko layout, a little piked, little bounce in place on the landing.

Chrobok UB: Maloney to Tkachev, NICE! A little archy before the stalder to bail (clean) to toe on to toe shoot, her form looks much cleaner all over. Giant full, blind change to front giant to double front, way low with a big leap forward to save it.


7:24 pm. Vézina VT: Yurchenko full-on back pike off I think, I could be wrong on where the twists came into her entry because it was a little ambiguous (either a full-on or half-on INSTANT half-off into the pike), a little messy with a wild step to the side.

Woo FX: Great double layout to start. Also hit the 2.5 well from what I could see. Hit the rest that I could see.

Olsen BB: Front aerial. Bhs loso loso is solid. Switch ring, I can’t really see the leg positioning. Onodi, crooked and she falls. Double pike, chest a little low with a step forward.

Moors UB: Shaposh to Bhardwaj, legs are a little messy and she catches crooked but good cover to get back to center, off on her van Leeuwen though, just doesn’t quite get close enough to the bar and lands on her knees. 😦 Back up for blind change to Markelov, Moors dismount with a step.

Fairbairn VT: FTY,  hit it, just a step.

7:23 pm. Phillips UB: Maloney to Pak, stalder half to toe shoot, nice handstand into a giant full, blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, good, toe front half with a small step. Nice work considering we haven’t seen her in a long time!

7:22 pm. Monat FX: Double pike, chest a bit low. Hit her second pass. Front tuck through to double full to finish.

Walker BB: Good side somi. Off on an acro skill after that. Switch ring with a little wobble. Side aerial with a wobble. Wobble on the turn too. Wobbled on a leap into her switch side. Double full with a hop.

7:20 pm. Aaaaand warm-ups are ending! Starting any second now.

7:17 pm. Touch warm-up time! Moors, Chrobok, and Padurariu will start on bars, Olsen, Roberts, and Onyshko on beam, and Woo, Black, and de Jong on floor.

7:14 pm. The athletes are marching out now! Touch warm-ups and then we’ll see the competition a few minutes after that.

7:10 pm. There’s a little opening ceremony thing first so it’s going to be at least five more minutes before we start. But the anthem is out of the way, so that’s half the battle!

6:55 pm. SO excited for the Canadian seniors this year! We’ll see Commonwealth Games all-around champion and world silver medalist Ellie Black back trying to defend her title, which will be the fifth of her career if she can make it happen again.

But with 2016 Olympic teammate Isabela Onyshko, 2017 worlds teammate Brooklyn Moors, and first-year senior Ana Padurariu also in the mix, it won’t be an easy victory for Black. Onyshko upset Black for the gold in 2016, Moors won the Elite Canada title this year, and Padurariu, back from a foot injury, dominated as a junior, with her nationals score from last year’s meet higher than Black’s winning score in the senior meet.

Black is probably the healthiest of this bunch at the moment, and she always knows how to bring it when it counts, but I love a great competition, and this group will absolutely be able to make it a super fun one, with Shallon Olsen, Jade Chrobok, Haley de Jong, Victoria-Kayen Woo, and Megan Roberts also there to spice things up.

Check back with us in about ten minutes for the start of the competition!

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  1. Hi Lauren, I was wondering if the junior division has any bonuses, Bourgie got insane d scores on Bars (6.4) and Beam (6.8)


  2. A comment on a possible reason for all the equipment falls: new Spieth equipments. Commentators (Kyle Shewfelt & Brittany Rogers) noted that most gyms have been using gymnova.

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