Canadian Championships Live Blog | Junior Finals


Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, who leads the all-around standings after day one

Welcome to the live blog for junior women’s all-around and event finals at the 2018 Canadian Championships, held in Waterloo, Ontario!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:02 pm. Combined Two-Day Totals

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 113.273
2. Emma Spence 106.449
3. Quinn Skrupa 102.671
4. Rachael Riley 101.924
5. Ilka Juk 101.248
6. Imogen Paterson 101.097
7. Mia St-Pierre 100.450
8. Kyra Cato 99.347
9. Lucia Jakab 99.250
10. Jordyn Ewing 98.032
11. Valérie Menezes-Thibault 95.123
12. Okeri Katjivari 94.375
13. Keira Wai 92.598
14. Sophia King 91.450
15. Bryn Topham 88.450
16. Rachel Grenke 86.475
17. Leah Tindale 51.549
18. Jaden Gorsline 23.224
19. Valeska Léonard 20.148

7:00 pm. Today’s Finish

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 55.900
2. Emma Spence 53.250
3. Rachael Riley 52.075
4. Lucia Jakab 51.850
5. Imogen Paterson 51.125
6. Jordyn Ewing 50.850
7. Quinn Skrupa 50.725
8. Mia St-Pierre 50.150

Adding the two-day combined totals now!

6:58 pm. Juk FX: Front tuck through to 2.5, little hop. Good double pike, small step. Great double attitude turn! Little stumble on her double tuck to finish.

Katjivari BB: Big pause before side aerial to bhs to loso, good series though! A little messy but solid. Full Y turn with a break at the hips. Hit the jump series after that. Messy ish split jump full. Front aerial. 1.5 with a hop.

6:57 pm. Saint Pierre VT: FTY, little step. Second vault is a Yurchenko front pike, little hop.

Menezes-Thibault UB: Clear hip to Pak, clean, clear hip half, a little late in the handstand, toe on to toe shoot, giant full, some form stuff, blind change to front giant to front layout flyaway, good landing.

6:56 pm. Rachel Grenke did end up scratching bars. She didn’t look hurt or in distress at all so hopefully just keeping her from further injury or something. Too bad, she was gearing up for a top eight finish!

6:54 pm. Topham BB: Hit the beginning. Hands down on her triple flight series. Clean double full dismount.

Allaire-Bourgie FX: The feed died and went black for a second. I may have missed the beginning. I caught it from the double tuck, big stumble with her hands down. Hit the last pass.

6:52 pm. Ewing UB: She’s had a great day from what I can remember! Jaeger is good, toe on to bail (some leg sep) to toe on to toe shoot, short handstand (close to being horizontal) before giant full (a little late), double tuck with a step. Just some clean-up stuff but another good hit routine.

Cato VT: I missed it but she hit it from what I could see at the end.

6:51 pm. Skrupa FX: Sat double arabian to start. 😦 Double pike with a step. Nice control on her Memmel turn. 1.5 to front tuck. Good double tuck to finish. Great side from that fall.

King BB: Full Y turn. Nice. Bhs loso is good, little check. Off on something after that…side aerial maybe? Something acro. Switch to switch half, slow with a wobble. Front aerial. 1.5 dismount with a step.

6:50 pm. Jakab UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, all tidy so far. Stalder half to toe shoot, short handstand before blind change (ankle sep) to front giant to piked Jaeger, bind change to front giant to double front with a step back. Good work, just some little things to clean up.

Riley VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really nice! Step forward.

6:48 pm. Some sort of judge/coach conference happening on bars, everyone seems to be gathered around Rachel Grenke…if she fell/got injured in any way I didn’t see it. Doesn’t look rattled or hurt or anything?

Paterson VT: Second vault is a good enough FTY.

6:47 pm. Paterson VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a little loose, steps to the side OOB.

6:45 pm. Spence FX: Clean and solid double pike. She’s a bit downgraded here but I think it’s good for her. 1.5 through to 2.5 instead of the triple full, very very strong work though, the triple (a new skill this year) was a little weak at Pac Rims. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front through to great double tuck. Superb work!

Wai BB: Front aerial to a solid and lovely jump series. Bhs loso is solid. Hit something after that, side somi prob, and then a side split half, little wobble. Back tuck. Full turn, check. Front full dismount. Good work!

6:41 pm. Leading After Rotation 3

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 43.575
2. Emma Spence 39.725
3. Lucia Jakab 38.800
4. Quinn Skrupa 38.500
5. Ilka Juk 38.300
6. Rachael Riley 38.125
7. Jordyn Ewing 38.050
8. Rachel Grenke 37.750

So even with the fall, with the bonuses Zoé’s D score is a 7.0 so her total was a 14.4. I think her lead is now like 85,000 points.

6:37 pm. Allaire-Bourgie BB: Only one up for WAG and this is a show-stopping event for her. Front aerial to a jump to a tuck jump half, great, clean side aerial, suuuuper solid bhs loso loso! Lovely double spin, but she misses a foot at the end and has a huge wobble before falling. Clean side somi, side split jump half, had another series after that, which I missed but it looked good from what I did see, and finishes with a 2.5, crossover step to control it. Shame about the fall but her 75,000 point lead will decrease to a 74,000 point lead.

6:36 pm. Topham UB: Bail is a little short with some leg sep, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, nice straddle on that before catching the bar. Giant full, some leg sep, blind change to front giant (leg sep) to front half, double tuck dismount, clean and solid.

6:33 pm. Skrupa BB: Tick tock that she holds in a handstand split before going into a gorgeous bhs layout!!! That was fantastic. Hit some stuff after that, Omelianchik that she walks over back onto her feet, YAAAAAS, and almost connects it into a side split half, but she falls. UGH. So good until then. Off again on her side aerial. 😦 Nearly stuck the double tuck. GOD that was some promising and fabulous stuff. Brandon Eagles always keeps things fun with routine construction.

Cato FX: Front double full, just a little leg form at the end. Hit double back. I missed what came after that but believve it was a hit routine.

6:30 pm. Riley FX: Tucked full-in with a step back, good control. 2.5 to front tuck, I think tries to jump out of it but it looks more like a little flail to hold onto the landing. Good double tuck, little step. Double full to finish is clean.

Ewing VT: Yurchenko tuck full, suuuuper low off the table, but somehow manages to keep it on.

King UB: Stalder full, late and her swing gets a little jerky, hops off. Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, muscles through her blind change into a weirdly-shaped piked Jaeger (it’s like…kind of open?). High double tuck with a hop. Well that was a bummer of a routine after a great vault/floor.

Tindale BB: Hit the beginning, good control on her wolf turn. Switch half, roundoff layout, tiny bobble. She’s so good! Punch front tuck, ugh, a little too far over and she falls. Double tuck with a little stumble back.

Grenke VT: Good landing, little hop forward. Yurchenko layout half btw.

6:28 pm. Wai UB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw, really nice stalder work, good straddle Jaeger, and a toe front dismount with a stumble, the dismount being her only issue.

Jakab VT: Really nice tsuk full!!

6:26 pm. Paterson FX: Double arabian, falls forward, I think puts her hand down but I couldn’t really see. It was close if she didn’t. Hit the pass after that. Triple full, a little low with some leg form.

Spence BB: Candle mount and wolf turn are both good. Split jump half, little wobble, switch half is good. Front aerial, stag ring jump, hit wolf jump to sissone after that. Good side somi. Good double full with a hop.

6:25 pm. Menezes-Thibault VT: Hit whatever it was! Yurchenko tuck full I think?

Katjivari UB: Clear hip to bail to clear hip full, everything’s a tad messy, toe shoot, blind change, oh dear, her legs are insane on that but somehow she makes it through! Double front low with a hop.

6:22 pm. Saint Pierre FX: Stuck tucked full-in! Great. Front tuck through to double tuck. Double pike with a step. Great work.

Juk BB: Switch to switch half, wobble. Illusion turn is good. Hit what I saw after that, was a little short on one of her jumps. Onodi. Solid bhs loso. Omelianchik. I love how jam-packed this routine is, and she does all of that acro super well. Front aerial, little check, front full with a little hop.

6:20 pm. Leading After Rotation 2

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 29.175
2. Quinn Skrupa 27.775
3. Emma Spence 27.150
4. Sophia King 25.950
5. Ilka Juk 25.900
6. Jordyn Ewing 25.300
7. Rachael Riley 25.175
8. Imogen Paterson 25.150

I’d imagine Zoé’s combined lead is about 75,000 points right now.

6:16 pm. Skrupa UB: Inbar to inbar straddle Tkachev, nice! Pak comes off a little weird and low but she catches without a problem, stalder half to Ray, toe-on to stalder full, a tad late, but does it right into the half-in double tuck, SO much good stuff in there, that was so fun and different.

6:14 pm. Tindale UB: Toe full, clean handstand before her Maloney to bail (TINY ankle sep) to toe shoot, a GORGEOUS handstand before her toe on to blind change to straddle Jaeger, basically stuck her double pike! That was fabulous!!! Good for her.

When I was at her gym we were talking about the sideways jumps on beam getting popular and she knew the D score for literally everything and was explaining why all of the U.S. girls added them and how they were beneficial. I was like uh YAS you are a queen.

6:13 pm. With the bonus difficulty, Zoé Allaire-Bourgie got a 15.175 on bars! 8.775 E which is maybe a little high compared to what she’d get internationally but it was a fab routine so here, it works.

6:12 pm. Riley BB: Bhs loso loso, check at the end but she saves it. Switch to side aerial, pauses going into a jump, cool series though! Side split half, good extension. Clean jump series after that. Front aerial. 2.5 with a step. God she’s gonna be such a great beam worker with a few little cleanup areas!

6:11 pm. Spence UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, nice and solid, good van Leeuwen. Clear hip, blind change to piked Jaeger, double pike dismount, stumble forward and throws her hands in front of her but I couldn’t see if she put them down. Great work aside from the dismount.

Ewing FX: Double arabian, a little stumble back a couple of steps. Double tuck and double pike are both solid. Super clean double full.

Jaden Gorsline scratched floor.

6:09 pm. Paterson BB: Candle mount, off on the bhs loso, ugh. Just a bit wild in that series. Switch leap, pause, switch half to back tuck. Hits her jump series and a double full dismont.

King VT: I missed the entry but it was a back tuck full off the table, prob a Yurchenko, good landing.

6:06 pm. Juk UB: Full pirouette , toe on to Maloney to Pak, legs in a V. Toe shoot, Tkachev with bent knees before the release, toe half, gets stuck on the cast and falls. Back on for a front giant to double front, some leg sep but a good landing.

Wai VT: Yurchenko layout with a big hop back that she turns sideways into her salute, cute.

Jakab FX: Piked full-in, some form stuff but good landing. Great 2.5 to front tuck! Front layout to front full with a hop. Stumble on the double tuck but she saves it.

6:03 pm. Menezes-Thibault FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back, but lots of power. Cool dramatic music. Double pike, set is maybe a little low but she gets it around easily, step back. 1.5 with a step to finish.

Katjivari VT: FTY, a little short and her form isn’t quite there, step forward.

Saint Pierre BB: Candle mount. Back pike, a little wobbly. Side split half isn’t quite there but no problems hitting. Bhs back tuck, a little too off to the side, fall. Switch to wolf jump. Side aerial with a wobble and a fall. Over time. Actually a great double tuck at the end, just a step.

6:01 pm. Cato BB: Candle mount. Front aerial with a wobble into her jumps eries. Good side aerial to sissone. Side split half is pretty clean. Little check on the bhs loso. I think she’s over time. Double tuck with a lunge back. Pretty good!

Topham VT: Tucked Yurchenko full, good job.

Allaire-Bourgie UB: Maloney to Pak, super clean, her form is insane. Van Leeuwen, short handstand before clear hip to giant full to blind change to piked Jaeger, great. Full-in with a step. Just fantastic.

5:59 pm. Grenke FX: Hit her opening pass, I missed what it was. Switch to L hop full. Lots of L hop fulls in dance combinations from the Canadians. Double pike crashed to her hands. Double tuck is basically stuck to finish.

5:57 pm. Leading After Rotation 1

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie 14.000
2. Emma Spence 13.600
3. Imogen Paterson 13.400
— Quinn Skrupa 13.400
5. Ilka Juk 13.350
6. Sophia King 13.000
7. Jordyn Ewing 12.725
8. Rachel Grenke 12.625

They’re combining scores but their scoring site doesn’t combine and I don’t have time to add everything so for now let’s just go by this. Zoé still has a huge lead and Emma also has a huge lead for silver with combined scores.

5:56 pm. 13.4 for Imogen’s bars! That was a great set for her.

5:54 pm. Gorsline BB: Wobble on split leap mount. Side aerial to…bhs, maybe was supposed to be a loso but it’s super wild and she goes flying off. Switch to switch half, fell on a jump after that, front aerial, check, wolf 1.5 with a wobble but she saves it, front layout dismount, the shape isn’t quite there but decent landing.

5:51 pm. Paterson UB: SUPER long wait. Short handstand before blind change to piked Jaeger, a little far but she catches no problem. Clean Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, some leg separation, giant full, double tuck with a little step. Beautiful work!

Some scores…Rachael Riley got a 12.475 on bars, Zoé Allaire-Bourgie got a 14 on vault while Emma Spence got a 13.6 there and Quinn Skrupa got a 13.4, Jordyn Ewing had a 12.725 on beam, and Sophia King got a 13.0 on floor. Pretty much no bonus in any of these…or if so, it’s very low.

5:48 pm. Wai FX: Good double tuck, chest a little low, little hop back. Clean front layout front full with a step. Very nice in her dance elements. Double pike a little low but she gets it around.

Jakab BB: Candle mount, little check on the side somi, side split jump half, front aerial to split jump, switch to split jump, one of those may have been a sissone, the angle isn’t great. Punch front is solid. Bhs loso, tiny check. Full turn. Double full with a step back. Great set!

5:46 pm. Menezes-Thibault BB: Hit the beginning, I started typing at the side somi, Bhs back tuck, some knee form on the bhs. Good full turn. Switch side. Double full, some leg form and a hop.

Saint Pierre UB: HUUUGE Ray! Clear hip to toe on to bail (some leg form) to toe shoot, a little dead hangy. Giant full, ankles are a little messy, blind change to front giant to double front that comes off way too early so she gets mega distance but no height and sits it.

5:45 pm. Katjivari FX: Double pike is clean, then a front tuck through to double full, a little short. Triple full that’s basically a 2.5 but with her chest turned in the right direction…feet are def nowhere close though.

Spence VT: Big, clean, gorgeous FTY, basically stuck it. Second vault is a Yurchenko layout with a hop back, guess she’s holding off on the 1.5 for now.

5:42 pm. Juk VT: FTY, good in the air, hop back.

Grenke BB: Candle mount. Double spin, wil at the end but she pulls it center. Bhs loso is lovely and solid. Very clean and excellent punch front tuck! Front layout full dismount with a hop.

Cato UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, just flexed feet but otherwise clean. Toe shoot, stalder half to Endo to OH CRAAAAAAP, peeled off as she was swinging back up to handstand and basically just flew backwards in a somersault, YIKES, I screamed, that was terrifying but she’s okay. Back up for a double front dismount, which she sits.

5:40 pm. Allaire-Bourgie VT: Clean FTY with a little hop back. 14.0! So vault scores are still insane but at least they’re consistent. Second vault is a Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

Topham FX: “West Side Story.” Double pike with a lunge back to start. Hit the second pass, a combo pass, a little low at the end, step forward. Switch ring to tour jeté half is nice. Double full is a little wild with a stumble.

5:37 pm. King FX: “Sweet Child of Mine,” I always love this. Double tuck with a great landing to start her off. Good Memmel turn. Switch to switch half, super clean. Tiniest bounce on the 1.5 to front full. Step on the 2.5 to finish. Lovely work!!

Ewing BB: Full turn, little wobble. Front aerial into a jump series, great series, little bobble at the end. Side somi, switch to switch half to wolf jump, a little slow. Hit the rest, just a layout dismount but stuck. Good routine!

Skrupa VT: Hit her FTY, very nice, nothing big to call out.

Riley UB: Toe on to toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, some leg form stuff. Hit the rest that I saw. Giant full, full-in with a step to finish.

5:36 pm. Quinn Skrupa, Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, and Emma Spence will start on vault, so all three of the top contenders will be in the same group but I’m going to follow everyone. 🙂

5:35 pm. The junior women will begin competing at 5:40 pm ET! Athletes are in the touch warmup as we speak.

A quick reminder to get you all caught up! After Thursday’s prelims, Zoé Allaire-Bourgie led the field with a 57.373 followed by Emma Spence with a 53.199, Quinn Skrupa with a 51.946, Ilka Juk with a 50.448, Mia St-Pierre with a 50.300, Imogen Paterson with a 49.972, Rachael Riley with a 49.849, and Kyra Cato with a 49.797.

The scores this year ARE cumulative, so Thursday’s results will count for today’s finish. Also, important to note that the juniors have D score bonuses, which are most evident in their scores on bars and floor. You can follow along with scores here.

Also just a note that I’m almost always complaining about streams but Gymnastics Canada and consistently have the BEST, most impressive streams out there. They need to stream absolutely everything. THANKS CANADA.

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