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She comes surprisingly to take a brilliant gold.” -The Olympic Channel commentator for the Koper World Challenge Cup, on world and Olympic vault medalist Giulia Steingruber’s performance. Surprise!

Comp news

American Classic. The 2018 Hopes Classic and American Classic will be held in full public view on July 6 and 7, respectively, at the University of Utah. 

Koper World Challenge Cup. Giulia Steingruber won floor and vault (surprise!), and took silver on beam, while Romania’s Denisa Golgota impressed with silvers on floor and vault and a bronze on beam. Japan’s men won four out of six golds. The medalists got…champagne? Full results.

All the National Champions. Nina Derwael won the Belgian national all-around title while posting a career-high 15.35 on bars, Aneta Holasova brought her FTY back and slayed beam to take the Czech title, Mette Hulgaard, who turns 30 this year, won her 10th Danish all-around title, and Finland’s up-and-comer Helmi Murto came out on top for her first title after winning the bronze a year ago.

What else happened

Penny and Faehn will speak to the Senate. Former USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny was subpoenaed on Friday to appear at the Tuesday, June 5 Senate hearing on how USAG handled matters of sexual abuse. Former women’s program head Rhonda Faehn will also appear.

Martha Karolyi will not attend the hearing, instead providing a written statement. The testimony was originally scheduled for May 22, but both Penny and Karolyi said they couldn’t make it.

USAG banned Frederick’s coach. USAG permanently banned Richard Carlson, the former coach that Marcia Frederick accused of sexual abuse, on Friday. This comes after USAG faced criticism for not handing Frederick’s case—which was opened in 2015—to SafeSport.

Kathy Johnson Clarke says Frederick is now “free to put this baggage down.”

  • Carly Patterson spoke about Larry Nassar, saying that she was not abused, but that she questions whether she was being groomed, and that she “100% believes” the survivors. She said, “There needs to be accountability for what’s happened.”
  • Dominique Moceanu has opened her own gym in Medina, Ohio.
  • India strangely has two governing bodies now, making the selection process for the Asian Games confusing to say the least.
  • Some emails between Nassar and his boss William Strampel have been released. In one of them, Nassar says “The media killed me.”

The state of Michigan

Simon was subpoenaed. Former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon will testify in front of the Senate about what MSU did or didn’t do to protect athletes from abuse, along with Faehn and Penny.

She was served with a subpoena on Wednesday, and her lawyer stated that she originally declined the invitation to speak because of a vacation. Rachael Denhollander responded to the news, saying in part “We still fight. Enjoy your vacation.”

Officials were warned about Strampel. University officials, including Simon, were warned about former MSU dean Strampel’s conduct at least three times since 2004. In an interview last month, Simon described Strampel as “boorish.”

There’s an FOIA bottleneck. Freedom of Information Act requests to MSU have increased “exponentially” since the Nassar scandal broke, and staffers have not been able to keep up.

  • Attorneys are working on ironing out how the $500 million settlement between MSU and survivors will work.
  • MSU spent more than $53,000 in legal fees to prove to the NCAA that no rules were violated in how MSU handled Nassar’s abuse.
  • Two Holt, Michigan non-profits are collaborating to raise money for counseling the parents of survivors.

Required reading

Star status

Retirements. Looks like Wang Yan is hanging up her grips, at the ripe old age of 18.

Upgrades. Danusia Francis has added a half twist to her beam dismount. Snaps to Papa Liukin, who notices such things.

Comebacks. Donnell Whittenburg has moved on up to half routines on high bar, Aliya Mustafina is looking toward Euros, Laurie Hernandez is looking forward to 2020, and I’m looking forward to this bowl of fattening ice cream.

NCAA corner

Upgrades. Bowling Green’s Laura Mitchell is doing a side aerial into a back tuck.

Ohashi spoke up. Katelyn Ohashi talked about her medical history in a blog post.

Staying social

Emma saw an angel. Watch Emma Malabuyo’s vlog from camp, in which she gets starstruck from seeing Simone.

Buy this t-shirt. Aly Raisman was in a music video for the rock ‘n’ roll band Maroon 5. Adam Levine held her hand and it was cute.

And point those damn toes. What habit did you pick up from gymnastics and never put down? I never did gymnastics and was actually raised in a barn so these are legit fascinating to me.

She’s still got it. Nastia Liukin can still do a front aerial on beam, and it’s gorgeous.

He threw a mat. Watch Laurent’s reaction to Baby’s First Jaeger.

No spotter? No prob. Sometimes you land on your feet, and sometimes you just jump backwards and land on your back area. Both work.

Margz + Norah. Once again we feel compelled to direct your attention to the friendship between Margzetta Frazier and Norah Flatley.

#NeverForget. Eighteen years after Sydney, we still have questions.

Because you asked…

What the hell went down between Adreea and Marian? First edition of my gym tabloid “National Gymquirer” forthcoming.

Last words

I watched just enough of the Koper feed to hear him say “Good girl”—something that’s only acceptable to say to a dog or to a woman you’ve just revived from drowning—more than once. Bad boy. Sit, stay, shut ya mouth.

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