Around the Gymternet: Get used to disappointment


“The camera caught [Nabieva] saying to someone that she’d like to throw a DTY because why not.” -Right? Why the hell not.

Comp news

The Russian Cup happened. Angelina Melnikova won the all-around title, along with the bars title. Tatiana Nabieva won gold on vault, and Viktoria Komova took bronze in the all-around and silver on bars with a beautiful set. Everyone fell on beam, which athletes complained was too soft.

Japan’s event championships happened. Japan named its men’s worlds team at the apparatus national championships. King Kohei Uchimura fell off the high bar, much to his and everyone else’s disbelief, and Mai Murakami took the floor and beam titles.

The Med Games™ happened. Italy is your Mediterranean Games champ. They took the team gold, and Lara Mori took the all-around and floor titles.

Nordic Championships happened. Norway took the senior and junior team titles, but British-born Jessica Castles of Sweden was a standout individually.

Poland’s nationals happened. After two years of winning everything in the land of the Poles, the reign of Gabriela Janik came to an end with the return of new mom Marta Pihan-Kulesza, who ‘retired’ after not making the 2016 Olympics. #ChusoProbs

Jade Carey will headline in Utah. Here’s the full lineup for the American Classic, scheduled for July 7 at the University of Utah.

What else happened

Nassar was indicted in Texas. Larry Nassar was indicted in Texas on six counts of sexual assault of a child. Former USA Gymnastics trainer Deborah Van Horn–whom you might remember from Mattie Larson’s testimony–was also indicted on one count of sexual assault of a child, prosecutors announced on Friday in actual cowboy hats.

The Karolyis were not charged, and survivors like Jeanette Antolin and Rachael Denhollander are not happy. Prosecutors also said there was a “total failure by USAG to protect athletes.”

Tom Forster was hired. USAG named Tom Forster as the new women’s national team coordinator on Thursday.

Forster says he’s “humbled and excited for the opportunity to lead the elite community in a forward, positive direction.” If you’re like me and don’t know what to make of this information, read Spencer’s analysis.

  • The U.S. Olympic Committee has made an offer to a CEO candidate.
  • USAG president Kerry Perry has told members that everything is just fine.
  • Liang Chow is the new head coach of the Chinese women’s gymnastics team, it was announced on Tuesday. He’s not done with Iowa, though.

The state of Michigan

MSU has nothing to hide. Really. Michigan State University is challenging a search warrant the Michigan Attorney General served for documents related to the Nassar scandal on Tuesday.

Controversy over Title IX office pick. The head of MSU’s new Title IX office is an attorney who previously defended the school against sexual assault lawsuits. Rachael Denhollander said his appointment is a “message to survivors that their voices don’t matter.”

MSU will fight insurance companies. MSU’s interim university president John Engler expects to fight with insurance companies over how much of the $500 million settlement with survivors they’ll cover.

  • MSU hopes to have a new university president in place by June 2019, two trustees announced on Wednesday.

NCAA corner

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Georgia hired Jason Vonk as a new assistant coach.

Breaux isn’t going anywhere. LSU’s D-D Breaux is planning on sticking around, and she just got a pay raise.

Stay tuned for the Ramler. Lexy Ramler of Minnesota is training a gorgeous full-twisting Maloney.

Star status

Rhys rescued. Rhys McClenaghan returned to training in an actual gym in Dublin, though I’m sure it’s not as scenic as the backyard.

Russian woes. Irina Alexeeva missed the Russian Cup due to a knee injury, and Aliya Mustafina will most likely miss Euros before being sent to Siberia.

Comebacks. Simone Biles did her first full floor routine since her comeback. Now, I didn’t see it, but I can tell you that it was incredible.

Upgrades. Trinity Thomas talked about her magical 2½ to double layout, and says she’s sticking with elite while she’s at Florida.

Staying social

Sshhh Aly’s talking. Aly Raisman told Improper Bostonian that the media attention she’s getting is “exhausting and traumatizing” and that she’s “constantly reliving her abuse.” She also told Elite Daily about her self-care regimen.

GoHelpMarvo. Marvin Kimble has a GoFundMe page to help with travel costs to competitions. My You Asked submission: Why isn’t all of this funded?

This one’s for the little ones. Laurie was mini too, once. See mini-Laurie.

Because you asked…

Was éMjae Frazier’s Kovacs an accident? Is doing an Amanar still worth it? Why bother doing anything, really?

Last words

I’m leaving this horrible country for Iceland and might just not come back. While I’m there, you can follow my (mis)adventures on Twitter at @infinitejessp.

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    • I believe she’s not competing until the U.S. Classic later this month where she’s doing two events, and then nationals where she’s doing the AA. It’s pretty common for some of the bigger names to skip the American Classic since it’s not as important of a meet.


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