Around the Gymternet: I carried a watermelon


“Shh, don’t tell! @SashaFarber’s celeb is a true gold star!” -Us DWTS nerds are just dying to know who Sasha’s partner is this season (it’s Mary Lou Retton). Wonder if they’ll ask her about this.

Comp news

Chinese individual champs started yesterday, and Pan Ams are on the horizon. Also, take a look at our Szombathely Challenge Cup preview.

The U.S. ladies held a national team camp at EVO, and you know what that means: An Aimee and Simone reunion.

Other news

Perry was ousted. USA Gymnastics CEO Kerry Perry resigned on Tuesday morning after nine months on the job. Yes, that means if you had gotten pregnant when she first started then you would now have a baby that can’t lift its head but is still more competent at preventing abuse than USAG. The board announced that they are immediately looking for an interim CEO who’s presumably not a baby.

Rachael Denhollander called the resignation “too little, too late,” and Aly Raisman took issue with the board’s statement that USAG has made “progress.” Meanwhile, Spencer noticed a particularly awkward new issue of the University of New Mexico’s alumni magazine.

Van Horn was arrested. Former USAG athletic trainer Debbie Van Horn was arrested in Texas on charges of second-degree sexual assault of a child on Thursday. She is accused of “acting as a party” in a 2012 incident at the Karolyi Ranch.

More gymnasts said #MeToo. Former national and University of Alabama team members Amanda Jetter and Bailie Key came forward as survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse on Tuesday, and former national team member Nica Hults came forward as a survivor of sexual abuse by a family member on Thursday.

More survivors filed claims. More than 160 additional survivors have filed claims against Michigan State University since the uni settled the suit for $500 million in May. Survivors have until today to file a claim for compensation.

Probst stepped down. U.S. Olympic Committee Chairman Larry Probst announced that he will stepped down on Monday.

Investigations are happening. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating how the FBI handled allegations of abuse against Nassar (see above re: babies), including whether allegations were dealt with in a timely manner. Meanwhile, Michigan police are now handling an investigation into possible fraudulent claims made to the fund set aside for Nassar survivors to use for counseling services.

Nassar’s third appeal was denied. The judge who sentenced Larry Nassar in Eaton County, Michigan denied his request for a resentencing on Thursday.

  • A disturbing video of Sae Miyakawa getting hit by her coach has emerged.
  • Former MSU head coach Kathie Klages appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Friday. Her lawyer says that evidence beyond statements will be revealed in the coming proceedings.
  • Former Twistars owner John Geddert has been suspended by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Required reading

  • It’s time to start over (The Gymternet)
  • Who’s to blame for the inability to clean up USA Gymnastics? (USA Today)
  • An organization in chaos: Where does USA Gymnastics go from here? (Orange County Register)
  • How to understand the NCAA’s ruling on MSU (The Athletic)
  • The end of a Kerry (The Balance Beam Situation)

Star status

Upgrades. Simone Biles is training a new vault that she hopes to debut at worlds, according to a French coach who spent some time at her gym (literally me with a fake mustache and a beret). We’re thinking it’s either the TTY or the Cheng+½. Oh, and don’t go saying Simone plays it safe.

Meanwhile, Olivia Dunne is training a (gorgeous) Downie into a pak.

Injuries. Dipa Karmakar might not make it to worlds this year, and her coach said the Produnova is a must in order for her to qualify for 2020.

And if you’re already over your monthly candle budget, tough: Larisa Iordache will have her third surgery on her Achilles today.

Comebacks. Oleg Verniaiev is back. He competed for the first time since his surgery on Saturday at Bundesliga.

Bummers. Looks like budget cuts are leaving Cuba’s Marcia Videaux at home from worlds.

Need to know

These gymnasts are old af.

Do your part

Simone and Aly have been nominated for a People’s Choice Award. Do your thing, gymternet.

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11 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I carried a watermelon

  1. Sae Miyakawa case is so bizzar. She just said publicly that another gym tried to snatch her from her coach using the execuse of physical abuse of the coach but she denied all abuse rumor’s. And many Japanese athelets have stand up to support Sae. This is bizzar. I will listen to two sides.


  2. Simone new vault??? Omg. excited! Cue the: She doesn’t even need to, why risk it, it’s so early in the quad… lol ITS SIMONE. Gymnastics needs it! If its a TTY, my body is ready~ If its a Cheng double, my body is ready!!!


  3. OMG! As a University of New Mexico alumnus, I saw this in the alumni magazine I received this week and I was going to scan it to you. Absolutely abhorrent and ignorant! They can’t retract that article fast enough!


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