2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 10

Welcome to the live blog for the tenth subdivision of men’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:41 pm. RUSSIA’S GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Final QFs

1. Russia 258.402
2. China 257.836
3. Japan 253.312
4. United States 250.362
5. Great Britain 249.836
6. Brazil 246.961
7. Netherlands 245.663
8. Switzerland 245.186

Ukraine, Germany, Spain, and France miss out.

9:35 pm. Xiao CHN SR: Saltos up to maltese, nice, iron cross, little head nod like yeah I’m holding it jerks. Stuck the dismount, double double.

9:33 pm. Souza BRA FX: Front layout to double front, little hop, then a good double double. Clean 2.5 to barani. Hit the rest.

Sheppard HUN PB: A little arched in one of his handstands, weird step back on his double pike.

PS just saw a dude standing up in the crowd and screaming like a maniac at Portugal and I was like dude is this a Yin Alvarez wannabe? But then he walked over to me and it’s actually Yin lmaooooo.

9:30 pm. Zanetti BRA FX: Front layout to double front was a bit squatty. Arabian double front had a little bounce. Think he hit everything, went OOB at one point though.

Vecsernyes HUN PB: Some little form breaks and crooked handstands, piked double back dismount.

Lin CHN SR: Nice transition to his iron cross. Front saltos up to his straddle planche. Triple double! Little baby step.

9:29 pm. Sun CHN SR: Maltese, salto to an iron cross, not bad, the rest was good, I missed the dismount.

Shek HKG VT: Second vault is a kaz double! Step to the side is pretty big.

9:27 pm. Babos HUN PB: Lovely routine!

Mariano BRA FX: Piked double front, hop forward. 2.5 to front layout, Jesus-like in the air on that layout. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full side pass. Hit his last pass.

Shek HKG VT: Dragulescu, wild on the landing.

9:25 pm. Bitencourt BRA FX: Double double, little hop forward. Hit his second pass. 1.5 to front full after that. Stumble on his 2.5 to punch front…tuck it looked like. Stumbled the last pass too.

Deng CHN SR: Maltese is very nice. Saltos up to a handstand, EEP, loses it for a second and has to muscle it up. Double double layout, a little low.

Jim HKG VT: Runs out of his kaz 1.5. Second vault is a handspring rudi, nice in the air, a little forward on the landing.

9:22 pm. China still two tenths ahead of Russia even counting a fall on pommels!

9:20 pm. Xiao CHN PH: Looks good at the start. Catches his legs a wee bit on his scissors at first but fixes it. Russians at the end are nice. Spinny dismount, hit routine!

9:16 pm. Lin CHN PH: Welp, right at the beginning, loses his rhythm and just sits on the horse. Classic POMMELS TRASH like all of us. Back on, looks mostly good, maybe wayyy too rushed though. Keeps having little knee bends. Hits the rest.

Sun Wei goes 13.441, 11th place.

9:14 pm. Sun CHN PH: Glad to see him hit! My page was still loading so I wasn’t typing out my INCREDIBLE pommels commentary, but he looked solid and has finals potential.

Barretto BRA HB: One-arm pirouette, straddle Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, YAS! First triple combo I’ve seen I think. I mean here anyway. Layout Tkachev half, yamawaki to Endo, DLO full with a bounce in place.

9:11 pm. Souza BRA HB: Layout Tkachev, hop full, Kolman, some leg sep, good straddle Tkachev half, some form breaks on a pirouette, random Gienger lol, stuck the dismount!

S. Almeida POR PB: Solid routine, good dismount.

Villafane ARG FX: Double front side pass was cool. Saw a couple of his other skills that looked good but wasn’t paying hella close attention.

Finally got a pommels score for Zou Jingyuan, 12.366.

9:09 pm. Mayol ARG FX: Saw a couple of his passes, some leg form issues but landings were good. 2.5 with a little stumble to the side at the end and he claps for himself. SAME.

Long ass wait for pommels scores, what’s new?

9:08 pm. Mariano BRA HB: Big layout Tkachev, he missed that in warmups, straddle Tkachev to straddle half, good, legs don’t quite come up on a pirouette so he’s a bit horizontal, Yamawaki, double double layout with a big hop forward.

9:07 pm. Cordoba ARG FX: Hit the first couple of passes that I saw, then a solid double full.

Boncser HUN VT: Handspring Rudi, omg his run was SOOOOO WEIRD, he walked like five steps and then stopped basically, and then burst into a spring LOL. What the hell. Pretty decent vault though.

Just an 11.4 for Bitencourt.

9:04 pm. Kardos HUN VT: Solid kaz full.

Zou CHN PH: His swing is sooooo aggressive and fast. Omg, then right at the end, his hand slips and he goes flying off!!!!!!!!!! Without Weng Hao here, he was one of the top pommel workers here for the team. Back on to travel forward and back, then dismounts. Yikes.

Ng HKG SR: Hit routine!

Bitencourt BRA HB: Misses his layout Tkachev, face plants. Back on and repeats the layout, then a straddle Tkachev, then a straddle half. Good this time. Omg, blind change, his hand slips and he swings back with just one hand before going flying off again. Back on for the full-twisting double layout with a hop.

Boncser HUN VT: Kaz 1.5, a little wild on the landing.

9:00 pm. After a weak floor rotation, China loses a little bit of the edge they had over Russia and are now just two tenths ahead.

8:59 pm. Souza BRA PB: Fab routine but even more fabulous was the guttural scream he released when he hit his dismount.

8:58 pm. Lin CHN FX: Stumbled back and nearly sat his first pass. Hit the second one, and then a double double with a little hop for the third. Double full side pass with a hop. Messy and crunched landing on his triple full, also over time. Yikes?

Cordoba ARG HB: Layout Tkachev was nice. Floaty flared and almost stuck DLO full. Very happy about that.

8:55 pm. Xiao CHN FX: I missed his first pass or two I think. Caught it from the double layout, solid and stuck. Big stumble on the punch Randi. Flairs are fab and he gets applause. Triple full, a little messy in the ankles, hop.

Jato ARG HB: Full-twisting DLO dismount is solid, all I saw though.

Barretto BRA PB: Solid set, piked double back with a step back.

8:52 pm. Deng CHN FX: Piked double front, deep but hit. A little scoot to the side on the pass after that, was it a quad maybe?? I missed the entry. 2.5 to Rudi after that. Punch front double full. Good triple full to finish.

Mayol ARG HB: Solid set, huge air on his full-in double layout dismount.

Sheppard HUN SR: A little shaky throughout his handstands, 1.5 double tuck with a step back.

8:51 pm. Mariano BRA PB: Hit routine.

Babos HUN SR: Hit routine, piked double front with a step forward on the dismount.

S. Almeida POR VT: Kaz full, good landing, good in the air!

8:48 pm. China is now more than two points ahead of Russia! Keep on building it up.

Kardos HUN SR: Hit routine!

Sun CHN FX: Piked double front, low, step back. Front double full to front layout. Suuuuper low and long 2.5, still gets the barani out of it. Hit the pass after that. Punches into a Rudi. Hit the rest I believe.

Al Souliman SYR PH: Little form breaks but really impressive! He’s done NOTHING internationally before so this is a huge meet for him. Actually may have come off…he kind of bowed and then walked away but then I think he got back on to repeat the dismount.

B. Almeida POR VT: Missed his steps and jumped over the table, like Ana Derek at the Olympics. 😦

8:42 pm. Vecsernyes HUN PB: Hit routine, some suspect little form things in there but he’ll be happy with that.

Jato ARG PB: Hit routine!

Lin CHN HB: Cassina, Kolman, crooked on his hop full, layout Tkachev half, Yamawaki, kind of a rough double double layout, almost puts his knee down on his lunge forward. Not the cleanest overall.

8:40 pm. Xiao CHN HB: Liukin, Endo full, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, stoop full to Yamawaki, damn this is packed, hop full, he just keeps going. Flared stuck double double layout. HOT DAAAAAAAMN that was nice.

Zanetti BRA VT: Roche, looked good.

8:38 pm. Sun CHN HB: Ono, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, great hand position on the catch. Layout Tkachev half, slow rise up to handstand, nice, Yamawaki to Endo half, stalder, little hop on the dismount.

Souza BRA VT: Dragulescu for the second vault, looked good, a little cowboyed and crooked/to the side, but huuuuuge.

Villafane ARG PB: Hit routine, looked good from what I saw.

8:35 pm. Bitencourt BRA VT: Kaz 1.5, not the best, step out of it.

I missed Deng Shudi’s high bar. 😦 It started before my page would load. Rage. He gets a 14.3 (6.1 D, 8.2 E).

Also missed the Syrian gymnast Yazan Al Souliman on floor, but he hit! Got a lot of applause too.

Souza BRA VT: Kaz double, solid!

8:31 pm. China now has a 1.5 lead over the Russians after two rotations!

8:28 pm. Lin CHN PB: Double back release to his armpits, those look so painful, lovely and slow one-arm swing, front straddle salto, all very nice. Press handstand to Ono is lovely, then holds a handstand for 45 minutes before his piked double back, chest down but stuck.

8:27 pm. Barretto BRA SR: Double front to double pike to straddle planche, maybe a wee bit too quick. Swings up to handstand, stuck the piked double front dismount. Yoooo if Brazil keeps this up after that pommels rotation, they’re making the team final.

8:26 pm. Xiao CHN PB: A couple of the double salto releases. Huge front straddle salto. Walking in handstand got a little shady. I wish I liked p-bars more so I could truly appreciate the Chinese here. Piked double back is clean, step on the dismount.

8:24 pm. Boncser HUN FX: 3.5 to start! Good. 2.5 to front double full, wow! Double double is great. Front layout to solid double front. 1.5 to Rudi is fab. Triple full, a little buckled, hops it back.

Zanetti BRA SR: Nice maltese to iron cross I believe. Second iron cross is also strong. The rest is brilliant. Full-twisting double layout with a hop forward to finish.

8:22 pm. Kardos HUN FX: Hit his first two passes that I saw. Omg he has like, twirly choreo before his side pass, bless. Double full, little hop. Good routine.

Zou CHN PB: Why is he up second!? They’re like he’ll get a 75,000 E score even if he’s the leadoff, nbd. He gets crazy air on his releases. Lovely release pressed into handstand. Double front half-out, a little forward, step.

Souza BRA SR: Great set!

8:20 pm. Sun CHN PB: Good from the beginning, love his basket thing into a press handstand, suuuuuper clean double front half-out, stuck cold. Impressive start.

Mayol ARG VT: Kaz full, little steps on the landing.

I missed Bitencourt on rings.

8:19 pm. Sheppard HUN FX: Hit the first pass, then a 2.5 to front tuck full. Front double full, comes out of it late so barely gets the punch out of it and skids it back but doesn’t fall. Arabian double front, low and squatted but again stands up out of it.

Jato ARG VT: Hit his FTY, solid enough.

8:17 pm. I missed all of Argentina on rings but they’re not really known for that event so I’m gonna brush that one off.

8:13 pm. Vecsernyes HUN HB: One-arm pirouette, stoop full, arm goes a little nuts, stoop half, layout Tkachev, oof, his Kolman is nuts in the air, not as clean as usual, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half caught a little late, Yamawaki, love his layout full over the high bar, good landing. Don’t know if it’ll be enough for the final with the form breaks but fingers crossed.

Mariano BRA PB: Another one I watched out of the corner of my eye but everything looked solid!

8:10 pm. Lin CHN VT: Another casual kaz double, a little messy with a step OOB but tons of power on that.

S. Almedida POR FX: Double front is good, crashes his next pass OOB.

Xiao CHN VT: Damn, another kaz double, this one was excellent. China, man.

Boncser HUN HB: Saw most of this out of the corner of my eye and it looked good, also seems like he stuck the dismount.

Barretto BRA PH: Really solid set from him!

8:08 pm. Deng CHN VT: I missed what he did but his landing looked like it had a little bobble.

Sheppard HUN HB: Hit everything at the start, stuck the DLO full dismount.

Sun CHN VT: Kaz double, just a step to the side. Good for him! So happy to just see him on this team.

8:06 pm. Souza BRA PH: Crazy fall onto his back.

Kardos HUN HB: Hit routine!


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  1. so top four is russia china japan and us? that would be real interesting if russia can pull a little upset over china and japan… i doubt the us will be able to podium unless there is a big error among the other 3

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