2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 7

Welcome to the live blog for the seventh subdivision of men’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:59 pm. Team Standings

1. Russia 258.402
2. Japan 253.312
3. United States 250.362
4. Netherlands 245.663
5. Switzerland 245.186
6. Ukraine 243.651
7. Spain 241.261
8. France 241.203

All-Around Standings

1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 87.098
2. Sam Mikulak, United States, 86.598
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 84.572
4. Kenzo Shirai, Japan, 83.864
— David Belyavskiy, Russia, 83.332
5. Kazuma Kaya, Japan, 82.915
6. Nestor Abad, Spain, 81.507
7. Carlos Edriel Yulo, Philippines, 81.230
8. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 80.999
9. Pablo Brägger, Switzerland, 80.764
10. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 80.522
11. Yul Moldauer, United States, 80.365
12. Oliver Hegi, Switzerland, 80.248
13. Andrei Muntean, Romania, 80.224
14. Rene Cournoyer, Canada, 79.698
15. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 79.465
16. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 79.331
17. Loris Frasca, France, 78.899
18. Andrey Likhovitskiy, Belarus, 78.866
19. Jossimar Calvo, Colombia, 78.864
20. Jonathan Vrolix, Belgium, 78.830
21. Julien Gobaux, France, 78.531
22. Ilyas Azizov, Kazakhstan, 78.464
23. Stian Skjerahaug, Norway, 78.398
24. Akim Mussayev, Kazakhstan, 78.397

1:11 pm. Ugh, 14.0 for Umit, puts him in 11th. #cries

1:07 pm. Tyson Bull scratched floor.

Samiloglu TUR HB: Need him to hit and make the final. Big Cassina, Kolman, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, great hand position when he catches. Legs apart on his stoop full, little hop on his tucked double double dismount, great work.

1:04 pm. Remkes AUS FX: I missed his first pass, think he had a double double layout, second is a front layout to double pike, a bit low, hit his third pass as well, I’m trying to catch up but I can’t type as fast as he tumbles lol. Double double with a lunge back. Good whippy double layout to finish. I think he hit everything but I think I missed a pass or two.

Onder TUR HB: Off on his layout Tkachev. 😦 The rest looks good, double double layout with a hop forward.

1:01 pm. Mason Stephens AUS FX: Floaty double layout, little hop on the landing. Long and low front double full to front full but he gets it around. 2.5 to barani is done well. Arabian double front with a hop to finish.

Arican TUR HB: Good routine, came off a little low on the dismount but just a hop.

12:59 pm. Colak TUR HB: Good routine, went for a triple back and it landed super low, not sure if he put his hands down. I think he did.

Leru CUB VT: Step on his kaz full.

Steele IRL PB: Great routine! Announcer was like “he’s having the meet of his life!” and he looked up and laughed LOLLL. Same.

Manrique Larduet scratched vault.

12:52 pm. 13.6 for Lee on p-bars which puts him in 6th right now, makes sense with the little breaks he had…8.0 E. He can def improve on that if he makes the final!

Onder TUR PB: Great from what I saw, stuck double front half.

12:50 pm. Morgans AUS HB: Big Cassina, layout Kovacs is a little messy in the knees and he grabs the bar but pings off. Kovacs, Kolman, hop full, slides over for his blind change, good front giant work, double double with a hop. God that fall. 😦

Arican TUR PB: Lovely work, stuck the dismount.

12:48 pm. Lee TPE PH: Now I need him to win it all. Flairs are insane. Entire routine is literally all done in flairs. He’s so slow and steady and cautious. Hd a couple of tiny breaks that he quickly got over, but that was fab.

12:46 pm. Colak TUR PB: This routine was FANTASTIC and then he stumbled back and sat the piked double back. 😦 😦

Bull AUS HB: Cassina, the rest looked good, Yamawaki, blind change to L trip front giant, stoop, one-armed pirouette, flared and basically stuck DLO full dismount. Excellent!

12:44 pm. Mason Stephens MEX HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, blind change to front giant to stoop half, pretty seamless so far. Nice Weiler, a little messy in his full-twisting DLO but solid landing.

Vega GUA VT: Second vault is a kaz 1.5, better but he’s already out of the final so I DON’T CARE.

Hsu TPE PH: Good job with his flairs, travels back and forth in them, he has really nice control, hit routine!

12:43 pm. Vega GUA VT: Hope he can get this. Handspring Randi, messy and hands down. BYE I’m leaving Qatar.

12:41 pm. Valle MEX FX: Hit his opening pass, then a double full with a bounce. Crazy triple full, step to the side.

Costin AUS HB: Yamawaki, hop full, high double double dismount. Simple but effective.

12:36 pm. Nunez MEX HB: Good hit routine.

Tang TPE FX: Hit his first pass, then a double double, with a hop. Stuck the pass after that. I missed a lot of this. Triple full with a lunge back to finish.

Morgans AUS PB: Arms a little bent on his press up to handstand on the single rail, mostly great work though. Arches over a handstand considerably after a one-arm pirouette, piked double back with a hop.

12:33 pm. Lee TPE FX: Excited for this. Lovely double double, stuck. Front full to front double full. 2.5 to Rudi. Gorgeous work in his flairs, YESSSS. Stuck his side pass. Triple full, ankles are a bit floppy, but good landing.

Razo MEX HB: Hit everything I saw. Clean stuck full-twisting double layout to cap it off, that was stuck cold.

Bull AUS PB: Had a really good routine going but then stumbled back his dismount with about 900 steps, off the mat. 😦

12:32 pm. Arican TUR VT: Beautiful kaz 1.5!

12:31 pm. De Luna MEX HB: Straddle Tkachev, suuuuuuuper wide L grip swing, makes it so funny when he transitions to mixed grip and his arms come in about 500 miles. Got a bit stuck in a handstand and had to turn himself around but did it somewhat seamlessly.

Yu TPE FX: Double front half-out is stuck. Hit the rest.

12:30 pm. Onder TUR VT: Kaz 1.5, huge, good in the air, step back on the landing.

12:27 pm. Leru CUB PH: I caught it a few seconds in I think, kind of got stuck in a straddle before the dismount and comes off. Does the same thing again lmao. Literally has to get back on AGAIN just to do the dismount AGAIN. Yikes and goodbye. The announcer was like “Randy Leru breaks the curse!” I love that the announcers are sometimes watching a wildly different meet that we are.

Rojo MEX HB: Rybalko with some leg separation, legs came apart when he was in handstand and he flew off.

12:23 pm. Colak TUR SR: Holds his handstands for 45 years. Really nice routine, double front pike dismount with a little stumble but I think what he did on the rings will get him in.

12:20 pm. Saw most of Fabian De Luna’s p-bars routine, which was lovely!

Long wait for Rhys’ score on pommels. Finally comes up and it’s 11.066 YIKES. 4.966 E.

Tang TPE HB: One-arm pirouette, Yamawai, nice Kolman, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, really nice. Double double layout with a hop back.

12:18 pm. Remkes AUS VT: Second vault is the tsuk double pike, hands down. WHYYYYY.

Larduet CUB FX: Hit the first pass, then a 2.5 to front full. Double front half-out, misses his feet completely, and like, face-plants it.

12:17 pm. Remkes AUS VT: Dragulescu, excellent! Hop forward. Good start for him.

12:14 pm. Morgans AUS VT: Kaz full, a little crooked, hop to the side.

McClenaghan IRL PH: Here we go! Lovely at the beginning, he’s basically putting his hands down to the rhythm of the song that’s on. Omg legs come apart like crazy and he FLIES OFF KASFDJASKDFJADKF NOOOO. That was awful and depressing, he was so close. Gets back on again and does basically the same thing, second fall. :(. Just the dismount left really. What a soul crushing murder of a day this is.

Leru CUB FX: I was watching Rhys but also saw most of Randy’s set, which was fine.

12:12 pm. Gonzalez CHI FX: Piked double front half-out, a bit low with a step, front layout to double front, front full to front double full for the third pass, then a double double with a step. I missed the resttttt.

Costin AUS VT: Hit his kaz, just a small step.

Razo MEX PB: Lots of muscle ups into handstands. Hit the dismount.

Arca TUR SR: Good routine, 1.5 double tuck to finish.

12:09 pm. No teams here that can challenge the top order but I’m sure Turkey is looking to make the team final. It’s going to be tough after that pommels rotation, so that’s a bummer.

12:05 pm. Bull AUS SR: Beginning looked good. Press from L sit into a handstand was solid, giant swing into a handstand got shaky and he bent his elbows, muscled back up. Hit the dismount.

Valle MEX VT: Second vault is a handspring Rudi, a little crazy on the landing. Not as good as his first.

Vega GUA FX: 1.5 to front double full to front half, YAS. NOOOOO, put his hands down on the Randi. 😦 Really short on the double layout full I think it was, and same on the tucked full-in. He looks like the worst I’ve ever seen him tbh. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Triple full was fine though.

Onder TUR PH: Mostly good, until just before the end, catches his foot on the pommel and falls. Back on to finish strong. Ughhhh.

12:02 pm. Remkes AUS SR: Had some shaky moments, but made it through, hit a solid double double to finish.

De Luna MEX VT: Roche for his second vault, looked good!

Arican TUR PH: Looked good on his flairs but then just couldn’t get it together when he was doing his lil swing with his legs straight, kept tucking his knees and then came off. 😦

Hsu TPE PB: Good routine until the dismount, overrotated and maybe put his hands down, it was close.

Valle MEX VT: Kaz 1.5, solid from what I saw.

11:59 am. Morgans AUS SR: Omg he faces the opposite way that everyone else does!! Australia, everything’s upside down there I think. Arched in his handstands, hit the dismount with a little hop.

Arca TUR PH: Fell almost immediately. 😦

Leru CUB HB: Everything fine at the beginning, huge Liukin!! Stalder Tkachev, layout Tkachev half, stoop half, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, he’s crushing this. Full-twisting double layout with a hop.

Smith IRL FX: 2.5 to barani. Also did well on his double arabian, solid triple full to finish, hop back.

De Luna MEX VT: Kaz 1.5, pretty solid in the air, a little squatted with a hop forward.

11:58 am. Rojo MEX VT: Kaz 1.5, a little awkward and off-center, stumble on the landing.

11:56 am. Steele IRL FX: Front layout to double front, crashed it OOB. 😦 Hit the second pass and then stuck a double arabian half-out, lovely. Rudi, hit the last pass. Shame about the fall.

Razo MEX VT: Kaz full, done well.

Samiloglu TUR PB: Had a fall. 😦

Larduet CUB HB: Layout Tkachev half, layout Tkachev, both good. Everything else looked solid, Yamawaki, Rybalko, hit the triple double layout very well in the air, step back on the landing.

11:54 am. Okay, I’m back. That was weird. I did an interview with Al Kass which I guess is a sports channel, and then a Japanese TV producer was like COME WITH ME and whirled me away and was like “Sit here for like ten minutes” and I was like uh can I go back and watch the meet please? I was like let’s hold on until this is over, shall we?

I think I really only missed Mexico on rings though.

11:43 am. Onder TUR FX: Double front pike half-out, good landing. Front full to double front half out, YAS. So good. Double double is stuck. 2.5 to barani is lovely. He’s crushing it! 1.5 to Rudi side pass is also great. Finishes with a Tucked full-in, step back. Excellent!

Only a 13.166 on p-bars for Manrique.

Costin AUS PH: Oof, fell onto the horse then rolled off.

I’m being interviewed by Al Kass right now for TV lmao brb I guess

11:41 am. Lee TPE VT: Beautiful Kaz 1.5, hops his feet together.

Arican TUR FX: Hit his first pass then a double front, little bounce. Next two passes are solid, twists into punch fronts. Hit the rest.

Remkes AUS PH: Everything good that I could see!! Got through it very well.

11:40 am. Larduet CUB PB: Landed one of his swings hard on his armpits, didn’t disturb him too much but obviously not great. Loved his like, basket swing thingy pressed right up to handstand, that was so fluid. Double front half-out.

11:38 am. Bull AUS PH: Lots of leg separations throughout and he eventually can’t hold on. 😦 Back on and he’s still struggling with his leg form, comes off again.

Shiao TPE VT: Kaz 1.5, really solid vault for him.

Colak TUR FX: Hit routine, I just saw the arabian double front at the end but everything I glanced at out of the corner of my eye was good.

11:35 am. Trying to get my life together! Turkey starts on floor, Australia on pommels, Mexico on rings, Chinese Taipei on vault, Cuba on p-bars, and Ireland on high bar.

Steele IRL HB: Nice layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev. Nice one-armed swing. Piked on his full-twisting DLO but that was a great routine!

Hsu TPE VT: Kaz full, good landing.

Arca TUR FX: Sat his first pass.

Mason Stephens AUS PH: I missed pretty much all of this but think he hit.

Yu TPE VT: Kaz full, really buckled landing, very low.


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