2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 8

Welcome to the live blog for the eighth subdivision of men’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

4:06 pm. Kranitis GRE PH: Some wild legs throughout, and he gets a bit jerky at times…not a super difficult set but he makes it through.

4:04 pm. Nguyen GER FX: Double front pike half-out and then a full-in double layout, both good. 1.5 to front full is also solid. Double double with a slight hop. Double full side pass. 2.5 to barani. Finishes with a tucked full-in, some form stuff but solid routine to end their weird day.

4:00 pm. Herder GER FX: One of his passes had a stumble forward OOB. The rest looked okay. Super low punch into his double front, sat it. They’ll count a fall here.

J. Lee KOR PB: Lovely work here.

I think I missed all of Greece on pommels, scores aren’t great from what I can see.

3:57 pm. Dauser GER FX: Piked double front with a hop. Next two passes had some form issues. Double full side pass. Hit the rest.

Kuzovkov GEO SR: Double saltos up to an L sit, not super precise but not bad.

3:56 pm. Klessing GER FX: Front full to front double full, hop, front layout to double front, very low set into that, hop forward and very low. Arabian double front half-out, skids then puts his hands down. 2.5 very low into his barani. Lots of form issues. Stuck a double full.

Y. Al-Dulaimi IRQ HB: Straddle Tkachev, UGHHHHH stings his ankle/knee on the dismount landing, doesn’t bend and absorb and so he kind of hyperextends and jars it and has bounce down to his butt before hopping off on one foot. Literally the first injury I’ve seen so far and it’s not really even a bad one, he’s still walking fine, just shuffling a bit. Too bad, happy to see Iraq come to worlds though.

Park KOR PB: Good routine.

3:53 pm. After five rotations it’s Russia, Japan, the U.S, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, and Turkey.

3:45 pm. Tantalidis GRE FX: First pass was something into a front full, landed the punch like, not only OOB but literally off the mat completely. Double front is good. I missed everything else except the triple full, a little messy.

Toba GER HB: Ouch, pinged off on his Kolman, hard onto his back. Back on and gets the Kolman this time, a little messy, straddle Tkachev, then a straddle half caught a little awkwardly, crossed his hands weird in a pirouette, hop full, Rybalko, tries to stick the double double layout but lifts his foot/leg at the end.

3:42 pm. Petrounias GRE FX: I literally forgot he does floor. Front full to double front with a hop. Second pass is also strong. Clean double full side pass. 2.5 almost to his HEAD, still punched out of it but just went to his back. 😦 Triple full at the end is short.

Dauser GER HB: Yamawaki, oh I missed the rest, kill me

Park KOR VT: Went for a handspring Randi but it was kind of a mess, really piked at the end and the landing was rough.

3:39 pm. Nguyen GER HB: HUGE layout Kovacs, some leg separation but the height on that! Off on his Kovacs right after. 😦 One-arm pirouette is nice, but then some leg separation after. Double double layout with a hop back.

Kranitis GRE FX: hit everything I saw, triple at the end was wild, big lunge back.

3:38 pm. J. Lee KOR VT: Perffff kaz 1.5!! Great landing, his body position is A++

3:36 pm. Herder GER HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half caught basically forward but just with one hand in reverse grip, then twists to face the other direction. Hop on the dismount.

Iliopoulos GRE FX: A little short on a couple of his passes early on. Hit a big floaty 1.5 to front layout. Double full with a hop back. Good triple full to finish.

Bae KOR VT: Kaz full, good landing.

3:31 pm. Kuzovkov GEO FX: Hit the first passes. Oh, I only saw the triple full I guess. Well.

12.6 for Saso, 7.0 E…his D looks a little down at 5.6 I think.

Dauser GER PB: Great routine, stuck his dismount, Germany is doing well despite losing some of their top guys.

3:29 pm. Bertoncelj SLO PH: GOD I MISSED HIM, why is pommels so far, this was like one routine I really wanted to see in this subdivision…I thought he was just going up but he was leaving. RUDE. I hope he hit.

Nguyen GER PB: Brilliant routine, nailed the full-twisting double tuck dismount.

Park KOR SR: Good work, full-twisting double layout with almost no movement on the landing.

3:24 pm. Chatziefstathiou GRE HB: What took longer, his routine or me typing his last name? Good work from him, hit everything I saw.

Herder GER PB: Another clean routine, bounce on the double front dismount.

Kim Han-sol KOR SR: Iliopoulos on HB mostly blocked me from seeing him so I only caught glimpses but it was a great routine.

Iliopoulos GRE HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev, caught in horizontal and it gave him pause for a second but no problems getting it going again. The rest is nice, solid dismount.

3:21 pm. Al Delfi IRQ VT: Kaz full basically to his knees. 😦 Second vault is a Roche to his back, don’t think he got his feet down until after his back hit.

Tantalidis GRE HB: Everything looked good that I saw. Stuck his tucked double double dismount.

Jimsheleishvili GEO FX: I think he got his first passes, punches into a Rudi for his side pass. Stumbled back and sat his 2.5. 😦

Toba GER PB: Clean routine, just saw him a bit shy on one handstand, but otherwise good.

3:17 pm. Govorov GEO HB: Wonky legs on his Yamawaki, stalder half to front giant to front half, leg separation, blind change to front giants again, stuck his tucked full-in dismount.

3:14 pm. J. Lee KOR PH: Gets his foot stuck on the horse at one point and hops off.

Arseniev GEO HB: I loooove watching L grip change to reverse grip mid-swing. Goes for a double double layout but ends up tucking the second layout to get it around.

3:11 pm. Iliopoulos GRE PB: Good set, not super difficult, good landing on the double pike dismount.

Park KOR PH: He has a nice swing. One of the least muscled handstands to his dismount! Good work.

3:09 pm. Nguyen GER VT: Roche, flies forward but doesn’t fall so there’s that.

Chatziefstathiou GRE PB: Hit routine, pretty clean.

3:08 pm. Toba GER VT: Kaz full, good, maybe not very big?

Jimsheleishvili GEO HB: Slow and steady with his swing, some form breaks, tucked double double with a hop.

Bae KOR PB: Think he hit but I only saw the end.

3:06 pm. Klessing GER VT: Excellent Roche!

Tantalidis GRE PB: Solid routine, stuck the dismount.

3:05 pm. Chiriboga ECU FX: Lovely double arabian in the air, just a bit low on the landing. Front tuck full to front layout. 1.5 to front full is good. Stuck the 2.5 cold. Good work!

Kuzovkov GEO HB: A little late in his pirouettes. Double double layout with a step.

Dauser GER VT: Kaz full, good.

3:04 pm. Greece prob wishes gymnastics was just rings and vault because they’re currently 5th as a team.

3:01 pm. Nguyen GER SR: Another solid rings set for Germany, idk if it’ll be finals worthy but he looked good.

2:58 pm. Toba GER SR: I watched but wasn’t typing, good routine.

Kim Han-sol KOR FX: 3.5 to barani is GREAT, then a 2.5 to front full I believe. Long and low front full but into a Randi, damn. He’s like I’m basically Kenzo. Double double is low with a hop. Triple full to finish. Fab job.

2:54 pm. Tantalidis GRE VT: Solid Kaz full.

Klessing GER SR: Everything I saw looked good, got a little low in his straddle planche, double front tuck dismount was pretty cowboyed.

Al Dulaimi IRQ PH: I’m excited for this, and hope he hits. Haha bye he’s off. I hate pommels forever.

2:51 pm. Lee Hyeokjung KOR FX: Crashed one pass with his hands down.

Iliopoulos GRE VT: DTY, looked good from here.

I think I’m finally all caught up from sub 1 but thankfully not a ton of insanity happened there.

2:44 pm. Petrounias GRE SR: I literally ran back to get this routine. Planche swung through to a Maletese, lovely, another planche down into an iron cross, he makes it look so effortless. Pikes through to an iron cross, double pike up to handstand, stuck the double double. Brilliant.

Nguyen GER PH: Pretty sure he hit.

2:42 pm. My god am I a television star in Japan yet? Because they won’t stop interviewing me while I’m trying to work. Coming back in like five seconds with some quick hits.


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