2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 5

Welcome to the live blog for the fifth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:22 pm. Biles USA VT: Second vault is an Amanar, like it’s easy, step forward. 15.366, averages 15.666. NBD.

Back in a bit y’all!

7:19 pm. Biles USA VT: Absolutely destroys THE BILES. Yurchenko half-on front layout double full. Just…incredible. 15.966. 🙂

7:17 pm. Hurd USA VT: DTY, one of her better ones!! Good in the air, step back on the landing.

7:16 pm. McCallum USA VT: Yurchenko half-on front tuck half, step back. 13.533, averages 14.066 which could actually get her into the final! It’ll be tight but not impossible. Many of the top vaulters have gone already.

Bunce SVK BB: Bhs loso is good. Little wobble on the side somi. 1.5 dismount with a hop. Pretty sweet day for her I think!

Ryan NZL FX: I missed the first couple of passes. Stepped forward on the last one.

7:15 pm. McCallum USA VT: DTY, clean in the air, doesn’t get a ton of distance but still pretty solid. 14.6

7:14 pm. McCusker USA VT: DTY, not the greatest. 😦 Low with a step forward. 14.266.

7:10 pm. Fishwick NZL FX: Double pike. Bounce on the double full.

Valastiakova SVK BB: Solid bhs loso. Good split jump to wolf jump. Front layout dismount.

Mendez PER UB: Piked Jaeger, nice, then a straddle Jaeger, good! Bail to toe shoot, blind change to double front, some form things but overall great!

7:05 pm. Brett NZL BB: Good jump series. Big wobble on the switch half. Good double full.

Smith IRL FX: Good double pike, lunge back. Hop full L turn to switch full. Solid 1.5 to front full. Clean double tuck to finish. Great job!

Theocharous CYP VT: Yurchenko back tuck, bounce on the landing.

Valastiakova SVK UB: Only saw the toe shoot and toe front dismount, both of which were nice.

7:04 pm. Bunce SVK UB: Maloney to bail to toe on to toe shoot, nice, good Tkachev, blind full right on the bar, front giant to front layout 1.5, good work!

7:01 pm. Chuikina KAZ FX: Wow, triple full! Good for her. A little messy and short but again, cool to see from her. Double pike is solid. Just a layout for her third pass. Layout full to finish.

Ryan NZL BB: Huge wobble on a side somi but stays on. Good fight. 1.5, big step forward out of it.

Mendez PER VT: Handspring front pike half, a little low on the landing.

6:58 pm. Bauyrzhanova KAZ FX: Double pike, little stumble forward. I missed the rest.

Fishwick NZL BB: Good bhs loso. Hit the rest, gainer full off the eind.

6:53 pm. Biles USA FX: Here we goooooo! Moors, little bounce. Biles to stag, excellent. Switch leap to tour jeté full, fantastic. I always forget she does that and I’m always in awe. Front layout full to full-in, solid landing. Finishes with a casual double double, little bounce back. Has absolutely tamed those landings since nationals. Just wonderfully done.

6:52 pm. Fishwick NZL UB: Bail, some ankle stuff, toe shoot, blind full is REALLY nice, right on top of the bar, ankle sep on the blind change to piked Jaeger, just a layout dismount.

13.266 for Riley on floor.

6:51 pm. Bauyrzhanova KAZ BB: Front aerial, split jump, transverse jump, hit the layout dismount.

6:48 pm. Ryan NZL UB: Extra swing out of her shaposh before the bail, hit the rest.

McCallum goes 13.8 on floor.

McCusker USA FX: Piked full-in, some leg stuff, chest a bit down. Really strong split full before her next pass, the front double full to punch front to stag, leg stuff again in the twist, skidded on the double pike. 😦 Solid double tuck to finish.

6:46 pm. McCallum USA FX: Double double, very nice! Front double full after that is also solid. Triple full is a bit messy in the air but the landing is very on point. Solid double tuck to finish.

Chuikina KAZ BB: Some bent knees on her bhs loso, transverse split jump half is a little soft.

6:44 pm. Brett NZL UB: Fell on her release. Adjusts her grips and gets back up. Toe-on to Pak, leg sep, hit the rest.

Bunce SVK VT: FTY, looked pretty tucked.

13.933 for Morgan’s floor, currently second.

6:42 pm. Hurd USA FX: Solid double double!! Nails the double layout. This girl knows how and when she needs to be at her best. Front layout to front full, playing it safe and clean. Nice work on her leaps. Crushed the double pike. THIS SUPERSTAR.

Smith IRL BB: Side somi, break at the hips but saves it. Stuck the 1.5 dismount.

Valastiakova SVK VT: Good landing on the handspring front pike!

6:38 pm. 14.8 for Simone Biles, 6.4 D, 8.4 E. Queen of life tbh.

6:37 pm. Bauyrzhanova KAZ UB: Oof, her dismount was terrifying, stumbled backwards under the bars but then like, collapsed. 😦 Looked okay until then.

6:33 pm. 14.466 for Kara!!! 6.4 D, 8.066 E. Currently in the lead.

Biles USA BB: Wolf turn, gets applause, hits her jumps well. Solid on the barani. Bhs loso loso is about as close to perfect as you can get. Switch leap to switch side, little check, punch front pike, a little off-center, wobbles but nothing bad, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, tucked full-in, step back. Just those little checks but that was pretty smooth.

6:32 pm. Smith IRL UB: Piked Jaeger is nice, bail to toe on to toe shoot, blind full, double tuck with a step back. Good for her!

6:30 pm. Eaker USA BB: Hit her mount, full Y turn, front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, dances out of it, lovely. Side aerial to loso loso, excellent. Good split leap to side somi. Switch ring to back handspring to scale, man, she’s selling this. Even if the rings don’t get credited it’ll be a big score. Switch to switch side. 2.5 with a hop. Beautiful.

Mendez PER FX: Lovely double arabian!!

6:29 pm. Ryan NZL VT: hit her FTY. Hop out of the handspring front tuck after that.

McCusker 13.1 on beam. WITH A FALL. God that’s gotta hurt to know how close she was.

6:25 pm. Brett NZL VT: FTY, nice! Step back.

13.466 for Morgan’s beam! Currently third.

McCusker USA BB: Hit the wolf turns, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Off on her flight series. 😦 Poor kid, I really wanted her to do well here. Switch leap to switch half to Korbut is lovely. Double tuck, little step.

Castro CHI FX: HERE WE GO WITH GANGSTA’S PARADISE. Front tuck through to a .1.5 I think. Hit routine.

Chuikina KAZ UB: Didn’t see any of this.

Fishwick NZL VT: Crashed her FTY.

6:22 pm. Hurd USA BB: Standing full, has it at first, then a check. Side aerial is good. Little bobble on the bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, shoulder angle is a little off but not bad, switch leap, transverse split jump half, good, switch ring, back foot a little low, beautiful double pike with a hop back.

Theocharous CYP FX: Just saw the double tuck at the end, a bit buckled.

6:20 pm. Hoooooly shit, 14.866 for Simone’s bars!!!!!!! I mean…told ya. 🙂

6:17 pm. Morgan’s score went up to 14.466 after a D score inquiry!!

Biles USA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, arches over her handstand before the toe full, rushes it but then calms down and catches the Church to Pak. She’s a pro. Van Leeuwen is okay, super clean and stuck Fabrichnova. Well, that’ll hurt her E a bit, but I think overall it was still pretty solid.

6:15 pm. Castro CHI BB: Side aerial, hitting everything elseeee…2.5 with a hop to the side! Good for her!

Vydurekova SVK FX: Double pike is good. Double tuck, low chest with a step forward. Little stumble on the third pass.

14.133 for Riley, OOF, that dismount. 😦

6:13 pm. McCusker USA UB: Stalder full, clean, Maloney to Tkachev, lovely, omg her handstands I want to cry, Ricna to Pak, some leg sep on the Pak, perfect van Leeuwen, toe-on to blind change to half-in double tuck, really deep landing on that, almost knees down, but the rest was so perfect, literally the Pak was the only real form break. God how does she DO IT.

6:11 pm. Bunce SVK FX: Omg I LOVE her choreo at the start. Double tuck is good. 2.5 with a step. Hit the third pass. Triple spin!! Yessss. Switch ring. Clean double full to finish.

McCallum gets a 14.1!

6:08 pm. Kuklovska SVK FX: Crashed her double tuck. Deep front layout to front full.

14.366 for Morgan’s bars!

McCallum USA UB: Weiler half, yay, to Chow to Tkachev, nice, arches handstand before Pak, leg sep and caught a little close, Chow half is okay, nice handstand before toe-on to toe full a little late to full-in, stuck on her toes. Good job working through it, she struggled on the Weiler in warmups!

Theocharous CYP BB: Back handspring mount. Off almost right away after that though.

Smith IRL VT: Handspring front pike, step forward out of it.

6:05 pm. Pretty sure every athlete not competing is here to watch. That section is FULLLLLL.

Valastiakova SVK FX: Double pike, little bounce. Double tuck, stumble back. Good 1.5.

Mendez PER BB: Bobble on the switch to side aerial. Otherwise what I saw looked good.

Bauyrzhanova KAZ VT: Yurchenko layout.

Hurd USA UB: Komova II to stalder full to Tkachev, Ricna to Pak, Ray to high, inbar half to front giant half, inbar full almost right on the bar to stuck full-in! YAAAAAS.


70 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 5

  1. Was watching the Nbc feed; had to turn it off bc my stomach is in knots for them. Lol. Can never watch quals; finals, no prob. Cant imagine their parents’ feelings. Haha


    • “Absolutely destroys the field” there was no field – it was just Biles and the judges – what do you want me to do? how many twists? how many somersaults? is this enough? 14.800 on her weakest apparatus. To have an even playing field you need Biles to compete blindfolded, with her right hand tied to the back and using just one leg. I hope for the sake of gymnastics she takes next year off and retires after 2020 Tokyo.


      • She missed two of her connections and had a pretty big leg sep on her pak. It wasn’t horrible, but I’m not surprised she didn’t make the final.


        • Oh. Thanks. Poor thing, hopefully it’ll still be a good experience for her to be more confident for the future.


      • I actually didn’t think it WAS that bad. The deep landing didn’t look that bad live. She broke a connection though…is it weird I think it was better than Simones but not as good as Morgan’s??


  2. OMG! After bars: I think Morgan will qualify over Riley, and Simone really has a shot at UB Gold. With a routine like her Podium Trainig, she can take the gold!


  3. Simone’s score being as massive as it was even with that break on the handstand is incredible. She’s in serious contention for a medal with that routine. Only what… .2 behind Derwael? Approximately?


      • I feel like she was a little overscored but to be fair I’m just really mad about Riley (who I feel was underscored) but I’m in a very biased and judgmental mood about this bars qualification right now.


        • People can talk about not liking Biles’s style on bars but there really wasn’t a whole lot to deduct from other than that arched handstand. And a lot of people get deducted on their dismount but hers leaves no room for any. And Riley not qualifying is unfortunate but it isn’t because of Biles or Hurd, it’s because of Riley herself. She needed to do what she normally does and she faltered a bit.

          Liked by 1 person

      • She really wasn’t though. The only big thing in her routine was the arched handstand. Everything else was very solid, especially considering where Simone used to be on UB. Flexed feet issues all but gone. Leg separations cleaned up immensely. Even her straddle Tkatchev looked much higher than usual. Her PT routine would have easily outscored Derwael, and it’d be well deserved. She may not have the most appealing style, but she’s got the execution to back up her score.


  4. Really happy for Kara, she is so smooth on the beam! I would have wanted RIley to challenge Nina for gold but now apparently Simone can?? 6 golds for Simone this year?


    • YES. That’s a big reason why she won last year – she went 4/4 when none of the other top contenders did. Also a shoutout to Grace McCallum, she seems cool as a cucumber for her first Worlds. Not a flicker from her on either of her events so far!

      Liked by 3 people

  5. Simone looks so relaxes, chatting, laughing, etc… the arena has never been so full (which doesn’t mean much because it’s still more than 2/3 empty and the majority of people are athletes/friends/families and delegations) and they’re only watching team US. The mental strength of this girl is fascinating.


  6. Grace McCallum has a lightness in her tumbling that is so nice to watch. Although I fear she and Jade Carey are graduates of the same school of dance.

    Also, does anyone know – is Grace part Greek? Is that why she is doing a Zorba the Greek-themed FX routine? She also wore white and blue leos at Nationals, the colors of the Greek flag. Maybe a coincidence but I’m just wondering.


    • I think she absolutely does. What always gets me about her vaulting and tumbling is that it looks WAY too easy for her, even though the D score is through the roof. Like, she should throw another full twist into the Moors AND the Silivas. I am sure she could do both in the same routine – she’s not even winded after the one she’s doing now! I really hope she upgrades a lot more in the run up to Tokyo. We are privileged to be watching her.

      Also, Simone, just compete the YTT already, ok? Stop teasing us!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Different reasons: Gymnastics is not popular in Qatar (only 2 local WAG gymnasts) and even if the weekend here is on Friday/Saturday, the arena wasn’t full at all. The country is far from the main gymnastics “markets”: North-America, Europe, China and Japan. Even if the population is made of 80% of expats, most of them probably can’t afford the entrance. Plane tickets are expensive. Qatar is also isolated in its region and doesn’t have diplomatic relations with its neighbors (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) due to diverging opinions regarding the terrorism issue. So people from countries nearby are not likely to come (there were lots of Americans last year in Montreal).
      So QX are usually less crowded than the real competitions but the area is 65-75% empty and when you hear people talk, there are members of delegations, families or friends. On the first day, there were more staff members that members of the audience. The good thing is that you dont queue for anything.
      I also hesitated to come because of “human rights” issues. Even if Qatar is more
      “open” than some other countries in the region, you can end up in jail for being gay or for having medicine that are easily available in Western countries but that are prohibited here.
      Qatar “bought” the organisation of this Championships as it “bought” the next FIFA soccer World Cup that will take place in 2022 (construction of stadiums that will never be used again, a metro,…). It’s a rich country that wants to be seen as an active actor in terms of key sports events. It needs to diversify and not to rely on money that comes from oil.
      But gymnastics is not soccer. It’s more confidential and a lot of fans are kids / young adults.
      So we’ll see what happens from Monday but I’m not too optimistic.
      And I talked to a lady who told me that the event was labeled as sold out on the Virgin website when it’s obviously not.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your thorough response. It’s just disappointing to see lackluster attendance rates, because these gymnasts deserve a large audience to support their hard work. It’s also a shame, because gymnastics has such a popular following in so many countries, and I’m sure other cities would’ve liked to host.


  7. wow, i am late but feel so bad for riley ;(…. i hope she will kill it in TF…. ;(

    Simone def has a real chance at medaling in ub ef..


  8. is it just me or is there like a ton of unoccupied seats in the arena? can i blame this on just qual or is there just low overall attendance?


  9. Absolutely GUTTED for Riley, but hopefully this will allow her to focus on the TF and spare her further injury. I 1000% believe that she will be back next year with a vengeance. After all, even Simone was a nervy mess at her first Worlds. Riley’s time will come. I believe in her.


      • Hernandez doesn’t have a chance at Tokyo. She’s been gone too long and doesn’t look like she stayed in as good shape physically as Raisman and other “comeback kids”. . She was fortunate to go to Rio. Sorry this sounds harsh but it’s truth.


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