2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 6

Welcome to the live blog for the sixth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:31 pm. Going to the mixed zone, will posts results later!

9:27 pm. Mori ITA FX: Tucked full-in, omg jammed her foot or something, then skids around. She’s fine though. Memmel to illusion. 2.5 to front layout. Solid triple full. Low set on her double pike but still gets it around. Well, fantastic aside from that weird thing after the first pass…

9:24 pm. Basile ITA FX: Double layout, little hop. Cool little turn and choreo before her second pass. Arabian double front, little step. 2.5 to punch front. Double pike! Fab! Great work.

Francis JAM UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, good, blind change, ooh, to stoop through to straddle Jaeger! Misses the Jaeger but love that combo. Blind full, stuck the double pike. Shame about the fall. All of Iceland on the side cheering her on, love!

9:21 pm. Richmon JAM UB: Fell on her release. Toe-on to shootover, blind full, hit the dismount.

Ricciardi ITA FX: Good double front!

Rutty CAY BB: Transverse split jump half, a little short. That’s all I saw.

Erichsen NOR VT: Lovely FTY! Such a good day for her.

9:18 pm. Lanza ITA FX: Front full to front layout, a little leg form stuff. Double pike. Classic rock (“Stairway to Heaven”) and Spanish guitar, love. Good routine.

Nguyen VIE BB: Good bhs layout! Nice! Ugh, sat the double tuck at the end after all that. 😦

9:12 pm. Mori ITA BB: Loso mount is good, little bobble on the bhs loso loso, transverse split half, switch leap, nice amplitude, hit an aerial into her jump series, triple full with a step. Mostly good but she fell on her full Y turn.

Suto-Tuuha ISL FX: 2.5 with a step. Game of Thrones music. Front full to stag is good.

9:08 pm. Basile ITA BB: Bhs bhs layout, fall. Good jumps. Hit the double pike dismount well.

Kristinsdottir ISL FX: Good double tuck, a little forward on the landing. Hit routine.

Rutty CAY UB: Shootover, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot, caught a little close but she muscles up a kip, double tuck with a tiny step, yay! Happy she hit, she’s Cayman’s best gymnast ever.

9:06 pm. Olafsdottir ISL FX: Double tuck, oof, back on her heels and she kind of launches backwards. Last pass had a double full to punch front tuck which is cool to see at the end of the routine.

Francis JAM VT: FTY, good!

Nguyen VIE UB: Stalder to stalder full to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

Ricciardi ITA BB: I didn’t see much of this unfortunately.

9:02 pm. Robinson JAM VT: Yurchenko layot, little hop.

Adalsteinsdottir ISL FX: Double tuck, step back. Hit the double full.

Lanza ITA BB: Hit her bhs loso then a front aerial. Hit the dismount! hit routine.

Vasquez BOL UB: Bail, a little messy, toe shoot, dead hang, has to start her swing again. Kip casts for a blind full, stuck the double tuck.

8:56 pm. Ricciardi ITA UB: Caught her Tkachev then her Jaeger, bail, toe shoot, hit the dismount.

8:54 pm. Mori ITA UB: Ray, bail to toe shoot, blind change to Endo half, double layout stuck. Good!

8:51 pm. Lanza ITA UB: Big piked Jaeger to Pak, legs in a V on the latter, Maloney to bail to toe full, a little muscled, toe shoot, clear hip, blind change to front giant, then crashed the dismount after all of that 😦

Sødetstrøm NOR FX: Nice double pike and double full! Lovely routine.

Olafsdottir ISL BB: I saw from the bhs back tuck, kinda split the beam and fell. Nice switch leap to split jump. Transverse split jump half. Transverse straight jump full. Side somi with windmill arms. Oh, cool, gainer tuck 1.5 off the end!

8:49 pm. Nygaard NOR FX: Hit her first pass. Good 1.5. Nice set!

Adalsteinsdottir ISL BB: Fell on her mount, hit her flight series and leaps. Switch to side somi. Hit the dismount.

8:45 pm. Kristinsdottir ISL BB: Bhs loso, solid. Side aerial and leaps looked good. Off on something that landed sideways, a somi maybe? Transverse split jump half next. Full turn.

Erichsen NOR FX: Double pike, nice and high. Switch leap to switch half, stuck the double tuck!! This kid looks GREAT. Really cool turn choreo into the corner. Layout half to finish. Fab job.

Nguyen VIE VT: FTY, not bad!

8:44 pm. Vasquez BOL VT: Balked it the first time but got it the second time, FTY with a pretty solid landing.

8:41 pm. Fosse NOR FX: Very nice double pike!! Crashed her double tuck.  😦

Suto-Tuuha ISL BB: Side somi was all I saw.

Rizzelli ITA UB: Pak, Maloney to bail to toe full to toe shoot, full-in with a little hop! Yay!

8:36 pm. Olafsdottir ISL UB: Had some extra swings I think, but caught the piked Jaeger, blind full with some ankle separation, tucked toe front half with a step.

8:33 pm. Adalsteinsdottir ISL UB: Nice straddle Jaeger! Stuck the dismount, a layout double full. Good job!

Nygaard NOR BB: Good jumps. Clean side aerial. Bhs loso, looks like she has it but bounces off. Full L turn. Off again on a jump.

Holy crap, 11.966 for Norway on beam is like, incredible. Julie Erichsen’s score.

8:32 pm. Erichsen NOR BB: Hit the mount, solid bhs loso, switch leap, hit the rest, solid dismount. Literally all of Norway is in the stands.

Francis JAM FX: Omg YES “Maria Maria” is her music! Front tuck through to double tuck is solid. Switch ring to tour jete half to another jump I think, step back out of the double pike. 2.5 with a step. She looks so good!

8:30 pm. Basile ITA VT: Hit the Yurchenko 1.5!

Belanyi ISL UB: Had some extra swings and then did the double layout to her knees. 😦

Ricciardi ITA VT: Yurchenko 1.5, hit.

8:27 pm. Søderstrøm BB: Bhs loso, little wobble, full L turn, wobble, but holds on. Fell on something after that. Hit the gainer pike dismount.

Richmon JAM FX: Hit her first pass. Has really cool NCAA-style choreo in the middle. 1.5 to stag. Oh the music, this is literally an NCAA routine. Off, hard crash on her last pass.

Lanza IT VT: Literally brought here for vault after . Crashed the Yurchenko 1.5. 😦 Gutting.

8:24 pm. Robinson JAM FX: Bounce back on the double pike. Otherwise good from what I saw.

Davidsen BB: Back tuck, gets the double wolf turn around, good side somi. Hit the dismount.

Mori ITA VT: Good FTY to get them started.

8:19 pm. Erichsen NOR UB: This girl has been killing it lately, caught her piked Jaeger, Pak with some leg separation, toe shoot, blind full, full-in with a step, that was KILLER FOR NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suto ISL VT: Solid FTY!

8:14 pm. Fosse NOR UB: Bail, clear hip, fell apart in her blind full and landed on the high bar LMAOOOO oh Edel, I love you. Back on and hit the dismount.

Looked like a hit routine for Nush! 12.033

8:12 pm. Vasquez BOL FX: Oh HER music was the music I’ve heard 3000 times from the training hall yesterday and Thursday! Crashed her opening pass unfortunately. Her second as well.

Francis JAM BB: I missed most of this sadly. 😦 Saw she did the side layout full dismount so hope the transverse side aerial was also part of it!!

8:05 pm. Robinson JAM BB: Hit routine!

Nguyen VIE FX: Arabian double front with a step, front full to stag. Good! Sat the double pike. I didn’t see if she did her new element, the crazy pirouette to wolf turn.

Nygaard NOR UB: Rhythm mistake on a handstand, came off. 😦 She’s always so good and confident at home and then makes nervous mistakes at international meets. Good straddle Jaeger, toe shoot, nearly stuck the dismount.

Richmon JAM BB: Off on her side aerial.


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