2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 11

Welcome to the live blog for the eleventh subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:00 pm. And now, the qualifiers!

Team Final

1. United States 174.429
2. Russia 165.497
3. China 165.196
4. Canada 163.897
5. Brazil 162.529
6. Japan 162.180
7. France 161.629
8. Germany 161.071

All-Around Final

1. Simone Biles, United States, 60.965
2. Morgan Hurd, United States, 56.465
3. Mai Murakami, Japan, 55.632
4. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 55.564
5. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 55.465
6. Ellie Black, Canada, 54.999
7. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 54.798
8. Luo Huan, China, 54.131
9. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 53.999
10. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 53.532
11. Irina Alexeeva, Russia, 53.532
12. Chen Yile, China, 53.499
13. Asuka Teramoto, Japan, 53.466
14. Kelly Simm, Great Britain, 53.099
15. Naomi Visser, Netherlands, 52.832
16. Elisabeth Seitz, Germany, 52.798
17. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 52.765
18. Jade Barbosa, Brazil, 52.733
19. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 52.632
20. Lara Mori, Italy, 52.199
21. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 52.165
22. Lorette Charpy, France, 52.165
23. Ana Perez, Spain, 52.132
24. Axelle Klinckaert, Belgium, 52.074

Vault Final

1. Simone Biles USA 15.666
2. Shallon Olsen CAN 14.550
3. Yeo Seo-jeong KOR 14.483
4. Alexa Moreno MEX 14.466
5. Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.200
6. Pyon Rye Yong PRK 14.133
7. Ellie Black CAN 14.124
8. Liu Jinru CHN 14.116

Reserves: Akhaimova, McCallum, Melnikova

Bars Final

1. Nina Derwael BEL 15.066
2. Simone Biles USA 14.866
3. Elisabeth Seitz GER 14.566
4. Luo Huan CHN 14.466
5. Morgan Hurd USA 14.466
6. Aliya Mustafina RUS 14.433
7. Jonna Adlerteg SWE 14.433
8. Becky Downie GBR 14.400

Reserves: Liu, Andrade, Melnikova

Beam Final

1. Simone Biles USA 14.800
2. Kara Eaker USA 14.466
3. Zhang Jin CHN 14.100
4. Sanne Wevers NED 14.033
5. Ana Padurariu CAN 13.966
6. Nina Derwael BEL 13.766
7. Ellie Black CAN 13.733
8. Liu Tingting CHN 13.733

Reserves: Boyer, Ting, Murakami

Floor Final

1. Simone Biles USA 15.333
2. Mai Murakami JPN 14.100
3. Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.033
4. Morgan Hurd USA 13.933
5. Flavia Saraiva BRA 13.900
6. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA 13.900
7. Lilia Akhaimova RUS 13.600
8. Brooklyn Moors CAN 13.500

Reserves: Volleman, Golgota, Mori

7:49 pm. Holasova CZE BB: Layout stepout mount, nice, then a solid bhs loso loso! Excellent. Clean front aerial to split jump, switch leap to split leap to straddle jump, so good. Switch ring, low back leg and a wobble. Full Y turn, break at the hips and a fall. 😦 High double tuck with a step. Too bad about that fall, she was looking SO good!

7:47 pm. Afrati GRE UB: Wasn’t typing for this but excellent routine!

7:45 pm. Jirikova CZE BB: Wobble on the back handspring, switch side, switch to split jump to straddle jump, nice. Front aerial. Switch ring. Front layout with a hop.

Wu TPE VT: Tsuk full, gets like NO block, thought she was going to land it ON the table.

7:44 pm. Maja GRE UB: Toe on to Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, blind change to piked Jaeger, then pauses on the high bar, can’t kip cast to handstand, does it again, finally gets it, blind full, double pike to her knees. Too bad, that was solid at the beginning. Needs some endurance training.

Ting TPE VT: FTY, a little loose, hop.

7:42 pm. Chuang TPE VT: Yurchenko layout, decent.

Derek CRO FX: Big switch full. Crashes her double tuck. 😦 😦 😦 2.5 with a step. Hop back on the double full.

Halova CZE BB: Front aerial, switch leap to split jump, bhs bhs…misses the beam and falls. Little hop on the front full.

7:40 pm. Xoulogi GRE UB: Bail, toe full, muscles it and lands feet-first on the bar. Back on, hits a front giant to front layout dismount.

7:38 pm. Subbotina GEO FX: Game of Thrones music. Hit her first two passes, then a clean 1.5 to front pike. Double pike to finish.

Ponizilova CZE BB: Switch leap to split leap, bhs layout, step back. I missed some stuff in there, but dismounts with a punch front full with a hop.

7:34 pm. Ponizilova CZE UB: Good straddle Jaeger, blind full right on the bar, layout dismount with a little hop.

7:32 pm. Holasova CZE UB: Nice first handstand, Maloney to clear hip to stalder half, blind change to straddle Jaeger, bail, some leg separation and an arch, toe on to toe shoot, a little close, giant full, double layout, tiny bounce. Good for her!!!

7:31 pm. Kysselef SLO FX: Good double tuck! 1.5, switch ring to switch half, good routine!

7:28 pm. Jirikova CZE UB: Caught her straddle Jaeger, some knee bends, bail to toe on to toe shoot, toe front tuck with a hop.

Hribar SLO FX: I missed the beginning, does a layout for one of her passes, she’s really downgraded right now it seems. She almost didn’t come to worlds so I’m guessing she’s coming back from injury? Layout full at the end.

Subbotina GEO BB: Off on a back tuck. Nice side aerial. Switch to switch half, a little short. Dismounts with a double tuck, stumbled back off the mat.

Xoulogi GRE VT: Handspring front tuck, some leg form issues, hop.

7:26 pm. Maja GRE VT: FTY, steps back.

7:24 pm. Derek CRO BB: Stumble on the bhs loso. Came off on something after that.

Sajn SLO FX: Saw it from the 1.5. Triple pirouette right into a jump. Hit routine.

Monkrousou GRE VT: Handspring front pike half, a little messy but finds the landing.

Firtova CZE UB: Toe shoot, straddle Jaeger, blind full, layout full dismount.

7:18 pm. Hribar SLO BB: Back handspring mount, smooth, ouch, bhs back tuck, hits the top of her foot and falls. Switch leap to split leap. Front aerial. Side aerial. Switch leap, side somi, hit the dismount.

7:14 pm. Ting TPE FX: Hands down on her double tuck. Layout full to finish was clean.

Sajn SLO BB: Split jump to wolf jump, nice side somi, front aerial to front handspring is cool, transverse straight jump full. Hit the dismount.

Holasova CZE VT: Clean FTY! Two little steps.

7:12 pm. Ponizilova CZE VT: Tsuk full, solid!! Just some form in the air. Second vault is a handspring front layout half, also pretty solid. Looks like she went OOB. Got -0.3 ND.

7:10 pm. Jirikova CZE VT: Sat her handspring front pike. 😦

Chuang TPE FX: Really low and forward on her double tuck. Front tuck through to layout full. 1.5 at the end. Some cutesy choreo but this looks like it’s made for a level 4 compulsory routine, poor thing.

Belak SLO BB: Just saw her front layout full dismount but think she hit this.

7:07 pm. Wu CHN FX: Double tuck, good front full at the end.

Kysselef SLO BB: Front aerial to split leap, hit the dismount.

Subbotina GEO UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, stalder to stalder full to Tkachev, nice, Pak is a bit messy. Stalder half, fell on the dismount.

Halova CZE VT: Yurchenko layout, clean.

7:03 pm. Lai TPE BB: Had a fall early on.

7:00 pm. Afrati GRE FX: Stuck the tucked full-in. Front tuck through to layout full. Clean double full.

Sajn SLO UB: Toe shoot, toe on, blind change to front giant half, flyaway. Simple but Slovenia REALLY wants a team score. Just like the Croatian men. Who cares what you’re doing? Just DO IT.

13.466 for Ting Hua-Tien!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:58 pm. Xoulogi GRE FX: Double tuck, bounce back. Tour jeté half. Hit the rest.

Hribar SLO UB: Straddle Jaeger, nice, bail, short, to toe shoot, blind full, double pike, a couple of steps.

Ting TPE BB: I missed the beginning, solid side aerial, transverse split jump half right into a straddle jump half, amazing! Full turn, tiny check, punch front full dismount. I think she hit everything!

6:54 pm. Subbotina GEO VT: She’s like hey y’all I have my own rotation. FTY, a little rough on the landing.

Monokrousou GRE FX: High double tuck, bounce back. Hit the second pass. 1.5 is clean, and so is the double full to finish.

Chuang TPE BB: Punch front, good. A little short on an aerial. Switch leap. Hop on the gainer pike.

Belak SLO UB: Straddle Jaeger, clear hip to toe on to bail to toe shoot, blind full, blind change to double front, step.

6:52 pm. Maja GRE FX: Good double tuck. Double pike, nice! Hit the third pass. Good routine.

Wu TPE BB: Bhs back tuck with a step. Transverse split jump half. That’s all I saw.

Kysselef SLO UB: Pretty simple routine, but hit.

6:46 pm. Holasova CZE FX: I had to film this routine for her mom so I wasn’t typing at this point but she killed it on EVERYTHING!!! Double arabian, gorgeous and stuck, double pike with a little step back, excellent Popa, Y turn, switch ring to tour jeté half, stuck double tuck, and clean, stuck double full. Just excellent! 12.8

Millousi GRE BB: Bhs loso, solid, side aerial, little wobble on the jump series. Full turn, double full with a hop. Yay!!! HIT.

6:43 pm. Xoulogi GRE BB: Hit her flight series, side aerial, Korbut,

6:42 pm. Belak SLO VT: Hit her Yurchenko 1.5 but then went for the handspring front layout full and sat it. 😦 😦 😦

Chuang TPE UB: I missed this one. 9.733

Jirikova CZE FX: I missed pretty much all of this.

Kysselef SLO VT: Hit her first vault well, and then goes for the Yurchenko 1.5, just a step forward. Yay!

6:40 pm. Evangelia Plyta is out for Greece. 😦 That’s why Evelina is in.

Monokrousou GRE BB: Hit a leap to a side aerial, transverse split jump half

6:39 pm. Ponizilova CZE FX: Clean arabian double front, hit the second pass into a punch front. Double tuck is good.

Fang TPE UB: Only a layout dismount.

6:35 pm. Halova CZE FX: Clean double tuck, step forward. Front full is clean. Love her choreo. 11.666

Magia GRE BB: Oh, she’s the alternate and wasn’t initially supposed to compete! I need to see who’s out…lovely bhs loos, switch half, step back. Transverse straight jump full. Off on a jump after that. Hit the double full dismount. 9.233

Hribar SLO VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop, was supposed to do a full. :-/

Lai TPE UB: Maloney to Pak, leg sep, extra swing on the low bar, toe shoot, blind full, layout dismount.

31 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 11

    • Well, lets see if she will do the biles vt again. if not then the gap will be narrowed a bit..

      Also, how about the almost 9 points gap between 1st and 2nd team compared to the 6.5 points gap between 2nd and 10th team….lol…. Tom did have to contemplate for a few hours about simone not competing…. they would still have won with using just the other 3 non simone scores on the team of 168.196, being 2nd on vt, ub, bb, and 1st fx.. well over 2 points better than next team 🙂

      It’s crazy to see how using simone score account for more than half of the us lead. us would still be favored to win without simone but still…


        • Because they don’t have a touch warmup (at least in ef, not sure about as). Seems silly they can’t spare even five minutes for a brief touch warmup before event finals, especially if the cost is less good/more dangerous gymnastics.


  1. 4,5 points ahead – she should be banned from competing – it’s not fair there is no competition. “she destroyed the field” – there was no field – hopefully she is taking next year off after the kidney stone operation and we see some proper competition. And after 2020 Tokyo she retires and gives a chance to other gymnasts. How heart breaking to say: “I was unlucky I was born in the same era with Biles”


    • This isn’t fair to Simone. Just because she’s way better than anyone else doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to compete. Imagine if people encouraged banning the best football player or team so that other teams “have competition.” It’s a sport—may the best win. Why not, instead of thinking of this as being unfair to the other competitors, re-frame it with the reality that we get the privilege of living in a time where we get to enjoy watching the BEST gymnast of all time compete. It’s exciting and stuff like this doesn’t happen all the time.


      • I will enjoy watching her crazy good gymnasts, and her not so superhuman but wonderful team(Hurd fan here) but I will concur most of my excitement goes for lesser medals especially in the team and AA because that’s where the literal competition is. I don’t know how easy it would be for any country to rival the US with their depth that others just don’t, but I hope the gap lessons over time, I want stronger international teams. Without Biles though, I believe the US team would be only a few points head of second place, just shows how crazy good she is.


        • It is absolutely not fair to say she shouldn’t compete just because her talent for the sport is unparalleled (at least for now). I do wish that she was easier to beat, I really wouldn’t care if she managed to win every AA title as long as someone made her work for it, but that doesn’t make her presence in the sport unfair or create justifiable means to ban her. While I do wish she was able to be beaten without multiple falls/ major mistakes needing to happen, she’s still one of the best gymnasts if not the best of all time, and you can’t take that away from her.


    • Most kidney stones don’t require an operation (from someone who has had not one, not two, but ELEVEN. Trust me, I know). She’ll be out of action for at most a week, not a year. Gymnastics is a sport, which means may the best athlete win. No one has a right to compete without competition. Are we banning Serena Williams or Michael Phelps? No, we’re not. She is very talented, and if other gymnasts want to challenge her they need to up their game.


    • I absolutely agree — she should be banned! Either she made a pact with the devil or she is on some substance. In either case she is destroying gymnastics and I would hope she would be noble enough to realized this and resign.


    • Why are you so angry about it? She is better than the rest, She does her Biles vault better than her Amanar if you ask me. I may not be her biggest fan, but there is something wrong with you if you are that bitter about Simone dominating the field. Also, as someone who has battled kidney stones for the past ten years, you don’t need surgery, Afanseyva had Kidney Stones at last years worlds and got a Silver in TF and floor. She will take medication and get check ups. Deal with it.


    • Did anyone watch the Soviets and Romanians in the 90s??? Similarly, it’s team USA and Biles’ time! No different and also so wonderful for anyone that is great and can shine. Working hard for great results!!! Good for those who do great!


  2. Is it possible to see a list of gymnasts placement including those who got 2 per countried out either from you or a link to where the results are? I would love to see where Riley placed. So bummed she didn’t make any finals.


  3. The EF finals apart from obvious standouts were so tight in the scoring, so many 14.3’s that didn’t make bars. KInd of can’t say I’d rather see Ashaimova in tloor rather than Moors(9(th) le sigh, because who doesn’t want as much Brooklyn on floor as possible?


  4. What I can’t stand to see is Tisha reserve in the floor , with a terrible form scoring higher than 8 in her routines. A show of flat foot and opened legs. Only landing matters in this code???She did one of the pirouettes with the support leg bend. Awfull.And the pirouettes holding a bend leg? No please can I under that? What is this freaking code doing to gymnastics? Someone like her almost getting a final ? Common. This blows my mind.


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