2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 7

Welcome to the live blog for the seventh subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

10:57 am. Going to the mixed zone, see you in a bit with standings!

10:54 am. T. Liu CHN BB: Candle mount, Front handspring front tuck, hand down. 😦 😦 😦 GOD CHINA WHY. We’ll always have Zhang Jin. Leap series is hit, switch ring to back handspring, front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut, split leap to aerial, hit the dismount.

10:53 am. Ghiciuc ROU UB: Shaposh to bail, clear hip to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, blind full, double pike with a step. ROMANIA WENT FOUR FOR FOUR ON BARS. 11.8

10:51 am. Chen CHN BB: Fell early on, but I missed what. Flight series probably. 😦 Good jump series after, then a split ring jump to Korbut. Switch leap to ring jump, clean full turn, ring leap, back leg isn’t there at all, triple full dismount. 12.9

10:49 am. Golgota ROU UB: The look on her face before she mounts is priceless. She’s like please end this suffering for me. It’ll be over soon babe. Maloney with nice aplitude to clear hip to blind full, Tkachev is huge , to Pak, a mess on the Pak, van Leeuwen with some leg form issues, blind change to front giant to double front half-out stuck!!!!!!!!! I think the issue with her Pak legit came from her coach standing IN BETWEEN THE BARS and basically BLOCKING her from seeing the low bar, it was so invasive?!?! GTFO. Aside from the Pak and the legs on the van Leeuwen it was a solid routine. She has a wonderful ability on this event for a Romanian. 12.366

10:48 am. Mäkelä FIN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, she stuck it perfectly in warmups, a little bounce here and some loose form but good attempt.

10:46 am. Kettunen FIN VT: Yurchenko layout, little bounce in place. 12.633, second is a handspring front tuck with a step forward.

Zhang CHN BB: I couldn’t see the beginning. Good jump series. Little check on a transverse split half. Triple full dismount, lovely, I think she hit everything but the camera crane blocked a lot of this for me. 14.1!!!

Crisan ROU UB: So far so good, stalder full to Tkachev to Pak, some form issues in the Pak but otherwise a nice combo! Short handstands, double layout with a step. Good for her! 12.233

10:45 am. Leinonen FIN VT: Handspring front pike, a bit squatted, but hit. 12.766

10:43 am. Saukkonen FIN VT: Yurchenko layout, hit, decent.

Luo CHN BB: Switch leap to ring leap, low back leg and a bobble. Back handspring, solid layout series. Good jump series. Little check on her Onodi. Side aerial, another minor check, switch ring, stumbled back the double pike but held it up. 13.266, not bad considering the bobbles and the dismount, 5.9 D!

Holbura ROU UB: All I want from Romania are hits. I don’t care how messy. Just stay on. They’ve had such a good day today. Caught her release but then muscled through a handstand into the straddle Jaeger, still caught it! The Romanian squeaky voice yelling is almost as good as North Korea. Hit the dismount, really just that crazy muscle up that she had to fight through, no other big mistakes. 11.7

10:42 am. I’m just so happy about Luo Huan I want to sob for a little bit!

10:37 am. Chen CHN UB: Shaposh (I missed the entry, probably a Chow?) to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, nice, blind change to Ling to piked Jaeger, a little close but not severe, Healy half, full-in, a little low, but solid. 14.3

10:33 am. Luo CHN UB: Nice handstand before the Maloney to Pak, lovely, another great handstand before the van Leeuwen, blind change to Ling to Healy to piked Jaeger, she’s doing SO WELL. Healy half, double layout with a little hop. Had a couple of minor form breaks at the end but that was overall lovely, I’m so happy she is like the bastard child of China and they never want her to be a first choice for a team but she always always shines when she needs to. 14.466, currently fourth!!!!!

10:31 am. Daries RSA FX: I had to get up for a second so I unfortunately missed this! 11.633

10:30 am. T. Liu CHN UB: Chow to huge pak, some leg sep, Maloney to Gienger, Ling to Healy to Healy half, double layout, a little low but no problem getting it around. 14.333

Golgota ROU VT: I missed her second vault…tsuk full probably? 13.566

10:29 am. Maguire RSA FX: Hit her double back, then a double full. Front layout to front full after that, a little soft. Hit routine.

Golgota ROU VT: DTY, lots of power, not terribly clean. 14.266

10:27 am. Zhang CHN UB: The second I looked over, she fell, probably on a release, it sounded hard…gets back on for a front giant to straddle Jaeger, falls again, guessing that’s where she came off the first time as well. Back up again, poor girl, Pak, pirouette, toe shoot, blind full, full-in with a step. 10.733

Ivanus ROU VT: FTY, good enough. I missed Crisan before her but think she also did an FTY. 13.333 for Ivanus.

10:24 am. Rooskrantz RSA FX: Double tuck, little bounce. Front full, good landing. Switch leap to tour jeté half. 1.5, then a switch half before her end pose. Good work! You’d never know she JUST came back last month after pretty much two years of being injured. Not at full strength yet but hopefully she gets there. She’ll be huge. 11.666

Ghiciuc ROU VT: Hit her FTY. 13.333

10:19 am. Leinonen FIN FX: Short on her opening double back, step forward. Lovely position on her switch ring. Good double full, just some ankle stuff. Hit the last pass.

By the way, Golgota got a 13.4 on floor! She’s in sixth right now.

10:16 am. Maguire RSA BB: Full turn, floaty bhs loso, good switch to switch half, side aerial, bobble, hit the dismount. Good set from what I saw. 11.6

Mäkelä FIN FX: Double tuck, hop back. Really deep landing on her second pass. Tour jeté half. Good double full. Solid! 12.133

J. Liu CHN VT: Her Rudi is a bit wild in the air and crooked, step to the side off the mat I think. 13.933, averages 14.116, should make the final still

10:15 am. J. Liu CHN VT: Tsuk double for her first vault, more aggressive than Zhang’s, she gets it around a bit better, but still with some form issues in the air. 14.3

10:13 am. Saukkonen FIN FX: Double tuck, buckled on the landing. Full Y turn. Lovely switch ring to tour jeté half! Hit the pass after that. 1.5 to finish. 11.833

Rooskrantz RSA BB: Clean side somi. The rest I saw was good. Side aerial, little step. Hit the dismount. 11.933

Zhang CHN VT: Tsuk double, a little sloppy in the air, but decent landing. 14.233

10:12 am. Chen CHN VT: FTY, also pretty clean, bounce on the landing. 13.433

10:09 am. Kettunen FIN FX: Nice double pike, hop back. Hit her leap pass well. Combo pass after that, ended with a front full. Switch half. Double tuck, good landing. 12.133

Daries RSA BB: Good double wolf turn. Side aerial. Bhs back tuck, knee form is a little week and she’s tentative on the landing, fall. Switch leap to split jump, Korbut. Transverse straight jump half. Big double full dismount. 10.500

Luo CHN VT: FTY, clean in the air, solid landing! 13.466

10:03 am. Golgota ROU FX: Fantastic double layout, little bounce forward. Excellent arabian double front, her chest position is SO high. Switch side full, then a Popa. Tucked full-in, little bobble on the landing. Double wolf turn is rough but whatever. Switch ring to tour jeté half. SKY HIGH double tuck! Great landing. Good for her, she’s fabulous, so glad her muscle issue at nationals didn’t end up being a legit injury.

10:01 am. Saukkonen FIN BB: OOF, hard fall onto the beam on her bhs loso. Comes off. Switch leap, low back leg, to split leap, break at the hips on her full turn, illusion turn, wobble, good side aerial to split jump, back tuck, break at the hips, off again on her side somi. Stuck the layout full dismount. 8.333

9:58 am. Rooskrantz RSA UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen a little arched, blind change to piked Jaeger, YAS. muscles handstand after that into her front 1.5 dismount, aside from that muscle up it was good. 12.466

Kettunen FIN BB: Good flight series, big wobble on the full turn. Another big break on an acro skill after that I think, I couldn’t see, punch front is good. Front layout dismount with a big step. 10.800

Ivanus ROU FX: Good tucked full-in. Bounce back on her double tuck. Tour jeté half. Front tuck through to double full. Good ending. Again, not bad, they don’t have the difficulty but they’re getting through. 12.400

9:55 am. Crisan ROU FX: Tucked full-in, short, step forward. Something through to a double full, I ALWAYS miss the first skill when they do a combo pass. Hit the next pass, then a switch ring to ring leap. Double tuck to finish, not bad! 12.033

Daries RSA UB: Nice blind full right on the bar, blind change to front layout half dismount. 11.466

Leinonen FIN BB: Very nice work at the start, lovely jump series. Side somi, clean, break at the hips on her side aerial, hit the dismount. 11.100

9:51 am. Holbura ROU FX: Tucked full-in with a step. Double pike with a hop. Switch ring to ring leap, decent position. 1.5 to front layout, good. Low chest but stuck double tuck. 12.533

Mäkelä FIN BB: Switch leap mount, split leap to split jump, nice. Side aerial, stumbled on the front aerial after that and fell. Full turn, bhs loso with a wobble. Off again on something after that. Layout full dismount is stuck. 9.333

Maguire RSA UB: Caught her release and a bail, toe on to toe shoot looked nice, hit the dismount. 11.300

9:47 am. Crisan ROU BB: Hit the mount, full turn, bhs loso loso is lovely and solid! Punch front is also great. Side aerial. Switch leap to split leap to split jump, good work, side somi, little check, transverse split jump half, double tuck, stumbles off the mat. Bummer of an ending after a good routine but overall Romania should be VERY happy with that rotation. They look so good!

9:44 am. Golgota ROU BB: Caught it from the switch half to Korbut, bhs layout, quite piked, punch front with a little step back to control it, side somi almost basically right in place, check on the side aerial after that. Bobble on the switch to switch side. Double tuck, a little short but nothing severe. 12.733

J. Liu CHN FX: Hit everything I saw including a double full and 2.5, double tuck with a step at the end. 12.133

Ojala FIN UB: Nice Pak, Maloney to clear hip full, a little late, Tkachev, blind change to front giant to layout dismount, very nice work from her! So happy to see her back in major international competition after seeing her injure her knee pretty badly at Euros last year. 12.200

9:40 am. Kettunen FIN UB: Big straddle Jaeger, bail, some leg sep, toe on to toe shoot, stalder half, gets stuck muscling up and falls. 😦 Back on for the stalder half to double front, super clean but overrotates it to her knees. 😦 10.1

Chen CHN FX: Can’t WAAAAAAIT for this kid to be a star. Triple full, some ankle stuff but solid landing. Nice 2.5 to front layout. Clean stuck double tuck. Switch ring to switch leap half. Very nice work! 12.866

9:38 am. Zhang CHN FX: Quad spin, casual, hit her first pass, I believe a triple full to split jump, then a good leap series. Something (1.5? front tuck?) through to double full. Little hop on the double pike. 13.2

Ivanus ROU BB: Solid on the bhs layout, just a bit piked. Side aerial, transverse split jump half, not the best but not bad. She has a cool transition down into a split for her low beam choreo. Step back on the dismount. 12.666

Leinonen FIN UB: Nice Jaeger, hit routine.

9:37 am. Daries RSA VT: FTY, a bit more power than Rooskrantz, just not as tight, bounce back. 13.133

9:34 am. Luo CHN FX: Step back on the double tuck. Oh, she’s making some glorious faces right at the beginning. Something through to a double full after that, hits it fine, just some leg form stuff. She’s gotten so much better at performing her choreo! Solid double pike, hop back. Omg she is adorbs. Hit routine. 12.933

Saukkonen FIN UB: Arched over her clear hip and had to correct. The rest was hit.

Ghiciuc ROU BB: Split mount, good! Really nice full turn. Gainer full off the end I believe. Hit routine! 12.700

Rooskrantz RSA VT: Solid FTY, step back. I’d LOVE to see her in the all-around final. 13.133

9:31 am. Good morning! My photographer Alex and I rolled up a casual one minute ago so we’re obviously READY AND PREPARED.

South Africa starts on vault, Finland on bars, Romania on beam, and China on floor.


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