2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Team Final

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team final at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

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6:10 pm. Final Standings

1. United States 171.629
2. Russia 162.863
3. China 162.396
4. Canada 161.644
5. France 161.294
6. Japan 160.262
7. Brazil 159.830
8. Germany 159.428

6:04 pm. Andrade BRA UB: Maloney to stalder full to Tkachev, to Pak, lovely. Arches over a handstand after that and comes off. OOF. Van Leeuwen. All Brazil had to do was hit bars. Blind change to piked Jaeger. Toe full, full-in with a step.

Well, she needed a 15.5+ to get bronze for Brazil and a 14.7+ to get fourth and neither of those were going to happen. Still disappointing to see her fall.

6:00 pm. Biles USA FX: Moors, bounced completely OOB. She’s like THIS FLOOR ISN’T HARD ENOUGH FOR ME ANYMORE. Biles to stag, better. Switch to tour jeté full. Front full to stuck full-in. Tbt to when people were like SIMONE BILES WILL SUCK AT FLOOR BECAUSE OF THE FRONT TUMBLING REQUIREMENT. Yeah, okay. Double double to finish, stuck. Fab aside from that first pass. 14.766

5:57 pm. Boyer FRA BB: Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, great. Roundoff layout, pretty solid. Switch to switch half, front foot is flexed but otherwise nice, good amplitude. Awesome serieswith the side somi to transverse split jump half. Double pike, solid landing. Excellent work. 13.966

Hatakeda JPN UB: I wasn’t typing throughout this but she hit everything, and very nicely. Just a little crooked on her bail. Super job! 13.866

12.466 on bars for Flavia because I think she did an extra toe-on early in her routine before the Maloney and then didn’t get credit for the toe full. I didn’t see her D score though.

5:56 pm. Melnikova RUS FX: Double layout full, landed completely OOB. Double layout, much better. Double tuck, a bit low, hop back. Low double pike, stumble forward. Her routine was basically identical to Morgan’s with going too big on the first pass and then losing steam at the end. #Twins

5:55 pm. Saraiva BRA UB: Piked Tkachev, Pak, leg sep, toe-on to Maloney to Tkachev, blind change, way short, toe full, blind change to front giant to double front, clean, step forward.

5:53 pm. Scheder GER BB: Had a fall, not sure where…flight series maybe? The German press near me screamed lmao. You’re at your job. Please calm down. Just scream in all caps on your live blog like I do but show ZERO ACTUAL EMOTION. Front aerial to side aerial, solid. Chest down on her side somi. Her wiggle choreo is so funny. Hit the dismount. 12.366

5:52 pm. Teramoto JPN UB: Piked Jaeger, stalder full to Gienger, tucks her legs a bit, blind change to straddle Jaeger, misses a hand and almost comes off but shockingly doesn’t, extra swing though. Bail to toe shoot. Full-in almost stuck.

McCallum USA FX: Double double, stuck! Very clean. Hit her second pass. Triple full, some helicopter legs, but solid landing. Double tuck, high with a step back.

China upped their vault score by half a point I think compared to prelims.

5:49 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Fell but I missed the skill. Was apparently slightly off to the side on whatever it was. 😦 It was close to the end. Double tuck was stuck. The rest looked good from what I saw. 12.566

5:47 pm. Akhaimova RUS FX: Full-twisting double layout, then a double layout, both good, some minor form stuff and hops. Double arabian, I think out of a whip? A little low, step forward. Tucked full-in, step back. 13.1

J. Liu CHN VT: Tsuk double, a little rough in the air, not as rough as prelims IIRC. Good enough! 14.366

5:45 pm. Voss GER BB: Bhs loso loso, check. Tour jeté half, nice. Clean side aerial. Front aerial. Full turn. Clean side somi. Sarah Voss hitting beam in a three-up three-up final will make her an automatic team member on every German team until she retires. Hit the dismount. Get it, Sarah! 13.6!!!!!!!!!!

Olsen CAN VT: Cheng, a little low on the landing, hop back.

5:44 pm. Hurd USA FX: Double double went a bit wild on the landing, step back I believe OOB. Solid double layout after though. Front layout to front full is clean. Double pike, low, big step forward to keep from falling. Obviously not what she wanted but she fought through. 12.966

Zhang CHN VT: I missed what she did, tsuk double I think? A little weak but hits it. 14.433

5:42 pm. Charpy FRA BB: Loso mount, lovely. Bhs loso also very nice. Clean double wolf turn, then a full after that. Side aerial. Switch leap to split leap to Korbut, beautiful. Transverse split jump half, front aerial tos plit jump to back handspring, she’s KILLING IT! Hit the dismount. Fantastic. 13.366

Barbosa BRA UB: Hit her transition up to a release, then another release after that to Pak, I didn’t see the entries on any, byt they were good, bail arched over, then tries a toe-on and her swing goes nuts. Oh god oh god. Takes her a WHILE to get it back. Toe-on to toe shoot. Toe full, blind change to front giant half, double layout. GOD she’s going to be so mad at herself I’m going to cry.

Black CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, muuuuuch better than prelims! Looked great tbh.

5:41 pm. Luo CHN VT: FTY, clean with a bounce.

5:40 pm. I’m trying to get scores btw but they only put them up for roughly one second. It’s annoying! They’re gone by the time I look over.

5:39 pm. Murakami JPN UB: Maloney to Gienger, blind change to piked Jaeger, nice and high, straddle Jaeger is clean, arches over a handstand before the toe full, bail to toe shoot, stuck the dismount. 13.133

Marois CAN VT: Solid DTY, better than quals! 14.416

5:37 pm. Mustafina RUS FX: Hit her opening pass. 1.5 to front full, some leg stuff but good landing. Double tuck, chest down, little skid, but nothing bad. Memmel to a spin after that, a little jerky on the Memmel but a hit routine for the queen. 13.066

Griesser GER BB: Hit her flight series, then a clean front aerial, split jump not connected. Break on the side aerial but good fight to stay on. Full turn. Hit the dismount. Beautiful work. 12.066

5:36 pm. So China had a 41.999 on vault in prelims, and Brazil had a 40.832 on bars. That would give Brazil the edge today. I’m going to die. I’M GOING TO DIE.

5:33 pm. THESE STANDINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Brazil wins a bronze I will die. WITH A FALL. They have France going to beam, too. They really just need to get through bars…

5:32 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. United States 130.264
2. Russia 123.731
3. Brazil 122.165
4. France 121.396
5. Germany 121.396
6. Japan 120.430
7. China 120.064
8. Canada 117.862

5:28 pm. Simakova RUS BB: Hope she takes the confidence of her two teammates to kill this! Switch ring, back leg not there. Nice triple flight series! The rest after that was good, side aerial is where I caught up again, chest down on the side somi but no wobble, double tuck, almost stuck! What a beam rotation for Russia! 13.166

Bui GER UB: Jaeger to kind of a wild Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, some ankle stuff, van Leeuwen, also with the leg form, just not super tight today, toe full right on the bar to piked Gienger, full-in stuck. 14.133

5:25 pm. Moors CAN FX: Front layout to double front, a hop to the side. Double front half-out, little hop. Double attitude turn down to her choreo on the floor. Switch ring to Ferrari. Split jump full to stag ring jump. 2.5 to punch front tuck. 13.233

Bossu FRA UB: I missed the very beginning. Caught it from the inbar half to piked Jaeger, big Pak, clean van Leeeuwen, blind change to front giant to double front, stuck cold. Looked much better than prelims just in terms of her confidence in each skill. Much tighter. 14.033

5:23 pm. Biles USA BB: Omg I missed the very beginning but I’m sure you are seeing it on the stream. Hit triple flight series, wobble on switch half, hit back tuck (or pike, I couldn’t see) after it. Punch front pike, HAND DOWN. The whole crowd was like NOOOOOO. She’ll still get like a 15.7. Calm down. Full-in, hop back. 13.733

5:21 pm. Chen CHN FX: Triple full, some crossed ankles but a solid landing. Lovely 2.5 to front layout. Clean double tuck

Murakami JPN VT: DTY, clean, bounce back. 14.6

Seitz GER UB: Maloney to Ricna, blind change to piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, very clean, van Leeuwen, toe full, hit the full-in dismount. Great work once again. 14.333

5:20 pm. Mustafina RUS BB: Solid bhs loso. Little wobble on something after that. Solid jump series. Double spin, deep landing but fine. Nice Onodi. Split ring jump. Side somi. I didn’t type up a couple of skills in there but saw them and almost everything she did was perfectly fine. Double tuck, jumps her feet back together. Solid. 13.266

Andrade BRA VT: Flared DTY. Solid and clean. Beautiful. 14.633

5:19 pm. Black CAN FX: 2.5 to double tuck, awesome, then a solid front double full to front tuck. Double full, pretty much stuck. 13.233

Just a 12.7 for Teramoto. Kill me!

5:18 pm. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Lovely Galante to Pak, Maloney to clear hip half to Ezhova, excellent! Clean van Leeuwen, full-twisting double layout with a hop. Fantastic.

5:17 pm. Long wait for Teramoto’s score. I feel in my bones they’re gonna give it to her as a tuck.

5:15 pm. Zhang CHN FX: Triple full, not bad. Switch ring is great. Hit her second pass and the last pass. Good routine! 13.333, which seems high compared to the other routines we saw…..

Scheder GER UB: Inbar full to Komova II to bail to toe full, some adjustments in her pirouettes, toe half to van Leeuwen, clean, blind change to piked Jaeger, good. Full-in, almost stuck, little wobble. 13.766

Eaker USA BB: Hit her mount. Full Y turn. Front aerial. Side aerial loso loso, solid as hell. Lovely split leap to side somi. Switch ring, little bobble, back handspring to scale, Korbut, 2.5, little hop. Another great routine from her. 14.333

5:14 pm. Teramoto JPN VT: Front handspring Rudi, completely tucked and close to crashing it. DAMN.

5:11 pm. Olsen CAN FX: Double double, little hop. Good jump after that. Solid front tuck through to double tuck. Piked full-in almost stuck. Triple full, a tiny bit short. 12.966

Charpy FRA UB: Pirouette, Maloney to Pak, van LEeuwen, caught her release. Blind full, Double layout, really deep, huge hop forward. 13.366

Alexeeva RUS BB: Loso mount to loso, excellent!! Hit her wolf turns after that. Layout series is great, just a little bobble, then front aerial to a jump. Good jump series. Clean and stuck double full. She is so good for this team.

Saraiva BRA VT: DTY, soft knees, not as tight as Jade’s was. Still a solid vault. 14.433

5:10 pm. Hatakeda JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, solid! Little hop.

5:08 pm. McCusker USA BB: Triple wolf turn, fab. Double also great. Front aerial, little check. Great jumps after that. Bhs loso, doesn’t freaking budge. Perfect. Switch leap to switch half, solid. Side aerial. Double tuck with a step. Excellent. Just great. 13.733

Luo CHN FX: Hit her opening pass. Front tuck through to double full. Last pass also hit very well, barely moves. Tbt to when they almost didn’t put her on the team lmao. 12.866

Barbosa BRA VT: DTY. Really solid. Step back. 14.6!

5:07 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. United States 88.465
2. Russia 83.799
3. China 80.965
4. France 79.931
5. Germany 79.164
6. Japan 79.097
7. Brazil 78.499
8. Canada 78.397

4:59 pm. T. Liu CHN BB: Front handspring to front tuck, big wobble. Holds on. Good fight. Switch to split ring leap, wobble. Solid switch ring. Couldn’t really see the position in the air from here though. Front aerial to a jump to a Korbut, nice. Full turn. Clean side aerial. Clean double full. Really just that wobble at the beginning, but overall okay.

Fidelis BRA FX: 1.5 through to double arabian, great. Stuck tucked full-in, beautiful. Switch full to stag jump. Hit her third pass. Switch ring to ring leap. Double pike, little hop. Fab job. 13.233.

Floor scoring is ROUGH tonight.

4:57 pm. Biles USA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Toe full is short and you can tell it’s a struggle but she covers it up well and doesn’t have the issue she did in prelims. Church to Pak, van Leeuwen is clean ,short handstand before giants to Fabrichnova, perfect in the air, just a hop. 14.866

4:55 pm. Padurariu CAN BB: Freaking out right noooow. Triple wolf turn is GORGEOUS. She’s allowed to do wolf turns. Switch ring, solid. Beautiful side aerial loso loso. Switch half. Huge wobble on her front aerial and she’s off. 😦 😦 I’m crying, she was so good until this point. Good jump series. Double pike, step forward. 12.933

Murakami JPN FX: A little shorton her opening spin. Big double double, solid. Double layout, little bounce. 2.5 to front full, hop. Double L spin to full spin, a little wonky but nothing major. Double pike with a tiny bounce. 13.766

4:54 pm. Mustafina RUS UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, good work. Stalder half to piked Jaeger, solid. Toe full, almost right on the bar, clean stuck full-in. Beautiful. 14.5

4:52 pm. Chen CHN BB: Hit everything at the beginning, nice ring jump to Korbut. Off on an acro skill after that. Split ring leap. Triple full with a bounce. 12.833

Saraiva BRA FX: Full-in, solid. Hit her second pass. Can can time!!!! Crowd is going nuts. It’s actually a decent size group today. Double pike stuck to finish.

4:51 pm. McCusker USA UB: Here we goooo! Stalder full, beautiful, Maloney with nice lift to Tkachev, nice. Ricna to Pak to Chow half, perf, toe half, blind change, half-in double tuck, incredible. Tiny step. Bars final for sure if she did that in prelims. 14.5

4:49 pm. Teramoto JPN FX: Hit the whip whip to triple full, a little short. 2.5, some ankle stuff, little step. Hit the last pass.

De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: BEAUTIFUL DTY. Soars right through it like she was doing a full. 14.633

Inquiry submitted for Shallon Olsen’s beam.

4:48 pm. Black CAN BB: Leap mount right into the series, great, little check on the double spin. Solid bhs layout. Hit an acro skill after that. Good double pike, solid landing.

Voss GER VT: DTY. Short and quite messy, big step off to the side, off the mat. 13.566

Alexeeva RUS UB: Blind change to Ling to piked Jaeger, yes! Pak, blind change to double front, a little cowboyed, baby step. Great work. 14.0

4:47 pm. Boyer FRA VT: Beautiful FTY! She’s so clean and solid.

4:45 pm. Zhang CHN BB: Off on her layout series. Wobble on her jump series. Transverse split jump half, mostly clean, a little shy. Double full stuck. 12.4

Barbosa BRA FX: Tucked full-in, solid. Double pike after that is good too. Popa. 1.5 to front full. Hit the last pass well. 13.1

Hurd USA UB: Komova II to stalder full to Tkachev, nice, Ricna to Pak, super clean on both, Ray to high, slightly short on the handstand before the blind change to front giant, inbar full to full-in, deep with a step, overall solid. 14.433

4:44 pm. Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full, Komova II to Pak, clean, van Leeuwen, inbar half, ankle sep, to piked Jaeger, good, pause in her toe full into the full-in, solid landing. Little breaks in there won’t make this a huge score but nothing too bad. 14.166

Vanhille FRA VT: Solid FTY, bounce back, some hip form in the air could be better.

4:41 pm. Hatakeda JPN FX: Nice solid tucked full-in to start. 2.5 to front tuck, great! Double pike and double tuck, both with little hops back.

Olsen CAN BB: Big front aerial, little stumble on her triple flight series but still fine, switch to switch half is solid. Lovely Onodi! Double pike, bounce back. Great start for them. She is a rock. 12.333

Bui GER VT: Hit FTY, solid enough. 13.466

4:37 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. United States 44.666
2. China 41.966
3. Russia 41.133
4. Canada 39.498
5. Japan 39.165
6. Germany 38.399
7. Brazil 38.366
8. France 38.065

Japan breaking 39 on beam with Hatakeda’s iffy routine is big for them, especially with the other teams freaking out. They got the tough one out of the way only half a point down from prelims.

4:34 pm. Black CAN UB: Maloney to Hindorff, good, Shang, hop change to piked Jaeger, solid. Ana Padurariu is screaming for her but facing the other way. I love when gymnasts can’t watch their teammates! Shallon is watching. Pak, van Leeuwen, some form stuff on both but good for her, hit the pirouette and then the toe front half dismount, solid. 13.566

4:31 pm. Liu CHN UB: Chow to Pak, some leg sep, Maloney to Gienger, good. Blind change to Ling to Healy, can’t get the handstand back up. Swings herself around and just does the giants to the double layout. Rough. Didn’t do the Healy 1/2. 13.4.

4:29 pm. Murakami JPN BB: Good leap series to start, then a punch front pike. Solid bhs loso. Side aerial. Punch front tuck is fab. Double pike, little bounce. 13.766!

Seitz GER FX: 1.5 through to double tuck with a bounce. Double pike stuck cold. Double full, ankles crossed a bit, but good landing. Switch ring to switch half. Solid. 12.833

4:28 pm. So, falls for Canada, Brazil, France, and Russia so far. Kind of putting everyone back on equal ground?

4:27 pm. Padurariu CAN UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev to Pak, comes in way too close and pings off onto her back NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Back on for a big clean Pak, Maloney to bail to Ray, blind full, stuck full-in. UGHHHH I’M SAD. 12.866

4:24 pm. Saraiva BRA BB: Back handspring mount, pause to split jump to Korbut. Solid layout series. Split leap, jump series. Also great on her triple flight series. Switch ring, back foot could be better but otherwise this is a gem. Front aerial, tiniest check, little step out of her split ring jump. Solid double pike dismount. 13.6

De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Great full-twisting double layout to start. Then a tucked full-in, solid! Great leaps, Front layout through to double tuck, excellent. Beautiful job. 13.433…did I miss something? That seems…low.

4:22 pm. Luo CHN UB: Maloney to Pak, super clean, nice amplitude! Van Leeuwen, solid, blind change to Ling to Healy to huge piked Jaeger, this girl is a star. Front giant to Healy 1/2, double layout almost stuck. Fantastic job.

4:20 pm. Bui GER FX: Double layout to open, solid! Double tuck with a little bounce. Third pass a twist into a front tuck I believe, a little short on both. Solid double pike to finish. 12.866

Teramoto JPN BB: Side aerial is clean, switch leap, missed connection to side somi but both clean on their own. Hit the triple full, couldn’t see how well it was rotated but solid landing it seems.

4:19 pm. Akhaimova RUS VT: Rudi, and…she crashed it. OOB too. Least of her concerns. 13.233

The U.S. vault score is an insane 44.666.

4:16 pm. Moors CAN UB: Really long wait for her despite Chen’s score coming in. Poor kid. Maloney to Pak, toe full, nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, just some slight leg sep, clear hip to blind change to Markelov, just tucks her legs a tiny bit, Moors dismount, little bounce. GREAT work after that hella crazy wait. 13.066

Andrade BRA BB: Solid bhs loso. Good switch to switch half. Clean side aerial. Lovely jump series, especially sissone. Hit the dismount. 13.3

Boyer FRA FX: 2.5 to front tuck, little bounce. Clean double tuck, little bounce. Hit her last pass. Great routine!

Biles USA VT: Cheng, humongous, excellent in the air, big bounce back. 15.5

4:15 pm. Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, legs are very crossed in the air, hop back.

4:13 pm. Griesser GER FX: I watched Dexter while writing my preview for today. 🙂 Like three episodes. Thanks Leah! Double tuck with a little bounce back. Lovely turns and choreo after that. I love her. Just stabbed herself in the chest. Same. Switch half. Front full, some form stuff, double full, little hop. Beautiful, wish I didn’t have to tear my eyes away to watch others! 12.7

Hatakeda JPN BB: Punch front tuck, solid, huge back-bending wobble on an acro skill, her flight series I think, but gets it back! Step back on the double pike. 12.366

Hurd USA VT: Very clean, almost stuck, just a little bounce in place! 14.633

4:12 pm. Chen CHN UB: They chalked/unchalked/rechalked the bars for about 14 years. I think they’re finally ready to go. Chow to Pak, some leg sep on the Pak, Maloney to Gienger, a little close, blind change to Ling to piked Jaeger, good, another one-arm pirouette after that, full-in clean with a hop. 14.1

Alexeeva RUS VT: FTY, clean and solid.

4:11 pm. McCallum USA VT: DTY, lovely, solid, just some ankle form, step back. 14.533

4:10 pm. Vanhille FRA FX: Crashed her double layout right at the start. 😦 Welp. Double tuck with a hop. Hit the last pass. 11.466

Barbosa BRA BB: Loso mount, solid. Nails the layout series. Wobble on her switch half. Good side aerial. Had a little bobble on something after that but a good cover, nothing major. OOF, TOTALLY off on her wolf jump full. Didn’t even come close to landing that on the beam. Double pike with a step back. Damn. 11.466

4:08 pm. I love the Russians and Americans together in the red and blue. And China and Canada together in the red and white.

4:06 pm. I’m going to focus on the top groups, but should be able to get most of the other four as well!

4:05 pm. All athletes have marched in and are beginning the touch warmup! Let’s gooooooo!

74 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Team Final

  1. It’s so frustrating to watch Padurariu choke during these finals. I feel like Canada really had a chance with the fall from Russia and the multiple falls from China. I suppose I’ll take solace in the fact that she is a little baby angel with an amazing future ahead of her once she gets some more experience AND comes back fully from her injury.

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  2. I really hope that two epically hit routines give Riley the confidence to come back for ALL the individual medals next year in Stuttgart. She’s SO GOOD.


    • We saw the same thing in Rio…so if you watched Rio AA, it was similar. Lastly, She probably wanted a break, I mean her team only won by 9 points. *Whew, I’m tired, let me just put my hands down for a sec.”


    • She’s competinh with a kidney stone… Yesterday I shut a finger in a kitchen cabinet and I was about to cry… I am feeling a little weak…


  3. Aaaaand don’t worry about any of those falls China, here, have a bronze. This final was a mess (aside from the US and Russia to a degree).


  4. Im both so happy for and proud of but devasted for Canada being less than 2 points away from silver after counting 2 falls 😦 but also what a great showing from the team as a whole and the growth the prgram has had is amazing.

    So impressed with Shallon who seems to have not only improved in her gymnastics abilities but her confidence competing as well and really came through as well as Ellie who is always impressive and Sophie who came in clutch when they needed a strong vault score and for a first year senior Ana did so well and showed so much promise


  5. There are so many what ifs in this final. Kind of annoyed that nobody capitalised on the bronze- I was rooting SO HARD for France or Japan to snatch.


  6. yeah, it’s almost a splatfest… everyone did worse than qualification. the us margin is like the biggest.. almost 9 points… but i am sure they weren’t completely happy with all their routines either..

    I am just glad to see riley got a chance to nail her routines….


  7. Today hurts so much more than yesterday. This was a great opportunity for Japan, France, Canada and Brazil and I really thought I was going to see at least one of them on the podium 😦


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  9. Ellie Black and a Russian (?) gymnast have the same music section in their routines and when the Russian performed on FX, Ellie had finished her vault and turned her head completely surprised and pretended to jump to the floor podium to dance her own routine. This is an absolutely random and useless information but I found it cute. 😍😇
    The Russia / USA team pictures at the end with Aliya surrounded by Morgan and Simone was also a nice thing to watch. The Americans were about to have a standard picture with the US flag but it changed into this when Simone and Morgan waved at Angelina and it ended up in a group photo. Nice.
    Good job for France, not too far from China actually…


  10. UGH I’m so annoyed that China medaled! They´re weak on floor, mediocre on vault and bars, and only great on beam, where they had two falls! Any of France, Brazil, Canada, or Japan would have a shot at beating them, but they all imploded, UGH!


    • If WADA did their job and USAG weren’t utterly corrupt and the Chinese had everyone available they would probably challenge for gold. This is the worst worlds I have ever seen. But you just bury your head in the sand and hate on China like this mess is their fault


      • Umm, I never said this is China´s fault? I love the athletes, and they’re very talented, but I would have liked to see another team upset the big three. And how on EARTH is this worse than Montreal? lol
        And no, China would not have challenged for gold. Maybe if they had Cheng Fei, Yao Jinnan, and Yang Yilin they could have, but not with who they have now!


        • If WADA did their job the US wouldn’t have Biles and yeah, with Fan Yilin and Mao Yi available, they could push for gold


        • Nope! Not really.
          Fan Yilin would add some power on bars, but that would make minimal difference, and Mao Yi could add a DTY and a decent floor routine, but those two aren’t enough to beat the USA for gold. Also, A. Biles never doped?
          B. This isn’t even our peak, since Jade Carey isn’t here with us!
          China is fantastic, and with hits, they could have beat us on beam, but that’s it. Nobody can really challenge the US….


      • So without Simone today, USA would’ve (for the sake of conversation) taken Ragan and had Riley (or Grace) do 4 events today and they still would have won by 3+ points. Deal with the following: i) USA has depth that other countries don’t, ii) Simone has a medical exemption of a drug that MAY induce ergogenic response and enhance athletic performance… OH WAIT! Forgot to mention that the ergogenic response is way less likely in someone Simone’s age and given how long she’s taken MPH, those effects would most likely be gone.


        • They could still win but the pressure on them would be much greater and the opposition would have more to fight for making that 3pts worth much less.

          As for Biles, it is not fair that she can train on medications that allow her to train longer and harder than most other gymnasts. She has been doing it for over a decade and that is why she is 10% better than the rest of the planet. Not fair to the opposition, her teammates, nor the spectators.

          WADA has let this sport down. There is worldwide rorting of the TUE system. WADA does nothing to prevent it. All they are now is a political weapon.


        • LOL Russia of all countries going off on Simone taking APPROVED ADHD meds is the funniest thing ever. Literally three years ago Aliya tested positive for a now-banned drug, and uh…HALF THE COUNTRY WAS BANNED FROM THE 2016 AND 2018 OLYMPICS FOR PEDS.


        • No, but the number is miniscule. And no medicine works the same on everybody anyway.

          And who’s Russian? I’m Australian.

          And my complaint is with WADA, not Biles or anybody else.


  11. If you get a chance, leave a happy birthday for Grace on her page…. Today is her birthday!…. def one of the best bday gifts she could have got: team gold!


  12. How can Brazil be so horrible in UB? They had by far the worst score in UB of all teams and it’s not even funny. Complete and utter disaster.


    • nbc tim and nastia also commented she clipped the bars with her feet…. that’s also additional points off… ;(

      It was def utter disaster for all 3 routines .. with jade getting the worst of it….. i saw her routine and like tim and nastia said she seems to got lost after messing up…


  13. No matter what you think there will ALWAYS be a question mark on Simone Biles when talking about the greatest in gymnastics. Not only because of the artistic component, but because of FISHY medical exemptions.


    • No, there won’t be any question. But seriously, you are CONSTANTLY on here with multiple different usernames slandering Simone and whining about her ADHD medication. Do you have thoughts about all of the other athletes whose medical records were illegally released? Why, pray tell, is HER medical exemption “fishy”? Is it because it is for a mental illness that you can’t see plainly as opposed to a cognitive impairment that also manifests with physical characteristics (like Down Syndrome)? Is it because you just don’t like that this dominant an athlete comes along once a generation? Is it because she’s American? Is it because she’s black?

      Seriously, it’s the 21st century – after what happened with China a few quads ago (the government forging passports to make athletes age-eligible) and Russia (the state-sanctioned doping) why bother? There would absolutely be a paper trail of a physician fraudulently claiming she had ADHD – which, by the way, we can lose our license over for a fraudulent diagnosis, for the prescriptions resulting from the diagnosis, etc.

      Do some research – Simone has been an exceptionally talented gymnast since she was a very young child. Part of her being so talented has to do with the fact that she engaged in significantly above-average physical activity for almost her entire life and she has openly said she has been medicated for ADHD for a similarly long time.

      Why am I telling you this? Because of this study:
      Eur J Appl Physiol. 2018 Apr;118(4):777-784 that was JUST published. Not into reading scientific literature? I’ll pull you a direct quote from the conclusions of the paper: “We report that lower levels of physical activity and younger age predict an improved ergogenic response to MPH and that this may be explained by differences in dopaminergic function.”

      What does that mean? Age and physical activity play a direct role in just how much MPH (which is Ritalin for the uninitiated) helps the ergogenic response (enhancement of athletic performance). MPH was better at improving ergogenic response in people who i) had lower than average physical activity levels, and ii) are young. Simone (by medical standards) is neither of these. Even IF she was experiencing an ergogenic response BEYOND helping her focus and ‘bringing her to where everyone without ADHD is ALL THE TIME’, this effect would have long worn off, given her age and history with ADHD and meds.

      You can have an opinion about not liking Simone’s artistry, or groan about her or anyone else being over- or under-scored, but the constant drivel about her medical condition is ridiculous. I suppose you think her kidney stone is a performance-enhancing medical condition too?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Why do all so called “great” athletes all happen to somehow have medical exemptions? Sorry it’s just fishy and it does raise question marks as Khorkina (aka Queen) herself has brought up.


        • Did it occur to you that perhaps a lot of (not so-called, but actually) great athletes are great because, as young children, they were hyper-energetic so their parents/teachers involved them in sports as an outlet for their energy? So, a lifetime of involvement with a sport and medically appropriate treatment to, and I can’t stress this enough, bring these athletes to a headspace that the “rest of us” enjoy all the time, is what leads to success.

          And it’s not fishy – this is part of the major issue with the stigmatization of mental illness in society. It’s also nobody’s business; Simone and any other athlete with a medical exemption is within the bounds of their sport and, more importantly, their medical treatment choices are really none of our concern.

          But by all means, take the word of a Russian gymnast, who was undoubtedly phenomenal in her day, but still manages to be bitter about the 2004 All-Around. Remind me when/where she got her medical degree again? Or any education or training that would qualify her to speak in an authoritative manner on the medical treatment of other athletes?


  14. can anyone explain why simone got a 6.0 d score on beam? she submitted an inquiry. she got a 6.4 in qualifications and the only difference in TF was no straddle after aerial + split jump (so -0.1 CV).


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