Around the Gymternet: Pizza pizza


“ONE HAPPY GIRL” -Simone got herself some pizza and cinnamon rolls, and honestly I’ve never been this happy for someone who has something I want.

Worlds women

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Team: Team USA had some uncharacteristic mistakes but still ran away with gold. Nobody had a perfect day, but Russia and China ended up on the podium, securing Olympic berths. Live blog.

AA: Simone shockingly fell twice in the all-around, but obviously still came in first. It was very close, but Mai Murakami had a solid day to get a record silver for Japan (and create this sob-inducing moment), and Morgan Hurd took the bronze after grabbing the beam. Live blog.

Vault & bars: Simone won vault because duh, Shallon Olsen crushed it for second, and Alexa Moreno made history for Mexico with the bronze. On bars, Nina Derwael took what was hers, winning Belgium’s first-ever world title. Simone had a great day for second (she’s very excited), and Elizabeth Seitz hit for third. Live blog.

Beam & floor: Liu Tingting won beam with this incredible routine, baby Ana Padurariu won silver, and Simone took the bronze with some nervous errors. The podium for floor was the same as the all-around, except Morgiboo took second. Live blog.

Worlds dudes

Team. Pobody’s nerfect, but China won by half a tenth, followed by Russia and Japan. Team USA came in fourth with errors. Live blog.

AA. Artur Dalaloyan of Russia won after a tiebreak, putting Xiao Ruoteng of China in second. Nikita Nagornyy snuck in for third after Sam Mikulak’s high bar error. Live blog.

EFs. Artur Dalaloyan took gold on floor, silver on vault, and bronze on parallel bars, making him the most decorated male gymnast at 2018 worlds. Eighteen-year-old Carlos Yulo of the Philippines won bronze on floor.

Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece won rings despite needing surgery like yesterday, Ri Se Gwang of North Korea took gold on vault despite us not understanding what shapes he’s making, Zou Jingyuan won parallel bars with the highest score in Doha (16.433), and Epke Zonderland took his third title on high bar, where Sam Mikulak also won the bronze. Day one live blog. Day two live blog.

Other things. Nobody really showed up, but that didn’t stop our gymnasts from breaking records.

Wut else happened

Galimore handed out medals. Fans noticed (as if they wouldn’t?) when USA Gymnastics COO Ron Galimore handed out medals at the world championships (Background on Galimore). Rachael Denhollander and Aly Raisman were not happy.

Lynn Raisman is furious after Don McPherson—a USAG gym owner and Illinois State Committee member—called Aly Raisman a “lizard person” in a Facebook post.

Aly wants change at USAG. Aly Raisman has called for greater transparency and a thorough investigation at USAG after the Schwikerts’ lawsuits and Steve Penny’s arrest: “I never imagined it would be this bad.”

AOGC is closing. All Olympia Gymnastics Center—the gym where McKayla Maroney and Mattie Larson trained—is closing.

Survivors want change with Title IX. Some survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse are calling on U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos to make sure universities properly investigate allegations of abuse.

Required reading

  • The Army of Women Who Took Down Larry Nassar (Glamour Women of the Year)
  • USA Gymnasts Are On Fire! But USA Gymnastics Is Burning To The Ground (Huffington Post)
  • Exclusive interview with Simone (Olympic Channel)
  • It’s not about perfection (Deadspin)
  • Believed, episode 3: The Basement (Michigan Radio)

Staying social

International friendships. We love them. Honestly, these high fives are bringing a tear to my eye.

Where she is now. Junior national champ (1999-2001) Kristal Uzelac is back in the gym.

Dipa wrote a book! It’s called The Small Wonder.

Give us a twirl. Nadia Comaneci took time out of her busy worlds schedule to salute herself.

This is a Public Service Announcement. Here’s Yul dancing.

Worlds mamas. Four mothers competed in Doha, all amazing and inspiring, but also friendly reminder that each woman’s mothering journey is different :). 

Have you voted? Morgiboo looks ready to kick some ass in this Shawn Mendes video.

Last words


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15 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Pizza pizza

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  2. Honestly, the best part about the Aliya/Simone moment is that Aliya actually held out her hand first! It’s awesome to see some much needed happiness in the gym community.


  3. I know you have a lot on your plate, but something about these would be really interesting, to hear someone else’s POV: SIMONE BAILS:

    Why Asiana Peng went from future world class superstar to another one of Romania’s diasppeared and burnt out seniors in a few months:

    And this:

    thank you so much you guys are like the key to unlock the gymnastics fandom. Much appreciated.


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